Hillary Clinton just found out 2018 will be the worst year of her life

Hillary Clinton is not out of the woods yet.

The failed 2016 Presidential candidate is looking over her shoulder as scandals and investigations continue to chase her.

And she just found out 2018 is going to be the worst year of her life.

The corruption and pay to-to-play schemes at the Clinton Foundation were major anchors that helped sink her Presidential campaign.

But after the election, everyone figured her wrong doing was in the past and she would escape unpunished.

Not so.

Now that Donald Trump has moved out Clinton and Obama loyalists from the highest positions in the FBI, the Clinton Foundation is back under the microscope.

The Hill reports:

“The Justice Department has launched a new inquiry into whether the Clinton Foundation engaged in any pay-to-play politics or other illegal activities while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State, law enforcement officials and a witness tells The Hill.

FBI agents from Little Rock, Ark., where the Foundation was started, have taken the lead in the investigation and have interviewed at least one witness in the last month, and law enforcement officials said additional activities are expected in coming weeks.

The officials, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, said the probe is examining whether the Clintons promised or performed any policy favors in return for largesse to their charitable efforts or whether donors made commitments of donations in hopes of securing government outcomes.”

Donald Trump was elected to drain the swamp.

He can do that by holding the corrupt accountable.

And that means digging into the shady dealings at the Clinton Foundation and bringing charges if necessary.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.


  1. Yes, but listening to some of potion speeches of late. I think him and Trump are on the same page. I think globalist elites are set back for now with opposition.

  2. Unfortunately she knows people in DEEP scary places and will likely skate right through this. She is too well connected and is part of an untouchable elite class that exists in our country and throughout the world. That said I hope they bust her even if it’s just a speeding ticket. She’s a menace to be dealt with.

  3. Sessions needs to get out of there. Fire his ass and put in Trey Gowdy. Give him full reign and we’ll see something done.

  4. They know Hitlery got money for her phony charity for a deal with the Government because Russia paid her $145,000,000.00 for the Uranium One deal. I just wonder what Obozo got for his cut in this dirty deal???? Given all the laws she has broken and all the dirty dealing she used in the Campaign we know she is guilty of more than one crime hopefully they will get her for each and everyone of them.

  5. that’s righ they should shut and moved forward now is time to trow the book at them and some of there alies

  6. Hillary is looking over her shoulders alright if She drops something she should not stop and bend over to pick it up..!!


  8. If the Clinton Clan would have shut their mouths and accept the President as the winner of the election they would have better off. Now that they started all this deep state nonsense, lets hold them all accountable. And that also includes Obama.

  9. How much more proof do we need. The misdeeds have already been proven it’s the acceptance that presents the problem. As soon as the AG or his replacement gets off of his or her butt and accepts the facts we’ll be much better off. The comey snow job was a joke….

  10. I was hoping 2018 would be the last year we would have .to put up with the Clinton’s or Obama’s. Crooning is the only way either will shut up and go away.

  11. The Clintons are the most evil couple the USA has ever had & the
    Obamas are the most Anti-Christ ever, that explains the evil mess
    we’re in

  12. I predict that in the future, obama will know that he is being indicted, along with his partner in crime, Eric Holedirt and will flee the country to avoid prosecution, for his treasonous dealings with Iran and the Russian urananium sign off. He will be a proven POS, when it is over.

  13. Criminal activity should be investigated. If probable cause exist arrest should be made. After arrest trial and jail if guilty. A poor person stealing a pack of hot dogs goes to jail. The Clintons and the entire machine, after investigation, meeting probable cause, and arrest, belong in prison, period. The mention of the Clinton name makes me sick to my stomach. They are everything wrong with America.

  14. error in published comment? I Said: Activities last 8 yrs + that
    Justice System NEEDS to D0 Your Jobbee etc. N0 Matter what Political Preference i had (including family) ‘I’ Would Adjudicate- Period.__
    Justice IS Justice…

  15. >Activities Justice System = D0 Your Jobbee, N0 Matter what
    Political Preference ! … EX: IF ‘i’ were in Position –
    No Matter what Personal< thoughts i had – 'I' Would
    Adjuticate Justice IS Justice… ___

  16. Well here is another GENE giving strong support to the other GENE,
    The Clintons’ have hurt this Country in many ways and well deserve the close scrutiny that will be given HOPEFULLY through this investigation. It is long overdue and highly anticipated and encouraged by the American People. BRAVO FBI>>>do your thing.

  17. The clintons and the rest will be judged, I just hope it happens before God gets to them. They need some jail time here on earth to show them no one is above the Law. Today I read that chelsea is tweeting with the church (tribe) of satan and stay’s in contact with them. This whole family is EVIL

  18. yes you are absolutley right. there is a deep state and a shadow government paid for billionairs who feel america is thiers and they run it the way they want. if we allo0w this to happen and our the peoples democracy is threatend there will be a civil war the likes this country has never seen. give me liberty or give me death !

  19. that’s why they burnt down their house last week , to get rid of the records, just like they wiped their server and smashed their cell phones , i sujest they get obomas sealed records and see what that freak is hiding

  20. Why don’r we investigate Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush (remember the missing Weapons of Mass Destruction) and Mitt (Money Offshore and Send American Jobs to The People’s Republic of China) Romney? There are secrets about them that should be exposed!

  21. This will NEVER HAPPEN. Bill & Hillary Clinton don’t live in the same world that every one else dose. No matter what they do they just laugh & carry on. With the trial of people that have died with ties to the Clinton’s. What makes anyone think dirty money is going to do it. Don’t hold your breath. They will be dancing & living it up on everyone’s dime just like they always do. It’s just not far we the people have to follow the LAW but not ANYONE IN WASHINGTON DC. You see the little people don’t count. LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!!!

  22. That is all! One only has to go to. Gov and look up executive orders and find more then this article states. The foundation assets have been frozen and most likely people there wearing ankle bracelets. Dallas FBI has been investigating and have delivered over two hundred fifty indictments. Why is every one, all at once having feet issues? Why Langley being raised by mew military people? Military people assigned to Trump. I think lots of people are in trouble and news is as usual late. Even TV is doing better in mentioning these facts.

  23. NOTHING WILL EVER HAPPEN TO CROOKED HILLARY or THE CLINTON CRIME FAMILY! The only justice America will see, is when the Clintons are STONE COLD DEAD and Gone!

  24. I’ll believe it when I see it.
    The real crime is that everyone in Washington DC knows exactly what illiar and obama did, but no one dares do anything about it. Besides, illiar was supposed to win, so there wouldn’t be any investigation and they’d be all much richer and riding above the law.
    But Trump Happened, and all the protection obama and hilliar had is mostly gone.
    But I’ll believe it when I see it.
    Lock her up! And obama too!

  25. hitlery is a treaitor and commited treason along with odumbo, comey holder and many others they should be put before a firing squad and all shooters should have bullets in thier gun instead of only one. good riddens to anti american scum bags

  26. 12 Acts of Treason against the Citizens of the United States committed by Hillary Clinton:
    1. Qatar gifts Bill Clinton $1,000,000 for his birthday:
    2. Saudi Sheikh won’t donate money to Clinton Foundation unless he receives a phone call from Bill Clinton. Staff responds: Bill won’t do it “unless Sheikh Mo has sent us a $6 million check”:
    3. Iran Deal (which Hillary negotiated and defends) “condemns the next generation to cleaning up a nuclear war in the Persian Gulf”. John Podesta responds with “Yup”:
    4. Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta owned 75,000 shares in Putin-connected energy company:
    5. Transcripts from Hillary Clinton’s lucrative closed-door paid speeches delivered to elite financial firms and other special interests groups (which she has refused and failed to disclose to the public after much demand) have finally surfaced:
    6. Clinton staff conspiring to stage ‘leaking’ of favorable excerpts from wall street speech, in efforts to calm down the public while leaving out more damaging parts:
    7. Leaked private speech, Clinton: “You Need Both A Public And A Private Position”
    8. Leaked private speech, Clinton: “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with
    open trade and open borders”:
    9. Leaked private speech transcript shows Clinton’s warm ties to Wall Street’s most powerful figures: Clinton: “There is such a bias against people who have led successful and/or complicated lives” The pressure on officials to sell or divest assets in order to serve, she added, had become “very onerous and unnecessary”:
    10. Leaked private speech to Goldman Sachs, Clinton: “Wall Street was only accountable for the financial crisis for political reasons. The blame placed on the United States banking system for the crisis “could have been avoided in terms of both misunderstanding and really politicizing what happened”:
    11. Leaked private speech, Clinton: US will “ring China with missile defense” and has right to rename Pacific Ocean the “American Sea”:
    12. Hillary Clinton flipped her public position on TPP after her team discussed how she would be “eaten alive” by Labor. Clinton speechwriter: “We are trying to find a good way to leak her opposition to the pipeline without her having to actually say it”.
    “Hillary Clinton can’t stop lying. She said that her “open borders” comments were only about energy. False. She said that the Heller decision was about toddlers. It wasn’t. She said that she wouldn’t put troops in Iraq, but would put Special Forces…which are troops. She said she wouldn’t let anybody into the country un-vetted. False. She said partial birth abortion is about saving the life of the mother. False. She said the Clinton Foundation did everything right in Haiti. False. Hillary can’t stop lying because the moment she tells the truth, she has to resign in disgrace.” By Onan Coca.

  27. All her scheming & pronouncement of entitlement to the presidency sure fizzled ; all her reasons for her defeat never hit the mark that she was just an awful candidate. Once justice is brought it will be time to move on to Holder & his Fast & Furious gun scheme, the Bill & Lynch meeting on the plane, Hillary’s uranium deals, Obama’s Iranian deals with our money & nuclear development, etc., etc., etc.!

  28. Even the liberals know that Hillary is a very bad one. Stand down, liberals, she must go to jail for a long time. We should investigate many mysterious deaths surrounding her and her husband.

    For example, try the latest victim: Seth Rich.

  29. James Comey is reportedly worth $13,000,000. Of that $13,000,000 he received a $6,000,000 bonus one year working for Lockheed Martin, He had previously been working for the Clintons – at least every investigation he was involved in regarding the Clintons – came out in the Clintons favor. The year he received his enormous “bonus” was the year that Lockheed Martin received several huge government contracts – signed off on by then Secretary of Take – Hillary Clinton. That should make it pretty clear where his allegiances lie.

  30. That computer seized by the NYPD from Huma Abedin/Anthony Wieners home – was reported to have a trove of derogatory files against the Clintons. It was said that Wiener was collecting them in case the Clintons “ever came after him”. One of those files has eveidence that Hillary made at least 6 trips to Jeffery Epstein’s Pleasure Island – for the orgies with trafficked and run-away under-aged girls too – so will – on top of all her other crimes – be exposed as a pedophile too. There are rampant reports of prostitution and pedophilia at the State Department during her tenure as Secretary of Take too.

  31. Last Summer, Comey listed violation upon violation upon violation that HRC committed and I thought…OMG! FINALLY! Then Comey closed with no prosecution but exoneration…WHAT??? AND she smirked her arrogant smirk. Well, Teflon DOES have a shelf life and her coating is rapidly peeling away by those who stand for equal justice under the law. FINALLY? We can only hope.

  32. Oooh, I can’t WAIT to see what kind of “goods” they have on Hillary. Bring her to justice…. finally! I’m grinning in anticipation. I just hope it doesn’t drag on and on, like the O.J. Simpson trial. Ugh… I got tired of hearing about it after, what… a couple of years? Well, just as long as they have her squirming in those ugly spandex pantsuits, I’m content to just sit back and watch.

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