Hillary Clinton just lost this big court case that has her fearing the worst

Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare just came true.

The former failed Presidential candidate thought she could count on her Deep State allies to bury any evidence of her alleged criminal activity.

But now Hillary Clinton just lost this big court case that has her fearing the worst.

The watchdog group Judicial Watch has waged a year’s long legal battle to get to the bottom of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server to conduct official business as Secretary of State.

Judicial Watch and other Clinton critics argue that Clinton used the private server to conceal records of her actions as Secretary of State from federal record keeping laws.

Clinton critics allege Clinton did not turn over all relevant work emails to the FBI during their investigation and that the former Secretary of State is hiding evidence of even more mishandling of classified information as well as pay for play schemes involving the Clinton Foundation.

Judge Royce Lamberth handed Judicial Watch a significant victory in the fight to provide the American people with a full accounting of Clinton’s actions when the judge ruled that Judicial Watch could depose Clinton for their Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

The Judge held that there were too many unanswered questions about why Clinton chose to use a private email server to conduct official business and what Clinton knew about possible violations of federal record keeping regulations.

“How did she arrive at her belief that her private server emails would be preserved by normal State Department processes for email retention?” Lamberth wrote.

“Did she realize State was giving ‘no records’ responses to FOIA requests for her emails? If so, did she suspect that she had any obligation to disclose the existence of her private server to those at State handling the FOIA requests? When did she first learn that State’s records management employees were unaware of the existence of her private server? And why did she think that using a private server to conduct State Department business was permissible under the law in the first place?” Lamberth argued.

Putting Clinton under oath will allow for closure on this matter because for the first time Clinton will be forced to answer real questions about what she knew, when she knew it and why she did what she did.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Nothing is going to happen to Hillary! She’ll continue on as one of the major criminals in the as yet very, very deep and far from cleaned out Washington Swamp. Trump has done a fantastic job of revealing the Swamp to America, but he is vastly outnumbered by the Democrats and the Hate Trump-Hate America Media, all criminals and liberal scum!

  2. Julio you incredible moron , if Trump were impeached he would have been censured or removed from office . It was the house that voted on the bogus charges that were sent to the Senate by their Kangaroo court . In the Senate it was found that nothing improper was done and President Trump was exonerated . Now you have had your say so pack your bags and get your but back to Mexico !

  3. If God be for us……Who can be against us!! God is a God of order and justice! The Bible says, “Surely, your sins will find you out!” Hillary may be running, but she sure can’t hide. And for those other Demoncrats that are full of dead men bones, and full of hatred, and lies on top of lies….God’s Wrath awaits all of those who does evil!!

  4. The Democrats keep saying no one is above the law and this means Hillary corrupt Clinton too. Past time for her to pa up.

  5. It was corruption with full knowledge. Ignorance of the law is not a workable answer. I’ll bet that is what she will plead.

  6. Julio, you might want to buy a U.S. Government high school textbook and educate yourself about these issues before you go live and make yourself look like a moron. Obviously, you haven’t got a clue about what you are running your ignorant mouth about.

  7. She will get up on the stand and declare the 5th and or I don’t recall or what difference dose it make any way or who cares it’s a long time ago the only thing I wish is that if the answers are not good enough for this judge is that he puts her lieing stinking anus in prison in GITMO, Cuba and I hope that while she is there that her crotch and a _ _ hole get infestation of a million sand fleas and a million Camel fleas along with her ugly daughter and draft dodging a _ _hole husband

  8. She’ll fall back on the impaired memory due to her concussion the ADA will defend her and she’ll get away with it again.

  9. It’s all crap. She’ll just get up on the stand, and say she “can’t remember,” or “doesn’t recall,” and nothing will happen. About the only way justice would be served, would be for the same fate that befell so many others in her wake, to befall her and her protectors.

    I would never wish death upon her, or encourage her assassination, in any way, shape, or form. But I would not shed any tears if she went out to get her morning paper, and got run over by a bus. However, I am not above wishing for the fleas of a thousand camels to infest her crotch.

  10. Say Mrs. HRC, Maam, now, you will have to Tell The Honest Truth, or IF you don’t, you will be going to Gaol/Jail for you long time in the past of Telling Lies or Saying I Don’t Remember To ALL Of Those Previous Questioning Investigations! But Here Comes The US Constitutional Lawyers, The Judicial Watch, Who Do NOT Follow Mr. Alinsky’s Deep State And The Progressive Liberal Democratic Rule Book, But will be following The US Constitution To The Letter And Word! Remember this, Mrs. HRC, IF you do NOT answer The Judicial Watches Questions FULLY, The You Will Be Held In Contempt Of The US Constitutional Court, There Will NOT Be Any Short Cuts, When Judicial Watches Team Of Lawyers Will Extract The Honest Truth Out Of You!!!

  11. Tom has to find questions that have two sides so she has to answer one way or the other. Like; Have you stopped beating your wife?

  12. O, what a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to deceive. (Walter Scott). Hillary is as Crooked as a politician. Oh, wait, Hillary is a politician. Now it makes all sense.

  13. julio, when I was a child I had a doll that said a lot more than you do. Even a doll is more intelligent than you are. You are truly braindead

  14. The Clintons. All three should be Locked Up. All the Deaths They (Clintons) have commited through the years. Long before the White House. They need to pay for they’re crimes.

  15. Don’t assume she will tell the truth under oath. She has no conscience, and those kind of people can also beat a polygraph. Giving her a polygraph could backfire, because if she can beat it, she will come out looking like she is innocent, ie “no deception”. The only way to get her to reveal herself is to get her mad, because that is when she speaks from her gut, as she did in the Senate inquiry when she got mad at the questions: “it doesn’t matter anyway, they’re already dead.” That is the real Hillary.

  16. The Real M…you are right on, and it isn’t just the Clintons. There are lots of other sick dems that will face the same fate

  17. Four of our finist soldiers and ambassador died, pay for play was active ftheir foundation was fund from questionable people.

  18. Why doesn’t the judge polygraph Hillary & get it over with, she can’t pass.
    Hope the judge doesn’t have a heart attack or suicide before trial. I often wonder what SNOWDEN FOUND OUT ABOUT OUR GOVT. THAT WAS SO BAD HE DEFECTED TO Russia, MAY HAVE SAVED HIS LIFE FROM A BOTCHED robbery or suicide. Whatever it was he was told to forget it, it was classified. He defected right after that.
    Poor kid was in the wrong place at the wrong time. God bless America.

  19. Kudos Judge Lambert & Judicial Watch ___
    It’s About Time !!! Next step…
    > 0nce in a while I throw dollars in an envelope to
    Judicial Watch… Hopefully it helped. You All maybe
    D0 the same ??? 🙂

  20. Put that Clinton skank under oath ? ! ha ha , she will only lie like Clinton criminals always do . Continuous Perjury is all they will ever do , ANYWHERE ! ALL Clintons belong in GITMO – NO PLEA BARGAINS for many , many years of treason offences with multiple maximum sentences .

  21. Hello julio, please research law before you determine if president trump deserved impeachment. The house of representitives violated the U.S. constitution trying to impeach him. Article 3 pharagh 7 dictates any conviction requires 2/3 majority of representives presant. This historicly included the house and senate to obtain that mark.
    First the house has to approve the impeachment inquiry by a vote of a simple majority then goes to commitee.

    There was no vote,to give the house the authority to investigate, in violation of law a simple majority was used as a standard to move it to the senate. None of the impeachment was a lawful act, our founders created the impeachment process as to avoid partisan politics such as this.
    If you can consider, the congress will violate the presidents rights out of malice. What do you think they have planned for the rest of us? As a former democrat it was made clear in the 90s the constitution was the target to abolish. As to remove our rights making us subjects all. Do you want freedom or slavery is the question? I wish that context was parinoid in some context. I was there as the communists aspects of the party were being installed into the party.

  22. Hellary is going to reprise the performance that she has used in the past to evade answering questions under oath.
    Unless her mind is going she won’t slip up in any demonstrable fashion and provide any information that can be used as a wedge to open up the cats cradle of lies and entanglements that is the Clinton Crime Family.

  23. good thing trump is POTUS and has security or Hillary would try Arkancide.. again before her day in court.

  24. If she isn’t brought to justice there is no more law and order in this country. We will officially be a banana republic. Right now we are still unofficially a banana republic.

  25. If you like your paycheck, you can keep your paycheck…if you love your country, you can keep your country.

    The political screenplay of the century is here…
    and the title is…

    By screenwriter Douglas Paige.
    America has fallen and can’t get up,
    the overindulgence of America has become
    the failure of America, now it seems our federal
    government has murdered the
    United States of America. Yes, even our federal
    government will want a private viewing of…


    Asking $2.5 million or option at $50,000.00
    for three months. Contact info for purchase;;
    Douglas Paige at; lastpresident@mail.com.
    Offering 5% of the sale price to anyone who
    will be my connection for the purchase of…


  26. The system is all corrupt. All paid off to do certain things and they even made it legal to take bribes now you know why they want the day so.
    Money hungry satanic mongers, that’s all they care about. We all ate just a bunch of pea ons to them. Just someone to lie and promise crap too! And never follow up. They’ve played crooked politics and ppl don’t know who to believe! It’s a dirty nasty Shame,

  27. I am sooo sick of Hillary. She belongs to prison for life. All the bad democratos and including Nancy Pelosi. They all need to be in the prison and died there. Enough is enough. Trump’s keeps going. We need you to stay in the White House forever.

    Come on everybody, for get about the democrats and Nancy. They are sooo demons disease and corruption. please vote for Trump, He is all for our American country. I am going to vote for Trump.

  28. If this is a consolation to anyone, The Clinton’s will be judged and found guilty of their transgressions, if not here on earth, they will be judged by almighty God when they attempt to enter heaven! There will be no lies, no bad memories, no bribes, no excuses accepted for any wrongdoings! They will be sent straight to hell to spend eternity with the master they serve today, satan!

  29. Julio, do you have your (legal) Green Card? Just a question, because you sound like one of those “ILLEGALS” that sneaked across our Southern Border! I’m seriously thinking about passing your information to ICE……Good Luck!

  30. What makes any sane person believe that Hillary Clinton (and Bill) would tell the truth even under oath? They are liars, thieves, traitors and killers! Their daughter Chelsea is just as bad as her parents and no one should believe a word from her mouth either. I’m looking forward to the day that the whole damned family gets the electric chair!

  31. julio.. get off the broken record. President Trump was found not guilty. Get over it..
    The jury is still out if the justice department has the balls to prosecute Billary. God knows if anyone is guilty of obstruction of justice and probably treason w/o knowledge by putting sensitive information on a computer a 9 year old could hack.

  32. The Democratic bureaucrats have a system for dealing with their own they just don’t even charge them so there is no trial. Just like McCabe he lied to FBI but they’re not going to charge him because he’s a Democrat but if you’re Republican and you lied to the FBI you get charged and go to jail compare.com

  33. be that as it may, trumpy, through word and deed, earned his impeachment. be that as it may, trumpy, through word and deed, earned his impeachment.

  34. Yes Hillary will pretend she doesn’t remember any of it because it was too long ago.
    This won’t go anywhere. Hillary will never be prosecuted.
    In fact, she might even jump in the race as someone’s VP, and the democrats will do what they always do and look the other way at all her corruption, just like they’re doing now with Biden. Its OK to be a lying POS crook as long as you have a “D” after your name.

  35. Both Clintons are extremely corrupt and should have been in prison years ago. They will pay one way or another. If not in this life, then with their master satan

  36. Killery will play retard again just like during her FBI interview. And, of course, skate again

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