Hillary Clinton just revealed her future plans and you won’t like them one bit

Hillary Clinton is looking for a new job.

And in a recent appearance, Clinton revealed her dream opportunity.

And her new goal will frighten every conservative in America.

Hillary Clinton is setting her sights on social media.

The former two-time failed Presidential candidate stated she wants to be the CEO of Facebook.

Nktnetworks reports:

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told Attorney General Maura Healey (D-MA) that she would like to be CEO of Facebook, while receiving the Radcliffe Award at Harvard on Friday.

“If you could be a CEO of any company right now, what would you choose?” Healey asked.

“Facebook,” Clinton quickly answered.

The former secretary of state explained that Facebook “is the biggest news platform in the world.”

“Most people in our country get their news, true or not, from Facebook,” she said. “It really is critical to our democracy that people get accurate information on which to make decisions.”

Clinton as CEO of Facebook would terrify conservatives.

Social media companies already regularly engage in systemic bias against conservatives.

The left-wing ideologies that run social media companies shut down pages, ban accounts and suppress content belonging to conservatives.

If Clinton wants to be CEO of Facebook to make sure people get “accurate information” you can fully expect that will mean the complete and total censorship of any news content positioned to the right of Karl Marx.

This is the nightmare scenario every conservative should dread.


  1. I just never cared for facebook. That aside, seems like I remember saying in a libturd interview that she MIGHT consider being on the SCOTUS. Now THAT is truly a frightening idea.

  2. I don’t use Facebook, I do think for myself, and I don’t allow others come to conclusions for me. Was on Facebook until I looked at it for the horrible media it is.

  3. There are people spending time in prison for pulling the same crimes she has and here she is a free person thinking she is untouchable by the law and the sad part is sofar she has gotten away with breaking every law that if she was prosecuted she would be spending time in prison.Seems like all of Law Enforcement and the news media has done is talk and no action.

  4. i was thinking more in the lines of gitmo first for about twenty then maybe another occupation at the age of ninety, looking like an old prune. i’m also certain by then bill’s little part would have dropped off.

  5. For sure we already have trump the biggest criminal there is he said it in is speech SO IF THEY TELL YOU BELIEVE. WHATEVER THIS TO SHALL PASS

  6. He sell the whole country’s account and call it fake news I really don’t know how I got on this page I believe Bernie all this page is fake news with the fake 45 person

  7. Why would Facebook be so stupid as to hire an inexperienced old woman to ruin their wildly successful company?
    They need to hire a DONALD TRUMP!

  8. You do not use FB and you clerly cannot think or yourself or you would look at it before you let other make your conclusions for you. That is how lambs go to slaughter just follow the one in front of them until it is to late to do anything about it but be slaughtered

  9. I do not use facebook and with this information, I will never start. Conservatives are getting slammed right and left on FB and she would certainly “quiet” the conservative voice even more. When is this 2-time presidential candidate loser gonna go away? She just cannot accept the fact that she lost the election. She is like the plague. How about finding a picture of her with her grandchild and calling her a C–t. That is what she is.

  10. She may want to but it will NOT happen. She is physically ill and she will soon be brought up on charges that could end up with her fighting the death penalty. It is fairly widely known by anyone that has looked into her past with an objective eye that she had committed fraud, stock market insider trading, intimidation, using her elected office for personal gain, murder and treason. It is fast catching up with her and the quicker she is arrested the better.

  11. She needs to fall off face of the earth or drop dead mark wouldn’t hire her she steal all his money

  12. Couldn’t have said any better or withless words. Time to put this lying ‘n thieving anti American cow out to pasture, that being federal prison for all her known crimes. By the way, when are the proceedings to dp this to her, silly billy, chelsea, the obama, et al? No more updayes on theis attention hog unless it’s an updaye on her impending trial, conviction and imprisonment, ’nuff said, move on!

  13. They’re both NWOers. They wish for a One World Govt where they are in that elite class that rules over the world; BUT IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!!

  14. I think it would be the final nail in FB coffin. FB kinda shady already, I’d would not use it anymore if that happened.

  15. I agree! I really can’t grasp, how such a person with a long list of seriously criminal charges against nation could even plan something. I would be embroidering a nice pillow to sit on in jail for the rest of life. What a relief for USA that would be…People get arrested daily for practically nothing and this is being tolerated long enough. WHY???!!!

  16. I don’t use Facebook, etc., but I do agree that would be one of the worst things that could happen to our country. Liberals would cream in their jeans with pleasure if it ever did.

  17. She WOULD make BILLIONS by being the CEO of Facebook! She would be in control of the information highway and because of her twisting what is going on she alone could create billions and end up more powerful than Soros. What a scary thought! She needs to be in prison or better yet, executed.

  18. Was really hoping (after those headlines) that she was going to start a new Colony on Jupiter…….They could label the transportation there (with free tickets) called “THE HAS-BEEN RIDE”…..

  19. Raymond…….Excellent comment……mainly at “she screwed up everything she has ever touched…….and Chelsea is the best example !!
    *************VOX POPULI, VOX DEI*************


  21. There is basically zero chance of Mark Zuckerberg walking away from Facebook any time soon. Plus, Hillary would not make enough money at this. Fortunately, this is unlikely.

  22. Clearly Hillary and her female aide committed numerous security violations like leaving classified on a bed in a hotel with doop not locked and leaving classified in an automobile in a foreign country (aide). Hillary told an aide to take classified markings off a message and send it in the clear. This fact proves she well knew she committed security breaches. Anyone else would bew in jail by now. That is clearly where Hilary belongs and it is time for our society to put her there.

  23. So the her and the left wing nuts can control that media outlet . Why not ? The have already taken my comments off my face they deemed offensive , whether they are offensive or no t, its called freedome of speech, my civil liberties were trampled all over . You have the right to disagree you don’t have the right silence me or anyone else

  24. It wouldn’t really matter because the news that comes through Facebook is already “Fake News” now, and no body with a brain believes it anyway.

  25. Why on earth would any company want her, she doesn’t have the energy to do a job. We are so lucky that she didn’t become President because there is NO way she could ever have kept up with what President Trump has done. She is now over 70 and she needs to retire.

  26. I don’t think anybody up any real consequence that it’s any attention to this crazy old witch, which is nothing but a murder a liar and a deceiver and is mentally ill just as Hitler and Stalin was.

  27. Hillary Clinton C E O of FACEBOOK what night mare that would be am glad I don’t have a account no more lets hope the founder is not dumb enought to gave her that job she not fit to be dog catcher let a lone a CEO

  28. You can count me in as well. I’m watching Fox News and they had a commercial for Facebook. They are trying to salvage their “reputation”. If they put Clinton in charge, what conservative members they have will exit.


  30. I hope she does take over Facebook, if it happens it will be the end of Facebook. She has failed at and screwed up everything she has ever touched. From Health Care to being a Senator to being the Suckaterry of State to being a candidate for President, she’s failed at and or screwed up all of them.

  31. Corrupt Faceplant. It is already a corrupt company. I could care less. I never use Faceplant.

  32. she’s been smoking too much crack… my vote is she and her cohorts go to jail… she is just like her husband she has raped every American!!!!

  33. I don’t waste my time with any social media. To me it is a total waste of time. If Hitlery ever gets a CEO job on FB, she is soooooo incompetent and stupid that she will run it into the ground in 6 months. Probably less!!!

  34. I don’t waste my time with any social media. To me it is a total waste of time. If Hitlery ever gets a CEO job on FB, she is soooooo incompetent and stupid that she will run it into the ground in 6 months. Probably less!!!

  35. I know of literally thousands of people who will CLOSE THEIR ACCOUNTS IF HILDEBEAST GETS A JOB AT FB! ANY JOB THERE!

  36. Then she can put classified information on her Facebook page and rest assured only her friends will see it.

  37. If they put this old has been broken down corrupt sorry excuse for a human being anywhere near Facebook, I will never look at it again I will be done! I will get news and hook up with friends elsewhere! She has no business corrupting Facebook hell she can’t even walk down a flight of stairs without breaking something she will be a liability to to company for one and two she knows how to steal money and if you think she won’t you are wrong!! Once a corrupt politician ALWAYS a corrupt politician! Why doesn’t she just dry up and go back to the woods nobody wants to hear from her anymore she rigged a federal election with Obama she won’t have time for Facebook because I’m sure she is gonna have to lawyer up hopefully jail is in this old has beens future!! If their still is any Justice system left

  38. So True! She does not know the truth from a lie. Anyone that believes anything she says is an idiot!

  39. Kid me not. You can’t embarrass these people! They are so accustomed to living on the dark side they can not function without some graft going on in their favor. I just hope they won’t be pressing their charmless daughter on us. I used to feel sorry for her but now realize she is no better than her parents. Question. Why does she hate Trump? Obama kicked her Mama’s A__ before Trump did.

  40. I for one would immediately cancel FB. She surely doesn’t think that any sane person would want her in charge of anything. She belongs in jail.

  41. The silver lining is she won’t be able to corrupt her grandchildren. Of course their Mama, Chelsea, will take them down the Felon path with “How to pay for your wedding with Charity Funds intended for sick and dying black children”. What a disgusting family!

  42. Hillary is without doubt the most evil politican since Mao Tse Tung or Adolph Hitler. She cant be trusted to do the right thing by the American People. She needs to be tried for serious crimes she has committed while Sec of State and likely be put in prison for life for treason

  43. then she can make sure her emails stay lost, we just can get rid of these left wing criminals

  44. Facebook is a waste of time – just to look at it. Like plans for making place mats out of road kill possums. I never found it a useful source of news.


  46. If she becomes Facebook CEO before she goes to prison, I will be done with Facebook.

  47. Good place for her… it’s facebook for gosh sakes; nobody with a right mind should be using it anyway.

  48. A people,wake up! She shpuld NOT BE THINKING,OF HAVING A CEO JOB. She should be in Jail for the rrzt of her stinky life. Have every body forgotten all the criminal shiet that she has done during her criminal career?
    What,we,all shoilf be doing is to keep pushing the congressman to start her investigation pn Uranium One, the dead of everyone thatshe kill, and all the money given to her for selling of our country.

  49. Expect Mark Zuckerberg to nominate Hillary at the next board meeting. After which censorship will begin in earnest. Goodbye liberal MSM – hello Saul / Karl Marx media.

  50. If she gets put in charge of facebook, I’m off it. That would ensure that there is NEVER any true news on it!! She could not afford to allow anything factual on it. She already controls the lame stream ‘news,’ & look what we get from them…opinions, NOT news!!

  51. If it happens Facebook will be another company losing customers because of bad judgement or policies.

  52. Hilary wants a CEO job , well I have one for her . She can be CEO of a mop cleaning the bathrooms of the prison she is sent to .

  53. What the clintonista witch needs to do is RETIRE, go home, spend some quality time with her grand babies – – while she still HAS time. I foresee serious prison time for her, not far down the road.

  54. Facebook began to smell way too liberal for me long ago. Many posters required comments that were snarkily liberal and approving of their “cleverness”. Not for me, thank you, goodbye.

    I guess Hillary would feel right at home.

  55. The FaceBook members need to know the truth: Hillary is for Hillary. Remember that she even stole the DNC nomination from Bernie Sanders voters?

    By the way, Trump continues to accomplish for the American people. So why should Hillary be given the CEO job after she spewed all the negatives on her own voter base? People need to be reminded.

    Trump 2020!

  56. Anyone approve of her move must loved to be lied to from a person who could not answer basic questions about our economy or Obamacare during her I am entitled election run!!!
    Her program will be about how bad we are and how good she and her cronies are for us; ignoring the facts and truth as she always does. Nothing new here except what is wrong with Facebook???!!!

  57. Hillary Clinton just revealed her future plans and you won’t like them one bit

    SHE WANT’S TO BUY THE MOON??????????????????????????

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