Hillary Clinton made a jaw dropping confession about Bill Clinton’s affairs

Hillary Clinton keeps digging her own political grave.

The former failed Presidential candidate wants to be front and center for the midterm elections.

But Clinton made a massive mistake when she blurted out a jaw dropping confession about Bill Clinton’s affair.

Clinton appeared on CBS for an interview.

She faced questions about Bill Clinton’s affairs.

However, Clinton blatantly lied when she claimed Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky was not an abuse of power.

CNN reports:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hit back against criticism her husband, former President Bill Clinton, should have resigned in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and insisted his affair was not an abuse of power and Lewinsky “was an adult.”

In an interview with CBS on Sunday morning, Clinton defended her husband and said “absolutely not” in response to a question about whether he should have resigned after his affair with Lewinksy came to light more than 20 years ago.

CNN also reports:

When asked what role, if any, she played in criticizing the character of the women who accused her husband of sexual misconduct, the former secretary of state said: “None.”

“No role,” Clinton said. “I take responsibility for my life and my actions.”

Clinton also lied when she said she played no role in criticizing the women who came forward with allegations that Bill Clinton sexually abused them.

Juanita Broaddrick claimed Hillary threatened her after she said Bill Clinton raped her in the 1970s.

No one could understand what Clinton was trying to accomplish with this interview or her answers.

The American people want to put the Clintons and their scandals in the past.

That is why the elected Donald Trump in 2016.

Do you think Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky was an abuse of power?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. She never cared who Bill had sex with. She likes women. The only reason she had a baby was so Bill would be elected Gov. a second time. She had her eyes on the W.H. back then. When she got there she tried to get socialized medicine Bills first term. She was stopped.

  2. It absolutely was an abuse of power but his brain dead supporters didn’t think it mattered while they work to turn our God fearing Country into their bizarro world alternate universe of assorted nuts and fruits that don’t believe in God or Capitalism. The division is so wide in this Country that nothing short of civil war will fix it and it is not The Presidents doing, it is his predecessor and the left wing unhinged media i.e. MSNBC, CNN and all of their affiliates.

  3. I would just love for both of them to go away. Why don’t the go back to Arkansas. They have been placed tn the spotlight for long enough. They both should be placed in JAIL.

    LIARS…. Wha a llegacy. SHAME SHAME

  4. It does NOT matter if it was abuse of power!!! WHAT does matter is the facts and it is something that should never of happened & because it did and the LIBERALS swept it aside and made the victim the criminal because of power & money! This seems to be what our elected officials do best and the poor are the guilty ones !!

    • Before Monica had an affair with Clinton, she had an affair with one of her married college professors. The professor and his family moved away from the area and Monica followed him and wanted to continue the affair which the professor wanted no part of!!!

    • Appears to happen more oten then not…we must FOSTER A PPODITIVE OBJECTION TO MISS CONDUCT BY POLITICIAN’S. I E publish the list of those who in CONGRESS WHo received sexual cover up $$$’s at tax payerexpence!!!

  5. Monica has stars in her eyes for Bill Clinton and I do believe she was younger and that is why Bill went after her he knew she was a novice and he took advantage. She has been seen at an even and she is still weak at the knees for him. Hillary is full of herself if she thinks Bill was not the one who approached Monica first. If Hillary and Bill were taking care of each other this and all the other women would not have been a problem, maybe.

    • The CLINTONS are BOTH GUILTY in so many areas that it would take a whole board of HONEST MEN AND WOMEN to decerne the true extent of their corrupt actions over the years, beginning with his FIRST PUBLIC OFFICE!!! There are hundreds of dead people in their climb to the “TOP”, that have “MYSTERIOUSLY” DIED, many by “SUICIDE”. CROOKED HILLY was, Like THE BIG ZERO, TOTALLY INEPT FOR THE OFFICE OF SECRETARY OF STATE, AND PROVED THAT WITH THE DEATH OF FOUR AMERICANS THAT SHE OMITTED FROM HER CONSCIENCE AND “WENT TO BED”, then LIED TO AMERICA about what happened, and why! She has given more excuses for her NON-ACTIONS than peanuts could be found on former President Carter’s Peanut Ranch! Between the two, they have committed more crimes against America and evaded having to answer directly for any of them,, (Benghazi and the “E-MAIL FIASCO” that was protected by our “FAMOUS” FBI DIRECTOR, JAMES COMEY who said that she “BROKE NO LAWS” with her E-MAIL USE! Evidently, it is not a crime to DEFY CONGRESS and DISPOSE OF MORE THAN 30,000 of them, even after she was instructed to produce them! It was ALSO “NO CRIME” to send emails on unprotected servers, and she had eight (8) Blackberry units so they could not be deciphered, and more than I care to write about! Slick WILLY is a PREDATOR that used his offices to force women to submit to his “RAPIST DEMANDS”!

        • Jane and Hillary are both guilty of treason by giving aid and comfort to enemies of the United States of America. That is the Constitution’s definition of treason. They are both guilty as charged. The facts are known to the candid world.

  6. Both she and Bill, plus Barry should all be in prison for the crimes and treachery they committed. It is so wrong that Bill Cosby is already serving time for his sexual indiscretions and Bill Clinton is walking around free!

  7. NO, we do NOT want to put the clintonista mafia “in the past”- – WE WANT the slime in PRISON, OR in front of a firing squad!!!

    • So your a blind democrat , if this directly affected your family maybe you would have a different opinion or not since your a democrat

    • Better funny than dangerous because “you guys” threaten the Republic and that is a very bad thing. I pray to God you never have to experience just how dangerous your ideology really is.

  8. Why can’t there be a moratorium on former political servants to not be seen or heard from in a public forum? Especially because of all the treasonous crime against America they have committed? It is just like bullies or serial killers who never want to be out of the limelight. How many times has Hillary, Obozo, Cuomo, Schumer, Sharpton, Pelosi, Warren, Waters, the list is LONG, etc., incited violence against Conservatives and Christianity? They are encroaching on our Freedoms of Religion and our Freedoms of Speech. They are indeed the bigots and racists and immoral boars whom only love corruption and Hilter-type control. The main stream media should all be taken off the air for defamation of character whenever they lie about President Trump as well. Accountability has to start some where and thank goodness President Trump is starting to tear off their masks and exposing them for what they really are…. anti-American, domestic/treasonous thugs….bullies and hate-filled extremists, against anyone who disagrees with their idiot-ology.

      • You are close to the bullseye Frank. Read up on Mr. George Soros, please. He worked with the Nazis identifying Jews to be sent to the death camps. In 1985 he founded his “Open Borders Society”, which “Bought” him the “European Union”. He groomed Barry Soetoro to be POTUS, and thought he could get an “Americas Union”. Look at Europe since that happened. Millions of Muslims flooded Europe and took over many “No Go” areas. The Dems are for “Open Borders” so they can control millions of people with their promises. Just like those who bought into “ObamaCare”. And how did that work out. Detroit was a vibrant city back in the 1970’s when I lived there. Population about 1.8 Million. Today, only 700,000 live there. Great “Democratic” accomplishments?

        • I must first state that I think Soros should be investigated for his role in many of the funded antifi movements. However, when WWII started he was just about 11 years old. How much consorting withthe Hitler army could he have had?

  9. I believe the drug cartel owns tbe Clintons and that is why Hilary has to keep up the charade.
    Also the reason Chelsea has to step in ,to pay off the Carttel. .I could be worng, but might be worth looking into the history of when they were in Arkansas .

    • She is “Owned” by Mr. George Soros. Read up on this,and you will find the truth. Who is her daughter Chelsea married to? Answer, Soros grandson. Soros founded his “Open Borders Foundation” back in the 1980’s, and they “Bought” the “European Union” for him. Like how that worked out. Now the Dems want all the illegals they can get to vote them back into power. Like Virginia even giving felons the right to vote. Remember Obama enlisting gang members to help get him elected? All they had to do was “Promise to be good”! I’m going to look up Hillary Rodham’s history in Chicago, there must be some “Dirt” there?

  10. The Clintons are like most Liberal/Communist in that they can lie or tell half-truths and never be challenged by the Liberal media. The difference is that the Clintons are more arrogant and greedy than the rest of the degenerate Liberal/Communist.

  11. My original thought after hearing Killary’s statement… “Queen of denial”. First, she’s far from the queen she thinks she is & 2nd, she’s a POS liar, as the majority of us already recognize!
    She, Bill & her entire clan DESERVE to be locked up. Not locked up in club fed but locked up in one of the most disgusting, max security prisons of today.

      • And she denied the survivors transportation back to the USA! They had to pay their own way home from Germany! She denied them the security they requested for years. I sure wouldn’t trust her to care for my dog! Do you know who her daughter Chelsea is married to??? Mr. George Soros grandson. Gotta keep “IT” in the family, ya know?

      • Better yet!! All of them rounded up taken to the desert! Beaten with ball bats, acid washed, and buried!! They might find a way out of jail and still could operate from there!! They deserve nothing good! No sympathy what’s so ever! Theyve ruined way to many lives! They should pay the ultimate price for what theyve done!

    • I’d agree with you but all the other convicts and prisoners would be screaming about cruel and inhuman treatment . And if we sent them to Gitmo , the prisoners there would be complaining to the Hauge about war crimes violations .

  12. I don’t know if it was an abuse of power. It was certainly improper. Miss Lewinsky may well have been absolutely charmed by Bill Clinton and completely willing to carry on the affair. That only makes the whole thing non coercive but no less sleezy. I am so done with the Clintons and the Dems in general. I am no huge fan of the Reps either. They just happen to inhabit more common ground with me than the Dems. But I do think leftism is a destructive force in my country so I will keep voting for Republicans and keep hoping that they are conservatives with backbones and values…

    • Well why would it be an abuse of power? She willingly submitted to his advances? Bill has publicly stated he isn’t Chelsea’s father, says “I only shoot blanks”. Hillary’s “Accomplishments” include being fired from the law firm where her boss fathered Chelsea. And now who comes to Hillary’s home for a meeting. No one other the the grandfather of her soninlaw, Mr. George Soros! Nice “Family”!

    • OK I’m a Never Democrat voter and agree with most of it. But that “power” thing? It was she who, according to her statement, initiated the encounter by snapping her thong at him (even though the interns had been instructed to avert their gaze if they should meet him in the corridors. Who was exercising power over whom? The only reason for this still to be discussed is that the left keeps throwing mud at every one opposed to their policies.

  13. I think the Clintons are dangerous and unethical and are a major threat to our American system of democracy. There is nothing they would not do to protect themselves. I feel they are corrupt and untrustworthy. I sincerely hope we will finally have them gone from power and I hope their daughter does not try and follow in their footsteps. It’s all about power and money with Hillary!

    • They have a criminal mind. They never consider what is best for the country, their only concern what is best for the Clinton’s. I bet they have ask thousands of times,””WHATS IN IT FOR ME,”

    • How can they be a threat to something that DOES NOT EXIST!! The US IS NOT A DEMOCRACY. REPEAT – THE US IS NOT A “DEMOCRACY!”
      The United States was FOUNDED as a REPUBLIC!
      This show how bad the demoncrats have made our educational system – how a majority of citizens, especially younger ones from the public school system don not seems to even know what type of political system we are supposed to have!

  14. Somebody arrest obama for sending 2 billion in cash to iran and arrest hillary for arranging the”sucides” murders of anyone who crossed her. She is a lying “bit*h”. AREST HER NOW.


  15. Hillary will defend her lying, cheating, rapist husband to the end. Plus Hillary will never get over her loss as President. To bad she is a sore loser. I’m glad President Trump won.

    • I cannot say anything nice about this so-called woman who is a disgrace to all women! She makes me sick, as does her husband and all their cohorts! Give them more rope and they will hang themselves!

      • It’s clear you have your women mixed up when you call Hillary a disgrace. It’s Melania Trump who is a disgrace; did you not hear her response to her husband’s cheating on her? She actually said “it is not my concern”. If she was not such a money hungry slut she would have walked out on him after the first time he cheated on her…..case closed. And now her charming husband has given Stormy Daniels the nickname “horse face”. Is this what he called her when he was having an affair with her, when she was spanking this sick son-of-a- bitch on his fat ass? Do we gather from this that he’s turned on by horse faced women? I am so sick of this stupid self centered moron degrading women, which he does almost every day, and even more so when he wakes up and realizes they’ve gotten the better of him. And incredibly, there were actually enough stupid people voting in 2016 that they actually elected him to the most powerful office in the world. I made the mistake, as too many like myself did, when I chose not to vote in 2016 because we believed the stuff ( most of it lies from Trump’s bull shit machine and the imagination of the far right whose collective heads remains stuffed irretrievably up their own anuses ) about Hillary. I am so, so, sorry I made that mistake, that so many of us did, and in doing so we allowed this criminal, this corrupt degenerate, this lying pig, this immoral cheating lowlife, this egotistical disgrace into our sacred Oval office. And today, those that voted lap up the lies he spews every day, lies that even a moron should recognize as absolute and total horse shit.

        • I don’t know much about Melania Trump. I don’t really care. Hillary Clinton record as public servant leaves me unimpressed and I do believe some of her actions in office were indictable. I only voted for President Trump because he was the last Republican standing.I am not a fan of Donald Trump’s style but his actual record in office is more in line with my hopes for him than my fears of him.

        • DR. Richard
          If you can get up the guts to vote then shut the Hell up you have no right to criticize if you can get off your ass to do your duty then once again shut the Hell Up.

        • In my opinion and that is worth nothing you do not qualify to wipe dog poo from Mrs. Trumps shoe. You are a vindictive liberal Democrat. Look in the mirror if you want to see a real slut.

        • Let me get this straight it’s not ok to have a consensual one night stand years before becoming president ,that the ramifications are only between a husband and his wife. But it’s ok for a sitting president to have an ongoing affair with someone who he has power over. That also could have compromised the United States. That it is ok for the governor and future president to have non consensual (rape) sex with a woman then have his wife threaten that person. It’s ok to launder money ,and sell uranium to the Russians , and run a so called non profit for personal gain. All of these things are ok with you. Well if you honestly believe this ,then you are not just ignorant but a traitor.

          • You got it Michael see it is ok for the liberal left to do & say what ever just don’t let the right do it as it wrong. God bless President Trump.

        • You stupid cow, how about your beloved Clinton pervert getting blow jobs from a relative child in your sacred oval office? How about his degenerate wife covering up his perversions to further her own misguided career? Wake up, you stupid bitch!

        • Asshole Richard, you are no Dr! You are a liar & despicable idiot.How dare you insult the president & first lady. If you had a brain, it would be lonesome!
          You need to take your lowlife body & crawl back in the sewer with the rest of the RATS !Everything you say is about your own party the demonic rats.Trump is the best president ever & that’s why he won.You are so full of BS that it reeks from your file mouth.You are a pathetic libertard who lost, so little man, go back & have your temper tantrum in your crib & get you diaper changed because you stink!

        • Sounds like much of what you state applies also to the CLINTON’S. & OBOM’S AS WELL.
          YOUR vulgar use of words make the point that you are the real idiot…

  16. if they all want to crucify Kavanaugh after 36 years why cant they go after Bill Clinton for the crime of rape that he supposedly committed..close up that Canada fund and all the millions in it.

  17. As far as I,am concerned, she dug her political grave, back when she moved to N.Y. to be a senator and then after all of the B.S. she took on the S.O.S. appointment from obama. and she has been a total failure at all of them, and I,d say she is failure as a wife to, or she would have made the old horny bubba mind his manners. But are MENTALLT SICK people

  18. we are told that people working together, where one has power and the other is subordinate can not be anything but an abuse of that position.

    If a college dean had a sexual relationship with an intern at the school wrong.

    If a college prof. had an affair with a student wrong.

    Only in Hillary’s fertile graying matter is this not an abuse. Which is why she lead the team to discredit this person calling her a loon, and sending his cabinet out spread the lie.

    Thank heaven for Linda Tripp telling Monica save the dress

  19. It was not an abuse of power??? WHAT SPACESHIP FROM MARS DID KILLARY COME OUT OF?? BOTH her and her husband need to be in prison, for the rest of their natural lives!!

  20. We forget or maybe don’t even know or care to know, but sometimes any crook(s), political crooks, murders, child abusers, etc., don’t answer now, crooked politicians, judges, lawyers, etc., but there is ONE, we all will kneel and answer to when our time is up, GOD.

  21. Both Hillary and Bill may have had open marriage back in their younger days. Hillary had an oops baby with someone other than Bill. Yep.

    She couldn’t let go Bill since she’s still addicted to power. Remember that for the last two years, she blamed her loss on everybody but herself. Yeah, she blamed many Democrats for not doing enough for her. She even went too far with the DNC nomination scandal.

    She … is … pathetic. A psycho she is. Yep, we all including the Democrat voters are lucky that she lost. End of story.

    Oh, by the way, WHY can’t she just go away?!

  22. I’m almost thirty years old pro-life and pro-family relatively young woman and mother of six minors, six small children. I will never stay home on Election Day. I will go vote on this Election Day in November sixth too. I don’t vote pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats and Republicans. I vote every election against these murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender ideology and the Democratic Party. I’m going to vote and will vote only just pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. The so-called Democratic Party wants ultra-left Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. This is agenda of the Democratic Communist Party U.S.A. and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. Remember this, a vote for a Democratic Party is a vote for ultra-leftist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism.

    • In agree totally!!! I have seven children (all grown now) and i have already cast my vote (absentee) I ONLY vote Republican, as do most of my children. We need to pray!

    • As is evidenced by your Russian last name I conclude that your rant is aimed at the relatives you left behind when you emigrated to our wonderful country with our liberal immigration policies that let you in, most of which were put in place by Democrats. Were it not for those rotten communists and marxist scumbags you say you hate Trump would never have gotten elected. You must get your rocks off every time Trump praises Putin who we all know is not a big fan of Sodomy, gender ideology, and feminism but seems to have no objection to murder and poisoning his adversaries ( even if they are living far from Mother Russia). Does the word hypocrite ring a bell for you?

      • Do not believe that you are a doctor as you are not very bright and full of hatred, hypocrisy and anger! Trump may be a pompous ass but his business and tax decisions are making the Country’s economy much better! So many of us do not care what he does with his sex life anymore than the Demorats cared about Clinton, the Kennedy’s, and all the while Bollywood looked the other way while Weinstein and others took advantage of the “acting couch” mentality in Calif! What a bunch of hypocrites you looney toon lefties are! If it were not so pitiful, it would be funny!

      • Does it ring a bell for you. What’s the difference what nationality anyone comes from. Oh I forgot as long as it’s not someone who’s allowing you it doesn’t matter. Like George soros you know the former Nazi soldier all you democoms like taking money from.


  23. The Clentens have been crooks and liars that go back when he was running for Govener when thay were in the croooked land deals thay were in the SCAM to cheat the people out of there money ina crooked land deal that made them lots of illegal money in there pocket.

    • Bill Clinton was involved in the dope smuggling and gun running to South America when he was attorney general of Arkansas. Just north of Littlerock at a place called Mena where they carved out a airport in the woods and built a sham aircraft business to fool everyone.

      • Yes, I agree, Gary. Back when I was a young woman, I remember reading in the Memphis newspapers for a short time about two young men, who had been murdered near Mena, Arkansas. It was thought that they had seen or heard something they weren’t supposed to, in connection to some gun running and /or drugs smuggling. It was thought the Clintons had something to do with their deaths. Then, after a few days of headlines, no more was said about it, no more newspaper articles. My aunt, and some of my parents friends, who lived in Arkansas at that time, could not stand the Clintons because of their corruption.

      • Did not know that Gary and thanks for fueling my hate of the clintons even higher. Put them in a bunker under Gitmo forever…

    • Wish that would happen but as long as The Deep State in in control, it will never happen. They all know the Clintons will throw them under the bus.

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