Hillary Clinton made the most insane excuse ever for why she lost the election

Hillary Clinton cannot accept defeat.

She is still playing the blame game.


  1. Hillary HAS to keep herself in the public eye because the international bad actors that contributed to her “foundation” expecting something in return for their largess are not about to be satisfied with receiving NOTHING in return.

  2. Today I sent my very first personal “tweet” to Hillary Rodham Clinton in response to her endless months of whining and blaming everybody except herself for all her failures. Here’s that tweet:

    “You lost the election for many reasons. Your husband is a male whore. You are an enabler. Your speeches are self-effacing, narcissistic, completely self-serving and pompous. You sold America’s secrets and pocketed the money. You and your husband have a long history of lying, cheating, dubious murder allegations, and lining your pockets and manipulating governments for your own financial and personal benefits. Personally, you are a rather disgusting, not very bright, woman who appeals to neither men nor women of any logic or intelligence whatsoever. For these, and for other reasons too numerous to mention – YOU LOST. You think DJT’s morals are disgusting? Christ – he is an angel from God compared to all your sins. We fervently wish you would get out of everybody’s FACE, get off the Internet, off the “fake news”, and just go and be the absolutely dull, uninteresting grandmother you already are – And leave politics to those who haven’t already sold their souls to the Devil. And oh yes – while you’re at it – please pay back to America’s governmental coffers and to its taxpaying citizens all the money you’ve stolen from our Great Nation. MAGA!”

    Too harsh?

  3. she has no SHAME, just BLAME! Once she mentioned the DEPLORABLES that would vote for TRUMP, she showed what she really thought of the middle class, and she pretended to be for them. OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES, EXCEPT SHES NO BABE. Just a liar. the Liberals cannot think for their selves that is why in their case monkey see, monkey do!!

  4. Let’s see, I’ll bet we could find a home for her on some Communist run Island, and she wouldn’t even have to flip burgers for a living. It’s called Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I’m sure they have a room for her, “Three Hots and a Cot” included. This woman is the epitome of evil, and if she opens her mouth she is lying. She is despicable, ugly and hateful.

  5. She has some nerve blaming Sanders.
    She had the DNC ruin his campaign.
    Better pick another scapegoat, Hilly!
    He was very popular and had a good chance to win.
    Even after her nefarious dealings with Wasserman-Shultz,
    she still could not win.
    Look in the mirror and see who ruined your chances!
    Even with all of your”celebrities”, Blm, Muslim Brotherhood,
    Huma, Obammies,etc. Nothing worked, not even with all those
    dead bodies, dead voters, illegal voters, you STILL LOST!!!
    Maybe, could be, might be, YOU!!!

  6. She has failed to accept the fact that she was exposed for rigging the primary election against Bernie Sanders. She didn’t campaign very hard for the presidency because she believe she had the election rigged. When the rigging failed, she was totally lost for any reaction so he failed to give her concession speech on election night.

  7. Hillary needs to learn the lesson, “There’s a hundred thousand REASONS for failure,but not a single EXCUSE!” Her book is just another extension of the blame game that she is so experienced at. She’s use the blame game for her past thirty plud years in political life from Arkansas to the present.

  8. Keeping this all in proportion–Pres Trump IS ‘human’ and therefore prone to ‘messing up’ occasionally! He’s doing his level best to do whatever he can for the ‘good’ of the country. He’s ‘bucking’ a lot of resistance along the way but is now ‘taking’ control, legally, as he must! He doesn’t ‘give in’ to idiots–even the MSM! As for Hillary ever having a chance in politics again–the moon will turn to cheese first!! She really ‘nailed’ that one with her book!! After insulting everyone who ever knew her, worked with her or, even, ‘heard’ about her and showing her contempt for this country and all it stands for–I doubt anyone would ever vote for her again. Then, the foolish woman, sets up a website for her assumed ‘Clinton addicts’ to go to!! She still thinks 36million people are infatuated with her!! How can anyone be so delusional and be considered ‘sane’?!!

  9. I feel the same way, actually. More relieved that she lost, than that Trump won. God help us if she were to try again for the next presidential election… and wins this time. I hope everyone is including our President in their prayers, that he will fulfill his promises, not screw up in any way, and never bow to the media, special interest groups (or Hollywood), to seek popularity.

  10. Let see if I got this right, Hitlery Mrs. Pay for play whose Campaign recieved money STOLEN from Bernie and who got hours of free press is blaming the man she stole from for her being a HORRIBLE person and one who could not even sell her own lies. She has LIED and BLAMED everyone but herself the real LOOSER and the REAL TRUE REASON for her loss. She will try to blame GOD next just like she is trying claim helped hr after the election. Hitlery lost because of Two reasons mainly and here they are 1)America saw through her LIES and saw her for the LIAR, THIEF, MURDERER and every other name for her criminal acts.2) The MORON MEDIA tried way to hard the sell her as having already won. Hitlery claimed all these reasons why she was qualified but the TRUTH is she had no qualifications. She however had plenty of disqualifications. She claimed to be for Women and children but that was a LIE. She blamed a young 13 year old for a man in his 30’s raping her. She claimed her service in office made her qualified but it was what she did to get in that disqualified her. She used blackmail to get her a partnership in a big Arkansas law firm. First she used Willie’s position as AG to get Rose clients by saying to them hire Hitlery f else. She repeated that threat when Willie became Governor. She used Willie’s time infesting the White House to get money from an illegal panel on Heakth care a subject she has no qualifications to judge. She after Willie’s time in office was up she suddenly had to become a resident of New York so she could be their Senator. She at that time was $10 million in debt but was able to buy a $10.4 million dollar home in New York then after she got elected as New York’s newest Senator she also bought a $4.2 million or so dollar home in the D.C. area. Her $10 million dollar debt had vanished some how. Her time in the Senate was marked by her supporting Obozocare a bill she passed without even reading and while mostly unwritten. She used that job to start he run on the White House but that failed because of Obozo whom she tried to drag down to the sewer where he belonged and where she was. That bid failed so Obozo bought her off with Sec. of State job which she was unfit and unqualified for. While infesting that office she helped Obozo MURDER 4 Americans and helped start ISIS. The only other thing she accomplished while Sec. of State was the set two records 1)Most Nations visited as Sec. of State.2) Most money wasted by an official in an Appointed office. Now as is her and her pal Obozo’s favoritealone. thing to do is blame others for the bad in her life and claiming all the good is because of her and her(both her and Obozo think is brainless people can think they are better than GOD). Now she is trying to say she is qualified to be messenger of GOD. Hitlery will NEVER accept the FACTS about her loss and that is that America saw throug not only her LIES but those of the Democratic Lap Dogs called the media.

  11. But, but, but . . . she is an elitist tool of Wall Street. She deserved to lose because the DNC rigged the primaries in her favor, she skipped out on numerous rallies while never missing a big shot fund raiser, she was sick and covered it up (poorly), and she had no message except 4 more years of mistakes,crime and lies.

  12. Hillary’s program, her promise to the voters, was to continue and intensify the programs of Barack Obama – which had, over the last six years, lost the Democrats the House, the Senate and most of the state governments. That the Democrats had been voted out of power in the states was a harbinger of what the Presidential election would deliver since it is the states, not the crowded cities that elect the President. She lost because she promised to deliver at a cost to the taxpayers programs that had been already proven unpopular vote losers. Even having lost consistently on these programs, the DNC still expected to win with them. The very definition of hubris. They knew how great and popular they were.

  13. Hillary did loose for a variety of reasons and the actions of a number of people to include herself. Part of her problem was that she never fully articulated her ideas on issues that mattered to people. She left them to speculate what she would probably do as president. She relies heavily on character assignation of Trump. Trump’s character is flawed but people did not see hers or her husband’s as any better. So, “vote for me because I am not Trump” did not work. And she represent more of the same politics as usual. People are tired of politics as usual. Bottom line: people are not so much thrilled the Trump won as they are pleased the Hillary lost.

  14. why don’t this old hag go away she and fake ass obumer aka barry sotoro lowlifes go away go trump god bless america

  15. Amen. She seems to have conveniently forgotten it was the DNC who tanked Bernie so Hillary WOULD win. I don’t like either one of ’em, but I gotta give credit where credit is due. Bernie showed a lot of guts going up against her, given that she was “predestined” to win the top prize. Nobody else in the Dem party showed that kind of chutzpah, which explains why the dem race only had 2 contenders (sorry, I can’t include Marty O’Malley and his anemic showing) rather than the massive field the Republicans had. Sorry, Hillary. This one’s all yours. . . .

  16. Hillary’s newest delusion is a new ‘web site’ where she imagines 63million ‘supporters’ will click onto!! She just doesn’t understand that she has ‘lost’ that support from about 97% of them. Anyone who had remained in support of her, left after reading (or hearing about) her book!! She ‘trashed’ just about everyone in America, one way or another! She ‘shafted’ millions by putting them in ‘baskets’ during her campaign and finished the job by blaming everyone left for her personal failure!! If she had any ‘smarts’ at all, she would have graciously admitted defeat and left. At least she would actually still have some of the ‘mis-guided’ as supporters. Now–she has no one at all!!


  18. As is usually the case, President Trump is correct and will be shown as having made a sound decision based on the facts of the matter.

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