Hillary Clinton made the most insane excuse ever for why she lost the election

Hillary Clinton cannot accept defeat.

She is still playing the blame game.



  1. Hillary HAS to keep herself in the public eye because the international bad actors that contributed to her “foundation” expecting something in return for their largess are not about to be satisfied with receiving NOTHING in return.

  2. Today I sent my very first personal “tweet” to Hillary Rodham Clinton in response to her endless months of whining and blaming everybody except herself for all her failures. Here’s that tweet:

    “You lost the election for many reasons. Your husband is a male whore. You are an enabler. Your speeches are self-effacing, narcissistic, completely self-serving and pompous. You sold America’s secrets and pocketed the money. You and your husband have a long history of lying, cheating, dubious murder allegations, and lining your pockets and manipulating governments for your own financial and personal benefits. Personally, you are a rather disgusting, not very bright, woman who appeals to neither men nor women of any logic or intelligence whatsoever. For these, and for other reasons too numerous to mention – YOU LOST. You think DJT’s morals are disgusting? Christ – he is an angel from God compared to all your sins. We fervently wish you would get out of everybody’s FACE, get off the Internet, off the “fake news”, and just go and be the absolutely dull, uninteresting grandmother you already are – And leave politics to those who haven’t already sold their souls to the Devil. And oh yes – while you’re at it – please pay back to America’s governmental coffers and to its taxpaying citizens all the money you’ve stolen from our Great Nation. MAGA!”

    Too harsh?

  3. she has no SHAME, just BLAME! Once she mentioned the DEPLORABLES that would vote for TRUMP, she showed what she really thought of the middle class, and she pretended to be for them. OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES, EXCEPT SHES NO BABE. Just a liar. the Liberals cannot think for their selves that is why in their case monkey see, monkey do!!

  4. Let’s see, I’ll bet we could find a home for her on some Communist run Island, and she wouldn’t even have to flip burgers for a living. It’s called Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I’m sure they have a room for her, “Three Hots and a Cot” included. This woman is the epitome of evil, and if she opens her mouth she is lying. She is despicable, ugly and hateful.

  5. She has some nerve blaming Sanders.
    She had the DNC ruin his campaign.
    Better pick another scapegoat, Hilly!
    He was very popular and had a good chance to win.
    Even after her nefarious dealings with Wasserman-Shultz,
    she still could not win.
    Look in the mirror and see who ruined your chances!
    Even with all of your”celebrities”, Blm, Muslim Brotherhood,
    Huma, Obammies,etc. Nothing worked, not even with all those
    dead bodies, dead voters, illegal voters, you STILL LOST!!!
    Maybe, could be, might be, YOU!!!

  6. She has failed to accept the fact that she was exposed for rigging the primary election against Bernie Sanders. She didn’t campaign very hard for the presidency because she believe she had the election rigged. When the rigging failed, she was totally lost for any reaction so he failed to give her concession speech on election night.

  7. Hillary needs to learn the lesson, “There’s a hundred thousand REASONS for failure,but not a single EXCUSE!” Her book is just another extension of the blame game that she is so experienced at. She’s use the blame game for her past thirty plud years in political life from Arkansas to the present.

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