It took just one minute for Hillary Clinton to make the worst mistake of her life

Hillary Clinton just won’t go away.

The failed Presidential candidate returned to the spotlight with an appearance at the India Today Conclave.

And it took her just one minute to make the worst mistake of her life.

Clinton is still bitter about her defeat at the hands of Donald Trump.

But her remarks at the India Today Conclave reveal why she lost the election – she hates Americans who don’t subscribe to her left-wing, race and gender obsessed brand of politics.

In talking about the election, Clinton declared that she won the coasts and the parts of American that generate two-thirds of the nation’s GDP growth.

She described Trump voters as backwards bigots and woman haters who can’t stand the idea of Blacks having equal rights or women holding jobs.

During the campaign, Clinton smeared half of Trump supporters as “deplorable.”

Here she went even further.

Clinton slimed hard working Americans as monsters and racists because they didn’t vote for her.

This is the type of smug, condescending liberalism that drove working Americans away from the Democrat Party.

It’s plain for all to see that liberal elites despise everyday Americans.

Is it any wonder she failed to form a connection with real Americans in both of her failed Presidential campaigns?


  1. Only crime is Hildabeast mom didnt have an abortion. Late term would have been best where so called Dr. Dismembers (KILLS) baby while its still alive.

  2. Hillary Clinton is a devote satanist, and a well known witch too!
    Right after she graduated college she became a lawyer for the black panthers!
    And she has the gull and the nerve to call us a basket full of deporables!
    What a joke that both her and Bill Clinton are the former disgraced president.
    Disband the Clinton Foundation, make the clintons give back all of the stolen money that they took from us hard working americans and put them all including former POTUS Obama in GetMo for a LIFE Sentence along with the FBI Comey & Mueller and all the rest of the conspiritors.

  3. Yep!

    You got it!

    Hillary, is a hate monger of all races.
    She hates women who can think for themselves, She hates blacks, hispanics, whites who have worked hard especially middle class ones. And everyone who can see through her woman hate B.S.

  4. How true!Hiliary is beyond a basket of deplorables. Should look in mirror, realize she is everything she said about others. She has blood on her hands. Do your time and call it a day.Some people still want to hold you accountable for your bad deeds & words.

  5. R c I never wished anyone to die. The devil want her at first, after a closer look she would give hell a bad name.

  6. Aline
    I think her brain is located in her butt and all of falling has damaged her buttons and brain.

  7. “Blacks having equal rights or women holding jobs.”

    This is a hoot considering her buddy Obama had TWO Council Members who were sending our jobs overseas, and he had to know it. I worked for the one who was the first Black Female CEO of a major corporation. About 95% of my coworkers in my building were blacks. And she laid them all off. So, Hillary, if you want to know what the problem is with women holding jobs, especially BLACKS, you don’t have to look any further than YOUR OWN PARTY.


  9. This article states “ … Hillary Clinton just won’t go away. …”

    What’s about Obama? He still refused to back out of the national spotlight to respect Trump’s presidency. He’s a troublemaker.

  10. The faster Crooked Hillary, her husband Slick Willie, and daughter that never worked a day in her life are all locked up for the racketeering of the Clinton Foundation the better for all of us.

  11. Huma was rite behind her & ‘thought nothing’ of it, appeared to continue on ‘smart phone’. whatever.

  12. I think if I had said the horrible things she said in this speech and slipped twice going down stairs I would feel God was trying to tell me something. But then, in spite of her professing her faith in Jesus christ, I wonder if she really believes in God or, was she trying to rally votes from the basket of deplorables. She is such a horrible person and I am being kind!

  13. William: “Why is this disgusting anti American traitor still walking around like a free women?” = b/cuz Mueller IS 0ne of ‘them’. > Can BE Corrected. ie. w/someting Not so ‘pretty’.
    >ARE ‘we’ Ready< To Go There.

  14. Why is this disgusting anti American traitor still walking around like a free women? Will someone please inform the American people what’s the delay? Enough of this delay BULLS**T. Try, convict nd sentence her. None of this ‘camp cupcake’ BS like martha Stewart did, I’m talking federal penitentary doing a long prison sentence. This just goes to show there’s a double standard when it comes to justice here in America, when you’re rich you get off scott free, if you’re poor, you get the shaft. In reality if someone without money and influence did what she did, they would have been in prison serving their sentence!

  15. Her sickness is hate :Trump and his voters, women , all people who still have common sense and everybody else. She will die from that and even last words will be “I hate them “.

  16. > Mostly she ‘trashed’ US Citizens. & Went to INDIA
    To Do It. > then almost ‘fall down’ 2x(was saved).
    > Indian ppl (hopefully) Too Smart to Listen, much less
    subscribe to NW0 ‘plan’.

  17. Sociopaths are not insane if they kill they graduate to psycopath and that too does not imply they are insane. They have completely amoral and never learn from experience. That sure sounds and looks like Hillary.

  18. You are so right. Any other candidate is disappointed but manages to have the class to resume live and realize the voters chose his opponent. Hillary, Butcher of Benghazi not only won’t do the correct thing but will nlame everyone but the neighbors cat and then strut her angst to the world by airing her filthy linen for all the world to see. She is alive because Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory don’t want any part of her. More’s the pity.

  19. HilLIARy is PATHETIC! She runs the worst campaign in HISTORY, plus she is the most unqualified candidate in history, and of course she loses, but she can’t handle it. So she blames the people who didn’t vote for her. Which is not unheard of, but what is unheard of is disparaging the voters who didn’t vote for her. But it makes sense because she wouldn’t know the truth about anything if it hit her in the face!

  20. For the same reason Acosta won’t stay from WH briefings. Hillary thinks it’s “all about HER”. Acosta thinks it’s “all about HIM”. Two peas in a pod.



  23. I just love the way every body is talking about her. I don’t know why she just don’t shut up and go away.

  24. Hitlery is just like Obozo and that is why she lost. Both think they are at least ten steps above GOD HIMSELF. She is a MOB boss who does whatever she wants and thinks that America should bow to her. Well America is FAR SMARTER than her and We said NO and HELL NO to her getting back into the White House as a Resident. America is SICK of the Democraps and there we can do as we want and Americans will foot the bill. Well thanks to Trump that bill is going down.

  25. I still, although I have asked hundreds of times, never had a lib tell me what there was about Hillary that made them vote for her. In other words, I have never heard of any good she did for anyone. I would think it is because she never ,ever has done good.

  26. And married White women listening to their White husbands to VOTE TRUMP. What’s that make ME? Never HAD a husband but DO have a mind of my own! And my GUT said VOTE TRUMP and I listened! HilLIARy is a gross insult “c” word of the highest order.

  27. Clinton Cartel of high crimes with no misdemeanors. She knows it. WE know it. FBI Little Rock has been investigating the Clinton Foundation for many moons now. All else? The Steele Dossier, her probable involvement in the mysterious demise of DNC staffer Seth Rich, Uranium One, State Department pay4play, her ongoing email scandal…ALL tagged to her commodities scandal and Whitewater with the mysterious demise of that Foster fella. Blood all OVER the place…on HER hands. Why she keeps on tickin’ like a trusty Timex? Crowned Queen of ult-narcissism. And, yes, MSM continuing to glorify her as a woman among women. Makes me wanna TRANS! ha! Good news…the protective moat around her castle is starting to suffer a drought…and she KNOWS it. Badges caught up with Bonnie&Clyde, TOO.

  28. I would suggest that we all treat Hillary like a person who has a mental disorder. But that would give all of them a bad name. She needs locked up in Leavenworth with Bill as her cell mate. And the cell to be welded shut except for the food port. Through which they would pass six slices of bread per day. No words to be spoken by the guards.

  29. Hillary is an EVIL person, she is a pathological liar, the truth never comes out of her mouth. She has to be really corrupt for Alinsky didn’t want anything to do with her. She was fired from her first job as an Att., because she was so corrupt and that was working in Washington on Kennedy’s murder.

  30. “We the people” who voted against the Hilldebeast are not backwards. We are informed and know this pig was nothing more than a racist, hate mongering, opportunistic piece of excrement. We didn’t fall for the democommies stereotypical hate blaming and divisive double speak. The women who also voted against were informed, intelligent and independent thinkers. They just hated Hilldebeast’s manipulative bull manure.

    We embrace racial diversity and welcome LEGAL immigrants into our communities. We want ALL citizens to succeed because our country is better for it. We do not want to be controlled and become subjects of her repressive regime. Go away you loser!

  31. We need to go after all of that previous administration and shut them up once and for all. They are all communist and they are all sore losers. There is NO truth to what she said about racest and that we hate Blacks. If they Blacks believe this group again who only want them to be dependent on them then they have never left slavery and the Democrats have done their job since the time of KKK. They maked sure they could not start their own businesses after the Civil war. That was the DEMOCRAT party that did that to them and they are still doing that to them right now. They want them dependent on the Democrats and they were shocked when Blacks voted for Trump. Under trump a few have branched out and started their own businesses. Chicago which is run by a democrat is not in good shape over all but esp. in the black community and that is exactly where Obama and Michele came from yet they never helped anyone in their “community” and they never will but they do want their votes with promises they will never keep. If the Republicans are so bad to blacks why is there a man head of HUD trying to help them and appointed by Trump. There are people trying to help them improve neighborhoods in Detroit and it is working. I have pointed out to people who are black on the internet about the black person who rode with Paul Revever who really did bring back the citizen to help turn back the Red coats in Boston. He was a Free Man. His name was Wentworth Cheswell. Have they taught you about your history??? This is your historical history that you need to discover. Why are they not teaching your pass history instead of the current history for it goes way back.

  32. Allies across the world would be wise to not give heed to Hillary, Kerry or Obama, they are not in this administration and they lost. Actually Obama and Kerry have broken our laws going behind a sitting president and attempting to undermine his dealings with nations leaders.

  33. It is time for the DOJ to step up and revisit charges against the entire Obama clan for their misdoings involving email cover ups, corruption, and lies to this country. If they had any conscience at all they should be fearing what is to come.

  34. The biggest problem Hillary faces is that – most people know a hypocrite when they see one. They are also not as dumb and easily manipulated as she thought. She can whine now and even louder when she gets her new orange jumpsuit. Hillary has been on an excuse tour since she lost…..again.

  35. This is just ANOTHER example of the many mistakes this BEAST has made. A Solid Reason why she should be Jailed for the Rest of Her Miserable Life! Let her wear Prison Orange for awhile and see how she likes losing her freedom.

  36. Why the hell do we have to put up with this slime ball trash pile every time we open up Facebook or msm every day. She irrelevant for any purpose and it seems that the media is so in love with this scag they don’ know how to report on anything good for our country.

  37. This drunken lesbian marxist hag needs so badly to be set upon by tough women in a correctional institution. We must hope that she tries again for the presidency, thereby breaking at least some glass other than smashing bottles. She could join William Jennings Bryan and Henry Clay in the three-time presidential losers club, and like them receive the worst and most comprehensive drubbing the third time around. The parties of Clay and Bryan were also decimated in their third-time loss, and we must hope that this would happen to the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mexico as well when the President rolls over this booze-sodden fishwife.

  38. She is a Very Foul person. It is almost inconceivable that a person who ran for the office of President could be so Vile and bitter. She Actually Hates more than half of the US Citizens. She is scary. Hard to think that Democrats would ever vote for someone so Evil.

  39. I agree! Conservatives are not against blacks and women. She is the one who hates blacks, women and children with special needs. Remember when she had wanted those special needs children off of her property while they were easter egg hunting one year?

  40. I saw the video of her in India on Hannity last night. She keeps digging a deeper hole. The 1st Amendment protects Free Speech but what she said and how she said it was treasonous. Some Secretary of! Going to India to bash the President. And you know damn well the questions were set up or planted. I’d like to see this video go viral. It needs to be on Youtube. Surely the LSM won’t cover it. One thing…I think it’s great campaign material. But with all this…in the end…it shows without a doubt what a LOSER she is. In closing, do any of you think that she would have accomplished what The Donald has accomplished in just over a year…even with the headwind he faced from the Swamp? Hell No!

  41. Hillary please die already you lost no one wants to as a leader you can’t even control your sex addicted husband you are nothing but evil and rotten again please die already you lost get over it and president trump is do way better for the AMERICANS yes people of the country then you could ever do please stay were you are and don’t come back to the United States you are noting but a back stabber to the American people

  42. Hillary is still a loser and will always be a loser. She is as croaked as they come and has had more people killed than Manson. For one that touts women rights she sure blasted women that Bill molested.

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