Hillary Clinton made this telling revelation about her 2020 plans

Hillary Clinton’s presence continues to hover over the 2020 Presidential race.

With a contested convention looking likely, many pundits believe Clinton is biding her time and could be a compromise candidate for the Democrat Party.

And now Hillary Clinton made this telling revelation about her 2020 plans.

There is no love lost between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Clinton blames Sanders for staying in the race until the very end of the Democrat Primary for her defeat in 2016.

The failed two-time Presidential candidate kept up a steady drumbeat of attacks on Sanders right up until before the Iowa Caucus where she said “no one liked” Sanders in the Senate.

But a reporter asked Clinton about her feelings toward the Democrat primary field – in which Sanders is now the clear and unquestioned frontrunner – and Clinton was beginning to sing a slightly different tune.

On the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival Clinton made it clear she intended to support the Democrat Party nominee.

“I will support the nominee of our party because I think that our current president is a clear and present danger to democracy and to our future,” Clinton stated.

This answer was revealing on one big front.

It showed the Democrat establishment was beginning to wrap its head around the fact that Sanders was the party’s most likely nominee.

Clinton did not offer any qualifiers about supporting the candidate based on their ability to win or even try to warn Democrat voters off from handing the nomination to Sanders.

Instead, Clinton offered a statement of support for whoever the Democrat nominee is.

Clinton and her establishment allies were forced to shove aside their hard feelings from 2016 and deal with the fact that coming out of Nevada Sanders looks unstoppable.

And that the establishment is beginning to dial down their attacks on Sanders is a sign they know he will win and they do not want to do anything to damage the eventual nominee.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. What I’m afraid of is if Biden would get to be president, obama would be calling the shots. Enough of obama, he’s done enough damage to the country.

  2. The hilarious thing is that the DEMONrats will, without fail lie straight into the camera, totally assuming that We The People are too ignorant/stupid to realize what’s going on.
    THIS is why the DEMONrats will never win another election even if they continue to CHEAT in every Venue!
    It’s beyond time We The People got rid of each and every DEMONrat Judge sitting at the Bench. We have just seen them trying multiple times to illegally push their Agenda from the Bench. Across America, these Scum are “making Law” from the Bench! They MUST be thrown DOWN from the Bench! Charged for their violation of our Constitution! This is OBSCENE and must stop! Only DEMONrats would behave this way, and then, try to claim the Moral High Ground! Americans, WAKE UP!
    These “Judges” are in fact, CRIMINALS! They ARE ignoring the Oath’s they took when they were sworn in. THAT’S a CRIME TOO!
    Get these SCUM Locked up! Schumer, Schiff and Pelosi are Criminals. Impeach HELL! ARREST THEM FIRST! THEN Impeach them, and charge them with SEDITION! Then, HANG THEM!

  3. Killery is back to helping the commiecrats ramp up the Russia thing again. WHEN Trump gets re-elected, look out!!!! We need to clean them out of office in November. We are one election away from losing our country. Thank God for the walk away movement. I believe that we will get our great president back in for 4 MORE YEARS!!!!

  4. If president Trump was fishing on a yacht and he fill overboard and stood up and walked back to the yacht Does that mean he cant swim???

  5. lets say pencil neck shift wasn’t a congress men all the lies he has spouted would cause him to be disbarred. The fact he is a congressmen he can lie all he wants. Does that make him a liar for life?

  6. lets say a man is accused of murder. and it turns out he was in the sheriff office playing cards. and the sheriff is a democrat and they have to let him go. using rational Pelosi uses the man is a convicted criminal. only her and the brain dead agree with her

  7. I have a suggestion: Lets impeach Pelosi. Don’t matter if she gets tossed out or not, “Once Impeached, always Impeached” Maybe toss her for tearing up a govt document, and we have the video to prove that.

  8. Snott27 I don’t know who Mack Ewing is. My great grandpa was Jacob Ewing, but not Mack. And I don’t need him defending me from idiots like you. And speaking of impeachment, rapist Clinton was guilty, Trump was not. Even if he had been removed from office, Pence would have been put in place and elected twice. The Russian crap blew up in their faces, and believe me, mueller wanted him badly. And I listened to the phone call. No problem there. It was all made up by communist political hacks just like you. And what the hell is a knuckle dragger? I like that. I might post using that handle.

  9. be that as it may, Trumpykins, through word and deed, has earned impeachment many times over…be that as it may, Trumpykins, through word and deed, has earned impeachment many times over…

  10. Jim1937, you are WRONG. Bill Clinton lied under oath and should have been removed from office but the senate refused to do their job, just like with Trump. The same democrats that want to impeach Trump now did not want to impeach Clinton back then. They are all partisan hypocrites. I did want Clinton impeached.
    And we all know Dan Tyree and Mack Ewing are the same troll. Whenever one person boasts about anther person you know they’re the same person. Only a neanderthal knuckle dragging porch monkey like Dan Tyree would be stupid enough to think we wouldn’t catch that.

  11. @Snott27 I bet you wouldn’t have thought so if Slick Willy had been impeached in his first term instead of his second! Your mother must be so embarrassed she will kick you out of her basement.

  12. Snott27, why is it your mother says your a pu$$y. She had her mouth full but that’s what it sounded like. Your a moron and anti American. So I guess if I was being tried for shooting you, and found not guilty, I’d still be guilty in your book. What an idiot!

  13. Scott27 you’re not smart enough to match wits with Dan Tyree. He’s got you on all counts. Especially common sense. So go back to your mama’s basement and stfu.

  14. Snott27 you’re not good enough to kiss Trump’s ass. Impeached or not, he’s going to be re-elected. Your commie party doesn’t have anyone to beat him. And we will keep the senate and take back the house. You’re a simple minded fool that wants to live under social ism. Check out the large number of people switching to the republican partly. It’s called the walk away movement. So tell us whom you want to be president.

  15. Trump was still impeached by the house. Trump will always be impeached. It never goes away. Just because the biased republicans refused to do their job and remove him doesn’t change the fact that Trump was impeached, and it has to be unconstitutional for him to be allowed to run a second term. He must step down or be removed from office or else we don’t have a constitutional government. You people should be able to understand this unless you’re all neanderthal knuckle draggerd like Dan Tyree

  16. Snott27 your stupidity is showing again. The “partisan “ republicans refused to convict an innocent man. And you don’t get to interpret the constitution. So go peddle your commie propaganda somewhere else.

  17. Scott27 What an Idiot President Trump was acquitted! Even someone as intellectually challenged as You should understand that means exonerated/ not guilty/ not Impeached. He was the intended target of a partisan attempt to impeach on which even all the Democrats in House did not even vote to go forward. Get a plastic bag tie tightly around your head and maybe you will learn something as any education you have been given was a total failure!!

  18. Evidentally MANY of yupr bloggers don’t keep up wih the new because Trumpe was NOT impeached Nancy had charged him onlame excuses, even the House’s Democrats realized that and that they had done an error due to TRUMP HAVING MADE NO ERRORS so they should not have folloews Pelosi’s false claim to impeach him! She should be removed from office if she & Hillary still are bickering like children over the fair outcome of the last election. Hillary LOST. That was the fair & square outcome of the Electoral College. Up until THIS PAST election she has thought the electoral college was FINE, but when it happened to NOT go HER way she said it was UNFAIR. I wonder why? Our ForeFathers put alot of thought into it & if we did not have it, states like Texas & California, due to them having the largest populations, would always determine who won if our elections were by popular vote. Small New England states would have NO impact in the outcome at all. The Electoral College makes it more equal impact per state. Sorry Hillary. You Loose if you want to be Fair, which you probably don’t, you just want to WIN. Well, the US citizens DON’T want you as their President. Go Crawl in a hole 7 dissapear. That would do us ALL a BIG favor. Riddence of Hillary!!!!!!!!!

  19. Scott27: Apparently you are unaware that it is the people who choose the President NOT just the Democrats. Go back down to your basement and read up on the constitution.

  20. Once a president is impeached they should not be allowed to run for office EVER, and Trump was impeached by the democrats. It doesn’t matter that the partisan republicans wouldn’t remove him from office because he’s still impeached. He should serve out his term and step down or be removed by force if he refuses.

  21. Why does killery think anyone takes advice from her? The only reason we even know she’s still around is because she keeps opening her big mouth and spewing out trash, lies and laughable lines. Go back to sleep killery as we are all laughing at whatever you say. Remember 16′? Oh yes you do.. What did you do with all those balloons?

  22. Only you Hitlery and Obama were a clear and present danger. Just look at what you have done to this Country. At least Trump loves this Country and everyone in it regardless of race. You and Obama divided the races and hated Whites, Catholics, Republicans etc etc. You corrupted our Justice system and the IRS. Only the stupid do not see what you Dems have done.

  23. IQ 07 he was impeached by some whining parasites that call themselves Americans, but acquitted and get that part right since it seems you don’t understand the Constitution yourself…Go back to the Unicorn milk, it’s getting cold and grandma Maxine is calling…

  24. Trump should not be allowed to run for a second term because the democrats impeached him. It has to be a violation of the constitution for an impeached president to run for a second term and the supreme court needs to put a stop to it. The republicans need to come up with a new candidate to run, not Trump.

  25. Wicked Hillary can support anyone she wishes for the Democratic Nominee. However she must NOT get in the race lest it will be the death of her. IF Bernie Junior High Sanders wins the Presidency it will be a great reprieve for her life to extend an additional 10 plus years or more. IF Donald Trump Wins then her life is cut short.

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