Hillary Clinton made this telling revelation about her 2020 plans

Hillary Clinton’s presence continues to hover over the 2020 Presidential race.

With a contested convention looking likely, many pundits believe Clinton is biding her time and could be a compromise candidate for the Democrat Party.

And now Hillary Clinton made this telling revelation about her 2020 plans.

There is no love lost between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Clinton blames Sanders for staying in the race until the very end of the Democrat Primary for her defeat in 2016.

The failed two-time Presidential candidate kept up a steady drumbeat of attacks on Sanders right up until before the Iowa Caucus where she said “no one liked” Sanders in the Senate.

But a reporter asked Clinton about her feelings toward the Democrat primary field – in which Sanders is now the clear and unquestioned frontrunner – and Clinton was beginning to sing a slightly different tune.

On the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival Clinton made it clear she intended to support the Democrat Party nominee.

“I will support the nominee of our party because I think that our current president is a clear and present danger to democracy and to our future,” Clinton stated.

This answer was revealing on one big front.

It showed the Democrat establishment was beginning to wrap its head around the fact that Sanders was the party’s most likely nominee.

Clinton did not offer any qualifiers about supporting the candidate based on their ability to win or even try to warn Democrat voters off from handing the nomination to Sanders.

Instead, Clinton offered a statement of support for whoever the Democrat nominee is.

Clinton and her establishment allies were forced to shove aside their hard feelings from 2016 and deal with the fact that coming out of Nevada Sanders looks unstoppable.

And that the establishment is beginning to dial down their attacks on Sanders is a sign they know he will win and they do not want to do anything to damage the eventual nominee.

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