Hillary Clinton does not want you to see this video

Hillary Clinton has a big problem.

It’s one she has always tried to hide.

And this video is one she does not want you to see.

Hillary Clinton’s health is back in the spotlight.

In Style tweeted out a video of Hillary professing her support women’s rights.

Her health once again became a major question as she began hacking and coughing her way through the clip.

During the campaign, Hillary hid ger medical records and was seen repeatedly hacking and coughing on the campaign trail.

Hillary – and the media that ran interference for her – claimed any questions about her health were a “conspiracy theory.”

But she collapsed at a 9/11 Memorial tribute and it later emerged that she was hiding a case of pneumonia.

This video presents another problem for Hillary.

In it she again positions herself as a champion of women’s rights.

But she made this video just weeks after it was reported that she personally intervened to allow a campaign aide accused of sexual harassment to remain in his job while his female accuser was transferred and made to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

It’s the standard Hillary Clinton playbook going back to her husband’s days as President.

Are you glad Hillary Clinton is not President?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. As Long as hillary is under ‘umbrella’ of Soros – what, pray tell WILL the ‘white hats’ D0 ??? Come 0n – let’s G0 -Get w/ the ‘program’ … hmmm __

  2. I guess ‘Rebuke’ needs to continue & Necessary, she is basically
    beyond reproach, certainly Censored & Scorned by Many …USA citizenry Deserve Justice re her etc.

  3. Damned Skippy! I’m w/ Bessie Sam,
    Ecstatic too…yes I am!
    Let’s all hope that Hillarys gone forever,
    Vote for her…I would never!
    Only one thing left for justice to prevail,
    Led away in handcuffs-straight to jail!

  4. There is nothing wrong with Hillery health or cough. She is afraid of going to prison and now she wants to fake her sickness to dodge the bullet that will send her to prison where she belongs with the rest of the cronies that back-up her up with a bunch of lies.
    Send all of them to prison together.

  5. This whole women’s rights movement is repugnant to me. I’m all for human rights, but I, as a woman, don’t feel disparaged, and I’m sick of those who want something for nothing. I am now retired, but while I was working, I always felt respected for the work I produced and never once did I feel my male counterparts had an edge. Killary is a disgusting example of my gender. Thank God we have an electoral college. She may have won the popular vote, but county by county across the country, she lost big time, not because she’s a woman, but because she’s a lying, self serving piece of work and Americans didn’t want an extension of the Obama administration.

    • if we counted only legal votes,odds are she did not win the popular vote! think about it, why do the dims want all the illegals to remain in our great country?

    • Frances you are absolutely correct! I too am a female, retired, and also never felt slighted because I was a woman in the work place. If anything, I was revered because I had excellent skills for the office position I was in. I worked hard, not on free college either, I paid my way through life and never had to apologize for being a Conservative, married to a wonderful man, and well educated. Those who think they are slighted because they are female or a colorful minority, are just trying to get something for nothing. And even now days, those who aren’t really disabled get disability because of ‘nervousness’ or ‘too fat’, etc., are also scammers. Work hard for what your goal and dream is. Don’t ever expect to get something for nothing….you will eventually ‘burn bridges’ with all your lies. Yes, American Citizens are dreamers too, and we know how to work hard to accomplish them instead of trying to ‘cry’ and ‘whine’ our way to getting something for no effort we put forth. Illegals are just that, ILLEGAL, and that means ‘unlawful’, not legal, and should be arrested, no matter what… If they want to be citizens, do it the right way, the legal way, there is an excellent path to becoming a legal citizen. If you don’t like it, then stay away from U.S.A. Go to some other country and see what they make you do… It is far worse than the Legal Path to American Citizenship.

    • I agree with you also Frances. I am also a 63 year old woman and this whole crap that these woman are doing today just irritates the shit out of me. I blame the low life in Hollywood for starting everything that is going on today. From trying everything in their power to defeat our sitting President to BLM, Antifa, etc. They start the movement then sit back and watch how it all envelopes. Then they keep it going by throwing in their 2 cents evert now and then, especially on that disgusting tv women’s afternoon show. I’m to the point where my husband and I do not watch any tv shows or the news anymore. So stressful. Don’t even get me on the political side of the equation. Just disgusting! If something doesn’t turn here for the better real soon, this country is doomed!!

  6. The Pantsuit that is filled to the brim with the stench of her dealings. Yet, she runs an army of mushrooms that kisses her gigante rearside with a odor they must adore. The Feds will love having to change her adult diapers in Prison and her screaching voice, free of charge.

  7. As a Navy Lt in the 60’s with a Top Secret clearance, if I done one tenth of what she di, I would still be in Leavenworth today. That is where she should go.

  8. Hillary’s whole attitude was summed-up in her campaign slogan. It was, “Love, Trump’s Hate!” Trump’s was, “Lets Make America Great Again!” Where Trump used the word “Great” Hillary used the word, “Hate” Enough said!

  9. Long live Hillary.
    She is a walking talking billboard for the Republican party.
    She should still visit Leavenworth for the rest of her life.

  10. GLAD??? ECSTATIC is more like it!!! When found out, her standard “I’m sorry…I never should have blah blah…and I take full responsibility”…NO LONGER APPLIES!!! She is GOING D-O-W-N!!! Burn in Hell fires!!!

  11. That’s why she can’t be the president! She collapsed because her sins found her out and we … saw it! She runs a so-called noble foundation for an international crime syndicate.

    More sins will find her out!

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