Hillary Clinton said two words about Ron DeSantis that immediately blew up in her face

Hillary Clinton joined in on the act of national Democrats smearing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The Left’s fury at DeSantis for flying 50 illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard showed just how terrified Democrats are at the issue of illegal immigration sitting at the front and center of the political discourse.

And Hillary Clinton said two words about Ron DeSantis that immediately blew up in her face.

In an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Hillary Clinton falsely claimed Ron DeSantis engaged in human trafficking by flying 50 illegal aliens to the left-wing summer getaway spot of Martha’s Vineyard.

“Some politicians would rather not only have an issue, but exacerbate it to the extent of literally human trafficking,” Clinton ranted.

In another hint Clinton is preparing to run for President in 2024 if Joe Biden chooses not to seek reelection, she tried to distance herself from the administration’s open borders agenda – which allowed over four-million illegal aliens to attempt to enter America – while still attacking DeSantis for the illegal alien flights.

“Nobody wants open borders … but nobody wants inhumane, terrible treatment of human beings either,” Clinton added.

Clinton then claimed Republicans and Democrats should come together to reform immigration.

“What we should have been doing is to come together to reform, change, and better fund the system by which we deal with these issues,” Clinton continued.

“But some people, like the Governor of Texas, would rather have an issue than be part of a solution,” Clinton concluded.

What stood out about that remark is Clinton did not include an explicit call for amnesty.

When Democrats talk about immigration reform, what they really mean is granting amnesty and voting rights to illegal aliens.

Since Clinton knows that is unpopular with swing voters, she left it out to preserve her viability as a potential Presidential candidate.

Governor DeSantis responded to Clinton and the other deranged Democrats baselessly accusing him of a human trafficking.

DeSantis told radio host Erick Erickson that all of the illegal aliens signed consent forms, knew they were going to Martha’s Vineyard, and were given multiple opportunities not to get on the plane.

“This is done with a vendor that the state of Florida has contracted with,” DeSantis began. “And the vendor got written consent forms from everybody that was transported. Also provided a packet that had a map of Martha’s Vineyard, numbers on the Vineyard for social services as well as for the state of Massachusetts.”
“So, there was no doubt that’s where they were going,” DeSantis concluded. “And, in fact, when they were getting ready to do the transport, there were some of the migrants who said, ‘You know what? I don’t want to go to Massachusetts.'”

Democrats know immigration is their political Achilles’ Heel.

And Democrats are desperate to redirect the conversation away from Joe Biden’s refusal to secure the border.

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