Hillary Clinton started 2019 by saying the one thing no one wanted to hear

Americans thought they saw the last of Hillary Clinton when she lost the 2016 Presidential election.

They were wrong.

Clinton started 2019 by saying the one thing no one wanted to hear.

Even since her historic defeat in 2016, Americans wondered what Clinton’s next step would be.

Some looked for hints she would run again in 2020.

And they reacted in horror to Clinton’s New Year’s Eve message.

Clinton rang in 2019 by lamenting that America went through a “dark time” under President Trump.

The Daily Caller reports:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a New Year’s Eve social media dirge Monday night, saying she and the entire country endured a “dark time” in 2018.

“In many ways, 2018 was a dark time for the country,” Clinton related on Instagram.

But the former first lady — who included an old snapshot of herself with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and daughter, Chelsea Clinton, in her post — did find some reason for hope in 2018, saying she was “grateful to everyone who brought light into” 2018 and naming a select crew of the illuminated faithful.

“I’m grateful to everyone who brought light into it: activists who protected kids at the border, journalists who stood up for truth, organizers who mobilized voters for the 2018 elections, candidates who ran races with grit and inspiration, voters who made their voices heard, and absolutely everyone who marched, donated, called, and protested to fight for the values we share,” she wrote.

Clinton has not explicitly ruled out running in 2020.

She even told one interviewer that she would still like to be President.

To many concerned Americans, her summation of 2018 sounded like the kickoff of a Presidential campaign.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Go away, you are a liar, murder, and only care about purse and how much money is there. I am voting for Trump, he says what he is going to do and does what he says. He is for the American people and America. Can not say the same for you.

  2. With President Trump, it has been the sunniest days I have ever seen with This President but very dark and gloomy all around the Democratic Party ever. It all started getting very dark right after President Reagan left office.

  3. Would think Hilary rerunning for President would be the news every American everywhere would love to hear. She can’t possibly do a worst job than CRAZY donald has done the past two years with his selfish, bullying Insane shit, got to have his spolied brat way like the Sick Minded Pile Of CRAP he is. Down with the White House WORTHLESS WORM & His White House WORTHLESS WHORE!

  4. If Hillary mouth is open its lying!!! Besides that she was already acting president once!! She was overseeing the white house when ole willy was dipping his cigar in Monica!! Lol. Be more concerned that Chelsey married George Soros son!! Corruption and money!!

  5. Hillary was to stupid to put together a health care plan as first lady and was a disaster! Was fined thousands of dollars and cost tax payer alot on court costs! She couldn’t run a lemonaid stand! Nothing but a useless want to be politician! Shes cheated the last election in every way possible and still lost!! She needs to shut her nasty mouth and disappear from public eye!! Nobody wants to hear her voice! Everyone in America knows now what she is,but will be surprized just how deep it goes!! Needs sent to Gitmo and tried for treason and put to death!!

    • Does she actually believe anyone would vote for her? I wouldn’t vote for her if she gave me a million she would kill me and take the money back saying I stolen it.

      • Who would vote for D for DUMB trump to serve a second presidental term. Doubt it will be all the 8 thousand goverment workers wondering how to provide for their families with no paychecks thanks entirely to tthe goverment shutdown of that Oval Office Walking, Talking Pile of Gutter Trash with his Stubbon, Selfish,Stinking Sick Mind, No concern for Anyone Except Himself! No thought except getting his own way, come HELL or HIGH WATER.

  6. The dark times KILLARY observed, was NOT having her filthy hands in our pockets, to take our money!!! KILLARY, Satan’s mistress, can’t take the money with her, where she is going!!! IT WILL BURN UP!!!

  7. hitlery van NOT run for president. Remember when slick dick willie was the president and hitlery said “WE ARE THE PRESIDENT”?!?!

    She was ALREADY the president (in her own eyes-she just wants to pretend [if she were to win 2 terms] that she served as president for 16 years)!!

  8. I hope this egotistical, lying, bottom-feeding, wrinkled old B**CH does run for president in 2020!!! Watching her stammer, stutter and fall down stairs, on live TV, will be more fun than SNL!!!

    • Actually she should go on the Jerry Springer Show. Oh wait, maybe not, her best be, the Steve Wilkos Show (Wilkos was Springers head of security). Wilkos is an expert in exposing liars and cheats and clinton possibly is his biggest challenge. Wait, maybe he can and will do wh the feds in DC have promised and tried to do and have failed to do so far and maybe this can be a done deal and thing of the past. Most of us are sick and tirwd of the clinton BS

    • And that’s exactly where it should be!!!!! In addition to her many crimes (and murders), she is totally delusional – and a total liar about our wonderful President Trump!!!!

    • Yes Robert And Joan I agree with you it would be impossible to run a presidential campaign when you are in prison

  9. What made her opening up her big mouth? Look at who are coming? … The Dem House of Reps. Yep.

    If it wasn’t for John Roberts, Trump would be okay. Can’t stand two-faced RINOs.

  10. Sure hope the USA did not hear the last of CLASSY Hilary Clinton, esp after the last 2 years of CRAZY donald! Let’s finally take the LADY over both the LIAR & the LUNATIC! This country needs d.trump like a dog needs Fleas & Ticks.

    • Crazy Donald who’s getting things done and scaring the hell out of the secular, globalist, treasonous opposition.

    • Yeah, Betty, Hildebeast never lied. Classy? Since I know you are kidding I am not upset. Because if you are serious then you are very mentally ill.

    • Phil E. Trimmer said it all correctly. As a woman, I would NEVER want to see a woman president that resembled Hillary Clinton in any way. In my opinion, when Hillary Clinton goes down and is completely revealed as the evil she endorses, is when we will find the truth of the Deep State, and rid ourselves of them. ENFORCE our laws and constitutional rights and obligations. By the way ILLEGAL means IN VIOLATION OF LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    • Betty,did you sneak out of the Nursing Home again,bad girl, no veggies or TV for you tonight !! take your meds and talk to your invisible friends,Unicorns and Gremlins !!

    • Oh Betty you need serious help! You finally totally have no credibility. Only a mind lost person would think Clinton has class LOL

    • Betty, fleas and ticks hold your ears apart. Remove them and vacuum will cause your skull to implode.
      You are an insult to Bettys (Betties? You choose) worldwide.

    • Classy hillary? Come on now. How classy is walking up the stairs to get on your plane with shit stains coming through your skirt and running down your leg. Even my dog is house broken and doesn’t shit himself.

  11. The only place Hillary belongs is in prison. She has been extremely corrupt since her days in Arkansas. The only thing that has kept her out is that she is a professional liar. But it will all catch up with her one day. She will stand before Jesus to be judged and He knows the truth.

    • BJ you have that backward’s in a very short time she will stand before a judge and then after that she will be executed and then she will be judged by Jesus.

  12. I sincerely hope that the next time I hear anything from Hillary she’s wearing a fashionable orange jumpsuit with an identifying number on her chest and the acoustics of the jail cell make it harder than usual to understand what she is saying.

  13. Maybe America should say the words to d. trump that he wants least to hear, “ Inpeachment, You’re Fired”. If Hilary does run again for president, maybe GOD will bless the USA with the LADY after cursing us for 4 years with the LYING LUNATIC. CLASSY Hilary who has more brains, intelligence, common sense & dignity in her little finger than CRAZY donald has in his whole Two Faced, Two Timing, Fat, Stinking, Stupid Body!

      • Hilary didn’t lose the popular vote, the true votes of the Real America People. The only votes she lost was the votes of the Brain Dead Idiots in the Electoral Collage. Though the Real Loser was The USA itself the day a certain Insane, Blond Orangutan Ape didn’t lose!

    • Betty. You must be living on the same planet as Helga! Do some research on the Clinton Crime family. It started years ago in Arkansas! Once you do that, I am sure you will want to delete your outrageous comment. Facts are facts! Facts are quite stubborn ! No one is entitled to their own facts! Hopefully you will want to educate yourself with the truth!!
      God bless America!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      • Maybe YOU should educated yourself on the Trump Crime Family. They just shut down his Foundation due to illegal activities. Let’s not forget Trump University where he scammed thousands of people. That was shut down, too. Or………just wait for Mueller report…….he’ll nail his fat ass to the wall for conspiracy, money laundering and who knows what else? He thinks he’s a Mafia kingpin but he’s just a weak incompetent con man.

        • This will be good to see what kind of made up dirt you think you will conger up on a REAL PRESIDENT good luck you will need all you are able muster.

        • Actually, they shut it down because out of the 18 million they received in donations, they paid out over 19.2 million.. DEMS love proving how stupid they are…just in case we forget!..Dumb Dems make up more crap than hollywood actors and the MSM! You morons would try to impeach him for an ingrown toenail..Actually the only honest thing that can be said about lefties since Jan 20 2016 is that they are not only criminally insane..but actually very dangerous to this ONCE great country that you guys have tried and continually try to turn into stinking cesspools.You are close to success..we can smell you a mile away!

    • Betty dear..Did that hurt much when you fell on your head and spilled what few brains you had on the pavement? Just wondering. Hillary is the biggest liar in the history of this country! Surely you must know that, unless you don’t know how to read or listen! Donald Trump has done more for this country than any other President in History. He was duly elected by “We the People” and we are thankful for it, so just accept it and get on with your life!

    • Betty…get out of fantasyland and join the real world. Hillary is FAR WORSE than Pres. Trump could ever be. She lies every time she opens her mouth and she has been extremely corrupt for many years. Classy????? You have no clue what you are even talking about. And she only won the popular vote because ILLEGALS and DEAD PEOPLE voted and people voted more than once. You are brain dead

    • If Hillary were to be president, just go ahead and flush this country down the toilet. Obama did his best to put us in the toilet for her to flush.

    • Wait until you learn the truth about Hildabeast and her sexual proclivities. She’s a bonafide pedophile and a canabalistic adrenachrome drinking child trafficking organ harvesting pedovore. She’s got the illness to prove it. Kuru disease from her canabalistic lust for the souls of little children and she will burn in hell for her sins. She’s a psychopath of monumental proportions. Just do some research and you’ll see. There’s literally hundreds of ties she has to the trafficking and pedophilliac communities. 3 NYPD officers are dead because of what was found on Anthony Weiners laptop and she’ll be dead soon too. The world will be a better place.

  14. Waiting for someone from the psycho-wacko crowd to explain the use of that 20 year old photo. Maybe it was suggested by one of Robbie Mook’s ‘touchy/feely’ staff from her disasterious campaign organization. I do hope the Hunchback of Chappaqua remains healthy enough to mount one more attempt at being POTUS. It’ll be fun to watch Clinton, Inc. try to their version of the ‘Night of the Long Knives’. Right now, the Dem candidate field is wide open. Pity the poor DNC committee charged with trying to corral what could be a herd of 20+ wannabes. Imagine the reaction from this bunch if Justice Ginsburg assumes room temperature in the not too distant furture?

  15. She is a dried up prune and a scandalous Wench and a Scumbag POS! Crooked to the core! She should have been jailed years ago along with Obozo, Comey, Lench, Holder, Waters, Polosi, Finestein and more!!!

  16. Hillary Clinton started 2019 the same way she ended 2016 CRYING because she is not president. I guess she didn’t get the hint from the “donations” drying up at the Clinton Trust – I mean “Foundation” ;-). Her failed books and signing tours – ALL the EMPTY seats at her current failure an “Evening With The Clintons” fund raiser. Without any “Pay For PLay” Hillary is useless to her “supporters”.

    • Well, at least the Hilary Clinton supporters aren’t a bunch of Asshole Kissers like the Republican supporters of CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump, that Oval Office LYING LUNATIC, that White House WORTHLESS WORM & His White House WORTHLESS WHORE!

      • Betty now u are just being disrespectful and ghetto. Why would u make comments about Melania? She is far classier then Hillary and learn to read and realize Hillary lost big-time and don’t say popular vote. If it was popular vote that counted the campaign would have been run differently and when 120% of registered voters voted democratic in California that should tell u something.

        Donald is our president live with it and root for him to do well.

        I hated and do hate Obama but still wanted our country to flourish but of course was impossible under him.

        Thank God Trump was elected and we just may survive now.

      • Betty, shut your damn mouth about hillary. Hillary and Bill Clinton are criminal people. If you keep supporting them lunatics, Betty crooked lying bitch.

  17. Not only is Hitlery insane her followers are equally if not more insane. She has been nothing but a scourge on America and the world for that matter ever since her evilness first appeared on this earth. FACT she is a TRAITOR to America and has committed numerous acts of SEDITION some bordering TREASON this woman should be not in a jail but rather under a jail. Better still the Constitutional answer to her is she should be hung by the neck until dead. GET A ROPE!!!!

    • That’s for sure, how can people be that stupid,They probably didn’t heard the old saying from their parents: Burn me once never again. WAKE UP YOUR RISKING OUR COUNTRY OVER HER AGENDA, OTHER THEN THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION AND OUR BILL OF RIGHTS.

    • Hilary didn’t lose the popular vote, the true votes of the Real America People. The only votes she lost was the votes of the Brain Dead Idiots in the Electroal Collage. Though the Real Loser was The USA itself that day a certain Insane, Blond Orangutan Ape didn’t lose!

  18. These comments are so sad . The people making them are living in the Trump bubble which will bust soon . Hillary has never done what these nuts are claiming .
    Sad world of fantasy!

    • Wake up STUPID what bubble are you living in – HRC WJC are Crooks – evil defrauding crooked Trash – they belong in prison – and Chelsea was bought and paid for as a front – Hillary is as lesbian as they get – go cry in another corner nutbag

    • Stupidity fits you like a friggin glove
      How you got so stupid is no mystery. Libturds like you are brain dead pos asswipe

    • Sorry, but you are wrong. You are living in denial. She is part of the Deep State..involved up to her eyeballs. Not long before she “should” be jailed, just as you and I would be, had it been us committing the crimes she did. Justice is to be served for ALL – regardless of a person’s social standing.

    • Helga. What planet do you live on.? You can research all the corruption quite easily
      about Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Clinton foundation, the uranian one deal, Benghazi, etc etc
      It goes back to when Bill was governor of Arkansas and continues to this day! And also check on where Chelsea got $10 million to buy her nyc apartment. Bill a,d Hillary are traitors to everything the USA stamds for! It’s public information ! Act like an adult – do your homework before you make anymore unsubstantiated statements about Pres. Trump!
      Happy New Year ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Helga, you are so brainwashed that you cannot think for yourself! Have you been living in a hole or something and haven’t seen what Hillary is capable of doing? She would sell her soul to the Devil if he didn’t already own it! Donald Trump didn’t leave his “plush” life to be disrespected, lied about, and threatened if he didn’t care about this country and how it was being degraded! He has accomplished more in the short time as President than any other has done in decades! “We The People” elected him and we will stand by him no matter what! The Liberals have been so unfair to him and all they want to do is keep him from keeping his campaign promises! It is so shameful that all they know how to do is complicate his life and RESIST and OBSTRUCT! This is giving the Democratic Party a very bad reputation that they may never recover from!

    • You are in deep dinial! She is the most currupt pos that ever walked! She sold our URANIUM to Russia and put the dam money into her foundation, and Mueller was part of this! She and Obama sold guns to the Mexican Cartel. She and Obama set up a incoming President over a lie, and she paid for it to happen! She can’t be touched, she can’t be held accountable even with proof to prove it, because she the leader of the Democrated party! She rules everyone of them , be ause if she goes down they go down. And let’s not leave out she left those guys to die in Bingazi, and knew they were going to die! She has blood all over her filthy hands, and you are not a very bright person for not seeingall her damn lies! And that’s just naming a few things, she’s been currupt for years along with her husband and she would of sold is Americans out for money and greed in a heartbeat second! She has no soul, and she lodt because people were seeing the truth about her, millions if Democrats voted for Trump that were life long Democrats, and they are still going too along with millions more in 2020! He won the popular vote but you listen to the lefts lies! He beat her endlessly! He mentioned getting rid of the electoral votes and the Democrats threw a damn hissy, and then guess what he used it against them! You are very informed about her, she would eat your kids heart if she could! She blamed everyone for her failure except herself! She’s the biggest Narcissist that ever walked the face of this planet along with lying Comey! By God’s grace, and Christians across this country praying with all their hearts and souls he let Trump win! And we thank him everyday for his grace!

    • Poor Betty, you are very confused regarding Hildebeast. Please read some of the books written by those who served and protected her while in the White House. You are an uninformed voter and that’s dangerous. Try enlarging your fund of knowledge where the Clintons are concerned. Hillary was fired from her first government job for lying and she continues to lie to this day. Look it up.

  19. Hillary is dangerous. Her supporters want revenge and they want to carry on with Obama’s pledge to fundamentally change America. She must be stopped. She is corrupt, greedy and selfish to the most extreme. Remember the sacrifice of those few who fought at Benghazi. Her conduct relating to her own responsibility for allowing the malfeasance that allowed it to happen and then lying about the cause is a microcosm of her lack of respect for any life other than her own. The blood of patriots would be worth the price to stop Hillary

    • The sad part of it is we have pelosi/schumer/feinstein/pocahontas & the rest of the nutbags that would love for this crooked a-hole to be elected rather than see the Country becoming Great again under Donald Trump – a bumch of ignorant losers
      there are only 2 ways to reward a liberal for their contribution to society see below
      #1 – A long prison sentence #2 – lethal injection – that’s a wrap folks

      • Yes Fienstiens husband works for China, her damn limo driver if 25 years was just found to be a Chinese spy! Don’t that beat all you ever seen! She’s also a spy ,her and her damn husband! She used her job to help him and her make millions , she needs to be jailed, along with Maxine Waters! They both have ties to the communist party, with proof and nothing ever happens to them! This crap needs to end!

  20. She wants to be president of what. Certainly not the United States. Maybe she could go to Cuba and try there.I think Venezuela could use a new president. Look how well that type of government is working there.She could take all the other losers with her nobody would mine.


  22. Hillary is a huge threat for 2020. For a long time now – remember New Mexico 1996 when Clinton was running for president, and the democrats found 500 magic ballots int he trunk of a car which allowed him to take NM and push him over the edge-the democrats have been perfecting their VOTER FRAUD. With that, it is very likely that Hillary will win. The massive amount of FRAUD in this past election shows us what they are going to do. The only reason that they didn’t all out voter fraud in 2016 was because the polls had Clinton winning,

    • True…they got caught this time with Governor’s and senators votes! And are you aware that the voting machines are owned by George Soros? That is all planned, and see eral people said their ticket changed on them to Democrat right in front of their eyes on those machines. Also here in Texas they arrested nine Democrats having illegals vote with voter cards! And they will get up there in front of the American people and with straight face tell you there is no such thing as voter fraud! LMDAO and so many idiots believe them! It’s happening all over the country, they just did a trial run, now they will make it happen at all cost if they can pull it off, while they keep the ignorant people, thinking it’s Trump tied into Russia ,while they do their dispicable lies, and fraud against us Americans! God be with us all if they ever win!

  23. Hillary lost because of immigration. Citizens know this and did not vote for her before and certainly wouldn’t vote for her now. Trump won because of immigration. It’s time that fact is accepted. Even those that don’t readily admit it in the open-don’t want open borders. We need to protect ourselves and for those that mistakenly think the only jobs affected by illegals are minimal jobs are wrong. High school kids can’t get jobs at McDonald’s because they don’t speak Spanish. Educated professionals have lost out because they don’t speak Spanish. THESE JOBS WERE FILLED BY ENGLISH-SPEAKING AMERICANS BEFORE! They’re paying student loans, it’s an investment to have specialized skills, training and knowledge. ILLEGALS HAVE BEEN GIVEN JOBS THAT THEY CANNOT PERFORM ON AN BE ELEMENTARY LEVEL. This is ridiculous! This is America and no one is looking for a leader who wants to turn America into a third world country or be required to speak Spanish to survive on a daily basis. They’re not supposed to come in to change America this is our home-they need to change. They’re not supposed to come in illegally-IT’S ILLEGAL! They need documents inoculations in any other clean criminal records. MANY DON’T BELIEVE HILLARY WILL CHANGE HER MIND ABOUT THE OPEN BORDERS IN THE IMMIGRATION PROCESS.

  24. Hillary , please go away . But don’t go away mad , Just Go Away ! Did you not get the message in 2016 ? Nobody likes you or wants you . You are after all , Obnoxious and Disliked !


    • Not sure she is an old prune, but would be nice if she retired or something. Good Grief!! This little darling just won’t give us a break…..and she really is confused about dark times, bless her little heart!!

  25. Hillary is a classic narcissist….everything is about herself; she will never go quietly into the night (or the woods) for very long, as she would die from being out of the spotlight

    • GOD help us all if trump runs again & wins. Just what this country needs, 4 more years of a WORM & a WHORE in the White House.

      • Betty…You are extremely SICK!!!! Your name-calling shows you need a lot of help. And it is YOU who needs God. But you have no concept of who He is. sad

  26. Another has-been. She was horrible as Secretary of State and is looked at as a non contender for the Democratic party nomination. Just go away and be a grandmother.

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