Hillary Clinton Told a Massive Debate Lie

That Hillary Clinton would lie her way through the final Presidential debate was not surprising.

But her latest whopper might be the worst one yet.

And she got called out immediately.

During the final debate, Hillary Clinton boasted that her economic plan wouldn’t add one penny to the national debt.

The Hill reports her claiming during the debate:

“I pay for everything I’m proposing,” the Democratic presidential nominee said at Wednesday’s debate in Las Vegas. “I do not add a penny to the national debt. I take that very seriously, because I do think it’s one of the issues we’ve got to come to grips with.”

She added that she is “going where the money is” and would increase taxes on wealthy individuals and corporations. “There is no evidence whatsoever” that doing this would slow growth, Clinton said, adding the opposite would be the case.”

In fact this is false.

Breitbart fact-checked the debate and reported her claim as lie.

Breitbart reports:

Indeed, Hillary Clinton’s claim is not even close to true.

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget predicts that under Clinton’s policies, the debt would increase by $9 trillion over a decade.

“Clinton’s plan would increase both spending and revenue,” the Washington, D.C.-based independent non-profit’s analyst said. “Under our preliminary updated central estimate, she would increase primary spending by $1.65 trillion over the next decade, including about $500 billion of spending on college education, $300 billion each on paid family leave and infrastructure, and significant new health-related spending.”

Hillary Clinton is a typical Big Government tax-and-spend liberal.

Her schemes on federal handouts for college tuition, expanding the socialist Obamacare program and paying off unions with infrastructure spending would balloon the national debt.

Her claim of not adding one penny is a complete lie.