Hillary Clinton told one coronavirus lie that could devastate everything

Hillary Clinton is the latest top Democrat to try and exploit the coronavirus outbreak for political gain.

But Clinton went even farther than Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

Hillary Clinton told one coronavirus lie that could devastate everything.

Hillary Clinton cannot get over her loss to Donald Trump.

Ever since Clinton admitted defeat the day after the 2016 election, Clinton sat in the peanut gallery lobbing cheap shots at Donald Trump hoping his administration failed.

The outbreak of the coronavirus is no different.

Rather than putting partisanship aside and working for the common good of the American people, Clinton and other Democrats are celebrating this pandemic because they think it will destroy Donald Trump’s re-election chances.

Clinton made that clear in a mean spirited tweet, blasting Trump over a series of actions she claimed Trump should be taking.

The simple truth is the Trump administration was in the process of putting many of these in action.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin negotiated a deal with Congress that was announced on Friday on legislation that provided for free coronavirus testing, two weeks of emergency sick leave and beefed up unemployment insurance.

But the narrative in the Fake News Media is that Trump is “incompetent” and “bungling” the coronavirus response.

These are all lies.

That’s why Hillary Clinton sent out that tweet accusing Donald Trump of not taking simple steps to combat the Chinese coronavirus despite the fact that his administration was in the process of negotiating all of them.

The point was to throw that chum out into the water so the Democrats’ allies in the Fake News Media could gobble it up to create more “Trump is incompetent” content.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Renewed Right, Why are you not putting on my wife’s blog? I know that Google is erasing it before you can read it, but can’t you do something about them taking it away from you or are you too helpless?

  2. Google, please let Renewed Right get in on the action & stop taking over for them!
    I’ve never been ON a blog before, so how could I have said it before?

  3. I guess the evil Hilldog (or any other leftist, for that matter) remembers this one …
    “One of our hallmarks has always been that we accept the outcomes of our election.” – Hillary Clinton

  4. I just made a comment on facebook and left out a very important component, I said; Quiet a hand to pick from, Pelosi, Perez, Schumer and for the joker Schiff. But forgot to add the “the Queen of the falsehoods, the crime lady Hillary. Some one tell me how this party manages to stay on the scene with these and others nearly as bad in their ranks ! ! !

  5. Trump should took all the pervert pedophiles months ago then Hillary would be gone along with all the rest of them!!

  6. Cankles has been living with the virus for years. She coughs all the time – Symptom; She stumbles and loses her balance – Symptom; She can’t stand without help – Symptom. So lock her up to prevent the spread!

  7. Face facts. The WHO has established that the virus started in a “wet” market in China. Due to the Chairman Mao’s policy of having many children, the population of China grew rapidly. So rapidly, that by the 1970’s people were literally starving to death. To alleviate this, the government allowed the people to grow their own animals for consumption. These animals found their way to the Wet markets, where they are killed on the spot. The Covid19 virus started with Bats, who infected the animals that were later sold in the market. The Chinese government owns this pure and simple.

  8. George E is an absolute moron who is unaware that he has a terminal case of TDS…he seems to be the type that would “lick” railings…hope he does !!!

  9. Cara … Obama fixed up the mess left behind by Bush1 in 2008 … looks like Biden will fix up the mess trump leaves behind in 2020.
    Simply stating facts. Sorry if you are such a snowflake.

  10. Smarten up y’all,
    Wow, you just wasted a lot of energy there. Your itty biity brain must be hurting now. Everything you posted is lies. You need to “SMARTEN UP!”

  11. FluffyPillowFive
    Hillary will NEVER be president! She will commit suicide first as so many of her “friends” have done.

  12. Good Grief!
    A HUGE part of the reason te stock market has tanked (to what Obama left) is that NOBODY believed anything that trump was saying… about anything!!! Sorry trumpsdters … this will be a long, dark road getting out olf here …. look up the Spanish flu and the 1919 depression that followed.
    Democrats will sweep the elections in 2020 to fix up this mess.

  13. Than God for President Trump, or this hag would be the President. She would have sold out our country to China/ Russia. They would be laughing while we die.

  14. The Hilliary cough indicates that she is a primary candidate for the virus. Without Trump’s approval of the use of the anti-Maliara drug, she is history. Maybe he should hold off a bit. Just kidding, I really want her around for the second Trump landslide, that’ll do her in.

  15. I find it very puzzling that anyone ever listened to Hillay Clinton AND that thy still do. If you MUST listen just remember that whatever spews from her mouth needs to be spun around 180 degrees IF you are looking for the truth instead of leftist bilge.

  16. Irrespective of a person’s ideology, how can anyone possibly even consider voting for the malicious Hildebeast.

    I can’t even imagine her as an elected official, let alone president.

  17. It’y of State s easy to lob peanut shells when you are sitting in the gallery [cheap seats].
    It’s not so easy when you are in the hot seat and have to “get it right” or start a panic that will be worse than the medical urgency.
    If we put up a mirror in front of Hellary and look at her reaction to the “Great Emergency” of when she was Secretary of State, her performance is not just a Fail, but an Abysmal Failure.
    Based on her documentable past performance, Hellary wouldn’t be up to make the hard decisions that are currently in front of Trump.
    Thank GOD for letting us have Donald J. Trump as POTUS!


  19. What else do you expect , coming from a serial murdering , child-sex trafficking , NWO agenda , terrorist funding criminal skank that is tied to the globalists that FUNDED the Chinese lab that created the virus.

  20. Hillary,Dillary,Dock ,
    We the People ,know this is Hard for you,but You need to know,You Lost because you’re a Loser And You’re not in Charge ! So Stay in the Peanut Gallery and let the Adults Like President Donald Trump Take Care of America as he has for the last 3 years and will for the next Four Years !

  21. Hillary every thing you have ever done is for your self . . .even the 10 or more people who were said to have committed suicide were said to be friends of yours. . .werent they were property to be used to get you and Bill what you wanted tghen when it appeared they knew too much they committed suicide by shooting themselves six or seven times. Anything anyone else does for the good of the nation or its inhabitants are put down as not good. . . only because it wasnt for you . . . lady the sooner you are put in jail the better for all of us ! ! !

  22. For your ever so helpful analysis, and so much more, America daily gives thanks to a loving GOD that you were not elected president. Hillary, the very sound of your name evokes imagery in my mind of horns,sharpened fangs,and a forked tail. You are truly the spawn of the devil.

  23. good grief!! Everything out of her mouth is total crap!! Who cares what Hildabeast has to say???? Just the fruitloops!! who cares what they think?? Yhey are too busy wanting free stuff from the government,raising taxes,Transgender bathrooms for grade school kids,flooding our country with cockroaches from Mexico and thinking up the next lie they will lay on Donald Trump, running down our beloved military people,did I mention raising taxes?? ooooops I did! Sorry but they really like that one!! The more they can lie,cheat and steal the better they like it!! I am not necessarily an ardent Trump supporter, however I would vote or trust a salt shaker before I would listen to or take advice from a pinko,leftist,commie,degenerate, loathsome Demonrat Demiqueer!!Who cares what they think??

  24. Hillary you are irrelevant and what you think or say is totally moot. You can’t get over losing the election Huh? Well take away the 3 million illegals who voted for you and you lost miserably electorial and popular you old hag. Now go away far away, we the people don’t want to see you ever again, unless it is behind bars where you really belong.

  25. Move over Satan!! Hildabeast is coming to take your throne!! The day Hildabeast tells just one lie is a day the sun will eclipse!! The traitor Demonrat degenerate Demiqueer for prison 2020!!!

  26. The United State’s voters rejected Crooked Hillary twice. Why can’t she get the message? She NEEDS to get back in power, especially removing Mr. Trump. So all the evidence of her lies, extortion’s, her shady deals, and having those who Hillary thought posed a threat mysteriously dying at just the right times, will go away.
    With the Fake News Media helping her bury her corruption.

  27. Hey not so smartened up. I like myself the way I am. I know that I’m a pest but I love it. I take pride in being the most hated blogger on this site. 4 more years!!!!!! Get used to it and go cry in your milk.

  28. Tyree, I don’t like Clinton, but she is much smarter and more ethical than the ruthless dictator wannabe Trump. You always have something antagonizing to say. Try to enlighten yourself and people rather than being the brat on every site.

  29. Smarten up doesn’t fit. You’re asking the American people to turn stupid. You like killery? Great. That’s your right. But I personally think that you and the idiots in your crowd are suffering from a brain deficiency. You people want to live under a dictatorship.

  30. Why don’t all you delusional Trump lickers just blame Clinton that she hired her hit squad of mad scientists to develop the virus, to place in China, so that it would somehow allow her to rule the world. You are all sickos and although not legally traitors, you are cult members of a satanic creature and you can’t and don’t want to see the truth. How many more effing things does he have to do for you to see he is a malignancy to America, his constant lying, bragging, insulting, stealing, calling the virus a hoax, calling his campaign’s 240 contacts with the Russians a witch hunt and all those bums lied about it originally, Flynn, Trump JR, Gates, Sessions, Kushner and the rest or his ring of criminals. Many have been convicted in crimes with that investigation and Mueller could NOT exonerate Trump only because he thought a President could not be prosecuted. Barr, since has been Trump’s hit man, going after people, making sure Epstein was found dead, attacking everyone who criticized Trump like Brennan. Then there is Trump profiteering from renting out his properties to lobbyists, foreign and domestic, and worse to the U.S. Army. His golf trips alone have cost about 125 million as the secret service pay absurd fees to stay at his golf places. Check how many days he has golfed, he criticized Obama for it while he has golfed in three years as much as Obama did in 8. Trump has been a Putin puppet, ask yourself why he is selling our country down the river to appease Putin. The reason isn’t just the pee tape but because he gets tons of money from Russian oligarchs buying his empty properties for inflated prices. Aren’t you tired of his sneers, insults, complaints, tales of his sexual assaults, lies,laziness, screwing up N Korea and Iran, screwing the Kurds, always seeking vengeance against people who challenge him, there are no longer any from the right as he has kicked them all. He is our Lucifer-in-Chief.

  31. Hillary is the VIRUS herself!! She is the living daughter of the Devil,full of poison for the U.S.A.and its citizens; She belongs behind bars for all the crimes she, her husband and Obama have committed.

  32. “Rather than putting partisanship aside and working for the common good of the American people…” Somebody please get that message to Trump. He has done nothing but take cheap shots at Obama since this thing stared.

  33. Sore loser Hillary will never get over her loss in 2016. At her bidding our country and our president have gone through the wringer for the past 3 1/2 years. She cares not about the damage she has caused, only about her evil revenge. I fear for Biden to win because he might likely pick Hillary as his VP and because of his senility, she will come to the rescue and thus become POTUS. We the people will suffer beyond belief if that ever happens. and thus must stop it at all means. Trump for 2020!!!

  34. Justice for Trump (so called) go vote and shut up. You’re just another brain dead libturd. Trump rules and commiecrats drools.

  35. I’m beginning to believe that this health crisis (originating in China) is an on-purpose assault of the world economies by the Chinese. Their aim for any country that opposes their proliferation and world-dominance is to take them down. Recently, reports have been broadcast that new detections of the virus have been few and declining in China. Think about this… What if they have an innoculation that they are keeping secret and distributing to their own population… leaving the rest of the world (especially the USA) to fend for themselves ? Sounds far-fetched ? We are so self-absorbed with our population’s condition (totally merited) that it takes the focus off our financial and military foe. Interesting ?

  36. Ken Barr had some interesting points on 3/11 comment: As an update, Ken: Judicial Watch is trying to investigate Hillary. They recently won a court decision to allow them to question her, under oath. She will have to try to avoid lying under oath, as that would be an obvious crime she could be punished for. Judicial Watch is also trying to investigate Pelosi, Shumer, and others, by law suits, one of which has already been filed against Shumer. If you want a real eye opener, trace the “incestuous” relationships all these folks have with each other in CA, the state where they are trying to swing the election by allowing illegal aliens to enter and then vote without citizenship. When I was young, I had to prove my citizenship to get a voting card, and I was proud to do so. (Can you imagine a bunch of Americans illegally walking into UK, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, etc and demanding drivers licenses and voting privileges for their elections, especially if our bunch of Americans could influence the outcomes of their leadership? I had to get an International Driving license when I visited Austria. They didn’t offer me an Austrian drivers license and they didn’t invite me to vote in their elections. In fact, when I told a person there that I would love to buy a house in Bavarian mountains, I was told “you would have to rent an apartment for at least five years to prove to the people that you intend to live their, and after five years, the community would decide whether or not you could buy a house.”) Search out the incestuous relationships of those Democrats with the wealthy of CA and see how they are colluding to change CA laws to accommodate their political aims, not for the good of CA citizens.

  37. Hillary WILL be president. Biden has already promised he will select a female VP and we all know who that will be. Biden will step down after a short time because of his dementia and Hillary will be president for the next 4-8 years.

  38. How is Hillary not in jail. Who’s protecting her. Why is she even put in the news. She gives me the creeps every time I see her on TV. Who cares what a lying, cheating, blackberry smashing idiot criminal says. Lock her up.

  39. The best reason to vote REPUBLICAN in 2020 is the bad dream I had, President Hillbilly Clinton and as Vice President the one and only Nasty Pants Nancy ( the nut job) Paperripper. Now that’s what I call scary


  41. I believe we should not attack Hillary personally through cursing and derogatory terms. Her record speaks for itself. She has taken advantage of her position to create mayhem, distrust and frustration. She showed her true colors many times during her acts as an attorney, Sec. of State, Senator etc. But most of all she showed her true disposition when she lost the presidential election. Actions speak louder then words and her accomplishments have been suspect all her life and her record proves that.

  42. You cultists who attack Clinton are effing lunatics. Nothing in the stupid article was about coronavirus. We have an incompetent raving egomaniac in charge who has screwed up this country in countless ways and originally called the virus a hoax. Dr. Trumpet has used that term and witch hunt so much his mind has shrivelled to the having the vocabulary of an uneducated white trash follower like many of you. He is the spawn of the Devil, and you who salute him, praise him, go to his rallies, voted for him have shamed yourselves and this country. How dare you admire the Mobster-in-Chief.

  43. I have said before, The Democrats have and will Kill more people, than any Virus, their lies and deception is getting worse everyday. The Democrats don’t care about anybody, all they want is power. They will walk over any laws or rights of the people,just to gain POWER Vote Trump 2020 and Republican forever

  44. I think all demabrats should keep there mouths shut.surely the devil herself could use somefeeling for all people ln america.

  45. She is just like the other gruber Dem scumbags trying to exploit an unprecedented tragedy for political gain/revenge! They should be taken out and horsewhipped at the least!

  46. Like we care what the American killing Treacherous C–T has to say. WHY IS THIS BAG OF SH-T NOT ROTTING IN JAIL? SHE’S KILLED MORE PEOPLE THAN THE CORONA VIRUS!!

  47. I wouldn’t think anything less from this wanna-be has-been Dumbocrat. She spews nothing but HATE from her flapping lips, so everything she says can be taken as a lie and that includes her ties with the MSM idiots !

  48. I was thinking about starting a go fund me to buy enough ammo to get rid of Killary but with the price of ammo and her seeming to be unkillable i dont want to try and increase the national debt any more than it is already. It seems like i would have to buy an entire ammo factory in order to get rid of her loser butt.

  49. Where was “giving a damn” and all the other things Hillary listed when the H1N1 hit the country? Is Hillary speaking from experience, telling the world she and Obama did a crappy job and she now knows what she SHOULD have done? And she is bashing Trump for doing way more than she and Obama did …… but it’s still not enough? Give me a break.

  50. A low life c—t. None any lower. A fool. A real bag of crap. Probably has sex with Chelsea. Takes it up the butt. She’s almost as sleazy as julio’s mother.

  51. Every time Hillary Clinton opens her mouth I am ever more grateful that she is not President. Thank you, President Trump! TRUMP 2020!

  52. Killery is in no better shape than retard joe. She had health issues many times during 2016. And we remember how senile she got while being interviewed by the FBI. Even her good friend Comey had pity for her.

  53. Both Clintons are extremely corrupt and vile. Hillary IS a virus. She is bent on killing this country and needs to be eradicated.

  54. James, you have no clue what you are talking about. Read the Bible and find the truth. ALL who come to Jesus and accept Him as their Savior WILL go to Heaven. That is what He said and He DOES NOT lie!!!! And we don’t have to keep our religion to ourselves. Our founding fathers gave us the right to worship God when and where we please. And Jesus commands that we share the Gospel.
    Kathy, YES, I know that I will go to Heaven. You can know that, too. Jesus loves you so much that He died for your sins. Sin is not allowed in Heaven, but all who come to Jesus and repent and accept Him as the Lord of their life will be with Him forever. It is up to you to choose to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. satan will take all he can get

  55. Hillary Clinton had made every conceivable effort, legal and illegal, to remove Trump: corrupting the FBI with Crossfire Hurricane, accusation of a fictitious Russian conspiracy, initiating the sham impeachment proceedings, orchestrating all Democratic contenders to concede to Biden.

    She is a graduate of Yale Law College which required the curriculum course of “Ethics.” As an attorney, she has been educated and trained to minimize liability in whatever decision. She had full knowledge that her private emails violated the law, yet secretly persisted due to benefits amassed by disclosing national secrets to certain individuals. Her contacts and associates in high positions and power enabled her to circumvent justice. Corruption at its worst.

    Thank God for President Trump and all Americans who perceive the truth of Hillary, cronies, and their manipulative machinations.

    In God We Trust.

  56. Only people that believe anything the loony left democrats or MSM say are the willfully deceived. Sane people seek truth and know it when it is presented. KAG 2020

  57. Psssst, Killary, YOU LOST!! We didn’t want you (well, maybe the dead voters and illegals and serious mental cases did), so shut up and go away!!!

  58. Any scumbag politician who uses this national emergency for political gain needs to be visited by an officer of the US Marshal Service, who is armed with their arrest warrant!!! We have had ENOUGH of this crap!!!

  59. I wish they would stop displaying Hillary Clinton’s ugly picture. It make us sick to look at her. We have had enough.

  60. It’s like burnie allowing Cortez to run his party , Hillary is a disgrace and will definitely cause Biden to lose ! This is the best Democrats have, too damn bad , it’s Trump / Pence all the way , they have made America great again !

  61. If the “Deep State” picks hillary as Creepy joe’s Running mate and some wrong twist of fate gets them elected ol Grabster joe better have lot’s of Security watching his”6″

  62. To Quote a famous HAG…..”At this point ….WHAT difference does it make?”….But Trump did not wait 6 months like your Messiah (Obozo) did about H1N1 and let thousands of people die before he did anything…..even thought the media did not report it that way it is FACT ….KILLERY.

  63. This tramps day is coming and judical watch is bringing her to court to testify under oath again, new emails and lies and she knows if she lies this time it’s Gitmo! She’s already trying get to block judges order to testify! Cortupt politicians have to go and find there way to Gitmo! They think there so above the law but yet so guilty of severe crimes! Support judicial watch!

  64. Hillary is a fat lying old hag that belongs in jail for treason and murder, among many other crimes as well. How can I have already said this when you won’t post it?

  65. Hillary is a fat lying old hag that belongs in jail for treason and murder, among many other crimes as well.

  66. Hillary should stop worrying about what President Trump is doing, and worry about herself. After all, in 2016 we all witnessed Hillary having coughing fits, trouble breathing, and passing out. She appears to fit in the category of the elderly with a pre-existing condition.

  67. People are expecting Joe the retard to pick killery for vp. I don’t think so. If he chooses a woman, it would probably be Kamala Harris. He would want to put some chocolate in the milk.

  68. This worthless dirt bag, with any luck should catch this virus. Her plan is to lie her way into becoming the VP and then a couple of weeks later the President will suffer a heart attack or fall out of a 3rd floor window.


  70. She’s an evil Witch with her eyes on the crown. She won’t even have to run for office; She will take advantage of Bidens mental state to worm her way into vp and suddenly another mysterious suicide will occur and Bingo! she got what she went after.

  71. Get the Communist B—— out of this country. She will never be president of any country other than Hell, that will be very iffy.

  72. I sure hope Hillary gets the virus and gives it to bill and both if they fill their lungs with gunk and die.

    I really cant stand hearing another word bill or hilary say. They have raped, threatened, murdered and bribed their way through life and neither deserve to be breathing. If trump and the CDC totally bungled the virus handling it would be worth it if it killed bill and hillary.

    Even if they live they are both too damn u GB ly to look at and too damn stupid to hear from.

    Anything that sounds like an idea coming bbn out of either of their mouths likely came from someone they raped or murdered

  73. Hillary’s got aids in her head so you have to forgive her and bidden is going to get her for his vice president he got delimera or altimers disease he will probably last 6 months if he did get in then they take him out for no memory putting crazy ass Hillary in as president I think that is there plan

  74. The Clinton’s seem to have many people disappear or end up dead ; but she seems to continue on. She should be in jail Bengazi for one Obama and she left them to die no charges why??

  75. To. Mr montez You dont need to apologize for your party. I was a Democrat once about 35 years ago then one day I woke up. We were lied to and we believed the lie. We were ignorant. But once you know the truth it does 1 of 2 things. You change or you contnue to go along your merry way because you cant admit you were mistaken. Willful ignorance is called stupidity because now you know better. Thank you for waking up!

  76. Crookness, Hillary! If people only really knew how long ago this started. 1992! Big Pharma pocket lint! She needs to be kicked out of the country! She’s the terrorist!


  78. Why do we always have to hear about killery. She should hurry up and take the dirt nap. She doesn’t belong in this world. I’m tired of hearing about that low life crook.

  79. I wonder when she will realize that millions of us think the world would be a better place without her. Vile doesn’t even begin to describe her.

  80. Why doesn’t DOJ investigate these evil people and lock them up!! She, Schumer, Schiff & Pelosi & others are trying to ruin our Great Country and they are laughing at DOJ!!! Please stop these wicked evil scum low life’s!!!!!!

  81. The Queen of Quid Pro Quo barks out her disgust with simpleton ideas engendered by her loss of the Kingdom to the ogre Trump. It would appear the Queens minions are diminishing in numbers to a paltry 579 thousand. So let us express our heart felt opinion about the Queen and say “We don’t give a damn about what the Queen says.”

  82. Hillary is a train wreck…..derailed. She couldn’t pour watr out of a boot if the directions wUere printed on the heel…..WHAT CONFUSES ME ABOUT having her ‘face the music-meeting her maker’ IS the statute of limitations Benghazi dibocle Clntn Foundation Uranium 1 deal/Russia shannigans with DNC/Russia get’n caught with her pants down TIMEZ RUN’N OUT THE METERS RUN’N Hillary/Dillary needs to be handcufft to a homeless person for 1-2 days

  83. Hillary Clinton is a liar, liar with her pantsuit on fire. God help Biden. If for some reason he should beat President Trump and he has Hillary for his VP then a mysterious suicide may be in his future. Hillary is one frightening person.

  84. Julio, the funding was held up because the Dummycraps put funding for ABORTION in the bill.

  85. Mad cow disease strikes the dems yet again. Killary still believes she should be president and thinks she can do better. Maybe she can at getting our people killed in Bengazi! Shut up and sirt down you twerp!

  86. So Hillary THINKS she knows how to take of disasters? Well, you did a hell of a job in Benghazi and then lied your ass off as to what really happened. You may have fooled all your demo friends but you will be held accountable for Ambassador Stevens and all the men protecting him one day. You should be ashamed of your self for your shameful acts.I really don’t think that you could fight your way out of a brown paper bag so just shut up and go away!

  87. Hillary Clinton is an idiot Look how the Obama administration handled swine flu virus despicable. President trump has done all the right things way ahead of everybody else. Thank goddy’s president and Hillary is not and never will be what a blessing

  88. At this point, most American people have learned after 3 years that MSM and Hillary Clinton tell nothing but lie after lie and no one believes anything MSM or Hillary Clinton says, most people I know surf web in search of truth after Hillary says something or

  89. Okay…so, there happens to be a minority of players who abuse casinos.
    Action: Shut down ALL financial institutions, NATIONWIDE, and use ATMs for target practice!!! See my point? A few sick folks should be forced to stay away from crowds. Shoot them, (not fatally!) if necessary! Must we cancel the core of social America? Coronavirus is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but aren’t we overreacting?

  90. In my more perfect world, this Harpies vile nature and all consuming lust for power would make her extra susceptible to a fatal case of the Wuhan Virus.
    Her only path to power now is through a nomination for V.P. And anyone foolish or senile enough to accept her as a running mate is foolishly making themselves open for a case of Arkancide, which is always fatal.

  91. Why dont’t those that side with the Democratic Party realize that President Trump has done AND is doing more for this country in the 3+ years than ANY President in the history of this country. He has done this with no help from the Democratic held House AND Main Stream Media. People remember this come November. Vote to get rid of some of these career politicians (Pelosi, Schiff, Waters Nadler,etc. Vote Republican so President Trump can KEEP AMERICA GREAT

  92. Hillary,

    I have one suggestion and one wish… please take a 13’ long piece of piano wire, tie one end to a Tree branch in your yard 16 feet high, climb into the tree, tie the other end around your neck and jump. Hopefully it’s sharp enough to cut your disgustingly ugly head off that lard arse of yours!!!

  93. Not surprising , since Clinton is on the same side as the NWO globalist criminals that funded the Chinese lab that CREATED the VIRUS in the FIRST PLACE ! They timed the virus release in case the impeachment failed & will kill millions of people that the NWO agenda wants anyway for world domination . Just ask the Venezuela population .

  94. As a Democrat, I apologize for the actions of my party for the past 3+ years. The President needs support not a bunch of bs.

  95. HELLARY – the Hell Raiser. Snake venom is a highly modified saliva containing zootoxins that facilitate the immobilization and digestion of prey, and defense against threats. It is injected by unique fangs during a bite, and some species (HELLARY) are also able to spit their venom, which is what Hellary does. She is a slithering archaic dolt.

  96. Do you damn democrats give a damn about truth, respect and the American people. We American citizens are tired of this. YOU LOST 2016. GET OVER IT. Trump has done a great job and you know it. You don’t care. Hillary, YOU are the most evil, nasty and hateful person I ever saw or heard. I wouldn’t trust you with a bay let alone a country. You are corrupt and you are not wanted any longer in politics. You are a joke. I feel so bad for your grandchildren who will find out one day how horrible grandma and grandpa really are. Your karma has only begun. You will suffer for the rest of your pitiful life. I pray you go away soooooooooooooooooooooon.

  97. Clinton want to be president so bad soros will pay biden plenty of money to nominate her as his VP
    Sorry to say she hungry to be in charge of this country. Think about it she will be history 1st female president, and it will be history for the demacrats, she will be the one that will sell our country to the united nation as they put our country under Martial law. What a SLUT

  98. Fervently wishing that Evil Biyatch will succumb to the virus, along with a number of others.

  99. Nice to see that people are so “fond” of her. Good lord, I would hope there are not still enough people so stupid as to put her in charge.

  100. Anyone still doubt Hillary wants to be president? These comments are from a “candidate”. If she can’t become the dark horse candidate by being drafted at the Dem convention, she might have to concede that Biden won the nomination, but don’t be surprised if she doesn’t vie for the VP slot on his ticket. After all, she would “assure” him she could get the women’s vote and enhance his chances. If that ever happened and they were elected, I wonder how long Biden would last in office before he is medically unable to function or medically deceased……. not saying!

  101. Contagion is hate’s greatest attribute and it’s most treacherous, anyone is susceptible…Only God knows where your going when you die. Keep your religion at home & in your head, other people don’t care for it. Sua Sponte…🇺🇸

  102. BJ are you going to Heaven when you die? And if you say that you are, what are you basing it on?

  103. We can’t afford to pay for paid sick leave. We are up to our ass in debt already trillions of dollars.
    Maybe all of congress should be sent home without pay because they can’t seem to do anything constructive. Seems like all they do is complain and take vacations.

  104. why not just SHUT THE HELL UP –YOU ARE NOT THE PRESIDENT — you are a loser and not in on all the info that the President has — so just SHUT THE HELL UP CAUSE all you re doing is making trouble and you need to FADE TO BLACK NOW

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