Hillary Clinton told one coronavirus lie that could devastate everything

Hillary Clinton is the latest top Democrat to try and exploit the coronavirus outbreak for political gain.

But Clinton went even farther than Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

Hillary Clinton told one coronavirus lie that could devastate everything.

Hillary Clinton cannot get over her loss to Donald Trump.

Ever since Clinton admitted defeat the day after the 2016 election, Clinton sat in the peanut gallery lobbing cheap shots at Donald Trump hoping his administration failed.

The outbreak of the coronavirus is no different.

Rather than putting partisanship aside and working for the common good of the American people, Clinton and other Democrats are celebrating this pandemic because they think it will destroy Donald Trump’s re-election chances.

Clinton made that clear in a mean spirited tweet, blasting Trump over a series of actions she claimed Trump should be taking.

The simple truth is the Trump administration was in the process of putting many of these in action.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin negotiated a deal with Congress that was announced on Friday on legislation that provided for free coronavirus testing, two weeks of emergency sick leave and beefed up unemployment insurance.

But the narrative in the Fake News Media is that Trump is “incompetent” and “bungling” the coronavirus response.

These are all lies.

That’s why Hillary Clinton sent out that tweet accusing Donald Trump of not taking simple steps to combat the Chinese coronavirus despite the fact that his administration was in the process of negotiating all of them.

The point was to throw that chum out into the water so the Democrats’ allies in the Fake News Media could gobble it up to create more “Trump is incompetent” content.

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