Hillary Clinton took Joe Biden’s place as President with one phone call

Joe Biden has retreated into hiding since the collapse of Afghanistan into Taliban hands.

Biden’s only been seen in public for a brief ten-minute speech.

And now Hillary Clinton took Joe Biden’s place as President with one phone call.

Questions about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline and fitness for office grew over the last several weeks.

Biden appeared even more frail and forgetful than normal.

But as the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan and the Biden administration’s incompetent withdrawal plan left anywhere from 10,000 to 40,000 Americans trapped behind Taliban lines, Biden’s handlers kept the President locked away at Camp David.

The administration admitted that as the greatest American foreign policy humiliation since the collapse of Saigon played out, Joe Biden did not speak to a single world leader.

However, as Afghanistan descended into chaos with bodies falling from airplanes in midair, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed that he did speak to Hillary Clinton.

This raised uncomfortable questions about who is actually in charge.

Where was Kamala Harris?

Was Joe Biden experiencing such a severe bout of senility that his handlers couldn’t trust him to appear in public or speak with world leaders?

And why is Hillary Clinton – a private citizen who largely disappeared from the public stage – speaking on behalf of the United States to world leaders?

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