Hillary Clinton was called out by someone no one ever expected

The fallout from Hillary Clinton’s email scandal continues to grow.

Even though the FBI “cleared” her, Clinton is still facing criticisms for her conduct.

And you won’t believe who just called her out.

Barack Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper ripped Clinton in his new book.

Clapper claimed anyone else in government would have been fired for her conduct.

Breitbart reports:

Clapper writes that a line IC (Intelligence Community) employee would have faced profound consequences for the same actions: “Secretary Clinton hadn’t intentionally disclosed secrets, as CIA director Petraeus had done, but I was surprised that she’d participated in email conversations about such sensitive information. If a line IC employee had done the same, I expect we would have held proceedings to decide if that person should keep his or her security clearance and continue employment.”

Clapper wrote about IC members being “legitimately angry” at Clinton’s email scandal in the same paragraph he says that others were “worried about Mr. Trump’s erratic statements and tweets.”

Of course being fired would not have nearly been punishment enough for Clinton.

Her conduct was clearly criminal.

But it showed how rigged the system really was that even Clapper admitted intelligence community professionals were furious with her but she still escaped scot free.

No one else would have received such preferential treatment.

Clinton was allowed to skate on allegations of mishandling classified information because officials like former FBI Director James Comey believed she was going to win the election and be their boss.

Do you believe Hillary Clinton should have been charged with a crime?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Hillary, Bill need to be brought to justice and the email scandal is only the tip of the iceberg. They have sold out America to foreign powers,Soros and God knows what else. The Clinton foundation needs to be investigated. They are corrupt and evil and greedy amd need to hang for their crimes. I for one will rejoice if and when they come to justice they and Soros are a cancer on this nation.

    • This narrative from Comey just does not fly. President Trump did win, but that did not stop him from trying to run him out of office with a bogus investigation. He tried to set him up with information he knew was not real! Then tried to set him up again with obstruction of justice. Comey should have been charged with obstruction of justice!

    • Her lawyers, Perkins Coie, who laundered money to pay for the fake news dossier on behalf of Hillary, faced no backlash for their participation in this fraud; however, Michael Cohen, Trumps’s long-time attorney had his homes and offices raided in violation of attorney/client privilege. Double standard her is disgusting. And President Trump’s other associate, Paul Manaforte, also had his home raided in the middle of the night and is spending time in jail in solitary confinement, despite not being convicted of a crime. Can’t make this up–only in Clinton’s America.

  2. Of course she should have been taken immediately to jail!! My god look at the double standard here! I’m gonna change my last name to Clinton that way I NEVER have to follow the law ever! She has been caught up in so many criminal activities when in the hell is she EVER gonna be held accountable for these crimes?! The poor guy that took pictures of a submarine did at least a year and look at what this old hag and her husband have been allowed to do!!! This is outrageous! So if I’m ever arrested I will tell them I’m related to Clinton and I want her rules for law!! That way I will never be held accountable for anything!! She got away with rigging a Federal Election!! Really?! A FAKE DOSSIER! My god outrageous

    • I have just realized, it looks like these reply arrows maybe to the previous comment only. I mean this generally speaking: Our nation needs to make serious changes, by vote; to remodel how things are done in D.C. I do not claim to know how, but what Hillary did was obviously criminal as most people don’t erase everything like she did. She acted like a vicious witch who needs to be physically confined in high security and with Bill right next to her. They can sit there for a life sentence and have all of their illegally gained wealth donated to the poor. They both disgust me & I am a Christian too, but they absolutely anger me to the point when I must pray I keep my old nature anger under control.

    • Hillary is no good. She is an evil woman with no conscience. She should have been under scrutiny like any of us would. I think they are afraid of her. She’s had so many people murdered in her lifetime that crossed her. God stepped in and made sure she didn’t become our Commander in Chief. I said that from the get go. The only way she won’t win is if God stepped in and thank God he did.

      • Barbara, suggest you look up the couple killed in house explosion a week ago in NJ, she was scheduled to testify in Big Pharma connected case with Epipen, she and husband had Clinton connections.

        • You know Sen Joe Manchin the democrat from WV, his daughter is the Mylan CEO might want to connect all the dots. Like they say follow the money.

  3. I know one thing for sure. They are in need of money and their buddy Harvey has his own problems but it would not surprise if H&B got a movie deal and just maybe it could come in the neck of time to have her give up the idea of another run. She will be to busy. and least we all know it will be a flop as everything she does is a flop. I wish her and Bill the worst life till she is taken from this earth.

  4. Hillary Clinton is not and was not worthy of being treated as though she is above the law. She is NOT. She has behaved in almost every shady, crooked and downright illegal way possible. She has given classified information in large numbers to people who had no right to see it and had no security clearance. There are some countries where, if someone did what she did, that person would have been jailed or possibly even executed. She’s a liar by habit. The death of our heroes in Benghazi, with her subsequent lies, is enough, in my book, to send her to visit Satan’s home.

    • I totally agree, and continue to argue that she has been “LET OFF THE HOOK!” by the incompetant jerk COMEY! He made himself JUDGE, JURY, and Prosecutor and I do not believe that he had the authority to make the final decision regarding her betrayal of her position and office! They BOTH BELONG IN PRISON!!!

      • And, let’s not be too easy on BO either. He not only was aware of what was going on,he was leading the way! Somehow, everyone skips over him. That’s why ALL got off!! The big boss got them off. Never forget the kingpin of all the SWAMP!


  5. She is no drifferant then the Roseenbergs back in the 40s who were “executed” for what thay did she is no driffernt than them and should get the same punesment for what she did. And the F B I people and all the people that let her skate that she would be Presendent should be in prison for life.

    • They both should already be in jail along with a7 Integrity huge contingency from the FBI, Muellar Probe, the DEEP STATE, & Congress. The amount of corruption in our Government is incomprehensible & boggles the mind. The Democrats by & large know nothing about honesty & Integrity. The care only about power & will do & say anything to achieve their goals. To say the least they are incorrigible & despicable!!

      • I am a Christian and God forgive me but I agree with you. Also Obama. He sure did try to intentionally ruin American. Praise Jesus for President Trump. May Christ protect him and his wonderful family and also the Pences.

      • I agree Clapper and Brennan are both Traitors, ans deserve the same fate as the Rosenberg traitors of the 1950’s. The Rosenberg’s sole the plans for the A bomb to the Russians. Hillary, some 50 years later sold our Uranium used to build A bombs to the Russians. If we had ‘equal justice under the law, a proper trial would yield the same sentence for Hillary as it did for Ethel and Julius: https://gemstatepatriot.com/blog/clintons-committed-treason-rosenbergs-executed-justice/

        • Leaving a sentence aside for the moment, Hilary should now be arrested and tried for actions against the welfare of America and Americans (re:selling uranium to the Russians) since the election is over now.
          Arrest and trial can not now be said to “prejudice” the election.

    • Even though Hillary was more-or-less set free from Comey, I feel it should be looked at again. Comey has no right to excuse a criminal. I feel that both Clinton’s should be convicted and out in prison,GITMO or wherever as long as it’s NOT a Martha Stewart type prison. People of authority should be held accountable in a much stronger way. I don’t believe in FOUBLE STANDARDS but in this case, prison for 5 years is just not enough. What about the children in Haiti she kidnapped for sex trafficking, murders of people on their way to be a witness. The list is too long but I think you get the point. Email scandal was bad enough but nothing to what she deserves.
      I wouldn’t want to be with her when God picks and chooses who can join Him in heaven

      • Not more or less, definitely set free without an investigation.
        Time to open a legitimate investigation of ALL her crimes. She is no longer a presidential candidate, thank God, and it is more than time to show both her and potential Hilarys one can not pick and choose which laws
        one will obey!

      • since no case was opened she is far from in the clear, she was never charged and tried so double jeopardy is not in play. It will just take someone with real patriotic duty driving them to bring all these scofflaws to justice.

    • If they couldn’t get slick Willy how on earth do you think your going to get crooked Hillary. With this justice system that is in place the both of them will be being judged by a higher source than man

  6. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, Gowdy, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

    • There is absolutely NO DOUBT about her INEPT term as Secretary of State. That was a TRADE-OFF for her stepping aside so the BIG ZERO could become prez. That appointment was such a SAD, SAD MISTAKE for America! Her “DON’T GIVE A DAMN” attitude was one of the costliest mistakes that the BIG ZERO made,,,,along with the BENGHAZI debauchel , where she was responsible for the deaths of 4 (FOUR) of the people that were serving under her, and she LET THEM DIE!!, and THEN SHE LIED ABOUT IT TO AMERICA!!! AND her participation in the URANIUM DEBAUCHEL WHERE 20% of American Uranium was SOLD TO RUSSIA, and (SURPRISING???) deposit of more than $145.000,000.00 (THAT IS ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS!!!) Not to forget that SLICK WILLY was charging, and COLLECTING $500,000.00 for his speech to Russia. I am the LAST person that would accuse anyone for accepting a increase in the money earned, but isn’t it kind of STRANGE that this should happen right after the Uranium sale to Russia>>>>!!!! It is such a truly GREAT feeling and understanding that our president cannot be bought!!!!! OH, before I forget, The NINE people that signed to agree to the release of the Uranium, also SHOULD BE JAILED!!!

  7. The whole obama administration, 1st term and 2nd term, should be in jail right now. They made a mockery of our American governance and morals.
    The obama experiment should have been stopped after the 1st term. Since he became, “president”, America has lost its morals and principles. If society was so determined to experiment with a black man in office, it should have been Col. Allen West.

    • I always thought the FBI and the elected officials including the President was elected by and for the people of this great USA. I’ve learned with Obumma and Hitler that’s not the case. Folks, I’m ready to stop spending all the tax payers dollars to solve this crime during the last 8 years administration under O. We all know that the DEMS think the REP are going for this FAKE NEWS STUFF so they keep doing it, even the late night shows are probably being paid by the Clinton foundation, who knows? They sure fight TRUMP in all he is doing. Even dumb enough to complain about the President wife wearing a jacket that says who care anymore about the FAKE NEWS. Look, we woke up when Trump was elected, we are not going to sleep knowing that we could have had corruption for another 8 years. OH MY, the thought of my grandkids growing up with a killer and dictator who looks after only themselves including top FBI people was and is scary. We were close to having our own administration dropping the atom bomb on ourselves if H would have been elected. Sad to say, but this FAKE NEWS appears to not be going away. LOOK, when BILL CLINTON was elected I could not believe, but I did not set around and cause problems for the DEMS. I got behind him and support my President. Can you people do the same now, I’m praying this country would get behind this man as he is doing a remarkable job yet is having to swim upstream to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Hang in there folks, God is in control and He alone moves the waters where He wants. Thanks be to God for that because as you can see, man is so corrupt even the great so called FBI can’t do their job to protect this country. Lord come quickly, we got ur all messed up for sure. Good day..

      • Good message, Rick!! You pretty much summed it up. I personally believe that there ARE good Democrats out there and I hope they come to see what the progressive wing of their party is doing to the total message of the Democrats. I’m sure many of them, including people of color are seeing the positive differences in their paychecks. We just need to get back to God.

    • Manuel,

      While I agree that Col. Allen West would have been a good choice for President, I do also think our downturn in morals has been going on since at least the ‘1970’s. Barack Obama definitely ADDED to it and made it worse and bragged about “fundamentally transforming” America, and widened the racial division by his words (Ferguson, Trayvon Martin to name a few). And Holder had to finally admit that the officer in Ferguson was acting in self-defense when he shot “hands up, don’t shoot” Michael Brown who was not (according to eyewitnesses), innocent, but had, in fact, charged the officer.

      • If you care to check it out, all the SCOTUS created laws in the last century and this century were brought about by Liberals and Democrats. Not really according to the dictates of the Constitution. I don’t know why all the crying from them. They have gotten their perverse laws passed and anything else they have asked for.

    • Manuel, go back to BHOJr run in 2004 for Illinois State Senate, I am not convinced he honestly won any of his 4 elections. I really started doing research after the 2012 election, found very interesting info.

  8. Only low IQ people think that Obama will protect elephant butt Hillary. Too
    many legal people know obamna is illegal. Born at 7.27 PM 7 lbs 10 oz
    18″ long 6″ wide shoulders Delivered by Dr James O.W.Ang’awa
    in Kenya Verified by his Grand Mother, FBI, CIA and his step brother

    • how can an elephant’s butt protect another elephant’s butt. The blind leading the blind, crook leading a crook. Thief leading a thief. EDB

      • Gloria, look up the Kenyan bc, same one displayed by Malik Obama, after BHO departed WH. Born in British colony, now Kenya. Born a British subject, due to fathers citizenship. Mom was not old enough to give him her citizenship, law at time, said had to 19.

      • Gloria, my research provided the same info as David, above. Born in town of Mombaso, in British coly, now Kenya. Half bro, Malik, showed the white bc last year, same as I pulled up several years ago. Fact is, he could have been born in the Lincoln Memorial, he still would not have been qualified to serve as POTUS or VP. Due to father, he was born a British subject, due to age of mom he did not inherit U.S.citizenship. At age 5 or , he vwas adopted by Lolo Soetoto, which made him a citizen of Indonesia. Then, he attended Occidental college as a Foreign Student. There is more, but that is more than enough reasons he should never have been allowed to run. I can find nothing that proves he is a citizen now.

    • What a scam he pulled on the American people, but he could never done that alone. Where is ANY paperwork that follows any normal person that is from this country? Not a thread .. Isn’t that what he said on an interview once? He really needs to be jailed along with whomever helped him pull this off. He WAS born in Kenya.

      • All we need is proof, 100%, this means access to those papers hidden, THEN this means EVERYTHING he did as a Pres., every appt. is NULL and Void Now we need to find a way to get the papers.

      • Sharon, my sentiments exactly. I want to know just who set all this in motion. Am sure Geo Soros involved, but believe many more. Big question, why? If they wanted a country in ruin, why not take over one already ruined? I guess, his hatred for the U.S. was just that deep. Bill Ayers, wife Bernadene Dorme, his parents, ? American Communists party, which included Frank Marshall Davis, if memory wprking, his mentor in Hawaii from age 10, moved back to Chicago, Valarie Jarrets parents or in-laws or both involved. This is big! Rec view interview by Mia Marie Pope, knew him as a teen in Hawaii. Ann’s photos were by Frank M. Davis. Be sitting down!

      • A Most Remarkable 8 Yr ‘boondoggle’.
        >POTUS DJT ‘helping’ To Recover___
        >Please Support Sovereign USA. Time is short.

    • So good to have someone say what I have been saying all along. How did he get all his paperwork hid? Who helped him with this. He could not have done it alone. The American people were sure taken for the biggest scam in American history.

  9. Until the DC insiders can truly prove to the American people that justice is equal under the law and the top level criminals (the Clintons, Barack Obama, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Robert Rosenstein, and others) who have consistently crossed the legal line to serve their own agendas have been brought to justice, I will no longer put any trust in the federal government, regardless of who is in office. If the good guys in Washington aren’t strong and courageous enough to prosecute the bad guys then the American people and this great country are doomed.

  10. Trump needs demand that Jeff Sessions prosecute her and Obama for Treason and either hang them or firing squad them or he will be fired and replaced with someone who will!

  11. Hillary doesn’t have to worry. She is safe because she has dirt on Obama. No one is going to go after Obama because there would be such an outcry to defend him and those stupid enough to go against him would be called racist among other things.
    Obama is the crown prince of the Dems and Dems are unbelieveably nasty. Hillary knows all about Obama’s real background which is studed with inconsistencies that the public doesn’t know about. Partners in crime.. forget about Hillary. One more thing…Obama was using his private e mail to talk to Hillary, that is already known. Maybe they can go to jail together. My opinion.

    • I worked for the government in Hawaii. All classified and we locked our work in the safe each night. The Commander came in one AM and found ONE piece of classified laying on his secretaries desk. ONE piece and he said he would fire her if it ever happened again.

    • Looks like obama and clintons are paying someone to stay out of prison. They should of been in prison by now. If it was us we would be locked up before now…think about it…

    • Jean, I Read someplace, that Hillary Hillary made a stop in London, on a trip to M.E. or ?, made visit to British Vital records. The birther issue was alive in 2008, actually, 2004. She dropped out in 08 after her Little Rock campaign mbr was murdered in hdq.

    • I agree but it ain’t happening, Pete. So SAD! Two sets of standards; one for elites and another for “deplorables”. That’s why we voted for President Donald Trump and NOT this power-hungry witch.

  12. I think the one thing that people seem to forget, is why did Hiliary have a separate email server to begin with? Some may buy the BS that it was easier for the Secretary to have it because she needed so many devices, that it became confusing and complicated. That answer given by Hiliary and the rest of her minions was a complete fabrication of the truth. The real reason was that she didn’t want a paper trail on government servers of all of her activities that could come back to bite her in the ass at some later date. It was the furthest thing from transparency…. It was an attempted cover up from the very beginning of this mess. It was nothing more than evidence that she felt that she was above the law and didn’t need to follow the laws and rules of others in that position of responsibility. She did as she damn well pleased because she believed, as she still does, that she is above the laws of others. This whole mess just shows how stupid she really is… At the very least, this women should be charged with gross stupidity and arrogance. There have been countless others who have convicted of far less, who are still serving time today.

  13. Not just yes hell yes. The leftist keep harping on the separation of parents and children at the border and Russia collusion to kee the focus off Hillary, Obama, Soros and all the other players in Obama’s Administration. Thing is it’s not working, the Grassroots movement has not and will not let this go. There must and will be a reckoning for these Treasonous haters of American Freedom and the Constitution. The sooner the better.

    • If all this corruption is just ”let go”, we will never be able to trust the government again. We still have obama putting his two cents in to subvert this admin. We CANNOT forget!!

    • Not only that, but if they really care about separating children from their mothers, why do they support abortion? Hypocritical!

  14. I agree with the vast majority of these who have already posted their comments: Hillary and her comrades have reached the point where justice needs to be carried out quickly on these criminals who have committed HIGH TREASON against the USA. Then these democrats who really hate America and her values need to pay the price at the polls this November for their hatred and abusive crimes against we the people, us deplorables. Time has come to pay the piper! And let justice roll down in a mighty way. I hope the “D” after their names will mean “DEFEATED”!

      • So agree with your comment! I’m a proud Deplorable, and am doing my best to be a LOUD Deplorable. When a liberal lets us know we ARE Deplorable, I always remind the that name is partly why hillary lost the election. Lying and corruption is another part. We must not let them win the fight. DEFEATED us a good name for them.

        • I’m with you, Lolajmay! Deplorable and PROUD to be one. It was what did her in in the end, as well as her own smug inaction when she didn’t visit some states because she figured they were already “in the bag” for her. Well, she blew it and I thank the Good Lord she did because President Trump campaigned hard and won!!

  15. “Clinton hadn’t intentionally disclosed secrets” – Intentionally using an unsecured server, private IT professionals without security clearances, sending it to Humadin who certainly had questionable family connections – How “intentional” did she have to get? She may not have hand delivered classified documents to anyone, but what she did that made them easily available were not done by accident. She intentionally, deliberately, took a path that placed documents at risk (and security was compromised) – and that is a criminal act under the law.

    • Those words; intent, intentional is ”inbelievable” (unbelievable). Why is it attorneys, leaders keep telling us that INTENT does not matter, as there is no excuse for anyone in government, especially a SECRETARY OF STATE, to be that obtuse, stupid, naive, and on ad on!! While I’m here, I keep hearing the word COLLUSION; collusion is not a crime, when a campaign is involved, but I keep hearing from way too many reporters AND congressmen that COLLUSION is part of the issues of wrong doing. Do any of these people know what the law is? The LAW just keeps getting ”fuzzier” all the time.

      • Lolajmay, she is NOT stupid or naive! She knew VERY well what she was doing and that she would get away with it. I don’t know WHY, except maybe she has something on Obama, or he just knew she would take him down with her if she was indicted.

        Respectfully to you, Hillary is a LOT of things but naive or stupid is not one of them.

  16. She needs to be held responsible for her lies and murders, she and that monster Obama who attacked the world with his Iran deal and should be punished also because of Benghazi. It is time for justice

    • We are getting more impatient by the day, by the hour, to see someone pay for their crimes. When will DC decide the criminals are NOT in charge?

  17. We must get a Grand Jury to investigate her so called foundation and uranium 1. Future investigate her and Obama for Treason

  18. Guess nobody heard of money talks and bullshit walks!!! In this case sluttier Hillary Clinton has walked flree for how many years now??? If anyone even tried to give the bitch up, winds up dead… Look at those 4 women that Bill Clinton raped, he got away with that crime all do to Hillary… Sing you wind up dead,Seth Rich dead, a few supreme court judges dead, even a few cops dead!!! So can anyone tell me just who has the balls to nail the bitch??? We have a crooked society that doesn’t give a damn about this treasonous bitch, hell I’ll throw a party when someone anyone who walk’s up and put her down…


  20. I am so damned tired of talking about Killary and her petophile husband and what I want to see is Killary and her petophile husband in orange jump suits serving life sentences in a federal prison for all of the crap she and her husband did over since she has been is government service. I only wish they would get the death penalty and then all this crap would be over for good.

  21. Hillary sure as hell knows the difference between CLASSIFIED and UnClassified documents/circuits. She willfully and knowingly sent classifed documents over non-secure circuits and should be punished and heavily fined for doing so. She definitely needs to spend 20 years in Leavenworth or some federal correctional institute and I sure as Hell DO NOT MEAN some federal Country Club prison.


    hilLIARy is a criminal and deserves an orange pantsuit for the next 20 years. I hope she is imprisoned and dies in prison. hilLIARy IS AN ENEMY OF AMERICA

  23. Just remember Hilary , Orange is the new Black . And yes they have pant suits . The “Teflon Blonde” you ain’t !
    Thinking back over the Clinton years in the White House and all of the controversies it had , I have come to the conclusion that Slick Willie is not as slick as we think . As smart as he allegedly is reported to be but rather it is Hilary who was the brains behind all the plots and cover-ups . I think that she finally out slicked herself in thinking that she would never be caught and finally slipped up .

  24. Lock her finally up. Tired of her making the round finding one excuse after another for her loss for which she and she alone is responsible for.
    Time to take the Teflon off and LOCK HER UP

  25. Why would she go Scott free. If it is proven that the investigation was rigged they should open a new investigation and convict her of all charges

    • of course Hilary Clinton should be charged not only with petty crimes but primarily ,along with former president OBAMA .of the major crime against AMERICA ofTREASON.nathan Hale did a lot less and he was hung for it!

      • I think Nathan Hale was hung by the British for treason. But if they want to hang Hillary as well, be my guest! Mr. Hale regretted having only one life to give for his country; Hillary never gives anything for her country. But she’s good at taking from it.

    • I think they are paying people off to cover their ass and bringing up bs to get trump in trouble. These illegals can take these stray kids that aren’t related to them at the borders back where they came from. And that means thousands of them. This is just a way the criminals and terrorists wanna get in this country by using abandon kids from other countries. ICE needs to turn them all away from the borders. Our social security will be going bankrupted because of these illegal foreigners here. All you people better hope we don’t get kicked to the curb while our earned money..social security. Retirement money all goes to support these foreigners coming here. As it is they are flocking to our social security and welfare office like flies..

  26. Hillary Clinton has committed and skated on more crimes than anyone in US history. Why should this be different? Sessions has no balls.

    • No he doesn’t, but he values his life and the lives of those in his family. When is somebody going to expose the Clintons? They need to just make a surprise testimony. I think Trey Gowdy should be appointed special prosecutor. This is getting more than ridiculous, enough already.

    • Ernst, I think Sessions is hard at work, behind the scenes. He must have all paperwork absolutely correct. Understand he has between 25,000 and 30,000 indictments in hand. Bill and Hillary flew commercial last weekend, some think their funds have been frozen????

  27. She should be in prison. It is an insult to the American people that she is not. LOCK her UP along with the rest of the swamp, including oBUMa.

  28. Hiliary should have been locked up. She has skated on far to many instances that any other person would have been hung out to dry. It’s uncanny how she as a lawyer can pick out loop holes in our language along with others in high places help her get away with her crimes. Absolutely sickening.

    • Can we include election rigging against both Sanders and Trump, collusion with Russia, Misuse of Clinton foundation funds, RICO statutes, pay for play, Uranium One, email mishandling, and many at least one of two conspiracies to murder. I am sure I could come up with more.

  29. Hilliary Clinton should be charged with all of her crimes and she should be sent to prison along with all of her corrupted and crooked staff along with former President Obama and all of his administration. Clapper should goes to prison as well, along with the corrupt Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Strzk and Page. If I left anybody out, I am sorry for that. I am doing good to keep up these crooks that are involved.

    Muller and Rod Rosenstein also needs to be put in prison as well.

    They need to leave President Trump and his administration along so that they can continue to work for the American people that elected them into office to work for every full-blooded American.

  30. Hillary and many others should have been brought to justice, but, now, in this country, the Leftists, the Elitists, have free rein to do whatever they want with no consequence. Isn’t that what happens in Third World Countries? The one thing that blew up in their faces was the election in which all of them just KNEW that Hillary was a shoo-in, so maybe there is still hope to save the United States. Trump is making progress but has to fight tooth and nail to get his agenda passed. Ryan and others in the Republican party are undermining his attempts to pass legislation that will fund the “wall”, and deport illegals. Giving DACA people the right to citizenship is a sticking point; those who were brought here illegally should have applied for citizenship, not have it handed to them years later. A country without borders is not a country; it is a wide open territory.

    • The only way we as the american voters can straighten america out is through our power at the voting booth .VOTE OUT THE CROOKS! ETC. NANCY PELOSI!,Chuck schummer!,all those who are involved in the deep state now!!!

    • Hillary Rockefeller Intentionally Committed Treason with Classified Information on her Server. She has a Bad Attitude Dealing with Protecting a American Diplomat and American Soldiers from Terrorist in Libya. Her Attitude is What Difference Does It Make she should be Rejected and Ridiculed and Isolated by the American People for her Treason. The Puppet Masters Protect her but the American People will Throw in her Face how Evil she is and a Traitor to America.

      • I agree with you. I hope more Democrat voters who would vote for her if she runs again in 2020 (there is some talk about it; don’t know how true it is), wake up and see her for what she is: a pathological liar and a crook. Other than that she is a very nice lady. /s

    • Good luck with locking up that crooked c–t. I would have to see it to believe it. Too many people fear for themselves and their families.

    • Whatever you do, PLEASE do not buy any of their books. If I want to read their book out of curiosity, I wait until it comes to the local library. I won’t give any of them any more of my money than they have already stolen while in office.


    • And as we now know, Comey himself used a personal e-mail account for work-related business. I think it was a blackberry.

  31. The only way to get justice for these swamp scumbags is to turn them over to the “Swamp People”. They know just how to dispose of them….

  32. Hillary should be in JAIL!!!! If anyone in the military handled CLASSIFIED material/documents the way she did, they would be reduced to the lowest rank, forfeited their pay, had a fine of $10,000. fine and spend a minimum of 10 years in Federal Prison, EXACTLY WHERE HILLARY BELONGS.

    • Leon, being a former member of a military intelligence command I was told the same thing in a debriefing upon being released from active duty about your mentioned fines and imprisonment per incident you mentioned in your comment.


    • Yes, while Manafort was jailed without bail. THANK GOD, Hillary is not president. It would be a thousand times worse.

    • You are correct, congress is gutless. The only way they would be jailed, is the military arrests them and trial by military tribunals

  33. It is so ironic, that the “great, elite” Obama would have been practically sainted by Leftists who have no concept of presidential leadership requirements.
    They, the Leftists, have a “make believe” profile that unrealistic Obama filled to Leftist satisfaction. That he ran this nation into the ground, lied every day of his presidency, doubled the national debt from an accumulated 10 trillion from President #1 to #43, then #44 Obama doubled it to 20 trillion in his 8 years. And, the idiot Leftists laud Obama for that! But, they demonize President Trump for finding a way to reduce the federal taxes that were wantonly doubled by Obama! The answer has to be that Leftists have no interest in the conducting of federal government, it exceeds their ability to understand it. And, they are part of the national vote constituency, which is a sad fact that they have no expectations of good government, but did worship the prima-donna activity of Obama, who was an inferior sportsman who learned to pose in athletic positions while he never recorded a single score, nor played golf with a partner who wasn’r sworn to secrecy. So, to Leftists, it’s not the positive performance of a President doing so for the nation, but an occasional lie of his will satisfy them who believe that his lies were the truth.

  34. I believe the drug cartel owns the Clinton’s, and anyone in their camp is afraid to speak up, for fear they will get whacked.

  35. As for Obama, I did not vote for him but, I did pray that he would be an outstanding representative of our good and honest black citizens. He could have been a great example for many young men. However, not all of my prayers are answered as I wished and he was an absolute traitor and a failure. Such a shame!.. As for Killary and Slick Willie (there’s an outstanding reason for that moniker – think about it), It has always been said “where there is smoke, there is fire.” Mount St. Helen’s, Krakatoa, Vesuvius, Kilauea, etc. have not produced any more obvious smoke than the crimes of these two. Any investigator with three glial cells(sp?)(very small brain cells) would produce enough circumstantial and hard evidence to convict both for untold numbers of crimes and only scratch the surface. They would be either be due the death sentence or many hundreds of years in prison under prevailing law. I suggest for each, an eight X four foot cell with a steel shelf for a bed, a bucket for a toilet, bread and water for food, hard labor during waking hours and total isolation from all other humans lest they contaminate someone else. Oh, and only a thin worn sheet for a blanket. All walls should be of cold moist granite and no heat provided. Obama and every “Deep State” piece of fecal waste should be likewise incarcerated. I think I may have been to easy on them.

  36. All I want to know when are they going to find her guilty on any of the shit she and her pedophile husband have been involved in. I am surprised no one has called the Teflon Girl, because none of her charges stick. Just like Al Capone.

  37. How can I make a comment after we the people have been telling to start the committee investigation on all of Hillary’s scandals? People relating to her and husband died mysteriously. I’m tired of hearing how she managed to get away with many things.

    We must show the liberals that their god is not above the law.

    Trump 2020

  38. Obama, I believe, is behind all of this. I remember when Hillary told Obama “Call off your dogs”. She would not
    have said that for no reason. No one will take this on. The truth will not be known for a very long time. This couldn’t happen without the top knowing. They were partners in crime. My opinion. Clinton’s will never be punished.

    • Obama lied about what he knew about her email server….apparently he had her number in his phone (as just announced on Tucker Carlson). They may ALL think their getting away with something, they don’t realize THERE IS A GOD!!!! They will get their just rewards from HIM!!!

  39. Her butt should have been in jail as soon as they found her emails etc!! SHE slept (or was in her wine drunk stupor) while our heroes in Bengazi fought and died! SHE ACTUALLY SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN PRISON BEFORE SHE RAN FOR POTUS AND THEY PROTECTED HER ASS! I pray they will STILL put her there and her new color becomes ORANGE!! Military people AND Civilians have gone to jail FOR YEARS FOR DOING FAR LESS THAN SHE HAS DONE AND COMEY AND OBAMA SHOULD GO TOO!

    • Trust me they will get their just rewards They may have escaped the law of the land but there is a higher court not of this world that everyone faces. They will pay. Mayhap not in this life but the next.

      • I agree on that, Esther. Galatians 6:7 states: “Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for you reap whatever you sow.” (NRSVCE).

  40. Unless something is ever done, she remains above the law. Is she in jail for her crimes? No! If things remain the same, the orange pantsuit is the closest we’ll see her in what she should be wearing.

  41. It’s a slap in the face før us law abiding citizens for hjer to get away with what she has done because of a political
    Party that does not care about anything but winning, lock her up.

  42. Criticizing elephant ass is a waster of time. She will NEVER be charged for any serious crime that she obviously committed thru the years. She has stolen too many millions

  43. They all need to be held accountable for their Treasonous acts. What is the punishment for treason? Hanging? They need to be held accountable for BENGHAZI, the deaths of all those people and the failure to arm our Embassy is treasonous by both OBAMA and CLINTON.

  44. I not only think Clinton should have gone to jail,I think she should still go to jail. Along with all those who protected her. Including Obama.

  45. Not only should she go to prison for the Emails but for every thing sh and her rapeseed husband every thing thay did when he was Governer of Arkansas over there account of the housing develimnot scandel the are two of croudiest pair of people. I am just glad she never become President. Just thank where our country wood be in know. She would have been impeached like her Husband was. But she should go to Prision any body else would have would have gotten at least 25 life sentence for what her and the rape king have done to this country. STICK IT TO HER AND IF HER HUBBY HAD ANY THING TO DO WITH WHAT SHE HAS DONE STICK IT TO HEM TO. EX-PRESIDENT OR NOT. GO AFTER DONT LET HER GET AWAY WITH WHAT SHE HAS DONE AND SEND COMMEO AND MCCABE AND THE TWO LOVE BIRDS THE FIB AGENT AND HE’S LAWYER GRILE FRIND WITH HER AND ANY BODY ELSE THAT WENT AFTER PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP TO TRY TO KEEP HEM FROM BEEING PRESIDENT. IT IS ABOUT TIME WE CLINE OUT ALL THE BAD TRASH IN WASHINGTON THAT HAVE BEEN THERE TO LONG GO AFTER THEM PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. YOU HAVE BEEN DOINING A GOOD JOB OF THAT SOFAR.

    • I agree, make examples out of them. These individuals who think they are entitled to break the law, do as they please and expect no consiquences need to see Hillary, Obama, Comey, Lynch, Holder and rest (the list is long) serve prison time.

  46. Yes, She should be held responsible for her illegal actions,
    other people have been jailed for lesser crimes. and they still let her keep her clearance Why?? The same with certain members of the FBI and DOJ, Why did these people retain their Security Clearances? When I was in the Military and would have been jailed for less.

  47. Don’t forget the little guy that worked with Hillary showed up dead, (accidental). Like I believe that. Bill and Hillary have murdered enough people to fill up a grave yard. (One of their “helpers” was shot 5 times in the back and the Clinton Doctor called it sucide).
    If Hillary does not stand trial, I’M AFRAID THIS IS NOT MY COUNTRY ANYMORE.
    Do we still pay for her to have a bodyguard?
    If we do, let’s vote on it and I can tell you already, My vote is no. We don’t need to waste money on the Clinton’s or Obamma’s Body Guards. After all they have done, I frankly believe they can take care of themselves.
    I am 82 years old and have never seen anything like this in my life.THANK GOD!!!!!! HILLARY LOST.
    I hope and pray to God we never see another Clinton or their off
    springs running our country!!!!!!!!

    • I agree, make examples out of them. These individuals who think they are entitled to break the law, do as they please and expect no consiquences need to see Hillary, Obama, Comey, Lynch, Holder and rest (the list is long) serve prison time.

  48. The criminals continue the circular firing squad yet no one seems to actually be shot. clearly our justice dept is using blanks because they can’t stand the thought of history books telling the God’s honest truth..
    Our first BIRACIAL President, we have NOT had a Black man yet in that office..was a TRAITOR. OUR first Female Former First Lady, Senator and SEC of State ALSO being a TRAITOR.
    A FBI and CIA and other NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY’S involved in Treason, Sedition and just Plain Dirty Cops thru the top Ranks USING Amn Agencies in the Alphabet Soup we call our Government Are As Crooked And Theieves selling the USA to the highest bidder be they the Middle East or selected Groups of Looney Liberals.

    We get a MAN to step up to the plate, Ready, Willing and Able to jerk us BACK FROM THE BRINK of being the Former Country our founding fathers set up….AND WHAT HAPPENS the deep state stages a COUP DE TAH …. A THIRD World tactic against a man the PEOPLE WANT IN THAT office…Yet the ELITE CLASS can’t look at the ugly truth in the Mirror.. They think they know best and are determined to keep Senile Senior Citizens who clearly have lost their MARBLES in POWER. Becaus it’s perfectly fine to call whites Racists, and anyone with a savings account still standing a RICH 1% who needs to give it up for the illegals flooding our country to vote the CRIMINALITY INSANE back into POWER.

    • she and the rest need to spend the remainder of their lives in GITMO.. All funds seized and returned to the country they picked clean like the vultures they are.. with one exception… Ali O Bama needs his cell in Antarctica no balmy beach for him.. oh and Moochie goes to prison too the only ones I wouldn’t deport for life are the girls…they loose the cash cow and the goodies stolen by their ciminal parents and oh horrors have to live like REAL people… so no more breaking the rules and having fake first family creds get you out of it..

  49. Excuse me. Gi was taught that a crime is punishable. The FBI “cleared” Hillary and that is the end? HARDLY. James Comey is guilty of obstruction of justice, plain and simple. Oh, there is a statute of limitations? Ah, let me see he did thsdt right about election day. Yup, charge him now OR resign from your federal job(s). We the people demand not only that he be charged with this crime but an investigation be undertaken by other than the biased FBI/DOJ into this whole mess to also include the trumped up Mueller scandal. If not then the entire justice system is not compliant with that proscribed in the Constitution and therefore is no longer applicable. We have had enough of politicians, lawyers, judges, and cops being treated differently. It ends now.

  50. I really don’t care who rips her in books or on TV shows or anything like that. I want to see her get ripped in a court of law and see her found guilty by a jury and see her thrown in jail for a LOOOOONG time, which she so richly deserves.

  51. Yes, she should have been charged, anyone else would have been. She got away with too much, she should be behind bars but politicians get by with things the average person wouldn’t.

  52. God will be her judge. I use to rant to myself about what should be done to her, Bill, Obama and the list goes on! Then I remembered “judge not “! Now, I pray to God to take care of business.

  53. They guilty as hell.But because of Obama and the rest of them the system is riged. They will all go free to scew us again.

  54. Hey Rufus…Session was not put there to guarantee so the Clintons would skate…he did that all on his own…as he is part of the White-Wash/DC, Deep State, that “they” deny exists. You are right about one thing, however…he DOESN’T HAVE ANY BALLS…PERIOD!!!
    PS…and why was Eric Holder standing behind Mueller, recent, anyway??? Both men are a disgrace…

    • She should have been charged with a crime back in Arkansas, then again in the WH (murder in the park), & again NOW. Karma – takes too long to come around. I’d love to smack her in the face, Nancy Pelosi, & Liz Warren too along with Paul Ryan. He’s not trustworthy.

    • We are witnesses to the biggest SCANDAL in HISTORY, Not just American, the whole of history! Can you imagine CROOKED HILLY AND SLICK WILLY back in the WHITE HOUSE??? One wing would have been set aside for SLICK WILLY and his FILLY’S, another for the people that (9) that were needed and willingly signed off on the SALE OF 20% of American URANIUM to RUSSIA, and one office set aside just to have a place for CHELSEA to run the CLINTON FOUNDATION. Then a few closets for CROOKED HILLY to store her E-Mail SERVERS,,,,(NON-GOVERNMENT ISSUE, FOR SURE!) and another closet for Blackberry units,,,enough to just replace the ones they SMASH WITH A HAMMER WHEN THEY CONTAIN “TAINTED” INFORMATION that “might” hold “C” emails. It would also have a FBI OFFICE for CONEY,, (PREFERABLY WITH BARS ON THE WINDOWS) so he can’t escape from his “wrong-doing”. AND NOT TO FORGET NORTH KOREA,,,,,,There would probably be another “TEMPORARY” office for a NORTH KOREAN REPRESENTATIVE.
      If I have forgotten anything, FEEL FREE to let your own minds add a few points,
      as I have taxed my mind enough, (NO PUN INTENDED) as it would qualify for a tax break, anyway.

  55. Look out, Hillary….it’s about to get a hell of a lot worse. There’s an orange pantsuit waiting for you!

    • Orange pants suit is way way way too good for her, as she is responsible for the deaths of many not only a civilian life who are politically connected to her but also all those who died for this great nation that a person like this should even come close to sitting in our White House. God bless America and my freedom ring forever

      • THE ROSENBERGS were executed for selling our nuclear secrets to the Russians. Hillary and her gang sold Uranium to the Russians to build nuclear bombs that could be used to fry our ass, and all you want for her is a tailored orange jump suit? Why not just give her our treasury and call it about even? The Clintons and the Obamanians have done more damage to the United States of America than the Germans and Japanese of WWII.

    • I maintain that NOTHING will ever happen to the clinton’s here on earth. God will decide their fate I suppose.BUT? WE will never witness her justice. I have zero faith in Government I respect the rule of law and the constitution but that doesn’t seem to be enough to incarcerate any of them. You? Me? we’d be in jail like Manafort

    • Would love to see her spend just ONE day in jail! That would make my day. She should be punished just like the rest. No justice in America. The top goes free. SAD!

  56. Let me be as kind and gentle about this as possible. That ugly bitch should have had her fat ass thrown in jail a long time ago along with her perverted pos husband. It is never too late except that Jeff Sessions has no balls and was placed there by Trump as a guarantee that the Clintons would skate. I can’t be any nicer than that!


  58. I mean I don’t know about anyone else, but if I was going to share photos or talk about my granchildren (which I don’t have); I would probably just go to lunch or dinner with someone, not fly onto some tarmac on my private jet in some well-known airport. How stupid do they really think we are? Oh yes, and don’t forget how deplorable and “cultish” we are as well. DUH

    • Exactly. These criminal ‘politicians’ oviously think that we, the ‘DEPLORABLES’ are stupid. They also think that people who believe their garbage are stupid. In that case, I believe that they are stupid, otherwise HOW could anyone with a brain believe them after they’ve shown, time & again just what liars & thieves they really are?! It’s SO obvious, yet the lemmings blindly follow!! SMH🙄😏🤣🤣🤣🤣#45MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • They think you/we are really stupid and it does not matter because the powers that be are on their side against us in every single thing.

    • What is truly scary is people still want this low life criminal as president. They just can’t wrap their minds around why she’s not sitting in the big chair. The fact that she’s committed these crimes and not be punished floors the educated people in this Country. Why these liberals think it’s ok to be above the law and do whatever is necessary as long as you get the golden ring is scary. Sadly and I say this as an educator, nothing will change until common core changes.

    • And Holder (Fast and Furious); and Comey (exonerated Hillary); and Loretta (“it’s not an investigation, it’s a matter”) Lynch; Bill Clinton who met on a tarmac with Lynch (allegedly to talk about granchildren) in Phoenix; Mueller (let’s drag this on forever); Strozk and Page (Jack and Jill and their nasty e-mails)….the list goes on.

      • What is taking so long is OBVIOUS!!
        Not being rude to you as I understand your frustration. The FIX is in, it’s been in, and continues to be FIXED EVEN MORE….as we speak!!

      • Dragging their feets hoping they get the
        Nov election on their favor and control the house
        The Obama mafia still a live
        We should demand all this crook paid for
        Mueller investigation They are wasting our


      • Clapper had better watch his back. Killerys sucicide list has room for more names. That bitch is still dangerous. And some idiots like Robert Wolfe still has his nose in her ass.

        • I am in hopes that Hillary & Bill Clinton will be held accountable for all the injustices that have happen while they held state and US offices. Other people would have been in jail long before this. The injustices are way too long to list here. We all have to pay the piper. Hopefully justice will prevail.

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