Hillary’s legal problems just got way worse

Hillary Clinton’s private email server won’t go away.

Even with the election over, there is still an ongoing investigation by Congress into her conduct.

And one meeting may indicate she is still in serious legal jeopardy.

House Oversight Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz was summoned to the Oval Office for a meeting.

According to The Washington Examiner no oversight issues were discussed:

“House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz had a private meeting with President Trump and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus in the Oval Office Tuesday, but they did not discuss the Utah Republican’s chief role as a government watchdog.

“Before my bum even hit the chair,” the president said no oversight; you can’t talk about anything that has to do with oversight and I said, ‘fair enough,” Chaffetz said after the 30-minute meeting.

When the two met briefly in Philadelphia last month during Republicans’ annual retreat, Trump gave him the same order, Chaffetz said.”

So what did they discuss?

Chaffetz has said his investigation into Hillary is still ongoing.

NBC News reports Chaffetz declaring:

“Just because there was a political election doesn’t mean it goes away, so of course I am going to continue to pursue that,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, told reporters.

Chaffetz called finishing the investigation into Clinton one of his top priorities for the committee and noted the State Department has been “terribly slow and inefficient” in turning over documents forcing this to be dragged out.

“It was potentially one of the largest breaches in security in the history of the State Department. It cannot and should not be repeated ever again,” he said. “There are still open questions that we need to finish up so they won’t happen again.”

And in January, the FBI released 300 pages of documents from the investigation into her conduct.

The documents showed the FBI was skeptical of the State Department’s attempts to hunt around for officials who would be inclined to favorably rule that Hillary’s emails didn’t contain classified information.

Documents also contained information showing State Department official Patrick Kennedy offered a trade in exchange for the FBI marking Hillary’s emails with a lower level of classification.

Critics contend the documents clearly showed the State Department was concerned about Hillary’s emails containing classified information and were desperate to conceal the truth.

Will anyone ever be held accountable for this behavior?

Chaffetz has maintained Hillary isn’t out of the woods yet with his committee.

If nothing is off limits, then Chaffetz is free to pursue his inquiry wherever the facts may lead.

And that is really bad news for Hillary.


  1. It is simply remarkable that the Clintone continue to remain ” untouchable” within thier bullet-proof invisibe armor!
    One can only conclude that they have the goods on too many politicians and other powerful people to really be investigated.

  2. I am a 92year old veteran of WW2 and I have been fed up with almost everything for a long time!
    I have long been convinced that the Democratic Party lacks sufficient moral fiber to properly govern the country, the Republicans are marginally better.
    Fundamentally I believe that able bodied people should work gainfully and not accept political handouts in return for votes.Large families should be discouraged as consuming too much of everything. Resources are truely imited.

  3. You are so right about Congress being afraid for their lives. We have had enough investigations. Get a Grand Jury assembled to indict and prosecute and convict the members of the Deep State and Hillary Clinton for their crimes against the American people. Lock them up for life!

  4. Why not wait until the investigation is over to cast judgement. It seems stinky that the Clinton’s can go from broke to very wealthy in a short time. But, people want to hear from them read about them… so, it just might be true that they generated all that wealth by the public’s need for “Clinton Consumption.”

  5. Why not wait until the investigation is over to cast judgement. It seems stinky that the Clinton’s can go from broke to very wealthy in a short time. But, people want to hear from them read about them… so, it just might be true that they generated all that wealth by the public’s need for “Clinton Consumption.”

  6. Simple answer, The Clintons have the best intel gathering machine of any politicians. They have “The Dirt” on everyone. They work the system, and teach others how to do the same, and then use that knowledge against them. Look how many politicians enter service with almost no money in the bank, and after a few years have millions. Bill and Hillary know how they got it, and are willing to black-mail them with it.

  7. Many of the congress are afraid that they will find their “suicide note” on their desk if they go against killery.

  8. By now we know how corrupt our government has been . A lot of people do not hear our side , by choice , they watch CNN and the other channels that spread the lies and brainwashing .
    These people have most of Hollywood , the media …and Soros . There has been a plot against the Republicans and they hate Trump so much , because he is changing things greatly in our government ..changes we have badly needed !! Since Bill Clinton was President , it started .. they promote lying , slaughtering babies , criminal behavior and acts against our government to line their pockets .
    We have a brave President , he’s intelligent , caring and wants to help us to be strong again ..
    I do wish he would think a little more before he says things … that’s the only negative comment I have ..
    I’m ashamed of the actions that the Democrats this election .. some of the people I know and love watch CNN and they have said to me ,
    ” What has Trump done , huh , what’s he done for America ? “. They are fed these lies and have not educated themselves on both side .. these are intelligent people I’m talking about ..
    Now Russia is seeing how weak the USA is and they’ve been checking us out and provoking trouble ..
    I beg everyone to pray , pray for the people being so hateful …pray they open their minds to the reality of what’s really going on .
    I am not going to movies that the hateful Hollywood stars are acting in … I won’t shop at the stores that are trying to destroy Ivannka .
    She needs to start her own catalog buisness I think … she will be very successful .
    I’m sick of it !!! How about you ?

  9. Someone tell me why Hillary is off limits to face criminal charges for her life-long thumb- at-her-nose attitude toward obeying the law, immorality. lack of respect for the USA and the rest of us.
    Why is all of congress afraid of her or bill?

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