House Freedom Caucus Planning Post-Election Strategy

Paul Ryan VP announcement

Politico reported that the House Freedom Caucus – the good guys – are holding a pre-election strategy meeting on Wednesday.

Tops on their agenda is what to do about Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

When he took over as Speaker from former Rep. John Boehner, Ryan promised to be a more conservative – at a minimum fiscally responsible leader.

But Ryan has so far failed to live up to his promises. In the days after the Orlando nightclub shooting, Ryan capitulated to pressure from the gun control lobby. Luckily Second Amendment supporters jumped in and stopped the passage of Obama-Ryan backed gun control legislation.

But with the specter of a Hillary Clinton presidency, Paul Ryan many pro-limited government Members of Congress expect Ryan to cave to Clinton’s demands at every turn.

And if Donald Trump continues his surge to take the presidency on November 8, Ryan could be a huge thorn in Trump’s side to passing his agenda. Trump’s economic plans – which have been devised in part by free market champion Stephen Moore – include a massive tax-cut.

Will Paul Ryan stand in his way?

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