How James Mattis just betrayed Donald Trump will leave you speechless

Former Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis was one of Donald Trump’s all-star cabinet appointments.

But Mattis resigned last December in protest over Donald Trump’s foreign policy.

And how James Mattis just betrayed Donald Trump will leave you speechless.

Mattis was one of the great disappointments of the Trump administration.

Mattis constantly pushed Trump to adopt Barack Obama’s agenda by supporting the Iran Nuclear Deal, the Paris Climate Accord, and transsexuals in the armed forces.

But the final straw for Mattis was the President’s decision to end Barack Obama’s disastrous war in Syria.

Mattis resigned but had stayed quiet until now.

The former Secretary of Defense published an essay in The Wall Street Journal where he again made the case for the globalist alliance that ripped America off.

He also implicitly attacked Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy.

Mattis wrote:

Nations with allies thrive, and those without them wither. Alone, America cannot protect our people and our economy. At this time, we can see storm clouds gathering. A polemicist’s role is not sufficient for a leader. A leader must display strategic acumen that incorporates respect for those nations that have stood with us when trouble loomed. Returning to a strategic stance that includes the interests of as many nations as we can make common cause with, we can better deal with this imperfect world we occupy together. Absent this, we will occupy an increasingly lonely position, one that puts us at increasing risk in the world.

It never dawned on me that I would serve again in a government post after retiring from active duty. But the phone call came, and on a Saturday morning in late 2017, I walked into the secretary of defense’s office, which I had first entered as a colonel on staff 20 years earlier. Using every skill I had learned during my decades as a Marine, I did as well as I could for as long as I could. When my concrete solutions and strategic advice, especially keeping faith with our allies, no longer resonated, it was time to resign, despite the limitless joy I felt serving alongside our troops in defense of our Constitution.

The Fake News Media will surely latch on to Mattis’ essay as a condemnation of President Trump’s leadership style and policies.

Even though Mattis never mentioned Trump by name, the very fact that he published this essay allows the President’s enemies to use Mattis’ words to attack Donald Trump.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Laura, Stormy finally admitted that nothing ever happened between her and Trump. Trump won a law suit against her so she must have lied about something or done something wrong.

  2. Big Ego.(Mattis)”John Kerry” said go to college or get sent to fake wars to die.Military Complex Big money maker for the likes of these really smart people NOT.Jealousy-Greed-Power-Pedos-Pedovores.Kerrys Step son involved in Gas Co.w/Hunter Biden billions pay-to-pay.Obama needs tryed for Treason along w/last 3 Pres.Pres.Carter have Panama Canal away (China there)Clinton pedo.sold us to China & Russia.Bush gave us 911& disabled men & women.Obama gave us Gay Marriage & Big Mike.Armed Iss.Sic people.Trump 2020

  3. Well, I guess you are A Mad Dog! You as a Commander of Forces Overseas! You should Really Be Ashamed of Yourself. You as Commander of Forces you should be Honorable and close lipped about The Military and Past. As they say What Goes around Comes around. Tony, former United States Marine and Retired, service connected. American Indian from Nevada and Direct Desendent of Chief Whiteknife of Fort Ruby.

  4. Mattis is and was a globalist from the start. President Trump use him to get support from the military then let him go. Genius.

  5. Jack Handy, rr is too tough on some of us, huh? Good to hear from “all” of you good guys, tell all I said Hi. Understood your BUTCHY message to “it” and understand connection of all who said Hi. Have a good night……..

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    BUTCHY Say STFU to you know who’.

  7. I guess he Really Admitted, he is ‘Establishment’__
    V. Disappointing. I had ‘hope’, he would hang ‘tuff’ W/ POTUS.
    > The FULL WSJ article, seemed some sort of a
    ‘comeUppance’/ self apology & identifying His ‘walk-out’

  8. NOT me Dan, NEVER VOTE a’fag’. tranny. etc.
    & Not ‘sorry’ to Say it. Against GOD>
    These ‘conditions’ ARE a ‘DEEP SOUL’ sickness.
    > Make all the ‘excuses’ you want. ‘they’
    ‘break Down’ in the end all.

  9. To jd. ‘Allies’ W/whom ? EX: comm China ?
    Germany? CFR? UN? NATO? etc. cough cough.
    .Thank GOD, you Have NO ‘position’ of/in Power.
    just a dinky ‘peep’ on a blog.

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  11. Maximum Waters Christ, Jesus’ sister show be congratulated for ripping off Americans and then saying Trump is bad. But the truth is she is as low a human there is in Our country. Not her country. She just used it for her own personal gain. She should be in jail but the left would cry so loud you would easily hear her in the moon. Yes she has a big nasty ugly mouth.

  12. Old saying you keep your friends close but, your enemies closer . The GD Bits still owe use a war debt from WW2 that they fail to repay and the same for other so called allies

  13. True words were never spoken , geo Washington’s farewell address sums it all , regarding foreign allies , we can drop them and get new foreign allies , the German EU and most of the United Nations are not our American friends !!! Let them go , previous four presidents before Pres Trump had anti American progressive agendas , Obama was the worse of the worse and should be held accountable for treason and sedation !!! Always remember WE AMERICA ARE THE FUTURE , Germany is not an ally and most of the United Nations and EU have anti American agendas !!!

  14. Justme I would vote for a fag as long as they stand with my values on constitutional government. Not all of them are liberal. The only ones that I call names are the ones whom I believe are left wingers. Don’t some of the commiecrats call for name calling, harassment and even violence against us. I was once a democrat, and a conservative at the same time. Then I realized oil and water don’t mix. They don’t represent my values. But in the last several years, they have became more militant and dangerous. Yes, we are on the verge of civil war. I don’t ever want that, but the potential is there. And I know Trump isn’t perfect, I even voted for Ted Cruz in our primary. But I cannot vote for any of the democrats running. Take notice that they are turning to atheists for support.

  15. If you’re referring to me, Mr. Tyree, then I am actually an Old School Conservative. Certainly not a new ConTard like you! (Oh it made me feel so good to write that! Now I understand why YOU always call people disgusting names! LOL!). No, it actually wouldn’t matter to me if a candidate was of the other persuasion. Except for two problems in this case. First of all, Trump is already MARRIED! He already cheated on THREE wives, multiple times! That’s a lot different from being a happily married gay man or lesbian. No, if a True Conservative were running, and was married to a same sex person, then I would have no problem voting for him/her. But the real issue I wanted to point out was the fact that Trump declared that he “Fell in LOVE” Kim Jung Un! Fell in love!?!?! With a brutal dictator that has killed millions of his own people!?!?! Imagine if Obama or Clinton or Carter announced to the world that he fell “in love” with Hitler or Stalin or Mao Zedong! We Cons would justifiably call him crazy and much. much more. Maybe even impeach him. But Trump does it and no one bats an eye. WTF! No, it wouldn’t bother me at all if Con-Man Trump resigned and then Pence could run for President in 2020.

  16. What If it was true that Trump is queer. Which I don’t think he is. I thought you libturds was all for fags. Mayor butthole hasn’t dropped out of the commiecrat presidential race yet.

  17. Dr JD, you leftists are the cultists with conspiracies, President Trump has brought on an increase in jobs for everyone, improved the economy, he is steps ahead of you in dealing with Putin, name these oligarchs, you need to get off the TDS!

  18. James Mattis was a legendary marine. A great foreign policy adviser he was not. I respect that Mattis chose to resign in a situation where he could not comfortably carry out the President’s orders. Now he can run his mouth with impunity, display his ignorance at will. And he is doing both! The US needs allies but not leeches.

  19. Anne: if being rude to a veteran should get you thrown off this site, then I guess that all the Cons being rude to Gen. Mattis should get thrown off as well.

  20. Right you are Wynette! But don’t forget about Israel. Over the years they have received MORE US money than any other country! A couple of hundred BILLION! And they didn’t help out in Afghanistan, or Iraq or Iran or Korea. Why do we still have to pay to protect them? Let them stand on their own 2 feet for a change.

  21. Hey Nancy, I wouldn’t be so quick to say that. Remember he got a Love Note from Kim Jung Un, the ruler of North Korea, and The Donald said right on TV for all to hear that he was so touched that he “fell in love” with Mr. Kim! I always knew that he was a Bi! I wonder who gets to be on top, Trump or Mr. Kim?

  22. That shows how ignorant you are Blue, and/or how you willingly suspend judgment for your cult leader, Trump. Trump is compromised by Putin, compromised a long time before elected with financial deals with Russian oligarchs controlled by Putin and by the Trump Moscow deal. Once Putin had him in his pocket, he then unleashed his interference in our election to get him elected – -not because he liked Trump, but as another means to tear down the superiority of the USA.

    What did Trump do last week – – pitched over and over to the other G-7 members to allow Putin and Russia back in and return to the G-8. Trump has made us economically vulnerable, doubled the deficits and with his erratic and constantly changing trade talks, is leading us right into a recession.

  23. I don’t read all the P.P. blogs, just the ones that seem somewhat interesting. So, I don’t know your question.

  24. These so-called Allies tried to control our election a

    And undo a sitting president. With allies like that we will be done in soon. Let’s get real folks

  25. It seems these countries have gone from being allies to being countries of all lies. They claim they will join and help but end up doing nothing.

  26. You are the Incompetent one, President Trump is doing an excellent job, you leftists think this Mattis matter is his demise, I reckon, bone spurs or not he is your CIC, the Great disruptor upsetting your establishment apple cart, he’s Definitely got your number.

  27. I admired Gral Mattis, but he’s not living the challenges that this new centurry has brought about. Different strategies are needed. and Donald Trump is providing them excellenty as far as I can see. We can’t judge 100%, we’re not insiders, but the results from the Trump administration speak volumes in favor of AMERICA; so, MAGA2020!

  28. Not even Melania has the hots for Donnie Sr. anymore! Trump had to bribe Stormy Daniels to be on the Appretice and then beg her to have sex with him – – another example of his infidelity to ALL his wives.

  29. Bill Clinton was a draft dodger. Trump is doing a great job. But we can’t expect a left wing fool to see that.

  30. Now you are caught in a logical dilemma, Real M. If Trump is such a bad manager and ignorant enough to HIRE all this bad people who say he is a Moron (Tillerson etc.) – – and it has been over 60 people – then he is not fit to be president. You can’t have it both ways – – Trump picks them and it turns out badly – – so maybe SOME of what most of these people are saying (and the authors are writing) IS TRUE ABOUT TRUMP. EITHER WAY, TRUMP IS A VERY INCOMPETENT PRESIDENT.

  31. EXACTLY, Scott27 – Mike from the Midwest made the same point above. Trumpers have no standards except that you follow the cult leader, Trump. Soon, we will see that many of Trump’s foreign decisions are because he has been compromised by Putin, is in Putin’s pocket . . . and that is why Putin spent so much effort to get him elected. Look how Putin smirks when he is around Trump and how Trump literally bows to him.

  32. But you don’t give that same respect to USMC General Mattis, and this guy actually put his life on the line and was considered an excellent leader. He tried to reign in the ignorance of Trump, and how Trump maintains a disastrous foreign policy. America NEEDS allies . . . . I would think someone with the experience of Mattis would know more than a guy who falsely got out of the service.

  33. What you are doing is just like the mom that says everyone else is out of step except her son. If most of the people are saying SIMILAR things about the disastrous and chaotic Trump Administration, and THEY HAVE BEEN INSIDE OF IT, then maybe there is some credibility there. Face it, Trump did not serve in the military, held NO GOVERNMENT OFFICE before becoming president (even on a city council), shouldn’t he LISTEN to those who have spent a career gaining expertise?

    Re-read what Mattis said – -that we are stronger with allies – – and yet Trump goes to the NATO meetings and the G-7 and advocates for Putin and Russia rather than our allies!

  34. Typical Trumper type of response when they don’t have anything reasonable to say – – grade school and vulgar insults. No wonder women like me can’t support Trump or his Trumpers.

  35. Sorta like most on this site have proclaimed General Mattis a no account Fake conservative commie supporting swamp rat dog’s ass?

  36. It’s all the Pelouzy, SChumer and company ANTIFA Fascist free-loaders who can’t handle the truth. A little research shows them for the Neo-NAZIs they really are.

  37. I agree with you completely and might add that the USA can no longer pick up the tab for all of those allies any longer.
    You find out who your real friends are once you stop putting out all that free beer and snacks to watch every football game in front of your big screen TV.

  38. “being rude to a veteran should get you thrown off of here”??? Anne, look at how many of your commrades here are trashing Mattis, who is not only a veteran but had a distinguished military career in service to each of us and the nation as a whole. Contrast that with Capt. Bone Spurs.

  39. Actually, Anne, the Russians did not need any other nations help defeating Germany. The US was not in a condition to whip the Russians after V.E. day. If I remember correctly, Russia was 6 months behind the US in development of their own atom bombs…because all the plans were our plans. The US workers/planers/scientists were jam packed full of Russian spies. The Rosenberg’s were just two of a legion of spies. I believe we would have had exactly the same results the Germans had. Hold a line, start building the next line and loose another 40 million Russians, then counter attack till they won. So what if they lost 80-100 million solders. Stalin said “losing millions of soldiers is a statistic, losing one life is a tragedy”, or something close to that.

  40. Are you an American? If so, he is your President just as Obama was not my choice but he was indeed our President. The liberal left is so quick to distance themselves from anything or anyone contrary to their position. Fact of the matter is he was elected as President of the United States and as an American, not a liberal, he is your President!

  41. Yes, where are those Allies that let us incur most of the expense of fighting ISIS? Where besides possibly Britain, are the Allies helping us protect the Strait of Hormuz, and even protecting their own tankers, from Iran? Heck, where has Allies contributions to NATO for the promised 2%, and even the money owed from short paid contributions, the previous 20 years, been made? Our European Allies would all be speaking German if we hadn’t come to their aid in WWII. South Korea and Japan would not be as successful as they are, if we hadn’t been defending them all of these years, and giving them the means to become wealthy; after we helped rebuild them and also Europe, after WWII and Korean Conflict.
    And just how much money have we contributed to Africa to provide them with clean water and food, and even defense against terrorist organizations.

    And if America had ever needed help; since our American Revolution with Britain; I doubt we would have been given help. Thank God that President Trump is getting Trade Agreements fairer, and donations to NATO made by those Allies.

  42. Being rude to a veteran should get you thrown off of here.

    Btw, what “friends”? France and the Brits have done nothing for us. Russia was a far better ally. Stalin was the one who helped defeat the Nazis, Putin hates Muslims as much as we should.

    Americans were fools for listening to those idiots Hillary and Obama, and their made up lies about “the Russians” all to save their sorry asses for their war crimes and treason. YOU are a moron.

  43. Depends upon what and who you consider an ally and what you want from that country. America was once in a position to help other countries at her own expense but today, we need to be in a position to help other countries while also maintaining an ability to support and prosper ourselves. Many countries are lead by liberal leaders that are more than willing to help themselves to our good will etc and even surrender their constituents future in order to obtain a near term, many times termporary, gain.

  44. Thank God a person that has a brain and the sight to see what is actually going on and it is not for the American people and our democracy. Trump is not our President.

  45. Second that. The ignorant uneducated morons posting below know nothing, have never done anything with their lives, and are easily conned.

  46. Notice how these people let go from trump’s administration turns on him. It’s all about sweet revenge. Not for the good of the country.

  47. You are a traitor if you support Drumpf, who is taking his directions from Putin. Patriotic heroes like Gen. Mattis will save the USA from destruction and preserve our Democracy, with the support of 60% of the US citizens who hate Drumpf. We are the intelligent, successful, caring people who love the US and our democracy and despise treasonous, corrupt low-life scum like Drumpf.

  48. Mattis is just another liberal in conservative clothing ” SWAMP RAT ” just like Jeff Sessions the fake conservative SWAMP RAT moron. They lied and misled the President in order undermine his Presidency from within the Cabinet. There so much corruption in DC it is a National Disgrace.

  49. God Bless Donald Trump, God Bless the United States Of America. This President has done more to make America Great Again, then any President Since the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln.
    Keep America Great. Trump 2020-2024.

  50. Mattis is a Judas Iscariot. He has betray our country with his international view. He is not really fighting for America.

  51. The greasy head idiot white-folks who post on here are NO better den the people they pull down for trump the bump on americas butt. They’re in hog heaven while brown nosing trump-ah-hump em all the way to Russia wit nothing butt love. hahahhahahahahahhahaha

  52. Statesman Patriot, Thank you for your service! Because of you, our military and vets, we feel safer and more secure.

  53. As a Marine during the Vietnam conflict, I had great admiration and respect for USMC General Mattis. I had great hopes when he was appointed by Trump, but since his departure and vile hate for Trump, I have lost all respect and regard. I no longer consider him a Marine!!
    “Semper Fi” to all legitimate Marines!!!!

  54. Mattis is way off base and its precisely that old guard attitude that has allowed everyone we ever helped to take advantage of that philosophy at our expense, and I mean that literally. In every case Trump has used our economic leverage he has knuckled under these so call allies and enemies alike. More money from NATO allies for their own self defense, has forced Mexico and Canada into new economic deals, has been bringing Iran to her knees, and China back to the tariff negotiating table. Hasn’t fired a shot to do any of that. The problem with a lot of these people who work for the President is that they think they are the President. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen and that is precisely what Mattis did and that’s fine but don’t sour grape afterwards, no one who supports Trump really care what the fired, resigned or other side really thinks. Leave quietly and with some dignity.

  55. Real M the crap that’s being published shows the rat party is desperate. Sleepy joe is still leading their poll, if you can believe it. I would be worried too.

  56. with allies like ours who needs enemies we lasted many a year by building our on stuff cars trucks washers tv and now we have to import everything why when we have the smartest engineers and designers and all the stuff we import is designed by us why not open our plants and start building our own stuff again

  57. Blue, I know General Mattis has a wonderful military reputation but, he is obviously a Democrat or a RINO. I applaud President Trump for trying to reach across the aisle when he first became POTUS but, the Dems of today are a total different breed than they once were and they won’t work with us unless they are allowed to perform their job with liberal policies.
    Sorry, General Mattis should have never been given the job……..And, I have said that about others President Trump hired and ended up firing, etc. I am certainly not an expert “in all things political” but, some things I just realize!

  58. Funny your not , but now A Traitor James Mattis , your that , I’ll never speak another word of good towards you , Shame on You mister !!

  59. Our allies have made us the major player in 2 wars they ignited. That’s not counting the brush wars we got entagled with due 2 their failed colonialism. Then came the policies of weak/self aggrandizing presidents who only sought wealth &. power, they allowed the non-elected bureaucrats 2 run amok. These bureaucrats thought it would B SWAMPINESS AS USUAL & they would B calling the shots.POTUS however is NOT a Monday morning armchair QB.. Trump is both QB & head coach. He has relegated them 2 asst. positions & many can’t understand that they don’t get the final word.

  60. Heard he hated being called “Mad Dog”, all that great talk about him and he supports stuff most Americans don’t agree with, heard he also voted for Hillary, I mean, damn!

  61. It is always hard haveing to serve under someone whom one did not have total RESPECT FOR, especially, after one has had the SOLE Control of something that is mightily IMPORTANT in A HIGH POSITION! To take orders after having been given orders for so long, that is Tough! President TRUMP is doing a very GOOD JOB! He was never a POLITICIAN! He never took ORDERS! He made HIS DESICIONS as he WANTED! He is doing an excellent job running our Country! He needs our Suppot and SOUND OPINOIINS, if there are any that might be BETTER than HIS OWN?

  62. Definitely a head scratcher. It’s the General’s view on transsexuals that I feel he went off the rails. Outside of that, the political infighting in the swamp is something it’s difficult for normal people to understand.

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