How Nancy Pelosi just insulted Mike Pence will leave you speechless

The Democrats’ hatred for President Trump is getting out of control.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just crossed a line.

And how Nancy Pelosi just insulted Mike Pence will leave you speechless.

President Trump tasked Vice President Mike Pence with briefing Congressional leaders on Iran firing 15 ballistic missiles at two air force bases in Iraq that house American soldiers.

When word came that Pence wanted to speak with Pelosi, she dismissed the call barking that she would call him back.

Pence sent a message two minutes later about why he was calling and Pelosi got on the phone.

But the disrespect was hard to miss.

When a Vice President calls a Congressional leader it isn’t for idle chit chat.

Pence wasn’t reaching out to Pelosi to waste her time.

Refusing to take Pence’s call without knowing why he was calling shows the depths of the partisan hatred in the Democrat Party for Donald Trump and anyone that serves in his administration.

Democrats complained to high heavens that President Trump didn’t brief them ahead of time on the Soleimani strike.

But Pelosi’s shameful conduct in refusing to take Pence’s call showed Democrats cannot be trusted to take matters of national security seriously.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Please, the dried up Old Mafia Hoor needs to croak. She’s so evil Satan doesn’t want her.

  2. Nancy is a disgrace to this nation. First of all she treated the Vice President as a peasant beneath her standards. Secondly she believes that there is nothing wrong in killing babies through post birth abortions. Otherwise she would have passed the bill. Furthermore half the time she speaks she slurs her words and is hard to understand. She also rambles on about nothing, or lies about things like the coronavirus. Nancy has to go, the quicker the better for this country. She is dragging the country down.

  3. Four more years President Trump protect our children. Those demonuts aren’t going to.
    Look at the track record of killer hillery she let our men be killed no thought no care they have family children friend and people who love them. No problem. Then has the balls to state what do you want me to do it’s over with.
    I could think of a few things she could have done like step down be charged with murder. Sent to prison for life…. and oh her mate Obama he sure did love that Middle East hmmm wonder why?

  4. Ok here I go sticking my nose into it…
    Number one IAM catholic born and raised we do NOT believe in killing babies. Mortal sin. No purgatory straight to Hell fire!
    Who can rip a baby out of the womb alive and then end that poor helpless babies like with a life across its tiny throat.
    What is wrong with you demonuts? That’s plain EVIL anyone who could harm a new born baby needs put in jail and punished the way they took that babies life.
    She isn’t catholic we don’t even believe in birth control.

  5. I too agree with martin. There should be term limits on Congress just as the President. Congress was not meant to be a life time job. Maybe the President will try to rectify that if he’s re-elected. If he can do it. The democrats have got way beyond control with their hate for not just the President but all republicans. I hope they can prove that Schiff,Pelosi and the rest of their gang made this up and be prosecuted for their attempt to undermine the President and the Senate.

  6. She probably asked if any Iranians were killed so they can mourn. Traitor! Now she just proved the democrats can’t be trusted. Her own agenda is all that matters.

  7. The democraps are out of control. They all need to be thrown in prison and do a min. Of 20 yrs. They hate this country and every one of them should be tried for treason.
    Please help get rid of them all by our only means. VOTE and tell all your friends to VOTE!!!

  8. And what will happen if Trump should be removed? Pence will take over the Presidents role. Then the Dems will start all over again harassing Pence until he is driven or removed from office. The next person in line is Pelosi….she will slide right into the presidential role……Is that a scary thought? ????

  9. Democrats have abused power to allow so many invaders in our country,
    How will we control. not only their fake votes, but their weapons?
    Fake lawyers, I should end here because I survived the (MS-13 Gang),
    There are 3 other gang attacks published in our country.
    The last left a 10year old girl dead at Walmart store. In (Smithfield, NC)

  10. Pelosi has no self-respect therefore no respect for America! She and her like minded band of traitors need to be tried and executed! Live on all channels, all week.

  11. When Trump wins by a massive landslide what are going to do then accuse us of more stupid baloney. If you were right you would not harass people whom share an opinion opposite of yours. Your truly a bunch of troll fascist communist.

  12. mj: get to your mental hospital in your community and do it fast. i fear for your neighbors and any one else you know. you are a danger to society and need to be locked up for your own personal security and jail guards need to strip any bed sheets and ropes,clothes or any thing you could hang your self with. if you have family ask them to leave your home you are a danger to them,don’t buy a gun you might shoot your self and don’t cross a train track a train might hit you.stay away from children they are too young to be exposed to you. don’t go to church the roof might cave in and stay away from liberals they are causing you night mares.if you vote back into the booth because your brain is running backwards.

  13. Commies are career ball busters and a thorn in the side of civic duty. Despite their elaborate talk of economics they are actually addicted to money.. I pray they turn to Buddhism or Hinduism where Reincarnation is believable and they can return as termites where they will be able to feast on their money and can state truly “Who said you can’t take it with you…”?

  14. > Proud & Blessed To Be An American & Defend Her…
    > Apparently You Do Not MJ, & ‘live 0ff the Backs’
    That Support USA. You ARE a ‘Dis-Grace’, Literally…
    LMA0 & Thnx for the ‘compliment’ HA Ha Haaa….
    Y0U ARE a ‘weak Fool’ ___

  15. > Several words deleted. ” House Speaker ”
    IS 3rd In Line … After President. Vice President, 2nd.
    Then House Speaker….

  16. The ‘Point] In the ‘Fact of the Matter’ HERE: IS
    No 0ne Is ‘Taking Speaker Pelosi 0ut'( Even mildly)…re Defending Iran.
    >>> NO Country 0n Planet WOULD ALLOW Such a TRAITOR ( in their Country), much less
    IN ‘High’ 0ffice… such As: ‘House Speaker, 3rd Speaker Pelosi (in recent past) ‘Threatened’, W/ Sergeant of Arms
    for a ‘take 0ut of various ppl. Remember that ??? Please Do So ___
    >>> &&& FYI: The ‘Current’ Sergeant of Arms, NEEDS to Review ‘job Description’.
    > All comm’s HERE, ARE ‘moot’. A ‘something’ MUST Be Done ___

  17. Zee goes along with Moscow Mitch who is just as much a traitor. Moscow Mitch is the one who needs to be locked up.

  18. Robert I think she as played tRUMP like a fiddle. Makes his blood pressure go up and that is a good thing maybe he will keel over and die from either a stroke or heart attack. If that happens I might get an american flag and wave it. Personal a deliberating stroke would be best. And no I did not threaten him I just think the world would be better if he died from natural causes.

  19. Debbie, And, you’re too young and immature to realize when you’ve got it good! You’ll find out about “pouring gas on the fire” if we get a weakkneed Dem liberal President who turns the USA into a banana republic, you little pansy!

  20. What people don’t realize about the Democrats is # 1 their inability to form committed relationships because # 2 they have no appreciation for self-criticism linked to the materialistic defiance of the intangible consequently a balanced conscience. Their “game” is a War of Nerves in which they conduct themselves in utterly shameless and sadistic ways when interacting with competitors.. This form of back-stabbing they apparently think forces their objectives into inferior positions by inflaming passions with barbs, and “cuts”. This they deem totally legitimate and anyone who fails to maintain social decorum (now what kind of social ‘decorum’ would we expect from “couch potatoes”) virtually absent of social sensibility.. They come across as literal cold-blooded killers but in their self-infatuated, self-absorbed oblivious and delusional minds they are little angels ferreting out the more radical and anti-social element in our community.When they start “acting out” (as they call it) agitating and provoking i merely look at them as ‘jail bait’ because yes their inner sanctum is telling you from their heart ‘If you don’t like it just kill me..” and truthfully when left to their own coteries that’s precisely where their risks and fatalities are occurring. “No room at the top.”

  21. The time has come to change the Constitution of the United States. The House of Representatives now have members that must be 25 or older – Need to change this to age of 35 or older. They also need to raise the number each rep has from 30,000 to at lease 50,000 persons. This would save a bundle of money and also give us better representation.

  22. Inn response to Peter Swan and his knowledge about the Concentration Camps… I wish he had inserted his age because then he would have provided a little “credibility” to go along with his offering. I lived in the UK when WW11 broke out, and was 15 yo when it all ended! So I have questions about how much you can pass on to the world about hat life was like in the Concentration Camps ( other than what you may read in the newspapers). My two brothers and my Father were in uniform and in the thick of it , but, but I was ONLY on the receiving end of the bombers. Now let us have your claim to your “war” experience.

  23. Arrest her and lock her up for conspiracy. That would be an easy charge to prove and would remove her from the House on a permanent basis.

  24. Kay, are you really that stupid. She is second in line if something happens to President Trump. Pence is first in line. Pence is also the President of the Senate. He has more power than she has and he wins on the intelligence level also. And he is elected to those positions while she is not elected by the people to the position of Speaker of the House. He can take over as President in case of a problem for the President, she cannot.

  25. Maybe next time when we have to make a drone strike they won’t bother to inform the speaker since she’s too busy to accept phone calls. WTF?

  26. The house speaker isn’t the boss of congress either. Since Pence’s call was about the drone strike that took out the Iranian terrorist you might want to take that call moron.

  27. How stupid you must be to think a human baby only becomes a human baby after it’s born. What about premature birth? Are they not human babies until the age of 9 months? What a freaking idiot you are.

  28. Actually, the President hold far more power over the House than the House holds over the President. I would suggest that it is you who needs to read the Constitution. The House or Senate cannot shutdown the President. The President can shutdown the Congress. Or call it into session. The President can veto any Bill. It takes 2/3rds of both the House and Senate to override that veto. Congress can pass a Bill but if they go into recess, he can just sit on it and it dies. The President has Executive Privilege, the Congress has no such thing. The President controls the Department of Justice and can have Congresscritters arrested on charges. The Congress has no such power.

  29. You can’t fix the middle east. Trump can’t fix it. Nobody can. Best just to get out of there and worry about ourselves. If they send nukes our way we’ll turn them into a parking lot.

  30. Kay, let’s see if you can answer this honesty? If abortion isn’t killing babies, why does a person get charged with two cases of manslaughter if a woman who is pregnant dies in a car accident?

  31. Well its evident that Pelosi doesn’t. She doesn’t run the Senate, but thinks she does. She doesn’t run the courts, but thinks she can stack the SCOTUS. She doesn’t run the Executive Branch, but thinks she does. Well I think we have found the problem. She just doesn’t think. Congress is not limitless in their powers of investigation. Even if she and Schiff feel they are.

  32. Kay should talk to the crew of the plane she flies on. They can’t keep the liquor cabinet stocked on a flight she is on.

  33. But sadly, with the Congress, it is only each house of it that has a say. Unless the person either dies, is locked up in prison, or is voted out of office, there isn’t much hope. She can be removed as Speaker but to get her removed from the House takes a 2/3rds vote of the members. And that is almost impossible to do.

  34. She can taste being President. But that taste in her mouth really is the bile that she spews. She will not be President of the US. She might be the sanatorium wing queen though.

  35. I think I’m going to go into the textile industry. The left is going to need a whole lot of crying towels when they lose in all 3.

  36. Julio, congratulations on your new job as Queen Nancy’s new chauffeur. Do you get tired of the continuous curtseying, however?

  37. Was she able to utter those words without fumbling, stuttering or forgetting what she was saying??????

  38. Bill, are you unable to respond without using vulgarity? Please, let’s clean up our written “speech” in helping to make America great again.

  39. It breaks my heart when I sit down at my computer to read something regarding our beloved America – or anything else, for that matter – and immediately see where the one making a response has to begin his/her comment with such vulgarity as those 3 letters (of the alphabet). Why can’t a person express him/herself responsibly. When using such vulgarity, they are lowering themselves to the greatest depths. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone would do their part in helping to Make America Great Again by cleaning up their speech – whether written or spoken! I agree, totally, with the writer’s sentiment regarding Pelosi, but I can express myself without using filthy language.

  40. The house is nothing but a laughing joke. Since Pelosi th charge knowone hardly listens to nothing she says. President Trump is the only thing on her mind. She doesn’t care about the Amercian people at all

  41. The Democrats and the liberal journals & their news outlets, have initiated hatred, disrespect, aggression, inciting violence, lies & defamations, corruption into our political system, government, & American society – in resistance to the opposition party winning a presidential election. They are a party of destruction & greed. And all of their misdeeds, dishonesty, and manipulations ARE being uncovered little by little. Democrats DO NOT fool the Tens of millions if not a Hundreds million Americans, with their twisted talk and their actions. We all know how dangerously sick in the minds they are. And conservative & libertarians have had enough of their evil schemes. We are at last fighting back and we are fighting to preserve our country! May Americans fight back with voting for every Republican candidate on the voting ballot – and STOP the Dem’s insanity being forced upon us all.

  42. That POS is a Congresswoman with limited power. That Gavel is just a piece of wood. She isn’t as powerful as she thinks. Time for the Old HAG to retire. 30 years in DC weren’t what the founders envisioned. Part time Govt and term limits are what is needed.

  43. WTF… ‘who’ Does she ‘think’ she is – Higher than VP ???
    She Is a ‘blatant Traitor… Defending Iran. & Remains in 0ffce.
    > Her new name is “Tehran Nancy” >> (already 0n Radio)…

  44. Both side are consumed with hate, and will not be able to respond to the other hate filled person rationally. I understand the level of emotion that courses through the gains of each side, but both side must stop the mutual f…ing behavior, as it accomplished zip….nothing.
    I wonder how many of those that participated in the infantile remarks tonight, will rustle up the about of hate it takes to be a participant in such trashy behavior again. I’d be willing to bet…100 percent! Damn, what a way of time and emotion.

    Both sides should meet on a darkened street somewhere in the middle of the desert, where nobody would witness the brawl, and have it out. Problem is most people who show the the lack of respect for the other verbally, don’t have the balls to meet in physical battle…the only ones that would show are the that have seen real battles in their life…and they most likely would say…” hey, what a waste of time, anybody have a beer?

  45. Daniel, why would you say that about ALL Catholics when those of us who are of that faith decry what Pelosi is doing – she hides behind her faith and she has to answer one day to God for what she is doing – just like you and everyone else in the world! She is evil – there is no doubt about that, but DO NOT say that about all people. Would you like it if we said that about you and your religion, if you have one!

  46. Here’s my take on the Dems view of Trump. If he WALKED ON WATER, all they would say is he can’t swim! It’s gotten to the point where, I CAN’T WAIT for another 4yrs of Trump~~just to see the Dems/Media/Hollywood implode. Them losing the House will be the icing on the cake!!

  47. To the person who said there was no war over here. I hope you mean in recent history. Revolutionary war we fought for our freedom. Farmers taking up arms. This is what illegals need to do instead of invading our country, fight to save theirs like our forefathers did.
    As for Pelosi, she needs to leave, Schiff, Schumer, oh hell all the democrats..they are ruining this country.
    God Bless America and President Trump!

  48. Kay your just a frustrated /woman or ignorant, I bet your not even married or have a man, to include your education is at its limit. God Bless you, your the type of wo,en that get rape for your ignorance

  49. I hope that the President and all Republicans remember the next time a Democrat telephones them with an urgent message to just say “…tell them I will phone them back…”, like Pelosi did to VP Pence.

  50. I guess by your age, you served this country by being a Hippie !! Very well, then you know about Viet-Nam, how we were sold out, Do we need that again?

  51. Daniel. It is not right and quite unfair to make a sweeping statement that all Catholic people are evil……Pelosi is not even a true Catholic. No one who is a Catholic can support the democratic party much less be one of its leaders. They are a party who reject God. The do not want to have anything to do with God. They support the killing of babies even when they are born alive after a botched abortion. And many other things that are not what Catholic Christians stand for. I hope you will reconsider your statement. Thank you

  52. All we can do is vote.ive changed some of my friends minds,finally got them to come around.meanwhile I wear my trump hat everywhere but for some reason nobody says anything to me.orobably cuz I’m big and not old.kefties leave guys like me alone.

  53. put the squad in there also i still can’t believe Omar isn’t in jail yet and is still in office some people need to wake up and start doing something about her and AOC and TLIAB if we done half of what they are getting away with we would have been in jail a long time ago

  54. Nancy we can only hope that the Almighty will put a stop to this. Baby killers are the most vile wicked people on earth. The commiecrats are worse than Hitler. And we can only try to get our message out there.

  55. In addition, Pelosi got her degree from Trinity College, a Catholic finishing school for privileged girls. She is not an intellect, she married wealth, and with her
    father’s history in Baltimore, Md. politics, she learned about corruption up close and personal. I only pray that she gets her dentures fixed so we won’t have to spend
    more time watching her chew her cheek, smack her lips, and otherwise look like an
    orangutang when she sits behind POTUS.


  57. Karen, Kay Blalock is a super troll, knows just enough to make her IQ one digit higher than the garden variety troll! She is typical Dem, knows how to use pretty words that have the same ugly inhuman meaning, in other words she has a degree in Pelosi BS propaganda regurgitation! I know her, she’s a dime a dozen elitest with a huge superiority complex!

  58. Daughter of Thomas “D” Alessandra Jr. and best friends with Diane “Lost in Space “ Feinstein. Former minion of Jerry Brown, and her dad was a crook(aka; mob member) who started some of the worst corruption in Baltimore history as Mayor…Take a look at Baltimore and San Francisco, better much explains it all…

  59. There is many pictures from past of her drinking.she gotten up before audience slurring like she was having a stroke.the woman is totally incompentent as speaker of house.i can’t tell what side of argument you are on.i deduce that you are another liberal

  60. Peter Swan, Than you for your service to America, God bless you! I am so sorry for what you suffered under the nazi regime and so happy you survived and returned home to your loved ones.
    A lot of Americans have been raised under such a sheltered life they don’t believe the evil that exists in this world. All Americans really need to stay abreast of “real factual news” and current events to understand there are people and countries who hate America because they see us as having all the things they want, Americans have never endured a war in our homeland with all the horrors of war, and they hate us for endless other reasons! They want us to suffer because they are jealous of America, the most blessed country in the world!
    The world is shrinking and these haters get closer daily. Unless America continues to have a strong President, as DJT is, to protect America and do what is necessary, the bad people are going to show America, sooner or later, the horrors other people have lived! We cannot view the evil in this world through rose colored glasses! If we do, we will lose what almighty God has blessed us with!

  61. The USA needs you desperately to resume your position in Washington D.C. But I fear it would be a lost cause with the mindless Dims that have been elected by people even dumber.

  62. Kay read your statement! What you just said is true. But you didn’t say anything about the HOUSE! SAME CAN HAPPENED THERE AS WELL! ALL IT TAKE IS THE MINORITY LEADER TO CALL A VOTE! IF THEY GET MORE IN FAVOR OF REMOVED PELOSI. SHE WILL BE FORCE TO RESIGN

  63. Want to bet? I wish I could tell why they all need to be charge with SEDITION AND TREASONOUS AGAINST AMERICA. But I’m sure there are other people who knows what happened in the DEMOCRAT HOUSE.AND HOW OBAMA HELP IRAN.

  64. Time to have her analyzed and perhaps put down…I think syphilis has damaged her reality.

  65. So who do you support that you think wil accomplish more than what Trump has accomplished with very little support from Democrats for sure, but also with little initial support from many Republicans. Are the economic and stock market numbers not to be believed? Has ISIS been defeated? We are now the #1 energy producer in the world. Are you old enough to remember the gasoline lines and shortages in the 70s because of our dependence on Middle East oil? I waited in those lines so I could make it to work.

    So tell me who you think can accomplish more and back up that support with their resume accomplishments.

  66. Oh yes they can! You miss the memo! DEMONcrat keep changing the rule of law! If Trump is acquitted by the SENATE. He can have them ALL ARRESTED FOR TREASONOUS AND SEDITION AGAINST AMERICANS CITIZEN.

  67. What did you expect from this treason witch. Beginning to sound like Benghazi with Pelosi to blame. She thinks she can over throw this President she is sadly mistaken. And can someone tell me why Pelosi is not known by spell check.

  68. She is protected the truth from being told. You are right! But it NOT JUST Joe Biden and his son! If you didn’t know there WAS HER SON, AND JOHN KERRY SON INVOLVED. These are business partner with Hunter BIDEN. So Pelosi is trying to hide the TRUTH!

  69. Stupid irrational Congressional Dims want to be POTUS Trump’s administration’s boss and micromanage his every move plus be consulted before he rids the world of a well known terrorist. Then the Dims that want to be consulted and even passing a law to make it happen then refuse to take a call from the V.P. who was trying to keep the Dims informed of an attack against U.S. military personnel. PUTZES one and all.


  71. Vier (do you mean Viet) Nam Vet, never indicated the Legislative was ‘over’ the Executive. Are you referring to impeachment or not taking a phone call? How does either signify one being over the other?


  73. PROVE ME WRONG, again, try reading the Constitution, which clearly defines what it takes to try someone for treason.

  74. Have to agree with you Johnny. Never seem so many crazy people in my life and I used to be A nursing assistant in an mental hospital.


  76. I happen to agree with you on this. To remove a sitting member of Congress there has to a recall petition approved by the AG of the state that elected that person. There will be a recall election to remove that person. If a majority vote is in favor of removal, then they are removed from office.

  77. Zaren, because I do not support Trump, you assume I supported the Democrats you mention? Democrats are mean and hateful? Trump is a childish bully who spews hate every time he lets his fingers do the talking. How did Obama ruin the country? That is a very broad statement,can you provide specifics?

  78. Hey, Kay. You forgot to mention that the Legislative branch is not the boss of the Executive branch, either. A deliberate oversight on your part?

  79. PROVE ME WRONG, the Constitution identifies who can be impeached. In addition,before the 1800s Congress became exempt. Members of the Senate can remove one of their own as can the House. If you don’t want to believe me, look it up, or read the Constitution.

  80. James, sorry, I don’t drink wine. By-the-way, Pelosi doesn’t drink at all. I would like to see someone running the country who has served in the military, has a degree of intelligence to be able to speak coherently, understands the diversity of cultures and international economics, for starters. Why is it a shame? I wss born and raised in this country. That is what makes me an American. Just because I do not support Trump doesn’t make me unAmerican. I have voted for Republican and Democratic presidential candidates for nearly the past 50 years. I have not agreed with the policies of every elected official. Yet I have never been so concerned for the future of our Republic. So don’t think I would support any of the individuals you mentioned just because I consider Trump a buffoon. Pence is a yes man who wants to be President, and like Pompeo uses his evangelical Protestantism to direct his official position to the detriment of the country and the relationship with our allies. I also have served this country, so I am tired of people suggesting I am not a patriot because I disagree with them.

  81. Captain DeRosa; Think you so kindly and think you for serving the United States of America. God Bless American and the Grand Old Party.


  83. Hey Kay….We Trump supporters are smart enough to not fall for Hillary crock’s of stuff again…she should be in orange..and when we won you Liberals have gone berserk..mean and hateful 3 qualities that will never be accepted …we had 8 years of your kind of leader…and almost ruined our country…thank goodness he is gone never to come back…he bowed daily to the Middle East daily….are those the kind of leaders you want…if it is you will never win again!!!!!!

  84. I actually that it was pretty funny that Pence called back in 2 minutes and told her that they didn’t care about waiting for Nanny to deign to talk to them. They went ahead and then just told her what they did. I bet she will NEVER not take his call again!

  85. BHR, no one is for “killing babies.” That is against the law. It is called infanticide. Individuals from a variety of political affiliations support choice over mandated pregnancy. I find it intrtesting that so many Republucans go on and on about our freedoms against any form of government mandates, unless it suits you, of course.

  86. Did she really think he just wanted to chat…you must be a communist like naughty Nancy, and just as stupid.


  88. Kay needs to go back underneath the bridge with the rest of the trolls and suck on the wine bottle. Who do you want running the country??? Omar, Tlaib, Waters,AOC, or maybe Berlin Sanders. It’s a shame you call yourself an America…Just like Mr. Trump states,Pathetic…

  89. Zaren, remove her how? As a member of the majority party, they voted her into the position. It would be up to the majority in the House to do that.

  90. Pukelosi, Shape Shifter, Nadler and other libnuts need to get a good spanking and run out of town.
    Semper Fi

  91. Lisa, a liberal actually refers to someone who is open-minded. Snowflake was used to refer to someone who thinks they are unique. It works both ways in that many Trump supporters believe they are unique.

  92. Lisa, a liberal actually refers to someone who is open-minded. Snowflake was used to refer to someone who thinks they are unique. It works both ways in that many Trump supporters believe they are unique.

  93. I knew she was ignorant but did not realize she is also a drunk….makes more sense now with some of the outrages she shows to us on TV…..I believe she has overstepped her place in the House…she is full of so much hate..she cannot be fair all because she is a deep hater…she needs to be replaced with someone who has a normal thought process..…..remove her now…she is a vile woman..jealousy is the root of all evil and that is why she hates

  94. When will this crusty old bag leave the planet? She is so botoxed up she can’t move her face. She walks like a 2×4 with legs and if she ever falls off her high heals she’ll probably break into little pieces. It is comforting to know she’s not long for this earth.

  95. Keith Underwood, no members of Congress “work under” anyone in the executive branch, not even the president. Don’t know much about the 3 branches of government do you?

  96. Hey Kay, I can’t imagine what it’s like to be so ignorant. I’m not calling you names, I’m simply referring to your lack of intellect.

  97. Jeanne, no, you are the ignorant woman. The VP is only second in command in the Execitive branch. Pelosi is number one in command in the House. Returning a call is appropriate, not disrespectful.

  98. Gary, “who the boss is”? Seriously, like others you fail to recognize that the Executive branch and the Legislative branch are equal. Neither the president nor the vp are bosses over Congress. Another example of the inability of Trump or his supporters to understand the obvious.

  99. Nancy is not a Christian, she believes in killing babies, she says it is a woman’s right to kill babies. She is one of the main democrats who pushes for abortion, partial birth abortion. She is not a Christian.
    Why does the Church not excommunicate her.

  100. You are such a loser. I do recall the first time that snowflake was used was to describe you liberals. Apparently you also too pathetic to come up with something on your own you only repeat what you hear, typical liberal.

  101. I’ve read so much Crap about Trump and his antics.
    I am qualified to reply to those idiots as a survivor of Hitlers terrible treatment of normal Human Beings.
    Yes, go kill anyone who threatens us, the USA or any part of the World.
    None. No-one who practices this/that lifestyle should live. God Bless you all.

  102. Democrats do such as this and still have the gall and nerve to seek the impeachment of President Trump for :abuse-of-power” and “obstruction-of-Congress”!

  103. Democrats do such as this and still have the gall and nerve to seek the impeachment of President Trump for :abuse-of-power” and “obstruction-of-Congress”!

  104. Confessed catholic, well brought up etc etc. When it comes to common courtesy it falls right through. Only when she deems it necessary.

  105. Vice President Pence should have called her on the carpet and told her who the boss is. The Dumocrats are so messed up. Vote them out of office.

  106. She was way too busy at a restaurant opening to take a phone call from the VP of the United Stares. Not only is this witch a drunk, Pelosi is an embarrassing, ignorant woman.

  107. These people are out of control, maybe ,Jefferson, was right, we need a good bloody revolution to get rid of the swamp people, and a good portion of these hollywood dumbasses.

  108. Too bad that the DNC people cannot see the Truth about this woman who is the current Speaker of the HOUSE!! Her envy and hatred towards OUR President is killing her within and without! Those two Elements caused her to loose her BALANCE which she needs to handle her POSITION PROPERLY with DIGNITY and INTELLIGENCE FOR The Good of All! She should be impeached by reason of her LACK OF JUDGMENT which brought much Confusion and DEEPER division within our COUNTRY! If this is a Business Company job, she could never gets there! When there, she would had last her Position a lot sooner! She has disqualified herself by her UNTHINKING as the Speaker of the House! She brought MUCH SHAME TO our GREAT COUNTRY ~~
    by not able to see the Good in our AMERICA the GREAT, BEAUTIFUL and GLORIOUS! It is she that she is full of HATE and Envy! God have mercy on us all!

  109. We cannot condon nor excuse this type of behavior from anyone, friends, family and certainly NOT our congresspeople. This behavior goes to the heart of the over the top hatred for this administration. Had Hillorot been in President Trumps position, she would have been asleep or imbibing in her favorite drink of preference.

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