How Nancy Pelosi just insulted Mike Pence will leave you speechless

The Democrats’ hatred for President Trump is getting out of control.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just crossed a line.

And how Nancy Pelosi just insulted Mike Pence will leave you speechless.

President Trump tasked Vice President Mike Pence with briefing Congressional leaders on Iran firing 15 ballistic missiles at two air force bases in Iraq that house American soldiers.

When word came that Pence wanted to speak with Pelosi, she dismissed the call barking that she would call him back.

Pence sent a message two minutes later about why he was calling and Pelosi got on the phone.

But the disrespect was hard to miss.

When a Vice President calls a Congressional leader it isn’t for idle chit chat.

Pence wasn’t reaching out to Pelosi to waste her time.

Refusing to take Pence’s call without knowing why he was calling shows the depths of the partisan hatred in the Democrat Party for Donald Trump and anyone that serves in his administration.

Democrats complained to high heavens that President Trump didn’t brief them ahead of time on the Soleimani strike.

But Pelosi’s shameful conduct in refusing to take Pence’s call showed Democrats cannot be trusted to take matters of national security seriously.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Nancy is not a Christian, she believes in killing babies, she says it is a woman’s right to kill babies. She is one of the main democrats who pushes for abortion, partial birth abortion. She is not a Christian.
    Why does the Church not excommunicate her.

  2. You are such a loser. I do recall the first time that snowflake was used was to describe you liberals. Apparently you also too pathetic to come up with something on your own you only repeat what you hear, typical liberal.

  3. I’ve read so much Crap about Trump and his antics.
    I am qualified to reply to those idiots as a survivor of Hitlers terrible treatment of normal Human Beings.
    Yes, go kill anyone who threatens us, the USA or any part of the World.
    None. No-one who practices this/that lifestyle should live. God Bless you all.

  4. Democrats do such as this and still have the gall and nerve to seek the impeachment of President Trump for :abuse-of-power” and “obstruction-of-Congress”!

  5. Democrats do such as this and still have the gall and nerve to seek the impeachment of President Trump for :abuse-of-power” and “obstruction-of-Congress”!

  6. Confessed catholic, well brought up etc etc. When it comes to common courtesy it falls right through. Only when she deems it necessary.

  7. Vice President Pence should have called her on the carpet and told her who the boss is. The Dumocrats are so messed up. Vote them out of office.

  8. She was way too busy at a restaurant opening to take a phone call from the VP of the United Stares. Not only is this witch a drunk, Pelosi is an embarrassing, ignorant woman.

  9. These people are out of control, maybe ,Jefferson, was right, we need a good bloody revolution to get rid of the swamp people, and a good portion of these hollywood dumbasses.

  10. Too bad that the DNC people cannot see the Truth about this woman who is the current Speaker of the HOUSE!! Her envy and hatred towards OUR President is killing her within and without! Those two Elements caused her to loose her BALANCE which she needs to handle her POSITION PROPERLY with DIGNITY and INTELLIGENCE FOR The Good of All! She should be impeached by reason of her LACK OF JUDGMENT which brought much Confusion and DEEPER division within our COUNTRY! If this is a Business Company job, she could never gets there! When there, she would had last her Position a lot sooner! She has disqualified herself by her UNTHINKING as the Speaker of the House! She brought MUCH SHAME TO our GREAT COUNTRY ~~
    by not able to see the Good in our AMERICA the GREAT, BEAUTIFUL and GLORIOUS! It is she that she is full of HATE and Envy! God have mercy on us all!

  11. We cannot condon nor excuse this type of behavior from anyone, friends, family and certainly NOT our congresspeople. This behavior goes to the heart of the over the top hatred for this administration. Had Hillorot been in President Trumps position, she would have been asleep or imbibing in her favorite drink of preference.

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