How Nancy Pelosi just insulted Mike Pence will leave you speechless

The Democrats’ hatred for President Trump is getting out of control.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just crossed a line.

And how Nancy Pelosi just insulted Mike Pence will leave you speechless.

President Trump tasked Vice President Mike Pence with briefing Congressional leaders on Iran firing 15 ballistic missiles at two air force bases in Iraq that house American soldiers.

When word came that Pence wanted to speak with Pelosi, she dismissed the call barking that she would call him back.

Pence sent a message two minutes later about why he was calling and Pelosi got on the phone.

But the disrespect was hard to miss.

When a Vice President calls a Congressional leader it isn’t for idle chit chat.

Pence wasn’t reaching out to Pelosi to waste her time.

Refusing to take Pence’s call without knowing why he was calling shows the depths of the partisan hatred in the Democrat Party for Donald Trump and anyone that serves in his administration.

Democrats complained to high heavens that President Trump didn’t brief them ahead of time on the Soleimani strike.

But Pelosi’s shameful conduct in refusing to take Pence’s call showed Democrats cannot be trusted to take matters of national security seriously.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Maybe next time when we have to make a drone strike they won’t bother to inform the speaker since she’s too busy to accept phone calls. WTF?

  2. The house speaker isn’t the boss of congress either. Since Pence’s call was about the drone strike that took out the Iranian terrorist you might want to take that call moron.

  3. How stupid you must be to think a human baby only becomes a human baby after it’s born. What about premature birth? Are they not human babies until the age of 9 months? What a freaking idiot you are.

  4. Actually, the President hold far more power over the House than the House holds over the President. I would suggest that it is you who needs to read the Constitution. The House or Senate cannot shutdown the President. The President can shutdown the Congress. Or call it into session. The President can veto any Bill. It takes 2/3rds of both the House and Senate to override that veto. Congress can pass a Bill but if they go into recess, he can just sit on it and it dies. The President has Executive Privilege, the Congress has no such thing. The President controls the Department of Justice and can have Congresscritters arrested on charges. The Congress has no such power.

  5. You can’t fix the middle east. Trump can’t fix it. Nobody can. Best just to get out of there and worry about ourselves. If they send nukes our way we’ll turn them into a parking lot.

  6. Kay, let’s see if you can answer this honesty? If abortion isn’t killing babies, why does a person get charged with two cases of manslaughter if a woman who is pregnant dies in a car accident?

  7. Well its evident that Pelosi doesn’t. She doesn’t run the Senate, but thinks she does. She doesn’t run the courts, but thinks she can stack the SCOTUS. She doesn’t run the Executive Branch, but thinks she does. Well I think we have found the problem. She just doesn’t think. Congress is not limitless in their powers of investigation. Even if she and Schiff feel they are.

  8. Kay should talk to the crew of the plane she flies on. They can’t keep the liquor cabinet stocked on a flight she is on.

  9. But sadly, with the Congress, it is only each house of it that has a say. Unless the person either dies, is locked up in prison, or is voted out of office, there isn’t much hope. She can be removed as Speaker but to get her removed from the House takes a 2/3rds vote of the members. And that is almost impossible to do.

  10. She can taste being President. But that taste in her mouth really is the bile that she spews. She will not be President of the US. She might be the sanatorium wing queen though.

  11. I think I’m going to go into the textile industry. The left is going to need a whole lot of crying towels when they lose in all 3.

  12. Julio, congratulations on your new job as Queen Nancy’s new chauffeur. Do you get tired of the continuous curtseying, however?

  13. Was she able to utter those words without fumbling, stuttering or forgetting what she was saying??????

  14. Bill, are you unable to respond without using vulgarity? Please, let’s clean up our written “speech” in helping to make America great again.

  15. It breaks my heart when I sit down at my computer to read something regarding our beloved America – or anything else, for that matter – and immediately see where the one making a response has to begin his/her comment with such vulgarity as those 3 letters (of the alphabet). Why can’t a person express him/herself responsibly. When using such vulgarity, they are lowering themselves to the greatest depths. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone would do their part in helping to Make America Great Again by cleaning up their speech – whether written or spoken! I agree, totally, with the writer’s sentiment regarding Pelosi, but I can express myself without using filthy language.

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