How Nancy Pelosi just insulted Mike Pence will leave you speechless

The Democrats’ hatred for President Trump is getting out of control.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just crossed a line.

And how Nancy Pelosi just insulted Mike Pence will leave you speechless.

President Trump tasked Vice President Mike Pence with briefing Congressional leaders on Iran firing 15 ballistic missiles at two air force bases in Iraq that house American soldiers.

When word came that Pence wanted to speak with Pelosi, she dismissed the call barking that she would call him back.

Pence sent a message two minutes later about why he was calling and Pelosi got on the phone.

But the disrespect was hard to miss.

When a Vice President calls a Congressional leader it isn’t for idle chit chat.

Pence wasn’t reaching out to Pelosi to waste her time.

Refusing to take Pence’s call without knowing why he was calling shows the depths of the partisan hatred in the Democrat Party for Donald Trump and anyone that serves in his administration.

Democrats complained to high heavens that President Trump didn’t brief them ahead of time on the Soleimani strike.

But Pelosi’s shameful conduct in refusing to take Pence’s call showed Democrats cannot be trusted to take matters of national security seriously.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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  13. Kay, are you really that stupid. She is second in line if something happens to President Trump. Pence is first in line. Pence is also the President of the Senate. He has more power than she has and he wins on the intelligence level also. And he is elected to those positions while she is not elected by the people to the position of Speaker of the House. He can take over as President in case of a problem for the President, she cannot.

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