How one Democrat reacted to this shocking video will leave your jaw on the ground

Liberal hypocrisy is nothing new.

But it’s gotten way worse over the last 18 months.

And how one Democrat reacted to this shocking video will leave your jaw on the ground.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed was the latest elected Democrat to show that when they think no one is looking they will not obey the COVID mandates and restrictions they apply to everyone else.

Journalist Mariecar Mendoza attended an indoor concert at a local club where she captured video of a maskless Mayor Breed singing and dancing in violation of the city’s indoor mask mandate.

Breed later defended herself – with no hint of irony – claiming she did not need the “fun police” telling her what to do while she was out enjoying herself.

“We don’t need the fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing,” Mayor Breed told reporters.

Americans agree with that sentiment except for the fact that Mayor Breed is one of those members of the “fun police,” imposing absurd rules like forcing everyone to wear masks indoors except when eating or drinking.

Mayor Breed added that she was “feeling the spirit” and “wasn’t thinking about a mask” when she was caught on camera violating the indoor mask mandate.

But instead of using this moment as a chance to self-evaluate and admit her policy is stupid an unenforceable, Mayor Breed doubled down on the mask mandate and kept it in place.

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