Hunter Biden got called out for doing something shady by this top Obama official

Hunter Biden is once again in the middle of scandal.

This time Biden is taking criticism from an unexpected source.

That’s because Hunter Biden got called out for doing something shady by this top Obama official.

Former Obama Ethics Chief Walter Shaub blasted Hunter Biden for the upcoming art exhibition where buyers are expected to shell out up to $500,000 for Biden’s paintings.

The White House falsely claimed the art dealer would keep the identities of the buyers secret only for it to leak that Hunter Biden would indeed meet the individuals paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for his paintings.

“They’ve put an art dealer in charge of keeping a secret,” Shaub told CNN’s “New Day.” “And really, what he’s doing is keeping a secret from the public because eventually, Hunter Biden or people in the White House will learn who it’s going to be. In fact, Hunter Biden, we now know, is going to be at two art showings where he will meet the universe of bidders on his art. So, they left that detail out when they said he had no way of knowing who was buying his art.”

It looked to many critics like another influence peddling scheme where foreign lobbyists and Americans with business before the government have a chance to buy access to the Biden White House.

Shaub deemed this shady arrangement “profiting off the Presidency” and demanded the White House make public the list of buyers as well as if any of the buyers subsequently arranged a meeting at the White House.

“Ideally, Hunter Biden wouldn’t be doing this because it sure looks like profiting off the presidency,” he continued. “But if they couldn’t talk him out of doing it, there is something that’s within their control. They could promise us today if they happen to learn who any of the buyers are, they will notify us immediately, and they will tell us again if any of those buyers get a meeting with the White House or any other political appointee.”
That does not appear likely.

The administration is covering up the number of breakthrough COVID cases at the White House so transparency on Hunter Biden’s art sales does not appear forthcoming.

In closing, Shaub mocked the idea of a Hunter Biden art gallery telling CNN that “I have a feeling if he did it under a pen name, he wouldn’t get much for it.”

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