Hunter Biden is panicking after a leading Republican made this startling move

Hunter Biden has managed to skate on his rampant corruption.

But the end could be near for the Biden crime family.

And Hunter Biden is panicking after a leading Republican made this startling move.

Hunter Biden’s charmed life could be coming to an end.

He’s under federal investigation for tax crimes in Delaware, and the probe has expanded to his shady business dealings overseas.

The New York Times, which was in on the cover up of his infamous laptop, finally admitted what conservatives already knew.

After the Left dismissed it as “Russian misinformation,” they confirmed it’s real.

This proves a massive conspiracy by the corporate-controlled media, Big Tech, and Joe Biden to interfere in the 2020 election.

By shutting down the laptop story, they stopped a last minute surprise that could have cost Biden the election.

Polls show that without this unprecedented collusion, many voters would have switched their vote from Biden.

Now Republicans are preparing to get to the bottom of this massive left-wing conspiracy.

With Republicans expected to retake the House in the upcoming Midterms, they’ll control Congressional Committees once again.

And with that comes the subpoena power to call witnesses and gather evidence.

One Republican Congressman is already gearing up to go after the perpetrators of this election interference.

Representative Darrell Issa of California is informing conspirators who suppressed the laptop story to save evidence in preparation for Republican investigations.

Issa is in line to Chair the House Oversight and Reform Committee, which would head up the investigation.

He said that efforts of former government officials, Big Tech, and the corporate-controlled media to suppress the story amounted to “collusion at the highest levels.”

“What I can’t live with is the fact that when the New York Post, one of the oldest print newspapers in the country, founded in 1801, comes out with credible evidence, which they can show how they got it, what their sources were — there were no hidden sources on this — they not only got shut down by … Facebook and Twitter, but they got shut down by the New York Times, by public broadcasting, by virtually everyone” Issa said.

“And they were shut down by having more than 50 of the most informed people in the intelligence world all saying that they knew that this was false information. That is a conspiracy of monumental size,” he continued.

Mark Zuckerberg, current Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, and Jen Psaki were all sent letters asking them to preserve their records.

Many of the former intelligence officials who signed off a statement calling it Russian disinformation were also requested to save their records.

“These letters are putting everyone on notice: real accountability is going to happen. And we won’t rest until the full truth is known,” Issa said.

Multiple Committees in the House and Senate are expected to open investigations into Hunter Biden if they retake control in November.

With Hunter in the crosshairs of Congressional Republicans, the walls could be closing in on him.

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