Hunter Biden is sweating bullets after an attorney said these four words

Hunter Biden’s problems are growing worse by the day.

The walls are starting to close in on him.

And Hunter Biden is sweating bullets after an attorney said these four words.

The federal investigation into Hunter Biden is heating up.

Hunter is currently facing a criminal investigation in Delaware for tax crimes.

But federal prosecutors have reportedly expanded their investigation to include his shady foreign business dealings.

The probe is now looking into Hunter for money laundering and violating foreign lobbying laws.

Now a bombshell revelation sheds new light into the federal investigation.

Federal prosecutors subpoenaed a treasure trove of documents related to a paternity lawsuit Hunter was involved in.

Hunter fathered a love child with Arkansas stripper Lunden Roberts around the same time he was dating his brother’s widow.

In 2019, Roberts filed a paternity suit against Hunter over their daughter.

Hunter settled the suit out of court after taking a DNA test.

Clint Lancaster, the attorney who represented Roberts in the case, told CBS News that the Assistant U.S. Attorney in Delaware, along with IRS and FBI agents, interviewed him about Hunter.

They questioned him about Hunter’s business dealings, including Rosemont Seneca Partners.

Rosemont Seneca Partners was a firm formed by Hunter, Devon Archer, and John Kerry’s stepson, Chris Heinz.

It was at the center of Hunter’s shady overseas deals in China and with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

They also subpoenaed records related to Hunter from the paternity suit.

“They wanted every record relating to Hunter Biden we had,” Lancaster remarked.

A subpoena from federal prosecutors obtained by CBS News reveals the massive scope of information.

It requested all documents “regarding [Hunter] Biden’s income, assets, debts, obligations, and financial transactions… and all personal and business expenditures.”

Included in the subpoena were a sweeping range of tax documents.

“All federal, state, local and foreign tax documentation related to Biden including but not limited to, IRS Forms 1099, income and payroll tax returns, state tax returns, and amended tax returns,” the subpoena read.

During the paternity lawsuit, Hunter provided an “affidavit of financial means” that detailed his financial situation.

Lancaster added that the tax records he turned over to federal investigators coincided with Hunter’s foreign business dealings.

Lunden Roberts testified earlier this year in front of a federal grand jury in the case.

Retired federal prosecutor Harry Litmann told CBS News that the actions show how serious federal prosecutors are.

“The whole thing is as serious as a heart attack,” Litmann said.

“People are going in and out of the grand jury. They are trying to plumb the depths. They’re playing hardball,” he added.

The report would seemingly confirm that Hunter’s legal problems are very serious.

After the corporate-controlled media tried to sweep Hunter’s scandals under the rug, the dam burst.

Even CNN recently admitted that the charges against Hunter are “realistic.”

With the bad news piling up, it’s clear that Hunter’s problems aren’t going away.

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