Hunter Biden stopped dead in his tracks after a top Republican said these four words

Hunter Biden’s growing scandals are a problem that can’t be ignored.

Hunter was just forced to confront one painful reality.

And Hunter Biden stopped dead in his tracks after a top Republican said these four words.

The Biden crime family is in the crosshairs of House Republicans in the new session of Congress.

For years, Hunter Biden has ducked accountability for his influence peddling operation that traded on his father’s political power.

James Comer (R-KY), the Chair of the powerful House Oversight Committee, is leading one of the main investigations into the Biden family.

Ahead of a potential investigation into Hunter, the White House and the corporate-controlled media are battening down the hatches.

The Biden regime has prepared an army of spin doctors to deflect any bombshell discoveries made by the Committee.

While the Democrats are only focusing on Hunter Biden, Comer explained during an appearance on NBC News’s Meet the Press that he is not the GOP’s main focus.

“We’re not investigating Hunter Biden,” Comer explained. “We’re investigating Joe Biden.”

Host Chuck Todd, a left-wing hack, tried to confront Comer about the investigation by calling it partisan.

Of course, Todd was a cheerleader for the partisan witch hunts against former President Donald Trump.

“It looks more partisan than professional,” Todd said.

“I think the only people that see this as a partisan investigation are the media and the hardcore Democrats,” Comer replied.

Comer has pushed back on false claims of partisanship from Democrats by pointing out that Joe Biden has avoided cooperating on legally required oversight.

“Look, at the same moment that the Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee released Donald Trump’s taxes, they then, moments later, turned around and said that Comer’s investigation of the Biden family influence peddling is a revenge,” Comer continued.

Democrats spent years politicizing Congressional oversight to use as a political weapon against Trump.

Comer pointed out that the majority of the public wants honest oversight of the bombshell revelations about the Bidens.

A recent poll from Harvard found that 65% of Americans believe that an investigation should be conducted into the contents of Hunter Biden’s infamous “laptop from hell.”

Comer explained that the focus of his investigation will be whether or not Joe Biden is compromised by the shady foreign business deal that the President’s younger brother James carried out with his son Hunter.

“There are emails and text messages that show Hunter Biden complaining about having to spend so much money keeping his dad up,” Comer said. “I mean, that’s a concern because Hunter Biden’s only source of income was from our adversaries in China and Russia for influence peddling.”

A slow drip of information from Hunter’s laptop and from whistleblowers indicates that the President was lying when he said he never discussed business with his son.

James Comer’s investigation into the Biden crime family is going to be a major headache for the White House.

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