Hunter Biden wrote down one admission that linked him to this international criminal

Donald Trump declared Hunter Biden’s laptop the “laptop from hell.”

Trump had no idea how right he was.

And Hunter Biden wrote down one admission that linked him to this international criminal.

Hunter Biden is under criminal investigation for alleged money laundering and tax fraud regarding his foreign business dealings in Communist China and Ukraine.

When the New York Post published the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop last October, it appeared that the laptop contained evidence of influence peddling where Hunter Biden raked in millions selling access to his father and then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Washington Free Beacon reporter Chuck Ross advanced the story with a piece revealing that Hunter Biden wrote emails in 2010 and 2011 showing Hunter Biden bragging about a potential $150 million deal with a Communist Chinese sovereign wealth fund in partnership with Chinese businessman Che Fung that was only due to Biden’s “last name.”

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Hunter Biden said his business relationship with a mysterious Chinese tycoon later arrested on money laundering charges had “everything to do with my last name,” previously unreported emails show.

Biden and his associates met in April 2010 with businessman Che Fung to lay the groundwork for a partnership to invest in companies in China and the United States, according to emails from Biden’s abandoned laptop. Other emails show the Biden consortium discussing a deal with Che’s company, Ever Union Capital, to invest up to $150 million in partnership with China’s sovereign wealth fund. In a Sept. 23, 2011, email to his partner Devon Archer, Biden admitted Che wanted to work with him because of his father, then-vice president Joe Biden.

Communist Chinese authorities later arrested Che Fung on money laundering charges which means the Communist Chinese knew about these emails and Hunter Biden’s dealings with Fung.

Ross reported there is no evidence on the laptop indicating if the deal went through, but at the very least this shows Hunter Biden had no qualms about dealing with shady characters in Communist China and that Hunter Biden openly bragged about selling access due to his last name.

Additionally, the Communist Chinese possessing this knowledge means America’s number one enemy owns compromising information on the son of the President of the United States.

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