Hunter Biden’s connection to this mysterious woman is going to cause Joe Biden a world of hurt

Hunter Biden’s laptop continues to provide a treasure trove of evidence linking the Biden family to scandal.

Now Hunter Biden is facing more allegations of corrupt foreign deals.

And Hunter Biden’s connection to this mysterious woman is going to cause Joe Biden a world of hurt.

Kentucky Republican Congressman James Comer stands to Chair the House Oversight Committee if the GOP wins the majority in November.

That puts Comer in the spot of leading Congressional investigations into Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s potential involvement in his foreign business transactions.

Comer appeared on Fox News where host Jesse Watters asked him about a new scandal regarding Hunter Biden’s involvement with a Chinese woman who is potentially a potential spy.

“Tell us a little bit about this Chinese spy, this new Fang Fang that Hunter fell for,” Watters began.

“Well, when we saw the map, looking through the hard drive, you saw the PowerPoint presentation, which was a map of America in Chinese,” Comer answered.

Comer added that a whistleblower told him Hunter Biden was romantically involved with this woman who was part of a business deal in Communist China.

“And you saw that this was something that was given to Hunter for a presentation to the Chinese,” Comer stated. “We traced it back and it was submitted by his assistant. Well, I looked at a picture, I Googled a picture of his assistant. She’s a very attractive girl, so I started looking even more. We discussed it with the whistleblower, and according to the whistleblower they were more than just business associates, if you know what I mean, Jesse.”

Comer compared Biden’s relationship with this woman to California Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell getting caught sleeping with a Communist Chinese spy named Fang Fang.

“This is another potential Eric Swalwell situation, another national security nightmare that Hunter Biden is involved in,” Comer stated.

“I mean, it’s just so easy to corrupt these politicians, isn’t it?” Watters concluded. “Just throw a little nice attractive Chinese spy in the mix. Next thing you know, they’re selling you gas at a discount.”

During the 2020 election, Biden family whistleblower Tony Bobulinski told Tucker Carlson that Joe Biden could not serve as President because Communist China had compromising information on him.

Did Bobulinski mean the Communist Chinese set up Hunter Biden with a spy to blackmail the Biden family?

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