These Hysterical Leftists are blaming Trump for Hurricane Irma

Hollywood elitists’ new favorite pastime is blaming President Trump for every problem America faces.

Now, they’re pointing fingers at President Trump for Hurricane Irma.



  1. I can’t believe the words that come out of the mouths of fellow Americans who have ill will for those who support Trump and wishing a terrible fate with Hurricane Irma! That is almost like walking up to me with a gun in their hands, hoping that it has a hair trigger. It shows that they don’t have any common decency about them! Would they rather have a Twit like Hillary to tear down this nation even farther than it is now? I do not wish them an ill will but it would be great if they kept their thought to themselves, because they are showing how stupid and how diaper clad they are! I actually feel very sorry for them!

  2. Seemingly normal-appearing people shopping in Publix, Walmart and Winn-Dixie grocery stores acting like ANIMALS after Hurricane Irma had passed, hysterically pushing all others (even handicapped Florida seniors) out of the way in their relentless pursuit of securing HUGE quantities of meats, refrigerated food and other consumables and considering that NO ONE ELSE needed to eat but they, themselves. SHAME. Worse, these grocery stores set no limits per customer, making it all about sales and greed. I’d like to every one of these so-called “decent Americans” (or illegals) onto ships bound for NK and Kim Jong-Un. I’m so ASHAMED to say this happened in our beloved country.

  3. Have the liberals ever stopped to consider with their actions this is the way the Lord is trying to get their attention before it is too late? No, because they are so elite they don’t feel they need the Lord.
    get a life you idiots.

  4. This is not about right or left, Republicans or Democrats. it’s about Americans in danger and devastating circumstances. What do you not understand about that???? How cruel for anyone to think this way!!! I am appalled that these are “Americans” speaking like this about their brothers and sisters!!!

  5. God damn Democratic crybaby! Grow up, they obviously don’t realize how truly ignorant they sound. Trump has already done a better job than the last 2 Dem. Presidents! You would rather have two of the biggest liars, and crooks back in the White House! No Way. So Bill can get busy with his cigars again instead of doing his job. 8 years of Barack Obama Bin Laden has the U.S.& Trump try to dig out of his,their (the Dem’s) mess,as usual. Just shut up & keep making worthless movies,you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  6. I forgot to mention that these people who have such hatred for anyone who dare thinks differently then they do are not Christians. Those who label people or use a label, i.e. racism, to further their agenda by tearing someone else down are not Christians. Those who defame, slander and judge someone that they truly do not know are not Christians. For these reasons I am tired of the phony prayers the Democrats do; like Pelosi after the shooting. I will never forget that the Democratic party in 2008 wanted to take God out of their platform. When they realized they would lose a significant number of votes, they reinstated it to a booing delegation. I will never forget the emails Wikileaks exposed where Tony Podesta is asking if John was coming to their satanic dinner. I will never forget the John Podesta email stating they need to infiltrate the Christian churches to change the mindset. DON’T EVER FORGET!!!!! Remember when people are hungry for power, control and wealth of money without any moral or ethical boundaries (as we learn through the Christian faith), they do not really know the word of God. I am not one who reads the bible everyday, but I do know the Ten Commandments and enough of the bible to know what is right and what is wrong. I will not judge someone because we all sin; however God will see through our actions on earth who are true believers and who are not! God Bless the United States, God Bless the Christians around the world. I will pray for those who don’t believe now to be awakened before it is to late.

  7. google 21, 25, 26 and see what you get! That was a tweet where it pointed out August 21 was the eclipse, August 25 Harvey hit Texas and the 26th the floods started. I will save you the search; you get Luke chapter 21 verse 25, 26. I suggest you read beyond verse 26 to the end of the chapter. What is happening now is to root out once and for all the non believers, anti Christians; those who don’t believe in God’s word just like Adam and Eve did not by listening to Satan over God’s word. The bible says the day will come when Jesus will return to save the Christians, being attacked by non believers. Christians have and are being attacked while other religions are given the freedom to practice their faith. I for one look forward to the day Jesus returns to earth because then it will be on earth as it is in heaven. Those alive when the time comes will be reunited with those who have passed before them.

  8. These actors are self centered, spoiled, arrogant, threatening assholes. To wish harm on ppl just because who they voted for. You can bet your azz CNN and other non biased journalists won’t say a thing about the Jack actors. Jennifer admits she smokes MJ before red carpets. Not pointing blame but maybe that is why the bioch can’t walk a red carpet or steps to stage because she’s high. Another hack actor basically wishing death on helpless people, that went to see there movies. Trump supports made them money.

  9. It is increasingly evident that our education system has failed to effectively educate our students.Under-paid good teachers leave teaching for better paying jobs leaving the union protected incompetents to teach our children.

  10. Just came through hurricane Irma with flying colors.
    Ha!!! Biggest Trump supporter you will ever see!
    Didn’t even lose electrical power.
    No damage either, just goes to show you what prayer
    to God Almighty can accomplish. Sorry, “Mother Nature”
    better luck in the future with that myth!

    • AMEN, Susan!

      I predict That On December 21st 2017, The northern States will be 2 degrees warmer and on June 21st,2018, The southern states will be 2 degrees cooler!
      The Weather Genie has spoken…..LOL

  11. If one was to follow the liberal logic (yea I know, liberal logic?) they failed to follow their hypothesis far enough. If it wasnt for a failed liberal law that let mental midgets buy homes without having credit or down payments which caused an economic meltdown, liberal Obumar would have not been elected. Liberal Obumer then gave away the farm (so to speak) which spawned the even bigger incompetent candidate liberal Hicklery Clinkdon who lost the election against now President Trump. As can be plainly seen it was actually the Demoncraps faults for not just Americas pain but the entire planets pains.

  12. What a great compliment, maybe not fully deserved to accuse Trump of controlling the weather patterns around the world. Give credit where it is due. I was enlightened to see so many ignorant’s finally recognizing what a great POTUS they elected.

    Liberalism is a state of mental anguish and disgust with oneself. Now, is Trump truly godlike in the minds of the disabled liberal?

  13. Sick in the head and the true “Haters” to be concerned with . . . these idiots who want those who voted for Trump to die !!!

    Wouldn’t it be something to wonder about if Hurricane Jose hits New York City!?!

  14. Obama/Hillary started the blame game so BLAME THEM FOR EVERYTHING bad happened. They need to be taught a lesson for their cowardice.

  15. how crazy can a person get? Just because these imbisil actors are paid extraordinary salaries doen’t mean they know anything else . For the most part they are lucky , have a desired look , or are gay . My cousin had an in to the acting field , but became an engineer instead because everyone in the acting game expected him to become Gay in order to get in the circle. Anyway the point is they aren’t better informed than you or me. And to blame Trump for the storms? what did Trump do that was so horrible? Blame Obama if you must blame a potus !

    • I makes far more sense to blame the liberals and their Barack Obama because of their anti-God agenda. God promised to never destroy the earth again with a flood but He said nothing about tornadoes and hurricanes. This great nation was fairly stable until ideas from Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, the Nation of Islam and Barack Obama arrived on the scene.

      • We have not been stable since the Johnson era of the great society. Everything went to hell since then. All the states rights have eroded , when all power goes to the federal government all of our individual rights are out the window. Look how progressive our situation as evolved into a nanny society. The government calls all the shots on everything which effects our lives. Why is this? Because both parties have whored their respective states to the behemoth. Why do the states not have the largest share of control? Education, healthcare. Agriculture. Drug control, transportation, welfare, food stamps, energy, go on with all the federal agencies which have zero constitutional authority to any of it. Until we get enough patriotic Americans in there nothing will go back to the states and every life will be under the thumb of the federal government. The government once had authority in 2 departments . Commerce and defense. I would argue that Commerce can also go back to the individual states. As far as I’m concerned the federal government should insure our safety from foreign and domestic violence and that is all. Out of the UN. We can protect our own sovereignty. Thank you very much

      • To God-denyers, God has just proven that He is still in charg While my heart goes out to all those victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, just look at the outpouring of selves that showed all throughout, especially in Texas. Floridians will probably be the same. One of God’s greatest commandments is: “Love thy neighbor a thyself”. Look at those thousands of volunteers who responded to this commandment, including those who were themselves victims. They went out of their way to help, instead of using their fingers to send out hateful messages. Useless, brainless and heartless – is that what the leftists have come to?

        • As with every disaster, then come the ‘vultures, hyenas and thieves’!! Those who take advantage, lie and steal. The Red Cross, once again, touched by scandal! One of the most well-known and largest ‘charities’ in the world but tainted with dishonest workers!! Funds embezzled and, this time–food donated by a restaurant to hungry refugees, they actually confiscated and refused to give out!! How about a group identifying themselves as BLM, going in to ‘rescue’ those caught in the flood waters BUT–only ‘blacks’!! Outrageous? Beyond comprehension!!

  16. I guess most movie stars aren’t brain-smart but body-smart. You can say a very few have acting talent and the rest have physique talents like ladies actresses have just the 2 talents and nothing else; most men actors have one just a bit lower down talent. They ought to leave politics alone and focus on developing whatever talents they have left.

    • Can we include George Clooney in this list? He is such a hypocrite. He moved to England because he said he felt secure there and away from the Trump “tyranny”. He believes in open borders, and is opposed to Trump’s “heartlessness” in controlling immigration, Now that England is dicey, because of the uncontrolled immigrants now living there, he rushes back to his wall-controlled estate in LA. Why? Because Trump is controlling immigration.

      • He had to abandon his estate on Lake Como in Italy because of open Borders I hope those Muslims make themselves very comphortable

  17. I can’t even FATHOM the depth of stupidity this shows them to have… how in the world can the same people who put their belief in science, and deny God, think Mother Nature is getting even with us for electing Trump?! Someone should tell them that Santa isn’t a real person as well as Mother Nature… watch ’em cry!

  18. Unless anyone does not study meteorological sciences it does not matter if your political leanings be they left or right, has no bearing on what mother nature
    does. In the summer seasons, the seas do heat up based on the sun illumination.
    Currents will conduct what naturally occurs at this time of year. Mostly due to currents off Africa that immigrate into the Atlantic when these storms grow into categories 2, 3, 4, or 5.

        • Think about it, if President Trump could cause a massive hurricane do you really think he would waste it on Texas or Florida. My guess is the first state that would be hit would be CALIFORNIA, ISN’T THAT WHERE ALL THE NUT JOBS ARE. WASH EM RIGHT OFF THE CONTINENT. BE MY GUESS.

          • California first. That, in my opinion, is where the heart of the Liberals are congregated. The INFLUENCE that people in the news, on the TV screen and in movies HAVE over the dull-witted general public has been mainstream Liberal smut, greed, vanity, lust and most of all… pure seething hatred of anything moral. That’s not to say that EVERYONE in California is immoral… but they’re few and far between in the Hollywood area. In California, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Trump-hater. So, keep an eye on that San Andreas Fault. A major earthquake and landslide may be the next disaster in the U.S. … who knows? If so, I wonder what their reaction would be if we said, PUBLICLY, that it was the wrath of Mother Nature on a sinful place? (Like Sodom and Gomorrah?) Okay, who next?

      • The left gave up on global warming as a result of what you said about the ice caps and the fact that in the last 20 years it has cooled more than heated. Now they go and push climate change. Therefore no matter the weather. Extreme heat or cold they can say see we told you so. Man is the cause for the weather changing. Personally it’s all a narrative with zero data to support it. Just like all of the lefts claims it’s all bluster and no muster. They are becoming irrelevant and this continued bashing of this president will be their ultimate Waterloo. People want jobs. They want something better for their children. They have no time for the left who cares not about them. Trump won because he had a message that resonated to the millions of Americans who have been ignored. Elizabeth Warren is no supporter of working men and women in this country. All the leftists care not about the average citizen , the backbone of America. They care about enslavement of the American people by a far over reaching federal government. It will be up to those of us to continue to unite against these elitists. There’s is a global mindset. They do not want American sovereignty, they want sovereignty by the UN and world courts. They are for making the US a third world nation. We the voters are to blame also. We have allowed the politicians to form federal departments that dictate to the states what the rules around commerce and education and heath and human services and housing and banking and our second amendment and first ammendment rights should look like. It is way past time for another revolution . One that brings power back to the states and makes our governors responsible for all these area which are now in the hands of the federal government. Our children will see oppression first hand if these anti American Dems get in office. Now that is not to say we don’t need to hold these republican swamp dwellers to account. We need to vote them out. McCain, McConnel, Flake, Collins, Ryan are but a few of the traitors willing to go against Trump ergo us. The revolution is a ground swell of us that stand up to the left . The left uses intimidation and fake news as their weapons. We need to put them down at every turn. We need to be more forceful in our ideas and our Christian beliefs., If we had as many wimps back in the 1700’s as we do today in our congress and our society , surely we would still be a colony of England. United we are Strong. Divided, weak. The Democratic Party needs to be brought back from the depths of their intolerance . The only way to do that is to continually squash them at the ballot box, then have the gumption to get us back to a constitutional Republic. We have weak republicans who want to go along to get along and enrich themselves . We can never again vote for the McConnels, McCains and Collins of the world. They do not hold true to our values . They have no values but self enrichment. They too are the swamp creatures. We do not need more RINOs in office. There is little difference between them and Pelosi and Schumer. Trump has sent a message to these lame duck traitors. Get on board or I will compromise with the Dems and you will be minority party in 2018. Let’s see if these 2 losers will get on board with our agenda or maybe get replaced as so called leaders. They are such a disgrace.

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