ICE just handed Donald Trump a victory that had him smiling from ear to ear

Donald Trump won the 2016 election on the issue of immigration.

The President intends to make cracking down on illegal immigration a centerpiece of his 2020 re-election campaign.

And ICE just handed Donald Trump a victory that had him smiling from ear to ear.

ICE agents executed one of the largest workplace raids in American history when they arrested 680 illegal aliens at companies across Mississippi.

The New York Times reports:

Federal agents raided several companies across Mississippi on Wednesday, rounding up hundreds of immigrant workers in what federal officials said might be the largest worksite enforcement action ever in a single state.

In a coordinated sting, more than 600 agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement showed up at the sites with federal warrants that allowed them to search the premises. About 680 immigrants who were believed to be working without legal documentation were apprehended and taken away on buses.

Lindsay Williams, a spokesman for the agency, said the federal agents executed the search warrants in conjunction with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Mississippi.

The operation was the culmination of a yearlong investigation, and it unfolded just hours before President Trump — who has made illegal immigration a trademark issue and who recently vowed to deport millions of undocumented immigrants — arrived in El Paso, a majority Latino city on the Mexico border where 22 people were killed over the weekend in an attack that federal authorities are investigating as an act of domestic terrorism.

Trump supporters were looking for progress and victories in the fight to end illegal immigration in America.

This is exactly the type of immigration law enforcement Trump’s voters expected when they turned out in droves to support him in 2016.

And if the President can show meaningful progress on the issue, he could be well positioned for 2020.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I used to work for the Il Dept of Human Services in Chicago and I can tell you first hand of the low life scams and lifetstyles of illegals. Because of their own non-compliance with rules and regulations they scream, “My baby will die because of you,” a refrain that I have heard many times. Many have husbands and baby-daddy’s that lurk in the background while the women say they are single and living alone. Want to get rid of illegals? Don’t let them buy property, don’t let their kids go to school, and never never let them on public aid.

  2. Next comes all the crying about the cost of food.
    Then there will be the tears about not being able to fill vacant janitorial positions.
    The real crux will hit when the septic tanks start overflowing.
    Then, the sewers will overflow because they are blocked by fat plugs.
    You don’t really think Americans want those jobs, do you?

    • What makes you think “US citizens” are not working these jobs now, Alaska Woman? Personally I don’t think anyone will have any say about anything for many of these unskilled type of labor positions will eventually all be replaced by robots, already in the works at some places. Cheaper for the companies as no costs then for medical care coverage, no protesting about wages, etc. Just the costs to maintain them and we as US citizens and taxpayers, won’t have our tax dollars being spent to house, feed, educate, and provide medical assistance to Illegals.

  3. I’m also tired of so-called Refugees coming here for fear of their life from their own country, then, getting a green card and travel back and forth to their homeland. Isn’t a green card not only a travel card but also a step to get citizenship? WE DO NOT WANT MORE OMAR’S! Send all Refugees back home as soon as possible as soon as it is safe.


      President Trump, through his UGLY RACIST RHETORIC has inspired a hateful racist to shoot and kill 22 people in El Paso Texas.

      And within 24 hours after that shooting a second mass shooting in Ohio that killed 9 more people

      Justice will catch up to haunt President Trump and his supporters for many years.

      Because of Muellers testimony in the investigation of President Trump

      Trump decided that he is above the law and tried defying a court order NOT to add a citizenship question to the census.

      Because President Trump tried to defy the Rule Of Law, he sent a message to all Americans that it is Okay not to obey the laws of the United States.

      Trump is supporting brutal dictators, targeting Muslims and other minorities with hateful policy, and bringing out the very worst divisions in us.

      Trump is blocking the FULL Mueller report from being released to the public with the help from his appointed AG WILLIAM BARR.


      It terrifies me to see President Trump make America more like those corrupt dictatorship regimes through out the world.

      I’ve watched him fire officials investigating him, launch a full-scale attack on our free press, and even call for his political opponents to be locked up in jail.

      He’s praised the world’s most violent dictators — and he’s even suggested his term as President should be made permanent.

      I’ve never seen the kind of all-out assault on democracy that the Trump administration has unleashed over the past year.

      His administration has targeted immigrants and refugees and separated children from thier parents.

      Thousands of children – some as young as 18 months – have been taken from their parents at the border at an average cost to American tax payers of over 700 million dollars per year.

      Every time I turn on the news I’m hit in the gut with another way President Trump and his Republicans are derailing our country.

      They’re eliminating our environmental protections in order to sell our oceans and national parks to oil corporations.

      They’ve abandoned the American people. They’ve relentlessly chipped away at President Obama’s legacy. And their only concern is how to help themselves and enrich their friends.

      Trump has spent the better part of the last years undermining the special counsel’s independent probe into Russia’s interference in our elections. He has fired his advisors that disagree with him.

      He has pardoned a convicted racist in Arizona and someone who leaked classified information in the Bush administration.

      Republicans gave and are still giving enormous tax cuts to the wealthy putting them far from paying their fair share of taxes.

      And they expect the middle class to make up the missing tax money needed to run the country by gutting health-care, Social Security and other vital Social Services.

      Millions of people rely on these services just to survive.

      These attacks go way beyond battles over civil liberties and civil rights; they are attacks on basic tenets of democracy — checks & balances, the rule of law, and separation of church and state.

      When republicans use gerrymandering and voter suppression to so-called “win” elections, it has nothing to do with “winning” anything.


      When they think that they are going to loose an election because the majority of Americans think that their agenda for the United States is bad, then they just block people from voting in order to protect their agenda and greatly benefit themselves and their corporate billionaire CEOs.

      Trump said while he was campaigning that



      Refusing to act on climate change….

      Encouraging violence against journalists….

      Legitimizing white nationalists…

      Cozying up to dictators like Putin and Kim Jong Un…

      Slashing Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security…

      Attacking the right to vote…

      Declaring a phony national emergency to pay for his border wall…

      Separating children from their families at the border…

      Banning transgender servicemembers from the military…

      Appointing radical right-wing judges…

      Lawmakers in any political party who are doing NOTHING to stop Trump MUST be voted out of office.


        • I second that John. I feel sorry for these lefties as they so desperately need more education into REAL facts instead of spewing forth such nonsense. I believe it is beyond hope though for some like this who would never be open minded enough to even contemplate they could be wrong. They will never see the light.

        • I could not agree more with you John Ash. they come here illegally and we are suppose to support them, give them jobs etc. for breaking our laws. You and I would be put in jail for less. I have relatives who have family that had to wait 15 years to get here but at these they did it legally. What is going on with this crap. They are breaking the law so send them back or put them in jail or not because then they would have free room and board and us paying for it. When is enough, enough? There are many waiting in line to get here legally, some of which took 10 to 15 years and they just cross the border and it is o.k. What king of crap is that. Some are pregnant before they get here and have the baby here so the child is then a legal citizen. So, keep the child here and send the mother/parents back. Lets see how long that would last.It frost my you know what that they are able to break the law and not get any repercussions for them doing so. “WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH!! Other countries don’t put up with this crap!

      • Thank you for speaking out.
        Trump is a legally-documented racist.
        He is also a sexual abuser of women.
        He is recorded in the act of encouraging men to abuse women: “Just grab the by thw pu$$y.”
        He is also a caught, charged and fined money launderer for the mob.

        • Your an idiot…..The shooter in Ohio was Warren supporter, so by your logic she is to blame for all those deaths. The guy who shot a GOP congressman on a baseball field was a Bernie supporter. Don’t recall any one blaming him.. you need to back away from CNN. You just regurgitated every talking point from the past year. Since your so damn smart ….go to google and get a list of TRUMPS accomplishment. Proper information is a very useful thing for idiots has…it

          • Just another HYPOCRITE who only speaks out one side of their mouth. Can’t get any of them to speak out against those corrupt lying idiots within their own party. Please listen cause I am told I know the truth!!. yah right, none would know the truth if it came up and bit them in their ass.


      • Speaking out just one side of your mouth. You bring up the horrific shooting in TX. but where are you rederic on the other one? It was done by a Sanders and Atefa supporter. Guess it does not fix your one-sided BS. We don’t hold Sanders responsible, because we know by using our brains, that there are crazies on both sides. Your party will fail because you only speak half-truths. We finally have a President that has a backbone and who will not just sit back and let your Hypocritical party spew their lies and hatred. Trump is doing just what we want him to do and that holds your party responsible for their disgusting behavior and for your Politician’s lack of ability to get anything done are at least done right. So say what you want, but we know who we vote for because we investigate who we support. Can’t say the same from the Left.

  4. I’m opposed to the illegals coming into our country no question, but what really burns my butt are the businesses and business owners who are hiring illegals for their cheap labor force. Nothing seems to happen to them. Why is that? They too are criminals and need to be curtailed.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself Walkin. You are the kind of patriot that this country is in so desperate need of.

    • That has been a problem for years! We need to tell anyone who hires an illegal that they are willing to go to jail for a dollar. They are damned !

    • These businesses save so much money by paying illegals that they don’t flinch at all with a fine. There needs to be an escalating punishment that could eventually end in closing the doors of the business!

  5. Congress has kicked the can down the road for decades regarding illegal immigration. If our immigration laws do not work, it is their fault. This is true no matter which side of the argument you support.

  6. What I am afraid of is that the bleeding heart democrat lawyers are already there showing the illegals how to obtain legal papers and are furnishing them a way to get the papers to give them citizenship and voting rights. This will negate any thing our immigration laws are for. And the democrats that are paid for furnishing the illegals to the plants as workers will only get more across the border with the help of government officials and the plant managers and owners. If this happens , we will have more illegals here for the democrat vote. and this whole exercise will be for naught. There is law breaking everywhere and the democrats will push the children off on Alabama ,who is breaking the law. if the families and the children are not deported, then we will have done nothing and Trump will look bad by trying to enforce the law.


      • Since you cannot support the 5th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution, I suggest you find somewhere else to live.
        Today would not be too soon.
        Anyone who cannot support the Constitution is not a law-abiding citizen.

  7. Go into any casino and you will find Illegals on food stamps spending hundreds of dollars a day. Good place to round up the illegals and deport them.

    • Mexicans love yard sales. ICE could set them up and catch a lot of them. They hit the sales in my area. I might let ICE use my property. I have several acres.

  8. Here is a “Pat On The Back”, for all of those US ICE Agents And To The Legally Elected US President Mr. Donald John Trump MAGA KAG TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP 2020 MAGA KAG 2020

  9. This proves the need for the nation to enact E-Verify at every business in the USA. Wages are depressed because ILLEGALS are paid under the table or are underpaid. Jobs are held by ILLEGALS. Enact and enforce e-Verify!!!!

  10. They should be fining the companies and imprisoning the owners! They are breaking Federal laws! The fines should be steep to send a message across the country of what to expect! But let’s also investigate the politicians in that state! Aiding illegals is a federal offense!

    • Larry Gaines
      Where does it say that 300 of them were released? I hope that whoever had them released is fired, that makes no sense to release them. If they are illegals, they are criminals period!

  11. Someone asked a question,: Will those businesses that hired the ILLEGALS, he Fined or Face nail time, ?
    Being Democrats, who will be Judged by democrats, IT’S Doubtful, HOWEVER, IF BY SOME VERY SLIM CHANCE THOSE OWNERS FACE JUDGEMENT BY THE REPUBLICAN, THEN, ???

    • Thank you Albert. May I ask a question please? Am I mistaken?…I believed ALL elected officials, city to state to Country in ANY capacity..being the ‘spokesperson’ for their ‘people’…Didn’t they / Aren’t they / Mustn’t They be Required…To: Swear Oath to Country & OUR Law of the Land-The Constitution?? Because IT says Guard against All (enemies) – Foreign Or Domestic! Therefore, WE THE PEOPLE, demand OUR Justice Dept. enact not only the will of The People, But, Also, Enforce OUR LAW!~ Dereliction of Oath!! A most definitely punishable offense. Investigation of Such Criminality IS Required & Essential!! Plus: Follow The Money. It REALLY Is Imperative that ‘We The People’ call for Action. Our Law IS for All! So who thinks they are Above THAT? Therein lies danger…quite possibly evil. The Light of Good will defeat The Dark…with Our Help. Bless You & Yours. America Rocks!

  12. Right On, jack. The Opportunity To See How Fast That Pile of trump TRASH Can FLUSH This Country Down History’s Toliet & History’s Sewer System!

    • Betty, you mindless fool…you’re another moron in the giant pool of brainless morons. I see that you managed to snag another piece of floating crap and stuff it in your empty brain cavity. You obviously suffer from rectumyopia wherein you have your asshole mixed up with your optic nerve giving you a sh*tty outlook on life. I could have been your father for a quarter but the neighbor’s dog beat me over the fence.

    • betty you are what is wrong with America along with people who think like you , first off you have to be ignorant , have the morals of a dog in heat ,and have a complete lack of what is right and wrong . America will need Gods hand on it to defeat the satans party (democrate party) and Gods will will be done while you trash burn in hell.

      • All of you have no right to criticize Betty, for she is smarter than all your pea brains! This is a country of rights for everyone, not just for Trump or his supporters! And we all have freedom of speech! And she has the right not to like Trump wether you like it or not! Just like you have the right to like him! So stop thinking like Trump, for everyone has the right to trust or believe in this President!

        • Read again Janet. This country is a country of rights for AMERICANS, LEGAL AMERICANS which apply by AMERICAS LAWS. NOT illegal immigrants. If they want to come, fine. But do it the right way and abide by the laws of this nation.
          WE THE PEOPLE, of the UJITED STATES of AMERICA! The very first words say it all. But some nitwits just don’t understand what they read, or just can’t read. I don’t like Trump either. But he IS doing a great job. I’m Democrat and stand behind him and the Constitution 100 percent!!!

        • Janet, this is a country of rights that fall within the purview of the constitution. You don’t have a right to steal from someone else regardless of the reason. People don’t have the ‘right’ to come here unless they do it the correct way. Coming to this country illegally is stealing from the citizens. Whether you understand or not, we the citizens pay taxes which is supposed to go to things that benefit us…roads, water, sanitation, etc. When people come here illegally, they tap into the system costing us taxpayers more. They often bring in diseases that put our own at risk. Some partake in crimes that maim or kill our own.
          I understand the desire of people wanting to come to this country. I am a 1st generation American which means that my father was an immigrant. He however, followed the laws….unlike the illegals of today.
          Do you really think that what Betty wrote was smart? I don’t, but it just is a reflection on her. Yes, within reason (you cannot yell fire in a crowded theater), we all have freedom of speech. That freedom gives people the freedom to criticize her for whatever reason.

        • Oh, Janet, Janet, Janet. Why do you find it necessary to speak on Betty’s behalf? It appears, for all purposes necessary to have a dialogue here, that Betty, is able to stand up and defend herself and her own comments, without you jumping up, and jumping in with your tongue a’flailing – which ironically, really reminds me of the follies of Don Quixote as he attempts to slay those mighty windmills for some odd reason….

          The point being, Janet, and you may have heard these points more than once in your lifetime ~

          #1 YOU are NOT our Mommy. #2 YOU are NOT the “Internet Sympathy Police”. #3 YOU have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER, to speak on ANYONE’S BEHALF, unless you have explicit permission to do so.
          #4 It is NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure we all share in your Kum ba yah’ish spirit of inclusivity, especially so if it is not presented in the Gullah dialect! Duh!! Sorry, but true.
          #5 It is NOT your DUTY, RIGHT, or RESPONSIBILITY to chastise other people that weren’t even engaged in a conversation with you. It’s called being RUDE.

          Can you at least agree that Betty is an individual who has the right to say whatever she wants? Can you also agree that the comments Betty makes are hers, and hers alone? Can you agree that people who read Betty’s comments have as much right to reply to Betty’s comments, as Betty has to make her comments in the first place?

          Any and all words, spoken or written BELONG, and ONLY BELONG, to the person who spoke or wrote them. This is an absolute FACT. That person retains OWNERSHIP of those words. Speaking, or writing words always have CONSEQUENCES. Some people may AGREE with those spoken or written words, and some may DISAGREE with those spoken or written words. IF, people reply, or respond to the words that were written, or spoken, then THOSE spoken, or written REPLIES are OWNED by the person who replied. What you have done here is; YOU INTERJECTED YOURSELF into a conversation ON BEHALF of Betty, giving the assumption that Betty was either too stupid, too immature, too incapable, or too weak, to REPLY on her own. How disingenuous of you, how boastful and arrogant of you to hijack Betty’s comments for your own self-serving ego. If Betty is capable of posting her OWN opinions, then she is surely capable enough to REPLY ALL BY HERSELF.

        • Janet, shut your fat, ignorant mouth! If we want or need your opinion, we will ask for it. It is unlikely that we will do so! Hush!!

    • If this country is headed down the crapper under Trump why are so many people willing to risk life and liberty to leave their “worker’s paradise” to come here?

  13. The President is doing a great job in spite of the Demonrats. Congress needs to stop stalling and do the job their constituents elected them to do or they will have find that they are out of a job in 2021.

  14. See what happens when the dems stay the hell out of the way, our duly elected President does what he promised & now there will be 680 positions open for Americans. But I wonder…. the people that hired these illegals, will they face some kind of charges?

    • This is just a PR attempt. Really! Only 680? In the whole State? Like in Commie California. That’s just people who wanted a free ride home to visit family for a wedding or something? There should be a whole lot more! That’s almost one Illegal per ICE officer? 80 officers had extra enthusiasm and nailed two! Or a few nailing more than that? My point is only one raid? In the whole State or in a city?Why just in one State? Especially. In lLa?

    • A while back I wrote that Soros and the Deep state were up to something and what happened in El Paso was (In my opinion) right up the Deep States SOP in their continued efforts of drawing attention to our 2nd Amendment and of course our President. Recent history repeating itself.

      • Let me get this right. You are claiming Soros killed the people in ElPaso. Please tell us the evidence you based your claim on. This is a serious charge. A modicum of proof would be appreciated.

        • Thomas, who began all the separatism while Obama was in office? Obama, the Clintons, ANTIFA, NAACP, and guess who’s paying for it all. SOROS! And thus far he has paid Billions to keep his agenda going. THAT fact is completely evident.

          • Proof? A little bit of paper, a wire transfer, cancelled check, anything to show the fact is completely evident. Anything, something, you got nothing other than, more nothing? WOW and its a self evident, dare I say, alternate fact!

        • Thomas you should know we will take all the help we can get. Defeating commiecrats is our goal. Then we will drive you commie assholes out of our country.

        • I just asked a simple question. Let me know when you start working there. There is a simple fact, there is no one else to take those jobs. Go help the country and take a job there. Put an illegal out of work. Do what is right for your flag, your country and your god.

      • Thomas Duane
        No I am not. I am retired & live in a different state, but perhaps others that live in that state will apply for the recently vacated positions.

    • Right shouldn’t these people that hire these illegals get a hefty fine? Maybe that way they would stop this crap. That’s why Trump is working so hard to clean up our country. He’s not against anyone that wants to become legal the right way.

      • Thomas, If you were following things more closely instead of being so closed minded, you would have seen that Mexico is indeed helping us now to stop the flow of illegals after facing restrictions on the importing, exporting of their goods to the US for initially aiding and abetting illegals to bombard our borders. Trump never said he expected a check, he said they will pay for it and they did, so changed their tune now.

  15. At this rate we are only (roughly) 16000 days away from illegal immigrant free (of course, if E-verify is put in place and these actions continue most will self-deport (as Romney noted during his campaign.

    • I’ve been pushing for E-Verification for the last 2 1/2 years and got nothing! We need to make this a platform in which to vote on! We need to make it well known that who ever opposes E-Verify that is running for office in congress can expect to lose! With E-verify in place, we don’t even need a border wall. Anyone who comes across the border without documents will get no help from any company, government agency, or church. This will in essence bring illegal aliens to an abrupt stop. It will also cause those who are here now to self deport themselves as they won’t have any help.

  16. Sounded good until I read almost half have already been released and the companies hiring the illegals were not being punished so they will think before doing it again! Fake news, or truth?

        • They only DETSIN them until they find whether they are legal or not. If they are illegal, then and only then, are they arrested. And only those which they know are illegal and have been deported before are immediately arrested.

    • In order to punish companies ICE must have concrete numbers of actual deportations, without those numbers, there are no fines or imprisonment.

  17. I am proud of our President Donald Trump. He is doing what he promised. The People who are trying to impeach him should be the ones that should be escorted to another country and leave the United States alone, “The Greatest Nation in the World.” I am proud to be a Citizen of the United States.

    • You’re right, Mr Pollan. The people who are trying to impeach him, should be escorted to another country and leave this great country alone.

    • Yes & A Lot Of What CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump promised like that Unenforceable Promise That Mexico would cover the costs of a border wall is Pure INSANE CRAP! Let’s see How long the USA will remain the “ GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD” with that presidential PISS ASS PIG, that Oval Office BRAIN DEAD, ORANGUTAN APE that’s currently in charge of it!

      • Shitstain Betty is out here again flapping her ignorant gums! President Trump will win a landslide re-election in November 2020! KAGA Betty will need lots of clean panties, crying towels, as well as lots of hugs and kisses from her Mommy! (Tough shit,Betty! Must suck being you!

        • So 40% 45 is going to win a landslide? The Russians will have to work overtime. Unfortunately, there is a posibility of him winning the electoral college again. It will be tougher this time, but with foriegn intervention a posibility. He will lose the popular vote by a much larger margin. He will always be an illegitimate miniority office holder.

          • Thomas Duane, you are another ignorant liberal! Yes, President Trump WILL be re-elected in a landslide vote (whether you like it or not). It must be very painful to be as stupid as you clearly are.

          • Thomas, I see you are still hanging on to the Russian Collusion Delusion. Please, please by all means, do some in depth research online. Forget listening to the news channels or listening to Hollywood or other celebrities. Be open,look at all angles from various sources and one on one interviews with those in the know, not some like politician only looking for votes so you can gain a broader perspective on what is really going on before you pass judgment. I suggest Betty do the same. Trump will always be a illegitimate minority office holder you say ? I am not sure what you mean by this. Sounds to me you are more describing Obama.

      • Funny you say that Betty , yes if liberals as yourself were in charge we wouldn’t have a country period , listening to you cuss and show just how stupid you liberals truly are , is enough to drive a patient and sane man over the edge to insanity , your the monkeys ass U simpleton liberal brown facing Idoit !!!

      • My my a LADY has spoken and what wonderful cheerful intelligent words she did write but from those words we
        learn words of hate, filthy disgusting words, provoking words that agitate those who read those words! Ever
        wonder why this EL Paso shooting happened, could it be he was provoked by Words that pushed him to that point? A WISE PERSON ONCE SAID “IF YOU CAN’T SAY SOMETHING NICE DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!”

      • You know. Betty sure does remind me of someone that goes by name of The Redman.
        Definitely a very confused and racially demented individual. Racist animal!

    • If that were to really happen? What businesses would be open and running? Most of them. Not to mention all non Union businesses period! Especially. Walmart! Construction , City workers , County workers , Union’s , basically rich people in general. Hell. How do you think they hit rich in the first place? Cheap slave labor! Do you think these hypocrites would want to shoot them selves in the foot? Just to pay American worker’s more money to do work for them? Or to try to even get an American to do some of the dirty work and back breaking work that they use them for? Would you dig ditches? Or be a maid at a hotel or be a server etc? Just saying? Common sense. But. Hey! Don’t get me wrong! I want them out too! But. What I see? Is not what they are really doing? I think it’s a show? Just to gain votes? That’s because in reality? In one State? In just the Mississippi? Only 680 Illegals? Like on another comment I made. They rounded up the ones who wanted a free ride back home for a wedding or something? Other’s were released because they were US citizen’s apparently? Which is our unadulterated bull crap! Which means someone called on and hat tased a US citizen to be arrested and detained? That’s harassment! If someone calls? It or they should know if they are illegal or not because they just caused that person a lot of grief! Not to mention money most likely? Just so you know? I’m not Hispanic. Just in case you think I’m backing illegal’s up? I’m not! It’s rational thinking. Why would I support them anyway? They cause me a lot of grief! Plus. They cause the whole country grief. That they don’t seem to want to understand? Not that they care in the first place? Especially. They are no longer just working picking watermelons, and menial jobs anymore? They are getting ito everything! Even Union jobs! I was out of work one tome. A Union Rep from San Jose California called me about a job? For Apple in SunnyVale. He could barely speak English? WTF? I realized he is a Inion Rep and he’s getting 2 pensions? WTF? While they are keeping me from getting just one! SOB! You understand where I’m coming from? Lot’s of Journeyman were displaced and put out of work because of this crap going on? Who said that they aren’t doing anything wrong by being here illegally? Unreal.

      • Phil G. That’s democracy for ya. Cheap labor slavery. And if the Dems have their way…you think they’re bitching now? The Dems will succeed in taking all NON WHIYES back to chains and shackles. I’ll bet on it!!!

  18. Really? They planned for 2 months . Captured 680 in one day and have already let 300 go. This is progress ? There are 11 million here. Rapist, pedophiles, sex offenders , extortionists, and that’s just in Congress. Ain’t no swamp draining . Nobody is in jail . Ain’t no border security. They are still pouring in. This has all been a smoke screen.

    • One step at a time. the democrats and democrook judges are fighting him every step of the way. there is NOBODY who could do this in one day. at least he is trying, that’s more than can be said for the democrooks. !

  19. The DEMS see themselves as the only party to run this country. They have had power for far too long and not achieved a thing. They are going to lose in 2020 and then President Trump can give us another 4 years. The DEMS are going to meltdown just like they did in 2016. The problems this time is they have spent the last 2 years doing nothing but putting forth nothing that any person residing in the US will want to live under so that is going to be them watching their party implode. They and only they will find out just how much President Trump has done and the hole time fighting to give american citizen the life to live free of DEMS rule. The most stupid of all is Jerry Nadler. He will NOT impeach the President, the hard he tries the more useless he becomes. As for Nancy and Chuck they to have been the weak link to the Congress. Just think how they let AOC, Omar, Talib and Presley try to take over the congress. They are all thugs and have so many criminals acts against them. Their days are numbered and for me I look forward to watching either they are removed from Congress or sent to jail. Let us all pray for GOD to intervene.

    • Let me state this again. The Democrats gained congress this year. The failure to accomplish things like the wall and the end of Obamacare needed to be done during the first two years of 45s administration. Repubs had the whole ball game and just cut taxes for the rich and coporations. I would also like to know what criminal acts, AOC, Omar, Presly and Talib commited. As a Democrat I would like to be informed of their crimes. It would help me decide who to vote for at election time. Thank You, Tom

      • Speak well of them Thomas. They might let you eat the rust stains out of their panties. If your mama doesn’t get to them first.

      • Thomas Duane. How about inciting riots for one. Rashid Tlaib married her BROTHER to gain citizenship by illegal means to falsify her marriage to gain citizenship. All for of them incite violence, segregation, racial disparity, among other things. Are you not keeping up with the factual news networks?
        Even a couple of the FNN’s have slipped up and stated the evidence unknowingly.
        Fox news is the only one with the facts, the others can’t even coordinate their stories to keep them straight. Lol

    • “They are going to lose in 2020 and then President Trump can give us another 4 years.”
      I wouldn’t bet on it. Hitler is quoted as saying “How fortunate for governments that the people do not think”.

  20. Trump wants red flag laws. A good idea, based on recent events. BUT, this MUST be done VERY carefully. I can see the dems telling their liberal minions that if they know someone has a gun, report them; make up a good reason, it doesn’t have to be true, it just has to have their guns removed. This will happen and the dems will love it and those that cherish our constitution will, once again, be diminished and their rights taken away. This is a scary slippery scope, issue that is fraught with peril.

    • The companies that hire these illegal invaders need to dealt with like President Eisenhower did in the 50s. The government revoked their business permits.

      • That’s the question I have too what is being done to these companies that blatantly hire illegals one article said that one of the companies make over 3 billion a year thier fine should equal at least 10 years of revenue and put them out of business. Making it very public it would not take many businesses being heavily fined and closed down that no one would be hiring illegals anymore. The incentives have to be eliminated in order to stop the flow of illegals into our country

    • Anything that has to be done “very carefully” when a constitutional right is at stake is better passed on! Red Flag laws are unconstitutional in so many ways, we should not even considerit! We know Democrats will use this to their advantage-they can’t help themselves! To skip the whole due process part of law, to invade someone’s home on a hunch, to even suggest a person is guilty until proven innocent, is against everything America stands for! The proponents say, don’t worry, we will only raid and confiscate those that are a threat to society? Who decides that? We already have crooked Federal judges being used to stop the President’s agenda, why would anyone believe this Red Flag law will not be abused? And let’s just say a erroneous tip is received for political reasons, firearms are confiscated, the owner is detained. The law is not just going to let them go and give them their legally owned firearms back, they will have to hire lawyers and take time off work, they could face a stigma in their community that could cost the family dearly. We should NEVER give up our legal protections as a short cut fix to a problem! Have you noticed the states that already have red flag laws or laws similar are almost all blue states?

    • I thinnk you need to check your history. Criminal 45 had a repub congress and senate for two years. Dems got the congress in Jan, 2019. The big question is, if Americans were going to pay for the wall, why didn’t the repubs do it? Or were they waiting for Mexico to pay for it as promised by criminal 45.

  21. President Trump is following Federal Law much to the chagrin of the Demomarxists who are in favor of the USA being over run by unvetted , welfare seekers. These caravans of soon to be illegal aliens flaunt our U.S. Federal law and are financed on the trek by the U.N., George Soros,and Wealthy American Communists who are Globalists and want diversity even if it tears apart the USA.. They also want redistribution of wealth which will fall to the middle class who eventually will be taxed out of their homes to pay for cradle to the grave welfare and education benefits to seas of unvetted humanity, uninvited, unwelcome, here for handouts forever.

  22. 680 rounded up and now let’s make sure they get sent back to where they came and go get some more. Trump Pence 2020…

    • You’re right, Mr Pollan. The people who are trying to impeach him, should be escorted to another country and leave this great country alone.

  23. HE is a MAN of his Word = Wrod made Fleah=the Flesh lives one’s EVERY WORD! That is what every human should practice as JESUS did! Trump is a True Christian!

  24. This is a good start. Now we need to see raids across every State in America. If any State Governor interferes they should be brought up on Federal charges and the raids carried out anyway.

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