ICE just proved Ilhan Omar wrong with this massive arrest of Illegal Aliens

Ilhan Omar claims Donald Trump invented a fake emergency at the border.

The controversial Minnesota Congresswoman also called Trump’s proposed border wall a “monument to racism.”

But ICE just proved Ilhan Omar wrong with this massive arrest of illegal aliens.

Omar and other Democrats claim there is no emergency on the Southern border.

ICE is intercepting nearly 4,000 illegal aliens a day, but Democrats and their allies in the fake news media claim Trump is making the whole thing up.

That’s hard for everyday Americans to stomach.

In Texas, ICE raided an electronics repair shop where they arrested 280 illegal aliens in the largest workplace raid of the Trump administration.

The Daily Caller reports:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raided a job site in Allen, Texas on Wednesday and found 280 suspected illegal immigrants working there.

It is the largest workplace raid yet during the Trump administration, according to KERA News.

ICE agents stormed the CVE Technology Group, an electronics repair shop, after the Department of Homeland Security received tips from locals that employees could be using phony identification to obtain jobs at the firm, allegedly with the compliance of CVE. The department cross-referenced employees with their tax forms to establish a case.

ICE agents now plan to interrogate the detained suspects and assess “humanitarian situations” where an individual is the solitary caregiver for a child. The rest will remain detained and, according to an ICE statement, “all illegal aliens encountered will be fingerprinted and processed for removal from the United States.

The government – because of laws the Democrats support and refuse to change – has released over one million illegal aliens into the country in the last year.

That is an invasion.

And ICE’s raid to round up 280 of them – while an important first step – is just a drop on the bucket.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Do you agree with Ilhan Omar when she says there is no crisis on our Southern border?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



  1. For the ones coming in send all to the city’s that want them. They can send some to the north so they can feel what is going on. I bet that will change some votes.

  2. Minnesota didn’t ask for Omar or any of her relatives. She disgusts minnesotans. We don’t want or need this over our heads. We feel like everyone else in our great country that these people need to go!!! They are the most ungrateful people we could have ever allowed in the great USA! THEY’RE HERE FOR NOTHING BUT TROUBLE, LET’S GIVE IT TO THEM !!!

  3. Don’t let them ride.their Bestie train here.
    Build some treaties or something to wipe them right off. Post pictures and warnings.everywhere so we won’t actually kill them. Build many of them and build them of steel, too.heavy to lift.

  4. Correction–There are over 30 million illegal aliens in the country already and over 100,00 anchor babies born last month. The Demomarxist plan for the 2020 election is to put a demomarxist in the white house–take control of the senate and the house of Rep.–then when have achieved dictatorial power–grant immediate citizenship to all illegal aliens many of whom are criminals–in fact all are criminals for breaking our legal immigration laws.. Then the demomarxists can achieve their dictatorship and launch us out of being a constitutional republic into a Cuban, Venezuelan N. Korean type political rule. A despotic,dictatorship–we are very close to losing our freedoms and our beloved country. Shame on Pelosi–Shumar who are giving the Americam citizenry and all of the rinos and demomarxists who are murdering the USA

    • Maybe people should watch the movie RED DAWN, if the Demorats get their way with open borders, no guns, then there you have it they can march right up with the backing of the Russia and take us over look out people things are happening to our country that we have never seen before.

  5. Not only do Democrats want to break the backs of American taxpayers by allowing illegal invaders, but they also want to give them drivers licenses and let them vote too. If that is not political then I do not know what is.

  6. Amazing how we all knows the truth but the lies keep making the news. It’s proven we have 11 million plus illegal entry’s into the United States, that’s illegal as in committed a crime. What other country in the world has the same situation and tolerates it? It’s all a sham, the Baby Killing Party wants the votes, our people want the cheap undocumented labor and the US keeps getting deeper and deeper in a hole. We all know we would like to keep the cheap labor but we don’t want the high rate of criminals and the high rate of welfare to go with it.

  7. A good sword and her on her knees would take care of her big mouth! Time for her to go! She never belonged in our Congress or u.s. for that matter! Thanks to Muslim trash obama we have this trash all over u.s.

    • It seems you let one of these muslims in the government, it just won’t stop. Obama should never have been elected. There was a sheriff from Arizona who went to Hawaii to find the truth and I really believe he did, but was threatened not to reveal it!!!

      • Omar,Obama,Pelosi,Schumer,etc.- all need to be immediately arrested and shot for treason. Our once great nation is shot to he’ll because of these treasonous snakes,and it continues with no justice. It’s sickens sane people to watch this insanity prevail. This is not going to end well.

  8. You have to remember to the ANTI AMERICAN GLOBALISTS like Omar the complete destruction of the US would not even be considered an emergency.

    So to them TELLING THE TRUTH about what is happening is a bigger problem than the actual problem they helped create with their “TRANSFORM AMERICA” policies designed to abolish the sovereignty of this nation at the expense of the safety of its Citizens.

    • I heard Omar was threatened with a Christian death by a Christian crusader’s sword. I’m humbled by that man’s bravery; I bow to him. May he or his shadow prevail in the name of Jesus Christ and Yahweh of the sacred Jews.

      • yea we should just hunt them and give them there musslim law not only that these women know how there treated under musslim law. the only thing omar should be doing is time for treason

  9. Omar and the rest of the democrats are the enemy from within.They want to overthrow the country with out firing a shot. To them good is evel and evel is good. They just do the opposite of what the Bible says. They don’t believe in things they can’t see, and Jesus says what is seen is temporary what can’t be seen is eternal. If they don’t want to believe in God they’d better hope with all that’s in them that there Wright.

    • If you havent lived in the good ol USA long enough to know that the media cannot tell the truth then the picture that you see presented by the media is that everything in this country that isn’t demorat is bad. So the muslim and new additions to this country are going under the assumption that it is okay to be against our traditions and our love of country and definitely against the constitution and the bill of rights. Then they get the same picture in school and definitely in college. I hold the media responsible for the bad actors in our legislature. If not for our President they would have advanced another 50 yards toward their goal of take over and they are gaining followers daily. DJT saw this and is the ultimate patriot. Would you have given up all that he built and the comfort he lived in to save this country. I don’t think you can conclude anything else. I firmly believe that we must have a law that prohibits muslims from holding any public office. Sound too harsh, then why did our founding fathers make noise about this sect? Why did Eisenhower deport so many of them? From the rules for radicals lie, steal, cheat, and kill if you have to to get your way and my background tells me that we cannot survive if this isn’t stopped.

      • If you can obtain an old Koran not the new version published for Americans today, you will be surprised at what they believe–especially the New American women will have some things to consider. In Great Britain they want to be judged by their OWN courts because they do not want to follow western law. should America allow this? Remember the Muslem father in San Francisco who killed his own daughter because she refused to marry the father’s choice of a marriage partner for her????I believe they should assimilate into our society and be governed by our laws or go back where they came from.

      • What the he’ll did the Muslim do on 9/11 murdered 3000 ppl and I won’t put up with those Muslim britches in office in this country I am sick of their bullhorn thinking 9/11 was a nothing it wasn’t right then and not right now since when can people in country not punish the pukes that caused this I WILL NEVER FORGET NOR FORGIVE ANY MUSLIM

  10. I agree with you 1000% out of control is an under statement when have this vermin is in congress its a crisis. I live in the Twin cities (st. Paul) definitely never Minneapolis. Especially the cedar-riverside area from this fine specimen of DFL voter approved terrorism came from. Do not go there without a gun don’t matter what time of day it is be prepared to use it and don’t discriminate on gender,age and your’e good to go don’t use it your’e a victim . The courts here will not be fair since they don’t to offend the muslimes … Bad , bad situation !!!

    • If you want to talk about illegal, she married her brother so he could come to this country. I believe incest in Minnesota is punishable by up to 10 years in prison, but I don’t suppose that will apply to her. I hear she is trying to get a divorce from him because she is also married to someone else now.

      • Yes I heard this also. It seems if she could turn this country against itself she would do this. But hopefully voters in Minnesota will wake up and vote her out next election.

        • If Minnesota voters were so ignorant as to vote for her in the first place how can we suppose that they will ever understand that she is not for the democracy and freedom that we have in the US? If she married her brother to bring him to this country isn’t she already a felon. Or does the law apply differently to Minnesotans who are Muslim?

  11. These muslims in congress may be just as Illegal as the illegals themseleves, has anyone ever checked their backgraounds, and why are there so many none American born working in the federal buildings and congress instead of true Americans, I for one would love a job instead of trying to survive on a very small disability check that does not meet the bills.

  12. All she has to do is to enter many of the businesses and scream “Immigration” and she better step out of the way or get trampled in the stampede of illegals aS THEY EXIT THE BUILDING.

    From her hospital bed then she can tell us all about illegal immigration being a fake news story ha ha ha ha

      • That’s not enough. We need to know what they’re saying, but we’ve all got to be more vocal about it, and let others know as well. I write my representatives in MI a lot, because Dearborn has the largest population of muslims in the country. It’s getting out of control, and before we know it, we’re going to as bad as Europe.

    • I remember when my grandfather had my Mom take him to vote , he was an immigrant from Russia who loved this country and his most prideful thing was to be able to vote he would be rolling over in his grave if he could see what is happening to our great country

  13. Omar along with her 2 freshman should be impeached and thrown out of our Country, they are a threat to our Country, Omar does not like America or the way it is run so why the hell do you stay here go back to your shit hole country, as for our border we need to close all entries so it can be closed from people like Omar.

    • People need o to remind Congress about a law that was passed in June 27, 1952, about Muslims!!! That law still stands, but I think the Government
      doesn’t want Americans to also realize that!!!

    • At some point you would think those in Congress would recognize the facts of life at the Border, the lack of responsible regulations, and the pure fact that some of them have use their ask for their brains, all of which is Political. What is worse, is some people just blindly follow! It is not sick it is a disgrace as well as a slap in the face to the citizens of this great country.

  14. Why can she get away with treason and still be in our government? She is the same as Osama Bin Laden and should be treated as such, in my opinion! She is just as guilty as he was except she is spreading her hate from within our government, and WE THE PEOPLE do not like it. That rag head bitch needs to go back where she came from. If a democrat happens to get in office as president, we need to give him or her as much shit as we can so they can put up with the same shit their dishing out to our president.

  15. if I were trying to gain entry into the U.S. as a refugee, I’d at least have the good sense to wave an American flag. Everybody has Honduran and Mexican and guatamalan flags in all these photos. No wonder people call it an invasion. And where is the mighty U.N.??? Why aren’t they at the border lending humanitarian aid and helping to keep the peace. Funny how America has to handle it’s own problems itself and yet, we’re the first ones they call on in times of trouble or when they need a handout.

    • Paul Martin
      They do NOT wish to assimilate. The Mexican Nationals are armed, most have been or are felons in Mexico. They ARE organized. They do NOT accept our treaty of 1848 when Mexico was forced to cede New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, California, Nevada and Utah as war reparations. Which is interesting because Mexico started it and the U.S. wanted as much distance from our southern border to the interior of our nation as protection from Mexico. Mexican nationals recognize neither these borders nor accept that they are not citizens of or in the U.S. but consider it Mexico and as such They are Mexican citizens owing our country no allegiance nor governed by our laws. Now figure what percentage coming across and having already crossed the border consider themselves Nationals. You start to get the picture. When I left Abuquerque in 2000 there were already areas the police did not patrol. I cannot begin to think what it is like now

      • Some of the area you describe was PURCHASED by the US govt. It’s called the Gadsden Purchase and is USA territory, not Mexico’s

        • Joe Flynn
          The treaty of Guadalupe was signed in 1854 and comprised millions of square miles. The Gadsden Purchase was completed in early 1880’s and comprised a little over twenty nine square miles. It involved land in a strip in Arizona and New Mexico along the border. Land purchase was negotiated at a fair price for the time. Reason is land was needed to enable Southern Pacific railroad to build a far south transcontinental route. Do not attempt to discredit by cherry picking fact. And FACT is Mexican nationals are armed, organized, within our borders, believe the western U.S. is owned by Mexico and we have no way to track or account for the number. Think that was the IMPORTANT part.

  16. The congresswoman should understand that the Border crises are not about racism,but about keep our country safe,so simple! I have to follow the rules ,so why not Illegalls?? What kind of privilege they have??


  18. Ilhan Omar, her name alone makes my skin crawl. The bitch is even trying to get one of the leaders of the muslim brotherhood releasted from prison. She sure loves her terrorist.

  19. Gives the lie to the lib snappy comeback, “THEY ARE NOT TAKING ANY JIBS FROM YOU. THEY ARE ONLY TAKING JOBS YOU WON’T WORK BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO DIRTY OR TOO HARD.” Uh, huh. Let the lying lib hypocrites like Ilhan pay for them. Take their paychecks away from them the rest of their lives to pay for their brown skinned little pets. I warrant these wetbacks wouldn’t be here long, yet they expect YOU to pay for them rest of your life. Filth like ILHAN OMAR have already proven the only human condition near and dear to THEIR hearts is the advance of Islam. These racist, bigoted, antiwhite, antisemitic pieces of garbage only open their mouths to spread division and hate.

  20. Hey Omar,
    The other day, I sent a note to OAS with a bit of advice concerning some of the really stupid things which she says. The note says, “Sometimes, it is better to remain silent, and be thought “A FOOL”, rather than open your mouth and dispel all thoughts forever.”

  21. Please somebody look into her campaign financials. She is married yet committing bigamy by committing incest by marrying her brother! That crap might fly in Somalia with the ragheads but not here in America. There are laws against that so what hasn’t she been arrested? Please not because she is a black woman Muslim! Same m.o. that let liar corrupt Obama get away with all his crap! She used campaign funds to pay for her divorce and personal use. Still she walks free! What the hell??? Throw this American hater in jail! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!

  22. I Omar is nothing more than a radical muslim and should be stripped of her position in congress and imprisoned as a terrorist.


      • If Omar was returned to her homeland to straighten up her country, more than likely her countrymen would slit her throat as soon as she opened her mouth.

        • The American voters need to wake up and learn who they are voting for, to me voting for people like her is akin to treason against the USA.

          • Obama brought in many thousands more Muslim refugees than he reported. That is why this human piece of shit was elected. She mocks America, but this parasite took all the free stuff she could. She hates this country and should be deported for immigration fraud marrying her brother. Sure there are good Muslims, but Omar is not one of them.

          • Only 2 kinds of muslimes in the world, radicals want the infidels dead, moderates want the radicals to make the infidels dead.
            Learn it, live it.

      • Michael Moritz
        Totally disagree with you. This is where we as a people make a grave mistake and it will cost us. They are NOT to be trusted. In case you have not been following I will catch you up. The people want you dead. You are an infidel. You are to be dead, a slave or convert. It is lie to an infidel, cheat or murder them as long as it furthers the interests of Islam. PERIOD. This week in a Utah newspaper sixty thousand known Muslims put out the word they are organizing to take as many elected positions as they can from everything from school boards, city, county, state and federal levels. Do NOT take them lightly. Just consider what Tlaib and Omar have done. These backwards Mohamad worshippers would love to shove sharia law right down our throats and they will use the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to do so. DO NOT CUT THEM ANY OF THAT POLITICALLY CORRECT SLACK AS THEY ARE POSITIONING THEMSELVES FOR THE FIRST PART OF AN OFFENSIVE CAMPAIGN. THIS IS WHY PRESIDENTS JOHN ADAMS AND THOMAS JEFFERSON DISTRUSTED AND FEARED ISLAM WITHIN OUR BORDERS.

        • Old Soldier, they are playing Chess. They are positioning their people all over our country and if we don’t stop them. CHECK MATE.

    • If they won’t say Soro’s a terrorist, then why would they go after her. I think they are both terrorists, either bring charges against both of them. One has Billions, the other has the Democrats.. She has become the sweetheart of the Democrats, her and AOC the untouchables!

    • Jeff S. Tremethick – Hopefully one of the elites’ buildings and not an innocent Americans that just want to be safe. I honestly think that if the elitists lose one of their family members by an illegal alien, that might just open their eyes. Or, maybe not – power and money might still turn a blind eye. It would probably be just another collateral damage. They are cold-hearted evil entities.

  23. Omar and other Democrats claim there is no emergency on the Southern border.
    ICE is intercepting nearly 4,000 illegal aliens a day, but Democrats and their allies in the fake news media claim Trump is making the whole thing up.

  24. A true Muslim will never assimilate into a society they invade and one that accepts another belief will be the first killed when they begin to take over. To start the softening process they push for introduction of Sharia law and special religious(?) privileges. True Islam is a murderous cult and does not deserve to be called a religion. So gullible people install them in government. Watch Europe!
    Elmer Werth

    • You right!! I agree with you 100%.. I don’t know how she got the vote.. unless the DNC used illegal to vote for her..

      • Lazy, uninformed voters allowed this radical bitch to invade our congress. The voters are to blame for this! Now, we have to figure out a way to get rid of her and others with her twisted views.

      • I have recently read that her state is sorry they voted her in and are trying to find someone to go against her. Can we take any more of her and her demand? She also demanded that terrorists be released. She is going to being havoc on our country. She needs to go now and now just to her country although if they slit her throat that would be great, I wonder if she is planning an attack from her people as she sure isn’t an American.

        • Marcia
          Do not give any credence to what you hear. These knuckle dragging Muhammed humpers will vote both Tlaib and Omar back in. This is what they do. Look you right in the eye while shoving a knife in your liver. Pardon, but if they are so F’N sorry they have the power of RECALL available at any time.

      • Actually during the Obama presidency, he purposely allowed the mass migration of Somali’s into various communities, her district was the heavy recipient of tens of thousands. Minnesota and Michigan have enormous Muslim communities. Additionally, they’ve become “No Go Zones” they’re virtually governing themselves under Sharia Law! Americans better wake up, especially self identifying Democrats

        • Wrenchmen you are correct, Minnesota has a boatload of them. We don’t want Omar or her filthy friends here. There is enough of them in her district to vote her in. When ICE gets a chance I would like to see the cleanup in isle 4 here in Minneapolis. Your also right about the hood they live in. I’ve been through it and what a shit hole. All standing in the streets on welfare. They best pray I don’t come down with a terminal disease

      • Don’t you remember under Obama they sent 10s of thousands to specific areas in this country to satuate different areas with muslims?This is part of their plans to overthrow America.

    • She is one of Obama’s Jihad Muslims that he brought to America to establish Sharia Law for all Americans. Send her back to Somalia where she came from.

  25. Just Build the Wall. But after reading an article today, I know you can’t believe what you read. But it sounds like the President is gonna give in and not build the wall. If he were and I wish he would or had he would have already done it. We from TX have known of this problem with illegals over 50yrs.

    • Steve A., the wall is being built. Sean Hannity was live with President Trumps speech today (4/6/2019) from there along with the military constructiin crews and other officials. It’ll take some time but it is getting built and where its built from the past, it’s being repaired. Ignore the left. They’re liars and traitors.

  26. She needs to go now, send her out of the us, kick her out of the house, send her to the country she loves. Or better yet, stop talking about her! We are all sick of her! Stop wasting time on the dumb bitch, who clearly cant spell her name.

  27. People…… Just keep buying ammo!!!! That’s all we can do… Be ready for the shit to hit the fan & defend your family & yourself!!!! God bless the USA & everyone 🙏

    • I.Omar is nothing but a lying “Scuzzlim” deport her lying butt. Getting real sick of beaners taking jobs from American citizens all because of the lying disgusting Congress Democrats like Omar, Pelosi, Spartacus, Schiff, Schumer, and a host of others. Democrats should be deported to the atolls and test another Atomic Bomb.

  28. Sucking up to the lies and perversion of the Vatican and the mormons is not helping these people at aall.

    • Howard T. Lewis all
      Don’t know about Vatican, but that Mormon church brings them in by the bus full. SLC is a sanctuary city and pretty much Utah. That church just LOVES getting ten percent tithing and cheap ass labor. Then they all get to be little slum lords charging astronomical amounts to rent out litteral rat traps. Know the wetbacks will pay it as they have not much legal recourse, so they pack three and four families into rundown single family dwellings. Lived there for fifty four years and left it as now a real crap hole. Ogden city proper has a population of eighty thousand and is now basically one big barrio. Look I have all the respect in the world for those that are here legally and more respect for those who work so hard to attain citizenship. For those that have chosen to break our laws and show no respect for our citizens or our nation nor the very land they walk upon I can only use the term wetback as it encompasses all the derision and disgust I feel by their very presence!

    • Because she is so anti-semitic, I thought she was Somali because she’s so pro-muslim. I I think she is very stupid because she claims there’s no border problem with illegals coming over. The things that she claims are stupid and their lies and she goes to protests in support of Muslim terrorist people

      • Deb, She is from Somalia and she is illegally in office. Apparently she claims she is from area A whom she represents but she actually lives in area B. She fraudulently married her brother to get him here. As the muslims say, practice and believe, incest is best. They are a sick bunch of devil worshippers. allah is Satan and muslim heaven is Gods’ Hell. They want muslim heaven, let them have it.

    • That female Muslim is not fit to serve in Congress. I’m not just spouting talking points. I’ve asked my Senator and Representative to do something but the first one is retiring soon and doesn’t care (RINO) and the second is a demofart so no response there. That Muslim woman has been making speeches and raising money for terrorist groups lately and that means she is aiding our sworn enemy’s. She’s been helping those groups that our nation and half the free world have been at war with since 2001. According to our Constitution, the 14th Amendment, she is not fit to hold any U.S.Government office, now or ever, for giving aid to our enemy’s during a time of war. It is plain black and white, no its, ands, or buts. She is out, period. But for some strange politically correct reason nobody has raised the issue. Back room politics I suspect. Or those who should be raising the issue are scared, paid off, or most likely just don’t know what is in the Constitution. Seems like they should read through it once in a while.
      Point is, throw the ugly bitch in a zoo with the camels. She looks like one, anyway.

  29. And if fake IDs isn’t some kind of identity theft what is it? If she doesn’t like the way we do things she can always return to Somalia. And, ignorant lady, anybody who calls one a racist when they aren’t makes you the RACIST.

  30. Howdy ICE,
    Can you all please check Ilhan Omar and see if she violated immigration law? It’s even believed she violated election residency laws also.

  31. Every day one of the misfit triplets says or does something that is completely a lie, anti-Semitic, anti-American or just plain ridiculous. Still waiting for one of them to be held accountable for their behavior. Not holding my breath…

    • These three are in violation since they were illegally sworn in and made a mockery of out American Oath Of Office, they should be immediately impeached, tried for their crimes, serve time or death, depending on Constitutional Treason, and stripped of any validity of office or future compensation!!

  32. Ihan Omar has no right being in public office in this country. She does not love our country and is hear spacifically to endorse jihadis tactics on our country through CAIR. She has gotten her brother into this country by marrying him, by the way it is insest in this country under our laws. She also has used campaign money illegally which is also illegal and all the leftist Dems are scared of her because she could have them killed in the name of Allah by her colleages in CAIR. This women plain and simple is a modern day terrorist in our congress. Whats next folks. Do we all become Sheit muslim state in the USA. Wise up Osama Bin Laden ideas are not dead for jihadis. It still is kill the Americans.

    • Yeah, Shiite Muslims are so very extremist and chant death to Americans and yet they were allowed to be voted in. She hates America and it trying to kill all of us supposed infidels, yet those who promote death are the infidels and murderous racists who don’t deserve to live here or have a place in this country at all

  33. Everything Omar says is just to stir up trouble. If she can turn us against each other and get us to fight each other it will be easy for somebody to come in and take our country. There is a saying that goes, You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. If we don’t stand up together for America we will fall for her lies. God blessed America with President Trump. We need to thank and praise God for his blessings.

  34. Everyone of these wipes(Democrats), that makes a statement? “Trump is just making this up as if there were a boarder problem” Has not been to the boarder/ Has no intention of going to the boarder/Down right lies about the boarder, just wants boarders open for more votes. Maybe Democrats would agree to have them vetted at their homes, since they care for them all so much?

  35. Ilhan, you need to remove your head from your behind. America is being over ran by illegals. If you think it’s ok for illegals to come in w/o being vetted you need to resign from Congress and go back to whatever country you came from. We don’t more illegals in this country.

  36. Ilhan Omar should be removed from our country for falsely accusing our president of something that is not true,the american people are getting tired of this islamic loving shit disturber

  37. No, I don’t agree with that raghead! She follows the same party line as the rest of her party and she should be censored and expelled from Congress. We need tighter borders.

    • Pauline, We The People need our US Borders w Mexico – and – Canada – to be controlled, closed and enforced.

  38. Ilhan Omar is totally wrong. There is a crisis on the border and God knows we have to stop this invasion. I pray every day that this invasion will stop. There is a criminal element with some of these invaders. Who listens to this crazed woman?

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