If you’re a Christian “Devout Catholic,” Sunny Hostin believes you’re automatically guilty of this heinous crime

The View somehow continues to find a new bottom.

The mind-numbing daytime talk show spouts Democrat talking points in the dumbest way possible.

And now if you’re a Christian “Devout Catholic” Sunny Hostin believes you’re automatically guilty of this heinous crime.

The Democrat Media Complex is in full blown “blame Republicans” mode in the wake of a horrific shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs.

Democrats claim that “right-wing rhetoric” is always to blame any time this sort of incident occurs, and they don’t even wait for the facts to come out.

Of course, they never hold leftists to the same standard – how could they when everything is Republicans’ fault?

The Fake News Media didn’t dare blame Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT) – not even a little bit – when one of his most ardent supporters opened fire on Republicans practicing for the annual Congressional charity baseball game, nearly assassinating Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), and five others, including U.S. Capitol Police officers.

And President Joe Biden certainly wasn’t blamed after a deranged left-wing radical chased down and ran over a 19-year-old kid with his car just a couple of months ago, because the leftist believed the kid was one of those “Republican extremists” Joe Biden had warned him about when he declared the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump as “threats to democracy.”

Part of the ridiculous left-wing commentary coming out of the Fake News is the fact that conservative Christians are always somehow to blame anytime something bad happens.

The View did exactly that as part of their advocacy on behalf of the Democrat Party.

And co-host Sunny Hostin, a self-proclaimed “devout Catholic,” claimed that Jesus would’ve been the grand marshal of a gay pride parade.

America’s Anchorman, the late, great Rush Limbaugh, once explained that left-wing radicals are leftists first, everything else second – and this is a perfect illustration of that unwritten rule.

Hostin is so in the tank for the Left, it supersedes her religion – so much for the First Commandment.

She has claimed that she is personally pro-life because of her Catholic faith — even in cases of rape and incest — but she bashes pro-life Republicans for having that exact same opinion.

That’s because left-wing politics are Democrats’ religion.

The idea that Jesus would be the grand marshal at a gay pride parade is textbook projection by the Left.

Later in the segment, Whoopi Goldberg attacked Christians, claiming they want everyone to feel the same way about issues as they do.

“You don’t want to just have your feelings,” Goldberg said. “You want everybody else to join you. You can scream, you can cuss, you can do all the things that you say, but you know what? Gay people are here. They’re not going anywhere. There is nothing else you can do, you know? You can yell and scream, but, you know, as the Lord, as everybody was talking about, you know, made in God’s image.”

When Goldberg says, “You want everybody else to join you,” that sums up the Left in a nutshell.

For example, it’s not enough to be “tolerant,” as they claim – one must sacrifice theirself at the altar of leftistm by violating their religious beliefs and baking a gay wedding cake.

The Left is attempting to set a standard by which anyone who disagrees with them is automatically to blame anytime something bad happens.

The only question is, have the American people woken up enough to see through it?

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