Ilhan Omar asked one question about critical race theory that blew up in her face

Democrats are beginning to panic over the blowback against critical race theory.

Some of the Party’s biggest names are trying to salvage the situation.

But Ilhan Omar asked one question about critical race theory that blew up in her face.

Over the past several weeks, multiple viral videos emerged of parents confronting their local school boards over critical race theory being taught in their children’s classrooms.

Critical race theory is based on a Marxist ideology and teaches that America is a nation founded on white supremacist institutions.

Parents expressed their outrage at what they see as racist and un-American indoctrination filtering down into the curriculum of their kids’ schools.

Now, Democrats are worried a grassroots rebellion is brewing across the country and raced to diffuse a political time bomb.

One of the talking points the Left has settled on is that critical race theory doesn’t actually exist.

Ilhan Omar tried to push this talking point on social media.

Liberal blogger Andrew Sullivan – who was a major supporter of Barack Obama – responded that nearly every school in the country teaches critical race theory.

The claims that critical race theory is a figment of the Right’s imagination are not holding water.

Republican state legislators around the country are introducing legislation to ban critical race theory from being taught in school and Democrats are worried about the energy building against critical race theory.

They fear it will inspire Republican voters to turnout in greater numbers in next year’s midterm elections and cost the Democrat Party their majorities in the House and Senate.

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