Ilhan Omar celebrated one unbelievable Muslim holiday

Ilhan Omar continues to find herself at the center of a political firestorm.

This time it’s over the allies she chose for a holiday celebration.

And she is promoting one holiday for Muslims that you won’t believe.

Omar announced she and Rashida Tlaib were celebrating Muslim Women’s Day on March 27.

The purpose of the holiday is to promote Muslim women’s voices in America.

Breitbart reports:

Democrat U.S. Reps. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota are among the prominent Muslim women many in left-wing media and the abortion industry are celebrating in an event called Muslim Women’s Day.

According to left-wing media Romper, March 27 is annual Muslim Women’s Day, an event said to “elevate the voices of Muslim women by curating content that reflects their experiences.”

On social media, those celebrating the event are using the hashtag #MuslimWomensDay. Among the partners of the event are abortion vendor Planned Parenthood, Teen Vogue, Vice, HerCampus, and NylonMag.

But the cast of characters she joined up with led many Americans to conclude this was another attempt to push left-wing ideology under the guise of a feel-good holiday.

Supporters of the abortion industry like Planned Parenthood, Teen Vogue, and Vox joined Omar and Tlaib in celebrating Muslims Women’s Day.

That set off alarm bells.

This day looks like the Left is targeting a voting group – younger Muslim women – for propaganda indoctrination.

There is little doubt any conservative Muslim women will receive national attention from any of these groups.

The faces of this day – much like how the original women’s march excluded pro-Life women’s groups – will be radical left-wing, anti-Trump ideologues.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. We the people should organize a constitutionalist party and March on Washington by the millions and demand the recall of the whole Democrat party for insubordination they have not even attempted to do anything they were put in office to do . That would get them all out of office. They have all committed treason and we need to demand they be brought up on charges and punished .

  2. Go celebrate Muslim women’s rights and respect in Saudi Arabia, Iran, somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey…. need we go on.
    But the United States is such an unfair, terrible place to live.

  3. YES, Dan. Just ‘know’ a
    ‘teeny weeny bit’ about
    What ‘Qu’ran Say.
    >LIE/Infiltrate = Totally Acceptable
    (for ‘the Cause’).

  4. Phil, Not ‘basically’ An Idea.
    Their ‘respective’ Countries
    (at ‘home’) DO NOT ‘Allow’ such activity.
    >0NLY under the Q’ran ARE
    THEY ‘Allowed to LIE/INFILTRATE.

  5. Neta Rice it is impossible to reverse the mental health of a gullible, liberal Demwit. The damage is too far gone.

  6. Neta Rice it is impossible to reverse the mental health of a gullible, liberal Demwit. The damage is too far gone.

  7. You are absolutely right. We don’t need or want any muslims celebrayions in our country. The people who voted for them are stupid. Have they forgotten about 9-11?

  8. Obama said in his books that he is Muslim. But that doesn’t mean anything to the libs who voted for him, as they also hate this country

  9. Old dog who should be put to sleep…You have no clue about who founded this country and why. You just hate anyone who does not agree with your ignorance.

  10. Muslims will never assimilate. The goal of Islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. They are very evil, but libs have no morals and have bought into their sick agenda because they also hate this country

  11. You are correct. In Islam women are no better than animals. It makes me wonder what they do to celebrate it. Actually, I really don’t want to know

  12. Ben…Obama tricked those who voted for him. He is Muslim and hates this country and our freedom. You are very gullible.

  13. Victoria…You are right on. If they cannot accept the Bible, they have no businews being here. This country was founded on the freedom God gave us. The Quran FORBIDS freedom and is against everything this country stands for

  14. stinkin’ ole dog…Actually, MOST of our founding fathers were Christians, and ALL of their documents are based on their faith in God. You have no clue what a fact is.

  15. ERic…Read the Quran and do some research on Muhammad,who was very evil. Open up your eyes and see the truth. The goal of Islam is that ALL must serve Allah or die. They want total control over your life.

  16. These diaper heads should be trying to free women in Muslim countries from the torture they suffer every day. Hypocritical POS.

  17. You might want to read Wholly Different by Noni Darwish. She lived it. Also, The God Who Hates, might help you understand that sharia women have been brainwashed to believe in the jihad movement even to their peril.

  18. Eric, you are so sick! We, the American people, will be praying for you and hope that your mental illness can be helped.

  19. THIS IS AMERICA!!!! The purpose for any foreigner wanting to come to America, is to become an American and live by America’s way of life. It is NOT to create little Muslim countries within OUR NATION. If they can’t adopt and live American, then they should GET OUT & GO BACK FROM WHERE THEY CAME! There should not be creations of Muslim Day but rather “AMERICAN CITIZEN’S DAY”! AMERICANS FIRST. And all Americans need to start a movement in favor of our Citizens & the need for proof of such when voting……..THIS PERSON NEEDS TO RESIGN!

  20. Your point is salient as women are traeted–well I see it this way after attending Muslim Funerals, Men go into coffins and women are buried straight into the dirt

  21. Mark/Jim
    Thankyou. Kind hearted and decent though he may be, people like Eric need to understand they are dealing with people who consider Christian values and kindness a weakness and in some regard, insulting. Their tribal backwater religious instructors (mullahs) are most often 1 percentage point above illiteracy. The further in the interior, the less literate they become. The mullahs just tell the people what they want to and the people eat it up. For over a thousand years their hatred has been brewing. They have cut up, butchered, and raped not just other civilizations but each other. All they have known and will ever know is war and hate. They PARTICULARLY hate America as we are the antithesis of every thing Islam is. See what has happened to a nation of people that had advanced mathematics, medicine, poetry, engineering, and observatories to study the heavens. Look a what Sharia Law has brought them. What you see now in their countries is what they have planned for ours. In many respects education and knowledge are shunned and looked down upon. I can truly not stress enough that we really at war and the enemy is within. One tactic of the Koran is infiltration of a nation by accepting the ways of the people, populate through birth and immigration, become leaders in government and business. When all is in place, attack and overthrow. This is not based upon years, but generations. Don’t believe it? Don’t believe me? Buy a copy of the Koran and read. It is there. Just as a printing of Mein Kompf or the Communist manifesto are.

  22. This should be on every high school reading list, thank you for putting it out there. I have the politically incorrect good, it’s very good.

  23. Muslim Women’s Day in the U.S. is a non story, she/they need to go back to the Middle East and celebrate Muslim Women’s Day. See how far that gets them. Yet they are here in the U.S. to peddle Sharia. That is the height of myopia.

  24. 99.9% sure, IF, they Returned to their
    ‘native country’. They would Cease to Exist,
    by whatever means. & Not too ‘pretty’.

  25. Eric.
    It is time to give up your world of butterflies, rainbows and unicorns. In the real world these people want you subjugated or dead. Yes, as in everything else in the world there are exceptions. These exceptions in their world are heretics and special treatment is reserved for them. Ir is not pretty. Why do you think our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan spend a couple of years training.these.sand diggers to be soldiers and police officers just to have them turn on their instructors after two or even three years? I have been there. More than once. You had really better wake up. They HATE western nations and they have a special place just for a fat happy rosy cheeked American like you. Look them in the eye when they talk to you and they will.never look away. Those people in Santa Barbra, Ca were just like you. Gave them jobs, went to their wedding, even had a baby shower for them. Then the two camel.lovers.just going.full auto on their ass and chasing them down to finish the job. The same can happen to you, your friends or family. Ask any infantryman or jarhead who was there. THESE PEOPLE HATE YOUR GUTS! Plain, simple.

  26. Ilhan Omar is celebrating a Muslim holiday “to promote Muslim women’s voices in America”; she’s celebrating a holiday to promote the voice of women who, in Islam and under sharia (Islamic law), have no voice.
    Why wasn’t she celebrating the promotion of the voice of all women?
    Because, in her religion, all women (and men) are not equal.
    Acording to Islamic teachings, all Muslims are innocent and can do no wrong; if you’re not a Muslim, you’re not innocent; you’re guilty of being a non-Muslim and, therefore, deserving of death:
    “Then when the (4) sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters (the infidels, all non-Muslims) wherever ye find them” (Qur’an 9:5).

  27. “The purpose of the holiday is to promote Muslim women’s voices in America.”
    And now the truth:
    The purpose of the holiday is to promote Islam, its severe oppression and abuse of women, its supremacy, its poower, and its dominance over everything.
    This is yet another of the many reasons why we should have no Muslims in our country; another is the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952 which is still on the books and has never been repealed (please look it up).
    Some books you would do well to read are:
    1.) The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades.
    2.) Stealth Jihad.
    3.) Arab Winter Comes to America.
    4.) Modern Day Trojan Horse; The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration.
    5.) The Mosque Exposed.
    6.) Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America.

  28. Thank Obama, he established Islamic communities in MN and elsewhere during his 8 years to bring down the Great Satan.

  29. LOw-Information Eric, Islam teaches three acceptable approaches when encountering non-believers – 1) Convert to Islam, 2) subjugate (enslave) or Kill.

  30. Is Muslim Women’s Day celebrated any where other than the Western World, say, in Saudi Arabia or Somalia?

  31. Why do you believe that our Muslim Congress Women want us dead? What sick upbringing did you experience that makes you think that? And don’t tell me 911. These women had NOTHING to do with 911. In other parts of the World people latch on to nonsense and won’t let go. Americans should be smarter than that.

  32. Actually he’s not a fool, at least wise not in part of his comment. He did make a speech in Kenya and said quote’ I was the first born Kenyan to become president of the United States “not to mention his grandmother said she was there in the hospital when he was born in Kenya ,surely both of them aren’t lying. As for being a Muslim I would not know what is in his heart

  33. Old dog (turd )
    I knew you would be raising your goofy head up and bark at your own tail. OMG you gotta be a paid troll. No one else could keep up the same kine of garbage for so long. You spit so much manure outta your mouth you just gotta be using Prparation “H” on your mouth instead of chapstick.

  34. Question: how do Muslims have a Muslim Woman’s Day when Muslims don’t celebrate women, at all, ever?

  35. I believe your three questions and comments are the best Ive heard yet and certainly bring up valid points. Obama admits he is a Muslim and I think America was hoodwinked by him. Why most didn’t question all the Muslims he filled the White House with, is beyond me. I’m so thankful HRC didn’t win. She would have been President in name only, as Obama would have been standing in the shadows running the country. Anyone watching has to realize Obama isn’t finished trying to subvert America. Thank you for those questions and it hopefully is looked into.

  36. Question: Have Omar and Tlaib had their genital mutilation yet? After all, that’s one of the things they are promoting!

  37. If you love your fredum, rights, vote!!
    The oath of any office needs to be our bible not thirs. Vote all muslums out office. Then we all live safer. Some. Just some muslums just want peace. Just some

  38. “I agree they should be born in the USA to have any,congress or the senate.”

    “I agree they should be born in the USA to have any,congress or the senate.”
    Too bad the Constitution disagrees with you. If you have a problem with the Constitution, then America has a problem with YOU.

    Hint: The Senate is half of the Congress.
    Didn’t they teach you that in high school, or didn’t you get that far?

  39. Actually, there is noting in the Constitutions requiring the Scripture of ANY faith.
    Never let the facts get in the way of a good rant, pea brain!

  40. Carolyn
    No, it not legal as it is NOT a circumcision. Hopefully this is not embarrassing to all, but the “reilgious” practice involves a total removal of the female’s citoris. Many very young girls die from this abhorrent mutilation from infection, bleeding or the extremely painful physical trauma. It may cause excessive irritation through out their lives and shame as to the extent of their violation. The reason? To keep girls/women from having a sex drive and impure thoughts or looking at other men as a sexual partner. How barbaric, how cruel. And these two ragheads are out in public campaigning on behalf of a monstrous cult to make this appear acceptable to our young women? As of now it is illegal but the idiots such as Omar and Tlaib are trying to have the law stricken as it interferes with religious “rights”.

  41. Anyone who is working for OUR Government and has to be sworn in should ONLY be sworn in on the Bible…IF NOT…go home to your country IMO

  42. Susan, what has happened in this country is that we have imported a load of Islamic people. They aren’t spreading themselves thin. They cluster in large numbers, particularly in Michigan and Minnesota, and vote in people like Ilhan Omar. You’re right. She actually does loathe everyone who is not of her faith. Why is she given a microphone daily? The Press would have to take that question. I don’t know. She constantly spews hatred and discontent. She was voted into a problem solving position and does nothing but create problems. She is a terrible representative of people who call themselves, “American”. Oh, and if these people don’t call themselves American, they should leave this country and go to wherever they do associate nationally.

  43. And this woman swore her oath of allegiance for the office she now holds on the Quran. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for understanding where her allegiance really lies.

  44. Islam is the only religion or death cult as I call it that advocates killing anyone that doesn’t conform to it.

  45. Deport all of these people, we don’t want them here, if, they cannot assimilate with the regular American, all of these people should go back to where they came from. No sharia law in these country period and they can go all to hell.

  46. Cliff
    WRONG, but not far off. The Clinton machine rammed it through Congress I believe was year 1994 to allow muslims to gain citizenship and to hold Federal office. Does this give anyone out there an inkling of how far back this deep state undermining of our government goes back? It ALL keeps coming back to Bill and Hill and the Democratic party connection. Yellow cake uranium sold Russia, BENGAHZI, e.mail server, surveillance of the Republican party beginning in 2015, Steele Dossier and accusations of collusion are among some of their recent escapades. Wake up! This has been all in the making for decades. You want answers to all that is happening all you have to do is e.mail your senator or congressional rep and tell the. You favor a.special investigation look into the Clintons and the Democratic party. Took me about five minutes. Would suggest a lot of you do the same. Talk is cheap.

  47. Pres Obama never was for the u.s. He also was born in Kenya and admitted it in a speech in Kenya..also said he and his family r all Islamic….Both he and others have committed treason

  48. I don’t understand that either. What on earth do these people think she is going to do? Do they really believe she will represent their best interests in Washington? Obviously, they do, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why they do. Her ideals are 180 degrees opposite of theirs. They want a better life and she wants them dead. A number of years ago one of my friend’s dad said that he just votes the party, regardless of who the candidate is. These days, that doesn’t always work real well and this person is living proof of that.

  49. why can’t they throw her out of the govt. with a vote from Congress and thorow all those dem wit traitors libs who voter for her deport them to an ISIS country and put them on a no fly list.

  50. I am a Republican and I don’t call it “propaganda” but rather protecting the principles, this country was founded on! This Muslim women come to our country and instead of assimilating, they want to impose their beliefs and culture on us, that’s what I find soo wrong and unacceptable! Then they have the audacity to make demands on us and ask that we apologize to them! Hello!, they are the new comers to our country! “ When in Rome you do as the Romans do”!! Besides our country was found on “Christian principles “ and that is not going to change, so help us God!!!????????????

  51. The entire Muslim Religion should be declared a terrorist organization and every Muslim Immigrant should be quarantined set to be deported!

  52. I want to know a couple of things. #1-Were ALL of the Muslim’s in Minnesota and Michigan, certified citizen’s when and if they voted in the last two election and were they here for the called for time to be illegible to vote? #2- Did then president Obama call for and legally authority the ship load of 70,000 illegal Muslims to be allocated to these two states? #3-Did all of them take the oath to the U.S., which I find interesting, because they are Muslims and already took an oath to their religion, which calls for “death” to ALL that remain non-Muslim. if all THIS is true, President Obama committed an act of TREASON against the U.S.A. and if ANY of these NEW IMMIGRANTS were allowed to vote, ALL of them are guilty also and need to be deported.

  53. The entire Muslim Religion should be declared a terrorist organization and every Muslim Immigrant should be quarantined set to be deported!!!

  54. The Muslim Religion should be declared a terrorist organization and every Muslim Immigrant should be quarantined set to be deported!!!

  55. It was the stupid people in my state (Minnesota, 5th congressional district) who voted her into office, IDIOTS!!!!

  56. Win ” their hearts and their minds” my butt! Snake don’t bite or make more snakes if ya cut the head off.

    take you husband/brother with you.

  58. William
    Oh. You mean the date some liberal A-hole will say should be remembered as the day the Imperialst US attacked a peaceful nation for trying to freely practice their religion and trying to colonize the Ottoman empire? Honest to God, just wait and some moron like ‘OldDog”, will be responding to you in such manner. Reality is that was just one company of U.S. Marines. I say we should land the whole Corps there today, let em do their job and finish this middle east B.S. and leave Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Syria and Afghanistan in the smoking pile of camel dung that it is!

  59. I was wondering if Orma has received a female circumcise? Is muslim female circumcise in USA lawful??/

  60. I was always under the impression MOOSLIMES (and their so-called “religion” (SATANIC CULT) WAS BANNED from the U.S many YEARS ago. I guess DEMOCOMMUNISTS and OBUNGHOLE the gay mooslime FRAUD POS wanted “his kind” back.

  61. You talk about alleged ”democratic” propaganda.
    Don’t ”republicans” put out their share of the same?
    No one has that market completely covered as far as I can tell.

  62. All these new kids were an experiment gone wrong.
    One even threatened to impeach the president (expletives deleted) the day she won her election.
    They’re rookies and don’t have the “clout” to do much harm.
    I’m pretty-sure they won’t be trying others patience in 2020…

  63. Now that Disney has taken over Fox News, a Muslim woman is one of the Executives. They are involved or control all our news media, newspapers and TV, one reason for all the “fake news:.

  64. Roger, that would be a great tactic, but unfortunately that was not the case. The raid on the Barbary Pirates was led by 1st Lt Presley O’Bannon. The sword he was awarded at the time (the Mameluke sword) by the prince who was restored to the throne after O’Bannon’s raid, is still a required uniform item for all Marine Corps officers. I’ve had mine for quite a while. In fact, O’Bannon Hall on Marine Corps Base Quantico is the bachelor officers’ quarters where the 2nd lieutenants who attend the Basic School (Infantry Officer’s school) stay. I like your story, because I think if we did do this, radical Muslims would be a lot less eager to put their lives at risk.

  65. What Omar needs to do is wrap her “Hajab” around her mouth, nose and face permanently.

  66. She acts more like an ISIS Bride than a Congresswoman. She was part of Obama’s master plan to change the landscape of the Democratic Party, by allowing all of these Muslim refugees into the United States, along with the illegal immigrant children from Central America. The Black voters are starting to wise up, so they need a dumber class of voters to achieve their agenda! What will be ironic, if you know your history of the Democratic Party, is to have it brought down by a Black man is rich!

  67. Kick them out of our Gov’t and take the darn microphones away from those crazy women who have NEVER had a voice before being in America~ That doesn’t cure their stupidity.

  68. Ilhan Omar (D-Jihad) is a Jew hating leftist and a propagandist dor the islamic death cult. She despises American values and should kill herself.

  69. I don’t see how these people got in office, they hate everything this country stands for. I wish they were gone and we didn’t see or hear them again.

  70. Why aren’t the American people Standing up to them!!! They should not own Any American property of any kind. They should go back to their own country with their own kind. Enough is enough. My father before 9/11 saw Red when he saw them being trained to fly on a military base. He was a silent warrier and knew more more than he could say. People thino they know everything/Try talking to our Vets. We know the real story.

  71. These Muslims need to go asap polosee won’t displen them no national holiday for Muslim in the United States they can go back to their country

  72. A holiday just like Kwanzaa which was started by a Black Panther who also happened to be an FBI informant.


  73. This so called woman is Anti American and Full of Hate! How she is sitting on a seat in Congress is outrageous! She is a Bigot and She is Racist and loathes White People! Judge Jeanine was actually punished for asking legitimate questions about her love of Shihara law! If you can believe that! What is this Country coming to!? Why all the love for Muslims!? Last time I checked they were taking out the twin towers in NY city now they are members of Congress!?!? I don’t buy it has to be Voter Fraud! Why are they giving her so much press!?

  74. I am afraid that I have to agree with you…sadly, it has to come to this. I dread the up and coming generations. Remember 9-11??? They told us that they are our enemy that day…so we need to remember that we cannot trust them – ever!!

  75. And the choice of free bacon slices, ham slices, pork chops, and pork roast slices as a side dish with the beer.LOL!
    This is only the beginning folks..Little by little these rabid ANIMALS will keep pushing their corrupt “beliefs” until they take over. The time to put an END to this is NOW. Assimilate, and accept OUR laws and customs, or go back to the SH**HOLE sandpit you came from where you will be more “welcome”.

  76. Not only that but they should be given the pill that will make them unable to reproduce and this will end this ugly raise of people. I’m sorry, I believe that everyone has the right to live as they want as long as they respect everyone else. This raise does not. They must go.

  77. These three freshmen stooges will do anything to keep their names in the headlines. The number of followers are climbing. To them, they are fun to watch, but … deadly.

    No matter how shocking their comments were, they are still on the boat. The Dem leaders especially Pelosi won’t discipline them. Why did not they discipline them? Obviously the Dem Party are in trouble reaching out the people. And trying to cover their false dossier scandal.

    Iiham Omar is free to do whatever she wants. Pelosi is choked. If she wanted to remain in her leadership, then she can come up for our help.

  78. AMEN!!! How any respectable Jew or Christian Democrat can vote for them is beyond me…it is like voting for their own genocide!!

  79. Nope, no way. They wear them to keep from being molested by muslim men…how disgusting is that????? If they remove them then the disgusting pig muslim men will go after them…molesting is their passion. The fact that the raghead is needed to signal to muslim men to not molest or rape then speaks VOLUMES!!! They are evil sex maniacs and their women are far worse…they prepare their young daughters to be molested and raped…ALLAH says to do so and whatever ALLAH the pedophile says must be done. muslim men are savages and need to be obliterated!

  80. I love it! muslims should not be serving in our government…they ONLY serve ALLAH, if they don’t they pay the ultimate price. obama tries hard to legitimize make them appear benevolent and peaceful…as we can tell from these despicable woman serving in Congress..benevolent and peaceful is NOT what they are spreading. Why should we care if muslim women have a voice in the US? They aren’t allowed one in their own islamic Nation, I think that is a good thing. We see what comes out of their mouth without any further facilitation from the US…they are evil and should be rounded up in camps and watched…24 hours a day. Their mosques and IMAMS don’t allow them to speak…we shouldn’t either.

  81. It was also known that the General at that time had all bullets dipped in pigs blood and stopped the terrorism for quite a few years. The Muslims were so afraid of being shot because it would send them to hell because of the defilement from the pigs blood. They should do that today.

  82. I would suggest that we set up a National Holiday to celebrate the date in 1801 when the U.S.Marines invaded the Muslim city of Tripoli and demolished the Muslim Pirate organization aka the Barbary Pirates and effectively brought about the downfall of the Ottoman Empire and the spread of Islam which had reached as far as Brazil and much of South America.

  83. Free people in the Western world cannot survive peacefully with Muslims.. They want the West to SUBMIT or else and when they outproduce us and become a majority–they will force Islam and all of the murder, honor killing, theft, special taxes levied only on infidels.. Their motto is SUBMIT and they mean it or else.

  84. Pray for those Rag Heads………. they have no idea where and what will be waiting for them at the moment of thier death!! “Heaven will pass away, the earth will pass away. but, my words will not pass away!” Matt. 24:35

  85. If you trust this alkaliba you’re nuts and so is Nancy Pelosi. The Clintons started this crap with Islam when they talked about it being the fastest growing religion like that would be some reason to blanket endorse or accept it. It/they do not favor compatibility with us except maybe to conqueror us so why should look at it with a favorable attitude. They have proven that elsewhere so why should we think they are any different here when Tlaib keeps trying to shove it down our Ive studied them and the Koran.

  86. Maybe they are celebrating this day to be the day they get rid of their head coverings like real people

  87. This proves that Islam is a Satanic cult as an alternative to Christianity. Killing people such as Babies,Jews,Christians and all nonbelievers. This pleases the Devil very much.

  88. They left that arab area, because women were still slaves, and had no chance of changing anything. They are slaves, then they come here where freedom surrounds them and they celebrate that holiday. You people who elected them should be more than ashamed. Maybe you should do a tour of slavery in their nation. I thought you scandahoovians were smarter. Look what you have thrust upon the true Americans of this nation. She sold you a load of crap, and you bought it.

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