Ilhan Omar did one thing that left Donald Trump red with rage

Donald Trump’s feud with Ilhan Omar escalated to a shocking new level.

Trump has attacked Omar for being anti-American and a racist.

And now Ilhan Omar did one thing that left Donald Trump red with rage.

Recently the government of Israel announced it would allow anti-Semitic Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib into the country.

Both support the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement which has a goal of choking off Israel financially to allow for the creation of a Palestinian state.

Israel has denied travel visas in the past to activists that support BDS, but permitted Tlaib and Omar to enter the country due to their high-profile political positions.

Donald Trump disagreed with that decision.

Trump told his advisors that Israel should have blocked Omar and Tlaib from entering the country.

Breitbart reports:

TEL AVIV – President Donald Trump has reportedly quietly expressed frustration with Israel’s decision to allow Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan) to enter the country later this month despite their support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Trump told senior advisers that “Israel should bar Omar and Tlaib’s entry because the two congresswomen favor a boycott of Israel,” the Axios news site reported.

In a separate report from Israel’s Channel 13, Trump was allegedly quoted by advisors saying that if Omar and Tlaib want to boycott Israel, “then Israel should boycott them.”

The Axios report said three U.S. officials confirmed Trump’s remarks and that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office did not deny the account. Two senior Netanyahu aides said the issue was very sensitive and they were not allowed to discuss it, Axios said.

There is no question Omar and Tlaib are anti-Semites.

But their proposed trip to Israel put the government in a difficult decision.

Had Israel blocked Omar and Tlaib from entering the country, the two Congresswomen would have claimed that proved Israel was every bit the anti-Muslim country they claim and it would have been a PR nightmare.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. You are spot on, Sam! I wish there was a like button for I’d like your comment 100 times if I could! Awesome job, my friend!

  2. Amen to you both, some are too afraid of speaking such truth in this climate of offending someone or some group…courageously telling the truth ????

  3. 2 ‘isis’ Congress members
    dressed in ‘drag’ ?
    Dan, pretty soon, maybe i should STOP
    inking comm’s, especially W/my aka’s.
    I dunno, dude Mon, this ‘stuff’ Is All
    ‘logged’/categorized’ etc.

  4. LOl haha. i like that – “fugly”.
    a better way to spell, not putting
    an apostrophe after’f’. fuugly.
    & we Shure don’t NEED ANYMORE ‘isis’
    members. These 2 are dressed in ‘drag’ ?

  5. Palestine has never ever been a country or a state. It has never officially existed. At best, it was a region north of what is now Israel. Populated by a mixture of nomadic tribes, mostly Bedouin, they never had a government or any kind of formal organization. Being tribal there was constant warring between the tribes and with Persians and Arabs. The Persians and Arabs have been supporting the establishment of a palestinian state to deflect the so called palestinians away from attacking them and being able to arm them and use them to attack Israel as their proxy army. The only thing these groups have in common is their devotion to the satanic Islamic belief and their idolized worship of the demon disciple of Satan, the evil Mohammed.

  6. Dan, she Has a ‘camel’ Face/nose etc.
    & I Like ‘Camels’ ! They Really ARE
    awesome ‘creatures’. 0mar Is an
    INSULT to Camels.

  7. I understand why they let them in, but now all Trump has to do is deny a government plane for them to fly on. Make them fly commercial like he did with pelosi and her cronies.

  8. This may be an opportunity to get them back home. Israel is not far from Somalia. They could make a side trip and just stay there.


  10. There is s no such place as Palestine, nor is there such a thing as a Palestinian……look it up on any map, from any year… won’t find Palestine. They are a terroist faction of Arabs mostly from Turkey. Bunch of Arab liars wanting a strip of land…..but as of now….no Palestine

  11. Her whole family committed immigration fraud, so why does immigration not pull their citizenship and deport them, if you commit fraud you are subject to deportation they lied about their name they entered this country using someone else legal name

  12. When Omar is Visiting the beautiful Israel. She may have an accident. That would be terrible. Now wouldn’t it? What a shame. Thank You.

  13. Look at the picture at the top of this article … we see the erstwhile Miss Omar once again spewing venom toward the policies of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA & our PRESIDENT. I Suspect that her time is just about up. AOC can soon wave bye-bye to her young crony, then start preparing her “RACIST” protest toward PRESIDENT TRUMP right after.

    It is high time that the most powerful nation of the world deal with the likes of this lass. It is WE who are paying for the checks that are being issued to this ingrate twice a month. I am calling for her OUSTER — not only from Congress, but from the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, the land that we LOVE. E N O U G H ! ! !

  14. Ever since the end of WW2., THE OPPOSITION,(Germans, Russians, Chinese, Arabs, Asians, etc…..) Besides so many others have been pouring in our country, some, while others came in covertly, all USED OUR COUNTRY’S CONSTITUTION & THE BILL OF RIGHTS, , against us, Thus, Preventing Governments interventions. !!
    We may wish to remove these TROLLS, however, Our hands are tied.
    ON THE OTHER HAND, Kingdoms from around the world solved their TREASONOUS insurgents by covertly removing them one ( of more) at a time !
    Just saying..

  15. People used to get kicked out of the country because of unamerican activity. The motto used to be, If you know of a communist turn them in. Democrats and republicans used to stand together against communism. Now America is polluted with it. And the radicals in the Islam faith runs our country down and gets to stay in Congress. Or running around apologizing for America while occupying the White House. Education has became indoctrination. The results are everywhere. We have a shot at saving our country, but we had better wake up.

  16. Kara, That is AWESOME I wish that could happen also, I am so sick of seeing towels on people heads makes me want to throw up, or what i really want to say I cannot because I would be arrested.

  17. They have become so stupid they deserve to be jailed and until it happens they are not going to stop. They don’t belong in this country and they need to be silenced. I wish they could be delivered to a war zone and puff they are gone. We are going to have to get rid of all non-American in this country as they cannot be cleansed of all the evil things they are doing. They show the worst side of America and we need them gone.

  18. Ron jr, WOW you hit that one right on stay out of OUR country, but I think they come because they think they can take us over good luck with that, there will be hell to pay.

  19. I’m not good at making political decisions. If I made one I would declare the two Beeetch’s do NOT represent nor approved by the USA. Whatever happens is THEIR fault and we won’t bail them out. Like I said, I ain’t a politician

  20. Yeah you are so right…just like that terrorist who killed just because they’re Mexican…. TERRORIST!!!! ????

  21. Us white folks built everything you have, and still you cry wolf.
    Apparently your food assistant is in jeopardy, and a job is required from now on.
    Good luck barking at the moon

  22. islam will manipulate, and lie, mislead the unknowing
    history has shown this over, and over, but the world
    gives in until it’s to late.
    I say good luck Israel islam is coming.

  23. But Trump is various shades of orange and yellow,changes daily. Hair piece always varies. Always fat.

  24. If Israel lets those two idiots in, then the U.S.A. should terminate all relationships with Israel and stop sending them my tax dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Our government needs to pull citizenship paper and drop them off back into there own country where they came from. before someone ends up assassinating both of them in this country. You just don’t come into our country running your mouth about what you are going to do it don’t work that way.

  26. Israel should make them stay in an area close to Gaza where it frequently gets bombarded with rockets from across the border. Maybe we might get lucky and have them get blown to pieces from one of them. In that case, good riddance.

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