Ilhan Omar got smacked with a nasty surprise from the person she never suspected

Ilhan Omar is always in the middle of controversy.

The freshman Democrat’s repeated anti-Semitic comments have her political standing on thin ice.

But things went from bad to worse when she was smacked with a nasty surprise from the one person she never suspected.

New York University student Leen Dweik made headlines when video captured of her berating Chelsea Clinton over Clinton’s criticisms of Omar’s anti-Semitic comments.

Dweik said figures like Clinton piling on Omar were the cause of the New Zealand Mosque shootings.

But it turns out Dweik is also souring on Omar.

Dweik was furious Omar laid out her foreign policy visions in a Washington Post op-ed where she called for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Dweik is part of an emerging force on the Left that does not believe Israel has a right to exist because it is supposedly an oppressive “apartheid” state.

The Left’s sympathies –as Dweik expressed – are with the Palestinians.

And even Ilhan Omar’s radical anti-Semitism is not enough to satisfy this growing group of bigots on the Left.

Support for Israel’s right to defend itself against Islamic terrorism used to be an issue both parties could agree on.

That is clearly no longer the case.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. she needs to leave the USA and live with her friends over there, and Ican’t say what else should happen to her, she is UN-American, and I truly feel she’ll hurt us to further her kind to attack us

    • There are two kinds of people in this world, bigots and people who lie and say they are not a bigot. Omar doesn’t care if people thinks she is a bigot, she just has to follow Musi 101 rules which means she has to hate everyone that does not follow the pedophile Mohammed’s ideology. That in itself should give people from Minnesota reason to read the Quran and find out how she thinks but don’t worry if she hangs around long enough you’ll get the idea. She will end up being like a rabid dog because you will either submit or face the consequences. She’s required to think that way as a good little Musi. Cracks me up her thinking Israel cares what some little Musi Arab thinks about them. Didn’t the world condemn Trumps recognition of Jerusalem as the capital. So how did that work out for everyone else?

  2. This Woman has no authority over anyone . She needs to be out of our Congress. after the comments she made about our President she has no respect.

    • They all need to be gone if they cannot stand with the Constitution and the United States of America then tell them to get on the first jet and get out of our country we do not want to end up like their country they are so hateful and disrespectful towards us We do not need them they need us. We all would be better off if they all left. And that thing wrapped around her head should be removed after all the men do not wear hats in the house I am so saddened by all of this I am so glad we are finally getting to the bottom of the BS. Mueller needs to pay the people back for all the money he has spend on this unforgivable Dossier and who is at the bottom of this who else SOROS

      • They don’t deserve a jet. They should be provided a row boat and forced into it so they can be towed far enough away from our shore by the Coast Guard to prevent them from returning.

      • Edomites on the top,Khazars on the bottom.America is a doomed country and the constitution is nothing but a erroded piece of paper that has ran its course,it is time for a new form of government known as the Government of Dejure,the Theocratic Government a Government where “YAHWEH”himself will rule in the affairs of man.

  3. To many people do not understand that there are no such people as Palestinians. They already have a homeland known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. They need to return there and learn to live with their brothers and sisters rather than in constant fighting with Israel who has been in their land for over 4000 years.

  4. Seriously? She is an indoctrinated Islamic hater of Jews and the West. Did anyone expect anything different from her? Seriously?
    She’s a shill a Trojan horse just like McCain and Ryan were for the supposed American citizenry.
    Instead they should have represented Mexico and Uslam as they are both invading what was a Soveriegn country until they got in Congress

  5. We lost 3000 great Americans during the radical Islamist Attack on the Twin Towers during 911. Why does anyone have any sympathy for this pathetic Muslem. She needs to fix the reason her district had the largest contingent of radical muslems that left her district to fight Isis in America. I would say she is throwing stones at things she is ill equipped to comment about. She is a total waste of a congressional seat.

  6. You can give a Democrat a fish and thry eat for a day; you teach a Democrat HOW to fish and they feed themselves ONLY and drink beer, every day, the rest of their lives!

  7. For a race that gave us mathematics, they sure our stupid. How long in eternity will 72 virgins last you? I hope they all look like their mother-in-laws.

  8. I’ve been watching Judge Jeanne Pirro for a while. I love the information she gives. I didn’t hear anything that would cause her to be fired. The truth is the truth. Why can this Omar woman say what she wants about the Jewish people and get away with it? I bet we couldn’t go to her country and do and say the things she says. I love our country but we take things too far trying to please people from other countries and I believe it’s going to be to our detriment. I am not prejudice but I believe right is right.

    • Rupert Murdoch’s sons are far-left believers. Expect Fox to turn into CNN once the young turks take over the network after Rupert passes.

    • I read that Sheppard Smith and Bret Beird were behind Judge Pirro’s firing. Sheppard is the one who should be fired! Have my reservations about Bret, but am not a fan any longer.


        • Don’t forget the “Orange Army”. They are the hunters and gun owners all over America. The real conservatives will fight to keep our country out of the hands of the communists and isis!
          The party of death and destruction of all that America holds dear will lie and cheat their way to power! God is on our side🙏🏻
          The left want God out of everything because deep down they know he will have the last Judgement. The Jews are his chosen people along with the rest of the children that love and serve him!

          • We just need to get them to vote I know too many hunters that say voting is a waste of time , I bet if MN hunters in that district had all vited she would not be in office, apathy is the most dangerous thing.

        • Buffalo:
          That all sounds good but what are you going to back it with. The morons on the left and the STUPID media sources have convinced the ignorant American citizen that the 2nd amendment is going to kill us all. Then on the other hand we have racist trash in the U.S. House. The deep state runs deeper than anyone imagined. These racist people from middle eastern countries have been deposited all through the nation by the hundreds of thousands. Now they have the numbers to take advantage of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and weaponize them against us. Mean while we are so engaged in politically correct butt kissing and caving on any issue that might require some one to firmly say that these are not our values and no you do NOT belong here. As long as we as a people condone and glorify aberrant behavior, creating special Interest groups for the sake.of votes and do not band together and say NO to attempts to change the Constitution and seriously quit just talking and take action this great nation will fall. People, please take just as much time emailing your state and federal representatives as you do on these sites. Jam their offices full on each and every separate issue from gun control, the border, anti semitism, infanticide, and what ever other foolish idea the left can come up with. You WILL make a difference especially if we make.a converted effort and I can guarantee you will feel pretty dang good that you spoke up to the ones that are our SERVANTS. THANK YOU ALL

    • Without a doubt. Democrats want nothing more than to take control by any way possible. Even if that means dissolving our constitution

  9. She should of already been fired! It just shows, that no matter what, a demonrat always keeps thier job no matter what! Judge Jenny got fired for nothing, other than talking about Omar’s hejib, and Omar is anti simetic and she is still there! This is a two teird justice, and it needs to end!

      • Yes Vicki, and I really hope that’s true but now they’ve hired Donna Brazil on Fox News. Shep Smith and the other demoncrats on fair and balanced Fox are the ones that are causing her trouble. I turn off Fox when they come on.
        They’ve got all the propaganda news stations we have Or had Fox!! These muslim women don’t belong in our congress!! This politically correct garbage is ridiculous!! I’m offended by what omar and Tlaib are saying. I’m deeply offended by the gruesome baby murders and I’m offended by the far left communists that want to be president!
        IMPEACH Tlaib, Omar, Ocasio! Deport Sarsour for poisoning young women’s minds

  10. Read your Bible FOLKS!! OWO and COMMUNISM is on the way but will NOT LAST!! The Demon Rats are and always have been tools!! Republicans are NOT much better!! I love the DEMON RATS talking about TERM LIMITS for the SUPREME COURT!! How about TERM LIMITS FOR CORRUPT CONGRESS!!!!

  11. These racist subversive bigots have place in our society. If they don’t like our way of life they should move elsewhere.

    • Can’t stand Omar!!!! Why are muslims here anyway???? And in United States congress! Making remarks about Israel? These two Muslim women have ties to Farrakhan! And there in our congress! Muslims have came here s d moved in to states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, and our last president let this get worse and worse!!!! This is unbelievable!!!!! Get them out! Vote democrats out! Our vets have fought and lost there lives, arms, legs, ect, for Americans, now we have this asshole giving advice!!!!!

  12. How come Omar is allowed to express so much hate for our fellow Americans the Jews when Judge Jeanine was made to get suspension from Fox? Is it okay now to hate Jews but not even show any anger toward a muslim? We didn’t have any of this type of problems till the muslims were allowed to be in America,this is why there was a law that they were not to be allowed in. It’s bad to take a side like that when she is supposed to represent what it is to be an American yet so far she is way off base.

        • To easy John, They would do civilized stuff, ya know, stone her or behead her with a dull knife wrap her in pig skin, be a good thing though, she is certainly a waste of human skin. She has nothing to offer America

    • Great question 4Pip. They can say or do anything they want and nothing happens to them. Judge Jeanine says what we are all feeling and she gets suspended. Better bring her back or I am done with most of the Fox shows. Will still watch Tucker, Hannity, Laura Ingran, Shannon Breem, and the Five when Juan Willams is not on. These people all say it like it is so they will probably get suspended too. Damn shame Fox is going to hell.

  13. These leftists are ignorant of culture and history. They form opinions on everything without recourse to facts. It would be fine if it were an academic debate in a classroom with an adult moderator, but it is not. They really intend to put this tripe into Govermental practice. I know they don’t believe in Him, but God help us!

  14. Outside of her hate towards Jews and Israel and support for Muslim terrorists organizations, does anyone know one useful thing about Omar?

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