Ilhan Omar has this major new problem to worry about

Ilhan Omar is the most controversial member of Congress.

Omar’s repeated bigoted and anti-Semitic comments create a near-daily scandal that threatens to sink the Democrat Party in the 2020 elections.

But now Ilhan Omar has this major new problem to worry about.

Many Americans were horrified that Facebook banned conservative media personalities Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, and Paul Joseph Watson for being “dangerous.”

To many Americans, this looked like a left-wing social media company purging itself of Trump supporters.

This social media censorship did not sit well with the Left either.

The liberal hosts on ABC’s “The View” fretted that one day a social media company could ban Ilhan Omar over “hate speech.”

Breitbart reports:

Behar asked, “Don’t you feel it’s a slippery slope?”

Hostin said, “I think so.”

Behar interjected, “You can say Ilhan Omar can’t be on there now. The left won’t like that.”

Hostin added, “To have a private company be able to exclude certain Americans from that platform, there’s just something that makes me extremely uncomfortable with it.”

Social media platforms are the new public square.

But they are run by private companies which means the First Amendment would not normally apply to them.

But if Americans are shut off from social media for their political views, then they are not free to speak because Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are how we communicate.

Banning someone from social media for their views is the equivalent of turning off their phone service and refusing to deliver their mail.

Many Trump supporters would like to see the President make this a major 2020 campaign issue and propose concrete steps to protect free speech online.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Same traitor swore Ilhan in as the one who signed DNC letter mailed out stating that traitor Muslim Barack Hussein Obama had been vetted and found to be eligible to hold the position of our president, which was and still is a lie, which is a gross act of TREASON by this female serpent Nancy Pelosi!
    That post turtle Muslim could not have usurped the position without help from all the DSE traitors already masquerading as congressional members and scattered throughout all the other departments, especially the CIA, NSA, FBI & DOJ!
    The congressional member traitors must be taken out before the rest of the traitors can be drained more rapidly.

  2. To all you democrat voters, just look at this rag head and what she is saying about America is this the kind of person you want, because this is where your party is heading.

  3. Yes indeed , thank God for our Forefathers , for putting in place the Second Amendment for our safety and well being , the Heathens aren’t at the gate , Hell , when Obummer / Barry the Traitor was in office , they were in the Damn House For God’s Sake and Thank God For President Trump , he’s taken on the task of draining the Swamp of the Dirty Rats , Semper Fi Ouraah

  4. And because of this barbaric behavior is the very reason we American’s have guns and ammo to stop this type of thing from happening.

  5. M Sue, it is sad, but no there are no good muslims. Recent events at a Philadelphia(?) mosque showing radicalization of Muslim children your eyes. Few in this country have the ability to harden their hearts to do what is necessary. We are primarily a nation of giving and caring people that roots for the underdog and identifies with the oppressed. However revocation of citizenship and removal from our nation is required. It is now a matter of self preservation. The events which took place in Philly are not an isolated incident. For years these activities have been reported at other mosques across the nation only to be ignored. This to my knowledge is the first video evidence I know of, but it corroborates the verbal accounts. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the modern terminology of “taqia”. The video should be enough to force you to the realization of what will happen and should scare the hell out of you. Yes we say ther are GOOD Muslims, but the nature of the cult is diametrically opposed to Judaism or Christianity. They cannot coexist and they are going to make damn sure this is going to be a Muslim caliphate governed by sharia law. Mean time your head along with every other kind heartened American will be in a basket and your body drug through the streets.

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  7. If she was in front of me right now I would throw my shoes at her. In the Middle East that is a very big insult.

  8. She must have tie ins with ISIS. They promised to infiltrate this country with illegal immigrants. Well apparently they managed to get one of their own and maybe two of their own voted into office. Both of these Muslim women and others in the government who are immigrants for Muslim countries. This is not to say that all Muslims are of the radical ISIS group There are many Muslims in this country, legally and contributing to our society. They are hurt by these radicals who would push them to join them with a threat against their families living in the Muslim countries. We need to get rid of these radical Muslims not only to protect our country and it’s citizens but also protect the law abiding Muslims who worry about their family living in the middle east.

  9. Mein Kampf is German for My Struggle. Look it up before you spew your nonsense. Although I am In agreement that reciting the oath of office using anything but a Bible is wrong.

  10. The picture of Omar at beginning of this article says it all. All I see is an inbred sneaking rat. One picture is worth a thousand words. How true. At this point I believe we have four of the Sand diggers at the federal level and each and every one is so far removed from day to day American life and ideals as to be unbelievable. It may be a terrible and Hitleresque stand, but as far as I am concerned at this point I don’t give a dead rat’s ass if they are shot, deported, dumped out a.plane or set adrift in leaking boats. Sharks gotta eat same as buzzards. We know what is in store for us if we keep them around and I am not about to cut them any slack. Their purpose is clear and we are imbecilic to sit around waiting for it to happen. I bear the same sentiments toward setbacks. Go home or die should now be our motto. Come here legally or not at all.

  11. The Administration didn’t “let her do that”. She was taking the “Oath” to be a Congress Person. Nancy Pelosi was administating the “Oath”, so she is at fault as a “so-called Christian”.

    I say the “Oath” was in-valid and Rep. Ilahn should be booted from Congress.

  12. …swearing on the Koran frees her to work towards a Muslim world right here in America…

  13. I never realized the administration let her do that, that is outrageous and should never have been allowed in this country. They need to swear allegiance to the United States of America, PERIOD! Soldier of fortune anyone, with no due respect deserved.

  14. lets put this camel jockpig on an airplane for a free ride back to Africa. drop her camel ass over a den of lions. yum yum overcooked muslim steaks.


  16. Frank, Jesus spoke ill of Gods children. He called them vipers and hipacrites(I hope I spelled it right). He called a snake a snake. We have the same right as long as it is true.

  17. When she first took the oath with her hand on a Quran the most hateful and racist “holy book” that was ever written. It also teaches murder and violence against anyone who doesn’t conform to it. Islam is a cult and not a religion at all. To take an oath on a book other than the Bible should never be allowed and automatically disqualify anyone from taking any office. That means anyone could take any oath of office on the book of their choosing ie I could run for any office say on Hitler’s book Mein Kampf (German for my bible) and get that office.

  18. Jag, I agree we need to vote. But we need to be very careful and know the person we vote for. They are putting Dem progressives on the Rep. ticket. Starting at the District Att. office and going up. They said that we were to lazy to check them out. If there is a R by their name we would vote for them. Check out Behind AOC Part II.

  19. T.Bell, You are right. He shipped them in by the boat load. That is how she got here. We have to support President Trump. Pray to our God and vote like we did in 2016. God loves his country and has plans for it. We have to do our job and don’t stop. Praise God and thank him for our President. Pray, Pray and Pray some more.

  20. Ilhan-Omar is the one spreading hate and specking hate not the American People or President Trump. The problem with her is that she does not belong on the hill or in this country. As for freedom of speech some say they are sensor but I see others using langue that should not be used flaw words you can say what you need to say without the bad words.

  21. I sailed away from my family and friends and my country in 1971 because of KENT STATE!! I will die down here in the South Seas, but I want to see America become great again like she was when I was growing up in Southampton Long Island!! If America doesn’t deport ALL the Muslims that came in under Obama and came in illegally, then America will be lost!! You all must vote Republican and make sure that President Trump stays in the White House for another term!! It’s your only chance to survive!! MAGA!!!! Don’t just talk about it, round them up a send them back to where they came from NOW!!!!

  22. Agree, 1000% She can go back to Somalia and pirate her fellow countrymen and stay out of my America!!

  23. They think they are entitled to things they didn’t work to produce.

  24. There should be no website for this hateful anti-American cow. Her district in Minnesota is one of the most dangerous Muslim areas in the state. The other Muslim congresswoman from Michigan is the same – just not featured as often as Omar. Her district even has their own Muslim patrol squads-it’s like being in the middle east – not America at all.

  25. Yes thank you , plus Mules have way more Common Sense than Omar , I worked with Mules at the Grand Canyon South Rim for 5 years , the Mules would out smart Omar as soon as she walked up to them , they’d just drop her butt off into the Canyon from the Devil’s Cork Screw Trail , oh so sorry Omar , bye bye , that’s almost a 900 ft strait drop into the canyon , end of story !! A swines A-hole , LMAO

  26. Actually, I DO think some things should be banned and Most definitely reading/preaching Qur’an/Hadiths In USA Mosques plus the parroted by the Qur’an/propaganda things Omar says. In Fact I have wanted it banned for a long time. Anything that spreads Persecution/Supremacy over/against people has no place In a FREE Country. Not in Public, in schools, taught as truth in clubs, Mosques anywhere. No nazigroups, no KKKlan no Islam, no Supremacists anything in a country that is meant to live by Justice and Equality for all. Those groups are against the laws of free speech and make threats, even if veiled,and are so Unconstitutional as to be Traitorous. A free country does not mean we say “come on in enemy who we fought wars against and who want certain people or American values ‘disappeared'” Who would every think that was freedom. No one has the RIGHT in USA to persecute. Fact. No One has that Right.

  27. Thing is, Omar is lesbian and has threesomes with her lovers, Linda “The Lesbo” Sarsour and Rashida Tlaib!

  28. Stupid people voted for her.I am telling you it is infiltration how can Americans allow someone like this hateful person in Congress.Where are you pelosi and Schumer? You let these three stupid b…. take over the democrat party? I can deal with aoc or whatever her name is but to allow Muslims in congress? What the heck… you know what happens? A Muslim President? Dear God !

  29. ICE and DHS need to investigate Ilhan Omar over the evidence that she committed Felony Federal Immigration fraud by being married to 2 men at the same time and marrying her brother to get him into The United States. She also committed purgery during her divorce proceedings by saying she hadn’t seen him since 2011 when there was pics with him in 2014. She also used campaign finance funds to pay for the divorce.

  30. I don’t care what party you’re from. Do you really think when they are in full power and control that our parties would not be wiped out .you can’t be that stupid.All you have to do is go back in history and see how they operate. Don’t take my word for it read the history they have not changed it’s the way it is.Wake up America your headed down the wrong road and you won’t be able to recover.

  31. Americans Entrepreneurs need to create New Social Media sites to Replace Facebook’s, Twitters,You tubes and others with a new Look and Policies to PROTECT the First Amendment regardless of Politics or Agendas, except of course The Terrorist RATs, they have No Rights in a Civilize Society!!,..

  32. All your comments are great, but what we really need to do is get off our ass and VOTE, we have one chance and that is to stand behind, beside and with Trump, like it or not, if you really LOVE this country VOTE and VOTE for every conservative Republican on the ballot.
    GOD save the USA

  33. Someone in MN.Rep.Dist.5 is out of her mind. Please take a ride in space, the monkeys need a break. (one way of course) !

  34. I got kicked off Facebook for telling a whiny illegal to go back where he came from

  35. FaceBook suck anyway. I have yet to join them but it ain’t going to happen at any time in the future. Im hoping for a new conservative network.

  36. Ilhan Omar is a UNDESIRABLE person and the State Dept. should declare her as such and revoke her citizenship and then deport her back to Kenya or Somalia. Let them have her and her Hate.

  37. The muslims own Europe they did not go there or come here for freedom. It’s called infiltration, as soon as they can take the Congress we are finished. They will out number us in a number of years along with the illegals. Then its game over.

  38. Omar is going to end up in prison but it might teach her a life lesson…consequences for everything she says or does…

  39. Thier not a private company if their stock is publicly traded President trump needs to squash their disregard for the first amendment long before 2020 by then they will have every conservative voice silenced he also needs to squash all the states saying he can’t be on the ballot if they don’t have his tax returns. That’s way illegal in a federal election

  40. Omar seems intent on forcing her muslim beliefs on us. Watch as she continues to try to undermine our American culture! If she finds this country so objectionable, she’s free to leave! Good Idea before she goes too far! She clearly has proven herself to be

  41. Matthew Wilkow says it best. They come here for the Freedom and opportunity and bring what they are leaving and just bring their rotten culture with theme and try to change here from there. Mexicans, Muslims etc.

  42. Omar has diarrhea of the mouth. Omar’s worst enemy is herself. Everyday she says something hateful – whether she is talking about the country she escaped to from Somalia, or her hate for Jews, her hate for America, her hate for Israel. No doubt she hates herself as well. Guess what, Ms. Omar. We’re beginning to have no patience with you as well. When people overstay their welcome, they are usually told to get the hell out.

  43. Me I’ve Never used the Damn Things in the 1st Place They were Asking for more information than they Needed when Signing and I told their Program to Stuff it and never Finished Then low and Behold You see Data Breaches Galore The selling of your Private information to Marketing Companies and Now they’re willfully Denying your 1st Amendment Rights. Remember this There were a lot of Jews that Supported Hitler and These people are no Different!!!!!

  44. I keep waiting for them to ban me, but so far U’ve slipped inder the radar. My husband too. He’ll get banned before me, his rants are worse then mine.

  45. I got block because I say something about rag heads now iam block again by Facebook it’s been 90 days we must pray to our holy father to bring judgement on Omar for evening so dam evil of a person her God she loves is Allah you need to no it’s satan himself that is Allah she’s in love with satan that goes for every dam muslim they love satan and they just don’t understand it’s him there in love satan full of hate that’s Omar

  46. I think that our representatives should look nice & neat, I don’t understand why she thinks she has to wear that what ever you call it to cover her head, she is in America the land of the free, she is representing America not where ever she came from. Don’t you think?

  47. I think illhan omars face looks like a muslim camel. I feel sorry fot camels. I think I will send omar a maga hat.


  49. Don’t you love it when you see Demo-rats eating their own! This jihadist traitor does nor belong in congress. Further, if anyone is actually considering voting for any Demo-rats in the next election beware this is the type of person your party is fronting for the future of America; pretty freeking scary!!!

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