Ilhan Omar immediately regretted what she just said before Congress

Ilhan Omar is where she feels most at home: at the center of a national controversy by playing the race card.

But Omar found out that can go both ways.

That’s why Ilhan Omar immediately regretted what she just said before Congress.

Omar and her handmaidens in the Fake News Media have been claiming for days that Donald Trump is a racist for telling Omar and her allies to leave America if they hate it so much.

Omar’s attacks didn’t just fall flat, they boomeranged on her.

That’s because just days after falsely claiming Trump was a racist, Omar introduced a resolution in support of the anti-Semitic Boycott Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which seeks to cripple Israel financially by encouraging companies to cut off all business ties because of the supposed “mistreatment” of Palestinians.

Breitbart reports:

Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib introduced a resolution today aimed at supporting the antisemitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which targets the Middle East’s only democracy.

The extremist legislation comes one day after the Democrat-controlled House passed a resolution claiming that President Trump made “racist comments” about four far-left Democratic congresswomen, including Omar and Tliab, known for their controversial remarks about the U.S.

“We are introducing a resolution … to really speak about the American values that support and believe in our ability to exercise our first amendment rights in regard to boycotting,” Omar told Al-Monitor. “And it is an opportunity for us to explain why it is we support a nonviolent movement, which is the BDS movement.”

At a House hearing on Tuesday about the resolution, Omar went so far as to compare boycott movements like the anti-Israel BDS campaign to the Boston Tea Party.

Omar even went so far as to compare the BDS supporters that would like to see Israel ruined and even destroyed as a nation to the Boston Tea Party that helped kick start the American revolution.

With one short speech before Congress, Omar proved Donald Trump to be right that she hates America and is a cancer for the nation’s politics.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. The Government must stop giving citizenship to Muslim Refugees. Citizenship should NOT BE GIVEN OUT LIKE CANDY. They come here, get a Green Card, travel back and forth from the country they fled from in fear of their lives (how does that make sense) then get Citizenship. We do not need more Omar’s or Rachid’s. We need to send Refugees back home to rebuild their own country instead of giving them the ability to deal out grief for America. We have sealed our own DOOM bringing so many of them here to stay. I don’t mind keeping them safe but I want them to go home as soon as possible.

    • For the last decade I warned about letting the ‘Trojan Horse’into the U.S. The infiltration of European countries should have been our clue.

    • The “FOUR” are being tutored by the “AMERICA HATERS” and are out to ruin America in any way that they can! EVERY remark that they make, and every law that they protest, is a stand against AMERICA as we have grown to love and respect it. The adverse ideas, thoughts aired about how “BAD” America is, is a SLAP IN THE FACE OF OUR FOUNDERS, and I AM SICK OF IT!!! I guess that it is a foregone conclusion that the DUMBOCRAPS have become “ANTI-AMERICAN” and are doing absolutely NO BUSINESS TO IMPROVE OR ASSIST IN MAKING OUR COUNTRY BETTER,,,,,THEY ARE DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO REMOVE PRESIDENT TRUMP, AND WILL USE “ANYTHING POSSIBLE” to accomplish that, rather than working on what they were voted into office to do to earn their “STATUS” and their EXHORBITENT INCOMES!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA, and CONDEMN ALL ANTI-AMERICANS!!!

  2. I want to see ALL the Nazi Soviet Democrats all across the United States EVISCERATED from ALL political offices and put to DEATH for their Crimes Against the United States and Her People.

  3. Omar you and the so called people that follow your dumbass are in for a rude awakening. You snuck into the USA by lying. And now you will leave the USA by us the American people kicking your ass out of your office seat and then the United States of America. You are a true blue piece of crap.

  4. I feel that 2020 will get them moved out of Congress and then the DEMS will learn that they better check on there newbies so as we are not to go through this mess again. But we know the DEMS want all the disgusting members that will be DEMS. I wish the DEMS had a lick of sense.

    • As to Israel they are God people. God promise them a land of milk and honey and God give them the land they hold today including Jerusalem this land never did belong to the Palestinians to start with. Read the Bible it will explain everything . Anybody that stands against Israel they might as well be against God. For Israel will rise as a morning Star in the end . For in the Bible it speaks of a new Earth and a new heaven in the middle of the new Earth a great city will be built and it will be call the new This is where God’s children will live this is where all Christians that are believer’s of Jesus Christ will live along with the children of Israel . My self I believe I would watch what I would say about Israel since they are God’s people something could back fire on you . Yes I am a Christian and I am a true believer in Jesus Christ the son of God I do claim Jesus Christ as my king and Lord.

  5. I do not know anyone who still does business with Israel. It is a terrorist state that murders and puts children in concentration camps, like Trump.

    Anyone who supports Israel should be put in prison for life.

    • Sebastian: That is your opinion not everyone agrees with you thank goodness. Anyone who curses Israel is in deep trouble and prison for life would be like a cake walk to their outcome in the end.

    • Sebastian Spalding Miles.Israel is one of our oldest allies. Thank God!! And President Trump isn’t putting ANY child in concentration camps!! Where are you getting that information from ?That twit Cortez??You’d better do some research what TRUE concentration camps were, before posting such nonsense.President Trump is providing these illegal aliens with better conditions than what they had in their own country…

    • May God speak to you and let you know that these kind of comments about the land of Israel and the people are not any way to continue in this world. He will not have you in the Kingdom and believe me He knows what is in your heart. Two ways, kingdom or down below. your words against Israel and ther people will get you in a very bad place

    • sebastian spalding miles aka the most brain dead POS that has ever s–t between two heels.word of advise you ignorant slug learn when and where is okay to open your filthy sewer.that would be never and no where >have blessed day you pathetic puke sack

    • From your Comment,Sebastian,you have a Hitler complex. He also hated the Jewish People for whatever reason you two have that in common. You,from your comment are completely ignorant of what has been going on in Israel since 1948. It is not the Israelis who launch rockets at CIVILIAN houses to murder women and children. If you would take a second and put your HATE on hold; take a look at the difference between the Palestinians who live and work in Israel and those who reside in the surrounding Arab States. God grant you a spoonful of Wisdom.

    • AND where are these “concentration camos” located? In your mind, right?
      You make statements devoid of real fact. That’s called lying. YOU ARE A LIAR! NO more talking with someone who can no speak the truth.

  6. well first of all if palistine would get rid of their terrorist government hammas , israel wouldn’t need to defend it’s self , she is as bad as oboma , defending terror states , when will she defend iran ,as for her she is just another dumb broad who doesn’t have a brain , to think before she speaks

  7. Liberals almost never have to regret showing their true colors because there are never consequences for doing it since the media is always protecting them.

  8. Omar hasn’t got the right to even talk about the Boston Tea Party. Those words have no business coming out her mouth. She hasn’t earned the right to even think of any part of the American Revolution.

  9. I wonder if she was cheering in New York on her 1993 birthday when Blackhawks with our service members were being shot down. Our service members bodies were being dragged through the streets in pieces in Mogadishu, her home town. I don’t forgive and forget especially when we had an armada waiting offshore to provide aid after these animals got done killing each other. I understand why she is so well trained as an infiltrator, key part of that word being “traitor”. She hates America now like she did then and we allowed thousands and thousands of the same radicals to relocate and I should say at an astonishing rate under another Africans watch, Hussein Obama. We’ll never hear the real cost to the taxpayers to import them to try and make white areas darker. Let’s just say it was almost like busing back in the early 70’s but we shipped in mostly from Africa and South America. If you think there is not a massive movement to try and wipe out the US as it was, to get rid of all resemblance of the skin color that won the war to end all wars, you better think again. Yes we had black soldiers then but at a fraction. What I’m getting at is how much or who pushed Maroon 5 into their radical song/video with enemies of the state Silverman, Omar and cute little lesbian Degeneres. It’s called brain washing our kids. My grandkids will never handover the keys just because we saturate all aspects of life to fit your need. This in America is happening because we had a few so called Jews get offended because they married back women. Now the Northern Israel/not Jews ha e declared war on the white man. I would like to ask Omar when she was being bullied in school like everyone has, and she was pushed down the stairs or whatever else accusations she can make if it was during the time her people murdered our countrymen in her country. Call Trump a racist all you want but those little brown skin chicks that are pushing for basically a total reboot of the US and everybody start out equal are crazier than frigging bat. But you can thank Obama’s black ass for causing this, it’s easy follow the numbers. It’s a planned and made up situation. Don’t be fooled, it’s part of their master plan. I’m not crazy, I pay attention.

    • You actually are one crazy conspiracy nut Caldwell,it all bull shit from places like Infowars, the Enquirer, there are dozens of these lies floating around like Pizzagate, we didn’t land on the moon, etc. You need to get off these sites as you are getting worse every post.


      • That’s a typical “put down”. Have you verifiable facts to counter Mr.
        Caldwell’s comments? Of course not, just call him names.shows great intellect.

        • Right back at you Donna. From my read of HIS post, he had opinion not facts either. So go find someone else to dump on.

          • Moosegringo, it’s good that you had to explain your inane comments because Trumpists can’t follow the comment sequence, and they get all pissed off. You are as stupid as her for being for a serial sexaul assaulter. Trump is a mobster and egomaniac and a traitor for working with the Russians to fix the election. You know that he did if you have a brain and an ounce of honesty.

          • TrumpIsEvil is still pissed off because that Bitch Hillary lost the election !!!!!!!!!!!

      • Right, he’s crazy just like every conservative republican that supports Trump. If you don’t believe (like sheep) everything the democratic party tells you then you must be a racist misogynistic pig. However unfortunate, Mr. Caldwell isn’t far off from the truth. Call me what you will but it does not change the facts, our soldiers were tore apart in those streets of Mogadishu. It was hell on earth and American’s were there to aid the people of Somalia but drug kingpins had control of the people through starvation.

      • Hey “Evil” please explain why, when someone presents you with facts, and you have nothing intelligent to reply with, you choose name calling. I see this EVERYWHERE. You have to open your mind and stop making ignorant comments.

    • You speak the truth and thank you for that. Anyone how denies it should be condemned to a life where this kind of $shit happens for real.

    • Truth shows. For those of us blessed to recognize that the Lefty’s policies will result in crushing our country. Don’t let the right know what your left is doing? Seeking! Well this righty knows what they are attempting to do to our country! Vote to save our Country USA

    • Bull’s-eye! You are dead on. I don’t think it could’ve been said any better. The pictures of our naked service men’s bodies being dragged through the streets and hung from a bridge are for ever etched in my mind. She is like a rogue shark that has a taste for Jews. The only solution Is to get rid of her.

  10. Let them go to countries they are actual supporting and try and open their mouths the way they do here. They would be stoned or put to death.

    • Your soooo full of hate you can’t write one sentence that’s full of your hate and total lack of verifiable support of these idiotilogy based silliness. Here’s an example of one dumb thing you wrote. When the Blackhawk down incident happened , she was living in England and was a teenager. How could she possibly be indoctrinated with hate of the US when she was living in the UK and so far there hasn’t been any connection or mention of an Islamic hate group she and her family were taught to hate the U.S. So , your aspersions ( generated by the radical right) are factually bereft and useless in a discussion of reality. PS, I’m not a Dem , just a sentient being who has the ability to think for myself.

      • Are you actually THIS FLIPPING STUPID.

        She was living in jolly old England where all is and always has been well with those seeking a false asylum or those that have BEEN PROGRAMMED THROUGH CHILDHOOD TO KILL ALL THAT DO NOT PRACTICE ISLAM.

        Why would you publicize your outright IGNORANCE ?

      • You sound so sure of yourself that you think you can speak on something you know NOTHING about…YES you can learn to hate something, even though you have never seen it, and media is a very good way to do that since media does NOT stop because of borders…There is NO way to stop hate either, and YES she has shown so much hate towards America that she does NOT warrant to have a seat in our government……

        • Hey Ulla. It doesn’t matter where in the world she is. They are taught that hatred from birth. Do a little research and see how they treat children that aren’t learning the Koran fast enough. They are beat, whipped and starved. Omar and her three little sidekicks are full of hatred and anger because they are feeling so much fear and are afraid. They are in fight or flight mode. Kind of like for a little mice that a cat has cornered. About to be eaten alive

  11. Our schools need to be revamped and teach education the way it really is. I was shocked that when Obama was running for office no one new who Bill Ayres, Jeremiah Wright, etc. were,including younger members of my family. They thought I was crazy for trying to bring it out and believed I was making too much of it. WE ARE NOW LIVING THE AFTERMATH

    • Want to hear something horrible? The Urban League is running commercials supporting the implication of CommonCore. I thought that Jeb Bush(yeeeehaaaa)stupid crap was dead and buried. They are still pushing it. They purposely want our children to be stupid so they will not be smart enough to figure out when Democrats are shoveling knucklehead ideas.

    • I’m a black woman senior and am experiencing from young family members and from others obviously they are not looking at the big picture I come from a military family including my father uncle’s,brothers and cousins who fought for this country and it’s values and out liberties if these migrates can’t get on board send them back asap.

    • Ann Marie, you are so correct. Our public learning institutions are pushing only liberal ideology and are vehemently punishing anyone who dares to speak to the truth. The younger children are punished for wearing clothing deemed inappropriate, given failing grades for daring to write the truth, and Lord help you if you are old enough for the liberal lefties to get their hands on you. True physical harm often is bestowed upon you, your home, your job, and even your family.
      These are the exact reasons why my grandchildren will NEVER go to a public school.

  12. Omar and Tlaib are automatic lesbians! They have regular foursomes with Linda “The Lesbo” Sarsour and Ramsea Odeh! All four subversive terrorists and they are Dirty Dykes!

  13. no, what the 4 women said was completely Correct. Now, what Trump weants you to do is to wipe out the 4 women, and anyone else who calls Trump a racist. He also needs you to Wipe out Mueeler, and over 1/2 of the democratic congressian house members Trump, though knows that his time will be up in September.Will you still back Trump if your money is useless. Would you back a war with Iran, especially with Putin controing our Nukes, Trump Launches them, and Putin redirects them to fall here in the States . Think about that

    • Trump loves America and the Squad hates this country so you are way out of touch with reality- you too should
      leave this country along with them and good riddance to all of you.

      • When he attacks the press, democratic institutions, stirs up fear, anger, hate and racism, that is not the America I know of and which are founding fathers established. He violates the teachings of Jesus Christ by lying about the asylum seekers from the south, claiming there are some good Nazi and is supported by KKK and Neo-Nazi groups. The press acts as the conscience of our country by judging the actions of those who lead us. Without it,the Watergate scandal would never be revealed, nor the various scandal of politicians and assures us that our freedoms will not be abridged. Our founding fathers made this an amendment to the Constitution because the King of England arrested those who opposed his policies. Hitler and Stalin killed them. I suppose it would be okay with you to have them killed and who would opposed tyrants then? Jesus Christ would not approve of Mr. Trump’s policies nor his rhetoric which only causes more division in our country.

        • It is not Trump who is guilty of racism but your friends on the left who have made anti-Semitic comments
          regarding the Jews and the State of Israel- and if you believe in Jesus and God kindly remember that
          Jesus was a Jew and the Jews are the chosen people of God. You sound very much like all the other
          Trump haters on the left because they are the ones spreading hate and lies yet you agree with their
          rhetoric. You are a very sad case.

        • It’s about time a President attacked the lying press, you leftists hate him because he’s definitely changing the status quo, your hillary-obama type folk are getting a comeuppance, simple as that!

        • when God was passing out brains, he thought they were trains and missed them. If he is so smart, why did General Mathis resign when Mr. Trump wanted to abandon Syria? Mathis is a very smart, decorated Marin who encourage the men under his command to read. Mr. Trump knows nothing of combat and avoided military service and disrespected veterans. FDR, for example, listed to the advice of his generals during WWII and gave them what they need to fight the war, he left for himself the diplomatic part – smart, wise and knows his limitations. Mr. Trump is so into himself, he thinks he knows everything. A Greek philosopher once said the beginning of knowledge is the realization of how ignorant we are – Mr. trump is not humble enough to accept this.

  14. The Republican party bears some culpability with the Democrats for the deep division of our nation. Like it or not the GOP almost continually divided itself and rarely ever showed a United front on any issue or legislation even when they had the numbers to push through legislation. The half baked power mad criminals that had enough sense to stand together, something the GOP just never could bring itslef to do. It cost the nation eight years of unbridled, uncontrolled bull shit that brought this its knees. Now with the same spineless attitude the GOP cost us the House. RINOs like Romney undermine our president at every turn. No united front, just a bunch of camera hogs posturing for re election. Yes Omar, Tlaib, Presely,.Cortez and Rino Amash are now representative of the DNC, but who is worse? A Romney or an Omar?

    • Most of the Republicrats were doing whatever the donors and chamber of communists told them to do and the HECK with the American people. Remember greed is good unless it bites you in the butt like it is doing with the RINO’s and dumbycrats.

      • Without the support of most of the Republicans in Congress Trump would be dead in the water. Posts like yours make Republican voters stay home and give the Demwits the upper hand. If more Republicans had come out to vote we wouldn’t have lost the House.

      • Stuart, is there one word of my post that is incorrect? Just wondering as you fail to correct the just of my statement. I don’t really see anything written as being seen as defeatist, more pointing out that the GOP has had a terrible record of being unified. Maybe drawing attention to a fault within the party or its members would be a good idea? Things don’t change if you just put your head up your butt and ignore a fault. As far my words or attitude discouraging someone from exercising their right to vote…I don’t think so. We lost the House as a direct result of anger over Trumps election. DEMOCRATS were organized and UNIFIED in their opposition. Where were we? We have several RINOs and that IS a problem. These people need to be recalled. They are worse than Amash as at least that POS admitted what he was.

        • Ms. Jan is totally correct. Fact: we were within 1 senatorial vote of dumping Obamacare and RINO McCain voted it down. Look at what Romney has done and the way he has voted. There are many examples of the Republicans not getting their collective shit together and in the mean time the Dems are organized and taking over. Repubs refuse to fight back, save a few like Jordan. This is why I have stopped contributing to GOP. Now my money goes only to the local congressman I know who is not a RINO. Jan is absolutely correct!

  15. And yet the sick liberals will keep propping her up and exclaiming to all what a kind virtuous woman she is. Babies will be named Ilhan and Tlaib. If this doesn’t wake up the fence sitters and dolts on the democratic party nothing will. And mean nothing. How a group of people can justify and even support such hate, bigotry, anti semitic, racist and totally disgusting behavior not just from her, but Nadler, Schumer, Schiff, Amash, Tlaib, Presley and Cortez to name a few defies all sensibilities. But they will. The democratic controlled House and the party would rather see this nation in flames than admit any of them are wrong and remove them from office. Likewise any program or law proposed by the president must fail that they may show they have “the will of the people” behind them. EVERYTHING proposed by these traitorous,.criminal racist bastards is ALL ABOUT GAINING CONTROL, not about solid governance and what is best for our nation and her people. Civil war is getting closer and Russia and China are licking their chops.

  16. Do we need any more proof that she is a no good incest loving, goat loving pos? And she needs to be prosecuted and deported. Get her back to somolia with nothing. No clothes, no food no money, nothing.

    • Remove her from congress she is the racist and does hate America nobody cares what color she is but should stop blaming people for your big mouth.

    • The bitch be crazy.I sm with the president if you hate this great nation get th hell out. SEMPER FI USMC RETIRED W.

    • George you are so right. She is totally stupid. Why is she still in Congress? I guess Nancy is scared of her. I heard she threatened Nancy. How nice and she got by with that. They will all fall, one by one. No one, not even the Dumbocraps will put up with that much longer. I pray.

  17. Why does anyone even listen to Omar , she is the racist , she is the opposite of white and she continuely bashes Our Great President for being a racist . SHE IS A JOKE AND HIPPOCRITE.

    • If in her home country she would be stoned, shot or beheaded. She’s an Obama, Soros agenda
      Hope Israel doesn’t allow her to enter their Country
      This new organization should be shut down by our government.
      One thing about the Squad. They are opening the eye of people who Democrats. They are voting for Trump.
      Omar is supported by Muslims Brotherhood.
      Trump 2020.
      Build the wall
      Deport Illegals
      Birth right law
      To many people on Welfare and working for cash. Pelosi’s agenda for Illegals only making CA more crime in Welfare and food stamps CA government doesn’t take care of Citizens but gives Welfare to Illegals.

  18. This article is so true. She hates America and lies all the time. Omar and the Odd Squad are the racists. Oh by the way THE RACE CARD IS DEAD. We hear it now and laugh right. The Odd Squad is nothing but trouble to America and Omar will never simulate. One mor thing Omar YOU DO NOT LOVE AMERICA MORE THAN AMERICANS. Go to hell.

    • What a piece of garbage ! Most of us , immigrants could not wait for the day to become proud Americans ! Who the hell she thinks she is ? I just cannot understand how we are not fighting back , exposing the hypocrisy this idiot and the bug-eyed lunatic are inflicting upon us ! What does it take to get united and express our voices ? Is there any way to find spokespeople to just get on TV and tell the unknown truth about these miserable , awful creatures ?

    • You are so right. Omar is such a bitch to come ahainst Isreal. The palestines can eat shit. She needs to get out of our country immediately. Her and her dumb ass garb. Try to come against Isreal. She is in for an eye opener. Her and all the coven of witches. They will burn in hell for being evil. Nobody wants you here. Go back to that where you came from you demon.

  19. We have the gov we elected
    Still time to change it but we want. Could ask God to bless us but why should He
    We turned away from Him

  20. The problem is how these terrorist Omar and the other tree gat in the house ? Think how many more they in the congress .Omar and the rest come in America not the werri long time ,how all four of they gat in the same time in congress???? Ho the hell bringt them there ,That min other terrorist can be in the house to .I think only we the people can make clean to the congress .

  21. Who thought that our government would allow this.??
    I DID

    • Lee I agree, but I also disagree. Here is why. It is main stream media who have been in the pockets of the DNC, who have glorified the Kennedys, and other democrats. Then we elected Regan, and the media went nuts. After Regan we elected Bush [1] then Slick wily Clinton, then Bush [2] and of course our so called saviour Obama. The Bush’s, the Clinton’s and Obama were all on the same team. The New World Order. Bush [1] was over-heard saying, of they knew what we were doing, they would hang us. Bush[1] also used the term, new world order. Clinton, Bush [2], and then Obama continued to carry the torch. The 4 presidents prior to Trump are responsible for todays mess, and that is one of the main reasons why the swamp is so damn large. Obama’s job was to bring this country to it’s knees, he blew it, by being such a left-wit jerk.

      • You stated the true facts so perfectly. Thank you for your wisdom, I just wish that more people were informed like you.

      • America slowly ,but surely go down, because we american stupid to let this people
        Cortez, talib, imar to be in government position. Wake up people.

  22. With due all respect to these congresswomen, I would like both leaders of the Democrats and Republican, Chuck, McConnell with Pelosi to sit down in private with 4 squad, and remind them that they MUST respect and honor their duty as representatives of the people from each states they’re representing. Honor the constitution and what it stands for!!. Abide by the law of the land and the America way. They MUST put aside their culture while they are working for this great country of the United State of America!! If they keep making all these negative comments about America and about president Trump, then they should all go back where they come from!!!!! PERIOD!!!

  23. this is simple. Back in the ’50’s there was a federal law preventing any congressman/woman from swearing allegiance to more than one country, Muslims have to swear to allegiance to Allah. (Read the Koran) Which would make them traders to the USA. send them ALL home!

  24. THIS RAG HEAD IS AN IMMIGRATION AND TAX CHEAT. SHE also believes in marrying her biological brother. She needs to be deported!!

  25. The devil is alive and well.Look at all the insanity. These evil women will not stop their hate against America and Trump.They need to be stopped, somehow.But no one is trying to get them removed.Who thought that our government would allow this.

    • The Democraps have been anti-American for a LONG time. Look what Obummer did with Cuba…and the Muslim terrorist countries…and the Muslim terrorists…He helped them all to fight against America.

    • Who thought that our government would allow this.??
      I DID

  26. I take strong issue with the statement that Omar regrets what she just said before Congress. She doesn’t have the integrity and common sense to regret it.

    • She realizes that what she has done has exposed for for the antisemitic terrorist she is. . . the “Squad has been exposed! She doesn’t regret WHAT she said, she regrets that she exposed herself for what she actually is!

  27. You know that these women are digging holes in the ground for themselves really fast. Imagine how stupid that Omar and Cortez going to Isreal and having the audasity to ask Isreal so that they can meet with who else other than the Palestine Heads, why don’t they just go to Palistine and meet there why go to a country that you have proclaimed hatred for???? Talk about stupid and how do they not know that the Isrealies may not welcome them in their country and they will be walking into a firestorm. Go ahead stupid and do it but don’t blame the people of Isreal for you stupidity.

  28. “With one short speech before Congress, Omar proved Donald Trump to be right that she hates America and is a cancer for the nation’s politics.”

    I agree, and the worst part is that the “cancer” of anti-Semitism is malignant! It has spread amongst the Dem’s presidential wannabees faster than the “me too” movement.

  29. I don’t say: “Send her Back”!
    I scream: “String Her Up”!

    I wish an American patriot would skin her alive.

    Captain Ken Morgen

  30. Life is a two way street. Always put yourself in the others spot. If you do, I guarantee that much of this insane activity would disappear. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then,Schliess dir mundt

  31. Omar has committed unlawful acts to become a citizen by marrying her BROTHER to claim citizenship in the US. She is a muslim committed to bringing down the USA and her religion tells her to lie to get what she wants! I for one am sick of who she is and what she says. She is the real racist in the flesh.
    She should have her citizenship revoked and physically and forcefully be removed from this country! Go back to herding goats!

  32. How often is our government going to stand for these anti-Americans. Americans have spoken out about Llan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez; however they are still here. These women are the racists they always talk about. If you don’t like the US leave. We have Obama to thank for letting these terrorists into our country. He worked for George Soros. Obama was the worst President in history. He and his wife never liked America and are racists. Where is our government in all of this. They need to “GO” now. I challenge the Supreme Court to take some action. If you are the highest court in the land then put a stop to this insanity. Our government is being run by Congress and has become a snake pit. Time to clean house. All the Democrats and Republicans need to be “Impeached”. America needs to stand up for the American way. I know that the Supreme Court does not handle this time of law; however if you can’t stop this insanity than why do we even have the highest court in the land.

    • Nancy I. Grove: You are absolutely correct.I can not understand why nothing has been done for their treasonous words and actions…I have called, written and signed numerous petitions about these worthless human beings and they are still here voicing their hate…

      • These 4 idiot’s took an oath to protect and defend the United States of America but instead they are trashing it they need to go now. The congress should kick them out or the Congress should all go to for not doing their jobs.

        • Justice for Trump: MY comments have become violent, evil and nasty?? That is a PERFECT description of your vile and pathetic comments to others. Calling them childish names. Trying to threaten them .Telling them to jump off a cliff. Trying to belittle them.It’s so easy to be a bully on the internet, isn’t it? Not like facing someone. Makes you feel like a big man, I bet. Well, I know how others respond to your comments( or they just ignore your stupidity) on these sites and isn’t pretty.They KNOW what an ignorant bigot you are.
          Oh, and about the F.B.I. thing. I KNOW I’m fine. ARE YOU??? As I stated to you before, if you can’t act like a man, at least try to act like a human…..

  33. This woman is not concerned with breaking the law. The Democrats in the House will not do anything to stop her charge to try and remove our President. I am not too sure that there won’t be enough RINOS in the Senate to remove him from office. Time will tell and when the street fighting starts I can only hope it includes Congress. We are losing our country and there seems to be enough politicians to remove the Constitution.

    • I couldn’t agree more. People has gone crazy. Thank the teachers and professors for screwing this country up.

      • Thank Obama friend, Bill Ayres. He was a terrorist in the 60’s. He made the famous remark, We can’t change America through terrorist acts, we must do it with Education. That was in the 60’s and Jimmy Carter yanked Education away from cowardly States. Education today is mainly a Lab. for Indoctrination.

        • TRump’s friends include Cohen, Manafort and sickos Jeffrey Epstein and George Nader and a few of the NYC mafia, much worse people

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