Ilhan Omar just admitted to a dark secret that will leave you speechless

Ilhan Omar has no trouble making headlines.

And Democrats will surely be furious with her latest public controversy.

That’s because Ilhan Omar just admitted to a dark secret that will leave you speechless.

Ilhan Omar keeps causing headaches for Democrats.

This time it doesn’t have anything to do with her anti-Semitism or disloyalty to the United States.

Appearing on Black Entertainment Television’s web series #BlackCoffeeLive, Omar told host Mark Lamont Hill that she is not sure if the Democrat nominee will defeat President Trump in 2020.

Breitbart reports:

Appearing Wednesday on BET Digital’s #BlackCoffeeLive, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) expressed uncertainty about any 2020 Democrat candidate’s ability to defeat President Donald Trump.

MARC LAMONT HILL: You mentioned Cory Book and Kamala Harris with regard to a bill. You did something with Bernie Sanders. You may not know this, but they’re all running for president. Where are you leaning these days? Have you thought about endorsing?

REP. ILHAN OMAR: I have not and I don’t intend on making an endorsement anytime soon. I think it’s a little too early. There is lots of important conversations that need to be had about particular policies. Everybody has ideas that are closely aligned and so it’s within the details often that you get to pick your candidate. As a policy nerd, those kind of things really matter to me. I also think there is this question of how do we defeat the occupant of the White House? What does that process really look like? How do we not only energize our base, but also get to the soul of our country and reclaim it? I don’t know if we have gotten that candidate yet.

For months the Fake News Media pumped Democrat voters’ heads full of notions that Donald Trump had zero chance to win re-election in 2020 and that whomever the Democrats nominated to run against him would have a cakewalk to the Oval Office.

But the real story – as Omar points out – is she does not believe the current crop of Democrat candidates are not as strong as the Fake News Media likes to pretend.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Have to say that George Soros is extremely intelligent despite his age but, he is rather timid in going public with the rhetoric that is being tossed around. Soros is smart enough to hang on the sidelines and pontificate the veracity of the propaganda in stealth terms. He is covertly negotiating with his comrades in being vociferous with the corrupt democrats and simultaneously supporting the Good Republican Christians. When corrupt democrats try to get Good Soros to relinquish his good status quo, he in a kind way, puts them in their places. That is the real truth! This is why every court case has lawyers unless the accused want to play the martyr, using a metaphor to illustrate!

  2. ps. i can think of a few ‘others’.
    Apparently, they keep their ‘mouths’
    Shut, to a certain degree/avoiding
    ‘omars’ exposure. & That IS Just
    as Dangerous. They Lay & Wait.

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  5. Right On News

    July 8, 2019



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    See How Welfare Queen is Using Your Tax Dollars

    PD JULY 2, 2019 BY RIGHTON


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    See How Welfare Queen Is Using Your Tax Dollars


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    Some people who are on Food Stamps live better than those who work their butts off every day. Some workers have to work all week to pay for some the food people who abuse the system live off. It is past time to be outraged when some use it to feed their pets better than most people who work hard to eat daily. Many of the average workers live off of cheap and unhealthy food.

    One lady who is on food stamps decided to post her lifestyle on Facebook, and at the end of the video, it shows her giving her dog lobster to eat. I don’t know about you, but I do not get to eat lobster but maybe once every five to seven years. (video at the end of the article).

    Democrats act like their programs help people. Some of them are good when it is used for the right reasons. Let us face the facts, we all know Liberals do not use anything the government gives them for the good of the order. That is why they are known as “Liberals!”

    Since the dawn of the Democrat and Republican parties started “duking it out,” Democrats have always made Republicans out to be cruel, mean, and heartless. Perhaps it is because we as Conservatives have morals, understanding, and we want people to go out and get a job and do for themselves.

    Why do you think there are so many people who are “offended” these days? Because now that we have a Conservative as president and the best one for America. Lazy Liberals have to get off their bums and go to work. Oh my GOSH!! Work, they have to go to work like regular people!! They are so offended, whatever will they do? They cry just like they did when President Trump won the 2016 election because they knew their days were numbered.

    When the Government implemented the welfare programs of Food Stamps, Social Security, and Medicaid, it was meant to get the average middle class working American out of a bind. If someone faced issues like getting laid off of a job, natural disasters, illnesses, and disabilities, it would become of temporary assistance from the money that was already paid through taxes. Once they found another job or got back on their feet then, they need to get off the program and go back to supporting themselves.

    Disabilities are another issue. Sometimes a person can be permanently disabled and end up on government assistance for life. However, if the person is only temporarily disabled, then when they are well, they must go back to work.

    Depression and PTSD is a form of disability which the government acknowledges as eligible for government assistance. There is nothing wrong with using these funds when the person honestly needs the assistance. The problem comes when the system is abused by libtards and thieves. Depression is a borderline illness which anyone can claim they have, but it does exist. People who tend to abuse the system choose this disability the most because it is the hardest to determine on the physical side.

    Some people like this one lady who decided she was going to post herself bragging about the fact she has depression and give her dog a special treat, lobster paid for by food stamps. This is appalling! It is Democratic ignorance at its finest. To actually laugh, joke and brag about stealing while other people who really need help have a hard time getting it. To add insult to injury, she used an “Obama phone” to film the entire act.

    The funny thing is, Democrats, say we are the ones with the problems and the attitude issues. No, we are the ones who go to work and pay for what we have through our own money and honest living. If we have an attitude, it is because it is not fair they get everything handed to them on a silver platter and only want more handouts.

    Getting gifts is nice, only when you have earned them. Libtards do not earn it, it is given through the Democratic system. The president is putting an end to this abuse, which has gone on for too long. It has cost the United States billions of dollars every year. The Liberals in this world who brag about their handouts are no different than the Democrats in office. They brag until they get caught.

  6. you are the ignorant one.
    Nobody within their right mind would write anything so stupid.

  7. They would have to IMPEACH Pence also and I don’t think ANY of them have the STUPIDITY for THAT!! They could NEVER even INVENT anything to impeach him on!!!

  8. Yeah, Omar and the other POS MOOSESLIME did not take the oath of office on the BIBLE, They have NO, NO, No ALLEGIANCE to any of our LAWS and our CONSTITUTION. Only their own sharia law. They both need to be expelled out of Congress and DEPORTED.

  9. NO JOE , YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND NORMAL THINKING , NOT TRUMP , YOU N OBUMMER N FRIENDS NEED TO BE IN JAIL , FOR BEING STUPID , TRAITOROUS and Treasonous , three strikes your out Joe , the Gallows await you and your friends !!!

  10. From what I have heard muslums start bangin their little girls at about 8 years old like their fearless leader did years ago. So I guess that means omar has ‘been around the block’ a few times in her life. That could really mess with your thought process, right and hers is really messed up? Just sayin!

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    READ re 5G tech. Devastating.
    My town HAS Just Been Rewired
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  12. Not only does she know nothing about America, she HATES America. The goal of Islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. She is very dangerous to our freedom

  13. WHAT is e asham is the idiots that voted in a MUSLIM OBAMA and do not understand that he is a rotten to the core MUSLIM TRAINED BY SOROS and now

  14. She is trying to “reclaim the soul of the country”? She’s a freakin’ Somali immigrant! What does she know about the soul of America? Or our Constitution and heritage, for that matter….

  15. There’s a lot of talk about impeaching Trump and Pence. DOES ANYONE KNOW OR CARE WHO WOULD BE PRESIDENT IF THAT HAPPENS????? I believe the next person in line is Speaker of the House. Do we really want Pelosi in the Oval Office???

  16. Linda, your comment on the muslin is exactly what was said about Adolph obummer and look as to what happened with him. ELECTED, Bought & paid for. He is the lone worse thing to ever happened to the USA. His actions will end up killing more white Americans than any of our wars.

  17. Sounds like a DEMONCRAP requirement to be a politician..HA HA HA ..ONLY AN IDIOT LIKE YOU SAY SUCH A THING..HA HA HA ..LMAO

  18. satan will rule for a time and all is falling into place. The muslims and dems are in his army. But we know who wins. Jesus will come and rescue all who belong to Him.

  19. Yes, it is very sickening. The dems hate our freedom and our Constitution as much as the muslims do. They are fools

  20. Islam is or enemy. Muslims have no business even being in our country. The goal of islam is total world control. The goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. The sick, insane, hate-filled dems support them. They should all be deported to the commie country of their choice. They hate our country as much as the muslims do

  21. Get all of obamas hold backs out and all muslims out along with schumer..pelosi..hillary..schitt. And obama in prison. Good start.

  22. Please state ONE REASON why they should be impeached. They have done NOTHING WRONG and your sick hate is nota reason.

  23. Please tell ONE THING that he needs go to prison for. YOU CAN’T!!!!! He has done nothing wrong. You attack Pres. Trump yet support the extremely corrupt Clintons and traitor Obama. You are very sick

  24. This is another crazy right wing theory, totally without any basis of fact, it is people like Keith whose lies are hurting the country, he is just like Goebbels, the Hitler henchman propagandist.

  25. She would be a better President than Trump, anyone would, because he is insane, ignorant of history and protocol, he is an obese cowardly draft dodger, a serial sexual assaulter, a constant liar, insulter, thief, money launderer, braggart, and traitor with his attacks on allies while sucking on Putin because Putin fixed the election for Trump. You idiots don’t care because you got your Racist-in-Chief.

  26. None of the democratic candidates can hold a candle to Trump. Some of them don’t even know what they believe or would do if they were elected. They are all a bunch of idiots.
    Trump really doesn’t have to worry about any of them.

  27. Since when is the USA Ilhan Omar’s country, as in “our country?” So far all she has done is run it down and despise its majority population, Christianity, Judaism, and probably all other religions with the exception of Islam. It literally makes me sick to look at photographs of that evil witch in her pseudo-religious rags– besides waiting for the flying monkeys to appear, I keep hoping a house will fall on her.

  28. All of these evil Democrats that are running for President can all drop dead because they are all Anti-American, Anti-Citizen, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Freedom Commies that should all be sent to GITMO to stand trial for High Treason for the attempted Cue of President Trump.

  29. Let me get this straight. She claims that she is a policy nerd. She is an anti American subversive with an IQ of maybe 50 and she is a policy nerd. Everytime she opens her mouth she shows how stupid she really is. Just like Cortes and the ohter Muzzie from Michigan

  30. Who cares about her? She’s a nobody, wanna be. An endorsement from her is not exactly what I would call earth shattering. I despise her, the dem/communist party , AOC, and Tlaib. They6 are all anti-American.

  31. New poll out yesterday states that 23% of DEMON RATS offically HATE the USA but STILL THEY STAY!! How many of these LIARS have PROMISED TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY IF THE REPUBLICAN WON??? All sorry ass LIARS!!!

  32. I think what she is really saying to the demorats is that shes going to support President Trump for President and that she hates the muslim ways and bure the karam book. hehehe shes even a traitor to her own country and that would be Africa.

  33. Nothing coming from that raghead ISIS beech should surprise any patriotic American. Boot her azz out of America.

  34. Thats right. Get them the F out of America. Take the turn coat, America hating, demorats with them. Lucky I’m not in charge,Id take the military and run every anti American towel head out of here, vertically or preferably horizontally.

  35. More like, why do we allow her to be in the con gress of our beautiful country. Sickening.

  36. Omar would probably endorse David Duke if he was running, since he tweeted his support for her, calling her ‘the most important person in Congress’. He is, apparently, far more antisemitic than racist.

  37. Lets not forget that within the democrats their are allot of convicted criminals that are in office that should tell you what is running this country down the drain.

  38. Even a blind squirrel can get the nut sometimes. Lord knows they have a fine collection of nuts to choose from.

  39. This maniac needs to be looking for a lawyer if the AG finally gets around to prosecuting her for her provable crimes!

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