Ilhan Omar just insulted every military veteran in this jaw dropping way

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is one of Bernie Sanders’ top campaign supporters.

But Omar’s endorsement is now causing the socialist Senator major headaches.

And that’s because Ilhan Omar just insulted every military veteran in this jaw dropping way.

One of the signature issues for Bernie Sanders’ socialist agenda is free college tuition for students.

Socialists want to wipe away the one trillion dollars in student loan debt held by Americans and turn college tuition into another entitlement program like Social Security or Medicare.

Ilhan Omar strongly supports this idea and even compared the government giving Americans access to free college tuition much in the same way the government created the G.I. Bill to reward Americans that signed up to serve their country in uniform.

Millions of Americans could not believe that Omar would compare handing out free college tuition to snowflake millennials who whine about safe spaces to the brave men and women who volunteered to put themselves in harm’s way to defend America’s freedom.

One reason Democrat Party leaders consider Sanders an unelectable nominee is because his platform of free college tuition and free health care adds up to tens of trillions of dollars in spending that is unpopular with the American people.

Omar demeaning the experience of veteran’s by suggesting taxpayers foot the bill for college students toiling on campus toward worthless degrees in diversity or gender studies is one reason Democrats are so horrified at the prospect of a Sanders nomination.

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