Ilhan Omar just made the most insane attack ever on white people

Ilhan Omar just opened up a big can of worms.

The Muslim Congresswoman from Minnesota is known to court controversy.

But this time she went too far because Ilhan Omar just made the most insane attack ever on white people.

Appearing on Black Entertainment Television’s #BlackCoffeeLive digital series, Omar declared her support for taxpayer funded reparations for the descendents of slaves in America.

Breitbart reports on the transcript of their remarks:

MARC LAMONT HILL: When way people want to see equal footing is through the broader project of reparations. You know H.R. 40 is a big part of the public conversation in the last couple of weeks. Where do you stand on reparations?

REP. ILHAN OMAR: Yeah, I’m signed on to H.R. 40.

HILL: But that’s for the commission. Obviously, you want to look at the data and study. At the ideological level, do you support reparations?

REP. OMAR: Yeah, it’s past time. It’s past time. I’m an African immigrant and my situation is very much different in the way that my family interactions with the system. I want to make sure my colleagues, who come from enslaved ancestry, are deciding how that policy is implemented and what makes sense. I’m in full support in trying to make sure that we are taking full steps into getting for the black community

Multiple presidential candidates also support reparations for slavery.

Omar’s interview makes it the official Democrat Party position.

It was only a matter of time before that became so.

Democrats have long believed America was founded by racist, sexist, and homophobic white men.

Now radical left-wing activists think they can use this sentiment to redistribute hundreds of billions – or even trillions – of dollars in wealth to Democrat Party constituencies.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Factoids:
    Less than seven percent of the Confederacy owned slaves. I suggest we go all the way back to the 1960’s to present and do an audit of how much blacks received in housing, Medicaid, social programs, social security, Medicare, college grants subsidized all black schools and colleges, equal opportunity discrimination and the list goes on and still does. This applies to most innercity blacks and some what to the more southern relatives. When they kept using the women literally as sows to keep popping out kids like a pez dispenser til they hit the magic number for benefits, cash, food stamps and all else it became a national disgrace. Thank the Democrats for all the freebies to keep black women and men on the auction block for the sake of votes and control. Point is we have paid enough reparations to support a whole nation by itself.

  2. Just living in THIS country free to travel wherever you like should be enough for anyone. My family has fought in military to help keep this country free. It is the greatest country to live in.

    The home land our families came from is terrible in comparison to the USA. Omar needs to try living in her home land if she even knows where that is.

    God blesses the USA

  3. When is this Bitch going to be sent back to her country – since she clearly is an Anti American? Every time she opens her mouth – she spits out her racist views. I know that she got a measly fine for her outbursts – but it is not enough for her to learn her lesson to keep her trap closed. She needs to have at least half her salary taken from her as a fine – and as for that – That Rashida Tliab and AOC also need to keep their mouths shut and learn how to really work with everyone else in Congress. These idiots are FRESHMEN congresspeople – they have not been in long enough to even vote. If they want to get my respect – they need to again keep their traps shut. They are a joke to Congress!

  4. Does H.R. 40 address the issue of Welfare recipients? If reparations are approved, will the recipients still receive their Welfare checks, free Medicaid, and subsidized housing or will they be given a choice as to which they wish to receive? Will working Americans, once again, be strapped with making these payments, although 99% of us are not decedents of slave owners, or will only those descending from former slave owners be allocated to pay?

    These are senseless questions, but when faced with an idiotic bill in Congress, one must address it with the respect it deserves; which is none!

  5. I’m all for reparations for ANYONE directly harmed by slavery, but seeing how the generations that have come after them have had the benefit of growing up in the greatest country on the face of the earth isn’t that reparation no amount of money could buy? I think that bill has been paid.

    • It was paid under the direction of Abraham Lincoln at the end of slavery, we owe these moron not one red cent today and too many of these lazy butted mornons just flat out refuse to work, so they should not be receiving tax dollars for their drugs use.

  6. Usual Demorat procedure. Cant win it, buy it. They want it so bad, donate THEIR checks, vineyards, gated compounds and other personal assets. Why not? They obviously beleive we should.

  7. lets see now the definition of reparation explains it. it means to make amends for injury or a wrong committed and in this case the democrats want to use money as it’s amends. well first off slavery was a long time ago and statute of limitations comes in to play here as too long ago. and besides back then it was legal and not wrong. and if anyone owes the ancestors of those slaves anything it would be the tribe leaders that sold them to the slave traders that brought them here. they were property it’s that simple and there was no laws against selling them. so sorry too bad democrats guess the black vote you lost won’t be bought to vote for you. President Trump is doing ore for black americans than any other President including that brown turd you had for 8 years. Trump 2020

  8. The blacks were sold by there own blacks. The oones who never ask for anything & are owed a lot are our NATIVE AMERICANS the true AMERICANS. The only reason they are asking for reparations is for political reasons & the black votes. God bless America & God bless President Trump. TRUMP 2020.

    • YOU ARE 100% CORRECT, This clown should go back to her roots because in this country we do not marry our brother. We have plenty of fools in the DemocRAT Party, I don`t see why we need to import them.

      • She needs to have citizenship revoked and be deported back to Somalia where she’ll be raped and then traded for a goat since Muslim women are considered property!!

        • This MUSLIM POS WITCH and the DEMONRATS who are supporting this Bill H.R. 40 better go back in HISTORY and see who was the party for Slavery. The DEMONRATS were the ones who started the KKK, (KU KLUX KLAN), these DEMONRATS are nothing but POS that should be flushed right down the toilet, DAMN HYPOCRATES….

  9. Well Omar, why don’t we start with you. Your own people were among the worst of the slavers and pirates in Africa. It would only be the right thing to do. Oh by the way, don’t come looking for any reparations from me. Like many Americans, I had nothing to do with slavery and as far as I’m concerned if anyone would like to return to their ancestral homeland, be my guest.

  10. Yeah–pay reparations to the blacks who descended from slaves but then the blacks should have to pay reparations to every descendant of the dead union soldiers who fought and died for their freedom both black and white union soldiers.

  11. Have any of these Democrats said where these reparations are coming from ? Are they the ones who are going to ony up all this money ?? Have they not stolen enough from the taxpayers as it is ? If the raise taxes without putting it to the LEGAL VOTERS , that is taxation without representation and should be considered grounds for a class action suit against the government ! At the very least, another REVOLUTION AGAINST TYRANNY !

  12. if someone is a white male, but identifies as a descendant of black slaves, you’ll need to pay up. the “progressively worse ideology” can’t have it both ways.

  13. You’re a relatively recent immigrant, what gives you the authority to run off at the mouth about that? How do you give reparations to someone who was not directly affected? How about Indians, the Chinese, the Italians accused of being Mafia? Where would it end?

    • It was the Black population of Africa that sold their own people into slavery, the White people were opportunists for free labor offered by the Black Slave Owners in Africa. Black Labor was the first step in the industrialization of the world and the Blacks need to be proud of this fact.

    • When you find out, let me check know! My GREAT, GREAT GRANDMOTHER was referred to as an “INDIAN SQUAW”. I think Reparations should come from “White MEN”, because American Indians were here before ANYONE, including SLAVES! It was an Awful time in our History, but NO amount of REPARATIONS will erase the past! Let it go!

      • Indians were enslaving and killing each other off long before the first white man appeared on this continent. They were far from one big happy family

  14. I am all for reparations. I can’t wait for the reparations to pay me back for my college education when the progressives take over. All the free programs they set up should pay reparations to all of us who missed out on them!!! So now, how damn stupid does that sound???

    • We lost several thousand young men fighting to end slavery, we lost our President Lincoln, an the entire USA was never for slavery. The South were the slave owners and thy did not go to African and round up a bunch of blackies out of the jungle, the
      they paid a hefty price for them from their own Kin Folk who sold them to the slave traders, who in turn sold them to the Southerners. No black people ever wants to talk about that. They were sold, by their own people, to slavers. It was not right, but
      the Country did right by the blacks when they went to war, suffered and died, to free them. It is time for the blacks to stop wanting, they have been whinning far to long
      shut up, get your thumb out of your mouth, go to work, quite asking for hand outs, make something of your self, you have every opportunity

  15. I believe that reparations were paid in full with the blood of the soldiers both white and black in the Civil War.

    • Great reply Celia!! You are exactly right! God bless all Americans – no matter the color. (I like how people want freedoms, and no racism…but they are the ones always bringing up the race card…now who really are the racists? Hint: It is not Conservatives!)

    • No dummy, that as a fight whites CHOSE to wage for so called FREEDOM FROM THE CROWN, MEANWHILE THE ENSLAVED AFRICANS STEPPED UP TO HELP THEM FIGHT IT…..You people love to twist the truth/facts to justify your agenda/racism

      • I think you have the wrong war in mind, the one you referred to is the war of Independence incase you were a sleep it was just honored on July 4th, and was fought April 19, 1775 – September 3, 1783, the war Celia referred to was the Civil war April 1861 to April 1865 almost 100 years later. And she is right in stating reparation was paid back because of it.

    • What a misinformed statement. Don’t you know it was the Republicans that fought against and ended slavery in this country?

      • No – Eric doesn’t understand. Dems twice voted down the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Dems were the segregationists in the south. The Dems created the KKK. It was the Republicans, during the Lincoln administration, that ended slavery. Additionally, William Ellison – a BLACK man in the south – was the largest slave owner. Low information voters don’t know history….

      • Apparently this person knows nothing about our past or the people involved in the many things that went on. Maybe she needs a book on such matters.

    • Did you ever go to school? It was the Republican Party that was responsible for ridding the US of this institution that violated the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

    • Eric, you show your extreme ignorance every time you post. You know nothing of our history or our founding fathers. Since you hate this country so much, you are free to move to the commie country of your choice. Please do

  16. My great-grandfather, from Mississippi, fought for the north. I have proof of that. Does that exclude my family from free money for those asking for “REPERATIONS”? They can’t just lump all white people together. They don’t want to be lumped together.

  17. Omar and her family came to the U.S. to escape probable execution due to their treatment of people of other tribes in Somalia. She ought to know all about conflict among different ethnic groups.

  18. reparation should be limited to a one-way ticket back to the land from which their ancestors came.. Having now had the advantage of the US environment and the learning situation, they should .be able to become leaders in their homeland in a very short time

    • This is the best idea I have heard of yet. Why do these people expect us to fork out money for something we had no control over. Further more, these people who became slaves were captured by other blacks and sent to all countries not just America. I think black people are money crazy. I noticed on some shows if offered a prize or money they always take the money.

    • I see a problem with that theory. Which land is their “homeland of their ancestors?” As close as I can come, following my ancestral trail, I’d have to move to Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and oh yeah, the USA. I don’t think there are too many peoples in America without several backgrounds.
      Just sayin.

      • There aren’t a lot asking for reparations either, but what about my Irish ancestors and the way they were treated? I’ll stay here and be thankful they were able to come to America.

    • Black people were indigenous to this country long before whites came here. Matter of fact take your ass back the the land your ancestors came from, @Mahatchma

      • No way Jose. The first people here were Aleutians who came from Mesopotamia, and they were of mixed breeding as are their descendants, the Native Americans. After that came the
        Vikings and the Spanish both of whom were Caucasian. Go back to a history class even a fifth grade one where you probably belong..

      • Where did you get educated, if ever there was a more misinformed person I’ve ever heard in my life. You take the cake.

  19. Ilhan Omar betrays her base ignorance and bigotry; Omar, a representative of the Democratic Party, who throughout history is the Party of slavery and hate-mongering. It is befitting that she openly revealed that she and the Democrats have not evolved but maintained a racist agenda of racial disaccord while feigning tolerance.

    • The democrat party were the ones who started the KKK. They personally should fund this program since they are the ones mostguilty!

        • jim, oh, really????? Idiot. I hope you are including yourself. The republicans fought against slavery, while the dems were for it. And my grandparents didn’t arrive here until after 1900. I had nothing at all to do with it

      • and the government will end up paying out anyway . from of all of our taxes. Screw this Muzzzie and send her back from the $hit hole she came from (check her ancestry and make sure she goes to the right “underprivileged” household. Eat dog food you traitor ! (and start by shoving a size 12 up her underprivileged buttttttt !

    • Why is it that African-Americans support the JACK-ASS party, when it was them that had the slaves & the GOP was the party that FREE’D them. It makes no sense to me.

      • Because they don’t know their History. If they did they would realize that the Dems are only using them. Just look what they want now, five illegals everything and push Black aside. There were also white slave but she won’t tell you that. Southern Democrats were you slave owners, but she won’t tell you that neither.

    • people can’t you see what she is doing ? she wants a war between the blacks and whites do not fall for her dumb shit i know lots of good black people that think she is bat crazy and i’m sure there are a lot more who thinks the same way so don’t let her and her stupid remarks get you all up in arms omar and aoc are doing this they need to be dealt with once and for all

  20. We don’t owe the blacks not one penny , the Liberal Demwits can take that idea and go stick it where the Sun don’t Shine , Up There’s

    • I’m with you, Will. Those bums are always looking for a free ride. Enough is enough!Let them ask Obama for reparations out of the millions he has amassed from his behind-the-curtains deals while in the White House! In fact, let them ask the descendants of the African tribal chief who sold them to the Arabs and others, way before our country was founded. By the way, we have enough black millionaires and billionaires in America who should invest in the black citizenry to improve their lot: Oprah, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Karim Abdul Jabbar et al. The reparations they are always buzzing about is nothing but political blackmail. It’s getting so bad another revolution is about to explode. It’s always blame the White race for their troubles.

    • I think that we should count all the welfare and free education (up to 16 years) as part of the reparations. My grandparents came to this country just over a century ago. We had nothing to do with slavery. 60% of the country’s current population descends from the European emigrations of the last century.

      also you dont hear about the irish whp were slaves too
      they are not looking for freebies–the unhinged demented democraps fprgot about them



  22. What about all the white families who came to the aid of the black people. How about all the men who gave their lives during the civil war to free the black and white and Irish slaves in the 1860’s. President Lincoln was killed because of his stand against slavery. Haven’t the white people more than paid the price for the release of the slaves. Many of the black slaves were sold by their own people in Africa, it was a big business. Reparations is a very stupid idea from very uneducated people who are just trying to get another handout.

    • Wow, that makes way too much sense. This is only about Votes. They are feeling the black vote slipping away. President Trump is hell bent on honoring his campaign promises. He is giving everyone the opportunity to prosper no matter what color you are. I have a felling that the president does not give a damn what color he is so why would he care what color you are.

  23. What about all the Democrats pay for all the slave’s they own now. Everyone who is on welfare, food stamps, free housing is a modern slave to the Democrat party. The slave’s can’t own property cause they would have to much wealth, can’t make to much money or they lose there slave benefits, they have to vote for their slave owner’s for fear of being free and not kept down. And this is the reason why we have income and wealth inequality. Thanks to your local slave owner Democratic party.

  24. Jihadi Ilhan apparently doesn’t realize African slavery began in Africa and Europeans simply took advantage of the lucrative desires of African chieftains to sell people to them. All they had to do was haul up close to the shore and wait for the (mainly Arab) slavers to bring the people to them. This is historical fact, not some inane fiction created by the racist white-haters like Ilhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. etc. etc. who make a nice living trying to make African Americans permanent victims even though the Emancipation Proclamation was 156 years ago and there hasn’t been an African slave in America since then. If Affirmative Action wasn’t a very effective form of reparations, then what exactly was it?


    • As a descendant of American Indians I want reparations for the land and freedoms that were stolen outright! Oh wait, I personally did not suffer from the past wrongs of long dead Americans.

      • Roger that Chuck, like to take all the alleged anablers and reparationists, etc. out west to a see a “real” oppressed people on the res. Lot of those folks would give their left nut to be as oppressed as a lot the whiners in the news now! At least some of em were smart enough to get back at the white man every time they go into a casino!😁

      • Indians have been given monetary benefits for many many decades. They would still be living in a teepee without the introduction of european peoples. It was a shame they were treated the way they were, but they also killed and kidnapped many white people. If we are going to start talking about reparations for people, I want reparations for the enlsavement of whites by the roman empire 1500 years ago. ‘We have all had our turn, and we must all deal with it.

          • True enough! Reds killed reds, blacks killed blacks, whites killed reds, blacks killed whites, and so on! Bottom line, it’s all obfuscation, nobody owes anyone!!! Just another shiny object to occupy you while they steal the election.

        • Well , I am part black, Indian and a Republican…LOL. So I want money for being black. I want money for being an Indian. I want money for being a Republican and my Great-Great-Great Grandpa Bell fighting in the Civil War to free the slaves and getting his leg amputated for gangrene setting in…poor dear relative of mine…. LOL….just kiddin’. But seriously, all this reparations talk is to buy votes for the next election. Warren, Harris, Sanders, Booker all think it is honest to present this idea of paying black people money not because they had slave family long ago but so black folks will cast their vote for them. It is corruption gone to seed ! And in my opinion , it is Anti-American. I would rather have money from our government funding legitimate causes like helping needy and hungry children, the homeless , Veterans, infrastructure and making sure black communities get the best education, housing and job training possible. But the same should be afforded every person of all colors of skin. We have way too much government waste that needs squelched pronto…Forget reparations for there isn’t any way in which to make it a fair deal. I am part black and I don’t want a dime from the government. Ugh. God Bless All Americans no matter what their color. Everyone should be nice. Nice is best.

    • I don’t know if you will find anyone’s ancestor who fought to “free” the slaves. If you cafe to research Soldier’s letters written home, you will find quotes such as “if I thought I was fighting to free the slaves, I would quit and go home now”. Also, Lincoln actually hated the blacks as historical documents prove and Lincoln did not bring up the subject of slaves until the middle of the war which he was losing. Again check historical facts. He did that to prevent England and France from aiding the South.

      • That is total revisionist history. the Republican Party of Lincoln was trying to keep the nation unified. slavery was tearing the nation apart because the Democrats wanted slavery and the Republicans didn’t . Lincoln hated blacks about as much as he hated his country, and he gave up his life to save the nation as a whole. Read your history from true factual accounts not made up liberally prejudiced fascist style writings.

      • HUH???? Not according to my history books, and they are older than you are. Public schools don’t teach history anymore, they are just lib indoctrination centers.

  26. If dummy Omar has such a hard on for white people why did she come to a majority white christian country. Send her back to Somalia — she doesn’t deserve the benefits of a free America. No one wants to be like her or her country.

  27. What about all the white families who came to the aid of the black people. How about all the men who gave their lives during the civil war to free the black and white and Irish slaves in the 1860’s. President Lincoln was killed because of his stand against slavery. Haven’t the white people more than paid the price for the release of the slaves. Many of the black slaves were sold by their own people in Africa, it was a big business. Reparations is a very stupid idea from very uneducated people who are just trying to get another handout.

  28. So black folks wanna get paid for being black,huh? So who’s paying for it? Taxpayers? How much you wanna bet young white guys are gonna refuse to work if that happens? If you know anything about genetics you know No body living today is even remotely related to anybody who ever owned a slave. So who’s fault is it? All white people? What about rich people who moved back to the motherland? What next? Pay all foreigners who didn’t get to be born in America? Oh yeah, except white people and Jews, right? Sounds like a recipe for WWIII.

    • You’re missing the point! Reparations were cooked up by “progressive” Democrats to increase hatred for conservatives, and try to harvest more votes. Nobody in this country today owes anyone else for something that happened two hundred years ago, but there will always be those looking for something for nothing! And the dems have been cashing in on that for decades.

      • You are exactly correct. And there are so many weak minded democratic party members and like this woman who don’t know crap about us that they believe anything spewed at them.

  29. She needs to get her facts straight there were more white slaves then black. Was a black man that sold the blacks into slavery.

  30. Well, let’s look at history !!! If anyone should be paying money to the blacks TODAY (and they never spent a minute as slaves), let’s make the tribes in Africa that sold their brothers into slavery over all the years PAY THE BILL !!!!

      • This woman is playing a game with the white people,black people,Jewish people she came from a culture that hates everything that is not Moslem. Vote this sick individual anti-enemy ou. She does not belong in this country.

        • I she not the Somali woman who gained entry to this country on a marriage ticket to another Somali man already in this country as an immigrant ? Then, is she not that woman who has turned out to have claimed marriage to her own brother (Incestuous at best) in order to gain what is actually illegal entry as a falsely married spouse – relying on deceiving the U.S. Immigration Authorities knowingly that they have little or no understanding of African names and relationships, therefore allowing her to enter this country fruadulently. If this is so she should be deported – case solved. Use the Immigration regulations properly as they were intended to be used. She should not be in the U.S. Congress as a representative of anyone – she is a criminal under the Immigration Laws.

    • Have Americans forgot they live in America & not Iran, Iraq, Syria electing these radical liberal Muslim into our government? This all started with American hater B Obama.

  31. Slavery reparation …

    Over 600,000 American soldiers died in the civil war. That was a very deep price to pay for the slave freedom. Case CLOSED!

    • It is a well known fact that Lincoln was a republican and that before and during the Civil war no one single republican member of congress owned a slave and that it was the republican part desperately trying go abolish slavery
      And that General Nathan Bedford Forest was indeed a democrat. People get your history facts before you extoll the virtues of the democratic party

    • ….so it matters not that tens of thousands of white folks gave their lives during the war between Americans (Civil War), doesn’t matter that Caucasian folks (white) have remained relatively mute over idiots such as her..but it certainly may present some feelings (not JUST among whites)
      as people elect NOT to go vacationing in the state in which elected her to the post she holds, which may change @ next election time; as logical, thinking persons of ALL races will see her insanity and dim-wittiness….I believe she will begin soon to start collecting her retirement from Govt. as common sense persons go to the polls..LORD save us all from such stupid thoughts/people

    • Because most of you white people are your own race and countries worse enemy and are cowards to labels, specially today with the lowering of standards to pacify all that hurts all pussification of males! You white people are fools LOL!LOL! LOL!

    • Nobody can prevent from being prejudiced; however, she should be stopped from verbalizing it in public and be penalized when she is out of order. She was a refugee here from her country, most likely got all kinds of government perks and help. Then she got “educated” and even got elected to our government. Now she feels she can dictate what we have been, are and would like to be.
      As far as retribution for slavery, why should we be responsible for the mistakes our previous generations did or did not. Some of the black community has held this over the whites foreheads. I am Hispanic (Puerto Rican) and although I can pass for “white,” I am aware of the fact that my ancestors were likely the Taino Indians, blacks from the slaves the Spaniards brought and Spaniards whites. I love my country and I love America. By the way, they had slaves in Biblical times. Was born and raised in Puerto Rico and have lived in the States for 57 years. God Bless America!

    • Kathy, no one can stop her from being prejudiced, our Constitution basically says you can like or dislike whoever you want, but be careful because there are limits to what your prejudice can and cannot do and what you can and cannot say. IMO, this woman has on more than one occasion, crossed the can/cannot line and has not been fettered for her actions. Our only recourse is to hope that the people who elected her see the error of their choice during the next election cycle and remedy the situation.

    • James, do you honestly believe that what will happen, short of the second coming of Christ, will be God’s Will? If so, perhaps you may want to consider this. Everything that is in place in the secular world, the one in which we live, is the direct result of man’s will, not God’s. Keep in mind that God created us in His own image and with something some times called “free will”. In return all He asked/asks is that we love Him the way He loves us, and live according to His teachings found in Scripture. By not programming each of us to love Him, He created the only way to prove that the love we have for Him is real and of our own free will. He gave us a choice.

      God does not live in our world nor we in His, yet. There will come a day when the faithful will be gathered up to Him and the rest will be left to their own devices which may or may not result in their everlasting separation from God or perhaps not. That will be the result again, of free will.

      So, yes it’s true that whatever happens, happens, but, not because of God’s Will, but, rather of man’s will and, although He could, He will not(and never has) interfere(d) with the choices of man.

  32. America has spent 20+ Trillion dollars trying to “level the playing field” since LBJ gave us the Great Society 50+ years ago.

    Some foks took advantage of it, but many others poked it up their nose. The end affect is we have more folks on welfare as a percentage of the population than 50 years ago . . . just another Government program that incinerated taxpayers cash.

    She probably took advantage of freebies when she got her degree, anyway.

    • You nailed it!!! Also agree with a previous post where 600,000 white Americans died to free the slaves during the civil war, I agree the price has been paid. My great-great grandfather was injured as he fought on the union side despite being from Texas. He was an immigrant from Poland only 8 years when the war broke out. He did not believe in Alavert as he had been a chattel serf in Poland. He lived the rest of his life in pain because of his injury. Another relative died in Andersonville. Family thought he had returned to Poland when he didn’t come home after the war. I found him doing genealogy.

      • My grandmothers family were Irish/Walsh and poor farmers, they fought against slavery even though they were from WV. In fact prisoner for fighting on the wrong side. They also fought in the revolutionary war. I think they are paid in full. The rest of my family didn’t arrive until the 1900’s (German orphan found in the slums of NEW YORK and the other set from Italy/Sicily) never owned a slave any of them.

  33. This stupid lady’s ancestors , the Muslims, were the most horrific of the slave traders. Who is she kidding? By the way it was two white men, one from Britain and one from the US who managed to get rid of slaver in England and the US (Wilberforce and Lincoln, respectively).

  34. We need to pray yes. Remember Jesus whipped the money changers out. We do things according to the law. We can still show our support. I come from a family who served in the military. I am very patriotic & love my country. Just don’t like the wickedness she is engaged in. Omar needs to be put out of office. She is no American. Cortez & Tlaib need to be put out. Along with Pelosi. It is time for us to say enough is enough. Have a back bone. Whether we are Christian or everyday citizens. Sitting back as a Christian & doing nothing is not a option any longer.

  35. What a total mess this situation is in. These so called elected officials are supposedly representing us, the citizens of this wonderful country. If they don’t have anything positive to say,then say nothing. You are Americans and you should be governing accordingly. Forget your past life and live the dream life now that you are here in America. If not, then give it up and leave. We want positivity and not negativity. Or else you will be “MIT dem windt GEGANGEN”

  36. Let her speak. Freedom of speech is what our troops fought for. Is she a thorn in the Jews side? I hope so. Those Zionists deserve her.

    • Vern,
      What do you deserve?
      The Isralis are a asset and help America and other countries safer by catching many terriost attacks before they happen.Israel is also top in medicine tecnology agriculture and many other things.Google Israli inventions.If you don’t like my people then don’t use our inventions.Don’t use your GPS don’t use your cell phone because most of the programs come out of Israel.Don’t use our medicine generic meds come out of Israel.So many other things to mant to mention Again google Israli inventions.
      Now tell me what did those extreme terriosts give to this world only death and destruction to every country they go into.So Mr. Vern pack your bags we will send you a ticket to leave this country and join your terrorists omar rashida linda sour.We will throw these hateful unhumans out of our gov’t soon, we are working on it.

    • Vern, you are sick. Why do you hate Jews? Jesus is a Jew and the Jews are God’s chosen people. And God forbids your hate.


    • that is exactly what I said she is not legally here she lied about everything to get citizenship i say revoke it and deport her now.we can not let people lie their way into our country

      • She came here with her family when she was 9 years old, as refugees. I don’t like her any more than you do, but her lie was to get her “brother” into the country, not herself. She supposedly “married” him to get him here. She became a naturalized citizen when she was about 17 years old. I wish the authorities would revoke her citizenship and send her back to Somalia. She surely does NOT belong in our Congress.

      • Keep the past in the past! Maybe whites need money paid to us too. Nobody deserves any money! It wasnt in out time! So stop living the past! You are fools to think anybody deserves money for this history!

      • Yes, but they mostly came here the LEGAL way! Even the ones who came here legally were vetted for their health, their political leanings, etc. to make sure they were coming here for the right reasons, and not carrying deadly diseases.
        If it were you who had applied to come here, and had been waiting for permission to come and a bunch of people just barged in, uninvited, crossing our borders illegally, would you not be upset? If you had been waiting in line for hours,to get into one of the most popular artist’s concerts, had paid lots of money for the tickets, but a gang of teens broke into the line and just walked in, how would you like that? Even the legal immigrants don’t like the illegals just waltzing across the border and being given everything!


    • Bullies???? Really? This woman is the enemy of our country. She has no business being in our government. WAKE UP!!! The goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. Either you are muslim or you are extremely ignorant of what is going on

      • Bj,
        The olddog is to old to have a opinion.He knows nothing but talks just to hear himself.There is a crisis in our country where these extreme muslims are tring to take over our country.You have to be blind not to see this .Look at Europe look at Sweden look at Germany and many other countries.Why doesn’t Omar rasida linda sour help their own people who are abused in every way.Their woman are so abused that a male in their family can kill them even if they only suspect them of doing something wrong.They would be beheaded if they open their mouths to cause chaos in their so called countries.HELP YOUR OWN PEOPLE OMAR RASHIDA LINDA SOUR because soon you will be back there because we the people will throw you out of our country, not yours.

    • theolddog: Whatever story you are on, your comments are always rude and nasty.A typical Democrat. Why are you on these sites anyway? Just to try to make everyone else as miserable as you appear to be?Whatever the Republicans are fighting for, stopping abortions, not removing historical monuments and etc.You are right there being obnoxious . Calling us bullies and pansies.And for what? Defending that traitor Omar that hates our country and everything it stands for? If so, then maybe you should not live in this country either.You certainly don’t deserve to be here. Just like Omar.

    • Hey theolddog You are the one that needs help supporting crap like Omar is preaching. You need to accompany Omar back to her home country then lets hear you talk

    • Hey old dog youre an a/hole! Didnt yhey teach history when you went to school. Muslims have one end goal. Convert or die! Those who dont are kilked in the most barbaric esys, boiling babies in hot oil, beheadings, stoning etc. Sharia law supercedes any gov’t Their goal is to kill the infidel! There is a distinct conflict of interest with any Muslim who wants to run fir office. She should be sent back to Somalia and citizenship revoked for lying.she has criminal tax behavior, married a brother to get him into US and filed joint tax returns with ex. In Somalia she will be raped and then traded for a goat since women are considered property. I believe half of Muslim women cover bodies out of true modesty the other half have to cover black and blues from husband beating crap out of them for disobeying! Maybe we should just execute her for treason and then feed her body to pigs so she can never get into Muslim heaven. You probably dont care what happens to your kids or grandkids since you wont be around to live with it!!

  37. Gerrymandering her ass and throw her out. Only if we have the US flag loving Democrats on our side to remove her.

    Only in Minnesota … it’s a very liberal state.

  38. I do not know how this woman got this far. What we need yo do is get out and vote, I am talking about Christians get out and vote and a few prayers would not hurt.

    • Christians get out and vote and a few prayers would not hurt. Women in muslim countries talking like this woman would be punished maybe stoned.

  39. There were 6 times as many white saves as there were black slaves in America. The Betsy Ross Flag was a symbol of freedom from slavery from the British but had nothing to do with American slavery. Most of the black slaves were sold to slavers/mostly Muslims by other Africans. I wonder if Ilhan Omars’ ancestors were part of the slave trading. You just can’t undo history folks.

  40. Better be careful throwing rocks in a glass house !!! Omar it appears you have done very well from carrying a water jug on your head to the congress! Certainly not possible back in Black ruled Somalia

  41. Omar you have alot of learning to do when it comes to slavery or anything for that matter. She is a talk no thanks to the people who feed her what to say she’s not smart to know anything from right or wrong. Blacks were slaves then no thanks to her home country and is probably still treating them bad. It would be great people would turn a deaf ear when she and Cortez talk along with the other idiot in Michigan

  42. Although my ancestors were slaves in America being of Irish descent, I don’t believe black people in America should have to pay me because a black man started slavery in America. I can’t hold black people here today for what their ancestors did to mine. I forgive them. If you don’t know history then you are lost.

  43. Yo- Tashida, you sanctimonious sack of s***- why don’t you ask for reparations for the opression and enslavement of Muslim women over the past couple of millenia?

    • Dr Dave: Good point. I often wonder why people, who are anti slavery, have no problem with Moslems (old spelling) still engaged in slavery and the slave trade and were the ones capturing Africans and selling them into slavery, and not humanely. I wonder why feminists, who are insistent that women be treated with respect, and more, say nothing about Islam holding women as chattel, to be beaten at will by her husband and subject to honor killing, even for a small thing as behaving in a way that might taint the family’s reputation. I wonder why homosexuals are silent on the point that, under sharia law, the accusation of being homosexual can be a death sentence. Is asking for a little consistency in standards too much of a request ?

  44. Omar is an anti- American Muslim, an incestuous bigamist, and should be expelled from Congress. Pelosi cannot do her job or this would not be happening!

    • I agree that it is a distaste for the greatness of America and a spirit of jealousy but she does not bother me since I know we win as God is with us.. that is the God of this Nation, The Father, the completed love of His Son Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit is with America. I will pray for her as she needs prayers but will never give her or her Muslim Religion the power to take over America and change our love for our God.

    • Diana Talmadge: You are spot on with your comment. As others are as well.I would leave my own post but I’m really getting tired of these disgraceful representatives of our government getting any time to spew their lies and deceit.Does ANYONE really believe she cares about African Americans or any other nationality for that matter? She will say anything hoping to get a vote!

    • If the American taxpayers have to pay reperations then I want all of my tax money back that they have greedily taken and then get out of this country because they don’t appreciate it for what it has given them

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