Ilhan Omar just proved she’s a traitor with this one tweet

Ilhan Omar’s career has been rocked by a series of scandals surrounding her anti-Semitic comments.

But nothing compares to what she just did.

That’s because Ilhan Omar just proved she is a traitor with this one tweet.

Over the weekend, Hamas terrorists fired over 700 rockets from Gaza into Israel.

Terrorists claimed to have killed three Israelis and wounded dozens more.

Instead of condemning this horrible act of terror, Omar tweeted her support for Hamas and her solidarity with the terrorists.

Omar wrote, “How many more protesters must be shot, rockets must be fired, and little kids must be killed until the endless cycle of violence ends? The status quo of occupation and humanitarian crisis in Gaza is unsustainable. Only real justice can bring about security and lasting peace.”

Previously Omar has attacked Jews for using secret money to buy off the support of American politicians.

She has also questioned the allegiance of Jewish Americans saying they were loyal to Israel.

But now Omar is going so far as to voice support for a terrorist group firing hundreds of rockets into Israel and killing innocent civilians.

Hamas is not just the enemy of Israel.

They are also the enemy of the United States.

Omar casting her lot with them is a national scandal on multiple levels.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. “Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member”

  2. “Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member”
    (Article II Section 5; Constitution of United States.)

  3. What do you mean you will keep us posted she Omar the Pig needs to be booted out of Congress ASAP she is a traitor when she sits there and says that hamas and the terrorists are doing the right thing and she is for them time for you to go c%*t what is our president and the Republicans going to do about this it’s time to make a decision don’t you think and boot the b**** out I’m tired of hearing these non americans talk of so much hate for this country get the hell out then.

    • She is only the beginning of the take over of the Islam and Sharia Law!11 She is a terrorist and in the election of 2020 we will have the second round and the end of the battle. They have already got their own police one the street in some towns that they are the majority so that they can do what they want and the Americans can do nothing. Obama had Pelosi, schumer and a few more slip through the illimation banning Muslim and Sharia Law in 1998. So no we are stuck unless we load them up and out of here now.

  4. Clearly Omar does not belong in America, much less DC, every time she opens her mouth, she shows everyone, that she hates Jews,& Christians. She needs to go, where the people feel the same as she does, out of America, the sooner the better. God Bless America, God Bless President Trump, & God Bless us All.

  5. Hey Batty Poop go back to worshiping your idol Hellary Clinochio and sit in her face telling her to lie to you.

  6. If anyone is interested, there’s a website with a petition to impeach Omar. Just punch in the words “impeach Omar” I signed it yesterday.

    • Impeach the whole anti-American democrats andrid the medias, I bet Ron and Ran Paul could make a list of all those corrupt politicians. If only the public did not have blind patriotism to stand against corrupt politicians and the other false mindset that any other party vote is wasted besides the current 2 party system of the corrupt rhinos and especially the anti-American democrats and their tool for their anti-American agendas the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES. The medias help create and stir civil unrest and racism by stirring up false racism, all for ratings and profits and to manipulate those that are the dumbed down blind mass called snowflakes! The good people of Iceland got rid of their government’s corruption by surrounding the castle and drug out all those corrupt politicians and made citizens arrest and before that as a symbol of gesture put them in a dumpster before the citizens arrest! The anti-American rhinos, democrats and medias are the party and people of HATE and division of America and you Americans! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

      • Gary, do we have enough dumpsters to get the job done? Whether we do or not, you’re right, their removal is long overdue.

    • I want to sign need her imported and all the non Americans that allowed her to have the job in the first place

  7. Muslims have no regard for America. It is just a place they seek to conquer and incorporate their evil doctrine over. It is time to send this P.O.S. and all other Muslims packing. None of them belong in a civilized nation.

  8. This proves that Omar is evil, a traitor and a lesbian! She has threesomes with her pro-terrorist lovers, Rashida Tlaib and Linda “The Lesbo” Sarsour! Congress needs to expel this lesbian pro-terrorist traitor and we then try (and convict) her for treason!

  9. There’s nothing in Iihan Omar’s tweet that shows she supports terrorists or proves treason. However, there are hundreds of the tweets of CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump that clearly proves what an Oval Office INSANE IDIOT & LYING LUNATIC He is!

    • @Betty , Thank You for your post , You have made it clear that You are a Deranged ,Delusional ,Anti American Disease Brained Liberal Lefty Lunatic and have allied yourself with the Communist Party formerly known as The Demonic Rats and their Radical Racist Fascist Muslim Jihadi`s which are the Domestic Enemy of The Constitution and The United States of America , I can only hope that the rest of the Useful Idiots of the Left can be as dumb as You to voluntarily Identify yourself as the Friend and Ally of the Domestic Enemy of the United States , Remember this when it comes down to it ,Our side has over 8 billion bullets , Your side is confused about which bathroom to use

    • Leftist psychosis is such a debilitating disease marked by extreme delusional disorder and it’s sad to see so many people suffering from this spiritual infirmity these days!

    • The words she used “MUST BE” and she should of said don’t have to be. MUST BE shot sounds pretty compelling to me.

    • Unfortunately she praises CARE and Muslim Brotherhood, both were on the terrorist watch list until Obama Administration had them removed. They both proclaim anti- Israel and anti- american sentiments even calling for the destruction of Israel and the USA. BTW, She and all the democrats have broken their oath of office and should be removed. Omar lied during her oath and during her citizenship oath. She not only should be removed from her position, but also from the USA. Unfortunately there are too many democrats that feel they would be considered anti-muslim or anti-colored if they did not vote for her.

  10. Ilhan Omar, is a gift that Obama left America. She and her associates would see each and every American Christian & Jew with their neck slit. She is a poor example of any religion and since there is a separation of Church and State under our constitution she is should not be allowed to stay in Congress as she can’t serve both.

  11. Revoke her citizenship and send her back, not to Kenya but Somalia. She needs practice at dodging drones.

  12. Why has she not already been impeached and removed from Congress? All those who support her, or fail to demand her immediate removal are as guilty as she is and should also be removed from office.

  13. I sincerely hope the the people of her “constituency” realize the light that her “representation” paints them in.If they still support her, then that area needs to be under EXTREME scrutiny of the Depts. of Justice AND Homeland Security. If they they have thought better of their choice of representation, they need to actively and vocally recall her.

  14. People are so stupid. Well demoncRats are not people they aren’t even human. Who in their “right mind” would vote for this American hating, Israel hating piece of dung. She is being sponsored by soros, pelosi Obama you get the picture? They hate President Trump so until they will cut their fricken nose off to spite their wicked face. God will not be mocked. Watch out rag head. What dumb azz voter’s voted for her. I pray that live to regret & recognize their error. The dems won’t even reprimand her. All because they Hate President Trump. Hate is destructive. But we must consider the source.

    • Hate will not win. She is a rag head and a trator to this great nation. All the demogogs took the same oath that I took in 1964 was true to it for 30 years. Master gunny. Semper fi

  15. muslims in the United States, those that adhere to the teachings of the koran, are, by definition, traitors!!!

  16. America was always a mixing pot- people from all over came here and blended into our language & culture, perhaps adding some of theirs to ours. But, these people have no desire or intention to blend in- they want us to change to accommodate them, when many of their ways & beliefs are directly opposed to our culture, values, and our constitution.
    Jesus & Lincoln both said, “A house divide, can not stand!”
    As the folks from Yugoslavia how well a country does with many different languages & cultures!

  17. She needs to have her citizenship revoked and sent back to Somolia. Anyone who hates America needs to leave as of yesterday.

  18. Muslims will fight to have sharia law in USA. We need to fight back before they control our country. I am sure the Democrats would be happy to obey sharia law.

  19. oh, for the ghost of E E Hale and his American Story of “the man wihout a country”.
    we need a 21stC sequel to that famous Civics Story of former times.

  20. She absolutely must be removed from Congress AND deported, along with her family. She is nothing but a troublemaker with no vision of working together with American ideals. She must be punished.

    • her whole constituency should be deported too. They are all MUDSLIMES and a great number of them are terrorist, as shown by FBI reports

    • Amen! She has absolutely no business being in a position to learn information, she can use against America. She is an anti american traitor.

    • Wait! Before deporting this pig and her Muslim sister Rashid, we, as a nation of laws, that they both seem to ignore should be tried for TREASON and then we deport their ASS AND BAN THEM FOREVER FROM EVER STEPPING FOOT INTO OUR COUNTRY EVER AGAIN.


  21. Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member.

    Let’s get to it!!!

    • But…She is a Democrap and they would NEVER make one of their own keep within the law. The just want her to help ruin Congress and the U.S.A. She wants us to be like Iran, or another Muslim country.

  22. “Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member.”

    Let’s get to it!!!

  23. Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member

    • Yes and No, this is what we get when we let people in that don’t assimilate and become AMERICANS. It is going to get worse 95% of those that are coming here illegally across our southern border have no intention of becoming Americans.

      • They should never be allowed across the border in the first place keep hem on their side of the border until fully vetted period. Asylum is not n option until vetted.

    • Absolutely! This woman is no American and never intended to be. She has been indoctrinated fully to believe in Islams Koran, especially Sharia law which opposes everything we believe in (US Constitution is the basis of our laws). She (and most Muslims) should be deported ASAP. Islam is not a religion and has no protections under our constitution.

    • You haven’t seen anything yet….just wait, when these Muslims start rape women on the streets, set cars on fire, houses on fire, physically take over communities and cities, so no one but them can travel in or through those communities or cities, without being beaten or killed. Our tax dollars being used to support “Muslim Only” schools so their little terrorist brats can be trained and taught to hate people in this country and how to more effectively to better kill us and take over even more of our country. If any of this offends you, then you really have no clue as to what is taking place in this country….do nothing, then wait and see

      • The muslim have already taken over Dearbornistan, Michigan. Sharia law is illegal by our laws. Those that go by the koran don’t believe in religion,they believe in a cult.

      • Robert, I would very much like to know where these muslim only schools are. Will you please tell me? I would like to believe that, unlike Germany and the UK, if things got to the point that you have described our government would step in. Depending on how things go politically, that may or may not happen. What I can tell you that if things got that bad, with an inactive government, veterans and patriot gun owners, like myself, would be more than happy to resolve any such problems.

    • Hey, ed. Like we found enough people in the last presidential election to vote both a WORM & a WHORE into the White House.

      • Betty, One of those people that the Dems dug up to vote for Clinton was my father. I don’t know how they got him there. He was dead and six feet under. I wonder how many it took to dig him up. My family had to prove that he was dead before 2016. He was still registered to vote and had cast a vote in 2016 for Clinton. Thankfully we live in a Red State. Don’t hand me your lies. I know better.

      • Hey Betty, are you in the White House? You mentioned whore in the White House, figured you must be talking about yourself. The Kenyan worm already left. You need to keep up. No worms and no whores… Unless you’re there.

  24. Omar asks the rhetorical question and a wise person once said: The deaths of Palestinian children will stop when Palestinians love their children more than they hate Israel and Jews.

    • You are a fool of the Nth magnitude, they show absolute love 💕 to their children by training them to make bombs 💣 and strapping explosive vests to them so they can die as martyrs!!

  25. If all Americans that have any form of “Progressive” insurance would cancel the policies they pay him for now it would hit him where it hurts the most, his pocket book. All the commiedems need to be burned at the stake on the white house lawn so we can throw a party around the bonfire.


    • Sorry bulldawg. EPA said a napalm barbecue is out. Too much hazardous waste from burning vipers and rats would pollute the air for hundreds of miles. The stench of all that burning DNC carrion would draw pests like Omar, Tlaib and Cortez.

      • Hey Mary, I never said anything about napalm but rather a good old bonfire with wood with the commie dems tied to tne stake so to speak. Then we can do a good old fashioned Pow Wow American Indian style with dancing and chanting. We need ti hit Soros in his pocket book by putting progressive insurance out of business. If you have any insurance with progressive you are in essence supporting the commies Soros agenda with cash. Please cancel all policies immediately if you value your freedom.

        • buldawg, I cancelled mine years ago. I’m glad I did. Think about it. Progressive Insurance. Progressive Democrats. Both are rotten to the core.

  26. Omar the Raghead strikes once again , with her lack of Common Sense and hate for Jews and Americans . Omar I can smell your stinking Raghead butt , all the way from DC to Arizona , now do us all a favor , take a shower you camel sucker , then hit the road back to Sandland , to that pile of camel crap you crawled out from underneath !!

      • Maninthehills has survived for too long by drinking his own urine! According to the way your worm eaten brain works, if a terrorist organization fired hundreds of missles into the U.S. it would be just fine with you. I can only wish that I’m around when a twelve year old girl kicks your dumb ass. If it is your stand that the aggressive action taken by Hamas was justified, to.MURDER innocent civilians and cause terror and destruction without cause, then you aren’t much of a man. And by the way, pull your head out of your ass. Israel gave up all rights to the Gaza Strip in 1993. That wasn’t good enough for the P.L.O. or Hamas. Then Palestine wanted the Golan Heights too. People like Omar and Tlaib are Muslim and will not be happy until every Jew is dead and they can drop their diapers and shit on the soil of Israel. That is the side you have chosen to support.

    • So, once again, criticism of the “holy” state of israel, which is NOT part of the USA, is TREASON?

      if anything, such a foolish statement MAKES HER QUESTIONS more valid and justified.

    • Ricky Caldwell
      Thank you for your service and protecting our nation. Those who have served in the middle east in particular Marines and infantry know the truth. There can be no peaceful coexistence with Islam. The tenants of that cult make it clear they will never rest until the entire world is Muslim and governess by sharia law. The evidence provided in the recent video of teaching hate to children and radicalizing them to kill, behead and emulate Muslim suicide bombers or acts of terror to gain paradise is as telling as it is sickening to watch. This was not an isolated incident. There have been reports of these activities in mosques all around the nation. This video evidence just corroborates the reports. So yeah Ricky, if people would just stand up and say they are proud to be Americans first and their ethnicity second, that is the way our country is SUPPOSED to be. The Democrats have done everything possible to drive our citizens further apart and we need SOLIDARITY in the face of this Muslim invasion.

  27. Read up on the Minnesota US Rep 5th District and you will see why she was elected to that position. She followed Keith Ellison who used to hold the position if that says anything. The District is 67% White and 60% or more always vote Baby Killing Party. She will not be voted out next year if she burned down the State Capital. When you get that large of a percentage of trash in the same spot you get this scum like her that rises to the top of the cesspool/swamp. Somebody needs to bring up Black Hawk Down to really see if she is an American. There is no such thing as American Somali. That’s the problem with our country. African American, Cuban American. Your either American or not. She is a Muslim and the closest I ever got to a good Muslim was in Afghanistan on Route Viper 10K North of FOB Koushmond and he was on the receiving end of a single 5.56 round. All of the others that received some of my 240B/7.62 rounds were too far away but they couldn’t have been good Muslims. What we have in America is an identity crisis. Who are we? Are we who our immigrant ancestors were the same as every other damn country in the world or are all of our citizens Americans? You can’t be both! If you have ever been around many people from Minnesota you would understand why she was elected.

    • Omar is Minnesota’s cream of the crap. She is corrupt fruit produced by corrupt vegetation–the weed field of that State.
      She is a traitor by Constitutional definition.

    • Omar is Minnesota’s cream of the crap. She is corrupt fruit produced by corrupt vegetation–the weed field of that State.
      She is a traitor by Constitutional definition. I’m told this has already been posted. ??? Is there a plagiarizer somewhere associated with this site? I’ve posted this ONLY ONE TIME.

    • Blackhawk Down was already brought up. I believe Crenshaw was involved in this Twitter thread. Omar accused him of being part of what she called a murderous U.S. effort to effect a regime change in Somalia. She’s a treasonous rag head for sure.

  28. Perhaps Omar, the 2-bit alley tramp doesn’t know what we Americans are really like. We like to be left alone, but to paraphrase her, some of us can do some things.

    Some of the Jewish Americans she hates designed the hydrogen bomb for us. Omar hates Israel, too, but European Jews had to go someplace after what the murdering Nazi bastards did. They also had to flee the rest of the Middle-East after 1948. Two suitcases per family.

    Since I am an agnostic Celt, your mileage may vary.

    • It seems that one very important fact has been left out this conversation and, for that matter, most conversations involving Israel and who owns what. That fact is that God gave the land to Israel long before there was a Hammas or PLO etc. God also took the land away from Israel and, using the British and the UN, gave it back to them in 1948. It was theirs(Israel) and they have every right to fight for and protect what is theirs.

      For the record, I am not a Jew, I am a Christian. I hold no animas toward the Jews for anything they have done including the crucifixion of Christ(my Lord and Savior forgave them and I do not question anything my Lord and Savior did or said)

    • Michael, In one of my posts, I can’t remember which one, I said that I would call her a 2bit alley tramp but I didn’t want to insult the 2bit alley tramps. I see we think alike.

  29. “Omar just proved she is traitor….” ? O-O My God, she is always was a traitor from the first day as an every democrapic member in this Anti-American congress.

  30. Her citizenship should be revoked. And Pelosi should be removed as the speaker for putting on Her on the Foreign Affairs and Global Human Rights and International Organizations Committees. The last is very much like the fox in the hen house. Maybe we can catch her sending information to terrorist organizations and arrest her for treason.

  31. I certainly hope she gets outed sooner rather than later….. I love my country and have no love for those who preach what she is preaching….

  32. Her crap needs to stop and she needs to be prosecuted. Better yet throw her out of the country now. She is a terrorist!

  33. I am just waiting for aoc and talib to support olhan. Even as the enemy is at the gate! This makes the Democratic party not the great American’s people party it once was!

  34. omar has become a liability not only to the Dem, but to our country in general.She should be dealt with seriously . i hope it will be done soon. She has no place in our government.

  35. Omar is the enemy within and should be removed from office immediately for acts of treason!
    She is currently under investigation for campaign money fraud, voter fraud, citizenship irregularities and fraud, etc. hopefully the justice dept does their job! She is definitely a front
    for the progressive communists/Soros, running the democrat party ! Why was she allowed to be sworn in on a Koran?? And lest we forget, Billy Clinton started accepting Somalian refugees in the 90s. Look how well that turned out! Wake up America before it’s too late!
    Trump 2020 our only hope!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Protect America’s soverignity !🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


      • Joan
        Chelsea Clinton is married to Mark Medvinsky, no relation to Soros,
        Her father in law however, was in jail for financial Ponzi scheme frauds!
        Soros has owned Obama since he was a first term senator in Illinois and has
        controlled him to this day, along with Valerie Jarrett, who currently lives with the
        Obamas in Washington and still orchestrates their every move! Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran! Obama’s political PAC is run by Jarrett as well. They all belong to the CPUSA-
        Communist party USA has a website too. Soros’ son visited the obama White House almost 50 times while he was in office – its public record! Soros still controls Obama and his group to this day. He has huge influence in the liberal progressive communist democrat party! Why Soros is not tried for treason and sedition is beyond me! Soros also
        donated money to criminal Hillary and almost every democrat running today!
        He is the true definition of a traitor. Soros and his father also had ties to Hitler before and during WWII. Soros is banned from many European countries , i.e. England and Hungary!
        Soros is the definition of evil!
        God bless and save America from their madness!
        Trump 2020. Our only hope!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Omar is only a tiny piece of the enemy within. It goes much deeper than her. She’s like the tip of the iceberg, and America is the ill-fated ocean liner.

    • Sworn in by the Koran and American flag….no wonder this country is in a mess! Let’s all have a bit of fun and try the reverse in a Muslim country.(Joke)

  36. If the men get 72, or whatever number, of virgins in death, what do the women get?
    The answer is nothing.
    It makes you wonder why she continues to support the idiocy?
    This is proof that they will never assimilate to western beliefs and culture.
    Why is she, and the other anti-semetic, still in congress?

    • Roger that! The Scum in the Devil worshiping Party, are in need of expulsion ASAP! These Traitors need to HANG, not control America!

      • well said Al !! keep after it!!!! GITMO needs a few bad women to take the place of those he let go and then delivers pallets of cash to slime bags!!

    • Along about the year, 750, Who, what are the Jews? The Khazar Conversion.

      The Jews are not an organic people. By that I mean that this is not a people, not an ethnic group that occurred naturally in history. Jews, Ashkenazim Jews have no peasant, no artisan class of people.

      Who grew their food? Who built their houses?

      Ashkenazim Jews, on the average, test one standard deviation higher on the IQ scale than the average Gentile. Jews on the average are more driven and ambitious than the average Gentile.

      There is no other people so driven and so intellectually gifted as this people. How did this come to be?

      Around or about the year 750, in a country located in the South of present day Russia, the land of Khazaria, the King pondered the state of his realm and came to the conclusion that his country should adopt one of the ascendant monotheistic religions.

      There is a story that the King called on the representatives of the great religions to advise him on the matter. After due consideration, he decided that the land of Khazar would adopt or convert to Judaism. It would seem that every religion has its own hook, it’s own quirk that attracts converts. With Judaism, you are one of Gods own chosen people. It can’t get much better than that.

      When I first looked into this matter, some twenty or so years ago, seeking a reliable source, I went to Chabad dot org. This isn’t new or hidden information. But it is information that the Jews do not want their X-tian acolytes to be familiar with. Lest those now, obsequiously obeisant to Judah begin to question the right of the Jews to reign supreme and be the explicator of all things Judeo Christian.

      There I found reference to a document that stated that there had been a conversion of the noblemen of Khazaria to Judaism. It was stated that the number of converts was 4,000 and that many Rabbis were called on to do the conversion.

      But, alas, it became apparent that not everyone could be converted to Judaism for the holy Judaic texts were complex and extensive. Only the literate and numerate could acquire the knowledge to become competent in the theology of Judaism.

      From there it became apparent that, in as much as only the nobility of the country were literate and numerate, that it would be the nobility of the country that would convert to Judaism.

      And so it was. It is recorded that some 4000 of the noblemen, the ruling class of Khazar converted to Judaism. Hundreds of Rabbis were brought in to do the conversions.

      If each of those noblemen was in fact a family of five, now we have a conversion group of 20,000. If two hundred Rabbi’s were called in to do the conversion, and each Rabbi had a wife and three children, that is an admix of one thousand intellectually gifted people.

      As the Rabbi’s were the most highly educated and gifted of the society from whence they came, they too constituted a group of people artificially selected for intelligence and in the case of Rabbis, charisma.

      Ashkenazim Jews today point to common genetic markers as proof of the common heritage of the two peoples. Likely most of the Rabbis called on to do the conversions and their families melded into this new group of converts. Likely this melding together of the Middle Eastern Jewish descendants of biblical Israelis and the Khazar converts was sufficient to place common genetic markers between these two formerly separate groups of peoples.

      Now, at this point it is requisite that we apply some common sense assessment of just what this constituted, and how it would have redounded and manifestly how that has played out over the intervening centuries.

      This selecting of the elite, of the educated and successful of this society, constituted an artificial selection of the most intelligent and of the most driven or ambitious people of this society.

      The importation of Rabbis also constituted an artificial selection of a most intellectual and charismatic genetic admix into the newly Jewish group of people.

      We can now presume that under the, can I say, caustic chauvinism and the ancient deranged racist dogma of Judaism, Gods own chosen people, that this select group of people was knit over the subsequent decades and centuries into a virtual and extraordinary ethnic group.

      • You have really spent a good bit of time looking for information, which you have obviously found. I would invite you to seek Truth, Who will dramatically change your life for the better, instead of useless misinformation

  37. WE the PEOPLE really don’t need any more “updates” on this little HATEFUL antiAMERICAN TRAITOR…!! We already know who she is..!! She HATES the USA and she HATES Americans…!! She should go back to Somalia where she, obviously, would be a lot happier than she is in the United States of America..!!

    That said, I think there is a lot more to this sinister, poor excuse for a woman that needs to be investigated..!! WHO is behind her….?? WHY are they supporting her..?? How much money is see receiving from jihadists, muslims, America haters and who are they…..!!!! INVESTIGATE…!!!

    • Remember WHO she allies herself with. Nancy Pelosi, CAIR and Chuck Schumer…et al are ALL traitors! In serious need of a short trip at the end of a piece of Hemp!


      • I agree with whst you stated and lt need s happen now not later. SEMPER FI USMC RETIRED

    • Hey, yeah Cowgirl, she is beautiful isn’t she. But what matters is that she is intellectually gifted and has a will of steel. She can’t be shutdown by schoolyard barbs and name calling. Praise the Lord for cowgirls, beautiful women and men who appreciate them. God bless you girl and you too Ilhan.

      • Intellectually gifted my proud white Caucasian ass. Will of steel – BULL$HIT. There are things that can and will shut down this mudslime, raghead, ugly chunk of hog lard. Burning all the mudslime savages with napalm comes to mind. Dismembering and feeding them to wild hogs is also an attractive option. Camel humpers should never have been allowed in our country…PERIOD!

          • Your welcome a$$hole, and you’ve proven my point. Anyone that would defend a stinking raghead muslim deserves death, as do all muslims. Anyone that would come to the defense of a murdering Satanic muslim is not human, as they are the enemy of all true humanity. Anyone that would make excuses for muslims’ murdering innocent humans in the name of their demonic god is certainly not intellectually mature or intelligent for that matter, so there ya go Dog Turd. By the way, I’m not politically correct and never will be… My 1st amendment right.

      • BitinDawg, She has a will of steel and a sword made of steel that she wants to cut your head off with. Is that what you want?

        • Linda H, Dawg turd is one of them. He has no fear of them. In fact, he hopes the nasty raghead bitch will be one of his 72 bitches when he goes to camel crap heaven. I hope he gets to go soon. Satan wants all of them he can get.


    I dunno… Have NEVER seen any… Have ANY OF YOU??


    THAT would, certainly, help (A WHOLE-DAMNED-LOT!) to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”



    • Please William, I know how upset you are about this CREATURE, but try not to insult trash!! Trash of ANY type should consider the comparison a grievous insult!! She would have to bring herself up many, MANT levels to come close to trash, but will ALWAYS be underneath trash. Send her and her disgusting constituents back to Somalia and FAST!! All serious now…..they’ve made it quite clear, Muslim or death. What in the name of reality don’t people understand?? They want to control the world and everyone in it and it is not like it is a secret, they’ve said as much, quite directly, over and over and over again without anyone concern or forethought.

      WAKE UP WORLD. The crusades were fought for a reason. Muslims were raping, pillaging, murderer and any other abhorrent act they could get away with when the crusades took place to push them back. Are we really so freakin’ stupid o think they’ve changed?? They have told us in both word and deed, that they have not!!

      WAKE UP before you cannot!!!

      • You’re absolutely, 100% correct, “PJ” – PLEASE ACCEPT MY HUMBLE APOLOGIES…


        I wanna’ say – TO YOU ALL! – that I am so, SO sorry…


        Now, PLEASE, “PJ”… Do NOT tell me That I need to “apologise” to “SCUM-SUCKING HEATHENS” everywhere… (I can only handle one “refuse-group” at a time!) – Okay?

        Thanks, Pal!



        • Bill, Omar is so low she would have to stand at the top of a 200ft. ladder and stretch as far as she can to scratch a snake in the belly.

  39. Omar can not help she was born without a brain. If she has one it is like having a B-B on a four lane highway. Very insignificantly small.

    • Art, Honey, if you rolled Omar’s brain down the thin edge of a razerblade it would look like a B-B rolling down a six lane highway.

  40. The government needs to deport that bitch back to Somalia. I see the Omar, let’s bitch about America and let’s get all the freebees we can, attitude regularly, in the Somalian community when I work cases there. It will never change until we have some very strict vetting of all immigrants into this country. That is not being racist, or anti-Muslim, that is being realistic. If you come to this country and get all the freebees, given to the Somalian community, by Federal, State and Local Governments and then want to bitch and say how bad we or our allies are, then it is time for you to go. I am a firm believer, if you, as an illegal, or non-citizen, don’t like it here, pack your ass back to where you came from. Guarantee you, nobody will miss you. God Bless America.

  41. Trump is the worst traitor ever in this country, he is all about greed, lust for money, sex and feeding his gut and ego.

    • Joe The Dumber! You have to a dumb abhorrent plumber with a brain pan as a septic cesspool for all the crap that comes from the Leftist a$$holes in America!

    • “Joe the Plumber”:


      (BTW: The two, “best” letters in your name to describe you are: “J [&] O” – DEAL WITH IT!)



    • Joe the plumber –
      That must be why Pres Trump donates his entire presidential salary to charity, why he pays for luncheons for sports teams himself, why he pays for lunches when he visits disaster sites,
      And lunches at army bases, etc etc. and personally helps many military families!
      Do some research before you make a fool of yourself again.
      Joe, you need help with your TDS!
      Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Joe you must be a obama hillery dumb ass demogogs nut case. Trump 2020 all the way. SEMPER FI USMC RETIRED

      • Master Gunny Sgt – USMC
        Thank you for your service sir!
        America appreciates it very much!
        God bless you and yoir family!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
        Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Wrong, Joe the Plumber just gave one of the most accurate & truthful descriptions of d. trump, that Walking,Talking Pile Of Sick Minded CRAP I have read.

  42. Omar is a Democrat and nothing will be done. It would be nice to hear from the Republicans though.

  43. I already KNEW she was a traitor!! Doesn’t take a rocket scientist, to figure that one out!! ALL MUSLIMS, DO NOT BELONG IN CONGRESS!!! Muslims and the constitution, do not go hand in hand!!!


    • Amd you know what Randal? She, like all the others will go totally unpunished! GUARANTEED ! Right as we speak – I’m a Vietnam vet and on blood thinners. I have to be monitored every two weeks. The muzslimes are buying up every major medical facility they can get their hands on. They ARE ALREADY in our VA. The Lake Baldwin clinic I go to here in Orlando is festered with muzslimes. If they can’t kill us one way, they’ll do it another. GOD HELP AMERICA !! 😒😥😗

      • Michael, Thank you for your service. I have two brothers and my late husband all Vietnam Vets. You deserve better than you are getting. God has plans for America. He wouldn’t have given us President Trump if he didn’t. Hang in there and keep praying. God Bless You.

    • Get her the hell out asap who ever even allowed her in that position needs to be booted out she is getting info to pass on wake up america before its to damn late

    • This RAGHEAD should be returned to her homeland! She does’n belongs here! She will does harm to herself and others in the fullness of TIME! “Satan, be GONE!”

    • Remember when “some people did something”.???
      Well, it was HER PEOPLE that did the horrible deed!
      And now, she sits in OUR CONGRESS??
      Somebody pinch me. I must be having a nightmare.

    • Hey, captTurbo, the word is spelled Bitch, not Bitch. Your spelling is so typical of Another Typical republican Retarded Asshole Kisser of that Oval Office Blond Haired Orangutan Ape, that PISS-ASS PIG who thinks with his his Penis instead of his Brain, that is If he has a brain, period?

      • He’s got a hell of a lot more brains than you, Betty Bunghole. He’s a billionaire; are you a billionaire? No, you’re just a deranged libretard moron with an extreme case of Trump derangement syndrome. By the way dumb bitch, you spelled bitch the same way twice… Now who’s the dumb bytch, LMAO?!

  44. It’s amazing to me that our “government” continues to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the evil mudslimes and demonRATS that are tearing our nation apart. I’m all for putting the whole lot of them in Death Valley and dropping millions of napalm bombs on them. Great practice for our Air Force pilots and we get rid of all the nasty vermin infesting our country too. WIN-WIN!


      • Find a good militia and join it. Arm yourself as best you can and train with them as often as you can. Many of us have done this and many more are joining all the time. It looks like Civil War II is unavoidable at this point. Never compromise with the demonRATS or ANY faction of the out of control “government”. Never give up ANY of your Constitutional and God given RIGHTS. Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

        • Mark Hopkins, The only way I will get on my knees in front of them is when I kneel down to loose my head for my God. Otherwise God is the only one I kneel to.

          • That’s the way to be Linda. If we don’t fight back we’ll no longer be citizens, we’ll be “subjects”, actually slaves to a totalitarian/communist group of RULERS. The United States will be effectively dead. We are the last bastion of relative freedom in the world. If America dies only the “elite” will live in comfort and freedom, the rest of us will be peasants and slaves, expendable and inconsequential.


  46. She’s starting to show her true Islamic rhetoric! And she talks like she’s over in a Muslim country promoting what she really believe’s. Not USA belief’s. Anyone say traitor!

  47. This Virulently Racist Radical Anti American Fascist Muslim Jihadi from Somalia needs to be deported back to Somalia along with Her Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas allies and Family

    • NOT DEPORTED, but Arrested, Tried and if found guilty of Treason She must receive the penalty of those who commit Treason.

      Time to cut the B.S. talk and take action. If you don’t stand for Something then you stand for Nothing. Congress right now STANDS FOR NOTHING.

      Richard Lewis

  48. You go go girl. Antisemitism has morphed into a moral stance against the outrages of Zionism. Gazan’s are not terrorists, they are freedom fighters. And all mankind accord the oppressed, the right to resist their oppressors by any and all means available to them. The IDF is the most cowardly and immoral army in the world. They turn their guns on unarmed men and women and children.

    • BitinDawg, You can’t be serious. This is sarcasm, right? No one can be so out of touch and stupid as to actually believe what you just wrote, both above and below. That is unless you are also a traitorous Muslim who believes the Koran is a better law and philosophy than the US constitution. If that IS the case, please join her either in JAIL, or on the flight back to the middle east and live in a Muslim $hithole country where Sharia is the law. Religion of peace? my A$$. There will be NO Caliphate in this country. Become an real American, or leave.

  49. Omar’s words sting the conscience. But the only reason Jews still exist in significant numbers is because Republicans were over-ridden when they didn’t want to get involved in World War 2.

    • But for the Jews, America would never have entered WWI. No WWI, no WWII. No WWII, no holocaust. No holocaust, no Israel. No Israel, no Iraq war 1. No Iraq war 1, no 9/11. No 9/11, no Iraq war II. No Israel, no Iraq war II, no war against Iran. Praise the Lord and let peace ring out over all of the land.

  50. Kill’em all let their pig good allad sort them out…..Oh wait a minute he would be able too wouldn’t be anyTHING TO SORT OUT BUT ASHES!!! But that’s just my opinion and advice

  51. Somalians are never Pro-American. They’re here for one reason only, and that is to overthrow the USA Constitution and Government.

    • Somalians were the Pirates on the open seas, and still are. They don’t do anything worthwhile but Kill and Steal kill and steal. They don’t know what work is because the Quran states that Moslims are Superior over all others. So their jobs are to kill the Infidels and take everything their families can take. Men women and Children Infidels are what they deal with for work, just plain old slave trading, and they still are taking African Villages for slaves and burn and kill the rest.

  52. Well, we can thank the right, honorable Barrack O. for dropping 100,000 Somalians into
    Minnesota who got this treasonous fifth-columnist into our US House. Utterly disgraceful. And, of course our fake-news, progressive media just plays right along.

  53. Democrats want terrorists in Congress because democrats don’t give a shit about America to them it’s all about stealing elections they are the lowest form of life and these fools who support democrats should take their heads out of their ass and see what’s really going on….Semper Fi

    • @Ralph , CORRECT !! Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth , Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of Politician = General George S. Patton

    • Semper Fi, Ralph; You are absolutely correct. The Dem party has been hijacked by communists and jihadists,. beginning with Barack Obama/Barry Soreto This coming Presidential Election in 2020 will be the last time we will have to save this country

  54. We should be circulating a petition to have Omar Impeached for her antisemitism, as well as her anti-American statements. She is 100% with Jihadists, and should be removed from office. She is a traitor and a terrorist sympathizer wolf. She’s 100% with the ideal of Caliphate.

    • There are lots of petitions out there to have her removed. But I don’t have a clue where they are or what’s being done about it?

      • Not until another terrorists attacks happens in our country will these treasonous traitor democrats want protection from the United States military for them and their families which they should not get along with this Moslem terrorists it’s coming and hopefully soon to them. This woman is dangerous and is plotting not against Israel but also the United States and it’s American civilization this worthless Moslem needs to be impeached asap and banned from the United States along with her entire family and moselum association now what is wrong with the democrats don’t they know this Moslem terrorists is setting up America.

    • No, I humbly disagree, “Vickie”…

      To be “a traitor”, FIRST… ONE HAS TO BE AN AMERICAN – There’s been NO “assimilation” here… NONE, WHATSOEVER!

      I think – BECAUSE OF THE IMMIGRATION FRAUD COMMITTED – I’d label this one as an:


      (Yes… I know, I know… It’s longer & more complicated than “a traitor” – BUT, IT’S ALSO 100% TRUE & CORRECT!)



  55. How much hatred are you people going to take. She is a ratical. Plain an simple.She is doing this as to pave the way for the New world order. The Demorats are behind all of it. None are Christains, they are supporting her an her kind.

  56. Where is the outrage from republicans and democrats
    Unbelievable no one is saying anything about this POS Omar grow some balls republicans get off your knees come out from under your desk this physcho is running congress you have 3 known terrorists in congress only in America stay strong mr president

  57. Anything to create havoc as the teachings of her Koran she follows.
    It’s a disgrace the Democraps continue to Foster hate corruption treason fraud high cr I mes against Americans and God’s chosen people of Israel our Allies.
    God Almighty will not allow the evil to take the land he gave his chosen people again.
    Very dangerous games the evil corrupt play.
    MAGA 2020 and beyond!
    God Almighty in all his Glory forever!!!!!

      • Unfortunately, the Minneapolis metro area has more than its share of Somalians who are recruited to go back and fight this Muslim war against Christians back in the Middle East. There is an abundance of them here in Minnesota who actually voted for her!!

        • Deb, That’s because Obummer brought them in by the plane load. There are pictures and videos of “converted” cargo planes arriving and on the tarmac, buses pulled up to the rear ramp, hundreds of Muslims, Somali’s, Syrians, etc. poured off the planes, onto the buses, and were transported to enclaves around the country. Obummer set them up with a “fast track” to citizenship, so they’d be able to vote in 2-4 years. Concentrate them enough and they become a voting majority for that area. Michigan has areas like that too. They even had a parade, (photos all over the internet) with ISIS flags flying from every car and truck in the “procession”. This was that Muslim slime’s plan. He had no less than 26 Muslims in cabinet and government positions, as did “HITLER-Y”. This is the Muslim/DemonRat plan to convert this country to Islam, and make it the most powerful country in the Caliphate. Once they control congress and our military, the world is doomed. Look at all the “muslim communities”. They have 2-4 circling around, within 15 miles, of most military baseson the two coasts. Once that is complete, they add the heartland, which is our food. Then we’re doomed. Check it out. The Muslim practice of lie, cheat steal, while growing their numbers by breeding 4-7 kids per family. It will be slow, but 20-30 years from now is their plan, and Obummer did everything he could to promote this. And Hitler-y was to continue this plan. THANK GOD TRUMP WON. He MUST win again in 2020. We MUST keep patriotic Republicans in office, NOT rino’s. Definitely NO DemonRats. We must take our country back. The Constitution, NOT Sharia.
          MAGA. KAG. TRUMP 2020.

      • Other Muslims, that’s who. See, nobody said anything when the Sharia Law people started moving in one by one. They congregate in one city and before you know it , they have enough votes to put one in office.

      • The poser Obama knew Americans would vote fir a Muslim so like everything else he has done to obstruct his true identity and place of birth. Poser Obama attended an extremely radical church so he could obscure his card carrying Muslim faith.
        He never sent any of the required documentation to the Secretary’s of State to be validated and vetted so none of us know his true identity or place of birth.
        He did troll 3 fake birth certificates and got busted but never ponied up his rightful certified one. Instead started the race card crap can it sing distraction long enough everybody gave up!
        Who the hell us this Muslim corrupt crook. Surely not a man of God!
        MAGA 2020 and beyond! God Almighty in all his Glory forever!

    • Gregory,My husband was one in Nam. But he has been dead for two years. If he was still alive he would do it. Two weeks before his heart attack he put a bullit in the middle of a penny 200 yards. I buryed him with his penny.

  58. Omar is much more than a traitor, an accomplice for Isis to contribute in an attempt to overthrow government of the United States Of America into an Islamic 3rd world toilet where women are treated like trash and anyone who rejects to becoming a muslim is promptly executed.

  59. She comes from a country, that is overrun with HATE, and she wants to establish that sh– here?? The women in you ex-nation are all slaves. Female get the hell out of here. Go back to where you came from, and take you “thoughts” with you, ADIOS.

    • You may not have seen some of my past posts, but it is my belief, as I have stated for two years, foreign agents have been sent here to establish a demographic of voters seeking to usurp our Republican form of Democracy. They plan to accomplish this by sending thousands of aliens to the United States to form a political party made up of foreign Islamic sympathizers who will vote their Islamic supporters into Congress. Once they have control of Congress, they will have overthrown the U.S. without firing a shot. One may ask., how can this happen? Simple. Democrats scream for ‘open borders’ which allows un-vetted aliens to simply walk into the U.S. . Democrats have been registering these illegal aliens for years, ignorant to the fact that once these illegal aliens begin to vote, they will also begin to build their own political party.

      Ignorance may be ‘bless’, but in this case, the ignorance of Democrats has created a format dangerously close to giving our country away.

  60. The best answer is to remove these muslims immediately & reject all from entering out Country. Stop all politicians whom are against this plan by removing them from gov. offices!If not we will be taken over by the enemies we have living in our Country!

    • Remove all democrats and republicans from office who are afraid to speak up and stand up front for this country and it’s values and beliefs and citizens. Grow some balls.

  61. It seems that neither Nancy Pelosi or Chuch Schumer have the testicles to get rid of this Muslim terrorist in Congress.Maybe, there are some Congress men and women who have the ball’s will do it, but do not hold your breath. Diversity and political correctness are more important to these Congressional assholes!

  62. This will continue even if she is censured. She is a walking propaganda machine. Why does she not understand that it was the United Nations that ceded to the Israelis their ancient homeland.. in 1948 when a bunch of democratic and communist heads of state were dividing up the liberated lands that the Axis powers attempted to control by means of war and conquest. The Gaza is not an occupied zone. It belongs to Israel. Her so called religion preaches murder and theft plus dishonesty to all who are not Muslim. There was a very good reason a liberal like Pres. Jimmy Carter banned Muslims from the USA.. When was the ban lifted or are the political powers from 2008 to 2016 just in defiance? The Somali refugees ALL HATE THE USA. Return them to their people so they may hate and murder and be happy with their fellow Muslims.

  63. JUST proved she’s a traitor!? Hello, she proved that before she took office, and has been reinforcing it every day. You KNOW what I’d like to do with one of those Hamas rockets, dont you?

  64. Of course she is a traitor. We already knew that. ALL muslims are traitors. They want to turn this country into an Islamic one and the dems are insane enough to agree with them. Deport ALL muslims and ALL dems if we want to keep our country.

    • Just remember the more Muslims that come in this country the more that they all vote. They will vote their own kind in whatever office is presented to them. When that happens they’re going to vote every buddy else out. If you look at the histories of other countries that were taken over by them this is how they do it. Guarantee you when that happens the United States as we know it will be gone. We could’ve done something about it but apparently were not going to. PS. If you think communism is bad wait till you’re under this control.

      • I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH Jim’s commentary…..people need to wake up….Muslims will NOT mix/mingle or allow others to stay in ANY elected office thereby rendering any U.S. Citizen helpless to maintain America. Pelosi, Schumer and Harris think this is all a game and the Democrats will be in Power; NOT SO Muslims will USE anyone and everyone that gains them support to enable them to CONTROL THE UNITED STATES….DO NOT BE FOOLED!!!!!

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