Ilhan Omar just revealed something about one crime that will shock you

Ilhan Omar – along with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – is one of the highest profile freshman members of Congress.

But like Ocasio-Cortez, Omar is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

And Ilhan Omar just admitted something about one crime that will shock you.

Open borders is one of Omar’s pet causes.

The Minnesota Congresswoman never misses an opportunity to slam immigration enforcement as white supremacy and demand opening the borders to millions of illegal aliens.

Omar even went so far as to rip the concept of “illegal immigration” itself in one recent tweet.

She claimed it unfairly paints migrants as criminals.

The simple fact of the matter is that if you break a country’s laws, you are technically a criminal.

Nation’s have borders and immigration laws to maintain order, sovereignty and a shared sense of purpose.

It is well within any country’s rights to regulate the flow of people who cross its borders.

Omar does not believe that to be the case.

Democrats claim they are not for open borders.

But not one leading Democrat will rebuke Omar for encouraging illegal immigration by saying it isn’t even a crime.

That’s because deep down they all agree with her.

They just try not to express those feelings out loud because they know they are political poison.

However, Omar has no such filter.

And her comments help provide the contrast Donald Trump wants to establish as he heads into his re-election campaign.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Like Obama, she wants open borders so she can take up where he left off. Finish the take over and subsequent destruction of this nation. If she can get more terrorist let in, they can come here and do what they are doing in the middle east. They can murder Christians. They can set up Sharia courts. They can do away with our weapons, make us wear black bags from the tops of our female heads to the ground, chop of hands, stone people to death, chop of heads, public caning, throw gays from roof tops, scream their chants from the roof tops four times every day, do away with pork, alcohol, interest charges, have multiple wives, 23 children on welfare, breed us out of existence. Sure! We need open borders! Just as much as we need to be run over by a freight train.

  2. Make YOUR VOICE HEARD – Pass It On!

    The below URL will take you to listing all the Bills Pending in Congress regarding “Family Immigration”. Note there are 4 pages of Pending Bills.

    Due to the Bill Titles can be Deceiving (No surprise there) once you open the bill click on which will open in a separate tab allowing viewing of the actual text of the bill. The text stating what the bill hopefully will accomplish will enable you to determine whether you “Oppose” or “Support” the bill.

  3. Make YOUR VOICE HEARD! Pass It On!

    The below URL will take you to listing all the Bills Pending
    in Congress regarding “The Wall”.

    Due to the Bill Titles can be Deceiving (No surprise there) once you open the bill click on which will open in a separate tab allowing viewing of the actual text of the bill. The text stating what the bill hopefully will accomplish will enable you to determine whether you “Oppose” or “Support” the bill.

  4. This woman was illegally married to her brother. She filed illegal tax returns when married to her brother, tax returns with another man. Can you say where is the IRS? She use campaign funds for her oun means. Can you say use of fund illegally. She married her brother either to get herself or him into the country illegally. Can you say fraudulent immagration? Yet she has not been charged for anything. Wow if it were you or I we’ll be behind bars! Well folks she’s just another criminal in congress. An anti-Semitic anti-American pos! She needs to be kicked out of congress, fined for her misuse of funds, stripped of her citizenship, and deported back to her country of origin. And don’t forget to fine her for her fraud with the IRS!

  5. Takes one to know one. She if checked out close would be found to be illegal. So the more of her kind would be the trick to up set the apple cart of America. The Democrat’s are to far left to be concerned with this country. All they want is control no matter how.

    • I know that I prefer Invaders rather that Illegal Aliens. And I think we should send regular army troops to our southern boarder to repel these invaders!

    • Papa Bear
      And I prefer the term wetback as it is the most derogatory term I can think of. If their were anything worse I would use it. These scabs are freeloading criminals that hold zero respect for the nation and even less for her citizens. Free food, free education, free medical, free housing. Free. To any that do not have to bear the financial burden of supporting these leeches and and their parasitic offspring. Brush their asses with a wire brush, douse them in turpentine and point them to the border. It would still be too good for them.

  6. Ilhan Omar’s opinions only show how ignorant she is about America and Americans. She is in legal hot water and she may be in jail before too long. What she says about EVERYTHING is immediately discounted as RACIST by most REAL AMERICANS.

  7. Omar never appreciated the American freedom and opportunities. She took everything for granted. Unthankful.

    Best solution to appreciate what she have: deport her.

    Kill the refugee privilege. Must go thru the legal immigration process that bring legal immigrants with better attitude.

  8. It’s too bad we can’t deport her to France with her ugly looking hajab as she would’ve been thrown in gaol for wearing it. France has a law prohibiting people from wearing attire that is not western style, but France wouldn’t want this Islamic pig as she would cost taxpayers money to incarnate her and afterwards put her in a mental institution.

  9. She is not going leave office until she gets her job done. Obama did his job. Pelosi was bought hook line and sinker and is doing her job. Everything that has taken place and is going on right now had been planned years ago….BUT…President Trump is in the way. This was NOT SUPPOSED to happen. He was not part of the script….and “THE PLAYERS” are still playing.

  10. Sure the U.S. has some regrets over the history span of our country including rescuing Illhan Omar from her cesspool Somalia. Strip her of her citizenship for her anti-American actions like fund raising for the terrorist group CAIR and deport her immediately.


      • Hi Erwin,

        Actually there is a Constitutional process to be able to run remove politicians. This action has been taken but her home State as far as I believe has not been taken. Other States Rep’s would then take up the act and vote on it. All of us need to push for this. The process is in
        Article 1, Section 5, Clause 2.

    • 100 percent right. Information on her illegal activities have been known now for at least six months. I suppose we now have a politically correct judicial system. Take the nasty bitch to the south border and boot her ass over the line. Or better yet air drop her on Somalia so she can set them “right”.

  11. How long is the American public going to keep taking this treasonous statements from this woman that should not even be in this country let alone our government?

  12. It is my understanding Ms or Mrs Omar (Not sure if she is legally married by our standards in the US. Maybe already married?).
    She came here at the age of 17, in my view and from several statements she has made, clearly she is not aligned with American values.
    She shows her clear distain for America and Americans. I do not believe she should me in our government institutions in anyway. I really don’t understand why she is in this country. Clearly she doesn’t want to assimilate to our way of life here, nor does she show any respect to our great country.
    Go home Ms. Omar and change your own country, your homeland with your believes!

    • She would never been given a chance to get into politics in her country, They would of cut her head off. She has liberty here to voice her opinion where in her country she would of had her little head cut off as well.

      • Trump would like to have an insestuous relationship with his daughter. He could always deny it like the rest of the crap he does.

    • Unfortunately the U.S. military rescued this ungrateful ingrate when she was a child from her own country when the dictatorship was slaughtering the population. That was our mistake. That’s how she got here. This ungrateful lieing criminal by FEC crimes and terrorist fund raising muslim needs to have her citizenship stripped and deported back to her cesspool Somalia.

  13. Sarah….please stop insulting “bitch”. I had a female dog and she was a wonderful companion in my childhood and is, in no way, related (for lack of a better word) to that Omar person.

    And for all….Omar wants open borders to sneak in more radicals to do the USA harm. That is their agenda and they VERY FREQUENTLY tell everyone that will listen. If we continue to allow this to happen, all hell will break loose and many will pay the ultimate price with their lives.

    • That is so true it literally makes me sick. They tell you they are here to behead us rape us and our children yet the DEMOCRAPS don’t care they are safe behind their walls.

    • To PJ….You are correct. Bitch she isn’t! She is, however, one of those people(?) that’t Understand N.ormal T.hinking!

  14. Sorry it vexes her so much,but: theycare ILLEGAL ALIENS !!! They don’t have rights. Deport them all immediately, and denaturialize Omar and then deport her too.

    • She married her knrkother then lied about it to get in here. She is illegal too. Deport her.
      Next thing investigate how one becomes senator or delegate. She for one, should never been eligible for that office, or any other office.

  15. This “Somali Pirate” is a traitor to the USA” and should be forced out of office and deported by to where she came from!
    What type of people voted for her in the first place??

    • Other Somalis. The bleeding hearts of Mindlessota were foolish enough to bring them to their state. Now they have all sorts of issues and their invited “citizens” are behind the majority of them

    • Read the Hadith and/or the Qur’an and you will find what she and the people who elected are! Part of the ‘battle-plan’ is to show chaos and dissension. Collapse the infrastructure with these plots is to weaken those intended to be conquered!

  16. Ship her back to Somalia. She has it too nice here. She should be eating sand and ducking drones. Her oath of office was to honor this Constitution. Doesn’t seem that way.

  17. If anyone doubts that America is declining rapidly as a country and a society, you only need to look at the people being elected to congress by mostly ignorant voters or, in the extreme case of our favorite Somali, by those who should not have been allowed to come here in the first place

  18. I didn’t read this story because I don’t recognize ether of these two individuals to be significant enough to warrant attention.

    • I believe that both of them are the shame for the United States. If the Law allows, we have to start the petition for recalling them from Congress.

  19. She herself is an illegal for breaking the oath she took to become a citizen and pledge allegiance to our flag and to obey & honor the laws of this country! She has already broken our laws by filing a joint tax return with a man not her husband, and I believe while she is still married to another man (who by the way is her brother!). How much less qualified to be a member of our Congress could she be? She just wrote a letter to the Governor of her state asking him to be lenient on 6 men in her congressional district that are charged with treason. When later asked by a reporter about the status of terrorism in her district she said she knew of no terrorism existing and denied further comment! Again, how less qualified could a congressional member be?

    • She was elected with help of many illegals in her district. No real American would ever cast a vote for someone like her.

  20. Omar is an Illegal to begin with, hence she doesn’t like the term, speaking of terms ,4 years should be the limit but with all the illegal practices and Fraud this so-called
    Congresswoman has committed She should be Removed from Office Immediately!


    • Sarah, this despicable excuse of a person is cancerous to American Society. She must be cut away to stop the spread of her lethal existence.

    • Dictionary: ALIEN = A person in a country who is not a national of that country.

      ILLEGAL = Explicitly prohibited by LAW or is otherwise forbidden by a state or other governing body.

      Simple & Easy & Clear to see & understand.
      But Omar & Most Demos have a hard time understanding & accepting the meaning of those two words.

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