Ilhan Omar knew she made this giant mistake. Here is how she tried to save her career

Ilhan Omar stunned the political world with her latest controversy.

This latest flare up had the potential to end Omar’s time in Congress.

And Ilhan Omar knew she made this giant mistake. Here is how she tried to save her career.

Ilhan Omar shocked Democrats when comments surfaced where Omar admitted she believed Tara Reade’s allegations of sexual assault against Joe Biden and that Democrats should replace Joe Biden as the nominee.

Omar told the British Sunday Times, “I do believe Reade,” the Minnesota Democrat told the newspaper. “Justice can be delayed, but should never be denied.” According to the interviewer, Breitbart noted, Omar added that if it was up to her, Biden would not be the Democratic nominee.

Omar knew she stepped in it and quickly raced into damage control mode with a post on social media publicly declaring her intention to vote for Joe Biden in the fall.

“Believing survivors is consistent with my values,” Omar posted on Twitter. “Yes, I endorsed against Biden and I didn’t pick him as our nominee. With that said, in this interview I did on May 6th, we talked about that and quotes aren’t always in context. I will vote for him and help him defeat Trump.”

Omar is facing a well-funded primary challenge from Anton Melton-Meaux who has raised nearly half a million dollars for his campaign.

Some Democrat Party leaders would love nothing more than to get rid of Omar.

Omar’s racism and extreme socialist views provide an inviting target for Republicans to tar the Democrats as a party out of touch with mainstream American values.

Ilhan Omar knows some Democrats have their knives out for her in the primary so she tried to clean up any perceived disloyalty to the cause of defeating Donald Trump by publicly pledging to vote for Joe Biden.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. She can’t be a true Muslim or she is picking out what Muslim law she wants to follow. She has had more than one husband, married her brother while married to another, played around with a married man, broke up his marriage, and then married him. If she were living in a Muslim country she would have been stoned. She broke the majority of the Muslim laws.

  2. T sounds like my exwife. See ya! Hopefully minnesotans wont fall for this crap again. Theres way better options this time around. Lacy Johnson is up there waiting to do damage control if elected. People just gotta open their eyes and use them!!

    GO F UR SELF!!

  4. Sad. As a Muslim woman, she is not allowed to believe that rape exists. And her religion tells her it’s ok to lie to anyone who isn’t a Muslim.

  5. she will not be re elected and she knows it that is why she is doing every thing she can to disrupt the election likewise with AOC they know they are one and done they showed their hand to soon now they are going to pay

  6. Minnesota has enough problems with murderer cops and rioting jigs smashing windows, burning cars, and looting stores that just started opening after the COVID lockdown.

  7. Why isn’t this ass hole run out of town and out of America. Why isn’t something being done to this Muslim, what is wrong with the people of Minnesota in an uprising over this lying, cheating, prostitute, and bigamist, and getting rid of her.

  8. Omar is two-faced. You can’t say you believe Reade and vote for Joe Biden. That’s being a hypocrite. Either support Trump and support the accusations against Biden or stay on the enemy side and vote for a man that is far from being the good example of leading our country.


  10. Hahahahahaha..they don’t have a nominee that can even come close to beating Trump. Biden puts the “Dem” in Dementia..😂😂😂help beat Trump, that’s the funniest crap on the internet and in their delusional brainless heads

  11. Omar help Keith Ellison push through the Money Remittances Improvement Act and our little buddy Obama signed off on it. Basically allowing refugees to sent money back to Somalia to rebuild their country and Corrupt Government. But what isn’t told by the Demorats that about $501 Billion was your taxpayers money rebuilding a country that supports terrorist. With some of my brothers dragged through the streets of Mogadishu, I won’t even begin to tell you what should happen to this illegal alien 👽 and terrorist…

  12. Omar should not be allowed in our government. She doesn’t believe in the constitution

  13. Bucktoothed lying terrorist supporting slut. She lied to get into our country, she lied to get elected, she lied about marrying her brother to cover her lesbian tendencies with the other squad members and linda sarsour. If she is sent back to Somali where she belomgs, she will be shot by them for adultery and whoring.

  14. She has been a total disgrace since her first day in office. She needs to be charged with a host of crimes, lose her citizenship and sent immediately back to Somalia for the rest of her sorry life. If Pelosi had any courage she would have censured her as well as Cortes and the other radicals

  15. Omar is a muslim. Muslims have no aliegence to America and our Constitution. They have only aliegence to islam. 700 years ago Mohammed conquered all the north africa nations and forced islam down their throats. The method? Convert or die. Simple.
    Check out this site:
    If you do not know anything about Islam, you need to learn.

  16. The title says illam Omar made a mistake?het mother made a mistake not taking a trip to planned parenthood when that parasitic ghoul was growing inside het

  17. What kind of career can Omar count on when she became known throughout the country as a congressman – immigration scammer, anti-Semite, anti-American, financial fraudster, liar, corrupt official, marriage with her brother and, just a whore? Who needs such a congressman?

  18. The face of EVIL gets plastered on our screens again. Before: I believe the woman is telling the truth, says omar. We need to replace biden as our candidate, says omar. After: I believe the woman is telling the truth, says omar. But I don’t care what happened to her, we need biden to defeat President Trump at ANY cost. That’s all the democRAT party cares about, defeating Trump. Not the welfare of the people and our country, just defeating Trump. Donald Trump rocked the democRATS pay-to-play world (they had going so well) so hard that they can only concentrate on one thing, regaining the power to fleece the people of the United States of America. They are demonstrating this every single day. All they care about is defeating Trump. I hope every democRAT in office gets voted out come election day. A vote FOR a democRAT is a vote AGAINST the United States of America, our people, and our freedoms.

  19. When is that Terrorist Supporter going to be held responsible for her crimes against her Campaign funding and her not doing what she signed up for ” Her Job” !!!
    all the Democrats get benefits , Hospitalization included a marvelous salary of
    $174,000.00 Wow what a great part time job The Democrats worked (If You could call it thaT)111 days out of 365, well they Showed up for 111 Days about 16 weeks out of 52

  20. Rob Jones, you made me laugh! You’re funny and I totally agree with your comment. Omar HAS TO GO Period!
    We don’t need a hypocrite, an anti semite and a terrorist lover in our great country.
    Let’s keep America Great!!! Trump 2020!!!!

  21. Values? What values? The Somali Slut would be stoned to death for adultery in her native Somalia, under Sharia. Another example of a Democrat’s Double Standards. If it weren’t for Double Standards, the Dems would have no Standards at all.

  22. Ilhan Omar is a lesbian who has regular foursomes with terrorist-lovers Rashida Tlaib, Linda Sarsour and Joan Terrell-Paige!

  23. Omar’s comment about 911, “someone did something” well it was her turn to do something about Joe Biden. And that was to go after him in company with her other three amigos. The again she did do something, endorsed him and will vote for him. What a hypocrite coming from a devoted Muslim.

  24. Rock, carrot, butterfly – all would score higher on IQ tests than Ilhan Omar. Woman is anti-American, Anti-female (as proven by her religion which is truly barbaric towards women), racist beyond measure, anti-Semite, Pro-Terrorism, and a total insane criminal
    nutcase. needs to be given a half-way ticket to Iran and dumped in the Ocean.

  25. Well when Omar slipped on the truth she does it well! She was going out anyway. I am sure it was Obama’s call coming is why she had to jump on Twitter. Just another criminal.

  26. The lady knows her time is up. She is facing some legal issues ahead. Doesn’t it phase people that it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on their campaign it wont get you into office? Look what happened to the ex New York mayor? The money does help but it wont buy your ticket to what is right. The root of all evil. All what the Clinton-Obahma Administration’s are all about. Dirty money and dirty deeds. Can’t buy your way into heaven. God Bless America. Vote Trump 2020!

  27. She needs to go regardless of what she claims to believe! Crazy Joe has been doin the same thing to all of us for 40 years, what’s she think about that?

  28. Omar says she believes Biden is guilty of sticking his finger inside of a woman without her permission but she’s going to vote for him anyway.
    That about sums up the democrat party in a nutshell.

  29. AMERICANS CITIZEN need to vote OUT ALL DEMOCRAT AND RINOREPUBLICAN! This is our country not these rich POLITICAN who are trying to DESTORY AMERICA! We need to rebuild the country were everyone is DOING THEIR PART! This country was found by people who wanted freedom and liberty to live HAPPY without government robbing us of a happy LIFE.

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