Ilhan Omar made an admission that had everyone talking treason

Critics often accuse Ilhan Omar of being an apologist for Islamic terrorism.

Omar has denied these charges.

But Ilhan Omar made an admission that had everyone talking treason.

Recently, a federal Judge in Virginia struck down the government’s use of terrorist watch lists.

Muslim groups claim federal authorities used them to unfairly target members of the Islamic faith.

Law enforcement argued they were necessary to prevent terrorists from boarding planes and engaging in other sensitive activities.

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib celebrated the ruling.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar joined Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib in celebrating a court ruling against the use of terror watch lists by American law enforcement.

“This is tremendous,” Rep. Omar said. “Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make sure Constitutional rights are extended to all regardless of religion, race or ethnicity!”

Rep. Tlaib also chimed in, writing, “I have heard of horrifying stories of Muslim Americans who were placed on the so called ‘watch list,’ with no pathway (you know, due process!) to getting their names removed. Today, it’s Muslims, but tomorrow it can be you, if we don’t stop this madness.”

In a district court ruling in the Eastern District of Virginia this week, Judge Anthony Trenga ruled against the use of terror watch lists, saying that it violated the Constitutional rights of Americans placed on the list. Critics of the program include Muslim-American advocacy groups who alleged that the program unfairly targets and profiles Muslims.

The lawsuit was brought by the controversial Council on American Islamic relations.

Critics accuse the group of being a front for Islamic terrorists.

And it was at a CAIR event where Ilhan Omar dismissed the 9/11 terrorist attacks as “some people that did something.”

Omar celebrating a CAIR-backed case that potentially allows Islamic terrorists access to air travel is too much for many Americans to bear.

We will keep you up-to-date on any developments in this ongoing story.


  1. The Democratic party has been Hi-Jacked by a few criminals who want to take over America and changing the country into their money pot. Ly-in thieves.

  2. Who voted them in to start with?How did they get there seats? This is America and they dont like it yes go back where you came from? When you become a citizen you do not have a right to talk crap about how we run our rose your hand and pledged the Allegiance to our country.

  3. Idiots it’s not about grammar or spelling correctly, sometimes we are so upset over all these issues about idiots that complain about a President that has done move for this country then that last 3 or 4 that have been in office and for many terms each they have done less to nothing, yes mind you Trump doesn’t always follow the guide lines and say’s it the way a man should, if you want a pansy to be in office then you guys that complain about the spelling or grammar to be perfect then go for it run for the grammar position if that seems to be the only intelligent thing you guys can think about. Have you even considered that we do not want to take the time to proof read what we write because we are busy writing back at to you morons.Say something worth saying like you love the USA and this President that has at least been trying to do something but no you have rather have Hilary in office or the next Democommie in office Go ahead let the commies win and when you are paying for someone else’s welfare, free medical and free college then your taxes have increase then you have to live in the streets because your rent’s to high then you will be like all the other cry babies crying the blues that OHHH it’s everones fault for voting the Demcommies into office and play the poor liar that you of course did not vote for a commie.YEA Freaken Right…

  4. Jon b detrick,
    I agree with you.Now we Americans have to be afraid to travel.This judge should be taken out for betraying the American public.

  5. Jon b detrick,
    I agree with you.Now we Americans have to be afraid to travel.This judge should be taken out for betraying the American public.

  6. The Koran clearly outlines the Islamic objective. Read it and be aware. In fact read why the US Marines were formed by Thomas Jefferson and the picture will become clearer to all but the most challenged.

  7. I know where Talib came from. she was elected to the district that includes Dearborn, Michigan. I would say Dearborn is 90% Muslim population. As for Omar, I am not sure what parts of Minnesota is her District because I am from Michigan. but I am willing to bet that there is a Dearborn equivalent.

    both of these women should be happy that they are here in the United States because given their ages, they would most likely be squeezing out their 10th child if they were still in Somalia or the Palestinian Authority respectively. Talib acted just like one of the Palestinians who is in Gaza when she was at a trump rally back when he was trying to be elected. Hear screaming and yelling at him like many of the knucklehead liberals do to this day. she had to be taken out of that rally and the whole way out she was screaming back like a maniac. they don’t want freedom of speech because they can’t defend their positions. On Omar was asked about her brother and whether she married him to skirt Asylum laws in order to get into the country, she refused to answer. just like she always does.

  8. Those in our government and court systems need to look at the fact that everything that Talib and Omar have done so far fits right in with the Muslim brotherhood’s Manifesto of what they intended to do as a grand Jihad against what they have always referred to as”The Great Satan”. That is referencing the United States. If you look up the Holyland Foundation, you will find that there was a trial involving that organization and there was mountains of evidence that they were connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. Their Manifesto States that their intent supposed to take over the United States from within. they were going to infiltrate every facet of our government that they could. we now have 2 Muslims in Congress that are known for there anti-American an anti-Semitic rhetoric. Now there may be other Muslims that I’ve already been in Congress before these two idiots, but unless they have been secretly acting like Talib and Omar, we have not heard a thing from them that would indicate that they hate the US. They routinely spew their rhetoric and how everything about the United States is racist. If you criticize them at all they fall back on their “women of color” as the reason why they are being attacked.

    Even President Trump’s tweet how about how they should go back where they came from does not stay the entire tweet. The media only points out that small bit of it that makes him look like he was being racist.

    As I understand it the Tweet went like this….

    if they don’t like how America’s ran, they can go back where they came from, fix the problems there, then come back here and show us how it’s done.
    as you can see they left out the majority of the tweet and just focused on the they can go back where they came from part of it.

    I fully believe that at some point, Talib and Omar will start pushing for facets of Shariah Law to be implemented in United States. If they are successful in doing that then they will try to completely Implement Sharia and demand that Muslims be subject to Sharia and other Americans subject to constitutional law then eventually try to do a way with constitutional law and replace it with Sharia law for everyone.

  9. So he can’t spell, big happy quack, at least he has an honest opinion! Are we now Turing into a country that belittles people in addition to labeling them? Get over your superiority and contribute the the subject, because spelling matters not.

  10. This is what happens when you bring people in by the thousands that do not believe in America. They use our court system against us. They infiltrate each part of our Government. They do not intend to ever assimilate. Thank you, Obama, you traitorous B.

  11. The problem is this. The right Uses this aa a form of Recial profiling, which is above the Lw You clowns are looking for the smallest excuse to yourselves attack everyone one else. You will all have to move To Risia. Good luck driving, and keeping yout semi automatic Weapons, there, nd Good luck fighting God. Good luck with that as well.

  12. Very true. Islam is about control of society/government under guise of religion. It is a theocratic governance system, enforced by “Allah.”

  13. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are not just apologists for terrorism, they are active supporters of terrorist organizations.

  14. llhan Omar is a lesbian terrorist! She participates in foursomes with Rashida Tlaib, Linda “The Lesbo” Sarsour and Ramsea Odeh!

  15. Robert l. Kahicke, We will have to continuously fight to the SCOTUS on these bad rulings by lib judges. Think about all that has already taken place and more is in the process. What a waste of time and money!

  16. The very fact that neither Omar or Rashaid recognize the Constitution as the supreme law of the land is reason enough to remove both from their position in Congress.

  17. The USA will regret the day Muslims were elected to Congress. They DO NOT recognize the US Constitution as the law of the land of our country. We are a Nation of infidels to them. Their Quarn states: Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them. Muslims MUST NOT take infidels as friends. Any religion other then Islam is NOT acceptable. Maim and crucify the infidel if they criticize Islam. And these are the kind of people now sittiing in our Congress.

  18. “Omar celebrating a CAIR-backed case that potentially allows Islamic terrorists access to air travel is too much for many Americans to bear.”
    That any Muslim, including Ilhan Omar, has been elected to any position in our government should be way too much for any true American who knows the truth about Islam to bear.
    Please read the following excellent and most important books:
    1.) The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades.
    2.) Stealth Jihad; How Radical Islam Is Subverting America without Guns or Bombs.
    It’s much later than you think.

  19. Islam is a political system which is hiding as a religion Muslims swear allegiance to the Koran above all else and the system depends on Sharia law to enforce the tenants of
    their “Religion” The goal is total world domination Koran 9th chapter 6th verse “If they will not convert Kill them” What more do we need to know ???

  20. “All kidding aside”, I seems pretty obvious that Muslim members of Congress have not covered themselves in glory. Perhaps, if both parties adopted a policy of running a capable alternate candidate each time a Muslim runs for any elected office, our Country could dodge, what is clearly, a coming bullet.

  21. Yes somebody did something an they were evil DEMONIC MUSLIMS, there is always some soft hearted American saying “ Not Muslims are bad we have to remember there are good Muslims”. Don’t you believe it. They come out of the womb being taught “ Allah hates the Jews”. Little children still on the mothers tit recite “Allah hates the Jews” They are a hate mongering race of people. None should be in our Congress, none should be in our Country.

  22. Those judges are part of the deep state that Obama left. Get over it and check out my earlier reply on this site. She ran against no opposition, in a Muslim community in Minnesota, of Muslims. FBI and our Justice System arrested many young Muslims, from that community, on their way to middle east, to join ISIS. Reason we had the Senator from Minnesota also. No opposition during campaign.

  23. I learned something today that should be related but MSM will and did not tell us. They ran unopposed in their district. No Republicans had entered, and statement was made of this one, that still she almost lost. But they are representing their constituents. Minnesota has a very large settlement of foreign for their countries, that are Muslim. We need to check that whole settlement out, since many of their young men were arrested, when on their way to go to Middle East to fight against our troops. They are living up to their beliefs. But that is not American , or in any way in line with Constitution. And they use CAIR organization, which also needs to be kicked out of USA. Along with the other activists with ACLU which has become anti-USS.

  24. Both these cranks should be on the terrorists list.
    This judge needs to be shown the door . Avery poor political ruling .

  25. Mike, most people know nothing about islam. they think it’s a religion. nothing could be farther from the truth. islam is a political system. go to to learn the truth

  26. Will someone please kick this Terrorist out of our United States Congress and them kick her and her Family out of America.

  27. Islam is not a religion. It was invented by Muhammad to punish Christians and Jews for not associating with him. His goal was to rule the world. He forced all he could into his new “religion”. If not for the Crusaders taking back their stolen lands, we would all be facing Mecca five times a day. Muhammad was evil. His Quran commands that all must serve allah or die. There is no freedom in islam.

  28. The goal of islam is total world control and the dems are deranged enough to let them do it. Both dems and muslims are in satan’s army. They are on the losing side.

  29. Not One Republican Ran Against Rahsida Tlaib in Michigan’s 13Th District. And she nearly lost. The race was to close to call… No Republicans rand Against OMAR and KEITH ELLISON of MINNESOTA’S 5TH District! … If we do not have Candidates running in EVERY DISTRICT? Then we are just giving these races way. PRESSLEY in MASSACHUSETTS 7Th District. It was a Give Away Completely! She Had ZERO CHALLENGER’S from Either Political Party! …Regular Conservative Constitutional American Loving Citizen’s need to apply for these JOBS. Google your District. Fill out the forms and Go For IT “YOURSELF”! …Magnificent Pay. Excellent Benefits. …You Need ZERO EXPERIENCE.

  30. When you flee your own country to escape persecution and civil strife and come to a country that allows you safe haven and freedom to live peacefully you should have some notion of being appreciative for that right and freedom . This person and her compatriot of the squad , Rashida Talieb have shown none of that . They both were elected as representatives in our government yet do they work for their constituents ? No , the use their Posistion as a soapbox to denigrate America and push sharia law and support for Muslim Terrorist organizations . To degrade a people who came to this country from many nations to escape oppression and religious persecution . They speak against one of our greatest allies openly and call for the destruction of that nation and her people . Bothh of these unappreciative women should be expelled from congress and give passage to some country they might appreciate better .

  31. The lunatics truly are running the asylum. Any sentient being could have seen this coming years age. So much for political correctness. You really do have to give them credit. They know how to get us to kill ourselves without them lifting a finger

  32. The Judge that struck the lists down, along with those that filed and fought for it’s removal, should be charged with treason and murder if something was to occur.

  33. The old saying is that “The devil is in the details.” If I am not mistaken, the case in Virginia concerned the government’s infamous “no fly” list, which contained the names of numerous famous Americans, 3-year olds, and many other non-terrorists. The list was pathetically wrong, and there was no way to remove a name even after the person proved that he was NOT a terrorist. It was the Deep State at work denying ordinary Americans the ability to travel. As to Omar and Tlaib, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  34. While I don’t think that any religion should be “banned”, I do think that many people have a blind spot when it comes to Islam. Islam is not like other religions, it doesn’t teach love and forgiveness to those who wrong you, it teaches Jihad and death! I am a Christian, and I would love for everyone else to be a Christian especially the people I love. But if they don’t choose that path, I certainly don’t disown them. I don’t wish death upon them, and I certainly am not going to start a war with them.

  35. While I don’t think that any religion should be “banned”, I do think that many people have a blind spot when it comes to Islam. Islam is not like other religions, it doesn’t teach love and forgiveness to those who wrong you, it teaches Jihad and death! I am a Christian, and I would love for everyone else to be a Christian especially the people I love. But if they don’t choose that path, I certainly don’t disown them. I don’t wish death upon them, and I certainly am not going to start a war with them.

  36. So the travel ban on Terrorists has been lifted and that makes omar and and Tlaib happy ,now whats to stop airline mechanics from damaging planes GPS SYSTEMS
    Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani is accused of tampering with a crucial navigation system on a plane that was about to fly 150 people to the Bahamas.(he claimed a union contract stall was the reason he took this action) He is paid $8000,00 monthly so the union stall had nothing to do with his act of terrorism

  37. Not only the CAIR terrorist organization with potential terrorists Omar and Tlaib, celebrating the victory over our common grief – September 11, but also all Islamic terrorists who can now access air transportation to repeat their “feat”, thanks to a federal judge in Virginia who abolished government use of terrorist lists.

  38. It’s almost like these judges and politicians are inviting terrorists to do a repeat of 9/11! Then the same ignorant unamerican DemonRats will blame the President and everyone but themselves and they are solely responsible for bringing these terrorists and criminals in through our southern border to terrorize, rape and commit violence in our country! We’d all better take some responsibility and force these people out of positions of power and send them back where they all came from!

  39. Death to Islam. No muslims in government. No muslims in law enforcement. No muslims period. Remove Islam from U.S soil now!

  40. Islam is our enemy. PERIOD. The goal of Islam is TOTAL world control. They will not stop until they get it. Deport ALL muslims.

  41. MIke, your extreme ignorance shows every time you post. You are a sick LIAR!!!! NOTHING you say about Pres. Trump is true. You are truly an idiot.

  42. Gregory, Yes, it has begun. It began with Obama. He brought in hundreds of thousands of muslims, knowing full well that the goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. Obama is muslim and sides with our enemies. Dems, atheists, communists, and muslims all follow satan. satan will rule for a time, but then Jesus will come and send them all to hell and we will never have to deal with them again. We will be truly free when Jesus returns.

  43. I don’t know if anyone noticed that you see more and more women wearing either burqas or hajabs lately (middle eastern type attire). I have, and it is quite scary to me, makes me wonder if the mooslime take over of this country has already begun.

  44. We got to deport her before she bring’s more people here to take over the american people. She is bad news how did she and the other three get into office ?Did anyone investagate her and the others.

  45. Trump’s pucker mouth loks ready for Putin’s kielbasa. Why does he hate Alex Baldwin? What are hamberders?

  46. idoit stick?URS? Treason? Trump has gay commie lovers and is against the Constitution. Why won’t anyone tell me what hamberders are?

  47. I finally figured out Redman”s sickness. He has a severe case of WFDS
    (White FolK Derangement Syndrome).

  48. well that judge should be kicked out of office and stuck in same prison with the terrorist that were involved in 9/11 and as far as omar she would make a good partner for the redman they are both screwed up

  49. So, now we can assume the folks opposed to the terrorists watch list are also against ALL THE MUCH TOUTED “RED FLAG” bull crap.

  50. During WWII there were no Japanese or Germans admitted into the country. The Japaneses that were here were rounded up and sent to interment camps. BOO HOO you get a second look when seen by law enforcement. IT IS SELF INFLICTED. Your brothers declared jihad against US – deal with it or go the hell back where you came from.

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