Ilhan Omar Opinion Poll Results

QUICK POLL: Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Rep. Ilhan Omar?

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  1. The favorable 2% are just as dumb as she is!!! Send Omar & those 2%er’s back to her country of origin & see how they like it.

    • This Muslim fake needs to be kicked out of Congress and arrested and charged with high crimes and treason. She is only the beginning of our country’s demise. Wake up America…drop her into a volcano and be done with her.p

    • This woman is an absolute disgrace to our country and certainly to our way of life. She has know business in our government She intentionally has set out to harm the USA. please remove here and investigate her soon.

  2. I don’t get it,oboma bonehead is a muslim along with the rest of the towelheads that were voted in by a bunch of bonehead “americans”. Everybody went right along with it.
    I didn’t hear or see anybody do anthing about it.If they advocate anti American they should be deported. My military service was not done to protect terrorisim it was to protect Americans from it.

    • Yeah I don’t understand why America is protecting terrorists that is moved into our country and starting to take over our government. all I can say is there is an amount of American people that are ready to fight and God I hope the military is with us

    • To Philips & Knight. You don’t get it because we need to accept the fact that a good 50% of our voting population is totally ignorant about what is happening inside our nation. Most of these politicians are in it for themselves and could truly care less about the people they have been elected to represent. The voters and Reps., do not think of Freedom, only about their Political Party. We need Term Limits!!

  3. When the US Constitution was written and ratified (1787 and 1789 respectively), Article I Section2 established the requirements for election to the lower House by a vote of the people in those districts which the Representative Nominee was supposed to represent. Those requirements are: No person less than 25 years of Age shall be elected (30 years old for Senators). No person not a citizen of the United States for a minimum of 7 years shall be elected (9 years for Senators). And No person residing in one State may be elected to represent a different State (these are my summary of the section, not the direct language used). At the time of ratification, a significant number of the membership in both the House and Senate were not born on America’s soil. The Founders didn’t want to exclude men like Hamilton, and so the very first Congress (House and Senate) consisted of 95 members, 10% (9) of which were foreign born. Why didn’t the founders set a time limit to that part of the section? It has all the appearence of a grave oversight on their part in lieu of certain individuals taking a seat in the latest House.
    There has been much debate, research and speculation as to why this section was so vague, especially considering many of the Founder’s fears of foreign influence in the legislation of laws. There are several plausible theories as to why, my favorite being the unreasonable heat in Philadelphia rushed them into finishing as fast as they could. The end result is the same regardless of intent. They failed to insure that foreign influence into our Legislative Branch of the government was not restricted or prevented. From Washington, Madison, Mason and others (including foreign born delegates) this was a concern. Mayhaps they felt that future legislators would address the need or lack thereof for such a restriction. In which case, succesive legislators failed to take up that cause, and put the question at rest once and for all.
    Which brings us to today. Omar is the duly elected representative of her district, and as it stands merts the requirements of the US Constitution for being a member of the House of Representatives. I’m not happy about it, but I swore an oath in 1986 to support and defend the US Constitution, and to date, that oath has not been rescinded. Do I think she should be a member? No I don’t, but legally she can be a member (not counting her questionable admission to immigrate based on false statements). We have two options available to us. One, see that she’s not re-elected by providing a challenger for her seat. This will only work if a large enough number of residents in her district vote against her. Two, badger our own representatives to admonish, censure and expulse her from that body (Representatives and Senators cannot be impeached. Each body has the ability to expulse a member by a 2/3rds vote). With the Democrats controlling the House, this methods viability would be in doubt.
    Perhaps it would behoove us to push for an amendment to the Constitution excluding any future foreign born participation in the election process. I certainly think there’s more pros than cons to such a move, but until such a time when that can happen, we’re bound by the two options available to us by our Constitution.

    • Chuck, look further down the road. ANDY JACKSON ADMINISTRATION FORBADE MUSLIMS HOLDING OFFICE. Cannot remember the name of the bill sponsored in the Senate. Tweeked and strengthened during Eisenhauer administration. Abolished 1994, charge led by William Jefferson Clinton/Hillary. Andy would have shot them both on the spot as traitors, and he would have been right to do so.

  4. omar is the epitome of why immigration needs to be slowed and illegal immigration needs to be stopped. She is anti-American and she has a personal agenda that is counter to American Freedom and beliefs. She has no business in our Government as she is supporting terrorists and radical islam. She is not there to support the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. She is definitely not there to support American Citizens.

  5. She does not deserve to be in the House of Representatives. It is, however, up to the voters in her district to decide in 2020 if she deserves to continue representing them. If she remains in office after the coming election, we will know that there is a hotbed of un-american sentiment in that congressional district.

  6. To all of the uneducated ones defending Omar. Read the Quran get one if don’t have one. After you have read and under stood it. The understanding will be the hard part for you. After the muslims shove sharee law up your back side and you are forced to pay a tax for the privilege of living among them or enslaved which is encouraged by the Quran or killed which is also encouraged by the Quran. That is just the very tip of the Iceberg that will be dropped in your laps by the religion of peace. I know the Democrats. keep telling you that islam is a religion of peace I encourage you to read the Quran and form your own opinion. Or if you want someone to do all of your thinking for you than follow the first one off the clif.

    • Amen.I join with you in the great hypocrisy of Islam. False prophet, false doctrine, false image of being a religion of peace. Total B.S. Send them all back where they came from.

    • The voters of New York voted her into office. What I am wondering about if the US is so bad what do people like her live here. The reason that they stay I believe is if they moved to a middle east country they would be tried and executed. They certainly would not be on the news with a spot light on they like they are in the US.

          • MInnesota is where some christian church settled them at. which is also ”who elected her” all the other Somali’s that have taken over an entire area in Minnesota. which is why that’s a dumb way to do it, no assimilation there.

        • Where there are communities of Muslim idiots promoting sharia law. Totally contrary to U.S. law. Brought in by Odumbass allowing the flood of them as so called refugees. More of his hope and change!!

    • The district she comes from has the largest concentration of Muslims in Minnesota. Does that tell you who voted for it! But maybe the Jewish people will rise up and vote in 2020. There are a lot of Jews in that district as well. We can only hope!

  7. It was President Obama’s fault in all these for bringing in all these non-Christian Muslims into our country. We should bring back the 1952 laws banning Muslims from our country. Their religion of Islam and Christian Based Beliefs go against everything America and American’s Believe. Deport all but the Christian Muslims who would be killed if they were returned to their countries!!!!

  8. omar is not a born citizen, she has broken her oath to the US therefore her citizenship should be revoked and then deport her to her beloved Somalia where she can be happy – but after deportation wonder how soon she will be begging to return

    • She does NOT belong in Congress! She is NOT a
      natural born U.S. Citizen. She only stirs up problems.
      Read the 1952 Law—-Muslims are NOT to even be in the U.S.,
      much less hold office!!!!

  9. I also agree she should never have been allowed to run for office. She is a radical Muslum who hates Jews, Americans, our way of life.Especially put her in Congress!She is not an American.I say remove her and the other radical Muslum.They don’t like it here, leave.

    • I know ALL MUSLIMS were banned in 1952 c.e.consequently she should NEVER be allowed to be here in the first place.

      The lottery that brought her here MUST be disbanded as this trouble maker is proof that MUSLIMS are incapatible w/ Judeo-Christian values

    • Worse, is that she gets classified information on Foreign Intel and fundraisers for. CAIR. She advocates for terrorists. I don’t believe she was ever a “ refugee”, but a plant. Mueller and Brennan have plenty of skin in CAIR. Check Louie Gohmert’s list of Mueller’s affiliation

  10. It’s still a free country last time I checked and she is entitled to her say. Whether we like it or not that is what I fought for and will keep fighting.

    • Also a Vet…. and thats NOT what I served to defend!!! I served to defend Americans….NOT TOWELHEADS! Towelheads and their radical ideology are what we are fighting AGAINST…. not FOR!

      • Exactly! There’s a difference between freedom and anarchy. She’s not just expressing her damned opinion, she’s using her power as an elected politician to fundamentally change traditional American values!

    • Spoken like a true libtard. She absolutely does not have the right to say and do what she wants; as an elected official she is supposed to be representing THE PEOPLE. The people are not the Muslim terrorists who bomb buildings, and those are the people she represents with her outrageous statements in OUR American government. Sounds as if you need to join her on her return trip back to the Middle East.

    • If Muslims have their way, you, your children & grandchildren & all Americans will be enslaved & they will rule the world. That is their intent, a command their founder Mohamed declared thousands of years ago. Look it up… might want to change your

  11. If Muslims do not like our American Constitutional Republic they are free to return to the Islamic Paradise they came from.

    • What a stupid question. Anyone who approves of this disgusting anti American POS needs to get the hell out of America. Sharia law and islam have absolutely no place in America as they’re contrary to the American way of life.’Nuff said on this subject and this disgusting piece of filth which also includes rashida tlaib.

        • And once she’s Impeached send her and her brother she’d married to back to Somalia. She hate our country and all we stand for. Our country sure don’t need Muslims like her in our country ever.

      • It would be interesting to find out just how Islamic she was when she was in her early teens…. did she cover her hair and wear an Abaya in those days….or was she just like the majority of coke drinking gum chewing pop listening “American” girl’s of the day????

    • I think she should be impeached because the majority of the American people don’t approve of the way she comports herself in the Congress, and she was probably elected by the immigrants like her that Barack Obama imported to this country to take a big step toward bringing us under Muslim rule. We should not tolerate this!

  12. You can expect more of this as more MUSLIMS get elected to government. As more of them grow in population this country is in trouble.
    Wait 10 years and what the change in the country as they grow.

    • People were asleep in history class & haven’t learned!!!!! The muslims invaded Spain in about 700A.D. & Spain was not able to get rid of them until Queen Isabella & King Ferdinand finally got rid of then in 1492!!!!!! Is that what you all want for the USA? People are really dumb for electing them to Congress!!!!!!

    • Can’t wait maybe they will exercise their second amendment rights on all of you old white people oh but wait you will already be dead from age. Then we win

      • No it’s only his way of venting his frustrations on people who are so stupid they elect enemies of the state to undermine our way of life. Remember when the criminal Obama was elected in 2008?By the way anyone want to debate why islam is a cult and not a religion?

      • Gee tamarque. Sounds like you agree with this piece of anti American filth. In that case, you might want to emigrate to saudi arabia, or on omer’s case somalia, one of 2 muslim utopias where you will be among like minded people. .



      • Well Monty, just remember that there are more “Real Americans” that will exercise “Their” Second Amendment rights on folks like you when the time comes. I dare any one of them to try and exercise ‘their second amendment rights on me. They’ll be sorry they did. Retired U.S. Army and prod of it!

  13. She needs to go back to her own Country. She is a traitor to our Country and has no business holding an office here let alone allowed to stay here. Why hasn’t she been arrested as a traitor with the comments she makes?

    • she is a threat a snake in the story about snakes, she with the democratic evil, are threat to our christain majority republic, islam is evil and it ddidnt come here for the commonwealth of jews and christain, who founded this country on the holy bible and most of all the Jesus of the holy bible, islam, is evil, this woman is the height of this evil, is open tresonous by following sharia law, and who is here owner, and two husbands one a brother at one time, lies about cultural husband, she open deceiver, hate monger open threat to this union, of christain dome, and republic and its constitution, the second great american revolution will be to remove evil islamics from this nation and bad leadership that brought them here

    • Her country is the United States 🇺🇸 of America. Like you, she has the right to speak her mind , whether you like it or not.
      Israel is committing gennoacide against the Palestinians and especially the people of Gaza. No one cares.
      What kind of American denies another human the right to Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, as our forefathers so wisely promised?

      • Alma you are anpother muslim defending Omar. Both of you should go back to Mogadishu where you two belong.

      • It is not her country!! It is NOT your country, your forefathers/ancestors did to this country what you are accusing Israel of doing. You should watch your mouth, because of what your ancestors did too my ancestors.

        • You are a douche bag. You know nothing about America history. You use some dumb down facts to disrespect America. Please leave America.

      • You are obviously a LEFTIST. A COMMUNIST. Who HATES our nation and ALL it stands for! Omar is an ISLAMIST who wants to CHANGE this nation to a ISLAMIC NATION. Islam is a GOVERNING IDEOLOGY and NOT a religion.


      • Alma Lulu, You ask what kind of American would deny this creature, this female judas iscariot the right to the pursuit of liberty, etc.? This whats-her-face? Here is one response, Alma Lulu. An American who would, without thought, give his/her life to feed the tree of FREEDOM. An American who would bend a knee to the CROSS and stand to America’s NATIONAL ANTHYM. An American who had the utmost respect for our Nation’s Flag. An American whose love and honor for our great country can say to an Alma Lulu: ‘You hate America and all that it stands for? Then take your traitorous baggage with you and get the hell out.”

      • She is a Muslim anti American hating Bitch. Israel is not the one lobbing missiles into Palestine, although they should make a parking lot of it . Israel feed, gives jobs and medical care to those dune rats. No other Muslim country helps them. They won’t take any Palestinians because they are so damn nasty, dirty , and evil. You need to do little reading before you condemn Israel. Muslims hate your very existanceand would kill you in a second, as their Quran tells them to do.WAKE THE HELL UP.tHEYHAVE NOT EVOLVED INTO HUMAN BEINGS AND CANNOT ASSIMILATE ANYWHERE. They want everyone else to assimilate to their 3rd century ways. SCREW THEM AND THEIR SICK , PUTRUD WAYS.

      • Gee Alma, it sounds like you agree with this no good antti American POS. In case you’re not aware, muslims are forbidden to serve in government, a part of US law the founders of this country put in place. islam and sharia law have absolutely no place in America and most if not all Christian or western countries as this cult and law are contraindicatory to western life and civilization. You’re free to emigrate to saudi arabia, or in omer’s case somalia, one of 2 muslim utopias where you will be among like minded people. Good riddance,

      • Alma Lou
        By what stretch of the imagination do you conclude that Israel is committing genocide on the Palestinian people. They’re simply protecting the territory that was GIVEN the in 1948 by the U.N., though you probably think the UN is not for the world at large but only for the Jews. When yo make statements like that, you should back it up with FACTS and not just make arbitrary statements designed to fuel antipathy towards them. Retired Military..U.S. Army

      • Alma Lou though you are so stupid to don’t know that Islam is not real religion. It’s a military system that always threatened to all notmuslims and tried to kill them everywhere. Now Israel defends not only his land against aggressive Palestinians but all our world against such persons like you and Omar.

    • She has no business in this country as she encourages terrorist to attack the people of this country. I feel she was planted here just like the other 50 who hold office in our government. Obama brought them here for that reason.

  14. There’s entirely too much hate in these replies. Looks like if you don’t have white skin and don’t agree with the lobbying in Congress for Israel then you should be hated, etc. SO very sad. Will definitely not be coming back here again.

    • Well, it is very obvious that she hates the USA. You have to be blind not to see it.
      If she is not happy here then just move to a place where she can be happy.

      • Why don’t you go back where you came from and don’t tell me to go back my people founded this shit hole country. If we are lucky someone will practice their second amendment rights on you hopefully soon you deserve it.

        • If it’s a shithole then you have every right to leave. Don’t let the door hit you in the rear on your way out . Thanks.

    • You know the drill. She was elected by the “people”. I question what people. She was most likely elected by people in her district that haven’t assimilated to the Anerican way.

    • What kind of American supports and fund raises for terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah? She is probably an illegal immigrant due the marriage to her brother in order to get status as an asylum seeker who was voted into office by other Muslims who are the majority of voters in her district. She and Rashida Tlaib and both should be expeled from Congress for their contempt of the U.S. Constitution which is averse to Sharia Law.


    • Paula…. you said you were leaving and not coming back, from that I take it you were on vacation and intend to go back home to peace and tranquility????…. Ha where the He$$ do you expect to find that???>>Almost every country in the world is under threat from Islamic radicals who intend to impose draconian Sharia law on all the peoples of the world..Or you could spend some time in any of those Islamic countries and just see what freedoms females have..Try It.

  15. she is an evil snake . i cannot and will not even listen to or watch her. SHE IS PURE EVIL. SHE MAKES MY SKIN CRAWL!!!!

  16. This rag head needs to be deported to her own country. We sure don’t want her in ours nothing but trouble from her big nasty mouth after her 9/11 remarks. ” Some people did something” Ya right her people.

    • correct, she needs to be deported back , because she sure doesn’t like america, she really hates it here, the job she has
      deserves to be in some one ‘s hand that will appreciate it… GET RID OF THE BITCH,,,,DEPORT THE WITCHE

  17. What do you expect when the last president opened the flood gates for muslims to enter our country. Ask your selves why he would do that. The answer should be quicker than a New York minute.

  18. What more can be said that has not been said in the previous comments ? Other then wishing that all these comments are actually read by our Government especially the Democrats that need to realize that the majority of the people want all three Muslim bitches gone from Congress and better yet gone from this Country.

    • i agree muslims don’t belong in congress. they should all be deported, begining with obama, deport obama back to his native kenya. all muslims are terrorists. they hate Americans

  19. This woman is a disgrace to our country. She is dumber than dirt. Has nothing good to say about our Country and she should be removed from congress asap. Then ship her back to the Middle East and let her be who she is. She is out to take us over and for our Government to allow her even one more minuet on our shore speaks volumes about how much all these representatives are taking full responsibility for doing the will of the people they represent. She must go.

    • “The Snake.”

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      Down the path along the lake
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      His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew.
      “The poor thing,” she cried, “I will take you in, and I will take care of you.”

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      But instead of saying thank you, that snake gave her a vicious bite!
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      “I have saved you,” cried the woman.
      “And you have even bit me, why?
      You know your bite is poisonous and now I am going to die.”

      “Oh, shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin.
      You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.
      Take me in, oh, tender woman. Take me in for heaven’s sake
      Take me in, oh, tender woman, sighed the snake.

      A Lyric

      • I love it!!!!!!! It hits right home in the lyrics. We all know who the snake is and we also know who the “woman” is who took it in to save its life. The “snake” all the Muslims and all the rest of the illegals inside this country. The “woman” Obama the Muslim who became President by subterfuge. An ex Army retiree.

      • tony its easy to see your a Trump hater. you need to stfu about trump. he got elected because he is the best man for the job. now shut up and play with your paper dolls

      • Vladilyich,

        while I understand your exuberance in your reply, it is not correct. Trump got elected by the”Electoral College” be he took the swing states and accumlated more electoral vote than slimy Hillary. From your name, I’d say you’re Russian by birth or by descent. Either way, thanks for your comment and keep studying about our form of government. My wife is Russian and she achieved getting her citizenship on her own without any help from me. I am very proud of her.

  20. It seems ridiculous to even have to answer this question! Let’s see Omar hates America… so she is now a member of Congress! She’s set for the rest of her life. When she eventually leaves she will have her full salary for the rest of her life, 100% medical coverage for her and her family, she has not had to pay into 401Ks, IRA’s etc. as we have. Wow, I ask you whose Crazy!!!

    • Do you know anything about her history? what she lived through before coming here? Most important, why don’t people insist on reading another’s comments in full context? Her comment was about how we judge (damn) whole groups because of the actions of “some people.”

  21. Just seems like she’s NOT representing American Values. She shouldn’t be in Congress if she doesn’t understand the basic principles in the US Constitution.

    • She should be impeach before she makes more damage.Remember it is also voters! fault.
      What it tell you about the voters that vote for her to elect her in Congress? That area should be closely watch before anything happen.Evil doers!

      • Alma Llou, you may want to get your facts together before you open your mouth. Israel is only defending itself against attacks. And Ilhan Omar has a very sad way of saying America is her country. She attacks the country and the citizens every chance she gets. She should be shipped back to Somalia as quickly as possible.

  22. This thing needs to be booted out and fast,You better wake up America before they get a foot hold on your neck !!

  23. How she ever got elected is a mystery. Wake up America and realize their are more and more terrorists arriving in America daily. Cells all over America and this is how Omar got elected. How can she hold office when she stands for everything America is not. It is time this woman goes. Traitor’s should be locked away. She wasn’t elected to stand for Muslims and it is time to pay attention to what she is trying to do. God Bless America and Religious freedoms. Freedom to worship the way you want not to try to get America to accept how Omar believes. She shouldn’t even be allowed in the United States of America!!!

    • She is so inapt (dumb) and out of touch with Americans I won’t even comment further or ever mention her name.

      • Farmer Tony,

        While I am in no way defending Omar, I am sure she knows how to spell “INEPT”. don’t call someone dumb when you yourself can’t even spell correctly. sorry, just pointing out the obvious.

    • The Muslims in her district are Americans, same as you. Just as the “God” of Abraham’s son Isaac is the same as the “God” of his other son, Ishmael. This ONE God (Allah in Arabic) told BOTH mothers their sons would be the fathers of great nations. Isaac founded the Hebrews (now Jews) while Ishmael founded the Arabic nations. No matter how hard the conservatives try to warp their “interpretation of what’s actually WRITTEN in their Bible, the fact remains, both nations are the children of Abraham and therefore ONE.


  25. It’s a very good thing she was elected to Congress. Having voices from all sides of the debate weigh in is essential to a successful democracy. You can disagree with what she says and take issues with how she states her opinion but nothing she has said is untrue.

    • Please! You have got to be kidding? We don’t need these animals in our country. Get them all outa here. Outa here!

    • 1st, We’re not a Democracy, we’re a Republic. 2nd, a Muslim cannot logically be an American because she has sworn allegiance to Sharia Law over anything else. It’s hard to believe she will work to make America stronger when the whole focus of Islam is world dominance.

      • CPUSA is a Legitimate, registered, legal political party. She is not registered as one, why do you try to deflect her party into something YOU don’t agree with?


    • john, you are a moron defending her she needs to be tared and feathered and run out of our great country. all muslims are terrorists and hate America, they have proved it many times over. run her out on a rail. we will be fighting them on our soil pretty soon.

    • Try reading the Qur’an, and if you can count past TEN, count how many times it states to KILL the non believers.

    • john you are acting like a traitor believing that she have done and said nothing to hurt hurt our country how quick you forget 9/11 and what the bitch said about it you are a disgrace to america

    • John you must be a Norwegian living in Minnisota. I live in Norway for 20 years. You Norwegian love Muslims. You have already populated Norway with Muslims raping your beautiful women. I am glad I am back in good old USA. That is why Omar was voted for congress because of Norwegian mentality.

  26. She never should have been elected to Congress. She has violated her oath of office over and over again and needs to be removed from Congress. She does not uphold our Constitution. The American people need to wake up before it is too late.

  27. This person is the enemy of the United States and its patriots. I don’t know who put her in this office but it was the same with Obama. These Islamist are taught to take over the world, to deceive, lie and any other means to reach their goal of believe it or not “World domination”. This woman laughs and spits in our faces. she needs to be gone by whatever means and so do the rest of them.

  28. Ms. Omar should run for president in 2020. Then the Democrats will have a complete set of lunatics vying for the job.

    • So many with vile hearts just because she is Muslim. What Hippocrates – land of the free! Ultimate BS. Oil snatchers is much more accurate. Did you hear Trump openly say he’d take oil from the east publicly? This he said before he became president. Can any one evaluate here or think clearly?

      • Dorcia, it has nothing to do with the fact that she’s a Muslim. I am against her because of her anti-semitic comments. We are know by our deeds.

      • Please, we’re so sick of that sentiment. We all see what radical Muslims are doing all over the world! Just from her language, we can see she is no different. If she had said just ONE good thing about America, I would give her a chance, but she just keeps spewing the typical radical muslim language!! No more blinders on…see what is CLEARLY in front of you!!

      • Dorcia, do you mean to say “hypocrite?” Hippocrates is the ‘Father Of ALL Medicine.” That’s why on getting their diplomas, doctors take the ‘Hippocratic Oath of Medicine….”FIRST DO NO HARM.”

    • Reps Omar, with her lipstick, Rashida with her skin disease, and AOC’s garden of anything, look out for touchy feely Joe the sniffer Biden, you three is what he needs to make Teddy Kennedy’s dreams that never come to bloom when it comes to beauty.

    • Reps Omar, with her lipstick, Rashida with her skin disease, and AOC’s garden of anything, look out for touchy feely Joe the sniffer Biden, you three is what he needs to make Teddy Kennedy’s dreams that never come to bloom when it comes to beauty.

  29. From most of the comments here most are probably Christian. Are you proud of the Inquisition?(some of you may have to look it up)It did come to an end with with a bit of a revolution with may “Christian” thinkers promoting reformation coming to a head with Catholics like Martin Luther and those known as Calvinists and Methodists to name a few. Some light reading concerning Islam ( is long overdue for another reformation, hopefully one that will stick. As I read about Islam most of Sharia Law was promoted(interpreted after Muhammad. As we become more of a sectarian society it becomes more difficult separate religious views that we want to complement our personal beliefs. WE do need to more American first rather that (place favorite nationality, race or ethnic group)American and maybe a bit more like American Indians. And assimilation is a priority. No assimilation no citizenship. Just sayin’

  30. They are all scum, THE UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPROBATES! When have they ever represented the people?They are not OUR constitutional government but a foreign power known as the International Bankers who foreclosed on a bankrupt corporation called THE UNITED STATES formed by unconstitutional laws particularly the ACT OF 1871 &then The FEDERAL RESERVE ACT. Nothing but TREASON, CORRUPTION, GREED, LIES & PHONEY WARS FOR PROFIT ARE THEIR TRADEMARK. Wr call them the DEEP STATE, the Bible calls them MYSTERY BABYLON, get SAVED!!!

  31. Ilhan Omar may have acquired U.S. citizenship…but she is no American citizen and never will be…and should not be in Congress…or the U.S.!!! Our founders would not accept Muslims for obvious reasons, so why is our current government accepting them…and into government leadership??? If “any” foreigner cannot, will not and/or refuses to assimilate to the U.S. Constitution, the American way of life and laws…they should find another country!! Omar and the other “traitors” in Congress have more than proven themselves unfit and unqualified to call themselves Americans, leaders and/or citizens!! It is time to stop coddling these people and send them packing…along with a few million illegal foreigners!!! The U.S. has enough of its own problems, it doesn’t need foreigners coming in and disrupting the American way of life (with their demands and protests) that Americans have established and have become very accustomed to. If “anyone” doesn’t like the American way of life and how this country operates…the exit door is always open….and you will not be missed!!!
    Definition of traitor: one who betrays a trust or commits treason.
    Definition of treason: attempt to overthrow the government.
    Sound familiar?? A lot of Americans have lost their way the last several years and need to take a look at their own actions!!! One person alone did not get this country into this mess!!!

    • How stupid are the people who voted all these radicals into the House!!! God help us because we can’t seem to help ourselves.

      • The reason they were voted in is because Obummer let too many Muslims into our country & they have proliferated in many communities & now are voting in one big block! OUT WITH ALL OF THEM!

    • she is in uncharted waters and will sink herself…..she is unhappy with herself, her heritage and doesn’t believe in American values…….she needs to go back where she come from……how did she make citizen and how did she get elected?

    • In 1952 Congress stated that Muslims are not allowed to be running for congress. Then in the 1990’s congress changed that law. We now are seeing the results of the modern congress. They are complete idiots and nitwits.

      • Yep. I’m so glad I will not be in this world in a couple of generations. They’ve broken down our country and future generations will be the ones who suffer. I feel sorry for them, but they’re doing the damage to their future. Sad.

  32. If you don’t like it here, why do you come here and try to change us? we like it just fine the way it is. If you want to change something, stay in your own country and change that. Go back where you came from!!

  33. Omar should have her citizenship revoked and be deported. We have no place in America for those who hate our country.

    • I totally agree…. They All need to be sent back where they were spawned… If any single American had done the crap she has done, and bragged about recruiting for Terrorist groups they would have been shot….
      And I agree with Estelle…….

  34. My sentiments exactly, certainly to one of 57 muslim countries. Muslim theocracy has no place in America’s legislature or society!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m still pissed off she still in Congress. This woman is nothing more than a domestic Muslim terrorist and it needs to be eradicated like a cockroach

      • Amen to that Steve! I’m ashamed she is in Congress. How embarrassing. She need’s to be removed NOW!

  35. Both Illhan Omar And Rashide Tialib may not be legally legal to be elected in the office they hold because their citizenship is in question in order to be elected to the office they are holding they must be a certain age and at least 9 nine years as citizen of these United states, I feel they have not attained either age or citizenship to begin with.

    • She is another raghead that is against this country and is trying to change it to her way of thinking. America needs to wake up letting these kind of people in out government. There seems to be a lot of them in out government. WE REALLY NEED TO DRAIN THE SWAMP.

    • My best hope is that the Democrats suffer horrible defeats because they have allowed such “hate America” people to be elected and to serve in Congress. As a Vietnam veteran, my blood nears the boiling point every time I see one of these Communist-Radical Islamist people on TV. Our founding fathers would have tarred and feathered them long before they made it to Washington DC.

  36. This woman is a two headed snake. She is pushing the Muslim market of course. But the democrat congress is using her, encouraging her, to bad mouth the nation for the democrat agenda. She should be eliminated from congress immediately.

    • She is trying to make America like Somalia the place she came from.
      I think we should chip in and give her a rowboat. Launch her from New Jersey where the statue of liberty has it`s back turned away from this jerk of a woman.

    • The only two headed snakes in the good old USA are they that crawl at the feet of Israel Tell me one politician that is for America first I doubt that you can find me one as in Senator Polsi’s public speech that if America crumbled to dust tomorrow the last American Dollar would go to Israel As is your ex President Bush and his side kick were deep into the terror attack together with the Israeli Mossad killing 3000 innocent Americans while you had celebrating Israeli agents dancing and filming the action as it happened So please tell me another TALL story

    • Bill Cash, she speak with the forked tongue of poisonous killer snakes. Hate for our great country slithers off her mouth – she needs to stfu and go back to the ghetto from which she was spawned. yup.

  37. With all these comments I’m reading wonder this country is going to hell…you people are really paranoid…you’re turning your hate and suspicions in the wrong direction…..some Democrats are doing no more to harm this country than some Republicans are….there is really nothing we can do to rid ourselves of governmental corruption…so we end up hurting each other…as a black person in America…which white America looks down on….I find t doesn’t take much these days for people to turn on you…this is 2019…when are we going to wake up before it’s to late for any of us…


    • If she doesn’t like our USA, than she should immigrate to one that she likes. If they will even take her.

    • I do not look down on black people and I am white. I belong to a group that is run by black people. You should stop listening to all the negative stuff on the news. I bleed red just like you. I was picked on as a child for eight long years. It taught me one thing and that is people are sinful. Kids especially do not know how to act. I forgave them all. I am happy and have so much peace. I am not a victim and neither are you. THe blacks did get very bad treatment and I always felt the hurt for them. Do not in the future label people until you know them

    • It would seem that some folks are of the belief that, “as long as one party is not doing any more damage to the nation then the other, then that is OK, permissible and acceptable! Why is any of that acceptable from these leaders who were elected to PROTECT the public interest and welfare? Why is being satisfied with the “lesser of two evils” supposed to be an acceptable norm in DC politics? This is just one more viable reason for term limitations in US governmental politics.

    • I am a white person who is married to an Asian. Nobody has ever taught me to hate or dislike anybody. If I do not like certain peoples or groups it is because they have made my contacts and experiences with them unpleasant for some reason. People like her make me wonder why she wanted to come to this country if she finds so much wrong with it. Most of the countries that she praises would never tolerate her attitude and behavior. The Democrats of today are about as pleasant as Mao Zedong’s Red Guards and behave like a group of Stalinists, for all of their Anti-Trump rhetoric. They are doing exactly what they are accusing Trump, despite all of his imperfections, doing.

  38. UNFAVORABLE doesn’t EVEN come CLOSE to expressing my opinion of this EVIL B!T@# !!! Go, my child & walk in Camel $#!T…A$$ SALAMI LICK ‘EM…P!$$ BE UPON YE…..

  39. “Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and with the Concurrence of two-thirds, expel a Member.”

    Section.5 of Constitution Let’s get to it!!

  40. I wonder if the people commenting here are simply enraged because this woman is a woman & a Muslim? Where did their families come from originally? There are good people & bad people but their race, color or religion has nothing to do with it. I would hope that people in general realize that being Muslim is a religion not a race. The people that voted this woman into office have the same rights as the minority of people who voted for Trump. Stop the hate.

    • bullsh*t the only peace loving muslim is the one that just ran out of magazines–if they are a true islam following muslim they give u 2 choices convert or die

    • Susan, stop being so naive, she posses a clear and present danger to the entire country. What is it that you do not understand about the muslims? Being a woman and a person of color has nothing to do with anything. The fact that she follows islam has EVERYTHING to do with our disgust.

    • there are no good Muslims read the Koran they dont have to honor you because you dont believe in their god so in their eyes you are nothing
      my disgust id the fact that she is a hater and has no business being in Congress but president Obama put 50,000 of them in MN where Somalia so that is how she was elected

      • there were 50,000 Somalian put in MN so she was not elected by the people she was elected by 50,0000 of her country men nothing to do with being American
        This is how America will fall decay from the inside catering to all the small interest groups and not serving he people


    • Donn Edmounds I don’t know you from Adam but I know one thing you are not a Cristian and a so call religion starting 300 hundred years after Jesus should tell you something different and when you been to WAR and get back OH how things change. I say better you say nothing and feel better about yourself when that day comes and ask God for help.

    • Susan, please read the Koran, then tell me if there is any such thing as a good Moslum, these people have trying to rule the world, for thousand of years. If you don’t believe in belief, you are to beheaded.

    • Have pity on the idiots who voted for this woman! Have pity on a state overrun with too many half-witted liberals!

  41. She was elected by the people. Like it or not, this is the way our government works. Her opinion is just as valid as everyone posting here. I might not agree with her but, she has the right to speak her mind.

    • no she does not have a right to speak her mind oh wait she’s in America with free speech she needs to go back to her country and try to change them to make it better instead of coming over here


    • Minnesota is a great state, however common sense Americans cant believe that there has not been an out cry from the people who live in Minnesota to run this piece of garbage put on a rail and run out of our country. While you are at it if you see what the democrat party has become any democrat who loves our country should be running away from this “fifth column” party.

    • Amen howard buckley. If she was white and from Canada she still needs to get the hell out of Congress and this country. It is sickening to read some of these replies. If she does not like where she is at she can go back to her SHole country.


  42. What did you expect would happen when electing a Muslim into Congress. Those that did not see this coming will be our fall. Now that we have allowed them in our country, they our executing Attack from within.

    • Your right mr wood, and she has stated that she holds sharia law close to her heart, the statement that cutting off heads of gay people is part of sharia law, and her rantings being a congresswoman should raise voices of contempt and ethics rules. but who cares in congress pelosi and shumer certainly dont’

  43. She was REALLY NOT ‘worth” saving from a Refugee camp/SLAUGHTER…..NOW, I understand how islamic countries OPERATE, WHY they SLAUGHTER as many as possible….BECAUSE these so-called Refugees are NO “good” for the rest of the WORLD…….!!!!

  44. The Demoncrats behavior (In Total) is Pathetic. They are not Functioning as an organization that is working on behalf of America. We have allowed the Enemy to come Inside Our Camp. Shame on us– We need to clean house- meaning to vote all of them out of Office. We should not be paying tremendous salaries to the Buffooning Behavior that is witnessed Dailey from the Demoncrats!!!




  45. Every one in this country should ask themselves, What is going on in this country, little by little we are becoming less of the Great American country we have been.

    • Little by little just as “they” have said the muslims WILL infiltrate, “take over” and install their own in very branch of “government” until they have a majority. SMARTEN UP AMERICA (especially WOMEN) Do you want to lose all your CONSTITUTIONAL “rights” under “sharia law”? Keep voting this SCUM in, and you will.
      All one has to do is take a look at the “no go” MOOSLIME areas springing up around this country where they have their own “police force”, “judges” and “INFIDELS” (US) are not allowed in “their” areas. My sister in law in MICHIGAN lives just up the block from one of these “areas”.

      • So why let this happen ?? Get active , call ur congress person or senator. Fill out every survey u can. We can make a difference VOTE THEM OUT & include the DNC. I am! Long live the CONSTITUTION OF THE USA !!!!

        • I have emailed my Representative about getting them removed received an email saying that he has received similar emails and basically nothing is going to happen. Saw the poll results from this survey I was shocked that 2% gave her an approval rating. These 2 Representatives are terrorist sympathizers.

  46. One of our Congress’ responsibilities is oversight-question and debate actions taken by the judicial and executive branches. I respect Rep. Omar’s commitment to the constitution, she is doing an admirable job representing her constituents in Minnesota.

    • If she is representing her constituents in Minnesota then I fear for the future of the Nation. It is shocking to me that a whole 2% of the responders to this poll believe (not think) that she is actually an American never mind that she is somehow representing American values.

      • It really is scary that any American citizen would like and abide by her hatred of the US and our Citizens.

    • Well her so called “consituents” in Minnesota are muslims! WHY in God’s name have we allowed these people into OUR country and now into OUR Government. Congress is so busy trying to take out OUR wonderful POTUS, that they have no time to investigate what is really going on with this woman! I will never understand “why” they want America to become either a latino country or a muslim country!!! Do they not have grandchildren to live in this country after they are gone? Boggles the mind!

    • Her commitment is to the Muslem Brotherhood..who wants to reform YOU & ALL AMERICANS to Muslim faith . They want to take over completely. Anyone not knowing is just naive. Get real people..

  47. I believe that from what I’m seeing right now at this time that 2% of the people voting here are WRONG and should be banned from voting in either the mid term elections as well as the NATIONAL Elections for President. It’s obvious from their vote that they are either mentally deranged, not thinking that this woman has NOT BEEN ANTI-SEMETIC with her comments being discussed OR these persons are quite simply anti-American people that do not belong in this country, just as Ilhan Omar does not.

    • johnny–you are very, very right- to make unamerican remarks as oscar and gomar do,they should be sent back home on their camels-whoever voted for these friggin idiots should go with them !!!

    • I believe that she is a Radical Muslim who is a very dangerous person and I don’t believe that she has any thought for what is good for America. If she gets her way and her wishes there will be no more white Americans. What will those of us who are white do then?

      • You will be required to do the same thing Obozo did as POTUS, bow down to this muzzie scum, and kiss their arses

  48. The way Rep. Ilhan Omar grilled “convicted” war criminal Elliott Abrams was so prescient, and just amazing… that’s when she won me over. Screw these Reagan / Bush retreads! And I am no fan of Trump (though I like a couple of things he’s done) he’s made an error in hiring people like John Bolton and Abrams. And only honest people will speak out, and that makes Ilhan one. So bless her.

  49. this woman does not belong in congress or any office of influence, she is a nut case, closet terrorist and true racist. she has no intention of helping our country only hurting it.

  50. I wouldn’t trust any of these scumbags. I doubt she was even vetted properly
    under the Odumbo administration. The need to assimilate or go back to
    the American hating place they came from.

      • I so agree She is a Muslim plant an Isis sympathizer. We are allowing her to know all the countries business in Congress She is a cohort of Linda Sansour the racist bigot against the US and ISRAEL. She is a friend of Louis Farakan She believes in Sharia law She is a TROJAN HORSE She is pure EVIL and we all need to stand up and demand her impeachment and deportation back to the hole she came from EVERONE THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. LETS GET HER OUT

  51. Wow! I got stuck in a Right Wingnut poll. She’s my representative and this might freak you ignorant clowns out – but she is very liked in Minneapolis and her campaign finances are greater than any other Minnesota politician. You fools need to use your ears and listen instead of allowing your corporate media own your brains.

    • yes all 98% percent of us are fools. You are the fool who voted for a bigot like Omar. Someone will come along who will run against her. She hates AMERICA and you people who voted her in will find out soon what you voted for. Please go back to your wonderful country and try to build up SOMALIA

      • Omar is dumber than a tree stump. She believes she is brilliant LOL! Omar has not been well received in America and never will be for one reason….she is antiAmerican. She should go back to her own country and do what she would consider “good work” there. No one wants her here in America. She won’t be in congress very long.

    • Who do you think finances this congressional embarrassment? What morality does a being have who marries her brother? Her mouth is about as articulate as a morons. Exactly what do you think she does to enrich your jurisdiction? She and Cortiz are an international embarrassment.

      • Ilhan Omar and others in congress are not thinking and speaking the true patriotic American way. They should not be in congress. How do anti-American people get to be a part of one of the highest branches of government in the U.S.? If Omar and the people who voted for them do not like our American Republic then they should leave the country.

      • Obviously we have a problem in Minnesota. We need to move there in large groups since this is only going to get worse. Is this racist or anti-islamic? Well probably but I’m not sure it matters. This is American, we are not muslims. They have their own countries that have been trying to kill us for as long as we can remember, therefore, it isn’t surprising Omar doesn’t really like us & we don’t like her.

    • Listen to this, she is anti-Semitic, anti-American, racist and a bigot. So, I guess that makes you an anti-Semitic, anti-American, racist and bigot lover. It’s people like you that America needs fewer of.
      Trump 2020

    • You are truly a traitor to this Country like her she hates you and everything America stands for I think you should both go move to the Middle east because you both sound like you belong there.

    • That’s no surprise, all you minnis are none too smart any way. Your the fools that invited the somali’s in, how illiterate is that!


    • Just don’t ask one of them for help if they are a police office. Oh wait you can he is in jail for murder now.

  52. In her response about the killings in Somalia, I would like to know where she got her information? She doesn’t know! 2. When the refugees along with Omar were brought over to the U.S.A. Did President Obama ask the American people if it was OKAY for them to come? NO, He brought them in privately! So why should we, the people of this country care what she has to say? I say send her BACK!!!

  53. List of “Jewish Democrats” (oxymoron) who refuse to denounce anti-Semites Omar, Sarsour, Ocasio-Cortez, O’Rourk, or Talib by name:
    US Senate:
    Dianne Feinstein
    Michael Bennet
    Brian Schatz
    Ben Cardin
    Ron Wyden

    House of Representatives:
    Brad Sherman
    Alan Lowenthal
    Mike Levin
    Susan Davis
    Lois Frankel
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz
    Jan Schakowsky
    Brad Schneider
    John Yarmuth
    Jamie Raskin
    Elissa Slotkin
    Andy Levin
    Dean Phillips
    Josh Gottheimer
    Max Rose
    Nita Lowey
    Chrissy Houlahan
    Susan Wild
    David Cicilline
    Steve Cohen
    Kim Schrier
    Elaine Luria

      • Not because you are Jewish because she’s never bad mouthed Jews – you hate her because you are a fool.

    • I believe that all these people should be impeached and thrown out of office along with the rest of the cowards who are trying to take down our government. What a joke we must be to the rest of the world watching this play out

  54. She has her pros and cons. She called it like it was: members of congress have: Israel, ( “dual-citizenship” which she thought wasn’t right). Do you realize 2/3rds of congress are jews and work for the “Zionist”? She gets a point for this one. Another thing to look out for, is the “illuminati”, (dark forces), will slander anyone through the media that signals a “Reality”, making that person look bad….look what they’re doing to President Trump?

  55. Immigrants used to alter their names to a more Americanized form in order to fit in,to try and be a real American. Ilhan refuses to fit in , she’s no real American .


        abjectly rotten leftist media forcing on the American people the election and reelection of this BLACK MUSLIM, it should have been intelligent enough not to have voted for such an UNKNOWN QUANTITY and much less REELECTING him after his abysmal
        first term

      • She is BAD NEWS for the Democrats and for all of AMERICA! Who voted this creature in and did they know that she was totally against the public and the whole COUNTRY? If you are in a different country, don’t you think you should kind of BLEND IN … what is that with the babushka on her head? Strange person.

      • Who is a true American? there is nothing like a “true American”. The truth is, our ancestry originated from somewhere else other than America and settled here in America with a common purpose and objective to make America a home, and for someone to claim that he or she is a true American than other American is simply naïve and absurd. I think it is about time that people see things beyond their horizon and learn about the idea of inclusiveness with love and not hate. After all, that idea was and still is the way civilization began and flourished.

        • Didn’t say “Native American”. Said “True American”! There’s the “LOVE”! You talk as if you hate True Americans, you want to denounce anyone whom embraces this country from there heart and would fight to the death to uphold what it stands for. Shame on you! Get your arrogant, condescending, hateful self out of the America I love, post haste! Go tell some “other” country, “your” country, the crap you’re trying to lay on us.

        • I think it is about time that you see the truth. Demdums are the idiots that hate and blame the right for what they are doing. Demdums are the ones that have this over zealous hatred for all things Trump and that is what is causing the devision in this country.

          “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Martin Luther King Jr.
          Tell your demdum friends to stop hating and give love a chance before it’s too late.

        • The key to your slanted view is the phrase “settled in America for a common purpose”. It used to be that immigrants came to this country and blended in to our system. Hence we were called a “melting pot”. Now, in the name of “inclusiveness” we are expected to embrace immigrants who are dedicated to converting US to THEIR worldview.

          If I am reduced to a minority that consists only of ME, I will NEVER, ever accept this kind of “inclusiveness”!

    • Anti-semitism has no place in our government. Anyone in government stupid enough to express hatred towards Israel and Jews should be removed from office ASAP.

  56. She is an enforcer of hatred and is a radical Muslim at heart just by what she says which is dangerous to everyong. She is a militant and a radical

    • Should never been elected she does not stand for what America is. We do not believe in sharia law and do not marry our brothers.

      • Of course she stands for what the USA is about – it’s you who has no idea what your country stands for and has become. I bet you call yourself a Christian too though you seldom follow any of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

        • The key to your slanted view is the phrase “settled in America for a common purpose”. It used to be that immigrants came to this country and blended in to our system. Hence we were called a “melting pot”. Now, in the name of “inclusiveness” we are expected to embrace immigrants who are dedicated to converting US to THEIR worldview.

          If I am reduced to a minority that consists only of ME, I will NEVER, ever accept this kind of “inclusiveness”!

    • Not our job to figure out or try to understand those that butcher anyone who is an She is an absolute disgrace and she very obviously speaks with total contempt, lack of respect and mockery when speaking. How in the hell did she get there? Another token from the liberal ideology. Please save us.

    • Shut up! She represents my district and people love her and she has more donations than any Minnesota politician. Try listening to what she is stating.

  57. This is the last time I am going to post about Islam.In case you did not know the only country that continually followed Sharia law for the last 80 or so years is Saudi Arabia. A supposed good friend and ally of the United States. Another is that there are at least 5 different schools of thought as to how to interpret Sharia law.This is the reason why most Middle Eastern countries do not use Sharia law as its only guide. I might point out that their are parts of the Bible that are not conducive to are constitutional ideas either.Freedom of religion (as regards to religions not worshiping Jehovah) was certainly not tolerated.In fact the whole idea of democracy can be seen at odds with the monarchy style of government seen in the bible.And I would lastly point out a logical fallacy as regards to Jefferson’s so called war on Islam. It was a war on a group of North African pirates and the city states that supported them. Jefferson did not launch any attacks on on the Turkish Empire for example. In fact technically I believe the Turks were an ally of ours (or a least a friendly neutral) because the city of Tripoli was in rebellion against the Turks. Oh by the way since so many people on this web sight seem to hate Muslims what about the Turks?.The Turks are a Muslim majority country who have stood by the US for decades. They supported us during the Korean War,the Cold War,Gulf War and the Current War on Terror.And what about the Kurds? They have proven to be great allies for the US. Yet they also are a Muslim people. There is no problem with a person following a certain religious dress and obeying the laws of are country. Orthodox Jews, Amish, and Sikhs are just three examples that come to mind. Roman Catholic nuns also often times wear a habit. Are all of these groups therefore suspect as well.

    • Poor baby – you are so very poorly uninformed. The Islamic religion (and governing rules) have not had a reformation. That alone takes care of most of your ignorant blathering. There are many Christian sects and therefore, just like our democratic/Republican candidates, there are many to choose from. Islam give no choices in anything – therefore their religion and their governments are still in the stone ages. Nothing has been advanced, because there were no choices.

    • Yes, but Saudi is by far NOT the only that follows Sharia. There is so much more you have not learned yet. I started in a naive way too and first just visited a few mosques and then READ THE QUR’AN. I was so shocked at what people are told the Must BELIEVE to be Muslim and the very clever way it manipulated. (I grew up with a Healthy education of how to QUESTION and BEWARE of false advertising, peer pressures, being used etc and reading the Qur’an I saw the pure manipulation leading to very BAD behavior and SUPPORT of bad behavior, convincing people it was really ‘good’ because Ordered by Allah. READ IT AND SEE what it does to people for a main purpose that has nothing to do with any Allah/God. Of course it has some nice things in it but the MAIN CORE is Warlord Manipulation and the rest is just good advertising to SELL the idea.) READ IT BEFORE YOU ANSWER. That is the only way you are going to see that it is not ‘just another benign religion’.

    • In Somalia she would be taken to the soccer field. She should count her blessings that she is here where we tolerate free hate speech. In addition, she should shut up. But she is the proverbial gift that keeps n giving.

        • I would say it is not her Fault she had the Qur’an/Hadiths pounded into her way worse even than a strict Evangelical. Its just that MOST of America has no understanding of what that Warlord ‘religion’ calls for because most people are too lazy or busy to actually READ the manipulative thing. Its the BELIEF that is so bad for UsA, for 2019, for Humanity, but Americans refuse to find out FOR THEMSELVES, not another opinion but their OWN by Reading, listening to some of the atrocious sermons, jurisprudence, scholars. If they do, they find out that without one doubt it’s Supremacy does not belong here any more than White Nationalists, KKKLan, Nazigroups or any other bigoted, exclusive, apartheid group. They DO NOT BELONG in A Free COuntry because their BELIEFS do not allow freedom. I blame ACLU for not knowing. I blame everyone who does not thoroughly investigate before supporting or allowing. These groups are as illegitimate as MS13, Mafia of Italy, Russia, Crips, Bloods, Aryans or any other prison, street gang or even the extreme VULTURE Capitalist. Can’t people THink any more? I know we are all very busy but we cannot endorse like a mob until we research and look these things directly in the face without just looking for what we want. Nazigroups, KKKlan, Islam, White Supremacists, gangs like MS13 etc cannot be practised here because the Constitution protects us from them. Freedom of ‘religion’ does not cover any of these beliefs. Find out.

  58. She is the best thing to “guarantee that the criminal Democrat Party Mob loses to President Trump and the Republican Party in the 2020 election!! Is she the best thing along with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is afraid of her, to make sure President Trump has another 4 years in the 2020 election???? Is she “a secret agent for the Republcian Party, for sure looks like it”????

    • We don’t need people in congress that are not Natural Born American citizens period. How the hell did we get to where people that are not American can obtain office in the courts of our system? Get them out now before it’s too late!!!

  59. To all the people I have read in this comments section let me say the following. As a Gulf War veteran who also went to Iraq again in 207-2009 I find your views disturbing. I voted for Rep. Omar because of her stance on domestic issues such as increasing the minimum wage. Her religion had nothing to do with it.Just because Rep. Omar has problems with the right wing government in Israel does not make her a bad person. I support Israel and oppose its current government myself. As a veteran who has fought for his country in the middle east I plan to vote for her again.And as a person who actually has lived in the middle east let me clue you in on a few things. Right now western culture has a bigger impact in Islamic countries than Islam has on the West. Movies (especially Bollywood movies from the pagan land of India), music and clothing are very popular in places like Cairo or Dubai.If any one is being infiltrated it is the West infiltrating Islamic countries.Second most Muslims do not hate non Muslims. From what I’ve seen personally most Muslims just want to live their lives without being bothered by others just like we Americans do. Another thing is that their are different types of Islam. They range from the highly strict Salafits(or Wahabis) in Saudi Arabia to the Sufis who believe their are many paths to God.

    • You have the absolute right to express yourself, openly and freely, under the First Amendment; just as I do. Just as the Government Officials, here in identified, have the same rights. The BIG difference is, what all of them are spewing forth is the total destruction of the United States of America… “THAT” can not be allowed to happen. “IF” it does, none of us will be allowed to freely express ourselves, as we are, right now. You have a Great Day, Paul…

      • Nail on the head. Yup 1%ers everywhere. But how moderate does anyone think these Mooseys will be when faced with “Kill the Infidels” or we cut off YOUR HEAD! Muslims want to live their lives and deny others there’s. I agree with you sir.100%

    • You worthless idiot,Your not a American, you are a trader and a dumb ass. Take this bitch and go back to where you come from. The only thing the Americans are making a mistake on is that we let people from other countries to get voted into office. We do not need people like you and her here in the country. So get lost and keep your people to your self.

    • I guess you took some serious head shots in the Gulf. As a Nam Vet you have my sympathy. Don’t think there is much intelligence in CA anyhow.

      • Are the people who elected her happy with her performance? If so they should all go back to the sorry country they came from and if they will not go on their own we should bring back the process of actually running them out of our country on a rail!

    • Agree.. most on this chat room have not travel more than 3 zip codes in their life. Thank you for your service to our Country. So why did we go to Iraq, it was called Operation Iraqi Freedom, (Freedom for the Iraqi people right from the Dictator we had once appointed) So we lost 1800+ soldiers protecting Muslims and Christians from insurgents and ISIS etc. which ISIS was born out an incomplete war when Obama left in a hurry. No WMDs then reading all about the Arabs.. lol the only one who saw arabs dancing on the streets of NJ was President Trump but the whole world saw Trump dancing with Arabs armed with Swords.. cant even take a nail clipper thru TSA, there were dozens of Arabs with Swords dancing around the president… LOLOL obviously Trump trust the Arabs with swords but not an American who visits the capitol or the white with a nail clipper…. BTW 13 of the 19 terrorist on 911 where from Saudi. Omar country first and then party, people take you out of context to excite the hate. If the president is allowed to focus on his job, I think he would not insert hate in his tweets. Too bad the Dems will not stop the harassment and its Karma, from Obama birth certificate.. 6 trillion Dollars since 911 in this wars and we still have a snake (bagadadi) on the lose killing innocent worshippers in the church.. wonder who is profiting as long as this ISIS leader Bagadadi is breathing… finish him enough is enough..

  60. I thought wearing a hijab in congress is against the rules. When was that changed? It shouldn’t be allowed. She needs to take her hijab and go home. Being a citizen of the United States is more than taking a written test.

  61. Ilhan Omar should be sent back to her home country wearing nothing but a pair of hot-pants and a halter-top. I’ve said it before that if this woman is an example of the average woman from her country that their treatment of women is almost understandable.

    • Agree Michael. Any foreign that emigrates to any country if he or she is not willing to accept the culture, the uses and customs of the adoptive country should have no rights to be accepted as a citizen of the adoptive country. Anyone with radical and offensive ideas like Ilhan OMAR should not be allowed to be a resident of AMERICA. Democrats are falling into the category of those that can be considered anti-America.

  62. I’m in shock that 2% of the poll actually approves of this person. What is sad is that there are more than than that are on board with these godless left wing idiots.

    • She and Rashida Tlaib should be recalled. Both of them are not patriots of America but both should be sent back to their countries of origin.

  63. She is a disgrace to America and a crybaby. She hates this nation and needs to go to prison for her work against the nation.

  64. I would like to hear from those who put her and “AOC” in office, I would like to hear their reasoning behind voting for them….

      • Agree Michael. Any foreign that emigrates to any country if he or she is not willing to accept the culture, the uses and customs of the adoptive country should have no rights to be accepted as a citizen of the adoptive country. Anyone with radical and offensive ideas like Ilhan OMAR should not be allowed to be a resident of AMERICA. Democrats are falling into the category of those that can be considered anti-America.

      • She’s first and foremost a fraud. Interesting lack of investigation about how she was married to 2 men at the same time, one of them being her brother. She is doing a great job of driving most of us crazy with her dishonest cry-baby tactics. I think she’s doing her best at fomenting the kind of violence that now goes on in Europe. She’s using the same technique as the Nazi crowd of whom there are very few left. There are many more of her ilk in the Muslim community than people would think, especially in the Somali communities. We really can’t afford to let them instigate us into the kind of violent behavior they hope we devolve into. Fight them politically and make every Dem either defend or denounce them. She could be the answer to our prayers to force the Dems to return to some semblance of normalcy on a policy basis. She’s definitely a demented individual. Make the Dems pay for it at the ballot box and watch their power recede until they denounce her and her tactics and primary her sorry, pathetic axx out of congress.

    • Both Omar and her sister hijab wearer from MI come from areas heavily settled by islamic militant “refugees” that overwhelm those districts. Part of a long plan until everywhere is Londonstan.

    • “Those who put AOC in office” are the other Somali Jihadists that the Clinton and Obama administrations imported and packed into what used to be friendly, Scandinavian-American Minnesota. They hate America as much as she does.

      • Omar is from Somalia brought in by Obama years ago. Elected by ones just like her race who inhabit the district she is over. Many in MN did NOT vote for her. She is a disgrace for all US citizens.

  65. Not like anyone from the GOP ever did any Muslim bashing during the Obama Administration. Just because someone looks different than you or has an “Un-American” sounding name doesn’t mean they’re bad.

    • Just because she hates Jews and wants to blow God’s chosen Israel off the map. Just because she totally disregards the pain caused to America on 9/11. Just because she has no idea of American history. Just because she bashes the soldiers who were there to protect her people in Blackhawk Down. Just because…

      • Thank you, Mara, for clarifying some of the hateful & outrageous & UnAmerican things Omar believes in for Mr. Jaspers, who apparently has his head where the sun don’t shine!!

    • Their not bad their horrible killers they want OUR America so if you don’t stand up and fight them then you will get what you deserve and you will certainly regret it.

    • Obama admin were mostly Muslims if you will investigate. The Muslim ideology is what we in America are against. We are a Godly Nation and have been from beginning. That is why America is the No 1 of all nations. Saying that, We want our Nation to be free with Liberty and Justice for ALL,if Muslims want to change America let them go back to Allah Country. Have a good day 🙏

    • It is Ilhad Omar’s ideology that is objectionable and has nothing to do with her appearance. She is imbued with the teachings of radical Islam that does not tolerate the existence of any religion other than what is instructed in the Koran. Its goal is the creation of a worldwide caliphate with strict Islamic law for all – after the destruction of other beliefs. The ideology cannot be reconciled with the American Constitution.

    • Haha moment goes to you. Guess if you lived in her district and had kids going to school it ok if she talks to them but you are not allowed to hear what she says to them. Also guess it is ok with you that with her telling her fellow Muslims to raise he// at you and make you feel uncomfortable you are ok with that. She needs to be deported along with the other 100,000 that OBama let in mainly to MN. THEN the rest of the Muslims living in the US should follow as they do not value the US.

  66. Wake up people!!! This is the good old USA! If you want it, it’s time to stand up.
    We are about to be taken over by a religious cult. Stand up! Fight! These people will not stop until they take over the world. Read a little history, guys.


      200 YRS AGO THE U.S. DECLARED WAR ON ISLAM ISLAM UNDER THOMAS JEFFERSON/And so began US Marine’s “to the shores of Tripoli”

      Interesting! The Muslims are still stating their beliefs as they did 200 years ago- Remember it is a principal of THEIR Religion and what they MUST Act upon to please Allah !!!! SORRY – This is NOT a Religion – No love and Forgiveness and Tolerance as principals to live !!!!

      Most Americans are unaware of the fact that over two hundred years ago, the United States had declared war on Islam, and Thomas Jefferson led the charge!
      At the height of the eighteenth century, Muslim pirates were the terror of the Mediterranean and a large area of the North Atlantic. They attacked every ship in sight, and held the crews for exorbitant ransoms. Those taken hostage were subjected to barbaric treatment and wrote heart breaking letters home, begging their government and family members to pay whatever their Mohammedan captors demanded.
      These extortionists of the high seas represented the Islamic nations of Tripoli, Tunis, Morocco, and Algiers – collectively referred to as the Barbary Coast – and presented a dangerous and unprovoked threat to the new American Republic.
      Before the Revolutionary War, U.S. merchant ships had been under the protection of Great Britain. When the U.S. declared its independence and entered into war, the ships of the United States were protected by France. However, once the war was won, America had to protect its own fleets. Thus, the birth of the U.S. Navy.
      Beginning in 1784, seventeen years before he would become president, Thomas Jefferson became America’s Minister to France. That same year, the U.S. Congress sought to appease its Muslim adversaries by following in the footsteps of European nations who paid bribes to the Barbary States, rather than engaging them in war.
      In July of 1785, Algerian pirates captured American ships, and the Dey of Algiers demanded an unheard-of ransom of $60,000. It was a plain and simple case of extortion, and Thomas Jefferson was vehemently opposed to any further payments. Instead, he proposed to Congress the formation of a coalition of allied nations who together could force the Islamic states into peace. A disinterested Congress decided to pay the ransom.
      In 1786, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams met with Tripoli’s ambassador to Great Britain to ask by what right his nation attacked American ships and enslaved American citizens, and why Muslims held so much hostility towards America, a nation with which they had no previous contacts.

      The two future presidents reported that Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja had answered that Islam “was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Quran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in battle was sure to go to paradise.”
      Despite this stunning admission of premeditated violence on non-Muslim nations, as well as the objections of many notable American leaders, including George Washington, who warned that caving in was both wrong and would only further embolden the enemy, for the following fifteen years, the American government paid the Muslims millions of dollars for the safe passage of American ships or the return of American hostages. The payments in ransom and tribute amounted to over twenty percent of the United States government annual revenues in 1800.
      Jefferson was disgusted. Shortly after his being sworn in as the third President of the United States in 1801, the Pasha of Tripoli sent him a note demanding the immediate payment of $225,000 plus $25,000 a year for every year forthcoming. That changed everything.
      Jefferson let the Pasha know, in no uncertain terms, what he could do with his demand. The Pasha responded by cutting down the flagpole at the American consulate and declared war on the United States. Tunis, Morocco, and Algiers immediately followed suit. Jefferson, until now, had been against America raising a naval force for anything beyond coastal defense, but having watched his nation be cowed by Islamic thuggery for long enough, decided that is was finally time to meet force with force.
      He dispatched a squadron of frigates to the Mediterranean and taught the Muslim nations of the Barbary Coast a lesson he hoped they would never forget. Congress authorized Jefferson to empower U.S. ships to seize all vessels and goods of the Pasha of Tripoli and to “cause to be done all other acts of precaution or hostility as the state of war would justify.”

      When Algiers and Tunis, who were both accustomed to American cowardice and acquiescence, saw the newly independent United States had both the will and the might to strike back, they quickly abandoned their allegiance to Tripoli. The war with Tripoli lasted for four more years, and raged up again in 1815. The bravery of the U.S. Marine Corps in these wars led to the line “to the shores of Tripoli” in the Marine Hymn, They would forever be known as “leathernecks” for the leather collars of their uniforms, designed to prevent their heads from being cut off by the Muslim scimitars when boarding enemy ships… I FOUND THIS QUITE INTERESTING.
      Islam, and what its Barbary followers justified doing in the name of their prophet and their god, disturbed Jefferson quite deeply. America had a tradition of religious tolerance. Jefferson, himself, had co-authored the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, but fundamentalist Islam was like no other religion the world had ever seen. A religion based
      on supremacism, whose holy book not only condoned but mandated violence against unbelievers was unacceptable to him. His greatest fear was that someday this brand of Islam would return and pose an even greater threat to the United States.
      This should bother every American. The Islamists have brought about women-only classes and swimming times at taxpayer-funded universities and public pools; Christians, Jews, and Hindus have been banned from serving on juries where Muslim defendants are being judged; Piggy banks and Porky Pig tissue dispensers have been banned from workplaces because they offend Islamist sensibilities. Ice cream has been discontinued at certain Burger King locations because the picture on the wrapper looks similar to the Arabic script for Allah, public schools are pulling pork from their menus, on and on in the newspapers.
      It’s death by a thousand cuts, or inch-by-inch as some refer to it, and most Americans have no idea that this battle is being waged every day across America. By not fighting back, by allowing groups to obfuscate what is really happening, and not insisting that the Islamists adapt to our own culture, the United States is cutting its own throat with a politically correct knife, and helping to further the Islamists agenda.
      Sadly, it appears that today’s America would rather be politically correct than victorious.

      So Ends Todays History Lesson – Any doubts, just Google Thomas Jefferson vs the Muslim World

        • I think History & Government at every branch, school, township, county , state, world and most importantly United states government so on should be taught all the way through school. We should demand our kids are taught this in order to be better citizens.

      • Islam is an ideology and as such it has no religious protection under our constitution ….. we need to deport all muslims and especially this ungrateful hate filled refugee…. she needs to be stripped of her citizenship and sent back to the Somali she ran from …..

      • I am glad you took the time to explain this. Not too many people know the truth behind Islam! More people need to be made aware of the true goal of Islam. Thank You for your time in writing this!

      • Thank You for taking the time to write this well documented article. I have studied the works of Bernard Lewis in depth,this is Exactly what they want since the loss of the Ottman Empire. I was born in Canada but graciously was allowed to become A PROUD citizen of United States many decades ago Immigration Is The Real Problem, I flew into Toronto Ontario Airport (Lester B Pearson) and there was Not ONE White Caucasian . Canada shall sadly become like England, most notably, London.


  67. America was the land of Immigrants, my grandparents were immigrants from Ireland & Poland. Ilhan Omar is a true American and our war heroes fought and died so that a Muslim woman would have the opportunity to have her voice heard in this great nation! Her religion, her speech, and everything she is doing is protected by the CONSTITUTION.
    I highly recommend that if you are against Ilhan Omar you should read the amendments. How would you all like it if the Natives treated you and Christian Sharia Law like you all do Muslims???

    • Any Muslim, will never be any part of the America our forefathers had in mind. The Muslim religion cannot coexist with true freedom, and true American ideals. You can get warm and fuzzy over Omar all you want, but the day that Muslims have any control in our sovereign nation, is the day we lose our democracy.

    • In Every Country where Muslims are a Minority, they are obsessed with minority rights. In any country that has a muslim minority, there are NO Minority Rights

      • In Every Country where Muslims are a Minority, they are obsessed with minority rights. In any country that has a muslim Majority, there are NO Minority Rights

      • Indeed. In every country to which Muslims have immigrated they are in stark contrast with the indigenous culture. Many exhibit a devote reluctance to respectfully assimilate into the broader legitimately established society choosing rather to oppose it and activity work to subvert it with the ideal of “the end justifies the means”. This aspect of Islamic immigration unequivocally results in
        conflict which often degenerates into violence. In those places where Islam has obtained a majority and become the ruling force the suppression of basic human rights and intolerance for and bigoted oppression of non-Muslims is the norm.

        Winston Churchill realized this truth of Islam and stated it as such in 1899, it remains true to this day.
        “Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities… but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

    • I don’t care that she a Muslim, I care she hates Israel and all they stand for, she is in the big leagues now she needs to act like it.

    • If a Republican said the things she said….the uproar would be never ending.1st Amendment apparently is only for certain people.”Some people did something”, what kind of respect does that show for Americans??? She hates us. She hates Israel but she is a lawmaker in our government who is being protected by Pelosi . This country is in serious trouble. She is a Trojan Horse.

    • The Constitution and our Nation is based on Christian principals so they are not alien to our laws. However, Islam Sharia opposes our establishment and to replace our established laws. Islamic is less a Religion and more a political cult whose goal is to conquer the world. Before you speak and lose your freedom, learn and understand the Koran.

    • I’m an immigrant from VN. I registered for Republican since 1973. My religion is Buddha, but I love Christian, I pray for our great POTUS and America everyday from those muslims of yours. If you and that stupid omar don’t like Americans then go back to your shithole countries. PERIOD!!!

    • Eric,
      Get your head out of your butt! I to come from immigrant grandparents and for you to put her at the same level as all the great immigrants that helped to build this an insult to them

    • Eric, Sharia law is against everything in the constitution. Omar is nothing but a muslim plant. She is there to undermine our congress.

  68. Should have never been elected,we betterwakeup or this Great Nation is going away. AOC, Bernie, Nadler andthe rest needto hit the bricksalso.

  69. I worked in Vienna during the ’80s. I lived in an apartment in a large hotel on the Krasner Ring. there were many muslims in the neighborhood and they all ate at my hotel.
    I found them to perfidious, vain-glorious, hateful, and just living ’til they were in control of Austria and all the blonde girls. they were supposed to be attending the Univ. of Vienna, but the staff told me that they never went to class.
    in all they were reprehensible group of people.

  70. She is an intelligent woman, whose only mistake is that as a newcomer, one cannot say everything they feel. I definitely have a favorable opinion of her. Those with the negative comments need to have a reality check; American is changing; so sad so many are wasting time complaining about personalities rather than getting involved improving our country.

    • Islam is an infiltrate and take over cult. It is a false doctrine created by a false profit. The purpose of Islam is to take over slowly and they are very good at it. They will try to implement sharia law in this country and shred our constitution. They will not assimilate into our country. She is one of many infiltrators and her mission is to sow discord and shred our constitution. She should be sent back to Somalia with all other temporary refugees and illegals that are sucking down our financial system be using SSI, Medicaid and Medicare they have never paid into. It is disgusting that our law makers have allowed this to happen. A reckoning is coming and it will not be pretty.

      • When Obama was President he and others spoke of bringing in and building a new Muslim caliphate to take over America! It looks like they are getting their wish. Hillary Clinton turned Muslim just for such an occasion. It won’t be long and we will be at war right here in America with Muslims. Obama brought them into the WH and into Congressional positions without so much as being vetted. A whole bunch of them are still in those positions, today. Obama is a Muslim snake in the grass, and he always hated America. He still does, and so does Michelle. They never had any good intentions for the U.S. These two and G.Soros are the ones sending all these illegals here, and they and the Dems are collecting money from the cartels! This is FACT!

        • This country still believes in freedom- including freedom of religion. The only Caliphate in the USA with religious law is the “Evangelical Caliphate.”
          “Evangelical Christians in the United States condemn Muslim extremism as a threat to them their way of life, while pushing their own form of extreme religious authoritarianism. This establishes a tribally divisive “US” v. “them” mentality, which places “our” rights and prerogatives above the needs of any other group.”
          Quoted from an unknown internet source.

          • You are confused,misled and/or blatantly lying . Our Nation was founded by men, back when the real world hardships caused men to ask God for help on a daily bases, they prayed to Jesus for strength, and guidance. One day you will be helpless, weak, and old. You are in for a very rude awakening, when reality sets in. One day every knee will bow, and confess that Jesus is Lord. It is not too late for you.

      • Chris, above, is right on the button. He is totally correct. The thousands of Muslims and Samolians are a threat to the USA and our constitution…trying to divide our country, pushing their own form of extreme religion? authoritarians. Dividing the country…The Muslim religion or cult is a true threat to our way of life, their theme is: death to the infidel…meaning all Americans/anuone who does not believe in Muslim religion…Wake up folks…the Muslims ARE NOT MEANT TO TAKE OVER the USA…we have been fighting this for 200 years. Check history, check the Muslims real beliefs…is frightening…

    • Hopefully, Sharia law will not become a reality in the United States of America in your lifetime. If it does, your comments will haunt you to your grave.

    • Reality Check to Davola . Yeah America is changing….and NOT FOR THE BETTER as we have failed to see the invasion of Muslims as it always is, and they have told us it is. Islam wants to dominate the world…and have the world as it’s subjects. We fought the revolutionary war to stop being subjects….now you want us to become subjects again? I am a follower of Christ, a sinless man who died for my sins….not a pmurdering pedophile like Islam is.

    • this individual clearly hates the American people and what we stand for. She has no business holding an office that legislates the laws of our country and doesn’t seem to realize she represents all of the people in here district not just the people of the muslim faith.

      • Ingrid, That is so true. George Bush, Bill Clinton and Osama Obama, secretly dropped 100’s of thousand of foreigners from broken wars on many of our towns in the middle of the night! That’s how OMAR got elected. Her district is all Sharia-Loving Muslims!

  71. It is really sad the way our congress has let our wonderful country go to Hell, with all the fighting and bickering. Impeach, Russia, Collusion. What next?

    • she would be a hero if she personally was in Palestine fighting for the woman there that are persecuted for even wearing lipstick and not serving a dipstick.

    • Michael you are full of Bull Shit Kim You of North Korean is MORE OF AN AMERICAN HERO than the TRAITOR OMAR who should be either DEPORTED YESTERDAY or EXECUTED as a TREASONOUS TRAITOR by the US GoverLANDOJNnment!!

    • Who are you kidding Michael. You are either ignorant of Islam’s plans or you are just plain stupid. Omar is not an American hero. If she was, that muslim rag on her head would go in the trash where it belongs and she’d be forever grateful to be in America.

      • Just a minor correction to your post. It’s not a rag it’s a diaper. A diaper is what you put on someone’s head that has $h!+ for brains.

  72. I don’t blame her. It was how she was brought up, in the Islamic faith where woman just do what their men tell them to do, and in some countries can’t leave their own houses without a male relative, much less drive a car. This radical Islamist jew-hater being in office is the result of the voters that elected her, just like we ended up with Obama.

    • She is not an American in any way shape or form.
      She got in here illegally, she has not assimilated and I don’t think she will.
      I think Omar, Tliab and AOC need to go. Impeach them all.
      They are out to make big names for themselves and whoever is paying them.
      I wonder who that could be…

    • She has no business being in our Congress in any shape or form. She’s only planted there to cause trouble, that’s my way of thinking.

    • Since she and her parents were granted asylum due to the Somali jihadist rampages, she should have her citizenship revoked and deported. She has violated the terms of asylum.

    • Don’t make excuses for camel jockeys! They don’t belong in any branch of goverment and to stupid to run anything!!

  73. she is from a Islamic country and what do you expect from a person come from
    Islamic country they believed on something that we,from the west did not believe on that kind of idea okay plain and simple. she will be forever against
    to the U.S./Christians/jews forever

    • I am very happy people are recognizing what a racist hateful Muslim is like. The Muslims who elected her must have the same ideas and feeling, I have no idea why they are here and do not appreciate what this wonderful country is all about.

      • She is here because Obama purposely imported at leazt 80,000 Muslims and settled them in Minnesota. He did this as he hated America and was doing this knowing they breedike rabbits.

        • I agree totally. He took the states with the lowest voter turnout (Michigan & Minnesota) getting the most Muslims. If voters turn out in 2020 like they should, these people will be voted out. I’m still pissed off that they were allowed to swear in on the Quartan instead of the Bible.

      • she is very dangerous to our country, she has been sent to infiltrate our gov. I a sure Obama put a lot of muslims in her district and told them to vote on her. he is at the heart of this infiltration. Obama or omar does not care about our country or our people they just care about taking over. if you sit by and do nothing it will happen in our country also.

      • Why do they come if America is so bad? Why do they come from everywhere also illegally and America is so hateful and bad? Why don’t they stay home? No They come because America is good and free. They have no rights there. That’s why. Well stay home. My blessed America succeeds without you. you .

        • They come because they all have a purpose. Kill the infidel and take over America. All Americans should read about what true Muslims are and believe. To my mind, there is no true Muslim American..they are either a true Muslim or are a true American. CANNOT BE BOTH…get them out of here. President Trump was right in his efforts to stop them coming in…but the Liberal Democrat Judges tried to stop the American President of the USA. Didn’t work.

  74. The poll shows how the majority feels. Marie is correct smiles to your facwe while stabbing you in the back. I can not believe Fox hired Brazielle. just what we need on fox another democrat.

      REMEMBER 911!

    • I totally agree !!!! In 1952 a law was passed that no one who will not assimilate will not be allowed. The Islam cult culture says to kill NON BELIEVERS should be proof enough.

    • Is there any intelligent life left in a state that would elect her? How Nieve and stupid are the people who would do that? Certainly no one who loves America. I would be ashamed if my fellow citizens which is why I am ashamed my state elected Maize Hirono and produced the traitor Obama.

    • The fact that Omar, Tlaib did not take an oath on the Bible is a warning that they are anti-America. What arrogant and disrespectful humans. I read that Omar took terrorism class, by the way Madonna thought “an awful lot about blowing up” something. I won’t be surprise if Omar or Tlaib blows up a government structure.


  75. they need to ask her to resign! She is a Muslin that hates the people of the USA..As do all Muslims!!!Sorry I don’t like any body preaching peace and then says join us or we will kill you!!Trump was right sdtop them all before it’s too late!They spread like fleas,Stop the fleas before they kill the dog!!

    • I would pass the resign part and just oost her out the door and do not give time to think about it and I think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and tlaib from Michigan should follow her out the door and please do not vote for anymore of the Islamic faith into those positions !!!!!

  76. I would not be surprise if she was connected to ISIS, the Taliban, Hezbollah, or some other Islamic subversive group. I can’t believe she got voted into our government.

    • The US government, probably mostly during Obama’s presidency, allowed/made many Somalian muslims settle in same district hence Omar got elected. She needs to go,

  77. this is a country founded on christanity I don’t think muslims should be allowed to serve in our govt Im sure we couldn’t serve in a muslim country.

  78. Got to vote them out or impeach them just get them out of congress anyway we can.How did they even get in they are Muslims the country that sent planes into the towers.Now they are in congress in the US ? Kinda crazy to me, get them out

    • We need to get a whole bunch of them out Democrats and Republicans all those dinausors have got to go the sooner the better and 3/4of Democrats out we should also clean those Democrats governors out as well ENOUGH of their CRAP and lies Ican not stomach it anymore spring cleaning is far overdue 2 years wasted and millions of dollars wasted that we paid we should make them Democrats reimbursed all the money they took from us the people

  79. Islamic jihad succeeded in infiltrating our government, and thanks to our corrupt politicians, who happen to be on the Saudi’s payroll, it will take a miracle to reverse the damage done.

  80. they dont belong here there are here to profelirate and take over they are intolerant fundamentalist culture in india the old saying goes if you get close with them they will lick and kill you and if you keep a distance they stab and kill you ha ha they will steal women from other religions to profilerate yet you cannot get their women they breed like dogs

    • Kick all muslims out of our country,they hate us and will take over if we don’t stop them now, And they sure don’t belong in government,We have enough stupid people in there now,our country is in grave danger

  81. We cannot have Muslims serving in Congress! They are not allowed to pledge allegiance to anything but Allah… and that precludes the US Constitution, which all Congressmen must swear to uphold. Both Omar and Tlaib must go! And fast!

    • I totally agree with James C Green that Muslims cannot serve in Congress because they are not allowed to pledge allegiance to anything but Allah. How are they then able to swear into the Seante?

      • the muslim cult does not condone lying. But it is ok to lie to the infidel. The Means to achieve the end they want is acceptable.

    • I don’t know what kind of a fool would have elected her to start with! No Muslim should ever be in any office in this country.

        • People need to read their history and find out how quickly they can take over a country. Also read the Koran and see what they think of Christians.

    • Of course we can. We are a nation of immigrants. We fought a revolution against England for proper representation. We were a nation that was far more homogeneous then and much more diverse now. After the fiasco of 911, we have become much more intolerant of the refugees we generate by our never ending wars to bring democracy to other people who we drive their people out of their own country. How are we doing with that?? We have not brought democracy to anyone and these people are far worse for our intervention. Now some have made it to this country and want to participate in our democracy, and we need to respect the mess we have generated. Ilhan is correct and she is shining a light on the stupidity we have been doing for at least the last 18 years and longer. We have not be acting in our own best interests.


        • The stupidity is on the politicians part that the stupid EVIL Dems elect into office, like the likes of barrack HUSSEIN obama whom I belive is not a Christian.
          it was a lie. Look at his backgrownd. The end justifies the means!

      • Chris, you are one of the few that speaks the truth. Congratulations. If you think the Muslims are bad let me give you a couple of quotes from Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, “This is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of members of all nations of the world. . . The difference in the inner quality between jews and non-Jews is so great that the bodies should be considered as completely different species.” “An even greater difference exist in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.” and “The entire creation of a non-Jew exists only for the sake of the Jews.” Note, he is not referring the just Muslims but to everyone, including Christians who have decided to virtually worship Jews.

      • C. Richardson. We WERE a nation of LEGAL immigrants. We were attacked! We’re now bringing their wars to them. Where did you get the idea they want to “share in our democracy”. They don’t want to ‘share’ anything with us – they want to OWN us.

    • Better kick out Jehovah’s Witnesses too. Trump said he loved the uneducated–these comments prove him right–extremely right.

    • And no one should swear allegiance on anything but the bible no exceptions just look at England after one of them got to the government and see the chaos that it caused unless you hate your own country no muslims should
      Be elected to those seats until many generations and assassination to the new country .Islam is not a religion it’s an ideology and almost all of them want our destruction how much more must we endure to their hands and actions

  82. She doesn’t honor our constitution because she wouldn’t take her oath on the Bible. That would exclude her from serving in our Government in my opinion. She needs to be deported back to where she came from.

    • Do Jews in Congress swear on a tora?? Would it make a difference if she swore on Koran?? This is a stupid statement. We may have started as a Christian Nation, but that just started us down the path of unrestrained Calvinism, not a pretty picture.

      • CR – No thanks to you and those who vote as you do, we wound up with a lying illegal pothead for a president. Thank God we now have a President who upset the Obama/Soros/Clinton apple cart and turned this country upright.


      • You are so wrong the Quran is not a religious book might as well swear allegiance to our country on a Mickey mouse book actually I would respect that more and I am tired of these lines I’m a woman, I’m of color by the way white is also a color and do not insult us by EXCUSE she did not know what she was saying or typing okay she knows more than us to make it to the Congress wake up America the dems ,CNN, MSNBC and now it looks like fox news has join the party from hell

    • If she took the oath of office on the Koran, she must be in favor of Sharia law. That is against the Constitution.

        • must be Omar wouldn’t even apologize for what she she said about Isrial. then they take Judge Janine off fox for what she said about Omar and the Judge apologized for the coment and was still taken off. There is the double standard of the democrats Omar should have her passport revoked and her citizenship taken away and deported back to Somalia as a anti-American, terrorists.

          • Ilhan is more of a patriot than you have any comprehension of. I would love to here what brought her to this country, did we run her out of her country?? Wouldn’t be surprised at all. We have invaded the countries of the Middle East because of the false flag incident of 911. Please do the research, see and see why we are in this long running wars just to help Israel oppress their neighbors and help the Saudis invade Yemen. We have acted badly against the wrong people.

          • James all muslims faith hate America but most of all Israel and Chris Richardson someone really needs to shake you awake think of all the statenants made by Islam is always the same deathly to Israel and America she is far from patriotic feelings and if you fall that easily for her hey I got some huge land for sale cheap !

      • you’re right, bill. she and AOC and that other one that cursed our President should all be eradicated from any positions of power. BO’s dream as he stated in his book, DREAMS OF MY FATHER, would be for America to become a Muslim country, and a prominent Muslim stated that one day there will be a Muslim flag flying over the White House. BO started the ball rolling from HIS OWN heritage. Muslims believe that if you don’t convert to Muslim, you should die. that’s in their Koran. can’t assimilate that honorably and respectfully into AMERICAN VALUES. ‘we the people’ are sick of being bullied … by the CRATS and their lemmings and their hatred for our beloved nation. SO sad.

  83. I believe if Judicial Watch investigated it would show she only won her seat because of illegal voters. She doesn’t belong there. She should go back to her country.

    • you are completely correct. she needs to be deported back to her county it is evident that she does not like living in not our kind or she would take the rag off her head or is she hairless.

      • She is an ISIS operative in the US government. We just got rid of a high ranking Samali ISIS Official again yesterday. They said they would get us from the inside out. Left extremism is dangerous. That’s how these terrorists get in without being detected. Obama started this mess. Obama, Omar, Cortez should be escorted out. They are not Americans & represent the scourge we try to keep out of the country. Also Pelosi & Nadler are in way over their heads along with the onset of degenerative thought process.

    • Why is she in the Government to begin with? She violates her Constitutional oath each and every time she takes a breath. A Senate Investigation should be launched concerning her ties to terrorists in Mogadishu at least.
      Why is she even in our Country?

      • The only person who can answer that question I believe, would be George Soros, in yet another attempt at driving a wedge into our Republic! This woman should indeed return to Somalia with a “Nice try” pat on the back!

    • Terrorists lover refugee Omar has been living off out taxes since childhood,
      she is proof that a terrorist Muslim is a terrorist Muslim, she was elected by terrorist muslim,they may deny it but, when elected, she said The White House will be run by Muslims! She’s another putrid garbage, even animals show gratitude when we feed them, we fed and paid everything for Omar while she and her kind laughed at us since her plans have been to take over America probably since childhood!

  84. The Patriot:
    Go Home Omar! You are the start of a cancer this country doesn’t need.
    When you get home try it there & see what happens! You are a terrorist!

  85. There must be a legal reason she hasn’t been deported back to Somalia. Under educated twit. I’d send her back vis a vis bin Laden

  86. No Muslims should be part of our government. Their beliefs are diabolically opposed to American beliefs, thus unable to agree with our system of government, history or religion. They do not believe in our God, and have stated we are all infidels. There is no possible way for them to assimilate in America.
    if they want to live here and practice their religion, there is no problem. however, they have no right to try to change our government and principles for living.
    If they are unhappy here, no one is keeping them from leaving, but they must be ejected from our government!!!

    • Susan Paul, I agree with you completely. I have never been so disappointed and disgusted with our government as I am since the muslims got voted in. I understand it cost Soros a pretty penny but he should be ejected from our country with the 3 invaders in our Gov.

    • Muslim, Christian,Jew or any other faith does not qualify or disqualify anyone from serving in our government. We have a separation of State and Church. There are more of American Muslims who are American patriots than not. Muslim faith has nothing to do with political positions. I do not agree and I condemn congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s statements and policies. Perhaps her political beliefs and positions could be labeled as diametrically opposed to American interests but certainly not diabolically. Her constituents should think twice before they vote for her again for congress. She is entitled to her opinion, we are entitled to our vote. I am a devout Christian and I welcome and respect all faiths and religions. Hate should not drive our opinions and positions but logic and well informed research. When the time comes for congresswoman Omar’s re-election vote her out of office! That’s the answer.

      • It is not that easy. Once in office, it is difficult to get rid of them, especially since she has made a name for herself, albeit a negative name. Many people do not do any homework before they vote and vote for a name they recognize and that is one of the reasons we have so many idiots in Congress right now.

      • She lives in a district that was “loaded up” with like minded Somali’s by the previous administration. How do you vote that out? She has violated “rules” in Congress by spewing hate toward the Jewish people. She violated immigration law by marrying her brother to bring him into this country. We should not allow people to violate our laws without accountability. Period.

        • She outright stated that she is antisemetic, that she has a hatred for Israel. She should be ousted from Congress. It’s a shame that the media is always focusing on her and Tliab instead of the good things our President is doing for this country.

        • I have tried to research your information as I had heard it before and could not understand how a person could marry their brother to get them into the USA. Also, I have heard that the Koran teaches that “we Christians” are infidels and must be killed. That does not sound like a person who should be in Congress and especially not on the committee for foreign affairs. By the way read what she said, it does not meet the requirements of an apology.

      • George, You need to do a lot of research about the Muslim faith. They do not separate their religion from their Government. Their Religion is their Government. Also they are supposed to kill all infidels according to the Koran and anyone who is not a muslim is an infidel. That includes you George

  87. We want true patriots to represent us in our government. This woman is not an American and has characteristics of all things I hate in people: arrogance; smugness; histrionics; guile; hate and lies. This is America; she is not!

    • janet, Your listed characteristics could apply to any Demon-rat in congress. The person that first came to mind was Lyin’ Hillary.

  88. Ilhan Omar is a convenient tool to be used to attack Trump by the ruling elite. If anyone says anything about Omar they can fall back on the “race or hate” card. Typical tactics used by the Left. If you think Omar is scary, uninformed and plain ignorant, what about those in her district in Minnesota who actually voted to send her to Washington, District of Corruption. I said long ago this about Maxine Waters. Are her constituents that dumb, deaf, blind and confused? The answer is yes. People get the leaders/politicians they deserve. MEDIA = MAKING EVERYONE DUMB IN AMERICA.

  89. Oh miss camel jockey Omar! Prime example of a transplant who came here milking Obama’s stupidity! Living off American tax payers and going to one of our colleges we probably paid for !! Some retarded no brain idiot put her in Congress,I smell George Soros,, she dam sure wasnt voted in by real americans! Now she plays the stupid role everytime she sticks her foot in her stupid mouth! She knows exactly what shes saying!! She needs to go!! She has no business in American politics and our goverment!

    • If Omar is one of two female Myslims elected then who is the other one? taking into consideration that when it comes to Islam, women are supposed to be either broodmares or suicide bombers because they are so expendable. So how is it two of them have attained such power without CAIR or Muslim Brotherhood calling for their honor killings?

      One of them, Omar, seems to be purposely making all the noise she can, being as Anti-Semitic as possible while the other one has not uttered a word. Methinks Omar is running a diversion to keep everyone’s attention, while the other Muslim female is doing things in the background unnoticed. I would also bet dimes to doughnuts that former Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison is showing the other one how to do it, who the most greedy are on Capitol Hill so they can be convinced to betray America for dollar signs and/or the promise of a place in the Global Caliphate when the dust settles. Anyone who has looked up how Muhammad conquered Medina knows this is how they operate. They just needed to use different tactics today than he did back then.

      • The other Muslim is Rashida Tlaib, who represents the Arab population in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Its the largest community of Arabs outside of the Middle East. This is another left wing radical wack job that is a hater of America. But as George Soros would describe people in general, Tlaib is a “useful idiot” to advance the agenda of the Globalists. The United Nations Agenda 21 of Divide. Dumb Down. Conquer has been in play since the early 1990’s. The goal is one world government where the elite will control your lives from womb to tomb.


        • Europe and the rest of the world know that we are the source of making these people refugees. We have been identified as the biggest threat to democracy in the world and the biggest generator of refugees from other countries because we don’t like their governments. I just thank God the Syria is not bombing us for poisoning our children in Flint, Michigan or killing 45,000 people a year just because a health insurance company refuses health care to patients with their doctors who have never even seen these patients.

    • The stink of hate is covering this world and people like the low life in the White House and white males,they don’t give a damn about Jewish people or anybody else that’s not white. Not all whites are bad, but it’s white men that is the driving force behind all the hate that is taking innocent lives.

      • You’ve got it twisted. Do not let hate rule you. The President has grand children that are Jewish, and his daughter’s married to a Jewish man. There is no hate there for this sect of people. Stop believing everything you hear or read and focus your judgement on what he accomplishes / on what he does.

      • Thank you Henry, it is left leaning nut jobs like you that have confirmed my choice to switch from left to right, was a good one.

      • Henry, tell that to the victims of 911 and the soldiers at
        ft. Hood. I’m tired of the BS from the lefties like Henry. People of color are not innocents, look at the illegal murderers in CA and Texas. Wake up you silly fool!Dennis Clem

      • henry you are indeed a fool, stop believing the communist news network and wake up. If you don’t like the USA you can always leave, goodbye fool

      • Henry, have you ever seen a Jewish man? They are white also. I have never ever heard why you people hate the Jews, what did they ever do to deserve everything they have endured? My sister lives next to some jews and they just mind their own business and hasn’t ever caused any trouble in the neighborhood. So what is their sin to the world? It’s the muslims that cause all the problems in our country.

        • The difference is the Jews do not demand their way of life and worship be imposed on every other living being. Islam doesn’t even allow other forms of Islam to exist.

  90. You people who brought us trump should be ashamed of yourselves. He’s an embarrassment to our country. Would you want your son to grow and be like him?

    • Not a chance…but he sure is a Great President and he loves America and is focused on helping all American have good jobs and safety in their homes!

      • The only thing the jack ass dictator named Russian Don loves is Whores and lining his own pockets at the hands of hard working Americans. FACT

          • Where are you residing prickster? I think i need to make a visit to see you and see if your WOMAn enough to say that to my face you chicken shit bastard.

          • Oh truthless/factless I really wish your little punk ass would!! Last little asshole that said come kick my ass I drove 9 hours and walked in his office and kicked his ass!! He didnt have much to say then and there wouldnt be enough of you left to find! My sister could whip your ass! Your little ass will find out soon enough! Dont let your brainless democrap mouth overload your ass!! You dont have a clue! Your dam right I’d say it to your face looking down at you! I’d love to see what you have to say facing a real man after you piss your pants!

          • Actually, it does,dumbass. Like Trump and all his fool worshippers THE TRUTH AND FACTS never bode well for you. He hahahahaha

          • TO JACK ASS PRICKSTER, I never threatened your sissy little girl ass ,you just threatened me,idiot . That being said you and a. Hundred more just like you couldn’t kick my ass,because the TRUTH AND FACTS can’t lose,fool. Send me your address and I’ll find your punk ass,sissy.

        • Each and every allegation regarding the President and trysts with other women has been proven false. Stop believing all the fake news; focus on seeking and understanding the truth. This has been a tactic of the Democratic Party since it has been in existence. They put great effort at trying to ruin the accused character and reputation. They did the same with the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King; Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Get the drift?

        • hey t and f you are an ignorant fool and id say it to your face and you definitely wouldn’t want be man enough to do anything about it so do the world a favor and shut up

    • You are embarrassment to the country President Trump will go in American’s history as one of the best Presidents and patriot whose goll to save America you and your people traitors shame shame shame
      You at not for democracy
      For you democracy not what majority of American people choose but what you want
      You and people like you do not give president do whatever is good for America and Americans

    • To Peter – It’s only Idiot Morons like you that are not intelligent enough appreciate a President that’s finally on American’s side. Don’t know what you do or what you did for a living Peter, but I’d guess you are/were a ward of the state or a hamburger flipper that wanted $15 bucks an hour form putting Big Smacks together. So, get over being stupid……if that’s possible and get with the success program under President Trump.

    • Yes I would and darn proud of it. It isn’t Trump that is causing all the trouble in this country it is you and your liberal nut jobs.

    • Yes I would! Darn proud of him too! The embarrassment comes from the left. What has happened to you people anyway? There isn’t a lick of common sense among you.

    • Where do you fuc-ing morons come from that talk that shit!! Better any day than any piece of shit lying democrap making fake news and getting lying FBI and DOJ to cover up your crimes! And you have the audacity to come here and mouth off like you and your son truth/fake facts with absolutely no facts of what crap is coming out of your mouths!! You sound like a stupid Muslim that needs deported!! Take Omar with you when you go!! America dont need you!

        • the propaganda is on cnn and msnbc josef goebbells would be pround of them of course a fool like t and f probally doesn’t even know who he is. I got a message for you buddy if you don’t like the USA get out

          • I love the USA, but I dont want it to be led by a treasonous tyrannical lying self absorbed self centered jack ass dictator wanna be who’s worshiped by a bunch of uneducated,INBRED, ignorant brainwashed fools and HYPOCRITES.

    • Yes I would. He is for transparency and for our Lord Jesus Christ. You people that believe the junk they are saying without proof of evidence shame on you!!! They tried to bring down Trump the truth is all over the place. Wake up! You don’t have to like him, but see the truth. We are at war. Omar is ridiculous.

    • I certainly would!!! He grew up rich, got most everything he wanted, became even richer, had his own TV show and became the president of the United States, YES I would like my son to be just like him!!!

    • My post got displayed under another comment by Treuth something. So I’m now posting it here so it will be a response to the correct comment. I certainly would!!! He grew up rich, got most everything he wanted, became even richer, had his own TV show and became the president of the United States, YES I would like my son to be just like him!!!

  91. When groups have developed their own compounds and defied Police they have been attacked. Now there are Muslim areas that deny AMERICAN PEOPLE AND POLICE to enter their areas. There is no need for such areas to exist and should be cleared.

  92. Jeez lou-eeze, so many commenters here have been brainwashed by the FAR right-wing media propagandist sites such as THIS one. FOX “news” included, so, so, sad for America.

    • SeriouslY? There is now more proof that the majority of media (99%), educational (98%)
      politicians 60% are all biased racists….what in the world do you read, hear or watch that makes you think you have a clue about anything decent? Jeez, you on the left hatemachine have no morals, ethics, decency and you lie, cheat and steal? Just look at the latest news re college admissions…..

      • Sharin- very well-said! The Dems are so brainwashed and hateful, they can’t see how they have been sucked into LIBERAL COMMUNIST CRAP! The Left uses them, the Media, Hollyweird, and the Old-Liberal-Hippie- Profs at schools and universities, to do their bidding. They even convince young people to dress in black, wear bandanas, and commit violence, bullying and intimidation against anyone who disagrees! These are actions and words that Conservatives do NOT use. The good thing is- the Right has God on our side…

        • Look at her face. She has har lif’s dream fulfilled. To be in a very powerful position in a country that she hates. Yes. She is laughing at those stupid democRATS who elected her. This can never happen in any other country.Only America where the stupid democRATS hate their own country and they join another america hater from another culture.In 2020 it has become a necessity to set up another democRAT or a conservative like Michelle Bachman to defeat this unpatriotic, antisemitic woman. We have no other choice. We must only have Patriotic Americans to represent Americans

          • GOD blinded the commie democraps eyes and has turned them over to satan.They can talk all they want but the end is near and their next living quarters is very HOT.

    • You must be insane not to see the danger of Mohammedanism, aka Islam, whose purpose is to conquer the U.S. and the world.

      • Peaceful Muslims are Uncle Toms to their Religion. Mohammad wrote “put non-believers to the sward. There is at least 20% of Muslims who would do another 9 11 given the chance. 20% is well over 200 Million. America is not the place for this Hate in our leadership in Washington, or any government body.

    • The left is only interested in getting more of your money and getting more illegal voters so they can get back into power and kill babies. Does any of this sound familiar!
      The Dems are cheats at everything they do and want to do and Fox News has nothing to do with it!

  93. Nancys daughter said Nancy could cut your head off and you wouldn’t even know you were bleeding. From what I’ve seen in the last couple week perhaps she should check Nancys neck for bleeding.

        No Business Men and Business or Politician can afford it.
        The Political Scene and Business is Controlled by the Jew.
        A World Traveler

        • Another stupid anti semitic statement….if you feel that way, then stop taking meds that Jewish scientists have given the world…….why is it that there are only 14.5 million Jews out of 7.5 Billion in the world and yet 25% of all Nobel Laureates are Jews…..they help humanity! Muslim Laureates =2

        • Correct! Absolutely Correct! When you mess with the Jewish People you always end up a loser! Just look at Hitler! He messed with the Jewish People and look how he winded up! Imagine, 55 million innocent victims had to perish from the face of this earth all because one two-legged animal had to live! Nothing good ever comes out of hate!

      • I absolutely agree! Hang the bitch in the public square for all to see and witness what is waiting for all anti Semites in this country!

    • Telavive controlls the Western World that the FACT.
      NO One has a chance to survive with criticem of Israel in any Western Country in the World not even South Africa

  94. How many people know exactly what her comments were? I don’t like the Israelis–they are occupiers in Palestine. They could coexist with Palestinians in a fair way, but haven’t since the beginning.

    • When you start a war and lose, you loose territory. Israel was attacked, Palestine lost: Just the facts, check it out if you don’t believe. Omar is a cohort of Islamic terrorists and thus should not be a citizen much less a congress woman. She should be impeached and deported. I don’t care what her race is.

      • Our laws stipulate that Muslims are not to be accepted as refugees or immigrants because of the conflict of their religion, ideology, lifestyle, values and beliefs system runs contrary to The Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and law of the land. Proof positive that the founders knew what they were talking about.

      • Oh, I guess you forgot that Israel was created out of Palestinian land without their input. How would you feel if I came tomorrow and took your house from you? Be OK with that? I don’t think so. Check it out if you don’t believe it.

        • You know what surprise me the most is you and about 10 more so far in this column is defending Rep.Omar but up on the Poll 1% voted for her favorable and that is usually one person so why is it that u voted unfavorable & your sticking up for her…unless you are the 1%.

    • The Israelis gave 95 percent of what the Palistieiens wanted and the turned it down Btw there’s no such place as Palestine it’s what the Romans called Judea when it was part of the Roman Empire

    • Back when King David lived God gave Israel to The Jewish people.
      God loves us all but he has said they are His Chosen and those who Bless them will be blessed. America has always done that!

      • G_d anointed Jesus because King David would not be returning from the hereafter, Jesus was instructed to go and lead His people, Jesus,…You are the light,….You are the way,… You are ” Thee King of Jews “……Amen !!!

  95. I am shocked that there are so many openly racist people on this page. I didn’t see 1 person mention he policies or what she has fought for in her political career. Just what people see her as.

    And when did White Supremacist start supporting the Jewish community?

    • What we see of her is her fault, and we are NOT White supremacist, I’m not supreme over anyone! We would care about it the same if she was asking to have all of any race killed just because they exist and their book of Evil, that tells them that Jews don’t have the right to exist.She and the other one are perfect examples as to why Islam will never work in our government.

    • Felix,
      You are one of the Dumbest people. This women just spews out hate and Venum, If you cant see this you need to get Educated. Please don’t Vote until you do.

      • Personally I’m not a supporter of her but when you say she spews hate and venum you would be comparing her to Trump.

    • She needs to resign. Report says she went to a terror training school
      She spoke favorable of suspect ISAS. She is a supporter of Palastine, what do you expect? If she doesn’t resign, then investigate her now.

      • No she does not. Ignorant people need to be educated so that they can appreciate Ilhan Omar. Your constrained vocabulary is indicative of your severely handicapped comprehension resulting in the development of your limited perspective. Rep. Omar needs to express herself better and use disclaimers like everyone in America does so that she doesn’t come off sounding prejudiced like you. In fact, 35 years ago when we migrated, we were given lectures on the superiority of the Judeo-Christian religions including Islam, over heathenish religions like Hinduism. Had 09/11 not happened, you too would be trotting out those idiotic beliefs!

  96. Hitler got in, too…think about THAT, you lazy non-voters. Get up off your lazy asses next election and vote the racist bitch out. YOU allowed her in, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT MISTAKE!

  97. Matthew 16:18
    “I will build MY church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it!”

    The church is not a building, it’s a people, with or without a building. Jesus was going to build a church, but He was not going to transfer ownership to anyone!
    The church was “purchased” with the blood of Christ. (Acts 20:28)

    Ms. Omar – I highly suggest you “MAKE A BEE-LINE FOR THE CROSS!
    It is sad for you; being so full of hate for this country and ALL people living in it!
    Remember God loves and forgives his enemys!

        • actually the worst president in history is Obama followed closely by jimmy carter where r u located t and f cos id definitely like you to try to face me. You talk big but are probally a little wimp

    • You are a idiot, open your eyes stupid and see what these moron Democrats want to do to our county. You like many others are just sheep being lead to slaughter. President Trump has done more for our country the last 3 presidents combined. Obama sold us out and made millions doing so. Stop watching fake news stations, watch OMNN – One America News Network and get the truth.

    • And what ground do you have for impeachment? Waters and Green apparently have not read, or understand, the Constitution of the United States. It does not state, as Green and Waters claim, that impeachment is to remove an “unfit” person. You can only impeach for high crimes and misdemeanors, not because you don’t like someone, the job they are doing, or that you are bitter and filled with hate because you lost an election and want to circumvent the will of the people.

      • Agreed Skip! His name says it all! Hey raul reyes, you sure your not an illegal immigrant! I think you are! Deport yourself back to the shithouse you came from!

    • Sounds like you have had to much schooling from the left and have not learned how to think for your self. Stop listening to the communist and do some research for your self.

    • What we see of her is her fault, and we are NOT White supremacist, I’m not supreme over anyone! We would care about it the same if she was asking to have all of any race killed just because they exist and their book of Evil, that tells them that Jews don’t have the right to exist. Her and the other one are perfect examples as to why Islam will never work in our government.

    • trump is the best thing that ever happened to this country. the real traders are hillary obama. and the rest of the dems commies. we love what trumps doing for this country and it’s about time americans comes first. and for those who don’t like it. you are free to leave this great country. and please do. cause i tired of hearing you liberal commie cry.and take omar with you. vote for trump 2020

    • Your Evidence is? No queremos mas Mojaditas y/O Mojadotes ileglaes auqi en EE.UU., Bro! Estamos cansados de su Lloriquido!!!

    • Trump is NOT trash. He has done more for US in a short time than ALL of the previous presidents TOGETHER since Washington and he has faced much more resistance than Washington. Reyes, head south and don’t look back until you get back to the hole you came from. We do not need or want you here. You so not belong here. Did I mention you are not welcome? Make no mistake, you are not welcome in the United States.

    • In spite of the MILLIONS of TAXPAYER DOLLARS WASTED by the DEMOCRATS INVESTIGATING TRUMP there has been NO EVIDENCE uncovered suggesting he is guilty of TREASON.

  98. If she hates Jews so much, which is more than evident, then I’m sure she feels the same about Christians. I am sure she hates white people too. Go back to Somalia you POS! Get the hell out of my country and take A pc and Talon with you! While your at it but a ticket for Namcy, Chuckie, the Clinton bitch and her brother Obama! They should all go straight to hell and burn for eternity!

    • Really Maddog,
      You should tell what you think of Omar. If she were a Christian Conservative, she wouldn’t have had time to clean out her desk before they would have thrown her out. Her best “bud” Kliad from Michigan lied on her application and used her father’s address so she could run on the Detroit district, she lives in Deerborn.

    • I agree with you Maddog, she needs to go back where she came from. In my oppinion, if you don’t like our country, get on the next ship leaving it.

    • Thanks to all responders it;s show that americans still healthy Omar AOC and others don’t belong to America and don’t deserve to be Americans

    • AMEN! WELL SAID! WELL PUT! Absolutely! May she and her other two cohorts Cortez and Tlaib disappear from congress and from the face of this earth now!

  99. she hates this country should have never been allowed to run for office she has a satan (dem) agenda our lives as we know them are at risk with her in office

        • Yes, she is a Muslim refugee from Somalia. Muslims from Soma!ia are the worst of the worst. She obviously follows Sharia law as evidenced by the dishtowel on her head. Sharia law is antithetical to our Constitution. It is the goal of Islam to take over civilized countries from within. She is just part of that goal. It appears that Nancy Pelosi is scared to death ofner.

          • This is what she is all about. Their agenda is to dominate the world.
            Koran 2:191 “slay the unbelievers wherever you find them” Koran 3:21 “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends” Koran 5:33 “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam” Koran 8:12 “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Koran” Koran 8:60 ” Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels” Koran 8:65 “The unbelievers are stupid, urge all Muslims to fight them” Koran 9:5 “When the opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you find them” Koran 9:123 “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood” Koran 22:19 “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water, melt their skin and bellies” Koran 47:4 “Do not hanker for peace with the infidels, behead them when you catch them”.

    • You are so right and it also goes to show you how far the liberals have sunk to new low, but that’s ok America will show them who will win in 2020! Trump all the way!!!

    • She should never have been allowed to run for any government office and the government of Minnesota knew about her and her hate for Israel! They are just as guilty for her and her words. She needs to be removed like a bad odor that she is!!!!!

    • I totally agree with the POLL Instead of 98@ it should be 100% plus. None of us ‘WTP’ less the wicked traitors want her in office and she should never have been voted into our HOUSE. Senate or Congress persons are to aid the Chief Commander (45th POTUS) to get and keep the House in order. She is not welcome. Who welcomes a murderer and fool into their home and expect them to give honor and respect to the head of the house. The one and 2 others and more are our enemy. PUT HER OUT. We are cleaning the SWAMP CREATURES not inviting them to dinner to live and help make the house rules… duh! How dumb is that? GOD FORBID our enemies be bound and cancel their wicked assignment in Jesus Holy Name: Pray and do not stop praying, I. Thessalonians 5:17

    • I thought you had to be born in this country to participate in our governing bodies! As a natural born citizen I am not comfortable with anyone not born in this country in a position of power in our government. To many that want to spy and harm us. Now they have more information than natural born citizens! How are we to protect our country! What is really going on with our elected officials that they can’t see the folly in letting unnatural citizen invade our government

      • You have to be a citizen of the United States to run for president until oBONZO lied his way into office. I still think he should be charged with TREASON and everyone of the demoCRAP’s that helped him and had knowledge that he was not eligible to become president should be kicked out of office and also be charged with TREASON like former Sen. Harry Reid.I hate everyone of the lying SOB’S.

      • The Dumbocraps could care less about where the snot came from. She is ONE very big threat to our constitution and the United States of America. Another Muslim brought in just like Obummer and paid for by Soros.

      • Obama wasn’t born in our country. He was born in Kenya over in Africa. His own wife once said that they took a trip to his home in Kenya. Even the ambassador of Kenya said he was born there. He wants everyone to think he was born in Hawaii, but he wasn’t. The birth certificate he presented was a fake. He didn’t become Barack Hussein Obama till became Muslim. So, there you go… we’ve already had a President that wasn’t born here.