Ilhan Omar Opinion Poll Results

QUICK POLL: Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Rep. Ilhan Omar?

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  1. I don’t blame her. It was how she was brought up, in the Islamic faith where woman just do what their men tell them to do, and in some countries can’t leave their own houses without a male relative, much less drive a car. This radical Islamist jew-hater being in office is the result of the voters that elected her, just like we ended up with Obama.

    • She is not an American in any way shape or form.
      She got in here illegally, she has not assimilated and I don’t think she will.
      I think Omar, Tliab and AOC need to go. Impeach them all.
      They are out to make big names for themselves and whoever is paying them.
      I wonder who that could be…

    • She has no business being in our Congress in any shape or form. She’s only planted there to cause trouble, that’s my way of thinking.

    • Since she and her parents were granted asylum due to the Somali jihadist rampages, she should have her citizenship revoked and deported. She has violated the terms of asylum.

  2. she is from a Islamic country and what do you expect from a person come from
    Islamic country they believed on something that we,from the west did not believe on that kind of idea okay plain and simple. she will be forever against
    to the U.S./Christians/jews forever

    • I am very happy people are recognizing what a racist hateful Muslim is like. The Muslims who elected her must have the same ideas and feeling, I have no idea why they are here and do not appreciate what this wonderful country is all about.

      • She is here because Obama purposely imported at leazt 80,000 Muslims and settled them in Minnesota. He did this as he hated America and was doing this knowing they breedike rabbits.

        • I agree totally. He took the states with the lowest voter turnout (Michigan & Minnesota) getting the most Muslims. If voters turn out in 2020 like they should, these people will be voted out. I’m still pissed off that they were allowed to swear in on the Quartan instead of the Bible.

      • she is very dangerous to our country, she has been sent to infiltrate our gov. I a sure Obama put a lot of muslims in her district and told them to vote on her. he is at the heart of this infiltration. Obama or omar does not care about our country or our people they just care about taking over. if you sit by and do nothing it will happen in our country also.

  3. The poll shows how the majority feels. Marie is correct smiles to your facwe while stabbing you in the back. I can not believe Fox hired Brazielle. just what we need on fox another democrat.

      REMEMBER 911!

    • I totally agree !!!! In 1952 a law was passed that no one who will not assimilate will not be allowed. The Islam cult culture says to kill NON BELIEVERS should be proof enough.

    • Is there any intelligent life left in a state that would elect her? How Nieve and stupid are the people who would do that? Certainly no one who loves America. I would be ashamed if my fellow citizens which is why I am ashamed my state elected Maize Hirono and produced the traitor Obama.

    • The fact that Omar, Tlaib did not take an oath on the Bible is a warning that they are anti-America. What arrogant and disrespectful humans. I read that Omar took terrorism class, by the way Madonna thought “an awful lot about blowing up” something. I won’t be surprise if Omar or Tlaib blows up a government structure.


  4. they need to ask her to resign! She is a Muslin that hates the people of the USA..As do all Muslims!!!Sorry I don’t like any body preaching peace and then says join us or we will kill you!!Trump was right sdtop them all before it’s too late!They spread like fleas,Stop the fleas before they kill the dog!!

    • I would pass the resign part and just oost her out the door and do not give time to think about it and I think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and tlaib from Michigan should follow her out the door and please do not vote for anymore of the Islamic faith into those positions !!!!!

  5. I would not be surprise if she was connected to ISIS, the Taliban, Hezbollah, or some other Islamic subversive group. I can’t believe she got voted into our government.

    • The US government, probably mostly during Obama’s presidency, allowed/made many Somalian muslims settle in same district hence Omar got elected. She needs to go,

  6. this is a country founded on christanity I don’t think muslims should be allowed to serve in our govt Im sure we couldn’t serve in a muslim country.

  7. Got to vote them out or impeach them just get them out of congress anyway we can.How did they even get in they are Muslims the country that sent planes into the towers.Now they are in congress in the US ? Kinda crazy to me, get them out

    • We need to get a whole bunch of them out Democrats and Republicans all those dinausors have got to go the sooner the better and 3/4of Democrats out we should also clean those Democrats governors out as well ENOUGH of their CRAP and lies Ican not stomach it anymore spring cleaning is far overdue 2 years wasted and millions of dollars wasted that we paid we should make them Democrats reimbursed all the money they took from us the people

  8. Islamic jihad succeeded in infiltrating our government, and thanks to our corrupt politicians, who happen to be on the Saudi’s payroll, it will take a miracle to reverse the damage done.

  9. they dont belong here there are here to profelirate and take over they are intolerant fundamentalist culture in india the old saying goes if you get close with them they will lick and kill you and if you keep a distance they stab and kill you ha ha they will steal women from other religions to profilerate yet you cannot get their women they breed like dogs

    • Kick all muslims out of our country,they hate us and will take over if we don’t stop them now, And they sure don’t belong in government,We have enough stupid people in there now,our country is in grave danger

  10. We cannot have Muslims serving in Congress! They are not allowed to pledge allegiance to anything but Allah… and that precludes the US Constitution, which all Congressmen must swear to uphold. Both Omar and Tlaib must go! And fast!

    • I totally agree with James C Green that Muslims cannot serve in Congress because they are not allowed to pledge allegiance to anything but Allah. How are they then able to swear into the Seante?

      • the muslim cult does not condone lying. But it is ok to lie to the infidel. The Means to achieve the end they want is acceptable.

    • I don’t know what kind of a fool would have elected her to start with! No Muslim should ever be in any office in this country.

    • Of course we can. We are a nation of immigrants. We fought a revolution against England for proper representation. We were a nation that was far more homogeneous then and much more diverse now. After the fiasco of 911, we have become much more intolerant of the refugees we generate by our never ending wars to bring democracy to other people who we drive their people out of their own country. How are we doing with that?? We have not brought democracy to anyone and these people are far worse for our intervention. Now some have made it to this country and want to participate in our democracy, and we need to respect the mess we have generated. Ilhan is correct and she is shining a light on the stupidity we have been doing for at least the last 18 years and longer. We have not be acting in our own best interests.


        • The stupidity is on the politicians part that the stupid EVIL Dems elect into office, like the likes of barrack HUSSEIN obama whom I belive is not a Christian.
          it was a lie. Look at his backgrownd. The end justifies the means!

      • Chris, you are one of the few that speaks the truth. Congratulations. If you think the Muslims are bad let me give you a couple of quotes from Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, “This is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of members of all nations of the world. . . The difference in the inner quality between jews and non-Jews is so great that the bodies should be considered as completely different species.” “An even greater difference exist in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.” and “The entire creation of a non-Jew exists only for the sake of the Jews.” Note, he is not referring the just Muslims but to everyone, including Christians who have decided to virtually worship Jews.

      • C. Richardson. We WERE a nation of LEGAL immigrants. We were attacked! We’re now bringing their wars to them. Where did you get the idea they want to “share in our democracy”. They don’t want to ‘share’ anything with us – they want to OWN us.

    • Better kick out Jehovah’s Witnesses too. Trump said he loved the uneducated–these comments prove him right–extremely right.

    • And no one should swear allegiance on anything but the bible no exceptions just look at England after one of them got to the government and see the chaos that it caused unless you hate your own country no muslims should
      Be elected to those seats until many generations and assassination to the new country .Islam is not a religion it’s an ideology and almost all of them want our destruction how much more must we endure to their hands and actions

  11. She doesn’t honor our constitution because she wouldn’t take her oath on the Bible. That would exclude her from serving in our Government in my opinion. She needs to be deported back to where she came from.

    • Do Jews in Congress swear on a tora?? Would it make a difference if she swore on Koran?? This is a stupid statement. We may have started as a Christian Nation, but that just started us down the path of unrestrained Calvinism, not a pretty picture.

      • CR – No thanks to you and those who vote as you do, we wound up with a lying illegal pothead for a president. Thank God we now have a President who upset the Obama/Soros/Clinton apple cart and turned this country upright.

      • You are so wrong the Quran is not a religious book might as well swear allegiance to our country on a Mickey mouse book actually I would respect that more and I am tired of these lines I’m a woman, I’m of color by the way white is also a color and do not insult us by EXCUSE she did not know what she was saying or typing okay she knows more than us to make it to the Congress wake up America the dems ,CNN, MSNBC and now it looks like fox news has join the party from hell

    • If she took the oath of office on the Koran, she must be in favor of Sharia law. That is against the Constitution.

        • must be Omar wouldn’t even apologize for what she she said about Isrial. then they take Judge Janine off fox for what she said about Omar and the Judge apologized for the coment and was still taken off. There is the double standard of the democrats Omar should have her passport revoked and her citizenship taken away and deported back to Somalia as a anti-American, terrorists.

          • Ilhan is more of a patriot than you have any comprehension of. I would love to here what brought her to this country, did we run her out of her country?? Wouldn’t be surprised at all. We have invaded the countries of the Middle East because of the false flag incident of 911. Please do the research, see and see why we are in this long running wars just to help Israel oppress their neighbors and help the Saudis invade Yemen. We have acted badly against the wrong people.

          • James all muslims faith hate America but most of all Israel and Chris Richardson someone really needs to shake you awake think of all the statenants made by Islam is always the same deathly to Israel and America she is far from patriotic feelings and if you fall that easily for her hey I got some huge land for sale cheap !

      • you’re right, bill. she and AOC and that other one that cursed our President should all be eradicated from any positions of power. BO’s dream as he stated in his book, DREAMS OF MY FATHER, would be for America to become a Muslim country, and a prominent Muslim stated that one day there will be a Muslim flag flying over the White House. BO started the ball rolling from HIS OWN heritage. Muslims believe that if you don’t convert to Muslim, you should die. that’s in their Koran. can’t assimilate that honorably and respectfully into AMERICAN VALUES. ‘we the people’ are sick of being bullied … by the CRATS and their lemmings and their hatred for our beloved nation. SO sad.

  12. I believe if Judicial Watch investigated it would show she only won her seat because of illegal voters. She doesn’t belong there. She should go back to her country.

    • Why is she in the Government to begin with? She violates her Constitutional oath each and every time she takes a breath. A Senate Investigation should be launched concerning her ties to terrorists in Mogadishu at least.
      Why is she even in our Country?

      • The only person who can answer that question I believe, would be George Soros, in yet another attempt at driving a wedge into our Republic! This woman should indeed return to Somalia with a “Nice try” pat on the back!

    • Terrorists lover refugee Omar has been living off out taxes since childhood,
      she is proof that a terrorist Muslim is a terrorist Muslim, she was elected by terrorist muslim,they may deny it but, when elected, she said The White House will be run by Muslims! She’s another putrid garbage, even animals show gratitude when we feed them, we fed and paid everything for Omar while she and her kind laughed at us since her plans have been to take over America probably since childhood!

  13. The Patriot:
    Go Home Omar! You are the start of a cancer this country doesn’t need.
    When you get home try it there & see what happens! You are a terrorist!

  14. There must be a legal reason she hasn’t been deported back to Somalia. Under educated twit. I’d send her back vis a vis bin Laden

  15. No Muslims should be part of our government. Their beliefs are diabolically opposed to American beliefs, thus unable to agree with our system of government, history or religion. They do not believe in our God, and have stated we are all infidels. There is no possible way for them to assimilate in America.
    if they want to live here and practice their religion, there is no problem. however, they have no right to try to change our government and principles for living.
    If they are unhappy here, no one is keeping them from leaving, but they must be ejected from our government!!!

    • Susan Paul, I agree with you completely. I have never been so disappointed and disgusted with our government as I am since the muslims got voted in. I understand it cost Soros a pretty penny but he should be ejected from our country with the 3 invaders in our Gov.

    • Muslim, Christian,Jew or any other faith does not qualify or disqualify anyone from serving in our government. We have a separation of State and Church. There are more of American Muslims who are American patriots than not. Muslim faith has nothing to do with political positions. I do not agree and I condemn congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s statements and policies. Perhaps her political beliefs and positions could be labeled as diametrically opposed to American interests but certainly not diabolically. Her constituents should think twice before they vote for her again for congress. She is entitled to her opinion, we are entitled to our vote. I am a devout Christian and I welcome and respect all faiths and religions. Hate should not drive our opinions and positions but logic and well informed research. When the time comes for congresswoman Omar’s re-election vote her out of office! That’s the answer.

      • It is not that easy. Once in office, it is difficult to get rid of them, especially since she has made a name for herself, albeit a negative name. Many people do not do any homework before they vote and vote for a name they recognize and that is one of the reasons we have so many idiots in Congress right now.

      • She lives in a district that was “loaded up” with like minded Somali’s by the previous administration. How do you vote that out? She has violated “rules” in Congress by spewing hate toward the Jewish people. She violated immigration law by marrying her brother to bring him into this country. We should not allow people to violate our laws without accountability. Period.

        • She outright stated that she is antisemetic, that she has a hatred for Israel. She should be ousted from Congress. It’s a shame that the media is always focusing on her and Tliab instead of the good things our President is doing for this country.

        • I have tried to research your information as I had heard it before and could not understand how a person could marry their brother to get them into the USA. Also, I have heard that the Koran teaches that “we Christians” are infidels and must be killed. That does not sound like a person who should be in Congress and especially not on the committee for foreign affairs. By the way read what she said, it does not meet the requirements of an apology.

      • George, You need to do a lot of research about the Muslim faith. They do not separate their religion from their Government. Their Religion is their Government. Also they are supposed to kill all infidels according to the Koran and anyone who is not a muslim is an infidel. That includes you George

  16. We want true patriots to represent us in our government. This woman is not an American and has characteristics of all things I hate in people: arrogance; smugness; histrionics; guile; hate and lies. This is America; she is not!

    • janet, Your listed characteristics could apply to any Demon-rat in congress. The person that first came to mind was Lyin’ Hillary.

  17. Ilhan Omar is a convenient tool to be used to attack Trump by the ruling elite. If anyone says anything about Omar they can fall back on the “race or hate” card. Typical tactics used by the Left. If you think Omar is scary, uninformed and plain ignorant, what about those in her district in Minnesota who actually voted to send her to Washington, District of Corruption. I said long ago this about Maxine Waters. Are her constituents that dumb, deaf, blind and confused? The answer is yes. People get the leaders/politicians they deserve. MEDIA = MAKING EVERYONE DUMB IN AMERICA.

  18. Oh miss camel jockey Omar! Prime example of a transplant who came here milking Obama’s stupidity! Living off American tax payers and going to one of our colleges we probably paid for !! Some retarded no brain idiot put her in Congress,I smell George Soros,, she dam sure wasnt voted in by real americans! Now she plays the stupid role everytime she sticks her foot in her stupid mouth! She knows exactly what shes saying!! She needs to go!! She has no business in American politics and our goverment!

    • If Omar is one of two female Myslims elected then who is the other one? taking into consideration that when it comes to Islam, women are supposed to be either broodmares or suicide bombers because they are so expendable. So how is it two of them have attained such power without CAIR or Muslim Brotherhood calling for their honor killings?

      One of them, Omar, seems to be purposely making all the noise she can, being as Anti-Semitic as possible while the other one has not uttered a word. Methinks Omar is running a diversion to keep everyone’s attention, while the other Muslim female is doing things in the background unnoticed. I would also bet dimes to doughnuts that former Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison is showing the other one how to do it, who the most greedy are on Capitol Hill so they can be convinced to betray America for dollar signs and/or the promise of a place in the Global Caliphate when the dust settles. Anyone who has looked up how Muhammad conquered Medina knows this is how they operate. They just needed to use different tactics today than he did back then.

      • The other Muslim is Rashida Tlaib, who represents the Arab population in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Its the largest community of Arabs outside of the Middle East. This is another left wing radical wack job that is a hater of America. But as George Soros would describe people in general, Tlaib is a “useful idiot” to advance the agenda of the Globalists. The United Nations Agenda 21 of Divide. Dumb Down. Conquer has been in play since the early 1990’s. The goal is one world government where the elite will control your lives from womb to tomb.


        • Europe and the rest of the world know that we are the source of making these people refugees. We have been identified as the biggest threat to democracy in the world and the biggest generator of refugees from other countries because we don’t like their governments. I just thank God the Syria is not bombing us for poisoning our children in Flint, Michigan or killing 45,000 people a year just because a health insurance company refuses health care to patients with their doctors who have never even seen these patients.

    • The stink of hate is covering this world and people like the low life in the White House and white males,they don’t give a damn about Jewish people or anybody else that’s not white. Not all whites are bad, but it’s white men that is the driving force behind all the hate that is taking innocent lives.

      • You’ve got it twisted. Do not let hate rule you. The President has grand children that are Jewish, and his daughter’s married to a Jewish man. There is no hate there for this sect of people. Stop believing everything you hear or read and focus your judgement on what he accomplishes / on what he does.

      • Thank you Henry, it is left leaning nut jobs like you that have confirmed my choice to switch from left to right, was a good one.

      • Henry, tell that to the victims of 911 and the soldiers at
        ft. Hood. I’m tired of the BS from the lefties like Henry. People of color are not innocents, look at the illegal murderers in CA and Texas. Wake up you silly fool!Dennis Clem

      • henry you are indeed a fool, stop believing the communist news network and wake up. If you don’t like the USA you can always leave, goodbye fool

      • Henry, have you ever seen a Jewish man? They are white also. I have never ever heard why you people hate the Jews, what did they ever do to deserve everything they have endured? My sister lives next to some jews and they just mind their own business and hasn’t ever caused any trouble in the neighborhood. So what is their sin to the world? It’s the muslims that cause all the problems in our country.

        • The difference is the Jews do not demand their way of life and worship be imposed on every other living being. Islam doesn’t even allow other forms of Islam to exist.

  19. You people who brought us trump should be ashamed of yourselves. He’s an embarrassment to our country. Would you want your son to grow and be like him?

    • Not a chance…but he sure is a Great President and he loves America and is focused on helping all American have good jobs and safety in their homes!

      • The only thing the jack ass dictator named Russian Don loves is Whores and lining his own pockets at the hands of hard working Americans. FACT

          • Where are you residing prickster? I think i need to make a visit to see you and see if your WOMAn enough to say that to my face you chicken shit bastard.

          • Oh truthless/factless I really wish your little punk ass would!! Last little asshole that said come kick my ass I drove 9 hours and walked in his office and kicked his ass!! He didnt have much to say then and there wouldnt be enough of you left to find! My sister could whip your ass! Your little ass will find out soon enough! Dont let your brainless democrap mouth overload your ass!! You dont have a clue! Your dam right I’d say it to your face looking down at you! I’d love to see what you have to say facing a real man after you piss your pants!

          • Actually, it does,dumbass. Like Trump and all his fool worshippers THE TRUTH AND FACTS never bode well for you. He hahahahaha

          • TO JACK ASS PRICKSTER, I never threatened your sissy little girl ass ,you just threatened me,idiot . That being said you and a. Hundred more just like you couldn’t kick my ass,because the TRUTH AND FACTS can’t lose,fool. Send me your address and I’ll find your punk ass,sissy.

        • Each and every allegation regarding the President and trysts with other women has been proven false. Stop believing all the fake news; focus on seeking and understanding the truth. This has been a tactic of the Democratic Party since it has been in existence. They put great effort at trying to ruin the accused character and reputation. They did the same with the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King; Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Get the drift?

        • hey t and f you are an ignorant fool and id say it to your face and you definitely wouldn’t want be man enough to do anything about it so do the world a favor and shut up

    • You are embarrassment to the country President Trump will go in American’s history as one of the best Presidents and patriot whose goll to save America you and your people traitors shame shame shame
      You at not for democracy
      For you democracy not what majority of American people choose but what you want
      You and people like you do not give president do whatever is good for America and Americans

    • To Peter – It’s only Idiot Morons like you that are not intelligent enough appreciate a President that’s finally on American’s side. Don’t know what you do or what you did for a living Peter, but I’d guess you are/were a ward of the state or a hamburger flipper that wanted $15 bucks an hour form putting Big Smacks together. So, get over being stupid……if that’s possible and get with the success program under President Trump.

    • Yes I would and darn proud of it. It isn’t Trump that is causing all the trouble in this country it is you and your liberal nut jobs.

    • Yes I would! Darn proud of him too! The embarrassment comes from the left. What has happened to you people anyway? There isn’t a lick of common sense among you.

    • Where do you fuc-ing morons come from that talk that shit!! Better any day than any piece of shit lying democrap making fake news and getting lying FBI and DOJ to cover up your crimes! And you have the audacity to come here and mouth off like you and your son truth/fake facts with absolutely no facts of what crap is coming out of your mouths!! You sound like a stupid Muslim that needs deported!! Take Omar with you when you go!! America dont need you!

        • the propaganda is on cnn and msnbc josef goebbells would be pround of them of course a fool like t and f probally doesn’t even know who he is. I got a message for you buddy if you don’t like the USA get out

          • I love the USA, but I dont want it to be led by a treasonous tyrannical lying self absorbed self centered jack ass dictator wanna be who’s worshiped by a bunch of uneducated,INBRED, ignorant brainwashed fools and HYPOCRITES.

    • Yes I would. He is for transparency and for our Lord Jesus Christ. You people that believe the junk they are saying without proof of evidence shame on you!!! They tried to bring down Trump the truth is all over the place. Wake up! You don’t have to like him, but see the truth. We are at war. Omar is ridiculous.

    • I certainly would!!! He grew up rich, got most everything he wanted, became even richer, had his own TV show and became the president of the United States, YES I would like my son to be just like him!!!

    • My post got displayed under another comment by Treuth something. So I’m now posting it here so it will be a response to the correct comment. I certainly would!!! He grew up rich, got most everything he wanted, became even richer, had his own TV show and became the president of the United States, YES I would like my son to be just like him!!!

  20. When groups have developed their own compounds and defied Police they have been attacked. Now there are Muslim areas that deny AMERICAN PEOPLE AND POLICE to enter their areas. There is no need for such areas to exist and should be cleared.

  21. Jeez lou-eeze, so many commenters here have been brainwashed by the FAR right-wing media propagandist sites such as THIS one. FOX “news” included, so, so, sad for America.

    • SeriouslY? There is now more proof that the majority of media (99%), educational (98%)
      politicians 60% are all biased racists….what in the world do you read, hear or watch that makes you think you have a clue about anything decent? Jeez, you on the left hatemachine have no morals, ethics, decency and you lie, cheat and steal? Just look at the latest news re college admissions…..

      • Sharin- very well-said! The Dems are so brainwashed and hateful, they can’t see how they have been sucked into LIBERAL COMMUNIST CRAP! The Left uses them, the Media, Hollyweird, and the Old-Liberal-Hippie- Profs at schools and universities, to do their bidding. They even convince young people to dress in black, wear bandanas, and commit violence, bullying and intimidation against anyone who disagrees! These are actions and words that Conservatives do NOT use. The good thing is- the Right has God on our side…

        • Look at her face. She has har lif’s dream fulfilled. To be in a very powerful position in a country that she hates. Yes. She is laughing at those stupid democRATS who elected her. This can never happen in any other country.Only America where the stupid democRATS hate their own country and they join another america hater from another culture.In 2020 it has become a necessity to set up another democRAT or a conservative like Michelle Bachman to defeat this unpatriotic, antisemitic woman. We have no other choice. We must only have Patriotic Americans to represent Americans

          • GOD blinded the commie democraps eyes and has turned them over to satan.They can talk all they want but the end is near and their next living quarters is very HOT.

    • You must be insane not to see the danger of Mohammedanism, aka Islam, whose purpose is to conquer the U.S. and the world.

      • Peaceful Muslims are Uncle Toms to their Religion. Mohammad wrote “put non-believers to the sward. There is at least 20% of Muslims who would do another 9 11 given the chance. 20% is well over 200 Million. America is not the place for this Hate in our leadership in Washington, or any government body.

    • The left is only interested in getting more of your money and getting more illegal voters so they can get back into power and kill babies. Does any of this sound familiar!
      The Dems are cheats at everything they do and want to do and Fox News has nothing to do with it!

  22. Nancys daughter said Nancy could cut your head off and you wouldn’t even know you were bleeding. From what I’ve seen in the last couple week perhaps she should check Nancys neck for bleeding.

        No Business Men and Business or Politician can afford it.
        The Political Scene and Business is Controlled by the Jew.
        A World Traveler

        • Another stupid anti semitic statement….if you feel that way, then stop taking meds that Jewish scientists have given the world…….why is it that there are only 14.5 million Jews out of 7.5 Billion in the world and yet 25% of all Nobel Laureates are Jews…..they help humanity! Muslim Laureates =2

        • Correct! Absolutely Correct! When you mess with the Jewish People you always end up a loser! Just look at Hitler! He messed with the Jewish People and look how he winded up! Imagine, 55 million innocent victims had to perish from the face of this earth all because one two-legged animal had to live! Nothing good ever comes out of hate!

      • I absolutely agree! Hang the bitch in the public square for all to see and witness what is waiting for all anti Semites in this country!

    • Telavive controlls the Western World that the FACT.
      NO One has a chance to survive with criticem of Israel in any Western Country in the World not even South Africa

  23. How many people know exactly what her comments were? I don’t like the Israelis–they are occupiers in Palestine. They could coexist with Palestinians in a fair way, but haven’t since the beginning.

    • When you start a war and lose, you loose territory. Israel was attacked, Palestine lost: Just the facts, check it out if you don’t believe. Omar is a cohort of Islamic terrorists and thus should not be a citizen much less a congress woman. She should be impeached and deported. I don’t care what her race is.

      • Our laws stipulate that Muslims are not to be accepted as refugees or immigrants because of the conflict of their religion, ideology, lifestyle, values and beliefs system runs contrary to The Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and law of the land. Proof positive that the founders knew what they were talking about.

      • Oh, I guess you forgot that Israel was created out of Palestinian land without their input. How would you feel if I came tomorrow and took your house from you? Be OK with that? I don’t think so. Check it out if you don’t believe it.

        • You know what surprise me the most is you and about 10 more so far in this column is defending Rep.Omar but up on the Poll 1% voted for her favorable and that is usually one person so why is it that u voted unfavorable & your sticking up for her…unless you are the 1%.

    • The Israelis gave 95 percent of what the Palistieiens wanted and the turned it down Btw there’s no such place as Palestine it’s what the Romans called Judea when it was part of the Roman Empire

    • Back when King David lived God gave Israel to The Jewish people.
      God loves us all but he has said they are His Chosen and those who Bless them will be blessed. America has always done that!

  24. I am shocked that there are so many openly racist people on this page. I didn’t see 1 person mention he policies or what she has fought for in her political career. Just what people see her as.

    And when did White Supremacist start supporting the Jewish community?

    • What we see of her is her fault, and we are NOT White supremacist, I’m not supreme over anyone! We would care about it the same if she was asking to have all of any race killed just because they exist and their book of Evil, that tells them that Jews don’t have the right to exist.She and the other one are perfect examples as to why Islam will never work in our government.

    • Felix,
      You are one of the Dumbest people. This women just spews out hate and Venum, If you cant see this you need to get Educated. Please don’t Vote until you do.

      • Personally I’m not a supporter of her but when you say she spews hate and venum you would be comparing her to Trump.

    • She needs to resign. Report says she went to a terror training school
      She spoke favorable of suspect ISAS. She is a supporter of Palastine, what do you expect? If she doesn’t resign, then investigate her now.

      • No she does not. Ignorant people need to be educated so that they can appreciate Ilhan Omar. Your constrained vocabulary is indicative of your severely handicapped comprehension resulting in the development of your limited perspective. Rep. Omar needs to express herself better and use disclaimers like everyone in America does so that she doesn’t come off sounding prejudiced like you. In fact, 35 years ago when we migrated, we were given lectures on the superiority of the Judeo-Christian religions including Islam, over heathenish religions like Hinduism. Had 09/11 not happened, you too would be trotting out those idiotic beliefs!

  25. Hitler got in, too…think about THAT, you lazy non-voters. Get up off your lazy asses next election and vote the racist bitch out. YOU allowed her in, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT MISTAKE!

  26. Matthew 16:18
    “I will build MY church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it!”

    The church is not a building, it’s a people, with or without a building. Jesus was going to build a church, but He was not going to transfer ownership to anyone!
    The church was “purchased” with the blood of Christ. (Acts 20:28)

    Ms. Omar – I highly suggest you “MAKE A BEE-LINE FOR THE CROSS!
    It is sad for you; being so full of hate for this country and ALL people living in it!
    Remember God loves and forgives his enemys!

        • actually the worst president in history is Obama followed closely by jimmy carter where r u located t and f cos id definitely like you to try to face me. You talk big but are probally a little wimp

    • You are a idiot, open your eyes stupid and see what these moron Democrats want to do to our county. You like many others are just sheep being lead to slaughter. President Trump has done more for our country the last 3 presidents combined. Obama sold us out and made millions doing so. Stop watching fake news stations, watch OMNN – One America News Network and get the truth.

    • And what ground do you have for impeachment? Waters and Green apparently have not read, or understand, the Constitution of the United States. It does not state, as Green and Waters claim, that impeachment is to remove an “unfit” person. You can only impeach for high crimes and misdemeanors, not because you don’t like someone, the job they are doing, or that you are bitter and filled with hate because you lost an election and want to circumvent the will of the people.

      • Agreed Skip! His name says it all! Hey raul reyes, you sure your not an illegal immigrant! I think you are! Deport yourself back to the shithouse you came from!

    • Sounds like you have had to much schooling from the left and have not learned how to think for your self. Stop listening to the communist and do some research for your self.

    • What we see of her is her fault, and we are NOT White supremacist, I’m not supreme over anyone! We would care about it the same if she was asking to have all of any race killed just because they exist and their book of Evil, that tells them that Jews don’t have the right to exist. Her and the other one are perfect examples as to why Islam will never work in our government.

    • trump is the best thing that ever happened to this country. the real traders are hillary obama. and the rest of the dems commies. we love what trumps doing for this country and it’s about time americans comes first. and for those who don’t like it. you are free to leave this great country. and please do. cause i tired of hearing you liberal commie cry.and take omar with you. vote for trump 2020

    • Your Evidence is? No queremos mas Mojaditas y/O Mojadotes ileglaes auqi en EE.UU., Bro! Estamos cansados de su Lloriquido!!!

    • Trump is NOT trash. He has done more for US in a short time than ALL of the previous presidents TOGETHER since Washington and he has faced much more resistance than Washington. Reyes, head south and don’t look back until you get back to the hole you came from. We do not need or want you here. You so not belong here. Did I mention you are not welcome? Make no mistake, you are not welcome in the United States.

    • In spite of the MILLIONS of TAXPAYER DOLLARS WASTED by the DEMOCRATS INVESTIGATING TRUMP there has been NO EVIDENCE uncovered suggesting he is guilty of TREASON.

  27. If she hates Jews so much, which is more than evident, then I’m sure she feels the same about Christians. I am sure she hates white people too. Go back to Somalia you POS! Get the hell out of my country and take A pc and Talon with you! While your at it but a ticket for Namcy, Chuckie, the Clinton bitch and her brother Obama! They should all go straight to hell and burn for eternity!

    • Really Maddog,
      You should tell what you think of Omar. If she were a Christian Conservative, she wouldn’t have had time to clean out her desk before they would have thrown her out. Her best “bud” Kliad from Michigan lied on her application and used her father’s address so she could run on the Detroit district, she lives in Deerborn.

    • I agree with you Maddog, she needs to go back where she came from. In my oppinion, if you don’t like our country, get on the next ship leaving it.

    • Thanks to all responders it;s show that americans still healthy Omar AOC and others don’t belong to America and don’t deserve to be Americans

    • AMEN! WELL SAID! WELL PUT! Absolutely! May she and her other two cohorts Cortez and Tlaib disappear from congress and from the face of this earth now!

  28. she hates this country should have never been allowed to run for office she has a satan (dem) agenda our lives as we know them are at risk with her in office

        • Yes, she is a Muslim refugee from Somalia. Muslims from Soma!ia are the worst of the worst. She obviously follows Sharia law as evidenced by the dishtowel on her head. Sharia law is antithetical to our Constitution. It is the goal of Islam to take over civilized countries from within. She is just part of that goal. It appears that Nancy Pelosi is scared to death ofner.

          • This is what she is all about. Their agenda is to dominate the world.
            Koran 2:191 “slay the unbelievers wherever you find them” Koran 3:21 “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends” Koran 5:33 “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam” Koran 8:12 “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Koran” Koran 8:60 ” Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels” Koran 8:65 “The unbelievers are stupid, urge all Muslims to fight them” Koran 9:5 “When the opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you find them” Koran 9:123 “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood” Koran 22:19 “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water, melt their skin and bellies” Koran 47:4 “Do not hanker for peace with the infidels, behead them when you catch them”.

    • You are so right and it also goes to show you how far the liberals have sunk to new low, but that’s ok America will show them who will win in 2020! Trump all the way!!!

    • She should never have been allowed to run for any government office and the government of Minnesota knew about her and her hate for Israel! They are just as guilty for her and her words. She needs to be removed like a bad odor that she is!!!!!

    • I totally agree with the POLL Instead of 98@ it should be 100% plus. None of us ‘WTP’ less the wicked traitors want her in office and she should never have been voted into our HOUSE. Senate or Congress persons are to aid the Chief Commander (45th POTUS) to get and keep the House in order. She is not welcome. Who welcomes a murderer and fool into their home and expect them to give honor and respect to the head of the house. The one and 2 others and more are our enemy. PUT HER OUT. We are cleaning the SWAMP CREATURES not inviting them to dinner to live and help make the house rules… duh! How dumb is that? GOD FORBID our enemies be bound and cancel their wicked assignment in Jesus Holy Name: Pray and do not stop praying, I. Thessalonians 5:17

    • I thought you had to be born in this country to participate in our governing bodies! As a natural born citizen I am not comfortable with anyone not born in this country in a position of power in our government. To many that want to spy and harm us. Now they have more information than natural born citizens! How are we to protect our country! What is really going on with our elected officials that they can’t see the folly in letting unnatural citizen invade our government

      • You have to be a citizen of the United States to run for president until oBONZO lied his way into office. I still think he should be charged with TREASON and everyone of the demoCRAP’s that helped him and had knowledge that he was not eligible to become president should be kicked out of office and also be charged with TREASON like former Sen. Harry Reid.I hate everyone of the lying SOB’S.

      • The Dumbocraps could care less about where the snot came from. She is ONE very big threat to our constitution and the United States of America. Another Muslim brought in just like Obummer and paid for by Soros.

      • Obama wasn’t born in our country. He was born in Kenya over in Africa. His own wife once said that they took a trip to his home in Kenya. Even the ambassador of Kenya said he was born there. He wants everyone to think he was born in Hawaii, but he wasn’t. The birth certificate he presented was a fake. He didn’t become Barack Hussein Obama till became Muslim. So, there you go… we’ve already had a President that wasn’t born here.

  29. She is a snake ! After she was pluck from the refugee in Kenya and resettled in America. She was feed ,housed, clothes ,educated and married her brother commiting immegration fraud. SHE BITE THE HANDS THAT HELPED AND FEED HER AND HER FAMILY. NO SHAME AT ALL AND VERY UNGRATEFUL BITCH!!!

    • I personally call her a Muslim whore dog! and that is exactly what she is!
      People like her that comes to this country and then turns around to condemn the country that saved her is beyond any words I can find. It makes me seriously sick! Send her back to where she came from!

    • Some one please explain to me how is it an illegal alien can come here and then vote left trying to make our country into the mess they just escaped from to come here? It makes no sense to Me! There are thousands of illegal Mexicans coming here and they want to vote left and make this country into the mess they just left–what a bunch of idiots!

    • I think she should be removed from her positions. She’s a TERRORIST & SHE ASSOCIATES WITH terrorists…she lives by that Koran of hers & wears that rag on her head….she is not an American.

  30. Omar is an Islamic devil. She will never work to help the United States. She needs to be silenced, permanently and with extreme prejudice.

    • she should be removed from whatever committee she was appointed to, she is obviously a detriment to our country and society in general

        • BigR249
          She should be deported,she’s a terrorist at heart. Never,ever will she be a patriot America,she wants to convert our country in one of theirs!

      • Why does anyone expect anything else? She is a firm beliver in hating everything Not Muslim. That means us.And especially the Jewish people. OAC is the same kind of garbage. They should not be in our country let alone our government.

    • Rep. Omar, Rep. Tliab and Rep. OAC or was it AOC or was it COA or was it CAO or was it OCA or whatever orangement her Initials are supposed to be, needs their attitudes to “The State Of Israel And The United States of America and its allies corrected, or to be sent/deported back to their original countries, from where they came from, because their actions,attitudes and their very rude rhetoric about The USA and The State of Israel and our allies do NOT conform to The US Constitution, To The Legally Elected US President Mr. DJ Trump and “We The Legal Citizens/People And The Legal Immigrants Of The United States Of America”!!!

  31. The Flower Child of the Democrat mob! A vote for any Democrat is a vote for your move to economic and intellectual slavery.

  32. My friend used to live in her district in Minnesota that is the marjority of Samoli Muslims. Unfortunately, and Heaven Forbid, she might be elected again to continue her hatred.

  33. She needs to go back to Somalia.
    Maybe she and her brother/husband can open a used camel lot.

    • I am a prayer WARRIOR.. I have a FIRM and CONFIDENT belief in the POWER of prayer. Listing the LIES that the USA government has succumbed to and how the EVIL ONE has slyly tricked some of our highest government officials is reason to become very concerned about the direction of our country and to at least pray several times a day for our USA and those in profound leadership. Only God Almighty can turn things around for USA today !!

      • The bible tells us in these last days we will become a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (Rev. 13:7-8), ONE WORLD ECONOMY (Rev. 13:16-17, and a ONE WORLD RELIGION (Rev. 13:12-13). Over 500 bible prophecies has been fulfilled at 100% accuracy which in my opinion makes the bible of a divine origin (Supernatural). So, if these prophecies has been fulfilled I think we can count on the fact these other ones will be fulfilled also. Between 1948 and 2008 (53) prophecies has been fulfilled–we have about 11 left to go! I think this open border (universalism) movement from the left is a demonic agenda as we can see from the above scriptures–pray God help us!

    • I’ve been praying that Trump wins again. We need him for four more years. So, everybody needs to pray that happens. We need him.

  34. Time to sign off this list and start praying…RIGHT NOW!!!…because satan has gone too far with our country. Pray now…or watch those evil, rotten foreign women take us down. If you’ve never prayed before, better start.

    • It started when one woman’ suits took prayer out of schools, then came political correctness. Look at our country has become, one person claims descrimation and the country must defere everything to that person’s beliefs. Why can one person or a group of people over ride every one else’s beliefs? Why have a constitution when the courts can decide everything?

      • You might not know the Madalyn Murray O’Hair sued to prevent her son from hearing about Christianity, but as a grown man, he became a Baptist minister. Later, Madalyn disappeared in Texas but was identified five years later along with her other son (and atheist too) and his daughter by bone analysis.

    • I’m more than ready to PREY, I’m just waiting for someone to open the ball! BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  35. This is what happens when a radical, extremist Muslim is allowed to run for office. I believe there was Iranian collusion in her election. She is the Trojan Horse that has just entered the gates of Congress. What platform did she run on and who could possibly have supported her?

  36. Omar needs to go back to her parents homeland. America is not good enough in her eyes and our values do not match with hers.
    She needs to take a DNA Test and find out she has just as much JEWIS DNA as any other mix she has n her except demonic.

  37. She and the rest of the Muslim/Islamic Sharia favoring idiots need to be sent back to where ever they came from.

  38. She is nothing but a smart-assed little bitch who deserves to be deported for what she is saying since they are very Anti-American.. She wants shit-ria saw in our Country and is a true American hater.. Throw the bitch back to where we “saved” her from.. She doesn’t appreciate what we did for her so she should be sent back.. She is a plant from the worst group of people in the world..

    • She couldn’t even enter the doorway of the muslim-government, whatever that even is. She would NEVER hold ANY office, would NEVER be allowed to have ANY opinion, and she SURE wouldn’t EVER be allowed to diss her own government or trash the officials. She’d be a dead islamic female.

    • They are NOT refugees. They are invaders and have invaded about every country in the world. Now they want the United States.

    • this the demoriods git in the face of the AMERICAN PEOPLE!last i knew we the USA have been @ war with the islamik state and or the nation of jihadists?! since president Jefferson declared war on the muzzie nation, same time the MARINES WERE created as a fighting force. halls of Tripoli! we the people have been at war with terriorism since 9/11 and the demoriods allow the slut muzzie, in full desert dress into the HOUSE OF THE PEOPLE!? rendition the both of them to gitmo.

  39. This woman needs to go. She does not support America and Americans. People who come to this country need to believe in this country and not try to change it. If you want change go back to where you came from. It is time Americans stand up and take our country back. This is AMERICA AND DEMOCRACY!!!

    • It’s truly satanistic what is happening in our world! “When men call evil good and good evil” that’s what God said about the coming of the end times. Guess what… WE’RE CLOSE!! The time is drawing nearer & nearer.

    • Change is not necessarily a bad thing. We need to make changes to correct things that are bad and to combat injustice. Unfortunately, these slimeball Muslims follow the teachings of their prophet, a backstabbing murderous pedophile who has inspired the murder of millions of people worldwide. They want to model the U.S. in the image of their failed countries, just as our idiot libtards want to take us down the same road that collapsed Venezuela.

      I’m all for change – the kind that improves, not the kind that calls more expensive healthcare “affordable”.

  40. What can you expect from a lying POS Muslim! This woman should be put on a plane, and sent back to the sh-thole country she came from! This is a joke, and should be stopped NOW!

  41. The fact is: This is a representative democratic Republic. She is elected by the people of her district to represent them. Her district is predominately Muslim (a district created by 43 and 44). She is doing what the voters in her district want. She is simply doing what the people of her district want. No matter what she says she will continue to be elected in that district as long as she wants. Get rid of her and they will just elect some one just like her. Leave it alone.

    • your right about some one else like her would be elected, but I feel the effort should be made to show the American people are against this.

    • I agree with the pol results. Pack her sorry Muslim ass up and deport her. Send the whole district she represents with her. This is America not an Muslim nation, but a constitutional republic.

    • We don’t represent a religion we represent the country of our citizenship. I am assuming her voters are US citizens. So she should be representing the People orf the United States of America. If we had House of Representatives and Congressmen representing the religion of the people that voted for them we would have a bigger mess than we already have. She need to be a House Representative for Americans and not Muslims Or get out.

      • I believe every single person in her district should have their citizenship checked being as 70–90% of them are from Somalia.

    • Clinton started to settle the Somalians in Minnesota in the 90s. And they multiplied ten fold!
      Then we had 8 years of Obama to add to the unfettered immigration / invasion of Muslims into the USA! Obama also infiltrated our government with treasonous Muslims too. I.e. John Brennan in the CIA! Look at cities like Dearborn or Hamtramck Michigan and you get a clear picture! Both Omar and Tlaib are under investigation for voter fraud and illegal applications to run for office .They did not have the proper residency qualifications. There is a petition against a Tlaib with 250,000 signatures in the system, Ocasio is being investigated along with Tlaib and Omar for stealing election campaign funds. Tlaib ran unopposed! The list goes on and on.voter fraud is rampant. If they were republicans they would have already been removed! And the fact that Tlaib and Omar were sworn in on a Koran and not the Bible could be illegal as well. These three women are the enemy within. Wake up,America before it’s too late!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump 2020 is our only salvation🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • You are absolutely correct. She was elected by people like her and they would elect someone just like her again. But we do not have to have her on committees like Foreign Affairs that she is on. She can sit in the House without being on a committee and she should be called out by leadership (Nancy) on all the hate language that she says. Just because she was elected by her people does not mean the rest of the US needs to listen to the hate language and allow it to become normal. Nancy and the leadership needs to take her off the committee and call her out for her language. The resolution that was created because of the hate language got so watered down and anti Muslim language put it that after it was passed she called it a win and it really was a win for her.

  42. Unbelievable! Look what has happened in England. London and every other
    major city now has a Muslim Mayor. It is over for that Country and
    just a matter of time for this Country. What a shame! Wake up people!!!

  43. we,ve had it with the trash (dumbacrats=as_holes) are bringing into our country just so (dumbacrats=as_holes) can get votes, this is BULLSHIT.

  44. This just goes to show that who ever voted for this dumb A— obviously aren’t Americans! REMEMBER 911 !!!!!!
    They said, and I quote: “ WE WILL TAKE U DOWN FROM THE INSIDE OUT! Someone needs to take this KID out to the woodshed!!

    • Yes, Clyde, remember 911 and how we were lied to. It was us that brought down those three buildings at the World Trade Center. See for the details and who got rich off of this and how this “attack” was spun to blame the wrong people and use this as our new “Pearl harbor” to justify our invasion of other countries. We should be ashamed of the horror we have inflicted on other, many more than ever died on 911.

  45. So 99% have unfavorable feelings toward Omar. Who put her in office? Next time remember this when you vote for anti-American candidates or anyone who supports bigotry which includes many in the democratic party or for that matter any party that can support hatred. If this continues, it will ruin America!

    • Bill clinton and Obama are the ones most responsible for these people giving us problems, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Shows how forward these people are

  46. I am glade she is making Americans realize that even the President of United states bows

    down to the leaders of Israel the great terrorist state in the Middle East support by United States

    • Israel is the Holy Land, not because of the al aqsa mosque, but because it is the land that God gave to Abraham. If you don’t believe that then in 1948, May 14 (in one day as prophesied) the land was returned to its rightful owners by the UN. Prior to that day Israel was a desolate unwanted land. Then God sent the former rains and the latter rains. The desert blossomed. The enemies surrounding Israel attacked and time after time, against all odds, Israel prevailed. Israel will continue to be attacked but the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob will save the Jew. The Jew is the biological brother of Jesus and He will save his family just like we would save our family. Trump won in 2016 against all odds because it was time for Jerusalem to become the capital of the City of David.

    • Israel had nothing to do with “912”! The terrorists were Islamic just as she is, a wolf in sheeps clothing!!!


      • No, you are quite wrong. Israel helped to mine those three buildings that came down on 911. They mined those buildings with thermite enough to melt all of the steel in those buildings. Steel melts at 2700 degrees F. The aviation fuel from the planes only heats up to 1800 degrees and mostly would have volatilized at the height that the planes hit. The Israelis who mined those buildings in the 6 months before the event with thermite, an incendiary that burns at 4000 degrees F. Before 911, no steel core building had ever been brought down because of fire. That day, three buildings at the World Trade Center fell at gravitational speeds (no steel left in those buildings). The buildings with structural steel still in them would have fallen differently. is the reevaluation of 911 by architects and engineers. Follow the money. These wars have made the real ones behind the real instigators lots of money and it is not the Muslims who have profited from these wars. By the way, most of the hijackers are still alive, but you never hear that on the managed news in this country.

    • Take the flag out of that TRAITOR omar’s hand…It’s fake. trying to make her look better……She NEEDS to be arrested and thrown in jail for TREASON…..Dems need to grow a pair and get rid of her…I thought fancy Nancy was in charge….so she says!!!!!!

    • All the Arab/Muslim Countries in the Middle East just can’t handle Little Israel because Israel doesn’t deal in Murder, Hate, Misery, and just plain stupidity (Jihadists)!!! Ilhan Omar and Rashida TLaib want to export that crap here?

  47. She needs to be removed from office she is ani American ani constitution and should be sent back to live under seriha law in Afganastan or Syria!!!

    • //// anyone ////
      what is the red circle at the
      bottom right of this site?
      please answer

      Signed ////
      Stockton, California

      • The red circle is the ‘m notification bell’ it probably tells you that you have notifications blicked. If you wish to get them just click on it and click to get them.




  48. 1% of the people on this site are America hating lunatics, goat raping muslims, morons, or democrats. Pardon the redundancy. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  49. Religiously am a Shi’a Muslim, and politically I’m conservative, right of center. I find Omar and Tlaib and AOC repulsive. All three women have two things in common: hubris, embarrassing mouths (like Tlaib’s classy F bomb), and their Marxism. Omar can wear hijab all she wants, but it doesn’t make her modest. There’s more than one type of modesty. Her anti-Semitism is not representative of all Muslims. See, I’m an American. I was born and raised here, I am a Western man. I have none of the Old World baggage and ax grinding that some do. Islam is my way of being close to God, and not an excuse for political intrigue. IMO,all three freshmen Congresswomen need removal before they cause real problems not easily cleaned up.

    • So glad to hear from you, a Muslim, on this issue. You sound a lot like Zuhdi Jasser. ( I hope I spelled his name correctly). The three young women have taken the American far left by storm. I’m a very senior citizen and am deeply concerned where America will be in a few years if very many Americans buy into their rhetoric.

    • Agree with your comments completely. These women are power mad idiots & like you say need they DO need to be removed!!!! Infact ASAP!!! Each one is as bad as the other.🤬


    • If your Muslim then you read from the same book they do so your in the same boat their in . We are so tired of you people and all your lies . Go find you a Muslim country to spew your lies .

  50. We have a gutless, spineless and just plain stupid government. They are petty, superficial idiots, lacking any semblance of morality. These morons are the type that would play the fiddle while America burns. Too stupid to understand the danger of mudslimes and illegals and too spineless to do anything about it if they could understand. We are doomed.

  51. You would never see an American in a position within their government UNLESS they assimilate and convert to Islam and it’s culture…. So, why are we allowing any Muslim in our government? The muslims will never assimilate!
    If this is what Pelosi and Dems want in their party, then those politicians who support this, need to be kicked out of Congress. Congress was established to defend the people from tyranny, to make sure our laws are made according to the US Constitution… not the Sharia rule of law. In fact, this is treason to have these 3 muslims in our Congress.
    If Donald Trump had done anything close to what the Dem party has done, including their crimes, the unconstitutional laws they try to pass and the people they defend, Trump would be in Gitmo by now. I am so sick of the Double Standards… the Evil standards of the left must be dealt with. We need to start with pushing AG Barr to shut down Mueller’s witch hunt, because Trump can’t do anything until Mueller’s gone. Trump would be accused of obstruction if he would unclassify the redacted FISA docs… and he has been warned about this. They have his hands tied until Barr fires Mueller!!

  52. She should be recall and investigate her income tax and her campaign.i can’t believe people actually voted for this socilst moron.i guess her district are full of low lifes morons or low IQ.

  53. We can vent all we want, but you know nothing is going to happen to her. Our leaders have no spine. It really pisses me off when they know she’s wrong, but are unwilling to do anything about it. Do what’s right and impeach her, since she didnt take her oath on the Bible, it should be null and void. MAGA

    • Impeach her. She is not an Anerican but rather a piece of flotsam.She needs to be wahed away like a germ.
      Ed Mitchell

      • It’s my opinion that no one who immigrated here should be allowed to hold office until second generation. Too much Old World crap and axes to grind otherwise.

        • Yes I agree the Democrats have just sold us out all they want is power and they don’t care how they’re going to get it they’re going to have to come forward in front of God one of these days and I hope he has Mercy on their souls but they show no mercy for us I think what’s going to happen we’re going to pick up our own guns and have to defend our country ourselves

        • Agree! My sentiments exactly 😀 I’m a legal immigrant, paid big bucks & waited patiently but the wait was more than worth it, love America please don’t let these women or excuses for women carry on with their evil ideas. Can’t a vote of no confidence be called for?

      • Agree with Eds Response. A pc has threatened dems if they don’t vote on her green deal she will write their names down and at the primary send activist so they won’t get elected. I left the Democratic party before the presidential election could not take their crap any more.

      • Ice should go after every Somali in her area and check their legal status and go after at least all of her relatives.she is a Jew hater and also hates us infidel. Throw her out of office !!

      • Islam is called Taqqia, lying to infidels is permissible to further the goals of the religion which is
        Submission. Islam means submission.
        A desease, evil and destruction. We need to know their intents to battle this infirmity.

    • Her main objective along with all Muslims in this nation is to convert this nation to Sharia Law. They are very sneaky and quiet in obtaining their objective. Should NEVER be trusted.

  54. I can’t imagine that any American would vote this piece of shit into office. The thing I can imagine is that the election was rigged! What other reason for putting scum like her into office? Her goal ( and the other 2 female idiots) is to divide Americans. If we don’t take control of what is happening then we are doomed. President Trump is doing an excellent job but he can’t do it all himself. We must force our Republican politicians to do what we elected them to do. I’m sick of being part of the NICE Party! The DemonRats play dirty and it’s about time Republicans fight back and show them we are not going to take it anymore!!! Use force if needed!

    • I understand that Omar won the election by default… she did not have an opposing candidate to go up against. At least, that’s the story I read and it may be true, but I can’t help but to think that even that was rigged, maybe as a pay off.

    • Problem is where she lives has been slowly been taken over by the Muslim community and that is where she gets her support. The community for the most part refuse to assimilate to American life and adheres to Sharia, which is totally opposite of our constitution. Sweden, Germany, and soon other European countries are being taken over by Islamists and are changing their culture including slowly becoming a majority. Called a Caliphate. Their optimal goal.


    • I agree with you wholeheartedly! This hateful muslim has no pride in being American. We were kind enough to “save” her from her country, and she should kiss the ground she walks on! NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED!

    • Thanks Obama this is what you caused in America you are nothing more than a traitorous enemy of the American people of the United States. This is your contribution to the American people.

      • This was part of Obama’s plan. He purposely directed all these Somali Muslims to the same part of Minnesota. They are stronger as a group than they would have been as individuals or one family. This was part of Obama’s promise to ‘…fundamentally change this country.’

  56. Her birth-country is the Ass hole of the world. Several years ago, they had the PIRATES raiding European Shipping in international waters. Several US MARINES’ DEAD BODIES WHERE DRAGGED BY CARS THROUGH THEIR STREETS. WE SHOULD NOT LET THESE DEVILS IN AMERICA — LET ALONE ELECT THEM INTO OFFICE !!!

  57. Ilhan Omar is the reason multiculturalism is a really bad idea. This woman speaks for thousands who have the same feelings and values as she. The reasons for a nation to exist is the commonality of culture and values and the wish to separate themselves from from those who have different ideologies, ie, jews and muslims. She and others came to the US to escape the hell hole created by their cultures while insisting we adapt theirs, the very same culture that created the environment she and her family ran from. What irony!

    • Her birth-country is the Ass hole of the world. Several years ago, they had the PIRATES raiding European Shipping in international waters. Several US MARINES’ DEAD BODIES WHERE DRAGGED BY CARS THROUGH THEIR STREETS. WE SHOULD NOT LET THESE DEVILS IN AMERICA — LET ALONE ELECT THEM INTO OFFICE !!!

      • TO THE SHORES OF TROPOLIE as marine song goes, the musliums were at war with the world in the Mederteranian sea. (read the history of the MARINES)

  58. We have no business having Muslims in our government. Finally after 8 years we got rid of the Muslim President but that was no reason to replace him with more scum. It was brainless Americans that voted these ragheads in after what happened to America 9/11.

  59. I can’t believe that this Dem government is letting these twits get away with this. If this was anyone else in the Whit House in any other administration they would be investigated and thrown in jail. I get tired of cow towing to these people. They all need to get out if they don’t like it here.

    • Anyone who is familiar with the tenets of Islam would NOT have voted to elect her. Those who voted for her are apparently ignorant of the fact that a diehard Muslim is virulently antisemitic. She and every Muslim should NEVER have been elected to serve in the government of ANY Christian nation and the U.S. is definitely a Christian nation.

  60. Don’t be fooled by Nancy Pelosi’s tame reaction to Omar’s anti-Semitism and hatred. Omar is doing Pelosi and the Democrats’ work for them while handing out meaningless stupid apologies to Israel and the Jews while posing as more reasonable voices, while Pelosi is actually than Omar!

  61. This woman bad-mouths our country, its laws & policies, and our President and wants to turn it into a country like her own. In her own country, she can’t say a word!! Hmmmmm…..

    • She should be deported and, Obama should be deported with her. He is the Muslim terrorist who brought these Muslim Jihadi’s here. If pelosi doesn’t like it, deport her back to her Nazi Germany.

      • Deport Ilhan Omar, Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortes.If AOC is a Puerto Rican, strip her of her citizenship, deport her and renounce U.S. citizenship for Puerto Rico. Give them their independence but keep the U.S. naval base there.If Omar resists deportation, shoot and kill her. The same applies to Tlaib.

  62. Anyone that believes that the Muslims are here to assimilate into our society is either an extremely naive individual or, living on another planet! They are here for one reason and one reason only and that’s to conquer US from within. First, we let that traitor Obama and his thugs in and now, we have to contend with Omar and Tlaib. Knowing the Democrats and Muslims, I have some serious doubts about the validity of both of their elections. We already know that the Democrats and Muslims are liars and cheats and voter fraud is right up their alley!

  63. In voting there was a lot of ballots that I believe was not legal some way they should have a recount. ITs just not adding up correct . something needs to be looked back into . Also the swearing in to with there hand on the Bible also the number of registered voters in those counties didn’t add up either

    • Bingo David!! We’ve got to stop all the early write in votes!!
      Clean up the voting and have vetted people at polling places.
      And get some new machines Sortos doesn’t make.

  64. I seriously question the ability of a Muslim to honestly answer the oath of office to ANY position in the U.S. government. Having read the entire Qur’an, the first time on September 9, 2001; it literally sickened me, the second was even worse. Read it yourself to understand how pernicious, virulent, dangerous, and sneaky a real Muslim is. Then read the Hadith to fully comprehend how Islam promotes terrorism the way it does; over 30,0000 terrorist deaths in the last 25 years.

    And since the founding of Islam in 634, over 160,000,000 million have been murdered by Muslims and another of the same number forced into abject slavery with a very large percentage of the males having been castrated (turned into eunuchs).

    • In their religion, it is perfectly ok to lie in order to further their cause. We need to start having lie detectors hooked up to politicians when they give that oath and swear allegiance to our country and govt! LOL

  65. We need to get Talib, Omar, and any other Muslim out of the Senate and House and send them back to their shithole country to get what they would get for saying what they are saying here!!

  66. Who the H E Double Hockey Sticks was in the 1%???
    IMHO…this bigoted refugee doesn’t belong in either house! And…she’s on the Armed Services Committee???
    Y’all mark my words…if We Americans don’t WTFU ~ Our Enemies…Foreign & Domestic…
    will KILL this Country from WITHIN.

    • Please allow into your mind the woman has no citoris. That what they do to girls and it might turn their thinking like a male.

    • I totally agree. For all of the life of me, I can’t understand what sort of citizens would even vote for this terrorist. What were they thinking? Are they really Americans at all?

      • She was subsequently elected by a group of Muslim refugees that were supposedly sent to Minnesota by Obama!
        The group is concentrated together in a particular area that allowed others with beliefs identical to hers to vote her into office! This wasn’t done accidentally, it was clearly intentional!
        And we are now paying the price!
        The Muslim’s are EXTREMELY Dangerous and AOC is just Stupid and moderately entertaining for a moment…She barely has the ability to breath and chew gum at the same time…

    • Disgusting how quickly people forgot 9-11 Islam is evil and these people getting positions in Congress who won’t swear in on the Bible is scary. Their hatred of all things not Muslim should worry everyone.

    • Now with all the democratic women in Congress, I now know what the color of evil looks like. Not a good picture. God help us!Mark

  67. She need to go back to bartending and get out of our government. She is a disgrace and should be kicked out of her position. I can’t believe the Dems voted her sick self in!! I say Kick Her Out!!!!!!!

    • They are terrorist to America’s government and We the people! Reasons they are in government is because Nancy, Joe, Kerry, shoema,obo ECT passed a bill allowing Muslims in Our government! Al green is one that obo put into government and he’s on the sex hush list. Mr. President needs to drain the swamp. And suspend All Immigration into Our country until it’s straightened out…. Catch all illegals and ms13 gone and the Wall built and the corrupt swamp clan in prison.

    • Kick out AOC and let her bar tend in San Juan. Give them independence a nd cut them the hell off. Keep the naval base, since we need it because of communist Cuba.

  68. Can you imagine in your wildest dreams this antisemitic rhetoric is coming from our elected branch of representative’s. They are going to have another attack like San Bernardino, or there will be Jewish synagogues attacked again. This is very dangerous to sanction this ideology,which the Democrats are doing. They just don’t care about the American citizens.

    • We need to vote all these Democrats out of office. ALL OF THEM! They’re ruining our country. First it was eight years of Obama and now we have these democrats in our congress doing absolutely nothing of what they were sent to Washington to do. All they do is go against Our President Trump whose doing much more then they’ll ever do.

    • We need to vote all these Democrats out of office. ALL OF THEM! They’re ruining our country. First it was eight years of Obama and now we have these democrats in our congress doing absolutely nothing of what they were sent to Washington to do. All they do is go against Our President Trump whose doing much more then they’ll ever do. And how in the world did these two radical Muslims get in our congress??!! People must be crazy to have voted them in. Plus Ms. Ticky Tack Acosta from New York.

      • She has aplan and she is slowly but surely implement it disguising as American. Where are the republicans? What is their plan? Nothing. They will surrender to the demcoRATS as well as this antiAmerican woman.

    • I can’t believe she was elected to Congress in the first place. It is simply unbelievable that her state put her in office. She is a enemy of our country and she needs to be kicked out of office.

  69. If one has read the Koran, there’s a passage in it encouraging “believers” to befriend non believers so as to get their trust enough to turn on them and kill them if they won’t “convert”. This was true when the 9/11 hijackers killed nearly 3000 innocent Americans as they blended in with our society to the point that no one would suspect them of anything.

  70. get Pelosi to kick out Muslim reps!
    If she won’t vote Pelosi out and get someone in who will. No place in our democracy for people with terrorist ties and who do not support Western ideals…

    • You got that 300% correct. And that bitch Muslim needs to be shipped back to Somalia in a leaking dingy. Hey, sorry you didn’t make it alive!


    • I do not understand how people that hate America could possibly be voted into Congress. This woman needs to go now. And now Nancy Pelosi is saying that this woman does not realize the word she is using. America better get these people out now because they are in the process of taking down America. And if we don’t grow a pair and stop trying to be so politically correct by the time we raise our voices there may not be an America to fight for. These are Muslims aim to take America does anybody get that if you have any doubt check on Dearborn Michigan. That makes me sick to my stomach this woman needs to go and the people that voted her in need to be her Entourage and leave with her

  71. So much complaining and lack of faith! All this time wasted instead of seeking answers with our Lord. Action is needed, not complaints. After prayer, we need to let our representatives know the wishes of their constituents, but most importantly the wishes of our Lord and Savior.

    • Let them know our wishes that’s what the problem is now we are trying to be too nice and too politically correct the Muslims have already taken over Dearborn Michigan. I love God as much as anyone else but God also gave us a brain and Common Sense it is time for action. Any more hesitation on our part is going to hasten the destruction of America. We all need to pray everyday as much as we can for our country and for President Trump. But in between praying we need to stop being so nice and start taking action and raising our voice and doing something about this

    • This whole thing looks so overwhelming and hopeless that ONLY GOD can straighten it out….but that means a whole lot of earnest prayer and pleading for His help. I’m gettin’ off this list right now to start praying. That’s ALL the hope we have now. Things have gone too, too, too far.

  72. She is representative of what the Democrap party has become. If we allow more and more Muslims into the country we will become another Middle East.

      • Commie democrats have sold us out. Why? They are losing now. Must remember that the muslims are still living in the 13th century. They are uncivilized and vicious. Do not expect anything else from any of them.

    • I think the results of the poll show that the Americans people are against her Muslim or not. She needs to be impeached. Now.
      We should not tolerate anyone in a political office talking like she does.
      Get her out before people start to accept her crap.

    • We as Republicans need to stop her and the democrats Vote Republican and talk to anyone you know who is foolish enough to vote for these Muslim fools they are Obama’s people and he wants nothing more than to Make America Islamic it has to and it will STOP !!!!

      • Bob, I totally agree and have for several years. Look what’s happened in Germany, France, and the UK where those terrorist have set up “camp”.

    • Its time to Build the wall and for Nancy Palosi to stop hiding and do her damn job and stop the three walking all over her and send Omar back to her own country

      • Agree! These people are beyond disgusting,, no way should Omar be in government at all! Muslims worm in to create a caliphate,, they have zero allegiance to this country, she will cut your throat Nancy and get away with it! Plus do your dam job and build
        that wall idiots! It’s true you you hate Trump so much you aren’t doing your dam job! You are so deranged!

      • Pelosi can’t do anything for 2 reasons. 1. AOC already said she’s the boss and defended her & 2 it would be racist and Islamophobic & I guess I can add a 3rd 3 She hates Trump.

        • Let’s add a number 4 Nancy Pelosi hates America and its citizens of the United States she needs to be impeached immediately.

      • You are part of the problem why our country is falling apart. Nancy Pelosi hates America and will do anything to take it down. And your OK with leaving her in power. You must be insane!

    • So True. She does not represent anything AMERICAN – She doesn’t love the great USA like we do. She certainly didn’t similate into our values or knows our history and all the PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIED FOR OUR COUNTRY TO BE FREE. Shame on Washington DC to put up with this CRAP because “We The People” DO NOT. GOD BLESS AMERICA

    • It’s already happening. Our youth doesn’t have the history that us older folks have lived, so they can’t see it.

  73. Ok Shumer AND Pilosi it’s time for ya’ll to do your jobs !Get rid of the TRASH.
    AOC and Omar don’t belong here to spread their unrest. We already have enough upset from our our people.

    • Democrats are ok. Quit being so judgmental. Too much prejudice in this country. The Repugs have their share of trash too. Like Pence, bigot and McConnell loser.

      • Helen Kahley, please check into a local mental hospital! DemonRATS are anti-American and only want HUGE govt. to control every part of our lives. If you stay out of the rubber room, you should take in a dozen Muslims and see how long you survive if you don’t convert.

  74. First, a question I’d like answered, are either of these two Muslims Ladies Illegal and were they vetted at all? They are both very argumentative and arrogant, not only to the general public but looks like to their own party members. I believe they and any other Muslims are here in our country to turn it into an Islamic country,just as their Muslim leaders and Islam requires of them to do. In MY view, they have NO business being IN our country, much less in our Government

  75. This new group of congresswomen reflect the values the new communist wing of the Democrat party all brought to us by outside unAmerican forces. They are the new party of death & destruction in order to place us into a new the new world order globalist cabal of tyranny. This is seditious tyranny the like we have never seen before. What ever happened to good moral leaders like JFK?? Where are the patriots in the deathocrat party that will stand up against this tyranny?? Where are you??

    • They don’t exist! These three women are puppets and are scripted. The hope is to put more and more in the House and Senate! With the media ignoring any illegal actions or inflammatory comments we are in serious trouble. There doesn’t seem to be any moderates left. The things they are and have proposed are as you said globalist! I’m a conservative and this scares me to death! These three have things moving so fast I can barely keep up. And the worst part is they have just begun!

  76. 9/11 was their revenge date back to the 17th century when ottoman empire
    we’re crushed by the western civilization and driven out of europe.
    What a mistake, we let them back in and is here by the Demonrats led by the Obama administration, claims its not there fault. We have to wake up our future American children from education to moral civic duties to preserve our freedom and nation. MAGA!

  77. She has a lot of nerve to trash the President of the country that saved her ass and thousands of others from the genocide going on in Somalia! If she prefers and Islamist run shit country go back where she came from!

  78. Has anyone studied the Koran?
    The three Muslims are a danger to our country.
    Let’s get the list of all those in the Senate & Congress
    who stand with them and make sure they’re voted out.
    We know that they hail from predominately Muslim areas
    thanks to Obama.
    No need for ISiS to invade our country because of this
    Horror that’s currently happening to us.

    • The Bible speaks of this very thing happening. They have been slowly working their way into our government and has been already happening taking over complete cities in the United States. They follow their own laws and have a police force of own culture. They do not want our culture, nor follow our laws. They have disrespected our constitution , and we in our stupidity have allowed this to happen. If following their Koran, we are to be aliminated as the Jewish people of the Nazi regime. Have we learned nothing from our past. Funny

    • The koran says allah eats pig dung daily and muhammad has three little piglet wifes. Wake up America. We are at war with the evil demoncrats for our Country.

  79. She represents a district in a low population red state. MANY,MANY refugees were shipped there by the democrats. Not so much to get the house seats but to get the senate seats. The GOP has to WAKE UP and realize that it’s main strength is to have a strong GOP senate and that that the democrats are outmanuvering them. they are making this country into a third world looney bin, like this rep.

  80. No one should be sworn into congress unless they can in their own words state every article of our constitution including all amendments. They should also pledge allegiance to our flag and what it stands for. They should also swear this with their hand on the BIBLE, THE SAME BIBLE OR REPRODUCED COPY THEREOF THAT WAS USED BY THE WRITERS OF OUR CONSTITUTION.

    • You are right Paul, and I’m very doubtful she was made to do this. Being Muslim, I believe she would refuse. We have to be careful in putting Muslim’s in office because what they believe/want does not go with our constitution/government, let alone any form of Christianity.

    • AMEN BROTHER AMEN! those that are not for AMERICA & solid born in AMERICA CITIZENS absolutely need to be DEPORTED right back to whatever country they came from! passports revoked, green cards revoked, persona non gratis, never ever again be allowed back into AMERICA! that includes families as well! done, gone, over!!!!!! now let them sweat & beg to come back HA!

    • Muslim’s SHOULD NOT even be allowed to run for ANY public office!!ALL Fed. candidates have to swear “on a holy BIBLE”, to “Pledge allegiance to the Flag and uphold the Constitution of the United States”, each form of government, state, county, local, has their own allegiance. The mudslimes are out to tear it all apart and “kill the Infidel!”

  81. Here is a summary of what’s going on in Congress:

    Year of the Woman

    There was a handful of girls who thought they were star potential
    Succeeded in portraying themselves members of an elite class
    They pranced around, took extra steps to appear really special,
    Were toasted, wildly cheered, sought everywhere by an admiring mass.

    Politics was not their forte, but they decided to get into it anyway
    Their popularity was, to them, undoubtedly beyond question.
    Now the papers tell: Mishap occurred today and plans went awry
    When Ms. Guided, Ms. Taken, and Ms. Creant misconstrued their mission.

  82. This is exactly why Muslims should NOT be given citizenship! Everything they believe (Sharia, Koran) is in direct opposition to our constitution. Don’t believe them when they say the don’t like Sharia, because the Koran says it is OK to lie to further the cause of Allah. You cry, “freedom of religion”, but Islam is not just a religion, it is a political ideology that must be wiped out, or at least kept out of our country. Their centuries old plan to conquer the world is to 1)INFILTRATE the host country. 2)PROCREATE (out-birth us) to eventually outnumber us. 3)DOMINATE our political system. 4) EXTERMINATE (convert or die) or pay a tax to Islamists. These are the 4 “ates” of Islam. “Let he who has ears, listen”.

        • Yes, it is all TRUE!!!!It is so disgusting, it makes me literally sick to my stomach almost every day, when I think how she and all the ones like her (ANTI-AMERICANS who do not want to assimilate, just want free money, free everything) and they get more power. If they were not allowed into our great country, we would not have to worry as much. We see it on the streets, of the small town, I live in.

      • Anthony if you are referring to Blond Bomb the YOU are the one with the mental illness, and/or hatred of the USA. Muslims have only ONE goal in life to please their satan god allah…domination the world with their perverted views of life. Hatred murder, keeping woman in their place (unless like this scum it helps their agenda), sex with children but then throw Phaggs off the rooftops, conform to their cult or be beheaded. And the list goes on….

    • I agree 1000++%. They should not be here, allowed here, even to come in and go to one of the disgusting, far-left liberal colleges we have and learn more hate for America. They all are Anti-American and do not want to, and have no intention of assimilating. They are trying to spread Sharia-Law, and the use of the Koran. She also, should not have been allowed to wear that stupid headpiece she wears everyday. That is another indication that tell you: I(she)make the rules around here. My S_ _ _ does not stink!!!

      • Article 52 states: any group of people that do not believe in our constitution and laws and desire to live by their own laws, are not allowed in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, period!!! Now let’s enforce it and rid ourselves of this problem before it gets out of hand!

        • Let’s deport the Obamas who put all this Moslem bullshist into action he is nothing more than what the little bird left on the fence.

    • You are correct. Not only this but the quan says they are to KILL all who are infidels.(not Muslim) somehow our congress should shut them up or get rid of them.

    • We do NOT need to let the Muslims run our country- she needs to go back to Somalia or some other Muslim country – what is wrong with her state for electing her to this position!!! God has to be ringing his hands at what is happening to our country!!!

    • And a fricken Monkey could figure this out. Agreed 1000%!
      ALL libral dem BABY KILLERS SHOULD B DEPORTED along with All those Evil Pesos and Pedo Breeders!
      People have Died defending our country from this kind of trash! Now Nazis let em in!!!! Allow them to DO WHAT THEY WANT! Judgement day is coming soon.

  83. She’s TROJAN HORSE to start the infiltration of the muslims into our government, all brought on by the muslim ex so called “president”, obama. She is a TRAITOR, and needs to be dealt with likewise (the same way her muslim country would do to an American found in their government)

  84. It is no less insane that we have Muslims in our government (or in our country) today than it would have been if we had had devout Nazis in our government during WW II!!

  85. She is number one anti-semitic number to anti-israel number 3 a liar she has not apologized she is a danger to our country and the values that our country stands for she needs to be removed from Congress immediately and as far as I’m concerned she needs to be deported. let’s find a reason

  86. OMAR is a consummate bigoted horses ass and a poster child for needed selectivity and control of who we allow in this country. Our country has become a captive slave to the stupidity and insanity of identity politics!

  87. Omar is a danger to our country and our citizens. She needs to go! Now! Remember 9/11 ? NEVER FORGET! Muslims did that to us. Remember our dead falling from the sky? HOW DARE She open her mouth and say treasonous vomit
    about our people! She is despicable!

    • Muslims should be prevented from holding any government office. They’ve repeatedly threatened to overpopulate the U.S. And we know what has happened to Germany, Sweden, Portugal, to name a few.

        • Doris, you are very right, so while we’re having all the abortions, they are gaining in population. What does that tell you? They will eventually, if this trend continues indeed be able to take over the USA. May God forgive us in our sin and stupidity.

    • No one will wear a head band in our house (house of our representative). This person Omar is in violation of our constitution. She should be removed in congress ASAP.

    • Muslims don’t care if it takes them a hundred years they’ll continue to overrun America and they will lie to get what they want. Shame on the states that allowed muslims to run for office and elect them!

  88. She is a cancer ready to spread over the whole U.S. Congress and Senate.Anyone else would have been removed. But acceptance of ‘all’, to the point of putting the U.S. at
    risk is totally unacceptable! Her hateful statements against the jewish and christian
    people of our country, and always ending in wanting them dead, should be enough to im-
    mediately take action! Why hasn’t anything been done?

    • Tim,our so-called media repeatedly says Omar is Somali born.Refugee recors recently reviewed say she came here from Kenya,which was illegal.DHS is investigating with deportation in mind for that and immigration fraud for marrying her brother while still married to another man for the purpose of bringing the brother here illegally.Say your prayers that a way has been found to deport her!

  89. Get rid of her now, and also get rid of that female AOC from New York while were at it. I call that 2 traitors for the time to take 1 vote. They’re not only traitors, they’re both certifiable nut cases.

    • All three need to be gotten rid of. The one from Minnesota, Michigan and big mouth from New York.Since they haven’t done their jobs for us the people make them pay back wages received thus far

    • Wilma is correct. The Democrats have put some awful people into office and not one of them love our country. They’re here to turn our country upside down and if it doesn’t get stopped, they’ll be successful.

    • I believe there is no place in the United States
      for any Muslim. They have been raise to hate
      Christians and 99% of Americans don’t
      Want them here. Bred terrorist and haters and only
      Want to change everything to be their 3rd world

    • How about the third one in Michigan (that loud mouth asshole woman) cursing our President Trump. All of these three are STUPID, MORONS, AND SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE IMMEDIATELY. Speaker Pelosi, do your job.

  90. You really don’t want to know my feeling about her. lets just say she needs to go back where she belongs, to her own country, its very apparent she doesn’t respect our beliefs and laws, to live in our country that is what you should have to do, I will never bend to these people take THEM ALL BACK AND SEND CHUCK AND (PPEELUCY WITH THEM.) TRUMP 2020

    • You have voiced my exact thoughts, Verda. Thank you for being oral in your evaluation of this Muslim terrorist. She would be beheaded or stoned to death in her own country. Women are not allowed to speak without permission of their terrorist husband. People should think about that before they vote this type of person into a political office.

  91. She needs to be sent back to Somalia. She took an oath to support and defend the Constitution and attached bill of rights, but wants Sharia Law to replace the Constitution. Revoke her Citizenship, fly her half way home, and kick her out of the plane without a parachute from 30,000 feet, let her make her impact on the ocean. the fish should take care of the left overs.

    • Ilhan Omar is supporting and defending the US Constitution. She is a true American patriot. Why are 3.8 billion US tax dollars going to Israel every year? That money can be better spent on education/creating jobs/Veterans/Seniors,…

      • Anthony, where do you get your information regarding Omar? Can you back it up? As far as giving money to Israel. We give to support our sister nation per our Biblical teachings. We also give lots of money to other nations that don’t support/recognize us as a nation. At this point, I would have to ask what your religious beliefs, if any are?

  92. The dems got her into our country and now that they are in our government they are afraid of hurting the muslim’s feelings. The first big mistake was giving into the head dress and allowing them to wear in meetings and taking their oath on the koran. They figured they won that one, which they did, so will push and push to get everything they want. Dems now don’t know what to do with these problems now. I pray Trump takes care of it once and for all.

    • if she were a true American, she would have taken her oath on the Bible, that should have been a warning sign, if they bend to someone like that, it won’t be long before we lose all our rights as Christians and be forced to believe what they believe. It frightens me how low our country stooped in the past decade. Life does not matter to the far left, what does?

  93. This Muslim has no place in the American government. She is just the first that will be elected to run the governments in future years. When there are enough of them in office the American I know will be no more.

    • I am with you. WHY in the world are we allowing anyone from another COuntry to come into Our Government especially in Our Congress. This is INSANE!!!!!

      • The democRATS keep pushing to allow these 7th century thinking muslims into our country thinking they can control them and gain their votes, but as we already see, Pelosi can’t even control a freshman member of Congress so how do they think they will be able to control these muslims as they increase their numbers in the Congress. The democRATS are digging their own political graves and that of our nation as well.

    • Totally agree, It’s dangerous that’s how we lose our country,one office at a time it’s called a Caliphate, take over other countries. Like they said they would have a Islamic flag over the Whitehouse. Over our dead body, Ops, their planning that too…

    • This is the just the start of the insidious way in which Islam will slowly take over the country. Their aim is to eliminate Christianity and change the country to Islam. When Americans are governed by Sharia law then they might be satisfied. Total satisfaction comes when the entire population is governed by Sharia not the constitution.

    • That’s what you get when you let anyone into this country without proper vetting, including their families. The previous administrations failed miserably in protecting this country and looking out for Americans first – 1 World Government, read up on the Illuminati! As for those that want to run for any public office, Voters DO your diligent homework on any candidate. Furthermore, be the solution to the problem rather than a hindrance. Call, write your Representative and tell them to do their job they have been hired to do. WE THE PEOPLE vote you in or out!!!!!

  94. Letting people in who are haters and deliberately come here to CHANGE us need to go.If our Country is so bad GO ! We like it here, we made it what it is today.

    • Yes, but what about the hate in the Democrat party and their desire to allow illegals to vote, not obeying laws already on the books murdering babies, crooked dealings they are never held accountable for. All of that is just as bad as Muslims in our government!

    • The Dems are side-by-side w/Omar, great b/c it hurts all of them in 2020. I am rejoicing at that. As a Minnesotan I am astounded at the stupidity and naivete of our voters here, maybe the cold has left many with frozen hard hearts and brains. VERY Sad!! I AM BEGINNING TO BE ASHAMED TO BE A INNESOTAN, MAYBE WILL MOVE TO A STATE MORE AMERICAN!I THANK GOD FOR WEBSITES AS THIS FOR UNBIASED NEWS AND COMMON SENSE!

      • Ignorance is reflective of misinformation and lack of critical thinking. US politicians have an obligation to support and offer allegiance to its government and citizenry. Israel under Netanyahu has risen the crisis in the Middle East. US must never support terrorism, even from our allies.

      • Nancy Pelosi is a corporate democrat who stands side by side with warmongering republicans. It’s disgraceful when US invades other countries(Iraq) for its resources or promotes regime change(Venezuela) for same. This is nothing short of modern day colonization.

  95. I believe that the three congress women are planning to tear down the US. If they don’t like the US LEAVE. They all focus on the Arab countries and just want to tear down the US. We need to vote them out of office and send them packing back to where they came from. It is just like anyone who badmouths the US, says how bad the country is, tell them to leave. Last year a lot of Hollywood actors and actresses said they would leave if Trump got elected, well they are still here. We need to vote them out and send them back to where they came from

  96. Islamic law says a man can have 4 wives at one time. Women are not allowed but one husband at a time. Omar confessed to having 2 husbands at the same time. They were married under Islamic law. If it is prohibited under Islamic law why didn’t they do something to her. Why? They put her in the government. I’m sure everybody knows what she was put there to do.

    • All three of these women are probably victims of FGM
      And as a result are bitter & radical. Brain washed as children, as their they must follow the Sharia Laws practiced by some Followers of Islam. They are truly lost souls. A threat to all Americans and should be removed from our government & deported.

  97. Read the bible people,God told Abraham any nation which does not stand with the Jewish nation will fall.Check history this has proven true.Never dout the word of God!

    • Amen to Mike’s post. NEVER doubt the Word of God. Jewish people are amazing and, even tho’ God has allowed them to suffer a lot, He has also GREATLY blest them in ways that most people don’t even think about.

    • Michael Nicodemus, I believe to. I tried 3 times to quote Gen.12:3. All 3 times it vanished. At least people can look it up for themselves. God bless.

  98. No surprise here she still has jihadist ways. No assimilation from her whatsoever. Needs to be impeached and removed from office. However the Demon crats if they continue to support will find that the peeps in the Demon crat party will move their allegiance unless they are really this insane?

  99. She is a disgusting & evil entity. She has to be removed from our govt & the USA. There are many Muslims in our govt that has to be booted.

  100. She is pure evil. Does not belong in our Congress and especially on the foreign affairs committee. The Democrats have lost all sense of credibility and sanity. This woman is out to cause problems for our country.

  101. People will have to contact their Senator and Congress representatives and tell them to stop the waves of Islam before they ruin the country

  102. Good job you disgusting Democrats for putting this Evil Vile Hatful Whit Hating Racist in our Congress!! This Bitch who By the way Married her own brother!! OMG has got to go! She is an Anti American Terrorist! Just like the ones who chant Death to America!!! She also hates Jews and Christians and doesn’t care who knows this! Good job Drunken Pelosi!! You must have been at the bar when she called you a White Supremicist!! Moron!

  103. Whatever happened to her oath of office. There is, in the Constitution, such a thing as keeping office during “good behavior”. Her actions (and words) to date have fallen out of those boundaries by anti-semitic statements. THEY SHOW ISLAMIC PREJUDICE.

    • What about not putting her hand on the Bible to be sworn in it seems to me that was her intentions all along

      • I agree Jackalyn….WHY?? This is not her country….it is OUR country and she needs to abide but the laws of OUR land and should not have a position in OUR country….Go back to Somolia and make their lives miserable.. We don’t l ike you and we don’t want you, but more than that we HATE you agenda!!! Now grab your camel and go!!

      • She was not sworn in on the Christian Bible , it was on the her bible. The other muslim did the same thing not the Christian Bible. That they call us don’t believe in the(dogs) non-muslims should be living unless you are muslim.

    • She didn’t take oath of office! She doesn’t believe in the Bible so that should make her null and void! Get Rid Of this Hateful Racist Anti American Muslim!!

    • She was elected by a group
      Called the “it’s not all of them Muslims”
      ISLAM IS EVIL SHOULD BE OUTLAWED BY ALL CIVILIZED NATIONS. Their only weapon is the sheer stupidity and political correctness of Western nations especially their liberal imbeciles!!

  104. Unless I’ve missed something, Omar’s being attacked as antisemitic. But, to date, no evidence has been presented for that accusation. It doesn’t require much empathy to acknowledge that vis-a-vis the Palestinians Israel’s despicably fascistic and oppressive. It seems to me that’s the point she is making, something prominent Jews have also said, e.g., Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein.

    • And I would say you sir are a sympathizing Democrate, this woman demanded that the rules be changed for her to wear her hagibe in in the house chambers to accomadate her. Once this was done she knew she had the democrats right where she wanted them…and now we have to put up with her anti-sematic B.S. Just like all the rest of foriegners that come her she expects us to change the U.S. to become like the country they came from, then why did they leave their own country in the first place… send them ALL back,,,,

      • Eric, you’re asking why did she leave her country? To infiltrate ours of course, just like they’re doing in Europe! That is their goal, to take over the world, and has been for centuries. However, in reading all the complaints regarding her, I have to wonder how many of you are just complaining. Do you contact your government officials and register your complaints! You need to act, not complain! And while you’re acting, you need to keep our country and it’s leaders in prayer.

    • Ted, ‘that humanoid’, has already ‘been rebuked-TWICE-since it ‘slunk’, into OUR CONGRESS! She won her ‘election’, by ONE DISTRICT, 95% Muslim-and now America, if being held ‘hostage’, by her Talib & ‘the Mouth, that roared’! 3 strikes-you’re OUT! OMAR, has 2 already! Foolish, IDIOT Americans, who voted all these Jihadist/Communist/Mentally Deficient/’beings’, into OUR Congress-thanks to the, Criminally, power-hungry, ‘DIM’ Party, WILL ‘be held responsible’, for the traitorous acts that will most assuredly occur!

    • Really quoting those 2 idiots? But, to date, no evidence has been presented for that accusation. Where the hell you been idiot? She is nothing but a trouble maker, loud mouth, and “Hates” this country!!! She should never, never, ever been sworn in on the “krap ran”.

  105. She is a true believer of everything that’s un-american legally per se!
    She needs a course on govt. Affairs and civics lession of the American Constitutional values, WHICH SHE OBVIOUSLY does not UNDERSTAND! Also a course on civility would help herin congress!

    • She needs to be sent back to her beloved Somalia. This walking pile of feces is no American and never will be. Like her cohort Tlaib, the muslims are here, it does not matter where they come from their vile religion is what they live for. If every one of them were eradicated in our country I would not lose a minutes sleep

  106. America better wake up, as the Muslim goal is to take over at any means. We can thank Muslim Obama for bringing boat loads of these people to America while he occupied the W/H as he & his family vacationed & he played golf.

    • And we can thank the churches who get paid by the State Dept to resettle these leaches. This idea used to work with persons from countries that didn’t hate the US.

    • Amen…Muslims that come to America should be vetted more thoroughly ! Anyone that comes to America should not only take an oath but openly denounce Islam/Sharia Law of which they are supposing running away from.
      We have fought Muslims from our beginning…remember the Tripoli Pirates ! They have enslaved, tortured, kidnapped for ransom, even killed Americans; so why are they here in America…world domination! Wake Up, people !!!

    • Yes, Muslims are the peoples cutting off heads in the biblical end times wake up Amerca
      and world. Receive the only savior Jesus Christ and be saved from the wrath to come.

  107. The 3 most radical freshmen congress women are extremely dangerous and are practically in charge of the Democratic Party. Nancy Pelosi has no control over them and tries to cover for them. Nancy is looking very weak. AOC said herself that she is the Boss and not Nancy Pelosi. America is watching and I don’t think that the crazy radicals are going to win. They certainly are going to loose the Jewish and Christian votes.

    • Every American better wake up to the fact of infiltration. Also the demonrats now allowing illegals to vote, and thanks to Muslim obummer, millions are invading this country to sit on welfare and collect social security checks.

    • Nancy Pelosi has no backbone. These women all need to be sent to Back to where they came from. They are trying to take over our country from within and need to be deported and their citizenship withdrawn. They are traitors to this country.

    • This muslum has a lot on Pelosi, that’s why she gets away with so much without anything but a slight scolding. She’s the one doing the blackmailing, not President Trump

  108. The Democrats will come to rue the day that they supported this woman, and were (are) afraid to condemn her views. NO MUSLIM should even be a part of our Congress as their “life views” are totally in contradiction with our Constitution. The Muslim creed includes the “taking over of the West”. The Dems are so damn naive and stupid when it comes to Muslims and they have lost all love for America. They are proof of some peoples’ beliefs that America will never fall from outside sources, but from inside. I firmly believe that to be true, because even if the obvious forces come from outside the US they can only succeed with the help of inside forces – currently the Democratic party. For them to be supporters of the Marx and Alinsky creeds and American Citizens blind to that support is truly frightening.

  109. This is how evil works. You let just a small nugget in and it spreads like a cancer. Unbelievable we now have of two unashamed American hating congresswoman who the liberals are in full support of.We need to get control of this disgusting behavior before it is to late.

    • These new congresswomen do not represent American views or values! They are trying to change our country. We are a Christian based country and they are trying to push their Muslim ways on our country. We will not submit to their ways. We cannot approve of a religion where women are defeated and stoned to death, gay people are killed, beheadings and we need to fire all these people!

  110. Minneapolis has the highest Somalian refugee population in OUR country.Along with demon-craps that’s how she got elected.

  111. Islam, by law, is prohibited from US immigration
    The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and
    nationality for the United States. That act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress
    regarding the immigration of Aliens to the US and remains in effect today. Among the many issues it covers, one in particular,
    found in Chapter 2 Section 212, is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow
    the government of the United States by “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.” This, by its very definition, rules out
    Islamic immigration to the United States, but this law has been ignored by Obama’s regime White House and many Globalist politicians.
    Islamic immigration to the US would be prohibited under this law because the Quran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam,
    which is antithetical to the US government, the Constitution, and to the Republic. All Muslims who attest that the Quran is their life’s
    guiding principal subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government. Now the politically correct crowd would say that
    Islamists cannot be prohibited from entering the US because Islam is a religion. Whether it is a religion is immaterial because
    the law states that Aliens who are affiliated with any “organization” that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited….

      • How are we going to take our country back? I’m glad enough voters are angry enough to maybe make a difference in our next election. We have to take a stand, pray and ask God to fill us with wisdom to make a difference. The Democrats are mean and obnoxious, I pray God will humble them and change their hearts.

    • THANK YOU! Now I wish our Congress would read it too! We as a nation lost a lot of blood to defeat them and now they are in Congress. Thanks Barrak Hussain OBUMA. He should be tried for Treason!

    • Excellent and true.Thomas Jefferson couldn’t reason with them either. There ideology is completely different than American’s. Throw that woman out.

  112. Death to Islam. No muslims in government. No muslims in law enforcement. No muslims period!

  113. She should be removed. I don’t know how she got elected in the first place and her actions should not go unpunished.

      • With only 80,000 muslims in the state, the voters sure weren’t doing their job were they.Even if they were all in one district she should have been out voted by a 2-1 margin by thinking voters. Guess the cold has affected their brains.

        • James Walker,
          I agree with you! It’s incomprehensible,unless she said nothing and there are lots of leftists in her District. I signed a petition to remove her b/c of her anti-Israel stance. I’m positive that the Palestines bombed Israel b/c of her hate speech! She like Cortez&Tlaib must be removed. Our President has more than enough opposition w/the rino dems&the 12 rats that pretend that they are Republicans!

  114. She should NEVER have been allowed to run for office in the first place. She hates this country and what it stands for. The Fox has been allowed in the hen house!

  115. Since when does a member of congress bad mouth the US and get away with it. The Democrats maybe jeopardizing the Jewish vote that they should never had in the first place

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