Ilhan Omar proved she wants police dead with three words that will make you sick

Democrats have spent the past year demonizing police.

Ilhan Omar has been at the forefront of this.

And she just proved she wants police dead with three words that will make you sick.

Since the death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter has been out for blood.

It doesn’t matter that the actual narrative spread by the media about George Floyd’s death isn’t true, the entire radical Left despises police and wants them gone.

That is why there has been such a rise in random police murders.

But when it is police being killed, the Left doesn’t seem to mind, and some even outright support their murders.

That seems to be proven following the most recent Black Lives Matter “martyr.”

23-year old Dolan Idd was killed by the Minneapolis police.

He was stopped, and asked to leave his car.

Instead of leaving, he attempted to flee, ramming into multiple police cars that had him boxed in.

And finally, he fired a weapon from his vehicle, leading toward the police shooting him.

In response, Black Lives Matter has claimed that he was murdered by police, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo responded to body cam footage of the shooting during an ABC News interview, stating that “When I viewed the video that everyone else is viewing . . . it appears that the individual inside the vehicle fired his weapon at the vehicle first.”

Despite this, Ilhan Omar had a different take.

She claims that the shooting was “state sanctioned murder” in an extremely irresponsible anti-police Tweet.

“A man was killed, his family terrorized & robbed of a son and all they are left w/ is more questions than answers,” Omar tweeted.

“Let’s stop normalizing + justifying state sanctioned murder by those who take an oath to uphold the law.”

What she is saying in her Tweet is that those police officers didn’t have the right to defend their own lives in the face of being shot at.

This isn’t a new argument from the Left.

Following the police shooting of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, KY, the Fake News Media claimed that Taylor was shot by police in a no-knock raid while asleep in her bed.

In reality, she was standing beside her boyfriend, who first fired at police who were lawfully enforcing a search warrant.

The Left believes the police shouldn’t have fired back after being shot at.

They essentially want police to be sitting ducks when fired at.