Ilhan Omar said four words that Donald Trump is going to hate

Ilhan Omar is fighting for her political survival after her outrageous comments about the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

But instead of apologizing, she is doubling down.

And Ilhan Omar just said the four words that Donald Trump is going to hate.

Omar set off a national firestorm when a video surfaced of her dismissing the 9/11 terrorists attacks as “some people” that “did something.”

Donald Trump responded by tweeting out a “Never Forget” video.

Omar fired back with an incendiary statement claiming “this is endangering lives.”

Omar and her defenders in the Fake News Media are now trying to claim that criticizing a politician is inciting violence.

What they really want is to make it criminal to disagree with Democrats by claiming attacking their comments or policy positions is hate speech that incites violence.

Omar’s comments – and the media’s defense of them – are un-American.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. she has no biz. saying she represents the American public when at every turn we leave a bad taste in her mouth, too bad we can’t send her bad to the middle east

    • She has NO right saying our President is wrong when SHE SHOULD know that she is in the wrong and a hypocrite. Trump is doing a FANTASTIC job for our country while these thugs are trying to ruin him & family! I hope & PRAY, yes pray, that Pres. Trump keeps going and NEVER give in to these GOONS!!

    • This position Muslim is not a legal American citizen.
      SHe was living in another country, quite well as I understand it,for quite some time before she ever applied for US asylum. Sticks in my mind in France for several years.
      So….she was not running from persecution when she applied now was she.?
      Throw her …worthless hide out of AMERICA NIW!!!

  2. She should, (if there was a true Justice in the U.S. political system today) be expelled for continuing comment on 911 & about the Israeli and people of the Jewish faith. She is the one saying the inflammatory and hateful thing. She should take her own advice and stop. The conservatives of this Nation need to stop just watching this on TV and stop her and people like her, but conservatives just set by and let this liberals walk all over us. When will we make it stop. Political correctness be damned it needs to stop.

  3. Perhaps NOW is Time for the MUSLIM COMMUNITY and AIR HEAD PELOSI to tell OMAR to get Mental HELP … Muslims reputation are driven DOWN by this radicalized IDIOT who seems to be OBLIVIOUS to all the Attacks that Muslims have done……

  4. Omar the Raghead, the liberal Goat Herders and the rest of you Anti-American trash , can wish in one hand and take a you know what in your other hand , see which one fills up first , thats right , what’s that smell , your day is coming courteous of , The RED WHITE and BlUE

  5. Actually there should be no Muslims allowed to work for our Government. To me all Muslims are nothing but terrorists and having them work inside our Government is like having a fox live in the same coop as your chickens.

    • Amen! What baffles me is why she wanted to be a politician when she hates America and all it stands for so much? Can’t figure that out.

  6. She was not born here so she should have her citizenship removed along with her whole family including her brother whom she married to get him here and they should be deported or arrested for being spies and put in prison

    • It is required of citizens to be informed and to raise their voice when injustice is encountered or the human condition is denigrated. I can not for the life of me find any reason for Omar’s acts other than hate. It is not as if Israel has ever attacked or as a country perpetrated an act of aggression toward Somalia. Her unreasoning hatred of Jews and Israel can only stem from religious intolerance and the favoring of Islam. As such this sad excuse for humanity is right in step with the Fuehrer. She does not belong in Congress as it is more than obvious how racist and bigoted she is. And then to try and wrap herself in the cloak of moral indignation, claim racial prejudice and an attack on her “weak” gender. That she would even attempt or others on her behalf to denigrate or deflect her words and actions means they too condone what she stands for.

    • How in the hell did this human filth get elected? To obtain citizenship she had to take all the classes on history, politics, speak English etc and Then swear an oath to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. That would also apply to her constituency. Wouldn’t you think we would have heard on the news or at least a news article somewhere, sometime that one hundred thousand Somalis took the oath of allegiance? Especially since they were Odumbass’s pets? Highest rate of ragheads running to ISIS and other terror groups come out of her district. Write your senators or representatives or at least email them and tell them America has had enough of the hateful anti-American three stooges.

  7. Isn’t it funny how she thinks it’s okay for her to criticize OUR PRESIDENT, but nobody can say a word about her? It’s NOT FUNNY! And I think she should be removed from this country and returned to Somalia where she can dictate to her people all she wants!

    • You started this roar of hate. Try asking for forgiveness for the horrible words you have spoken on several occasions. The end of this Starts with you Omar. You get back what you give. You do not know the meaning of love ,You and your people only know hate. It might work for you but it does not work for Americans. We care and love people. So if you do not like what you planted ……………Perhaps it’s time to start over.

    • If she went back to a strict muslim country, the males would shut her up so fast that it would her head spin. She has the advantage of Constitutionally protected free speech in the United States. Too bad that we have to listen.

    • She can’t. Right? Women are lower than animals in Muslim countries. She could not open her mouth unless she had permission from a male.

    • So let me get this straight… It’s ok ti call Trump and Pence every name in the book as well as all repub Congressmen and Senators but it’s a crime and call to viokence to insult anyone on the left???

      • Ilhan Omar is a traitor and has said things that earned David Duke’s approval! The fact that she’s David Duke’s favorite congressperson speaks volumes! We should expel her and arrest her for treason!

  8. Omar and her ilk need to be impeached. The people that voted them in need to promote a petition to recall them, or start impeachment proceedings for failure to honor their oaths of office. I foresee them them all losing their next election. The constituents in their home states shoukd use this as a lesson to vote Republican.

  9. She is a terrorist and should be treated as one. Go back to your to where you came from, your not an american and never will be. I get sick to my stomach every time I see her ugly face. Keep up the insane and radical talk, it will eventually remove you from your spot in congress and possibly get you deported. I can hardly wait!!!!!!!

    • She is acting by commands of 3 men from other countries.I have the address to listen and see what is going on. She is being paid to say, “all of these things”. Which makes me wonder what is under that rag on her head;referring to microphone and ect.. It also identifies her with her belief(s) toward us.. NO! American, would do as such for, money. And secondly, why did she apply as 10,000 others did? Many situations are questionable.The United States is or,is in the process of being the biggest oil producer in the world. And these Iranians keep coming here. Why? It is something to think about. Are the Iranians mad because America is not dependant on them and the opec anymore? Why are they buying up our banks, motel/hotels, gas stations, land and housing? What is possibly here that isn’t there? And they have moved all this way to do this? Why has America given(yes given) each (was)$80,000.00 to come here? They would stay 8 months, go back to their country for 6 months, bring more people at $80,000.00 each. Why? There is so much more to this than we know.A lot more . Any answers?

      • Cheryl…If you can, please list the places where we can find the information you have said in your post. If we have those we can do more investigation into a bad situation.

  10. She is the one doing the hate crimes. That’s what her religion is all about. They can go to heaven and have several males if the just kill one infidel. & the men get a lot of women if they kill an infidel. What a religion???? Satan has a hold on this woman & it looks like he is not going to let go any time soon.

    • This woman started everything! Our country was attacked on 911! It wasn’t some people did something! It was murder! This woman has no respect for the lost innocent lives and their now living families! How dare she say a damn word about our President’s response! Get out now while you can you disgusting pig!

    • Yes Sandra…you are right. Their “religion” is no religion, but a cult. A cult is where we have something we think is God, but is not. Their “Allah” is not the One True God we worship…who is a God of Love. That is the give-away. Any non-peace loving, love for themselves above others, advocating killing of spouses, relatives who do not conform to their faith, and the “infidel” (us) is not a religion…it is a cult. Terror is a way of life for them. They terrorize their women & young girls and others who do not follow them. They do not belong in this nation…promoting their terror cult. After all…we are a nation under God. The One True & Living God. They never should have been permitted to set up residence here. Let alone, serve in government.

      • Get them all the hell out of America. I for one am sick and tired of hearing their stupidity and their opinions. Listen up no body cares what you think if you dont like it here get the hell out we are sick of all of you!

  11. There should be a dress code for members that won’t allow people as her hajab as offensive, especially to the families of the 9/11 massacre planned by people of her faith which is no different than a K.K.K. member being allowed to wear his white ghoul outfit when making speeches or attending congressional sessions.

    • I agree…with the hajab (sp) that completely covers the face, why are these people allowed to enter a bank…they look like anyone who might be robbing the bank. I think that our laws, the laws of the United States should be observed…we have had to, why should there be laws for some people and a different law for othe4rs. This Minnesotan, is an upstart, along with AOC…they were meant to cause an uproar, and they are certainly doing that. As far as endangering lives…this woman doesn’t even see, that saying what she said about 9/11, was what caused the whole uproar. You are damn right lady…”someone did something:”…and they were your people. We have a right to feel anger and disgust towards you when you refer to the worst day in history as “something”. There is right and there is wrong, and you are so far on the wrong side. YOU have endangered yourself…and others like you.

      • Jan
        they stopped that hijab/burka crap in France. Pretty sad when the frogs got more balls the the U.S. For a hundred eighty-one years, NO one was allowed to wear head coverings in the halls of Congress. ALL were considered equal and no rule should be made to allow another to be set aside from the rest as privileged. UNTIL…Omar and Tlaib. Then the law was changed to allow them to wear the symbols of their cult. The U.S. had best wake up.and realize these rules were created for a reason, and politically correct ass kissing and catering to sexual aberrants is not real smart policy. This is problem. We are so busy legislating and making laws that benefit the far fringes of society that we have hampered the ability of the majority of citizens to function in a society legislated by and for the few.

      • There is some evidence that Omar was hired by members of Isis to make trouble here and help their members sneak across the U.S. Mexican border to help them carry out more attacks on our people since Trump’s middle eastern travel ban.

      • I totally agree, I believe they are the hate groups, we as Christians are doing what we always do, trying to live righteous lives, in the end they won’t win, I’m shocked that the democrats don’t tell her how she’s supposed to act, and present herself. If anyone is angry with her, it’s because she brought it on herself, and like a child tries to get herself out of the mess she made. I don’t feel Muslims should be in the U.S. governmental offices, they wouldn’t allow us to be leaders in their country, we would be put in prison for commenting negatively about their country. I do believe she wants the negative attention, so she can keep this going. She’s worse than the KKK.

    • it is too bad she did not think of all the consequences she was bringing about before she opened up her mouth. This is our country and we are proud to defend it to anyone including her. I say get out of our politics.

  12. Omar is such a pathetic person. First she tells American Muslims to “Raise hell” then she cries when she gets threats because she minimalized the greatest attack on America in our history. Fact lady, it is your anti-American, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-black (did I leave anyone out?) mouth that makes people want to hurt you and NOT the President. And lets not forget that you try to use your “influence” to force courts to go easy on self admitted terrorists.

  13. Yeah, she cries ‘foul’and says disrespectable things about her critics. If she would go back to Somalia and mouth off about their leaders, I suspect they would just cut her tongue off. She is lucky she lives here where there is no Sharia law- wait a minute, she dresses in loose accordance with Sharia law, so maybe she wants to be subject to those laws…

    • If she wants sharia law, we could give it to her. If she was in Somalia divorcing her brother, husband would not have been allowed. President Trump needs to revoke her citizenship and send her back. All she does is preach hatred towards everyone. The American Muslims that are proud to be American must wish her gone too. She makes everyone look bad.

      • Don’t be naïve enough to think the “silent” Muslims do not support her actions and voice. Practicing Muslims are 100% behind the Nation of Islam, not the U.S. Constitution.

  14. This is not her country. She is the most disgusting and dirty person as her friends AOC and Talib are. She is only in Congress to be a trouble maker and Nancy is teaching everything to say to make a bigger impact since Nancy is running out of steam to fight President Trump. Very soon they each and every one will find that they have no standing in this country. They are all LOSERS and for what ever the reason their kind deserves to be shipped out on the next transport to a Muslin nation of their choosing. Why they ever got as far as they have is beyond me they are educated enough to know they have nothing that this country needs. If they are smart they will leave on their own.

  15. She can dish it out but can’t take it. Funny, isn’t it, that Omar feels free to say whatever she wants, anytime she wants,as hurtful as it may be to America and Israel, with no regrets or apology. Then, when President Trump calls her out on her outrageous and flippant remark about the death of 3000 men, women, and children, Omar cries foul.
    If Omar wants to be treated fairly she should shut her big mouth. Better yet, resign her position and go home, maybe to Somalia.

  16. America needs to wake and quit putting these people in our

    These people come over here and the next thing you know they want to fly there flag and bring there type of law. We have our own laws we live by. They have the right to be here but it is like I told my daughter in-law who is from another country you are here now so you need to live by our laws. It has worked out well she has been here 19 years. American citizen and loves America.

    These people are not there to help the American people. They want to tear down our country. They are so ungrateful and yet they are living the American dream. If things are so bad for them here then it is time to go back where they came from.These people want to live Americans but want

  17. I believe the Muslims did not disclose who they really were in order to infiltrate the government, but pretended they were good American citizens and the people who voted them into office did so thinking they were good old Democrats and they always vote that way because they always have. They don’t pay any attention to the issues or listen to the speeches, so they swallow whatever the local news channels spew out to them. It is a pity, but true.

    • Omar comes from the Mpls/St Paul area of Minn. It has a large Somalian and other Muslim population. That area will always elect Muslims.

      • St. Paul, Minneapolis area is where my great grandfather settled when he came here from Germany, most of the people 30 years ago were German farmers who worked hard and minded their own business, good Christian men and women, I can’t imagine what they think of their state now. I’m not opposed to people coming in from other countries, why don’t they just accept our ways and laws, and not cause trouble. I feel everyone needs a better life, but don’t tell me I’m wrong, keep your beliefs to yourself, and dress like the rest of America.

        • Like you, My Great Grandfather and his family immigrated in 1896 from Poland. They arrived at Ellis Island, went through all the procedures, Health Check, etc.
          moved from there to the Chicago, IL area. They were so pleased with their new country that they got together with other Poles and quickly assimmilated and their offspring resulted in establishing Chicago Blackhawk Post #7975 with many of them joining the various military services and were veterans of World Wars I and II. This Muslim traitor is not an American by any means. She hates the USA, and should be removed by her fellow Reps. by use of Article 1, Section 5 of the U.S.Constitution which needs 2 thirds of the House to remove vote and remove her.

    • At least she is pre-warned of any potential “threats” as is Donald Trump and many others who get threats all the time. Approx 3000 on 9/11 did not get the memo that their lives were in danger. We will never forget.

      • You are correct Linda. If someone acts out a threat towards her, she asked for it. She needs to keep a low place in congress. She wanted to be there…she was voted in by her own flock of people in her state/county. Well you’re there now…live with the outcome. And if you say things about the USA, or our President and 9/11…live with the consequences…you have been warned.

    • Omar will not make a second term as we all will see to it. While were replacing her lets just do the same to AOC and Talib.

  18. Anti American scum brought it on herself, and won’t give it up, keeps pressing on with her bogus rhetoric ..too bad if one of the threats materializes..sets precedent.

    • Mr. Bob, Sir, Ms. or Mrs. Omar’s HATE FILLED Rhetoric, Is A Lot Worse Than Mrs. Maxi-Pad Waters’s Last Years Rude And Dangerous Rhetoric!?!

  19. I’m sorry but I won’t ever forget either! The President said nothing wrong. I know enough about your religion that anyone that is not a Muslim is an infidel and should be killed. That knowledge is out there for all the world to see about the Muslim religion. So if you don’t feel that way then don’t call yourself a Muslim or dress like one. My feelings are that NO Muslim should be in office in the United States or in any political position of any kind. The Muslim religion is NOT what this country was founded on.

    • One Islam is a religion only if fascism, mao’s little red book, and Lenin’s teaching are religion. I agree with your statement but add we should have a legislator who is taught to lie about everything and everyone except Muslims.

    • And she is so arrogant. Pride comes before haughtiness and haughtiness…before a fall. There is not an ounce of humility in her.

  20. I say let’s have special Election
    to vote on the three bitches to
    either stay or leave, I vote for
    them to leave.

    • 👍👍👍👍👍 absolutely she did. And her party, the DemocRATS support her. I say to hell with her and all DemocRATS.

    • Oman is a typical scum Somali, she obviously hates America, and all that we are. I would suggest this horror returns to Somali, if here, if she opens her mouth she will be done away with

      • Spot On!

        It’s truly amazing how she denigrates the USA who took her in, gave her freebies, enable her to marry her brother, educated her and provided her the freedom to pass gaseous emissions from her mouth.

        If she still lived in Somali she would have been stoned to death years ago.

  21. Amazing that it is always in the eyes of the beholder because I see what these people have been doing since Obama himself and others has been projecting their hate onto us! I never felt racism before Obama started it. The same thing with women’s rights. These young people did not live through the era of segragation and know what it was like. Now they are projecting all their hate onto us. It is all in the name of “POWER” THAT THEY SEEK OVER EVERYONE! We were a free country and progressed so well to be a loving nation and then Clinton/Obama wanted to change it. They didn’t want equality but power, lust, and immorality.

  22. Who cares about this person. She is ignorant and needs to go back to Somalia. I can guarantee you the American Indians didn’t ask for her to be here.

      • I am also Native American…You cannot come to America and begin spouting anti Semitic, anti Black, anti white…you have no right or position to so so. You are creating a hateful atmosphere…look around you…you are in a hateful atmosphere…you are in a Democratic congress filled with hateful people! They will just as soon turn on you, as they turn on each other. I’ve heard they eat their young (that would be novice young congress-women) It would be in your best interest to buy a one-way ticket home…not to Minnesota, Somalia. We do not want or need you here!

    • As a Native American I can assure you that I don’t agree with Omar. I see her as inciting hate with her speech. She isn’t remorseful for her speech or actions. Those who came here before assimilated into the country, communities, and learned English. Everyone who comes to the USA need to assimilate into the country. Keep your language and culture inside your homes. I tell you that if I move to another country I will need to assimilate i.e Iran.

      • There’s something I learned as a child…”When in Rome, do as the Romans do!” That means to get along in a foreign land which America is to her, you do as we do…you learn the language and how we get along. you don’t move in and start changing things and spouting hateful rhetoric…that gets you nowhere, but in the meantime, it can be dangerous to your health! Get the message lady…YOU AREN’T WANTED HERE…GO BACK TO SOMALIA…don’t walk…RUN!

  23. It’s not that she’s a radical Muslim it that her kind have invaded the US of A and soon will take over our big cities and then the rest of the country, much like they have done in France Germany Spain and other countries. Christians and Jews be for warned when the take over is complete your heads will roll literally. You have been warned.

  24. Omar is nothing but an ungrateful muslim…..and truely UN AMERICAN. She needs to go back to Somalia and see how good she would have it there…..and stay there!!!!

    • They have no reason to be part of this government. Get the 3 stooges out and plus the rest of leftist political pukes out. Put red blooded American people in. That will work together and not line there pockets. With corruption. Against the American people

    • She made the statrment ” We are all Americans and this is dangerous, NO, WE are Americans you are nothing more than a MUSLIM Terrorist that somehow slipped through the cracks and with help from the crooked Demonicrat party somehow got elected, as crooked as the DNC is its understandable. Now do all AMERICANS a favor , round up your goats get on your camel and head back to that shithole country called Somalia, you’re not wanted nor needed here!!

  25. I think you are Muslim Traitor and you should be fired and EXCILLED form the United States. You and people like you should loose their American Citizenship. And I can honestly say keep your foul mouth shut if you don’t want death threats. You are making yourself a Target!!! You a wart on the Ass of America

    • I totally agree She is the one who is making a target of herself, not President Trump. And she deserves the threats upon her. Get her, and the likes of her, the hell out of our country.

  26. No, Ms. Omar, YOU are endangering lives. You are very dangerous. HOW did someone who obviously hates Americans as much as you do EVER get voted into serve American people? You are an absolute disgrace! I agree with what Adam West said, if you do not believe that 9/11 was a horrible incident to the American people, and to the world, and if you do not honor your role as a Congress Woman to those very same American people, you NEED to step down and relinquish your office, immediately. It should be a privilege to represent the American people, yet you despise us. I DO NOT want someone who hates me to represent me or my country! EVER!

    • I share your sentiments!! She and the rest of her ilk are anti-American traitors that should not be allowed to remain in this country. We allow her and her family to start a new life here, exercise their freedom and potential, and this is how she repays us?!!!

      Christianity and Islam ARE NOT compatible. She is not committed to our laws or the constitution, she is guided by the Koran. For that reason alone, she should not be allowed to hold any office in this country.

      America had better wake up. Look at what is happening in Europe as these reprobates gain footing into western culture. We will all wake up one day under Shariah law and under siege and then it will be too late. Money or status will not get you out of the clutches of these folks once they latch on!!

      For the life of me, I don’t know what is wrong with over half of this country to the point where we are willing to open our country up to these enemies and are so willing to excoriate our own country – tearing down historical monuments, denigrating great historical figures, attacking the vary foundation of our country and indoctrinating our kids to incite them to hate their own country!!!

      We are on a downward spiral and the fall will be HARD and DEADLY!! And, we will not recover easily if at all!!!

  27. and in the same breath that she complains that Trump is inciting potential harm, this vile POS calls for muslims to get in the face of others and behind her comments are the threats of what the koran teaches these vile creatures.

    That they can lie and cheat and deceive non believers

    and that they are considered the superior religion that is tasked with eradicating all other.s

  28. Omar, the ungrateful refugee HAS TO GO NOW! She should give thanks to America who took her in, as do her parents. Why is she so scornful to the country that gave her a home, education, a life! Remove her from office, NOW! Perhaps she would prefer to return to the shithole from whence she came, Somalia!

  29. Anyone with an OUNCE of common sense knows that trump INCITES violence. One doesn’t need to be a brain surgeon to come to that CONCLUSION!!!!!

      • Nibiru, the 10th planet that circles the our sun about every 5,124 years came last year closest to us in Nov. and is circling the sun now, and will be coming close to us around July 4, and causing asteroid impacts, it is bigger that Jupiter, as stated in Revelations, a lot of destruction here, keep an eye out for it, and prepare to survive.

    • Sorry, Dan–In this case, Ilhan Omar is the one whose words are inciting violence in the hearts of Americans. She began this segment with her anti-semitic, anti-American, hateful speech comments. I find her and her comrades very threatening to the rest of the population in America.

    • Too bad you don’t have an ounce of common sense. All the violence has been on the left side. Caused by the left (can you say “Waters”?)

    • President Trump does NOT INCITE VIOLENCE! Omar incited violence on herself! “Some people did something to some people”. This is Bull Shit. She knows terrorist from her so call religion took down the towers! She doesn’t belong in politics with her Anti-Semitic, Anti-American crap. She a threat to our America. She a wolf in sheep’s clothing, she’s the Trojan Horse. It’s high time people woke up!

      • Well said, I agree with everything that you have said, We need to get these kind of people out of our Government. They are against our American way of life and want to tear down our Government and take over it for themselves. Anyone that has to swear in on the Koran instead of our bible doe’s not need to be in our Government so, that they can distrupt our way of life.

    • The democrats cause the violence not the Preident.. He’s trying to fix America not tear it down.. The Muslim is causing herself harm.. They don’t associate.. They are full of hate and bigotry..

    • We assume your take on Maxine Waters is no doubt of the same conclusion since she publicly called for civil violence. Wait, Trump never out and out called for public upheaval so wouldn’t one be opinion and the other fact. We’re not all brain surgeons, enlighten us.

    • Dan Tyree
      APRIL 16, 2019 AT 1:44 PM
      Anyone with an OUNCE of common sense knows that trump INCITES violence. One doesn’t need to be a brain surgeon to come to that CONCLUSION!!!!!
      Sorry Dan, Anyone who DOES come to that conclusion needs a brain surgeon who installs the missing parts.

      • Frank, you need the “brain surgeon” being a supporter of the worlds greatest “con man” Donald J Trump!!!!!!!

    • Dan, you are immature and very ignorant.
      The muslooms are a arrogant people who think they are better than anyone else. They never say thank you but they do say words like they are the elite of the Earth while lie out of their asses And they behead innocent people like those ad workers in Syria or was it Iraqi. And they rape babies just in case you are so ignorant you don’t know that. They turned Sweden into the rape capital of the world second only to South Africa.
      And when they rape try rape with malice and don’t care about the lives they totally wreck.
      I think you should go live with them and shut the hell up about what you know absolutely nothing about
      And l will enlighten you on beliefs. They are not real but you seem to cling to them from your words.
      The muslooms have said they will convert America and Europe going through the womb which they have raped thousands of European women. But I think that you immature mind “thinks” they are good.
      Please leave America. You hate trump and he is fighting against the muslooms.

    • the key idea is the FREEDOM OF SPEECH which is lost on anyone who’s scull has been hollowed out by life time of advertisements and confusion of money based society. Sentimentality is not love . But most of us don’t see through it.

    • And you un-american pos think that she is justified making and outrageous comment about 911,that’s ok! Im sure all our brave veterans would like to meet you!You like her so much ,why don’t you go live in Somalia,we don’t want people like you here!Trump has a right to defend himself against you leftist morons ,just for clarification,the left are the ones causing all the trouble and the American people will one day end it it!

    • You only THINK President Trump incites violence because you’re looking for a reason to hate him. The majority of people of the US of A (LEGAL voters) apparently approve of the way he runs our country….so cool off!!!!!

    • Frank, you say President Trump incites violence? Actually, the very thought of Donald Trump being President causes dems to lose their minds and become violent in speech and action, attacking innocent people in restaurants, in the streets and even in their homes and offices. In other words, hatred of President Trump incites the haters to become violent.

    • You should have kept it quiet that you had obamacare…maybe the surgeon who did your lobotomy would have done a much better job. We have heard your blah, blah, blah so many times. Step away from the keyboard until you have surpassed puberty…grown up conversations are beyond your comprehension skills. If you are looking to place blame for violence…look no further than your own mirror and the faces of the idiots who represent fools like you…the Democrats. Your comments would be laughable if they weren’t so pitiful and pathetic…but we know how preteens are…so we won’t judge.

  30. No Omar…it is ONLY threatening YOUR life…as it should be. You simply cannot assimilate and stop your bigoted tongue from wagging…might need to send you home where they can gladly cut it out for you. YOU are unfit to serve in Congress. If you are getting death threats it is NOT because of Trump’s video…nope…it is because you deserve them. You have insulted the families of those who died on 9/11 and the hearts of the American people. YOU simply will not assimilate! You associate with known terrorist organizations…you speak with a bigoted tongue against Christians and Jews…and NOW you have diminished the terrorist attack on American soil….my GOD…you are lucky you aren’t sent packing out of the Country that gave you everything..if the Voters could they would send you packing…have camel, will travel! Your hate is palpable…that is why you are hated back in return. We lost almost 3,000 American lives on 9/11 and you trivialized it as if it were a car wreck…BTW, the “someone” you speak of is your own muslim brethren…WE WILL NEVER FORGET what happened and how your muslim families hurt us. Get out of America…you are not wanted here!!!

  31. First of all, you are not American, and if you want it to stop, SHUT UP. Leave my President alone. We voted him in office, we support him. And most Americans believe you and your buddy AOC are the PROBLEM not the SOLUTION.

  32. I am about tired of these three subversive anti-American and the less you report on them the faster they will go away.

  33. 🖕to Minnesota voters for electing Omar!

    Omar is not American by heart. She has NO love for America. Thanks a lot, Minnesota! Gee. Unbelievable.

    • Yes! She has no right to be in Congress! She has no Right to be an American Citizen! She does not LOVES AMERICA! She has no udnerstanding of What is America all about! Shame on all thse who voted for her!

    • That state is practically full up of musliums. Americans are not welcome to that state. It’s no wonder she was elected, she is one of them. I wish we could impeach her and that other muslium idiot.

      • Precisely! They migrate to a country in enclaves where they control everything. Look at the muslum population of Europe and England. And then there is yeaterday.
        Wake up America.
        to learn more go to Learn about islam

  34. Omar’s mouth will be her end. This idiot doesn’t know when to shut up. She will loose her seat and with a little luck go back to Somalia.

  35. As Osama Bin Laden stated years ago, that the flag of Islam will fly over the White House sooner or later. Omar took the oath of office with her hand on the Quran rather than the Bible which means that she has shown complete allegiance to it and all that is written in it, which only offers hatred and violence against anyone who doesn’t believe in it. The people of this country better wake up because Bin Laden’s wish could come true if they don’t stop electing Islamic trash like her.

  36. This censoring site is UNAMERICAN, I have never made a remark about OMAR, BUT YET IT IS DELETED AND SAID TO A DUPLICT. I shall take this to Social Media where they accept such post.

      • I have several times made a comment that did not appear and was still in the box so I submitted again — then they give that notice about duplication. Just slow working. They do NOT like many of the things I said, even got denied on 3 different email listings in one article. They tend to not like comments on the fact that our government in DC is a total sham since 1781, LOL.

  37. If you do not like THE AMERICANS REACTIONS to what you say THEN DO NOT SAY IT. You are a MEMBER of the AMERICAN House of Representatives and are expected to respect the rights OF ALL AMERICANS WHICH YOU ARE NOT DOING. Apparently you can dish it out, but can not take the returns. Your religious beliefs and biased opinions must be left at the door. So it comes down to the question, ARE YOU AN AMERICAN OR NOT.

    • I expect that from you. Wish I had been on this site when the president admitted to grabbing pussy, that didn’t think the Nazi sympathizers in Charlottesville were all bad. I wish there was some way I could keep this site off my phone. I can’t believe you are all so condemning, nitpicking, anything but criticizing 45 who needs the criticism. He’s an autocrat. One frightening dude.who pays for a prostitute while his wife is in the hospital having his baby wow what a good man is that.

      • You’re a lib sheeple. Worried about a president that has kept his promises but you defend the very person that would help behead you if given the chance. Please, STFU.

      • Is that ALL you got??? Then sthu. We have heard all the blah, blah, blah we want from you whining liberals. I hope this stays on your phone so you can read it again and again…we understand you rode the short bus to school so it may take some time for you to comprehend..we don’t judge. Whatever Trump did PRIOR to taking Office is between him and his wife…it is WHAT he does while in Office that matters…if he does by chance have sex in the Oval Office WHILE serving as President…then get back to us…until then keep your delusional thoughts in your own delusional mind. If you want him to “grab” your pussy then email him privately and ask him…jealousy is such an ugly emotion for such a shallow mind. BTW…the nitpicker is YOU hahahahahahahaha! Your post is proof of it! MAGA 2020

      • Peggy Lou–You keep on reiterating false narratives that have been exposed long ago. Give it up already. We know you are one of Soros’ paid-for internet trollers. Get a life. The rest of America is laughing at your idiotic comments.

  38. What the Qur’an Teaches Us:
    The following quotes are taken from the most trusted Yusufali’s translation of the Qur’an.

    The Qur’an tells us: “not to make friendship with Jews and Christians” (5:51), “kill the disbelievers wherever we find them” (2:191), “murder them and treat them harshly” (9:123), “fight and slay the Pagans, seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem”

    (9:5). The Qur’an demands that we fight the unbelievers, and promises “If there are twenty amongst you, you will vanquish two hundred: if a hundred, you will vanquish a thousand of them” (8:65).

    Allah and his messenger want us to fight the Christians and the Jews “until they pay the Jizya [a penalty tax for the non-Muslims living under Islamic rules] with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued” (9:29).

    Allah and his messenger announce that it is acceptable to go back on our promises (treaties) and obligations with Pagans and make war on them whenever we find ourselves strong enough to do so (9:3). Our God tells us to “fight the unbelievers” and “He will punish them by our hands, cover them with shame and help us (to victory) over them” (9:14).

    The Qur’an takes away the freedom of belief from all humanity and relegates those who disbelieve in Islam to hell (5:10), calls them najis (filthy, untouchable, impure) (9:28), and orders its followers to fight the unbelievers until no other religion except Islam is left (2:193).

      • Yes, I’ve studied them extensively. Now, do you want to know exactly why they were started? Look no further than your “peaceful Muslim”. What else are you ignorant of?

    • Yeah…gives a whole different meaning to benevolence and peacefulness doesn’t it? The Qu’ran is a terrorist bible and islam is a terrorist organization. They cannot be trusted because they have been taught to deceive from birth…allah demands it. They do not belong in western civilization…they have no understanding of the word “civilized” to behave civilized goes against the very teachings of their hateful Qu’ran. They aren’t nearly as covert as they think they are. I know one thing for absolute certainty…if islam attacks the United States again…we will retaliate and this time we will see them ALL removed from America and sent back to the Country and allah they love so much. We will NEVER forget what they have already done and don’t be tricked into believing we are clueless sheep again…we aren’t!!!

    • The Koran is a hateful screed filled with hate on every page. Muhammud was a brigand and thief
      , a coward and a child molester. His followers were stupid enough to ape everything he did. He had physical deficits such as petite mal seizures acquired in adulthood. He was afflicted with hypospadias and was also thought to have OCD. Hate was the principle driver of his personality. He would not praise Omar he would beat her and tell her husband to do the same. Sooner or later she will be removed from office. Omar , Tlaib , and AOC comprise the American Communist Party formerly called Democrats are God’s gift to Granny Nanny Pelosi.

  39. Omar is not American she is a radical Muslim who should be removed from the House and deported back to Somalia where she can spout her Anti-American garbage from there

    • Roland,
      . . . . She is a muslim. There is no such thing as either a radical or moderate muslim. Anyone who says that they are a moderate muslim is lying to you.
      American: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • She was talking to a group of Muslims you nitwit. Not to Christians in a group. You’re just a bigot. Thanks a lot

      • What does it matter WHO she was talking to. It SHOULD be TRUTH that is spoken, but apparently she, like her muslim “friends” does not believe in truth if it shames islam.

      • You know who endorses Omar’s remarks? David Duke – and yes – that David Duke! Duke said she’s the most important congressman and he lauded her for everything she said! How can someone who has the backing of David Duke fight for common people – other than lowlifes who are similar to David Duke!

    • No, we’re not ALL Americans, you hateful woman. You’re not and you don’t at all espouse American beliefs. You shouldn’t be in Congress at all!

  40. she needs to learn to tame her mouth cause she nothing but a hate monger and in the end we will win. If she hates this country this much why did she lie to get in and who in the hell is stopping her from getting the hell out– she just is plain hateful and some are most of the co-worker — love it or leave it lady

    • It isn’t in their plans to leave! Their plan is to procreate as fast as possible, growing their numbers in order to infiltrate into government, whatever it takes to (in time) take over our country to make it an ISLAMIC STATE!!

  41. “she” is NOT an “AMERICAN”… To me she is nothing but a RADICAL MOOSLIME (plant) that has absolutely no business in OUR CONGRESS, and should be run out on a rail.
    She aligns herself with TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS (cair)


        • Obama brought in thousands of Somalis and put them in Minnesota and Michigan. They voted for a Muslim. Nancy can’t change that. The Muslims run out the locals and it becomes a Muslim town.

      • Well here is the legislation approved and what happened to it; Take notes doubter RANDY!

        I 1952 the McCarran Warner Act stated that no muslim may ever serve in any capacity or Office of the United States government.

        You can thank the 101st Congress for doing away with this legislation!!!!!!

        Knowledge is a powerful tool.

        • Pelosi and Chuck were involved in this reversing the law, Obama brought thousands of them here. They have 90 now running for office. Something has to change. The women are as dangerous as the men. Remember the couple in San Bernadino who murdered all their co-workers that had just given them a party,,,, and the Paris Muslim woman that tried to bomb Notre Dame……Dearborn, Michigan is all Muslim.

    • I absolutely agree. She’s an agitator put in place for exactly that reason. Remember, they said they would take us down without bullets.

    • Cliff dear, run out on a rail? I feel sorry for you for having such hate in your Heart. You claim probably to be a Christian. But you don’t have Christian values of love. You sound like you claimed to be born in the United States, and again I will say ” and justice for all”

      • Peggy…sweetie. Being Christian does not mean that you cannot hate the sins. This is not about hating muslims…it is about hating the sins they commit in the name of their allah. Being Christian means we have a right to call out Satan wherever he manifests himself…including, but not limited to, calling out an evil ideology that Satan hides himself in. We do not need your patronizing or pious attitude. Each Christian has their own personal relationship with are not relevant in that respect. If anyone is “run out on a rail” it is you. Your opinions are your right and for that you can thank the Constitution..freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can demean someone, or take liberty against their own personal freedoms, or disrespect their Christian values, which from your comment..belies the validity of your intelligence as to other’s religious beliefs.

        • I agree with Debi. This country was founded on Christian principles. Why else did it become the greatest, most blest country in the world? God help us now. A very small percentage of persons today are truly believers in the God of the universe. That’s how satan slipped in…dressed like a muslim. The tribulation isn’t far away. I see all this muslim crap as merely a sign of the times. That’s my 2-bits…take it or leave it.

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