Ilhan Omar said something about the border crisis that will leave you speechless

Ilhan Omar is known for her outrageous comments.

This time the Minnesota Congresswoman crossed an unthinkable line.

And Ilhan Omar just said something about the border crisis that will leave you speechless.

The vast majority of Americans agree there is a crisis on the Southern Border.

Last month, the Border Patrol stopped 144.000 illegal aliens from trying to invade the country.

The Border Patrol’s resources are stretched thin trying to detain and process illegal aliens as their facilities were not designed for this scale of invasion.

So ICE requested 500 beds to assist in detaining illegal aliens in the most humane way possible.

Ilhan Omar blasted this request and came out in favor of no border enforcement at all.

Breitbart reports:

Omar wants illegal aliens released into the United States by the truckload and given a free pass to live in America.

When Donald Trump says the Democrats are the party of open borders, this is exactly what he means.

And despite the Fake News Media’s claims that Democrats do not support open borders, Omar’s tweet makes it clear that she sees any infringement on the “right” of illegal aliens to pour over the Southern Border as “un-American.”

But it’s not just Omar that rejects securing the border.

The entire Democrat caucus in the House rejected the Trump administration’s request for $4.5 billion in emergency funding to manage the growing crisis on the Southern Border.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Throw HER OUT………. She is not an AMERICAN! SHE DOES NOT LOVES OUR COUNTRY! SHE IS a people USER for selfish GAINS!!! Whoever checked her entracne to the USA MISS JUDGED HER BY 1000 MILES! She is FIT!

  2. She’s not for securing our borders but supports a 825,000 security fence around the apartment complexes where the Somali community lives. Her hypocrisy should be a red flag on what’s going to be going on inside this new fenced in area with 17 security cameras and new fob entry entry. This fence goes up in July, I wonder when s**t will start to happen.

    • I live in the TC metro and didn’t hear anything about this fence project. Of course that’s the MSM for you. This project should be stopped. That’s the diaper head double standard. They all have s**t for brains and need to be sent back to where they came from. They don’t fit in to our culture and they don’t want to. They are only here for other no good reasons. Get them out!!!

  3. Trump said he doesn’t mind aliens as long as the come here legally. Omar the towel headed bitch wants to turn this country into a free for all for anyone who wants to come here without any scrutiny at all which will let criminals, drug dealers, human traffickers, terrorists etc. come here. Trump hit the nail on the head when he said and I quote “a country without borders is not a country at all” I hope that someday we can deport her and send her back to her home country permanently where she can slap on an ugly looking Burka and roast to death in the summer there.

  4. I really and truly believe that this person who calls him/herself “Betty” is mentally disturbed in which that person whose extreme hatred for a certain person and keeps repeating themself over and over again and keeps repeating phases like “d Trump” etc. confirms my belief and if someone finds out where he/she lives should report this person to their local mental hospital where he/She will be well taken care of.

  5. She is the Trojan Horse. Her infection will spread unless people (Democrat voters) wise up and start putting our country ahead of their party!

  6. This bitch is worthles and her and the brotherhood need to be made to leave our country. Plus throw the other muslums out to. They are ruining our country and dont like chritianity. Pack them all up and throw them over the wall they hate so much.

    • YES! If we just allowed all the aliens to come in willy-nilly and collect our freebies, it wouldn’t be long until we become a third world muzzy nation!

    • Deport her! She is UNFIT to be an American! Send her back to her birthland, ASAP! Before she does more harm to herslef by her FAT MOUTH! She is stupid be yond WORD!.

  7. if we are stupid to elect her as a low maker than we deserve to have her! I do not undestant why she is in our congers, do not have enough educated people in this country to send to congers? it is sad.

    • Totally agree with you but, we need to stick together an vote them out of Congress!we need to fight for our Country. Democrats do not give a fig! This young people can not think for them self. They have been brain wash. Soo, it’s up to us that remember what our country was like.

  8. Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, needs to be sent back to Minnesota. Open borders will only reduce every American’s level of security and standard of living. The third world wants everything that you have, EVERYTHING not half EVERYTHING. Wake up America! How many times do you have to hear that someone was robbed or someone was killed by an illegal? If you have never been there as I have it’s hard to understand, Homes with Dirt floors, Sheet metal housing, No furniture. cooking over a open fire.

    • she needs to be returned to what ever dump she came here from, she is undeserving of
      living in this country and if it is possible to revoke any form of citizenship she has
      received it should be revoked. She is wicked, hateful, anti Semtic, anti American, anti humane. She needs to go far, far away.

  9. Listen BETTY — It’s people like you that changed me from a life-long Democrat into a Republican. Spewing your negativity and hatred is only going to affect your health (not that I care, but I for one am so tired of looking for places where people like you don’t congregate). You’ve more than enough places to float your bitter and desperate grasp on control of all things related to free speech and thoughtful positive ideas on how this country should be run. Why don’t you voice your opinion on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, CNN, MSNBC or call one of your crazy liberal friends (we don’t need your ugliness here). I’m tired of people like you making nasty remarks about our duly elected President. This is the first president we’ve ever had who says what he thinks and does what he says he’s going to do. I thank God for him every day. I was never a fan of Obama but, the office is entitled to respect and I gave him that (begrudgingly). You and clowns like you are responsible for your own behavior (please go away — move to Venezuela). Happy Birthday President Trump and God Bless You (keep up the fight for all Americans who love this country as much as you do)!!!

    • Susan,
      I am with you, I was never a democrat, but it took fools like Betty & liberals running this country down, then FINALLY getting a President in the white house that really does want to MAGA, for me to become a conservative, & loving the man in the white house. Believe me, if people knew who I am, they would freak out that I am a staunch Trump loving conservative now. So there is hope that people do see what the libs are about & support the right side.

  10. News flash for Rep. Omar. ICE does not ‘criminalize’ illegal aliens. They are criminals whether they are caught or not because they have violated a criminal statute passed by Congress. The basic laws are shown in 8 USC 1324, 8 USC 1325, 8 USC 1326, 18 USC 0002, 18 USC 0371, 18 USC 0911, 18 USC 0922, 18 USC 1001, 18 USC 1028, 18 USC 1542, 18 USC 1543, 18 USC 1544, 18 USC 1546 for the Immigration violations and none of the other stste and federal laws that many of them violate after entry. You are another example of a Democrat in Congress who has no knowledge or interest in our Constitution or our laws. It seems that your only interest is your own power.

  11. Omar is a pos, wasted sperm and egg. This woman and her low life family need to be deported, she doesn’t represent the American way and doesn’t belong in the government. She’s a thief and illegal marrying her brother to come to the USA. This pos needs to be deported fast. Remove her citizenship if she has any! Send her packing back to her 3rd world country. Air lift and drop!

    • Omar is an anti-American idiot. I feel sorry for those in the state of Minnesota, their state will be full of people like her in the next decade, if not sooner. Muslims’ beliefs are the antithesis of EVERYTHING our country was founded on and believes in.

  12. SchmOmar does not agree with anything about this country which allowed her and her lowlife family here. Deport the PoS! Let her complain about her s–thole country she “fled” from. These people are a national disgrace. I want my country and my freedom back!

  13. It is time to send all the Democrats to the southern border and inspect the housing for the illegal immigrants that want the free lifestyle in America and assign at least 50 immigrants to each one to take care of and pay all their expenses since they want open borders then they can house the immigrants in their own personal properties.

  14. She’s a complete idiot. Kick her out of our congress completely.disgrace to this country and to women. Hell she married her own brother for God’s sakes.

  15. Well said Susan! She (the congress woman)needs to get a life. Elsewhere! I understand different politics but her words and actions are anti American.once again our congress are falling down on their job. They don’t need a raise they need a fine,each and every one of them.

  16. First of all ….. Illhead …. you should thank us AMERICANS for allowing you to crawl out of that refugee tent that you lived in for 2 years so that you could make a new life for your useless self in our country. Living in the US is a privilege NOT A RIGHT!!! People who cross the border illegally are not entitled to ANYTHING except a swift kick in the rear. Those who elected you to Congress should be ashamed of themselves and those who defend you in Congress believe that we are stupid. The Democrat Congress believes it can continue to steal the American taxpayer moneys without getting blocked for the rest of eternity. Every US Taxpayer is paying for the education, housing, medical, etc. for illegal’s and we’re completely fed up with their and Democrat abuse of our generosity! We want a wall and you Ilhan, had better get to work on making that happen!

    • Ignorance people do not belong in our Country go home idiot you are so stupid to even be allowed in America you are not an American and never will be looser idiots

    • Wrong, carl. It’s d trump who is the Real & Total Disgrace to All of America. Hopefully, America can in next year’s election can avoid a Real Life “Planet Of The Apes” by not giving a Certain Blond Haired, Brain Dead Orangutan a second term. Vote for a MAN instead of a MONKEY as our future president!

      • betty: you listen and look at cnn,msnbc too much. trump is not perfect by any means but take the time to examine the poor quality of candidates the morons in the democratic party are running for office. it shapes up to be another communist nation and when that happens you and your children and grand children will be under the rule of a real tyrant. i can hardly wait to see the liberal communist debates and you should look hard also at these bunch of bozo’s that have nothing to offer your family except a welfare ch eck and food card along with free college,free healthcare and a free car to get to the voting polls. but if you are on the welfare system then you are on the right track.

      • Well, Betty
        You just showed us your true colors. Why don’t you run for congress. You would fit right in with the Bozos in DC.

      • Betty.You lost your last brain cell or are You as stupid as You bedhave.Can’t answer the question without help,Don’t worry I understand.You didn’t finish grade school or just plain stupid.

      • Betty, Betty, Betty…The man you are bitching about is your President, and as such should be treated with respect. We can hear the ignorance in your words, or you are either ignorant of the truth, uneducated, or just plain stupid.

  17. Let her & all the other looking for votes politicians pick up the cost of the services these groups are going to demand for free!

  18. Why don’t you shove your foot into your mouth, Omar the Tentmaker? Someday someone is going to walk up to you, snatch that scarf from your head, and shove it into your mouth!

  19. The muslims from radical countries came here to undermine the US. Thats why she dosent want people stopped at border. So that her radical friends can walk in the States, move to MN, snd start taking over by being elected. And the dems are stupid enough to fall for that crap.

  20. I really believe that Muslims come here not to live the American way of life but to change it to their way of life. I think the Muslims control the Democrat party.

    • They are trying to do that everywhere they go! UK is coming apart at the seams. Muslims are causing sexual attacks increase all over Europe. This what happens when you don’t get to vet immigrants or refugees properly! Obama did it to America when he snuck them in under cover of night all over the nation

      • They ALL ” ILLEGALS ” Need to be shipped to Obummers house and put up a fence. This way , they can’t get out.

        I’m sick of this…. Illegal is Illegal and should be treated as such.

    • With the new radicals in congress, it is obvious that Muslims are gaining control of the Democratic and will not rest until they have taken over our country. And the Dems are allowing it to happen. That’s why in 2020 we need to toss all the Dems, or else we Americans will be in the minority in what used to be our country.

  21. Everytime SHE claims something’s unamerican, I get physically ill! Although, she IS an authority on things unamerican.

  22. We keep getting their headlines. AOC is protected. She is going to talk nonsense and that nothing we can do is the Dem Party remain in power. We have to strip their power again. Hopefully the Senate is still with the conservatives in 2020. Don’t forget their voter fraud tactics.

    Stay healthy and vote!

    • Every time she opens her mouth Omar proves she has no clue about what it means to be an American. She needs to be removed from Congress and deported back to where she came from. Maybe then she will realize how lucky she was to have been here.

  23. “The entire Democrat caucus in the House rejected the Trump administration’s request for $4.5 billion in emergency funding to manage the growing crisis on the Southern Border.”

    THis is a fictional “crisis.”

    • How far from the border do you live? From our perspective you simply watch and embrace the phony narrative from CNN. We live near the border and you’re completely ignorant on this very real crisis.

    • The old dog:It’s people like you that will be the downfall of our nation. You have got to be a democrat advocating open borders. Have you not heard of what is going on in Europe where muslims have created havoc? WE have criminals and diseases coming across out southern border that must be stoped.

      • You are wasting your time trying to reason with the leftist under Obama they merged Islam just as Europe did the UN did and the Vatican did. The fools believe if they allow Islam to win that they would be safe because they helped Islam how ignorant is that

    • Your a Idoit Stick you liberal fool , you won’t be saying ” Bravo ” when the Ragheads put your butt into the old Goat Herd , don’t yell for help you simpleton , Liberalism is the ruin of all Free Nations

    • your not a dog your a old goat your a complete ass!guess its ok to bring these people with there diseases crime and disrespect into OUR Country for us Americans to pay their way you take them in you pay their way you sorry SOB!!

  24. Those that come like her should be sent back. She hates the country so why does she want others here? We aren’t the only country to go to but we are the only one with the dumb people in Congress that will give them a life with no work.We need to care for our own people not those that break in. Look at the many homeless in California and do something about that mess,it’s a shame to see what is happening there.

    • It’s all about the islamic invasion. She has been known tosidle up to islamic terrorist groups. She even admitted to taking a class on terrorism! She is dangerous to our country and should be removed immediately, along with others that think like her!

    • i think california needs a wall around it no resourses from our country cut them off of our country that they want to harm. don’t put up with the bullshit states that back the santuary cities i’m really tired of the whole thing democrats will be lucky if they get 1 vote after all people see whats going on trying to turn our country communists.

  25. Who the hell are you to be complaining about the border in the first place? The second point, you stupid dumb miseducated ignorant misuse of oxygen if you just let them cross the border indiscriminately who the flipping hell is going to take care of them!!! I am beginning to really believe that you Democrats are not able to think!

  26. Omar recently claimed that she was treated better in a Kenyan refugee camp than over here then what in the bleeping Hades is she doing here? She should go back to Kenya and take Comrade Obama with her and stay there permanently.


  28. Omar and AOC need to be fired campaign fraud. Hiding money’s and now giving themselves a raise for what. They are AntiAmerican. They need to be removed. Democrats should stop now or American People Lives are at stake to be harmed by illegals. American People are very pissed and want to go to the boarder to help Trump protect our American People and Our American. ME AND OTHERS HEAR ENOUGH DEMOCRATS ENOUGH YOUR PUSHING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO WANT TO TAKE OVER THE GOVERNMENT ESPECIALLY IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO TRUMP. PEOPLE EVERYWHERE ARE PISSED ABOUT YOUR BULLSHIT. PRESIDENT TRUMP YOUR AWESOME AND TRUMP IS A TRUE LEADER.

  29. This is another example of what I’ve been tryin to say. If our founding fathers had done what they told the King then. And not asked everyone to come and start this country, then we wouldn’t have the problems we have now. If not a small percentage.

  30. She is a militant global islamist.. She would be happier among her own tribe in Africa because anything the USA does will be criticized by this criminal congresswoman. She is in trouble for breaking campaign law, IRS law and immigration law. She and others just like her will continue to be elected to congress by these enclaves of African refugees.. They need to be repatriated now that the danger is gone and get the hell off of our welfare system.

  31. She just can’t see illegal, we will become a lawless Country, this shows her ignorance, we are enforcing the law and at the same time showing compassion! How stupid can a person be? How clueless is she? Typical liberal nut!

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