Ilhan Omar sent a tweet that left Donald Trump red with rage

Ilhan Omar did it this time.

The scandal-plagued Congresswoman from Minnesota just went too far.

That’s because she sent one tweet that left Donald Trump red with rage.

Omar tweeted out a Rolling Stone article she was featured in and used the occasion to once again push for Donald Trump’s impeachment.

But this time Omar used the hyperventilating rhetoric of the “resistance” when she claimed Trump was a dictator and it was why he must be removed.

Omar ripped Trump as a “dictator” because of the President’s decision to declare a national emergency to build the border wall.

But Trump’s move was not anything remotely resembling what a dictator would do.

All Trump did was exercise the authority granted to him by Congress to declare a national emergency.

Trump isn’t using the federal police force or IRS to target his opponents like Obama did.

Trump did not list reporters from media organizations he didn’t like as unindicted co-conspirators.

If anyone acted like a dictator that deserved to be removed from office it was Barack Obama.

But you never heard Omar – or any other Democrat – make a peep about that.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Perhaps the best thing to do would be to apply her , ” Planned parenthood ideas, ” to her own lifestyle.! Let’s start with a full , nonreversable, displaying of her sex & Neuttering of any male that shares her bed.!

  2. Iliad Omar is a disgraceful human being. Her mindset and those like her do not belong here. If you come here, become a Citizen an make this your home, you should be thankful and grateful to our Nation. Omar should act and talk as an American, not a Muslim from another country.

  3. Nancy, I totally agree with you and your comment. There is one thing I must point out though. We have a Republic, not a Democracy.

  4. Luigi, our wonderful president Obama allowed thousands of Muslims into our country illegally. It was all done secretly, to protect them from actual American citizens. They all settled in the same area and kept quiet until they had enough Muslims to out vote the original inhabitants. That’s how she got elected. They will now spread to surrounding areas until they outnumber the residents there. Once there are enough of them, they will harass and threaten the original residents until they leave, giving Muslim control to another area. It’s how they take over, one town at a time. They also breed like rabbits, so there are always more of them. The Koran tells them to lie to infidels (that’s non Muslims), and when their numbers are enough, to rise up and kill them. That’s how they conquer new territory. They’ve been doing it for centuries. The plan is to make people convert to the Muslim faith or be killed, resulting in Muslims ruling the world and everyone else dead. Nice religion. They haven’t been able to do it yet because the rest of the world gets together and kills as many as they can, but they never stop trying.

  5. Mr. Wilson.
    All I asked was for people to write intelligently so their point would be more effective. You took it personally and came back at me with foul junior high school rhetoric. No offense taken, but you did prove my point.

  6. Muslims are bad people. An 2 in our government.Trump needs to have them removed. That Omar, went to Honduras an started these caravans.Muslims are taking over states here.They have been thrown out of countries an Australia recently.

  7. To Linda: you are right! This country was dedicated to GOD! Islam is not our religion! Anyone who does not understand this needs to study our history!!!

  8. This young lady has been tied to terrorists groups. She hates America and was sworn into office with the Koran. Our Constitution states quite clearly that if you cannot support your country (which I suppose is America??) you are an enemy of this country. Again this is a Democracy which is based on freedom of speech and religion. It does not mean you get to come to this country and practice Islam, Muslims and be against Jews. If you cannot do that than go home!!

  9. Why Omar is going to be killed according to OPEN DOOR::: According to Open Doors, 128 Christians were killed in Egypt for their faith and more than 200 were driven out of their homes in 2017. It attributed the rise in persecution to “the overspill of Islamic terrorists driven out of Iraq and Syria”.

    Last Easter, two church bombings killed 49 people, and another 29 were killed when extremists attacked people travelling to a monastery in May. More than 15 girls in Minya governorate were kidnapped in 2017 to be forced to marry Muslims and convert to Islam, Open Doors said.

  10. You’re right about that Butchy. Also, too many people posting on this site that do not know how spell check works. Folks, if you see a squiggly line under a word, that means you misspelled it. Try and write intelligently to make your point. Otherwise, go back to school. Yes, I do text in complete sentences. Drives my kids crazy.

  11. Sababu A Sanyika, As soon as George Washington took oath of office they all walked to the little church that still sits at the corner of ground 0. At that time and in that church George Washington dedicated this country to God not allah. This country belongd to God. If this don’t post it will be obvious why.


  13. It is so sad to see our America ruined by these Muslims. It was founded by the word of God and that is why everyone loves to live here. Even by coming illegally and trying to make it like their country they just escaped from. Are we going to let this happen????

  14. Imagine how much President Trump could get done if congress and senate would work with him instead of against him. God bless him.

  15. What happened to goes against community standards ? The one or two times I tried to post on Twitter they blocked me and told me it went against community standards. Facebook did the same thing. I deleted all of them Messenger is also owned by Facebook. True Americans like myself are being censored while garbage like that Omar Muslim can come here to my Country and run her mouth about my President that I voted in. Omar is the most disgusting piece of garbage I have ever seen along with the other Muslims that some how got elected. See , you let all these people in from their rotten Country and they elect trash like this. We will all have to march on Washington DC to have all these . Muslims removed before it’s too late. We can’t set by while the Muslims are trying to take over. Build the wall to keep them out of our Country before it’s too late. Muslims with their hatred do not belong in our Country. I want them out of our government
    With all of their racism remarks. Deport them ! The sooner the better. Everyone needs to comment on Twitter that Omar is going against Community standards. Have her blocked. She is a disgrace to our Country. Send her back where she came from head rag and all so they can stone her.

  16. “Red with rage”, eh.
    If nothing else, that proves how a young, intelligent, brown-skinned Latina member of Congress can play matador to T Rump’s Raging Bull.
    Well done AOC!!!

  17. Are you retarded?
    Of course you are.
    You’re a sheethead who is the result of generations of inbreeding.

  18. Folks, for those that may not know, none of the muslims even touch the Bible when they said their oath, they placed their hand on their book of lies, the koran. They had to lie because their book of lies, tells them they can only pledge allegiance to their little god allah, a made up god by the murderer, pedophile mohammad. Never forget one thing, their goal is to control the world, and Obama, a muslim by birth, helped them in meeting that goal by bring them to our land illegally, and congress did nothing to stop him. With their refusal do anything they are just as guilty as he.

  19. Well we know where your allegiance lyes. If your not a Muslim I’m not an American ( however,I was born and raised in the USA) and am a “natural”born citizen from American parents. You I’m quite sure are a jihad minded zealot. We are allies with Israel not Iran get real! The Middle easterners who commit jihad acts murder people I have watched them play kick ball with the severed heads of those they murder. Get real!!!

  20. She is not an American hero by any stretch. She is a Muslim who is elected by what means, nobody knows. She should not be in congress or any government office because of her islamic ideology and anti-American stance.

  21. We have had world war 1 world war 11 to fight commounists now we need to have a revolution & get read of demonrats its time.

  22. The only thing I would like to add is the question when did Omar become a citizen of the united States? Or did she ever. If she isn’t throw her little brown Butt out of the US and all the illegals that voted for her.

  23. If Omar doesn’t like it here, we didn’t ask her to come over here. She can take her towel and go here. Today, is to late. LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Me neither either time. I worked with this woman whose nephew worked on his 1st election she was so proud of him. She later stated he never voted for him either time

  25. Hey sababu do you know what depth perception is. Apparently not because you obviously have your head so far up your ass that your starving for oxygen.she was born in Somalia there for she is not an American but a Somali living in America. And it is you who needs to pack up your prayer rugs and get the hell out


    George Washington and The Peril of Foreign Entanglements …
    Blogs > Liberty and Power > George Washington and The Peril of … 2004 George Washington and The Peril of Foreign Entanglements … Washington warned against the peril of foreign entanglements.



    THE USA NEED TO EXECUTE A 21ST CENTURY “DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE” FROM little evil devil king – zionazist Jew Talmud. PERIOD.

  27. The war will be horrible but they bring it on whether we want it or not.
    For the most part they will be easy to spot’ they are heavily tattooed, piercings, dirty looking, thuggish, uneducated, black, brown, Muslim,
    White trash.

  28. there’s a old saying when governments fear the people

    there is liberty when the people fear the government there is tyranny
    take a good look at congress

    god help us all

  29. Without our second amendment rights we would have no rights.this is only thing keeping the democraps from taking every right afforded to U.S.citizens. we should not fear our government. They should fear the people.

  30. Does anyone bother to open a history book. Durring W.W.2. Islam and the Muslims worked hand in hand with Nazi Germany adopting many of there tactics for murdering people of the Jewish faith. They also had a Muslim S.S regiment that was known for committing many atrocities against any one that did not adhere to there Islamic faith. Many Nazis were acepted in Muslim countries after the I guess my question is we don’t allow Nazis to show there hatred and antisemitism in America.then why the hell is C.A.I.R ALLOWED to spew there hatred with the support of tax dollars. Why are Muslims allowed to murder U.S.citizens in the name Allah a man who was a child molester.America pick up a history book and learn from it before it’s to late

  31. Dear Dr. Richard I don’t mean to insult your intelligence. You must be a Democrat and if then you need a lot of prayer and if not then you are on the right track? The Obamas and the Clintons messed everything up for all Americans.

  32. We should never have let any Muslim or Islamist in our country. They are piss poor citizens, won’t assimilate. Obama was one of their kind. We need to work to get these people out of our country. And stop voting them in . They should never be allowed to run for office. Seeds of the devil.

  33. it’s been 4 days. You still haven’t answered my question yet:
    Before you fade away to hide from national embarrassment, answer this yes or no question; Have you stopped being a muslim yet?

  34. She loves Sharia law. We don’t have that here thus she’s here to give it to us. She’s a muslim thus a disciple of Satan (allah). She wants to spread the hate so we all can be miserable in muslim heaven (God’s Hell) together.
    That lying raghead traitor needs to have her citizenship stripped and deported back to her home country Somalia.

  35. May ask you is your mayor protected. Like does he have men with him when he goes out? Also does he have a wall around his house or a gate up before you get to his house like most if not all Democrats do. They lie and cheat the people of this country that has worked hard. The women with the rag on her head needs to look a little closer to home for a Nazi.

  36. If someone has the balls they’ll shoot the Philly Mayor as was done 80 years ago; it’s a very minor action. What’s more important is the $1,000,000 PRIZE FOR THE MURDER OF OMAR. That’s a gift to the generous heart of JF fans, don;t you think? There are many registering for the line-up on

  37. I live in Philadelphia PA. This is a Sanctuary City. We have everything on the local ballot from the city borrowing money for such and such to should we change or amend the city charter for one reason or another. But we became a “Sanctuary City” not by voting on it, but put in place by a democratic mayor. Obviously HE is a DICTATOR. We as citizens of the most screwed up city did not have a chance to vote, debate or anything else but got it rammed down our throats……Deal with it. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  38. Fellow patriots take these scum bags seriously
    People better wake up arm yourself while you
    Still can every day that goes by it gets worse
    Trump can’t do it him self
    The president is doing his best with little help
    From republicans never in history congress
    Had so many scum bags from other countries
    Telling Americans how to live
    God bless everyone

  39. etix 3-x ubludochnix svolochei nado gnat za ix nevejestvo, chto oni sdelali dlia etoi strani, krome kak otkrili svoi griaznie pasti, chem oni gotovi pojertvovat i kakaya ot nix priyatnost, tolko zlo, chto oni mogut prinesti v nashu stranu, oni goriat nenavistiu

  40. These women, Omar, Talib, Cortez, Harris, etc.. are not their by themselves. They have entire communities that voted them into office supporting this anti-American agenda. There is an invasion from within. One put in place many years ago.

    It has become obvious that forces are pushing anarchy. Why? Because a society run on the principles of anarchism, “A political theory favoring the abolition of governments” will allow them to abolish our constitution. The founding document that guarantees freedom form government control. The second amendment which protect all others is standing in their way. WWG1WGA

  41. That’ll never happen since she is a Democrat. The Democrats are the party of traitors and the Western Branch of Islam. Together they will make everything Islamic. Death, mayhem and hatred, all hallmarks of the finest Islam has to offer!
    To bd Satan, allah, has such a strong hold on them. If they could just see the light they would know. Of course that applies to all who truly want peace and love.

  42. Jesse, OMG!!!!! Where did you get that information? I think OMAR should be deported. Those foreigners will do anything to break the law, especially of our country.

  43. Betty, there you go again with your hateful, negative attitude. I suppose you were an OBAMA lover? Worse President in the history of the US.

  44. WELL SAID, ANDRE [but better to compare % of murderers among various groups, and I have no idea which would come out “on top”!]

  45. Bryan Jensen, you are absolutely correct with your reply to BETTY’S COMMENT regarding the towel head in our government. I believe she must be SATAN.

  46. RANDALL,

  47. Betty, you ALWAYS have a negative reply. GET A GRIP ON YOUR LIFE. Are you really such a hateful person with a negative attitude about everything OR ANYBODY in your life? Lord only knows where this country would be right now if we didn’t have a NON-POLITICAL man that loves this country as much as our POTUS. Start looking at all the positive accomplishments this man has made for the US economy and its citizens. He wants to protect our country from illegal aliens, drugs cartels, illnesses, diseases, killings and over population which BURDENS the US taxpayers of the expenses to have these people in our country. You would have to be totally IGNORANT not to agree with the immigration laws of this country.

  48. She is part of the scumbag terrorist organizations in somalia. She is a scumbag whore who needs to be tied up and bent over and screwed by real huge live pigs ???? in her ass.

  49. I can’t help but wonder just what is wrong with the citizens of this country. I think that a vast majority have no idea about the politics of this nation and whatever they hear and believe comes from the left wing propaganda arm – the lamestream media. It is beyond me why anyone would elect a terrorist such as Omar and to continue to allow her to spew her anti-Semetic venom with no accountability should show all of us just what the left is all about. They are not for this nation. They hate democracy. They hate the Constitution and conservatives. They need to be removed from office and never allowed to serve this country again.

  50. We Americans deserve this little skank for electing Obami. Without his relocation plan of dark Musi’s to the U.S. during his term we wouldnt be talking about her. I hope everyone got their conscience clearing vote out of the way. I didn’t vote for him!

  51. She is in America and is entitled to her religon, but she is not entitled to. continue her tearing down what America stands for. If you cannot stand with us you stand against us. We support Israel as Americans; therefore you have no place here. This is what is wrong with anyone coming to our country you want to continue living in your country. This woman needs to go. Take Cortez. and Tileb with you.

  52. I don’t give a rats ass what other people think right now, but this all started when OBAMA was elected POTUS and had only phony records. His Presidency was all phony, including his family and his background. He has brought our country, and our constitution and its citizens down to almost hate for one another. Now we have these towel heads in our government and they are not natural born citizens of this country and probably don’t know a rats ass about our constitution, our traditions, our laws or our President. I would like to know HOW IN GOD’S NAME DID THESE FOREIGNERS GET ELECTED INTO OUR POLITICAL SYSTEM. I would bet that they don’t even have a US Citizenship and even if they did, why are they in our government? Obama was the beginning of the END of our normal society and country. Thank God we have President Trump.

  53. With you attitude, which is totally in conflict with the principles this country was founded on, YOU are not welcome in my country.

  54. First, a dictator or her people would behead her. Not a chance of that happening here. Second, wasn’t she the one who ran Illegally by not living in the district she is representing which is one of the rules. You have to live in the district you are representing. Not move there after you win. She should be removed from Congress on grounds of fraud

  55. She us an idiot looser who should keep her mouth shut as its leading her to trouble. She is a Muslum and not welcome here in USA


  57. REBECCA. You are absolutely correct. OMAR is absolutely disgusting to insult our POTUS by calling him a dictator. Get her Muslim ass the hell out of our government and the HELL out of our country. She better start watching her back because those are fighting words that some people will not take lightly. Why in the hell are are the US citizens voting for these foreigners into our government. Are our citizens really that uninformed??? This is the USA and NOT their country. Get them the HELL out of here.

  58. Absolutely. See what happens if an American goes overseas and bad mouth the government. Start with North Korea. One comes back a changed person. You know like Otto. TRUMP 2020 LANDSLIDE VICTORY

  59. Why dowehave muslims in congress and a illegitimate fraudulent Obama as a former president collecting benefits and reitirement financed by the American tax payer? Hang them all for the treasonous spies that they are. LANDSLIDE VICTORY TRUMP 2020

  60. Absolutely spot on. Husband brother goatkeeper and traitors should’ve hung until they turn blue. LANDSLIDE VICTORY TRUMP 2020

  61. All those that voted for Obama didn’t want to believe Obama is Muslim and that he wasn’t born in the USA, you can see the results now. It all started because he was 1/2 black? I kind of wonder if his mother was white?

  62. You are right! She doesn’t know what a dictator looks like if it jumped up to bite her. President Trump is far from it. That is why his supporters love him. She is barking up the wrong tree…she should leave this country and take along all of her terrorist friends.

  63. If Omar and her ilk have their way , as you are a woman you’ll be among the first to subjugated and allowed if married to be brutally beaten by your Muslim husband and if he wants to divorce you he can say three times you’re divorced and you’ll be out on the street with nothing – so ok go ahead and love those muslims and their sharia laws. Hopefully, for your sake, G – D still watches over FOOLS & children.

  64. Hello World and Andre, It was simply a “pun.” – referring to Fidel Castro-nothing more than a play on words or in this case the name Fidel. Fidel is synonymous with Castro in MOST peoples’ minds. You might also note, it was put in the form of a QUESTION, NOT a statement he was from Cuba, n’est pas?

  65. Lousy goddamn Muslims, they have no interest in becoming decent Americans that promote patriotic values. People, Do not trust them at all. I would like to know just how screwed up is Minnesota and Michigan by electing these hate mongers and terrorist supportive individuals???

  66. Tell that to Pelosi see if she respond she’s a slave to IIhan Omar and afraid if she says anything to her Omar might call her a racist?

  67. You sound real nice. I don’t like anything she stands for, but Your remarks are the sign of an idiot…

  68. Hey Omar, your Allah is a moon beam. How many countries with dictators have an immigration problem? Those hordes aren’t crossing the border because you wear a burka. Jesus Christ is the Savior and He will save you if you ask. You can spend eternity in Heaven or hell with Louis Farrakhan. It’s your call.

    //// DUH ////

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  70. Hey Omar, your Allah is a moon beam. How many countries with dictators have an immigration problem? Those hordes aren’t crossing the border because you wear a burka. Jesus Christ is the Savior and He will save you if you ask. You can spend eternity in Heaven or hell with Louis Farrakhan. It’s your call.

  71. How dare this trouble maker says anything about Our President being a Dictator no way fool he’s the opposite he wants America’s to grow their business and put people back to work he’s for freedom of speech you’re racist radical terrorist trying to question an Allie the only democracy in the Middle East

  72. This MUSLIM, will rekindle all the hate & missori that the MILLENNIALS have been storying up for the past 20 plus years. REMEMBER “ WHEN GOOD PEOPLE DO NOTHING, THAN NOTHING CAN be done to save CHAOS from WINNING.

  73. Too bad the demorats are so afraid of these three terriosts. Americsns sre sick of the two-faced leftist libtards. Time to charge some with conspiracy to overthrow a government.

  74. Omar is the TROJAN HORSE – She will be the Launch of ISLAMIC ACCEPTANCE IN OUR GOVERNMENT and the NWO WINS.

    This new bill is to silence ISLAMIC CRITICS WHO AREN’T ISLAMAPHOBES, BUT UNDERSTAND 1400 years of a reign of terror and take over of every country they set their eyes on.

    ISLAM HATES ISRAEL BECAUSE IT IS A SPIRITUAL HATE, 1400 years of Hate being indoctrinated into their cults children.




  75. Remove this person from Congress and ship her back to the hellhole from which she came! I sometimes feel like walking up to her and strip that scarf from her head. If she objects, I’ll tell her that she is not in Somalia she is in the US and women don’t wear rags on their heads!

  76. That muslim POS should be shipped back to where she came from along with that muslim POS Obama. TIERED OF YOU BRAINDEADS

  77. And IDIOT she is, but as you can see the whole Congress is afraid of her and her sisters (Tlaib & AOC)

  78. Omar, your butt will be back in Iraq, before the president would ever be impeached!! THATS A FACT!! Even Muslims REAP WHAT THEY HAVE SOWN!!

  79. Americans should be up in arms about this. Either party needs to be aware of what this muslim is trying to do. She came from a dictator country and it is nothing like what American is about. They have no privileges over there at all. The women can’t even eat at a restaurant where their husband is eating. They wait in the car while all the men eat. Go back to the country you came from. WHEN AMERICA DO AS THE AMERICANS DO.!!!!!

  80. She is a disgrace to herself and family and the state of MN and all who voted for this idiot

  81. Can someone please explain to these people that a dictator would not ALLOW her to voice her opinions in public. In a dictatorship she would be shouting her opinions through the bars of her cell.

  82. Yes she should because she is a terrorist infiltrater and if anyone should be impeached is her and then Deported


  84. we again warn every american citizen about this,iihan omar muslum terrorsits animal.and rushida another muslum,just research and fact ck these 2 muslum animals for yourselfs.see what these 2 muslum animals have done since in office.and it isn,t anything good for we the people,they are deadly and dangerous threats to we the people,and the constitution just look at what muslum have done to countries like germany france italy,australia and the uk which the uk they have a muslum terrorists mayor.who has past ties to muslum terrorists the book the muslum mafia.go trump


  86. I like that but put her in a men-only prison she will do nicely & the men can do as they want but can not hurt her or cause bruising or broken bones but then can pass her around all they want she wants sharia lar we can arrange it this way. She can earn her keep by doing the washing, cleaning the men’s cells, & working in the mess kitchen. She will be right at home . . .

  87. This is disgusting that this OMAR is using all this rhetoric about us Americans. I bet that everyone who voted for this lady doesn’t even have the right to vote. She was nominated for a position that she should not even be in. The nerve of her to be insulting to our President and to the Jewish People. She’s a 100% racist and a 100% Muslim. She should go back to her Native Country. People like her who think she’s going to run for a government position and then stabs the American people in the back. Remove her from her position.

  88. Ask Obama why she is here? He is the one that let all the muslims in when he was in office. Like we need more people like that in our country. The way it’s going very soon there is only going to be immigrants here.

  89. The voting roles in MI need to be checked for illegal votes from alien immigrants who are not citizens and voted illegally for OMAR. Why has Pelousi not censured her for trash talking OUR PRESIDENT?

  90. Andre C. you seem to be missing a key point about the Muslim religion. If a Christian swears on a Bible and lies, he can be sent to Hell for it. When a Muslim swears on a Koran TO A NON-MUSLIM, he can tell as many lies as he chooses. The oath itself is a lie, if sworn to A NON-MUSLIM. They believe Allah will reward them for lying to infidels. To a Muslim, a non-Muslim is a non-person. They consider a non-Muslim an inferior being who can be killed at any time. They are not considered human beings. They feel no more about killing infidels, human beings to us, as a Christian would feel about killing a termite or cockroach infestation. That attitude towards non-Muslims is what makes them so dangerous to normal people. Wake up.

  91. I find it ridiculous! That a Commie is calling Trump a Dictator? That’s what these Democrat’s are all about? Making us slaves and taking everything from us. Not to mention that to them? We have no right to live. They are for the destruction of America and the Constitution. It’s also ridiculous that they say they are Patriot’s? Yeah! Commie Patriot’s! Here’s the reality of all this. We the People are the Government! These so called elected fool!s who voter fraud stole their seats in office! See us as skates and that we do what they tell us! Not! The other way around. They are Dictator’s. Who have no buisiness in our American Government what so ever! Especially when their is a 2951 provision in the Constitution. That no Muslimcsn be in this country sir in our Government offices! That’s besides Commies! Ehat’s wring with this picture of today? There should be no discrepancy what so ever! Here’s the phoney garbage they are pulling. It’s called racism. The Demonrat’s planted that in the weak minded mushroom’s. So why do they talk about the Rule of Kaw? When they don’t even go by it? Who’s Rule of Law are they talking about? Their Commie Law? I’ve heard this since the Bushes. The 2 turn coat Deep State Republican RINO’s. Who sold out America! Then it continued with the Demonrat loser so called President!s. Bill Clinton , Obama and The rat who started the dealing’s whith the Commie Chinese Globalist! Jimmy Carter!

  92. Why is she even in congress–She is not a citizen? How dare she commit sedition and get away with it–Send her back along with her brother aka husband so we do not have to support their incestuous, inbred children. If she spoke this way back where she came from–we all know how her fellow natives would have handled the situation. She needs to leave congress NOW

  93. Ilhan Omar is an radical troublemaker palestinian jihadist who her tribe didn’t inherited any religion, any Law, any culture from the past This is Obama’s propaganda That’s why Obama is not going to retired in Cuba But, still he stays in US

  94. Go Iris!!!! 100% correct!! All those Muslim rats don’t belong in our government!! How pathetic that our lawmakers let this happen!! Muslims will infiltrate our government now until they take it over!!

  95. Get this Muslim ingrate out of our government!! Shouldn’t even have a position in there in the first place! Our Constitution does not blend well with their Sharia beliefs. If Congress just stuck with the laws of this Country, we wouldn’t have half the problems we have today. I think every member should all be made to take a refresher Constitution course and remind them all on how important it is to uphold America’s constitutional laws!! Muslims DO NOT assimilate ever, and therefore, they should not be able to run for office here in the US, ever!! A 1952 law is written that states this and, furthermore, they should not be able to live here. Visiting is one thing, living here is another! They will never be happy until we are all Muslims!! Fat chance on that! What a disgrace!!! What happened to this Country?!!! Why are they being allowed to run for office in this Country?!!! Why isn’t anyone asking that question???

  96. Thank You from all of us!! We treasure all our service men and women and all Veterans! God Bless and continue to protect you. We are still ONE NATION UNDER GOD!! PRAYING AND BELIEVING THAT THAT GOD IS IN CONTROL. HE WILL DELIVER US FROM EVIL! ????????❤️❤️

  97. It is sad that the Democrat Party, once a responsible element of American governance, is now represented by such irresponsible blathering fools like Ilhan Omar, AOC, and Rashida Tlaib.

  98. Ilhan Omar comes from a culture overrun by dictators. Africa is rife with dictators. Muslim countries nearly all are run by dictators. She just assumes any person in authority is a dictator? No, she is just mindlessly parroting the Democrat Party line and it sounds weird from a person with little knowledge of American history and culture. Ilhan Oman is a rabble-rousing phony with a big mouth and a small brain.

  99. I don’t trust them, they show themselves as
    pitiful, oppress !
    Really! Bunch of hypocrites!
    I would date “ All Of You Go Back Where
    You come from “ Don’t need trouble makers
    like you!

  100. Betty, if you don’t like our president, them MOVE to another country. I’ll even take up a collection to get you your one way ticket.

  101. Before you fade away to hide from national embarrassment, answer this yes or no question; Have you stopped being a muslim yet?


  103. Hey Betty, quit soeaking for me. You do not represent my views. The American embarrassment here is clearly you with your low IQ lack of substance comments. I like Trump. So I’ll vote for him again. It’s low IQ people like you that make PRESIDENT TRUMP GREAT! Thank you so much! I know that was not intentional on your part but stupidity makes accidents happen, right? Do yourself a favor by going away. Save yourself from being embarrassed.


  105. So true! OUR POTUS has put America first since day one.
    From NOT taking a salary to meeting Kim Jung Un he’s doing everything possible to maintain peace and protect our
    ???????? USA ????????.
    For some reason Dems are so afraid of him they cannot understand past their fear to see the good he’s trying to accomplish.
    They don’t want to have a successful Nation.
    The Dems just want to complain and cause as much trouble for Mr Trump as possible . Regardless of what it does to other Americans or the rest of the Nation.
    This is why they love the Muslims so much . Muslims do not like Our President and that’s good enough for the Dems.

  106. Well now that we know Betty is a terrorist supporter let’s do the right thing by defending the constitution and remove the fat low self esteem cow from our great country and send her to Somalia where she can be brutally raped by what she is.

  107. This is the only POTUS that has tried to put America first. We do not owe anything to other countries and we especially do not need muslims in our congress.

  108. You realize they change the law in California ? so that the two highest vote winners in the primaries become The two candidates that ultimately run for the office regardless of what part of the Blong to. This is how they get two Democrats running against each other and basically eliminate the other parties . And that’s not forget the gerrymandering that’s been going on in California .

  109. All the hatred spewing posts are submitted by communists, so we can’t expect anything truthful or positive. We won’t see them in Heaven, but they will receive a warm and eternal welcome where “the worm dieth not”.

  110. Betty you are an embarrassment to America and why don’t you leave sense you like that idiot.. Omar…take her with you… Trump is a true American and cares for us….America First!!!!

  111. . Every (practicing) Islamist must be subjugated to the Koran and Sharia Law …
    . Thus Islamists must annihilate (by whatever means and however long it takes), reject (not obey) any set of laws (our country’s Constitution, laws and the legislative and enforcement systems) and all non-Islamic entities not subjugated as they are.
    . To do so, all forms of lying, cheating, subterfuge, breaking of contracts, deception, murder, killings, terrorism and any anti-Biblical means that brings honor and glory to Allah (Satan) are praiseworthy to all Islamist. Hence Obama and his peers never critique or condemn those actions unless it is a form of deception to pretend they are offended while inwardly rejoicing and supporting such actions. Simply put, while many may deny it, every Islamist is a warrior and at war (to some degree) with every non-Islamist.

  112. I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts for this County in the Naval Amphibious Forces and I would do it again if I was able. I didn’t do it for some damned foreigners that are taking over America!

  113. I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts for this County in the Naval Amphibious Forces and I would do it again if I was able. I didn’t do it for some damned foreigners that are taking over America!

  114. Omar should be in jail since she has committed 4 Crimes two are federal crimes and two are state crimes. The two FEDERAL Crimes are TREASON for supporting a TERRORIST GROUP namely C.A.I.R. And IMMIGRATION FRAUD. The two state crimes are Bigomy and INCEST. She committed IMMIGRATION FRAUD, INCEST and BIGOMY all at the same time. She married her by blood brother while married to her current husband. She did this to get him a green card which he otherwise would not have been given. Since she married her brother by blood that in itself is INCEST even if they did not consummate the marriage it is stil INCEST. So she should be in a cell awaiting a noose not walking the halls of Congress.

  115. The only ones that want President Trump gone are stupid Democrats and Democrats that have infiltrated the Republican Party all thieves,liars, and traitors. Keep drinking the koolaid and watching CNN propaganda.

  116. She’s not exercising her right as an AMERICAN citizen though .
    She using America to spread her message of hate and to infiltrate us with sharia law.
    American citizens need to very cautious with her and I’ll.
    She ran unopposed in her State this how she was elected.

  117. Andre C Stephenson, I have read your posts on a lot of different sites. I am confused. Which side are you on? I’m sure you remember me. You said that Satan don’t talk to anybody. Satan don’t exist. On another site you said that a decent woman like me deserves a decent man. Remember me now? Please ease my confusion. Where do you stand?

  118. This is not new to the U.S.A. We have been at war with Muslims since the founding of our nation. Somalian pirates are not a new thing either. Some of the very first enemies of our newly founded nation are sung about in the U.S.Marine Corp hymnal. The Muslim Barbary Pirates were a plague on commercial trading ships of the 18th century. American history tells of cut throat Muslim pirates raiding ships of many nations murdering the crews in horrible ways just like the cut throat Muslims of today. Muslims are from a different world and have no place in a nation like ours, except to expand their cut throat religion and murder every man, woman and child who doesn’t convert. It is what they do. It is what they have done over and over hundreds of years. Now, tell me of I’m wrong but doesn’t a flood start with a few raindrops? Kind of like 2 congressional representatives? Wake up people! If George Soros doesn’t get our nation, then the Muslims will damn sure try to!

  119. Subject: Fwd: Muslim Qur’an Teachings

    See what the Radical Islamic Terrorist are teaching in the Islamic Mosques, then they are sent to become Radicalized and come back to kill Americans, Jews, Christians and non-Islamic folks. This tells the story and this is not a religion, instead it is a Cult and taking over the world. Americans need to close all of the Mosques and deport all of the Muslims that practice the Sharia Law, get them out of America Every American should stop the Muslims as they will continue to try and take over the world. Do not let these Muslims enter into our USA governments, Congress, or any other governmental job. Islam is a Cult, see below what they think and live by with Sharia Laws. Allah is not Jesus Christ, the son of God. Muslims pray to Allah.

    A devote Muslim is a Terrorist in Waiting

    From the Qur’an:
    65:4 You can rape, marry divorce pre-pubescent girls.
    4:3, 4:24, 33:50, 79:29-30 You can enslave for sex and work.
    4:34 You can beat women.
    24:4 You will need 4 Muslim male witnesses to prove rape
    9:111 You will kill non-Muslims to receive 72 virgins in heaven
    2:217, 4:89 You will kill anyone who leaves Islam
    8:12, 47:4 You will behead non-Muslims
    9:5 You will kill and be killed for Al’llah (verse of the sword)
    8:12, 8:60 You will terrorize non-Muslims
    9:29 Kill Jews and Christians if they do not convert or pay Jizya tax
    chapter 8 (booty/spoils of war) Steal from non-Muslims
    8:12, 47:4 Crucify and amputate non-Muslims
    3:54, 9:3, 16:106, 40:28, 2:225 Lie to strengthen Islam (Taqiyya deception)
    9:111 Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain.

    Islam = Terrorism?

  120. Do you think that she or her ilk will give a darn about you once they take over this country and the world?

    You will be just another worthless infidel deserving of annihilation under the Koran.


  121. Unfortunately, the US will reap what we have sown with all of this public school/college indoctrination!!

    These vacuously naive leftist sycophants full of “tolerance, love and peace” will soon see that these folks will turn on them in a NY minute!!

    Short of a miracle, things will not end well for the next generations and for those of us who will be elderly and/or ill when they assume leadership in this country.

  122. Sharon, I found you. I thought you were on another site. There are so many sometimes I get lost.I used part of your post below. Hope you don’t mind. I googled it and learned so much. Thank You. God Bless You.

  123. Let those muslim devil worshipers speak up.They are just displaying a target so no one will be confused about who to send to hell.

  124. Trump doesn’t remotely remind me of a dictator and I haven’t seen him violate the Constitution yet. While I think he had better tools, a constitutional toll that would have been far better than to declare an emergency on the border, I don’t think he is out of bounds in using it. The sheethead from Minnesota via Somali land does have the faintest idea what a dictator is.

  125. John Decker, Someone on another site said to google 5 ways Islam takes over a country. So that is what I put in. It said everything you said and more. I pray everyone on this site reads it and shares it with everyone they know and shares it on other sites. Maybe the ones that believe in them will read it and see the truth. To be for warned is to be for armed. Pray God shows us the way to protect ourselves from them. May God Bless you.

  126. Better yet, tie a rope around their chest, hoist them up about 25-30 ft. Freefall them to the ground…repeat continuously until done.


  128. The greatest threat to America is a president that has the balls to open jobs for the American people, give the working tax payers a tax break bring jobs back to the United States save our military who protects your sorry asses and then wants to build the wall to keep out the drug traffickers and human traffickers. What a horrible president. God bless president Trump for wanting to protect this ungrateful nation.

  129. This is what the Green New Deal is all about. Eliminate all transportation trapping people in the cities. With no trucks, food can’t be taken to the cities. Guns, of course will be confiscated. In come the ISIS terrorists who will have no opposition and there is no way for people to escape. That’s the Muslim plan so beware! Contact your representative and senator and tell them NO DEAL!!!!!

  130. You laid that out to a T …. May I copy and share that please …. I won’t include your name.
    Thank you for the consideration and for putting this out there.

  131. We have Obama to thank for bringing all these Moslems into our country and allowing them to overrun specific States with these traitorous cowards who call themselves leaders of the American citizens. Thanks democrats Obama used you to setup America and it’s values.

  132. And the right has allowed it to go on ……. is there really two sides….. or is the right today nothing more than wolves in sheepskin…….. people really need to think before they vote ……..mainly in primaries……. they only reason I’m registered now as a Republican was so I could vote for Trump in the primary …… INDEPENDENT …. what happens after 2024 …. people also need to look at the long term

  133. Purge all the gruber Dems out of the educational ranks and government! They are all traitors!

  134. Obviously this jihadist doesn’t know what a real dictator is? She need go no further than her own kind to find good examples! There are many muzzie dictators to choose from, Quaddafi, Saddam, Assad, Barre, Afwerki, ad nauseum. She needs exited back to Somalia/Ethiopia, post haste!

  135. Amen! We cannot depend on the people of Michigan to resolve this. Apparently, they are outnumbered and that is how the Muslims slithered into their congressional seat. The Republicans better get organized and fast! They will keep coming!!

  136. The headline is OVERHYPED BS!

    There is Nothing that twit that would do more than put a smile on President Trumps face.



  138. Linda H. what most people do not understand about Muslims is this. They believe it is the word of Allah that the Muslims conquer the world. They always start small. They’ll take over a neighborhood in a small town, and more will move in until they’ve taken over a whole county. Then they insinuate themselves into the county government. County regulations are made to their benefit. And the whole time, more and more move in. And after several years, there are enough to elect a Muslim member of Congress. The propaganda war starts, and the Muslims start trying to get people to convert to the Muslim religion. If they don’t, the violence starts. And at that point people are told flat out to become Muslims or be killed. For them there is no freedom of religion, there is only Allah or death. As for the two in Congress, they did not swear their oath on a bible, which has been required for every Congress person since the beginning of the U.S.A. Instead, they swore on a Koran, which allows them to lie to any non-Muslim of any kind. In short, their oath was a lie, and they do not consider it binding. Now that they have a foothold, when they consider they have enough faithful here, we will be attacked from within by a religious war where the other side takes no prisoners. This post will probably be deleted by this site’s censors, which means they are pro Muslim. Be warned.

  139. Dan Tyree, I agree. Like the saying goes (You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything). If we don’t stand for our country we will fall for that comie crap. And fall hard.

  140. Betty you seem to have a lot of negativity towards Our POTUS . You should run for President then since you seem to know what’s best for Our Nation.
    Remember if one Is not part of the solution,
    One is part of the problem.

  141. That Stupid Omar doesn’t know the different between dictator and democracy. The brain if fried with muslim propaganda.

  142. When this woman’s free speech affects me with her voice and vote I am allowed to voice my reaction and so is the person you trashed. You are totally out of line with the freedoms of our Constitution. This woman is dangerous to our Republic and our Constitional way of living and you want her to be left alone?

  143. The only way to stop them, is to rise up in the millions, and demand them sent back to their countries. It has to be done are our children and grandchildren will all be slaughtered!

  144. Go Google the five stages of Islam to take over a country. It’s already happening right in front of our eyes. And the left are behind it, are just to damn stupid to believe it! Syria use to be a great city full of Christians before they became a country. They opened their doors and hearts to the Muslims and for that the Muslims committed genicide and killed million s of them. It will happen here adventually. Founding fathers even warned us about them.

  145. Already have a pitition going against her. But for some damn reason, nothing ever happens to the democrats. They are the Deep State, and for some reason they seem to have all the control and not we the people. This is what Trumps been saying all along.

  146. I do believe she came from a somalia or yemen refugee camp. As far as I am concerned she can go right back. QUICKLY!

  147. Check what district she is from, you will probably find it controlled by Muslims. They are not only in Washington but also throughout States And local Governments and spreading very fast. As Americans we need to step up to the plate and take them out!!

  148. And where do you get your information? Whether or not she is duly elected is not the issue. There is a petition on line to establish the fact of removing her from office. Maybe you should enlighten yourself by reading that petition.

  149. I hope you and those like you continue to think, say and believe your nonsense. Trump will be re-elected, and you and your ilk will play a huge part in his re- election, so please keep it up!

  150. I think ,or hope at least, that you like to be a contrarian and an agitator. Your defense of this woman is otherwise not worthy. One aspect to keep in mind is that she was elected in a largely Islamic district by a bunch of anti american immigrants. But are all these voters US CITIZENS ?

  151. Cook County in Illinois is holding an election for Mayor of Chicago. It will be only primary because no Republican is running against the two women of the demoncratic party.
    Now it starts. This is how dictatorships are born. No opposing views just demoncrats. The Chicago machine is at work all over the country and fair elections will be a thing of the past if we don’t stop them.

  152. this Women should be impeached because she is involved with terror groups and threaten the Jewish people of the world and Americans as well

  153. All of these anti Americans including the demoncrats are being funded and put into office by the devil himself, George Soros. Unle if Chelsias husband, given citizenship by Bill Clinton. Soros has been kicked out of every country he’s gained citizenship in.
    I was a social worker in Illinois and Muslims who had become Christians would tell me to beware of him. They said he was the one promoting Obama. We are on a very slippery slope. The men in this site that are defending her may just be Muslims there selves. Part of the Koran is to lie to the infidels.

  154. This is the plan by the Muslims to bring sharia to America. The radical woman with the rags around her head and leading the woman’s march was sent to dupe the young women to think she’s standing up for them, and that their bodies are so special they can kill a human being inside of them or at birth. If sharia law becomes the law of the land then these women will truly know what rape is. Muslim men will have the right to rape any female including babies. Oh that’s right, they don’t care what happens to their babies. These special women will be circumcised and become very special slaves. Read read read what else they have for Christians if they don’t denie the one true God and convert. It won’t matter if your a democrat and are elite and sold your soul to the devil. He’ll just laugh at your stupidity.

  155. She is a muslim from Somalia and she will not assimilate to OUR culture. She has violated laws to get her brother here, married him and trashed our culture by changing the head covering law in Congressional sessions to muslim benefit only.

  156. Also go to Bob2 at the beginning section for the addtional procedure to follow using the Constitution with your Congressional Rep. . Spread the word.

  157. See Bob2 posts at the beginning with what to do and the support path for her removal by the Constitution.

  158. Petitions help but your Congress Rep. being contacted directly by ones own self is the better way. There is a vital support point towards the post beginning by me that is vital as why and how the Reps CAN do this. See Bob2 posts below and spread the word to friends and family also. Thanks!

  159. Its not racist to insist that someone in Congress honor the Oath of Office particularly the part that says “to Support the Constitution”, which many Muslims ignore.

  160. How many Islamic countries hold truly democratic elections ? They are all basically monarchies or dictatorships. Let’s be real …

  161. Muslims are very patient people always wanting to take over the west…they breed like rats…and they are ever where. They believe what the Quran teaches with no thought that a true Allah would never tell a prophet to be so evil. They are a dangerous group of people

  162. What a refreshing post Andre. I have NEVER known any state to admit to having too much money, and I am really old. But start a group to demand a Mall. Can’t hurt.

  163. I completely agree send this woman and all her family and followers back Somali where they live under dictatorship get rid of these treasonous traitor’s American people don’t need these people here. Nancy Pelosi and her cronies better wake-up their coming for you all next. These people have a plan for America.

  164. Muslims have come into OUR COUNTRY and set up SEGREGATED COMMUNITIES OF MUSLIMS ONLY, which is how the likes of Ilhan Omar gets elected to OUR CONGRESS. There is enough concentration of Muslims to vote in this latent terrorist representation. These segregated communities, throughout America, needs to be dispersed. This woman clearly hates America & its Citizens!

  165. Obama put thousands of Muslims in Minnesota, they took over a town, plus. they put her in office. I would like to see them all sent back to Somalia, a lot of terrorists in that group, more that any place else. This is what they bring to the table, assimilation in not the game.

  166. Need to get her out of government.How did someone like her even get there.seems like we have a traitor in congress.this is dangerous.putbher out now.we are not a Muslim nation.

  167. I went to college back in the late 70s and lived on campus for two years with muslims. I was studying to become a baptist minister. I worked in the cafeteria washing dishes with two muslims who threatened to kill me often for telling them it was their turn to wash dishes. also on the soccer club team with many muslims who would insert razor blades in the side of their tennis shoes to slice Christians up while playing soccer. these muslims would often claim to be Christian and even join Christian fraternities and privately tell me that they have no intention to become Christians only to convert us from within club. that’s very deceptive. I too studied the Koran and it clearly promotes violence to infidels (non muslims). I don’t trust their intentions and motives for being in US leadership

  168. Absolutely correct Mike. Go back where you came from rule your own domain & leave the USA alone. God bless the USA & President Donald Trump.

  169. Muslims always believe a non-Muslim leader is a tyrant.. look anywhere, at any time… till they get what they want.. then you see real tyranny. Always is the case the Muslim activist accuses any leader non-Muslim, so they can install a Muslim tyrant.
    The ideocracies include rule by religion in the Muslim faith, a combination America carefully drafted out of its Constitution, Muslims carefully don’t mention this.
    There is a reason 30% of American Muslims polled that they believe suicide vests are justified.. this Omar Muslim also does. If not acknowledging a major sector of a group believes political expression and solutions are justifiably solved with mass murder and suicide.. then there is no hope for you as an individual, no hope for having as you part of any solution. Omar and any other subversive Muslim must be expelled.

  170. I appoint Patriot to watch for the Crescent Star over the White House. Not going to happen.

  171. There is a petition on twitter to remove Omar from Congress for her Anti-Semitic rants on twitter. You can google it and sign it. And you can contact your Congressperson and ask them to remove her from Congress also. it takes 2/3’s of Congress tp remove a member. But, you gotta start somewhere. And this phone call and signing the petition is a great start.

  172. What, Wayne, is the “stuff she’s done?” I know she’s encouraged the impeachment of Trump, which is her right. Has she done more “stuff?”

  173. Just to be clear, she MAY have taken her oath on the Koran, but she pledged to uphold the U.S. Constitution. That Constitution gives her the right to call for Trump’s impeachment.

  174. Dr Dick, give me a break. Are you honestly that stupid? You must be a brain surgeon and all of your patients are the ones voting this garbage in. PLEASE stop practicing medicine and get a job picking apples. That way you can’t cause anymore damage. I think?

  175. A Seeker: Don’t people have to fill out an application to be a candidate? Can we get every candidate to pass a basic civics test? Unfortunately, we can’t exclude Muslims from running. We can only nominate candidates, vet them before the election and get out and vote.

  176. I feel for you, Diane. You are already taxed enough, at least in the Top 10 in the country. Here in North Dakota, we have so much money from oil that there’s talk of eliminating the state income tax. We have hunting and fishing too, but no Mall.

  177. Frank: She can only be a disgrace to the district that voted her in. She’s not a disgrace to her state or country. She’s exercising her rights as an American to free speech, to call for the impeachment of Trump. That takes courage because of all the trolls like you.

  178. Don: I hate to put words in your mouth but what you mean is that “a Muslim woman BETTER NOT bad-mouth my president,” because “she doesn’t have that right, as a Muslim.” And “she better watch her mouth” sounds like a threat It’s every American’s right to bad-mouth their president. And it’s every American’s duty to bad-mouth (and call for impeachment) of this one.

  179. Nelson: “Only terrorists dress like that.” And you know this from watching your militia tapes? You fear what doesn’t look “normal” to you. You want her to look like a conservative white Christian. She wears her headgear because it’s required by her religion, not the terrorist handbook.

  180. YOUR ‘fools’/ DEMS Are NOW supporting NK AGAINST
    >You have really ‘lost it now’ jd. your brain meds
    are driving you ‘mad;. A Dem Pres. ? Are you Serious?
    > Look at Venezuela.
    > 0h & your trick ? words ??? LMAO “Please reply to this if you are one of those” etc. WHY SHOULD ANYONE Believe You ???
    >Your mentality is similar to ocasio-cortez/ omar/tlaib.
    0r Betty etc.
    > I replied. But only to save your ass for now.
    As an adult, you Have No Clue re Sovereign USA./
    World Affairs.
    Your education ‘cheated’ you, & you ‘fell’ for it.

  181. Muslims only follow sharia law. And the pc idiots in our government are too afraid to enforce our laws against them. That would be racist.

  182. Caesar: Are you sure that Omar is an extremist Muslim terrorist? I thought she was a Congresswoman from Minnesota. “Duly elected.”

  183. Terry: And who is going to point out all these “treasones” FBI agents? You, I suppose.

  184. Shut up and do something constructive like make me a sandwich. And PLEASE do it quietly. Andre is enough stupid for everyone in here.

  185. Carlos: Yes indeed it was Democrats who supported slavery in the 1840s, supported Jim Crow in the 1890s and supported bigotry in the 1950s. The whole South was filled with Democrats who said “Segregation Forever.” They were called “Blue-Dog” Democrats because they were much like the bigoted Republicans. They voted in Congress with the Republicans against integration. They wanted to hold on to the 1950s, much like many conservatives do today. But it all began to change in the 1960s with the Freedom Rides on the buses. Also, thanks to LBJ, we got the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act in the mid-60s. Since then, the parties have slowly reversed as the old Blue Dogs died off or were elected out. Now, it’s no longer the ’50s and the party of bigotry and hate is the Republican party, especially Trump’s conservative base. Lincoln freed the slaves but he would be a Democrat today. Lincoln would shame all the Republicans who support Trump.

  186. Hey stupid you have your shoes on the wrong feet again. Is that you barry? It sure sounds like you! Very few people have the ability to sound so stupid. Are you playing jokes again or just trolling for praise?

  187. Lol he has the right to say it even if it’s not true. (which it is) have you suffered a tbi recently?

  188. Vincent, By calling Omar a pig and a dog you are doing what every racist does to justify their racism. You de-humanize her by calling her an animal. That makes it easier to be racist. I don’t know if you did this on purpose or not. Only you can answer that. Racism springs out of fear, and you really fear this one small woman.

  189. Even if they did what damage could a wimp like you cause? You’re the type of weak little spineless turd that would sleep in the floor if there was a spider in the middle of your bed.

  190. Guenther: Omar is a citizen, and calling for impeachment is very American and doesn’t qualify her for deportation. It’s every American’s right to call for the impeachment of Trump. It’s their duty.

  191. Andre, catch a flight to Detroit metro and I will be more than happy to let you put that theory to the test ya little sissy.

  192. Wow, after reading some of your posts. It’s perty obvious you are some other planet, you’re really stupid. You should leave this country.

  193. Dr.Richard: I don’t have to tell lies about Trump because he has told about 9,500 (documented by a newspaper) lies since taking office. He bears false witness every time he opens his mouth. Wednesday was a big day for the Trump-haters because for the first time someone went under oath and told us what a dirty rat Trump is. As the weeks go by, and more investigative hearings are held, more and more Americans will realize what a liar we have in the presidency. I don’t believe Trump will run in 2020. The House has 24 committees, all controlled by Democrats, and they can hold unlimited hearings. And every one of those 24 committees wants dirt on Trump. And they can get the dirt, because they have subpoena power.

  194. Do you ever shut up? You sound like a stupid parrot that talks all day and has no idea what it’s even talking about.

  195. Sharon, Don’t bust a gut, but their are actual atheists in Congress. And on your city council.

  196. Reality Check: How do you know Fidel is from Cuba? Is that info available online? In a book?

  197. Randall: You are using another common method of dictators. Declare them sick and hide them from the world in an institution. I bet you didn’t even know you were using a dictator’s method. It’s just instinct that you label any who disagree with you “not well.” Trump is clearly woefully out-classed by every leader he meets, and he sticks his foot in his mouth. He tried that with Kim, and Kim won’t have anything of it.

  198. Could not agree with YOU MORE!!! We must have a test system to test everyone who wants to run for any of our Government Office! Knowledge, integrity, career Record, references…. It is like the applications of JOBS! Pre-election stage is the EXAME Time! Election result is the Score CARD! Nothing could be more serious than people who are handling the LIFE (AFFAIRS) OF OUR Government!!

  199. Because all you trolls sound alike it’s a dead giveaway. I can hear your bong bubbling from here.

  200. Bob2: What un-American actions is Omar taking? This thread is only about her tweet calling for impeachment. It’s very American to call for impeachment. In fact, it’s every American’s right, including Omar’s. I think she’s showing courage calling for impeachment. She’s a true patriot. Meanwhile, she is not REQUIRED to assimilate into American culture, especially white conservative Christian culture. Even a U.S Representative is not REQUIRED to assimilate into American culture. Even a U.s. president is not required to assimilate into American culture, as we see with Trump and his corrupt mob culture.

  201. Betty it sounds like you’re hangry again? Go eat a dozen doughnuts take your meds and come back when you feel better.

  202. Dave, Unfortunately for you personally, Trump doesn’t have the authority to remove her from the country, and that bugs the hell out of you.

  203. Ross: You are doing what every racist does, and you don’t even know it. When you call Omar a pig, you de-humanize her, which allows you to justify your racism. Watch your language.

  204. Randall: People haven’t used a Bible in years. It’s every American’s right not to use a Bible, even white conservative Christian. Just because they are not Christian doesn’t make them unfit for office. Stop expecting the 1950s to come back.

  205. I live in Minnesota, and really, it is a beautiful state! But muslims like her are ruining what has always been a great place to live, attracting visitors for its hunting and fishing and the Mall of America. I can’t believe she was elected – I doubt it was a fair election! On top of that we have a demorat governor who wants to raise taxes, even though there is a budget surplus!

  206. Only to an idiot like you. He’s doing the job he was elected to do. Unlike most presidents he’s making America great again.

  207. and so we have slowly infested ourselves with enemies from within….even cavemen knew better than to do that….are we so comfortable in our skins that we think it can do no harm to us????

  208. she is not showing her ignorance…on the contrary she is agreeing with the mullahs….She took her oath of office on the Koran not the bible my friends…surely we are not going to play ignorant about who this darling really, really is and what she really, really represents!!!

  209. Bob2: Omar is not an enemy invader. She may be a lot of things, she may even be personally offensive to you. But she’s not an enemy invader. Quit telling lies!

  210. Bob2: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Wanting to impeach a president does not qualify as “disorderly behavior.” Virtually every Democrat in Washington wants to impeach that bastard Trump. It’s the right of every American to want to impeach Trump.

  211. They don’t want everyone to convert, they want the world to be under Sharia law, but they need us non muslims to pay a Jizyah for the lazy and dumb muslims so they don’t have to do jobs meant for us the infidel, the jobs that are below muslims.

  212. Haz and Pamela: If you want to remove Muslims from office, you’ll have to use the ballot box. I recommend you and all your fellow racists do it. But you can’t all go to Washington and demand that all Muslims be put out of office. It isn’t that simple.

  213. Bruce, Trump won’t be re-elected. I doubt he’ll even run. There aren’t enough of you Trump-lovers to re-elect him. Over time, there will be fewer and fewer Trump-lovers left as the truth comes out from two dozen investigations in the House. Bruce, you may even be one of those who give up on Trump. There are two dozen House committees controlled by Democrats, and every one of them want a piece of Trump.

  214. Bob2: My you know a lot about Betty. How do you know she lives in a basement. Is “millennial Muslim Democrat” available online?

  215. Rickster: You are an idiot. Of course Betty belongs in this country. And people like her? Do you ever listen to yourself?

  216. Thomas: It doesn’t matter if Betty is not a vet who went and fought for her country. She’s still a patriot!

  217. Toby: All Muslims are not killers. If I wanted to look for people in this country with murder in their hearts, I’d start with Christians, simply because there are more of them. And Obama was not a Muslim.

  218. Laurel: No communists control the U.S. House. If you want to talk about a waste of space, I can give you three: Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz. That was a bonehead move Meadows pulled on Wednesday in the House. And Jordan couldn’t even answer softballs handed him by a Fox host.

  219. Haz: Before the country implodes, the Trump presidency is going to implode. He is the worst president in U.S. history, and I doubt he will run in 2020.

  220. Rex: ALL Democrats must be arrested for treason? Do you know how ridiculous you sound? What are the arrests for? For being in a party opposite of you? For obstructing the worst president in U.S. history? They have a DUTY to obstruct the president, who does not respect our Constitution nor the rule of law.

  221. James, I’m glad there are only six crazy women in a Congress of 535. The other 529 should be able to handle them. (Except for Maxine, who is a committee chairman.)

  222. Ronald, Does Omar “keep and sell slaves.” Quit with the racial stereotypes. If you learned about Arabs from old movies, you aren’t very well informed.

  223. Laurel: Christians have free speech, but sometimes they are ridiculed by idiots, to the point of shutting Christians down. That’s not right, but people are ugly. Very ugly. Christians definitely have free speech in this country but not with language from the 1950s. The ’50s are not coming back. As for Omar, Laurel would it surprise you to know that EVERY ignorant Arab, plus EVERY ignorant American, has the right to call your president a dictator. Even if untrue (which it’s not) every citizen has that right. You have the right to be offended, but not to demand her deportation.

  224. Omar should be shipped to the middle East, Cuba, Venezuela, or Africa so can she can fully understand what it’s like to live under a dictator.

  225. Tobydog1,Ignore Lola. On another site she called everybody an ignorant cultist that believed in the end of time.I told her that I would rather be judged by her and stand with God than be judged by God and stand with her. Now you know which side she is on.

  226. Wow, Al. You are really afraid of this one tiny woman. I guess it’s true: American men have no balls.

  227. All Muslims are not liars. If you want to find liars, look among the Christians! Dee: You can stop worrying about Muslims taking over the United States. Hispanics will be a majority far before the Muslims.

  228. Shecky, do you have no respect for a human being? You’ve reduced Omar to less than human, which is the way all racists justify their racism. Just sayin’. If the shoe fits.

  229. The people of her state should be embarrassed by this sack of $#!&. They need to have a recall and get rid of her. She is a disgrace to the office she occupies, to her state and to the Country.

  230. The Jews asked why the Germans would kill there own work force. Your question is why would our own Congress put our Country at risk? Because they are just alike.

  231. Bob2: To want to impeach the president doesn’t qualify as disorderly behavior. It’s very American to want Trump gone. The majority of Americans do. As time goes by, even more and more Republicans will want to.

  232. Paulette, Not all Muslims are terrorists. And not all Americans believe in God and the Bible. Those that are public servants, are not required to give their oath on the Bible. It’s no longer the 1960s, and they aren’t coming back. You are going to have to live with Muslims.

  233. Martin, do you really want to set up machine guns at the border and “take out the problems as they approach?” I don’t think so. Those “problems” are human beings, just like you. Think about it, Martin.

  234. haz,You are totally right. That is why a decent woman can’t get a decent man. They are terrified of women. I don’t blame them and I am ashamed to be of the same gender.

  235. President Donald Trump should have everyone of the Dmoncrats in Congress Investigated. They are not to be Trusted. You have to many questionable characters in the Democrat Party.


  237. Beth Mulvihill,I have seen Betty on a lot of sites most I just read.I have noticed everything she says is to get a rise out of people. She loves the attition she gets. Ignore her and she will
    go away. Just like all the other (what did you call them?) Trolls

  238. Believe me if we could get away with it,there wouldnt be any muslims or dam mosks here in America!! They need a season on them!

  239. No, she won’t.
    She’s a Leftist traitor who thinks white Conservatives are bigots for wanting to run our own country.
    You can’t reason with ignorance.

  240. Sheet head dont sound right!! Now if you want to say she gives sheep head. I could see that!! There camel jockeys

  241. I agree with Mr. Toby.
    Maybe you should take a “civics” test and learn how our country should be run, starting with showing some RESPECT for our elected President, and putting America FIRST instead of the Muslim invaders, illegals, and Abortionists. I’m sick of it. It’s our country too: WE should run it! NOT foreigners with ties to terrorist groups.

    Maybe we can borrow some Clorox from Jussie and go into Congress and CLEAN HOUSE (and the Senate too!)

  242. Thank you Thomas! People like Betty dont belong in this country,they have no idea what it takes,there obama loving couch potatoes,, Thank you for your service sir!!

  243. I believe in free speech too, Laurel. So much so that I am willing to start a fund to finance your free speech lecture tour of Muslim countries. Also, I think you should complain to the Congresswoman about her vulgarity.

  244. I am very confused. Is there not laws in this country against bigamy and incest. Why has she not been arrested for at least one of them. Incest is a class C felony.I know incest is illegal in D.C. and Missouri.

  245. Dennis Rodman loved him too!! What’s kim see in Rodman?? Fiqure of speech, saying they could talk!

  246. I don’t know about eyes, but there are very few in the Senate with working brains, and next to none in the Nut House the Commiecrats are controlling.
    The IRS aka the Tax Man, has already said they don’t get to look at his tax returns. I don’t know why they keep bringing it up.
    We need to impeach them for not doing their jobs and wasting time and money. Nazi’s and Maxine’s districts have ???? and dirty needles on the sidewalks, drugs and violence and decay are everywhere. The homeless live in makeshift tents in the streets, but Maxine is convinced she was elected to threaten Trump and his supporters, and have him “impeashed”. She’s the most racist and corrupt waste of space in Congress, and THATS really saying something!

  247. What insanity is that? Enforcing the Constitution and the laws of this country? Restoring our economy And our military? Preventing this country from being taken by our so called allies? You are miles away from knowing what you’re talking about. If Trump doesn’t get reelected this country is finished.

  248. Don’t say that too loud. The useless House Democrats will send squads of FBI agents and CNN clowns to every old guy Trump ever knew. Anyway, you have to schmooze evil dictators.

  249. It’s called foreign relations and you try to make peace since fake news and democraps keep all the crap on the news!! You the leaders dont watch that crap!

  250. She called Trump a dictator and the mullahs of Iran are not after all of their human rights violations including dumping gays off of tall buildings is humanitarian. She shows her ignorance by making these absurd comments. If anyone needs to be impeached, it’s that Islamic pig who walks around wearing that ugly and disgraceful head scarf.

  251. We support free speech…but for EVERYONE, not just Commiecrats and Muslim traitors. We as Christians can’t speak freely. The Left says everything we say is “hate speech” or “offensive” to one of their groups of deviants and misfits. (Not including race or disability here, folks)
    Well, I’m VERY offended when some ignorant Arab has the nerve to call MY PRESIDENT in MY COUNTRY a dictator! She should go back to her sandy catbox of a country and see what a REAL dictator looks and acts like. It shouldn’t be hard: the.Middle East is run by dictators and terrorists.

  252. Are she and Popeyes Cortez going to duke it out on the House floor for the Speakers position when Nancy’s plastic surgery hardens and she can no longer move her evil lips?

  253. Omar needs to have whatever paperwork she has to be over here and tear it up and sent back to Palestine. There won’t be a Dictator over there right. She should be very happy to return to be own country, Right!!!

  254. Maybe he likes slanted things! You have to admit hes changed since the Olympics and Trumps first meeting! Easier to talk face to face than hearsay and fake news! Democraps news stunt with Cohen I’m sure changed things! They watch those things and thsts all dems do is play games!! If they all could get investigated! Theyd all be in jail for corruption!

  255. she is muslim. If she is a true muslim she follows the koran. The koran has over 109 verses that states if a person does not convert they are to be maimed and or killed including beheading. This woman is practicing taquiaa which allows her to lie to obtain the goal of the islamic nation which is to infiltrate the United States and to take it down. her goal is to see the crescent star and moon flying over the WH.

    I still don’t understand how marrying her brother made her a US citizen – and it was found that she was still married to her husband when she married her brother. Unless she had some really strong pull to obtain US citizenship in a short period of time ( and it can take years), she is probably not a US citizen, but holding a green card. The Constitution states that those who run for office (senate/congress) must be United States citizens.

  256. The problem here is their state votes them in and if you check you will find that Obama installed the millions of them in different places, the places where there’s mostly Democratic voters. The one woman who ran in the district she did not live in should be removed because her run was not legal.

  257. Sorry but late last year they changed the law so the muslims could show something of their take over. So Mrs. Incest (married her brother for citizenship reasons) and her fellow filth are allowed to wear the wipe rags on their heads. She and others have not and will not assimilate to U.S. culture. They are invaders and need to be removed. This is NOT a difference of opinion. Learn the difference if you are one of those who think that’s all it really is.

  258. TO ALL
    / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  259. Well, maybe he used the wrong words. I think he meant grew to respect each other’s strength? Saying that about his wife would be a personal statement. Talking about Kim is international relations.
    “Bathhouse Barry” was a fixture in the homosexual community. He never said he loved a man? He lives with one…

  260. Someone is paying her to do this. She needs rethink where she is . . . Yes, Freedom of Speech but soon it will become an unnecessary Threat. She needs to move to a country where she will feel comfortable living and not be concerned about our Great President Trump-!!!

  261. Lola that is not the way it is, did you know they let these Muslims use the Karon to swear in, in other words, they did not sware to obey our rules and laws, they swore to obey Muslim rules and laws. I am sure you will re-evaluate your position and look at these women with new eyes.

  262. James we all know ( I am female by the way ) that women are taking over. Men are just whimps with no power. Women have stripped men of their value, now that they have a weapon to use against them, they are afraid to confront women for fear they will play the rape card. Men do not have to be guilty just accused of for their lives and marriages to be ruined. And the predigest card is a lot of crap as well. Black people use the N word all the time to describe themselves but don’t ever let it pass from a white person mouth, you would think you just murdered their dog. The people we put in office should start doing their jobs instead of trying to oust the best President we have had in decades. Their minds are not on important stuff like North Korea and removing the threat to our country so Trump has to go it alone while they waste millions of taxpayer money to investigate everyone Trump has ever known trying to get someone, anyone to prove him wrong. Now they want his tax record, they really just have to look at their own tax records and see the things they themselves did but hey they did make the rules didn’t they. When this country implodes because of Congress, perhaps they will open their eyes and use their brains.

  263. This ragheaded goat humper should be shot for treason. She has affiliation with different terrorist organizations. Spike her drink with pigs blood, she’d commit suicide if she found out about it.

  264. The one needs to go her this Congress women from Minnesota and Michigan and new york the all go to Muslim countries and stay there. Trump is protecting America

  265. Really? It takes a special kinda stupid, with all that’s happening in this country to worry something like that. Now sit back down and continue drooling.

  266. Many of the viewpoints advocated by Trump followers on this post are anti-American and encourage if not support violence against members of Congress.

  267. Comes from a female, because no American male would ever say they “fell in love” with another man and not be considered “gay” or “bisexual.” Obama never said he “fell in love with another man,” in fact he WARNED Trump about North Korea and Kim Jong Un as one of American’s greatest dangers. The North Korean dictator is a brutal killer of hundreds of thousands of people — HOW could Trump be “in love” with him?!?

  268. Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution provides that “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.”
    Easier: contact your Rep. with your justification.

  269. Shows you don’t know history very well, Carlos. Those people who freed the slaves were the northerners – – and those from the south were Dixiecrats, and when Democrats like Kennedys showed support for the Civil Rights movement and Civil Rights Act, those southerners became republicans and have control over the south. Lincoln acts much more like a modern day Democrat, and would be ashamed of many of the things Trump has said and done. I am not saying Trump is a racist, but racist KKK members and white supremacists say that Trump is a racist.

    I don’t argue with your second point on how Muslims often do not show any tolerance or respect to members of other faiths. Throughout the centuries, Muslims have been known for unspeakable acts to “nonbelievers.

  270. Disagreeing with the political opposition is one thing, supporting anti_American view points with words and actions is another. Please learn the difference everyone.
    In this case Ilhan Omar is NOT acting in the interest of the U.S. and she also is not assimilated into American culture.

  271. You are not missing a thing, Dr. Richard. The evidence comes in more each day that Donnie Trump acts more like a dictatorial mafia boss than a duly elected official with limits on his power. If you substituted “Muslims” for “Jews”, he would be much more like his fascist KKK father and like Hitler.

    Trump only plays religion, but he breaks all the laws he can to benefit himself.

  272. More likely Donnie went red with rage over all the truth coming out about his law violations and all of his people, including his own Chief Financial Officer getting immunity to testify against him. Corrupt Donnie is getting into more and more trouble by the week as his crimes are becoming known.

  273. Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution provides that “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.”
    use your view with this part of the Constitution. I already contacted my Rep. .

  274. No bigger racists than the Dems who seceded from the USA & went to a Civil War over slavery, created the KKK to keep blacks terrified once Lincoln & the GOP freed them, then made Jim Crow laws for the same purpose-you f***ing hypocrite, moron!! If Omar and her raghead ilk won the day, as they will in Europe, then you’d really see racial genocide of all “infidels” by these sub humans who beat, sell & genitally mutilate women, you f***ing imbecile!

  275. Bob2,I am not as smart as you about politics. How do I do this. Does this go to the House of Rep.or the State Senators.I do know they own the house. Along with the 13 Republican traders.I know I will be called names and bad words but I feel I have a right to evoke the 1st Amendment.

  276. O come on now…it was just a figure of speech. But it was OK when O. held Putin’s hand and nuzzled up to him….and it was OK when every other person in the Dem. Party supports every evil thing under the sun. Pick! Pick! Pick!

  277. Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution provides that “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.”

  278. James, sadly you are absolutely right. I have no idea who,would vote a Muslim into our gov,t. I DIDN,t even think it was local. OAC is definitely mentally challenged. Maxine is just an old racist. Pelosi will be hiding from all of them.
    It,s against the rules of congress and the senate to wear religious clothing to the sessions. The Jewish men have to
    Remove their hats or Yamalkas when in session. But the Muslim ignores the rules and always wears her Habib. It
    Should be enforced forher to remove it.

  279. EXACTLY L! You can disagree without a death threat or wish. Fidel, sounds like you do not understand American laws.

  280. Likely you were too young to see or understand exactly how Hitler, Mao, Mussolini, Franco, Castro, and Stalin came to power. Read about it, learn it, study the history of dictatorships, absorb it, and when you have do not ever forget it for if you do it will happen again right here in our wonderful United States of America. Trump has every earmark of a dictator wanna-be and his appeal to the stupid among us seems to be helping him build his constituency as I write this. The cry of JEWS ALL OVER THE WORLD after the camps were liberated was “NEVER AGAIN”. God help us; have we already forgotten. Is what Trump is doing in any way shape or form Christian like? Does he bear false witness? Does he lie? Does he keep holy the sabbath day? Does he commit adultery? Does he do anything that would mark himself a good and honest and caring, and loving, and faithful person? If he does, and has; can anyone point out to me what it is that I’m missing here?

  281. You are so right, Congress is getting so politically correct that they are putting our Country at risk.

  282. LWNJ troll! You waste your breath and time talking to these traitors! They do not like facts or truth! They are only hurting themselves. TRUMP2020! MAGA!

  283. It is starting to get really creepy to have a president say that he and Kim Jong Un “fell in love” with each other, when he doesn’t say things like that about his own wife.

  284. Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution provides that “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.”

  285. Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution provides that “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.”

  286. Each and every day, you radical conservatives show yourselves more and more to be racists, sexist, and not supporters of the 14th amendment. And you have the AUDACITY to call yourselves “patriots” for being bigots.

  287. The greatest threat to America today is dumbocraps. These jackasses aren’t smart enough to realize that if they ruin conservative lives,they ruin their own.

  288. Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution provides that “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.”

  289. Great point, Dr. Richard, and solidly true. To expand on what you have said, I seriously wish Trumpers would think about a Democratic president who would take the word of our worst enemy, Putin, over our own intelligence experts. And also one who takes the word of Mohammed Bin Salmon (Saudi Arabia) A-N-D Kim Jong Un over our own intelligence people! Please reply to this if you are one of those FOOLS who believe Kim Jong Un did not know about the torture and MURDER of a USA student Warmbler, as Trump believed (because the North Korean dictator said so)!

  290. You had better wake up Betty or we will not have a Free country. POTUS is a great man. he is fighting for you and me. i am a disabled Vet. i wengt over to fight for our freedom. Have you?.

  291. You had better wake up Betty or we will not have a Free country. POTUS is a great man. he is fighting for you and me. i am a disabled Vet. i wengt over to fight for our freedom. Have you?.

  292. Thank you Helga M.! We must try no matter what the odds! Back in the later 1770’s the odds were so against us but we the colonists went after the British anyway. Guess who won. I already contacted my Rep. .

  293. Fidel, are you from Cuba and not know American laws!?! To call for violence for an elected official is illegal – – that includes for the president, his administration and all the members of the judicial, executive and judicial branches. Fidel, you have crossed an important line.

  294. I believe the exact same thing but Democrats are either paid off not to pass a bill to that effect or they are just too stupid or brainwashed to put it out there. The people should demonstrate by going to Washington and filling their offices and demanding they remove all Muslims from our Government.

  295. What if a natural born citizen born in the United States was raised by parents from a foreign country not Christian but of Muslim belief. This is just as bad because the belief of many Muslims do not coincide with our laws in this nation. They have a stranglehold on not just religion but political belief in the laws of how every aspect of living is controlled. Their belief is to out populate the people of whose nation they are living in, until they are able to have a enough to vote a member of Islam into the offices and when they get enough they are in charge of what was once a nation of laws for freedom. This is how our nation and others before where taken over by this political group. This happens when our people believe the lies told by the Muslim people. They are believers that it is alright to lie to obtain the results they are working hard to achieve no matter how long it takes. They do not join but take over by sheer numbers any area they live in.

  296. Please contact your Rep. using this:
    Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution provides that “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.”

  297. EXACTLY L! What is amazing is how many Trumpers want everyone who does not agree with them either removed from the GOP, shipped out of America or not allowed to hold office. Your fascism is showing, Trumpers!

  298. Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution provides that “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.”

    She’s an enemy invader. Tell your Rep. to remove her using the above part of the U.S. Constitution.

  299. That is a perfect statement of religious discrimination. Our constitution does not allow a religious litmus test.

  300. Tobydog1, you are a religious BIG bigot. People have the right to choose their representatives, even if they are ignorant bigots like you. That is like saying that since you could not pass a civics test you should not be allowed to vote.

  301. Well the Democrats voted these Idots in what do you expect. People better start to wake up before it’s too late. hope it’s not already They got to go now.

  302. Oh really?!! A dictator would have already set up multiple .50 caliber machine gun nests on the southern border to take out the problems as they approach… He would also have put Llhan Omar and the likes of her and AOC before a firing squad! Omar and AOC have extraordinary freedoms AND safety in this country because of men like our President!

  303. Dave,

    He can’t. We have to. Please take action. I already have to my Rep. .
    Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution provides that “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.”

    Reference her anti-American actions. She is using islamic taqyyia. She is an invader.

  304. wow, you are showing that “Trump class”, Elsbett! Can’t you express yourself without vulgarities? And you have the audacity to advocate killing an American that expresses a point of view different from yours (then that makes you a FAKE and unpatriotic American to not support free speech).

  305. Elsbett….careful, the left runs way to much and they will be knocking on your door. But personally I’m right there with you. Rip her head off and $h1t in the hole.

  306. Totally agree and it is not racist it is anyone who thinks you have to believe like you do or they should be dead is not someone we need in this country. This is in their Koran and also they can lie to infidels (which is everyone not Muslim) if it will further their cause.

  307. WHY! That’s really to late and the majority voters there are muslim. They’ll vote he back in. Instead of that, do this:
    Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution provides that “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.”

  308. cowgirl : You are EXACTLY right !! She should be kicked out of the congress , & shipped with a one-way ticket back to her sh-tty homeland , & put down in one of the villages with no plumbing & no water & see how she appreciates living there !!

  309. Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution provides that “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.” Have your Rep. use this. Feel free to list her specific actions as justification. She is muslim using taqyyia to invade the U.S. .

  310. i agree completely with that statement these peole do ot beleiv in god and cannot give their word over the christian bible. not only that they break all the laws that we uphold over our children. that alone is offensive. neod i say more. they should not be in this country unless they are behind bars.

  311. This is the reason muslims should not be in America because they don’t want to be Americans. They want to be scumbag muslims. GET THE F OUT RAGE HEAD.

  312. Hi Sharon and others,

    Tell your Rep. to get rid of her for the anti-American attacks as a muslim obeying taqyyia. Tel lthem to use the U.S. Constitution to get rid of her and other traitors.
    Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution provides that “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.”

    Please all, take action and do this! Yelling here WILL NOT fix the problem. I have already done so. PLEASE do so!

  313. Be very careful what you wish for. That statement strongly smacks of a death threat. Not acceptable in my country, sir.

  314. She is quickly positioning herself for nancy pelosi’s job. nancy and the whole democrat party are toooooo stupid to realize that is her agenda and she will take it. Then the demo’s will have reason to cry. WE THE PEOPLE shall not allow her to take over our country. WE THE PEOPLE must step up and keep her from going past where she is now…

  315. It’s d. trump who is the Worst “Joke” of All! The Oval Office INSANE IDIOT. The White House WORTHLESS WORM & the WORTHLESS White House WHORE.

  316. Mr Trump would act in the nature of a dictator to remove this person from office. That’s up to the congressional ethics committee or her home state constituents which Ms Oman is fully aware. In the meantime, she continues to irritate and obstruct.

  317. That is just wishful dreaming, because everyone knows it will never happen, unfortunately. But we can all keep hoping! Truthfully it should and DEATH by Hanging! SLOWLY!

  318. I believe that no Muslim man or woman should ever hold a Political position or office. Their Ideology is the one thing they will die for. They have been brought up to hate and despise everything we stand for. They will infiltrate and overwhelm our voting system. Their goal is to over populate America with their votes, until they have Muslim Terrorist in every important office in the USA.We must ban them from holding any offices in American Government, that way they cannot overwhelm our ballot boxes. Take them off all welfare rolls, we have made it too easy for them to live off the welfare rolls, which our own poor don’t have access to. We have to stop all this support that comes out of the hard earned money from our citizen’s pockets to give to ungrateful people that would murder us in our beds. Do not cast any votes for these shysters ever..

  319. What should be pissing you off Sharon is your President who sucks up to the worst dictators that are controlling the
    counties any sensible American would view as our adversaries. I would agree with you if you asked “what the Hell is Trump doing in our government”. But I know the answer to that; it’s because dimwits like you voted for him and support him now even after he has shown the world his true colors. He is following the DICTATORS PLAYBOOK with his every breath and thought and America will pay the price for it if we do not get rid of him soon, any way we can.

  320. She is a muslim and they keep and sell slaves. And she has the political section of the coran. Witch has 2 parts and she needs to be taken out of office quickly. And sent back to her homeland.

  321. This so called woman is not an American, she is a terrorists working for the Democratic party. She and all the other Democrats must be arrested for treason.

  322. You clearly are not well. Go back and see a real Dr. because it clearly is evident that you need help. He has to deal with all leaders whether he appreciates them or not. That has been ignored by previous presidents and has been detrimental to or country. He clearly is trying to solve those issues.

  323. Omar, Tliab, Cortez, Mad Maxine, Feinstein, Pelosi and the list of crazy women goes on and on. Are there no men in the Democratic party that have an ounce of common sense?

  324. I’ll stand with my President any day, against Omar and the killer Muslims! If that means going to battle, I say, let’s have at it! We should never have allowed a Muslim into our government in the first place and that includes that traitor Obama. We should have hung his treasonous Muslim ass out to dry (literally) a long time ago!

  325. I agree with you whole hardheartedly. Omar and Cortez NEITHER one should hold place within our government. When they take over we have no one to blame but their leader Pelosi. ALL the DEMOCRATIC party are wanting to take our country back to the time Hitler ruled. And guess who is Hitler, 3 guess’s (she thinks she is the ruler already). Look what happened to all those poor people back then. That will be us soon if all the followers of the DEMOCRATS do not wake up.. We wont have a pot to pee in and our Country will be a cruel world to live in because of all the turmoil.. Why do you think all these people are wanting to come to AMERICA to begin with??? Our COUNTRY (AMERICA) is a great place to live. Well if these DEMOCRATS keep allowing all these people into AMERICA illegally then we are going to be like all the outside countries because they came over to AMERICA and took over.. Is this what you want??? Do you want AMERICA to fall apart and be like all the fallen COUNTRIES??? I hope everyone wakes up ad opens their eyes and ears real soon…

  326. How can taking the Oath Of Office on a Koran be valid? It pearches the opposite of what the Bible teaches and is diametricly opposed to our Constitution! Remember that each time she takes an action against this country because she will. Probably sooner than later!

  327. Bob2, I have noted your comment and I will certainly contact my Congressman about this horrible Muslim but getting 2/3 of Congress to agree on expelling her would be impossible in my opinion. Nancy Pelosi is as big a problem because she only works for Liberals!

  328. Nothing will be done, the demos like that someone said it, and the republicans are afraid, that they might hurt her feelings.

  329. The Koran tells them to LIE in order to get Political Positions in our Federal and State Governments. They are succeeding. Then eventually take over our State and Federal Governments. They are on their way. Once they get control of our State and Federal Governments. They will enforce Sharia Law,kill all Jews, Infidels,and anyone else left that will not conform to Islam. Women will have no rights. LBGT will be thrown off of tall buildings.

  330. May I suggest you take the time to view on PBS the CURRENT series entitled “THE DICTATORS PLAYBOOK”. It opened my eyes to how dictators come to power and it will open yours as well. You will see that there can be no mistaking Trumps game plan; it follows the all of the moves and earmarks of every dictator who has ever come to power. You will also see why Trumps has such affection for Dictators around the world today…….they are him to a tee.

  331. This little antiAmerican should be deported…!! Period…She’s hates this country so let her go back to Somalia where she belongs……!!!

  332. A bunch of other immigrants like her that are uneducated, primitive, unfamiliar with this culture and easily gullible.

  333. I totally agree with Bob2. And do the same to the illegal rep from Michigan Tlaib!
    She also ran unopposed from a district she did not live in! There is a petition in the system to have her removed . I hope it works!! Both Omar and Tlaib are the enemy within ! And need to be removed from office and from the USA! They are a disgrace and their behavior is
    abhorrent! God save America from this insanity! These two women do NOT represent the USA . Maybe Ocasio will also be removed for misusing campaign money and fraud!
    Trump 2020 ????????????????????????????????????????

  334. No Muslim should ever be allowed to run for any office, including city, county, state or government.

  335. It is assanine for the DemoRats to allow
    a pig like that to run her mouth as she
    does. She is a major problem and a danger
    to our country.
    There is enough proof of her animosity for
    Americans. She should be removed quickly.
    Tell members of our worthless Congress.
    to do the job they were elected to do.
    If not replace them whether they are RINO
    Democrat or Republican.

  336. She was elected by the predominately Muslims m district. It’s an old dictate that muslims lie to infidels, work to gain access to governments in order to wield power . She was scan abomination and needs to have her sorry ass removed along with any other positions Muslim

  337. President Trump, please remove this piece of filth from America. Ilhan Omar IS NOT WELCOME HERE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. ????????

  338. Mr Trump is as far from a dictator as Mother Teresa is from Hitler. I know that type because I was born during his reign of terror and our family paid dearly!

  339. Made Donnie Bonespurs rd with rage, EH?

    I always knew there was something I liked about Representative Omar!

  340. See my post with the Constitutional paragraph and send it to your Rep. With your demand to remove this enemy agent and strip her citizenship and send her back home to Somalia.

  341. See my post with the Constitutional paragraph and send it to your Rep. With your demand to remove this enemy agent and strip her citizenship and send her back home to Somalia.

  342. See my post with the Constitutional paragraph and send it to your Rep. With your demand to remove this enemy agent and strip her citizenship and send her back home to Somalia.

  343. She probably represents the Ayatolla, as well as ISIS.. SHE IS ALSO A PALESTINIAN. THAT BY ITSELF MAKED HER AN ENEMY OF THR STAGD. WHY THE HE** IS SHE IN WASHINGTON anyway???.

  344. THIS PIG WOMAN MUST BE REMOVED she does not belong in civilize nation she is a sand scum DOG and belong in a barn where muslims keep all their women

  345. We need to tell our own Rep’s to do so! If they won’t then they need to go. No more time in DC!

  346. She was voted in because she ran UNOPPOSED No AMERICAN chose to care enough to run against her in Minn.
    Not A ONE!
    That’s how these terrorists end up in positions of authority and law. It’ll get worse to if we don’t stand up and do something.

  347. Hi Terry,
    Article I, Section 5 of the United States Constitution provides that “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.”
    It’s time to bring her to the attention of our reps!

  348. Congress and Senate listen up: DO THIS!!!!!!:
    Article I, Section 5 of the United States Constitution provides that “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.”

  349. Hey Ilmar you non-American, listen up:
    Article I, Section 5 of the United States Constitution provides that “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.”


  351. Ilhan Omar, President Trump does not need to be impeached!

  352. it amazes me that anyone in america would vote for a muslim for anything. Don’t they know what the muslim bible (the qran says) they need to read it. they hate america and aim to bring us down. get rid of her somehow.

    She is a bad joke.

  353. Ilhan Omar is a Muslim extremist terrorist that should be kicked out of congress immediately and in-prisoned at Guantinimo with all the other terrorists. When will the population learn that America is under siege by these subversives. When will the silent majority in congress get a pair and step up an condemn this stupid ignoramus??

  354. That little muslim woman is lucky to be in america and she better watch her mouth,she is bad mouthing our president

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